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Review This Story || Author: Femscatlover

Black lesbian sub for White Dominatrix

Part 2

Violet was on cloud nine after her experience with Mary Katherine in the bathroom.  It was only a couple of feet from her bathroom to her bedroom.  Although, she was walking on her own two feet, she surely felt as if she floated from the bathroom to the bedroom.  The feeling of euphoria was absolutely overwhelming.  Violet was having so much fun with her new toy, Mary Katherine.  It was Violets intention to keep her through the weekend, but quite honestly she was so taken with Mary Katherine, Violet was ready to lock this bitch up in a cage in the basement and keep her forever.   What to do…what to do???  Violet flung herself onto her bed, like a child on a trampoline.  For a woman of 54 years old, it had been quite some time since she had felt such girlish infatuation.  Although she was enjoying herself immensely, Violet was also concerned at how much she was enjoying spending time with Mary Katherine.

As much as she would like to believe that she was in control, she kept feeling as if this niqqer bitch was working some of her dark voodoo magic to put a spell on her.  While Violet had no belief in such foolishness, she did understand how manipulative these nigger bitches could be.  She had witnessed it personally as a teenager, when their maid Minnie enticed her father and got herself pregnant.  Of course she tried to act like he forced himself on her and she had no choice, but everyone saw how she flitted around him with that big niqqer bubble butt of hers.  “Poor, poor, Papa…,” Violet thought.  “He tried so hard to resist her charms, but alas, he was only a man…a very weak man.”  As Violet thought back to those years and the hurt and devastation it caused her mother, once again Mary Katherine became the target of her venom.  Violet stood in the doorway of the bathroom watching as Mary Katherine got up off the floor.  Mary Katherines hair was a mess.   She was covered in bruises from head to toe and there was shit caked up on her face…all of the above compliments of Miss Violet.  She also reeked of Violets shit and was in dire need of soap and water, however, Violet had already decided that she absolutely would not be using her bathroom to bathe.  What to do…what to do?  Thats when the diabolical idea hit Violet.

       Mary Katherine was still in shock about what she had just done, but just feeling incredibly good about it.  After one night, she almost felt like she was ready to say the “L” word and declare her “love” for Miss Violet.  At this particular moment in time, her main focus and priority was pleasing Miss Violet…whatever it took.  When she stood up, she saw Miss Violet looking at her with this glazed look in her eyes.  Mary Katherine couldnt quite read what Miss Violets thoughts were; however, she was hoping that she had done a good job cleaning Miss Violets ass earlier.  In her current condition, all she could think was that she was in dire need of a bath, but she didnt dare do anything until she was instructed to do so by Miss Violet.  Timing is a funny thing.  At the same time that Mary Katherine was thinking that she needed to bathe, Miss Violet snapped her fingers and said “Niqqer bitch, lets get you cleaned up.  Follow me.”  With that, the two naked women headed downstairs to get Mary Katherine cleaned up. 

       Mary Katherine dutifully followed Miss Violet through the house to the lower level.  While she had no expectation that she would be showering in Miss Violets gold gilded bathroom, she figured that perhaps they were heading to another less opulent bathroom in another part of the house.  When they got to the main level of the house Miss Violet stopped at a hall closet and grabbed the most beautiful fur coat that Mary Katherine had ever seen.  It was a full length mahogany mink with sable cuffs and collar.  It looked so warm and inviting.  Miss Violet put the coat on and pulled the collar up around her neck and buttoned it all the way down.  She smiled as she noticed the confusion on Mary Katherines face.  Mind fucks are so much more satisfying than sexual encounters, Miss Violet thought.  Miss Violet felt the need to explain as they continued through the house towards the back door.  “Niqqer bitch, I see you admiring my coat.  It is lovely isnt it?  This was a little present from my late husband, when I caught him cheating right before he dropped dead.  Yes, he paid quite a pretty penny for this little number.  Actually, it was about $20,000 worth of pennies, but whos counting?  In any event, Im sure that this little number will keep me warm in the cold November night air.”  With that Miss Violet opened the door to the back yard and pushed a naked Mary Katherine out into the yard.  There was a full moon that shined brightly in the cold late night.  It was about 1AM and snow flurries were lightly falling.  Miss Violet instructed Mary Katherine to go stand on the grass as she unwound the garden hose.

       Mary Katherine immediately got goose pimples as the snow flakes and chill of the cold November night air cut through her bones. She wasnt sure if the goose bumps were from the cold or from sheer fear and terror.  Although she wanted to commit herself to Miss Violet, her mind was racing wondering what the fuck was this woman up to now.   She watched Miss Violet struggling to unravel the garden hose and she got a sinking feeling.  

       Violets latest mind fuck was pure genius, she thought to herself.  Since Mary Katherine was in need of a bath, she decided that she was going to march her butt naked outside to the yard and hose her ass down. Who cares if it was 30 degrees outside?  Who cares if it was snowing outside?  The bottom line was to get this nigger bitch cleaned up.  Using any of the facilities in her house was not an option.  Violet was a little concerned about what her neighbors might think since her backyard was an open yard with no fence.  Oh well, the niqqer bitch could use a little humility to bring her uppity ass down a peg or two.  Violet could see the niqqer bitch shivering on the grass wondering was going on.  Violet decided to stretch out her torment longer by pretending to struggle unraveling the garden hose. 

       Not knowing what else to do, Mary Katherine offered her assistance to Miss Violet.  “Miss Violet is there something that I can help you with?”  Mary Katherine asked, as she approached Miss Violet trying to get a better view of exactly what it was she was fumbling with in the dark.  “Why niqqer bitch, yes. Yes, you can help me.  You know Im not used to doing this type of manual labor.  Come over here and unravel this garden hose,” Miss Violet instructed.  Once the hose was loosened, Miss Violet instructed her to pull it out extending the hose several feet and turn on the water.   The water initially squirted out from the spicket on the wall getting Mary Katherine all wet. Instinctively, she quickly tightened the connection of the hose, so that the water flowed properly into the hose.  The water was freezing cold as it splashed against her skin.  In the cold night air, the coldness of the water stabbed at her skin like a thousand needles.

       Miss Violet clapped her hands with glee and snatched the hose from Mary Katherine.  She waived the hose in the direction of the grass, gesturing for Mary Katherine to move in that direction.  As soon as she was far enough away from the patio furniture, Violet pulled back the handle on the trigger of the hose, shooting a full stream of ice cold water all over her niqqer bitch.  Mary Katherine jumped in the air and tried to dodge the water drops.  She wanted to scream, but suppressed it so as not to attract the attention of Miss Violets neighbors and cause any embarrassment to her.  Violet imagined that this is what it must have felt like back in Alabama in the 1960s when they drew the fire hoses on all those uppity niqqers during the civil rights movement, as she recalled the stories her father told her.

       “Niqqer bitch, I hope that you are enjoying this cleaning that you so desperately needed,” said Miss Violet as she shot water all over her body.  “Make sure that you scrub yourself down,” she said as she tossed her a brush with metal bristles thats usually used to scrub the barbecue grill.  Mary Katherine did as she was told. “Scrub good all over, niqqer bitch.  Make sure you get your private parts.  I need a clean niqqer bitch.”  Mary Katherine took the metal bristled brush and began scrubbing between her legs and across her breasts.  The hardness of the bristles caused great pain to her already bruised body.  In some places, the bristles irritated her bruises even more so, causing cuts to open on her body.  Mary Katherine was freezing cold between the water and the coldness of the night. Her body was so numb that she barely felt anything.  This had been going on for about ten minutes and Miss Violet was getting cold.  “Bend over and spread your ass cheeks so that we can do a final rinse and then were done,” Miss Violet instructed and Mary Katherine dutifully obliged.  With that Miss Violet turned off the water, but Mary Katherine was almost frozen and barely noticed any difference.  She was just happy that it was over and anxious to get inside in the warmth.  However, Miss Violet wasnt quite done with her torment.

“Niqqer bitch, get over her and reel this hose back onto its rack,” Violet snapped at her. Mary Katherine was practically frozen stiff and she initially had difficulty moving.  Noticing Miss Violets grimace at how slowly she was moving, she was able to put a little pep in her step and move a bit quicker for fear of being disciplined.  While Mary Katherine was putting away the garden hose, Violet was still thinking up ways to mentally fuck her niqqer bitch even further.   She spotted a dirty greasy shammy towel that they used to wipe down the grill with, and she tossed it to Mary Katherine instructing her to dry herself off.  The shammy was barely bigger than a wash cloth, and it was streaked with grease and dirt.  Mary Katherine tried her best to dry off, but the fact of the matter is that she was dripping wet and the towel was nowhere near sufficient to fully dry her off.  This fact was not lost on Violet.  She ran her fingers roughly through Mary Katherines hair feeling the wetness of her hair still.  “Youre still a wet mess and I cant let you go inside like this dripping all over the place.  Youll just have to stay out here a little while longer and AIR DRY.” Violet announced as she pulled her mink coat tighter around her and headed towards the back door. 

“What!!!  What do you mean I have to stay out here longer???” Mary Katherine snapped, looking at Miss Violet as if she was ten different kinds of crazy.  She was so cold and she had had enough.  The tone of her voice stopped Miss Violet in her tracks and she whipped around to face Mary Katherine. 

“Are you cold niqqer bitch?” Miss Violet sneered, which she could clearly see that she was from Mary Katherines shivering and chattering of her teeth.   “Yes….,” Mary Katherine said quietly remembering her place and hoping that Miss Violet would take some pity on her.  However, there would be no such forgiveness.  Violet would ensure that her punishment continued a few minutes longer for snapping at her.  “Well, the sooner you dry off, the sooner you can come in.” With that, Miss Violet turned away and went inside, locking the sliding glass door behind her.  She gave a last look out the glass door of Mary Katherine outside.  The snow seemed to be coming down a bit heavier.  Mary Katherine busied herself with the small towel trying to dry off.

       Miss Violet was in heaven.  She had not quite decided how long she would leave her out there in the cold, but she wondered whether or not Mary Katherine would be bold enough to come inside without permission if it got too cold for her. Violet hung up her coat, turned on the electric fire place and went to the kitchen and made herself a cup of hot chocolate to warm herself up.  About fifteen minutes had passed by the time she returned to the back door to check on her niqqer bitch.  Mary Katherine was so cold she was almost ready to pass out.  The little towel that she had been using to dry herself off was stiff and almost frozen from the cold.  She got excited when she saw Miss Violet standing in the doorway.  Perhaps she was coming back to let her inside.  She was completely naked again, and Mary Katherine could see a roaring fire in the fire place and Miss Violet was standing there drinking something hot.  She could see the steam rising from the cup.  She wanted so badly to go inside that she started to cry.  After a minute or two, she could feel that the tears were starting to freeze on her face forming little ice cycles around her eyes.

       Violet stood in the door watching Mary Katherine watching her.  She was so pleased with herself at how well she had tormented this niqqer and she was even more enamored with Mary Katherine at her obedience in allowing Violet to punish her in such a manner without giving much resistance.  There was just the slight bit of attitude, which Violet would punish her for later, but overall, Violet thought that the girl had really done very well and was an obedient niqqer.  Violet opened the door and waived her in.  Mary Katherine was almost running, she was so anxious to get inside.  Once inside she stood in front of the fire place to warm herself.  Violet could see the dried frozen tear drops on her face and started to feel a little guilty.  “Would you like something hot to drink?” Violet asked, feeling terrible about keeping her in the cold so long.  “Yes, please that would be wonderful.” Mary Katherine exclaimed.  A hot drink sounded like heaven.  She could smell the chocolate from the cocoa that Miss Violet was drinking and she thought that would really hit the spot right about now.

       Violet headed to the kitchen to fix Mary Katherine a cup of cocoa.  At first she was feeling so guilty about leaving the poor girl in the cold.  All of a sudden something came over her and she became angry at herself.  “That fucking bitch is doing it again.  Shes working that voodoo magic on me to make me feel sorry for her.  What the fuck am I doing in here fixing that niqqer a hot drink???  That niqqer bitch should be waiting on me.  Im gonna show her whose boss!!!”  Violet stormed back into the room where she had left Mary Katherine.  By now, Mary Katherine was sitting on the floor in front of the fire place trying to warm up.   Violet looked out of the window to see that the snow had started coming down pretty heavy and that it was sticking and covering the grass.  Violet angrily snatched open the door.  “I think I lost an earring go outside and find it.”  Mary Katherine looked outside and saw how heavy the snow was falling and looked at Violet with pleading eyes.  “The snow is covering the ground.  How am I supposed to find your earring in the dark with snow on the ground?” Mary Katherine said pleadingly, begging not to be sent back out there.  “Figure it out bitch!!!  Dont come back in here without my fucking earring.” Violet said as she pushed her out the door and locked the door behind her.  Stupid, fucking niqqer bitch, Violet said to herself as she seethed with anger towards her own weakness for caring about Mary Kathrine.

       Mary Katherine stepped outside in the almost blizzard type weather completely naked.  The warmth that she had been feeling a few minutes earlier, made the cold feel even worse this time around.  She felt totally defeated and decided that the best thing that she could do was to make every effort to find this damn earring as soon as possible so that she could go back inside.  She saw the brush and decided that this would be a good tool to use to kind of move some of the snow out of the way so that her hands wouldnt get frozen.  She really put forth a good effort to look for the earring.  She didnt even know what kind of earring she was looking for, but she didnt dare go back inside to ask.  She just figured that she would come across it when she found it.  She just prayed that it wasnt any kind of pearl, because it would just blend into the snow and be impossible to find.

       Violet stood at the window watching Mary Katherine and sipping on her hot chocolate.  She really admired the girls devotion and tenacity.  But, she owed her a punishment anyway for giving her attitude earlier.  This should make them even.  She had just one more thing up her sleeve to fuck with Mary Katherine and then she was going to call it a night.  Mary Katherine was so focused on looking for this earring that she didnt notice Miss Violet open the door.  It finally got her attention when she heard Miss Violet calling out to her…”Niqqer bitch, you can come in now.” Mary Katherine returned to the house empty handed and feeling as if she failed her task.  As much as she wanted to go inside, she stopped at the door outside, hung her head low and informed Miss Violet that she was unable to find her earring.  After thirty more minutes in the cold, Violet instructed her to step inside, and then matter of fact informed Mary Katherine, “Oh, I just realized that I had taken my earrings off earlier. Its safely in my jewelry box.”  Violet was very cavalier and nonchalant in informing Mary Katherine of this news.  The last thirty minutes that she spent naked outside in blizzard like conditions had been for nothing.  Oh well, shit happens. Violet thought with a little chuckle to herself.  She headed back to her bedroom to turn in for the night with Mary Katherine following behind.

       When they got to the bedroom, Violet asked Mary Katherine did she still want something hot to drink to warm her up from being outside.  Still feeling quite chilled, Mary Katherine enthusiastically said yes, that she would love a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm her up.  “Hot chocolate…???” Violet asked.  “Who said anything about hot chocolate?”  Violet said, as she sat her cup of hot chocolate down and got really close up into Mary Katherines face.  Feeling as if she messed up, but not really sure how or why, Mary Katherine responded, “Well, I see you drinking hot chocolate. I just assumed that I would get a cup of hot chocolate too.”

       Violet laughed in Mary Katherines face.  “I am drinking hot chocolate.  You are a niqqer bitch.  You think that you are supposed to have the same thing that I have, niqqer bitch??? Huh, do you think that you are just as good me?” Miss Violet asked in a very menacing way. Miss Violet grabbed a handful of Mary Katherines hair, almost pulling out the track to her weave. She dragged her by the hair to the bathroom and threw her into the bathtub.  Mary Katherine was so tired and so worn down, that she showed no resistance at all.  She started to sit up in the tub, when Miss Violet stepped inside the tub and stood over her.  She slapped her across the face and said “Open your mouth and get ready for your hot drink.  The only thing that niqqers deserve is hot piss, but at least youre getting it straight from the source.  Hopefully, this will warm you up.” Violet said laughing her ass off, as she let out a stream of hot piss.  Part of it went into Mary Katherines mouth and the other part just sprayed out all over her bodied.  To tell the truth, Mary Katherine was happy to drink the warm liquid just to get something hot inside of her, however, she was just as happy to feel the warm piss fall on her body since both of these things warmed her up tremendously.  Also, the fact that it was Miss Violets piss also turned her on.  So she was happy overall. 

       Violet was so tired she barely had the energy to piss on this niqqer.  She really loved having a submissive niqqer to torture, but she only had so much strength.  It was her intent to piss in Mary Katherines mouth, but they were both so tired, that she missed the mark and Mary Katherine was far too beat down to put forth any effort.  Violet finished pissing on Mary Katherine and had her lick her pussy clean.  Since she was now covered in piss, Violet gave her the option of going out into the yard in the snowstorm and hosing herself off or she could sleep in the bathtub covered in piss and they would deal with everything in the morning.  Of course Mary Katherine chose to stay in the warmth of the bathtub.  She couldnt stand to go back in the cold again.  With that, Violet left Mary Katherine in the bathtub covered in her piss and turned out the lights and went to bed.  It was a really great day she thought and she really loved her new toy…no, niqqers are more suited for pets.  From now on she would be referred to as a pet rather than a toy.   This was the thought that Miss Violet had as she turned in at the end of an evening spent with Mary Katherine.  On the other hand, Mary Katherine was in the bathtub trying to figure out what was she going to do about visiting her mother tomorrow.


Review This Story || Author: Femscatlover
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