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Review This Story || Author: donna duggs

tit tag

Part 1

Tit Tag by Donna Duggs

This is my first attempt at a BDSM story so let me introduce my main character Donna Duggs who is female, 5 7 tall, 150 pound, measurements 38G-28-37 her Tits are huge and weight at least 10 pounds each. She is brunette, with a cute face, single,  a little bit on the chunky side, very curvy and is 32 years old. I will write the story from Donna view going forward.

So let me begin in the office where I work this guy named Jeff is always hitting on me to go out with him. For the longest time I had turned him down, but it has been a while since I dated anyone and  my last relationship ended more than six months ago. I also loved being tied up and rough sex but I  was not sure that Jeff would fit the profile, I was looking for. Jeff is a big guy about 6 2’’ and I guess around 220 pounds.

I finally told Jeff if he wanted to come over to my house for dinner this coming Friday I would prepare dinner and we could watch a DVD movie and see how the night goes. Jeff just jumped at the chance and accepted my invitation so I told him to come by around 7PM and bring some good wine. So Friday comes and I rush home from work to prepare the meal.

I set up my bedroom with my various Sex toys nipple clamps, red ball gag, ropes, cloth pens, heavy rubber bands, butt plug, my favorite vibrating dildo  all laid on dresser by my bed for possible later use.  I then start preparing  the dinner. I decided to wear a red G-string thong under my tightest jean shorts to show off my sexy butt cheeks and red tube top with  no bra so my big boobs would be bouncing all over the place. Right at 7Pm the door bell rings and there was  Jeff with four bottles of wine. A red and white dinner wine, a desert wine and a very sweet ice  wine later for sipping. I thought his eyes would pop out as he watched me walking back to the kitchen as I swayed my hips and made my boobs bounce as I set the table for dinner.  I asked him to open some wine as we set down and ate we took  our time and we drank both the red and white wine with dinner. I then asked him to pick out a DVD and start it up. He then opened the desert wine. He sat on the couch as I brazenly set myself between his legs in his lap because I wanted to see if I could feel his cock get hard. I was really starting to feel the wine so I  grabbed both his hands and placed them on my boobs I then started grinding my ass into his crotch and his cock sprung to life as he was squeezing my big tits . I then asked him if he wanted to play a game I called Tit Tag. I told him to take off his shirt and I would remove my Tube top. I said since my Tits were much bigger than his he had to chase me but my hands would be cuffed behind my back. So I went into the bedroom and brought back  a pair of handcuffs and asked him to handcuff my hands behind my back. After he handcuffed me I then said that the chase would begin and his goal was to catch me and be as rough with my Big Tits as he wanted. He could  Squeeze, Pinch, Twist, Pull,  Suck, Bite and even use them as Punching Bags if he wanted to but if I gave up he had to stop but if he could get me to give up then he could take me into the bedroom and fuck me and use any or all the sex toys on me that I had spread out on my dresser and I would be his Weekend Fuck Toy. 

So the chase began with my hands cuffed behind me and my big tits flopping all over the place I knew the chase would not last long, not that I wanted it to. He chased me into the Kitchen where I used the kitchen table for a short time to delay my capture by running around it . After chasing me around the table three times he caught from behind and spun me around he then backed me up against a wall. Now I was now totally helpless and my big boobs were jutting out for his pleasure. His hands were huge but my Tits were so much larger with huge inviting nipples, he sank his hands into my sensitive Tit Flesh and began my Tit Torment my pain was immediate but I was determined to make him earn his way into my Pussy. The minutes passed as he squeezed my tits as hard as he could, the muscles in his arms bulged out as my tit flesh bulged out between his crushing fingers. My pain was horrible as I cried, gasped, moaned and screamed. He then crushingly grabbed both my nipples with his fingers and extended my tits as far as he could from my body they looked like giant cones. Jeff then started swinging and smashing my extended tits into each other as he kept a crushing grip on my nipples. I could no longer stand the pain but all I could do was gasp, stammer, stutter and sob then I was finally able to blurt out I give up you can fuck me please stop.    

After Jeff heard those words he grinned and laughed and dragged me into the bedroom by my swollen, sore, bruised, pain filled tits where he laid me on the bed.   He then took off my shorts and thong. My Pussy was soaking wet and his large hard thick 8 inch cock slid into my cunt like a knife thru soft butter. He fucked me hard and long until his cock exploded in my cunt It was the best orgasm I ever had up to that point of my life. Jeff and I spent the rest of the weekend drinking wine getting carry out food and fucking in every conceivable way possible. It took more than week before my boobs were not sore and I was kept in some form of bondage most of that weekend usually with my hands tied or cuffed behind me so that Jeff could do whatever he wanted to me and if I protested to much my nipples were clamped and I was the ball gagged to keep the protests to moans and whimpers. 

The End

Review This Story || Author: donna duggs
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