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Black lesbian sub for White Dominatrix

Part 1

AUTHORS NOTE:  If you like this story, please provide me your feedback and let me know it.  Also, any input you have as to what you would like to see happen with these characters would be great.  Finally, like Mary Katherine, I am looking for my Miss Violet, so if you are out there, I want to hear from you.

Day One…

Mary Katherine slowed her BMW and pulled over as the police car with the blaring sirens zoomed past her.  This is par for the course for this neighborhood, she thought, as she headed to her mothers apartment.  She hated coming to this part of town…the ghetto.  Why her mother continued to live here was a mystery to her. There were lots of low income places available in much nicer neighborhoods. Thank God, she had the good sense to get an education and get the hell away from this environment. 

Mary Katherine pulled up to the tenement apartment building that her mother lived in.  Her apartment was directly above the liquor store and the fried chicken take out place.  There was always a crowd of drunks in front of the liquor store and the local thugs were on the corner as usual selling crack.  She parked her car and put the steering wheel lock on. Even though her car had the most modern alarm system, she didnt trust anyone in this neighborhood and wanted to make it as difficult as possible for them to steal her car.

She walked up the three flights of stairs to her mothers apartment. The hallway reeked of the various meals that the tenants were cooking. Also, with the thinness of the walls, you could hear anything from babies crying, to cursing and arguing, to the latest profanity filled rap music.  Once again, she was amazed that she had grown up here and thanked her lucky stars that she was able to escape.  After only one knock on the door, her mother threw open the door and wrapped her arms around her.  Her mother was a sizeable woman, who was proud of her obese frame.

“Kizzy, its so good to see you, baby!!!” her mother said, as she continued to put her in a bear hug.

“Mother, you know that I dont like to be called that.  My name is Mary Katherine now.  Please call me by my proper name!!!”  Mary Katherine corrected her mother.  She knew that she would be going through this routine with her mother, but it was exasperating all the same.  She was born the year that Alex Haleys movie Roots came out, and for some ungodly reason her mother decided to name her Kizzy.  She often wondered if her father had bothered to stick around until she was born, would he have intervened in her mothers decision of a name choice.  Since she was the product of a “hit and run” as her mother put it, she knew nothing about her father.

Throughout her teenage years, she was teased and tormented by her peers about her name.  Her 18th birthday present to herself was to head straight to the courthouse and legally change her name. In choosing her new name, she wanted something that sounded elegant, dignified and…White. Not only did she want to rid herself of her ridiculous first name, she even went so far to change her last name to OHara in tribute to her idol and heroine, Scarlett OHara.  So that is how Kizzy Jenkins became Mary Katherine OHara.  When she started college that fall, not only did she have a new name, but she had a whole new persona to go with it. She learned the benefits of an education at an early age, but it paid off when she was awarded a full four year scholarship to Yale, which allowed her to escape the ghetto that she grew up in.  The day she headed to Yale, she knew her life would change for good.

“Mother…?  Why you gots to be so proper?  Why you just cant call me Mama?  I did give birth to you, and I named you Kizzy.  It aint fitting for a child to go and change the name that your Mama gave you,” her mother fired back.

This was going to be an interesting couple of hours she thought.  She looked over at the table to see that it was piled high with fried chicken, collard greens, corn bread, chitterlings, and sweet potato pie and a pitcher of sweet tea.  Great, Im going to have to be in the gym every day for a month after this meal, Mary Katherine thought. 

Mary Katherine got through the next two hours visit with her mother and made excuses of having an early meeting at work the next day in order to end her visit.   She only came to visit her mother once every two or three months.  She usually encouraged her mother to come to the suburbs to visit her for their get togethers.  Her mother enjoyed cooking for her and felt that she was too thin.  If she ate like this on a regular basis, shed be as big as her mother, Mary Katherine thought.

A couple of hours later, Mary Katherine was grateful to be back home in the comfort of her three bedroom townhouse in the suburbs.  She had just stepped out of the shower and was standing in the mirror admiring herself.   At age 35 she was quite an attractive woman. She stood 58” and weighed about 130 pounds.  She unwrapped the towel from her head and let her damp hair fall down to her breasts.  Thank God for hair weaves she thought.  The style that she currently wore was identical to the honey blonde colored tresses that Beyonce wore.   The grey contact lenses that she wore really complemented her honey blonde hair and brought out the color of her eyes.  Yes, she was an absolute stunner, she thought to herself.  Although she was not quite as light skinned as Beyonce, she was quite pleased with the caramel color of her skin tone.  She took every precaution to stay out of the sun and to cover up, otherwise she would be looking like one of those dark Hershey chocolate colored black women that she despised.  Her mother was a darker brown skinned woman, so she surmised that the one “gift” that she did get from her father was her caramel skin tone.

It always amazed her that most people considered “proud black women” to be those angry militant crazed black women.  She was not that kind of “sista.”  She was educated with a Masters degree from Yale and she loved her job as a marketing VP with a top fortune 500 company.  She made a six figure salary, lived in the suburbs and lived quite comfortably. Her neighbors were upper to middle class and to her knowledge, she was the only black person living in her subdivision.  She had been living there for two years now and the only other black or hispanics that she had seen coming and going were the domestic help that worked there cleaning other peoples homes.  She thought that perhaps there were a handful of Jews that lived in the neighborhood, but like her, they were the exception to life in this Waspy white existence.  Yes, life was good she thought.  Her current existence was the complete opposite of the ghetto life she had known growing up with a mother on welfare.

Yet, with all of this there was something missing.  She had this burning desire that she yearned to fulfill.  She got into bed and flicked on the TV and DVD player and put on her favorite movie Gone with the Wind.  She loved this movie.  The thought of black people being slaves subservient to their superior White masters, turned her on.  She was definitely born 150 years too late she thought.  Mary Katherine fast forwarded through the DVD  to her favorite part of the movie.

       “Miss Scarlet, I dont know nothin bout birthin no babies.”  Whaaaappppp!!!  This was the part where Scarlet slapped the slave Prissy across the face for telling a lie.  Mary Katherine delighted in the scene and started rubbing her clitoris with one hand, as she wound the movie back to replay the scene three or four times.  She got herself worked up in such a state that she had to turn the movie off and take out her dildo and take care of business.  How wonderful it would be to have a demanding White mistress slap her across the face. After reaching an orgasm, Mary Katherine grabbed her laptop computer.  She went to various BDSM and kink websites scanning the posts to see if her dream woman was out there.  While she was completely happy and fulfilled with her job, she yearned for companionship.  Mary Katherine was a confirmed lesbian who was only interested in White women.  She had not had a serious relationship since she was in college.   Since then, it was mostly hook-ups and one night stands here and there.  Lately, they had become more and more infrequent, as they were not satisfying and she really was not getting what she was looking for.

       Mary Katherine wanted far more than sex.  As a matter of fact, what she was seeking was more a mental experience than a physical one.  For weeks now, she had been perusing the personal ads on various kink and lesbian domination sites.   She had no luck in finding what she was looking for.  She had been thinking about posting an ad of her own, but had been reluctant to do so.  She had certainly had her share of run-ins with crazies and nuts in the chat rooms.  Most of the people that she met and hooked up with were people that she met at the various lesbian clubs that she hung out at.  Although she had chatted with people on the internet, she had never met in person with anyone.  There were just as many crazy women out there as there were men.  However, her frustration was getting the best of her and she figured that she would be very explicit in what she was looking for and carefully screen any response that she received before responding to anyone.  So this was her frame of mind, when she crafted the following ad and posted it on several websites that primarily specialized in lesbian domination:

Submissive black female 35, seeks CRUEL, MEAN, DOMINANT WHITE MISTRESS who knows how to put a slave in her proper place.  You have an air of superiority and deep down inside have a racist side. You are comfortable using the “N” word and you resent all these damn illegal immigrants trying to take over our country. You take pleasure in seeing minorities in a subservient role and feel that you are above them. You secretly wish that slavery was still the law of the land.  You are also a lesbian and take great pleasure in having women serve you and you enjoy humiliating and degrading them. You are cruel, aggressive, self-centered, demanding and feel that you should be catered to.

I am into “light discipline” such as face slapping, hair pulling, and spitting.  These are my desires, however, I am here to serve my mistress and I welcome whatever gifts you have to offer.  I would be especially grateful if my mistress saw fit to use me as your personal toilet.  This is the ultimate in humiliation and the woman that I seek would take great pleasure in it.

I am attractive, unattached with no children. Prefer if you were too.  Initially seeking intimate encounters, but willing to consider more permanent relationship, if the vibes are there.  I am seeking a mature woman, age 40 55 who is at least 5 8” and size pleasingly plump to BBW. A big butt is a plus, as I am very much into ass worshipping.  Looks and physical features are unimportant.  It is more important that you have the proper mentality based on the desires that I have outlined above. 

Finally, please do not respond to this ad if you are male, masculine female, a couple or black women who are mad that another black woman would place an ad like this.  We each have our own kinks and vices. I am trying to be as honest as I can be and I hope that I am able to find my dream woman. I hope to hear from you soon.

Mary Katherine read the ad over and over again before finally hitting the button and posting it to several websites.  When she turned out the lights and went to bed that night, she was optimistic that she would find what she was looking for. 

       It didnt take long for her to get her first response to her ad, and she was extremely disappointed that it was from some black woman reading her the riot act for being a “wanna be.”  At first she was going to respond to the woman, but she decided against it and just deleted the message. She got several of these types of responses.  She also received a response from a woman who wanted to watch her have sex with her dog…delete.  Mary Katherine also received several responses from both black and white men who wanted to meet with her.  After receiving so many stupid responses which she had deleted, she could not resist responding to one idiot guy to ask if he was illiterate and couldnt read, or perhaps he was just plain stupid and did not know the meaning of lesbian. 

       It had been about six weeks since Mary Katherine had posted her original ad.  After about three weeks of nothing but negative responses, she had stopped checking the email address that she used for her “kink” stuff.  Out of curiosity, she decided to check her email.  Her box was full, but there was one subject line that immediately caught her attention.  It was from someone named Miss Violet and the subject line read:  Do you want to be my niqqer bitch???

       She immediately opened the email to learn more about the sender, but to her dismay the email was completely blank.  There was only the subject line and nothing more.  Was this someone playing a joke on her?  Perhaps it was another angry black woman or even worse some man.  But then again, it could be the real thing.  It could be that wonderful White mistress that she had been searching for.  She figured that she had to take a chance to learn more, in the event that this person was real.  So with great caution, she prepared her one word response to the sender and answered “Yes” and responded to the email.  She laughed at her own foolishness and continued to read through some of the other responses that she had received.  She had read through about four emails, which were the same as the earlier responses and no one that she was interested in when she a response from Miss Violet popped into her mailbox.  She opened the email and was extremely surprised at the length of the email since it had only been a few minutes since she had sent her response.  The email read as follows:

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Violet.  You may call me Miss Violet.  I am a 54 year old White woman originally from Alabama.  I am a proper southern belle now transplanted to the big city.  I am 56” and weigh 180 pounds and I am size 18.  I read your posting with great interest, so much so that it stirred something inside of me that I thought that I had suppressed long ago.  I am currently widowed and my children are grown.  Having grown up in Alabama, I was raised with much of the thoughts about colored people that you have outlined in your ad.  Yes, I said “colored.”  I cant keep up with all these fancy names that darkies call themselves these days.  As far as I am concerned, you are all niqqers; however, in polite company I use the term colored so as not to offend anyone.  My grandfather was a member of George Wallaces inner circle and my family has been affiliated with the Klan for generations.  So I have been raised to think that you people are clearly beneath me.  In my current business dealings, I am forced to interact with you people; however deep inside I feel that you uppity niqqers need to be somewhere cleaning my toilets or shining shoes.  I have long wished that I had grown up in the days of Dixie where niqqers knew their place.  I listened to my grandfather tell stories of more genteel times when niqqers stayed their place…or else.  We had a live in colored girl named Minnie when I was young who went and got herself pregnant.  I will never forget the look of pain on my mothers face at the sight of this bright mulato child that she gave birth to.  Everyone in town knew who the Daddy was.  I will also never forget the look of shame on my fathers face. Of course, given the fact that the girl had no family and she was in no position to refuse my fathers advances, she was no count niqqer trash and the fault is still hers.  One day Minnie was serving me at the dinner table and made the mistake spilling gravy on my new dress.  The hurt and outrage that I felt for the dishonor that had been done to my mother by this woman had been building up inside of me so much that I took this as my opportunity for my revenge.  I grabbed the tureen of hot gravy (for those of you who dont know its a gravy boat) from her hands and poured it over her head.  I then hit her over the head with the empty tureen until she fell to the floor.  At which point I started kicking her and spitting on her in a fit of rage.  My father and my brothers looked at me as if I had gone plum crazy and pulled me off of her.  However, my mother sat there with a very slight smile, similar to the Mona Lisa.  At that moment, I saw the pride that my mother felt in the restoration of her dignity and White womanhood that this niqqer wench had stolen from her.  I had never felt more love for my mother than I did in that moment.  That gal left our home never to be heard from again.  I have never had a better feeling in my life than the day that I whipped that niqqer bitchs ass. Ever since then, I always had deep sexual desires at the thought of dominating and humiliating colored girls. I do so as an honor to my mother.

So, clearly you can understand that when I read your email it revived feelings that have been suppressed for years.  I have had a few back alley encounters with paid women who have allowed me to dominate them, but it is not the same feeling of having a niqqer bitch who knows her place, who recognizes that I am superior to her and who considers it to be a position of honor to be allowed to beg and grovel at my feet.  When I read your post, all I could think was could this person really exist?  Could the gods have been so kind as to allow us to connect through some means of time and destiny?  So it is with this frame of mind that I am responding to your post.  Like you, I am seeking just an initial encounter and for anything further, we will take it one day at a time.

I will be up front with you to ensure that we are clear on what MY desires and expectations are.  I know that you have listed yours, but they are unimportant and matter little to me.  You will do what I tell you to do or there is no need to proceed with this at all.  That being said, I will pull your hair, slap your face, spit in your face and I will beat you with a belt on any part of your body that I see fit.  I will beat you for no reason other than that is what I feel like doing and because it gives me pleasure.  After I beat you, I am sure that my pussy will be soaking wet at which point I expect you to orally service me.  Of course, there will no reciprocation.  For my amusement, I may require you to fuck other people, or I may decide to keep you all to myself.  I have not decided yet.  But if I require you to fuck others, you will do so without any hesitation.  I will verbally assault you and your name will be Niqqer Bitch most of the time.  I will treat you cordially if we are out in public; however, behind closed doors you are to be subservient to me at all times.  At times, I may require you to wear a collar and leach, I may treat you as furniture to sit on, prop my feet on or whatever and of course I will use you to do my cleaning.   If we connect, I may ask to you to accompany me in my travels.  So there you have it.  If you wish to proceed and make contact with me under MY TERMS and conditions, I look forward to hearing from you. I agree with you that this is more of a mental fucking than a physical one.  As I said, these are fantasies that I have suppressed for years.  I have on occasion had opportunity “play” with paid escorts, but never have I had the real deal, which you sound like you could be. 

If you wish to continue and see where this goes, please ad my email name to your IM and meet me online for a chat at 7PM on Friday night and we will go from there.  I do hope that you are for real.  I cannot tell you how excited I am at the prospects of connecting with you.  I actually saw your ad a week ago and prepared this response, but did not send it. 

I hope to hear from you.

Miss Violet

       By the time that Mary Katherine got to the end of the email she had to stop and take a breath.  Halfway through reading the email she actually stopped breathing and was completely focused on the email.  I think it was when she got to the part about beating the maid.  This is it!!!  This is the one.  This is who I have been looking for and it sounds like she has looking for me.  Mary Katherine literally jumped up from her computer and danced around the room shouting “Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!!!”  She re-read through Miss Violets email again and again and just started saying her name out loud “Miss Violet” my new mistress.  In all of her excitement, she wondered what did Miss Violet look like?  She was glad that she wasnt some petite woman.  She was always attracted to women who had some meat on the bones and a little bit of girth.  So the fact that Miss Violet was a size 18 was perfect.  Mary Katherine logged into her messenger and added Miss Violet to her IM contacts.  When she added her name, it showed that she was online.  Unable to contain herself she immediately typed a message.

“Hello Miss Violet.  I just read your email.  You responded to my ad.” Mary Katherine wrote.

“Who are you?” was the response that came back.

Mary Katherine was confused and disappointed.  Was this some joke and perhaps someone was playing with her.

“In my email, I asked you to IM me on Friday at 7PM.  If you are my Niqqer Bitch, then you are already disobeying me by contacting me before I gave you permission to do so.  Are you my Niqqer Bitch and have you disobeyed me?” Miss Violet wrote back on the IM.

Mary Katherine almost did cartwheels she was so happy.  Her fingers moved so swiftly on the computer keys, her mind almost could not keep up.

“Yes Miss Violet.  This is your Niqqer Bitch.  I guess I did disobey you and responded to you before Friday. I was just so excited to see you online that I couldnt help immediately contacting you.  I have been looking for someone like you for so long that I just couldnt help myself and responded to you immediately since you were online.”  Mary Katherine explained, hoping that Miss Violet would understand.

“So in other words, you completely disregarded what I told you, in favor of pursuing your own desires.  Is this the type of relationship that we are going to have?” Miss Violet responded.

“No Miss Violet…”Mary Katherine replied.  “I am here to serve you and do as I am told.  I am sorry for disobeying you.  I could not help myself as I am anxious to connect with you and be of service to you.”

To her dismay Miss Violet logged out without responding.  Mary Katherine was devastated.  What had she done?  How could she have been so stupid?  Friday was only two days away.  When she added Miss Violet to her contacts and saw that she was online, it did not even occur to her not to contact her.  She immediately send Miss Violet an email explaining that she did not mean to offend her and that she desperately wanted to meet with her.

       It had been two weeks without a word from Miss Violet.  Mary Katherine was checking her email twenty times a day, but nothing.  She wasnt sure whether or not she should send Miss Violet another email, as she did not wish to upset her further.  It was Friday, and to her dismay her mother had talked her into coming for a visit at her house on Saturday.  Whoopee Mary Katherine thought; another trip to the ghetto.  How she hated that place.  She tried to talk her mother into coming to spend the weekend at her house, but her mother insisted that she come and visit with her until she agreed.  It had been about ten minutes since she last checked her email and this time when she checked there was a message from Miss Violet.  The subject line read: Dinner Tonite???

The message from Miss Violet was inviting her to dinner at one of her favorite Chinese restaurants.  What a coincidence, Chinese was Mary Katherines favorite food as well.  She had made reservations and “EXPECTED” Mary Katherine to be there at 7PM sharp and she requested that she wear red.  Miss Violet advised that this was their opportunity to get to know each other and if she did not show up, there would not be another opportunity.  She also warned Mary Katherine that she would be “disciplined” for previously disobeying Miss Violet regarding the email.  So she should also be prepared to receive her punishment.   Mary Katherine sat there reading the email with a big smile on her face.  It was 4PM and that didnt leave much time.  She decided to stop by Nordstroms and pick up a new outfit in red.  Nothing too sexy, it had to be something dignified and classy.  Clearly Miss Violet was not looking for a hoochie mama.   While she was in the store, she stopped at the make-up counter and had them do her make up as well.  By the time she was finished she changed into her new outfit and headed straight to the restaurant. 

Mary Katherine arrived at the restaurant at 7:05PM.  Rush hour traffic had slowed her down a bit.  She asked at the reservation desk for party of Violet and was shown to a table in the corner away from everyone.  Miss Violet was already there waiting.  Mary Katherine was shown to the table by the waiter.  He pulled out her chair to seat her, but she did not dare sit down without Miss Violets permission.  The waiter said “Madame, please have a seat.”  She locked eyes with Miss Violet who was taking her in from head to toe.   Miss Violet spun her gloved finger indicating that Mary Katherine should turn around which she did.  She did a very slow twirl for Miss Violet so that she could take it all in.  Miss Violet gave a nod of her head indicating her approval at which point Mary Katherine sat down.  The waiter helped push her chair in with a look of curiosity at this whole situation.  When he asked if they would like something to drink Miss Violet spoke up and ordered a $200 bottle of wine for the both of them.  The waiter walked away seeming relieved to get away from this situation, tensing that something was going on between these two.

“Very nice,” Miss Violet said as she took off her gloves.  “Actually, Im somewhat disappointed. I was hoping for someone who was darker with more afro-centric features. I guess it doesnt matter when were behind closed doors and in the dark.  Besides, with your looks you are more presentable in the circles that I travel in.  Although, I intend to refer to you as Niqqer Bitch, what is your name?”  Miss Violet asked.

Mary Katherine had never been so nervous in her entire life.  She wasnt even this nervous when she interviewed for her current job, which was a six figure position.  “Mary Katherine OHara” she managed to say barely above a whisper.

“Mary Katherine OHara???  Are you bullshitting me?  Is that your real name?  I have never heard of a niqqer with a name like that.” Miss Violet responded.  “Based on your posting I was truly expecting something more colored sounding like Laquita or Shaniqua or something like that.” Miss Violet snorted as the waiter brought their drinks.

Mary Katherine figured that she should come clean and tell her full story.  “May I tell you about myself, Miss Violet?” she asked.  By the time she finished telling Miss Violet about herself they were half way through their meal.  When she finished speaking Miss Violet just sat there silent staring at her.  She didnt say a word.  This made Mary Katherine very nervous.  Mary Katherine also noticed that she was starting to feel very moist between her legs.  Miss Violet was definitely giving off the “Im in charge” vibe and Mary Katherine was loving it, and ready to do Miss Violets her bidding.  Unfortunately, Mary Katherine just wasnt sure what she was supposed to say or do, so she didnt say much and she tried not to stare or look directly at Miss Violet.  She knew that back in the day, black people were not supposed to look White folks in the eye.  From what she could see of Miss Violet, she was dripping in expensive jewelry, a custom tailored Chanel suit and she was clearly a woman of major wealth.  Mary Katherine had enough wealthy clients to be able to recognize this.   Miss Violet was not a pretty woman. She was not even an attractive woman.  In the face she was quite plain with chubby cheeks and a double chin.  For some reason, her lack of beauty made her more appealing and desirable to Mary Katherine. Her brunette hair was pulled back in an old style bouffant piled up on her head with fashionable diamond combs.  She had minimal make up on.  Although she had been sitting the whole time, Mary Katherine could see that “baby had back.”  From the spread of her hips on the chair, Mary Katherine concluded that she must have been well endowed with a big ass.  Also, she had thick calves, which was another indication that she had thick thighs and big legs.  That was the physical aspects of Miss Violet.  She had an air about her as if she was used to giving orders and being waited on. Her voice was stern with a slightly southern twinge. She definitely looked like she had been well taken care of.  Mary Katherine could only imagine what Miss Violet had in store for her. 

       Violet sat across from this magnificent creature so pleased she could hardly say a word.  The niqqer was gorgeous even according to White standards of beauty.  How wonderful was it to have a niqqer bitch with class, etiquette and White features?  Talk about having the best of both worlds.  She had so many things running through her mind about what she intended to do to this bitch that she truly had to calm herself down.  The other thing that she was so pleased about was the niqqer bitchs submissive demeanor.  Mary Katherine knew her place and showed Miss Violet her proper respect without having to be told to do so.  Yes, Violet thought that she was going to absolutely love her new toy.   She had only intended for them to have dinner tonight, but she was feeling a bit of a tingle between her legs and also the thought of disciplining Mary Katherine was making her even hotter.  She was ready to take the next step and take her home.  Normally, she wouldnt entertain these skanks in her home, but this one is different and she seemed trust worthy she thought. As a matter of fact, she was looking forward to keeping her for the whole entire weekend.  But what if, Mary Katherine wasnt prepared to spend the weekend with her?  For a fleeting moment, Violet felt a twinge of disappointment, but then she came back to reality.  Its not like the bitch has a choice.  Shell do as shes told and stay the weekend.   With that, Violet took out her cell phone and asked her driver to bring the car around.  

She waived the waiter over and asked for the bill. A look of disappointment came over Mary Katherines face that the evening was ending so soon.  Miss Violet smiled as she already recognized the power that she had over her new toy.  The waiter arrived at the table and placed the leather billfold on the table to await payment.  It was at this moment that Miss Violet decided it was time to fuck with Mary Katherine.

“Are you ready for me to whip your ass, bitch?” Miss Violet said loudly with a smile. 

“Yes, Miss Violet.”  Mary Katherine said, feeling both embarrassed and stimulated at the same time.   The waiter just stood there uncomfortably waiting for payment.

Miss Violet decided to play with her some more.  “Im not so sure, bitch.  Tell me why I shouldnt just go home and completely forget about you?”

“Miss Violet, I was disobedient and I deserve to be punished for disobeying you.  Please beat my ass Miss Violet.”  Mary Katherine pleaded, completely ignoring the waiter.

       Miss Violet flipped open the billfold to see that the cost for dinner was $289, mostly because of the expensive bottle of wine that she ordered and they barely touched.  She pushed herself away from the table, threw the bill at Mary Katherine and said “Pay the bill, bitch, and make sure you leave the waiter a good tip.”   Miss Violet then leaned over to the waiter and said, “Niqqers are such horrible tippers.  Im going to make sure that you get a good tip.”  With that she winked at the waiter and walked out to her waiting car.

       Mary Katherine pulled out her credit card and included a $60 tip for the waiter.  This was turning out to be quite an expensive evening.  With the $350 she had spent on dinner and almost $300 on her new outfit and make-up, it was definitely more than she had planned.  Thank goodness she could afford it.  Once the waiter bought back her credit card she signed it and rushed outside.  She thought to herself that the way that Miss Violet embarrassed her that she could never come back to this place, but deep down inside she was actually loving it.

       She got outside and looked around but did not see Miss Violet anywhere.  Then the window of a parked 2012 Maybach car rolled down and Miss Violet called her over.  She joined Miss Violet in the back seat as the driver drove off.  Mary Katherine didnt dare ask where they were going.  She just sat there in silence awaiting further instruction from Miss Violet.  After a quick fifteen minute drive through the city, they pulled up in front of a town house in one of the more affluent parts of town.  Miss Violet had not said a word to Mary Katherine during the entire ride.  Violet had been formulating exactly what was she going to do with her new toy once she got her home, but she was still feeling a little uneasy about bringing a stranger to her home.  She had a really good feeling about this one, but still they had just met.  Well, they had just pulled up in front of her house so there was no turning back now.  They were already here.  However, just to be on the safe side she had one more trick up her sleeve to mentally fuck with Mary Katherine.

“Niqqer bitch, give me your wallet.” Miss Violet demanded.  Mary Katherine handed over her wallet without hesitation; however, she was curious as to why Miss Violet wanted her wallet.  Violet rummaged through Mary Katherines wallet and took out her drivers license, social security card and credit card and handed her back her wallet.  When the driver opened the door to the car Miss Violet stepped out first and then Mary Katherine.  The driver asked if he would be needed any more tonight.  Miss Violet told him that she would not need him again until Sunday.  However, she handed him Mary Katherines personal documents asked him to hold on to the items until he returned on Sunday.  She also advised him if anything were to happen to her that he was to immediately turn these items over to her attorney.

       Mary Katherine stood there dumbfounded.  Finally she spoke up, “Miss Violet, Im sorry but I have family plans tomorrow.  Im going to need these things back….”  Before she could complete the sentence Miss Violet violently slapped her across the face with an open hand. 

“That will be all Charles.  I will see you on Sunday.  Come niqqer bitch.”  Miss Violet instructed, as she entered her palatial home.  Mary Katherine dutifully followed her. Trying to figure out what was she going to tell her mother for not being able to meet her tomorrow. 

Miss Violet headed straight for the bedroom.  It was a massive suite of rooms, which included an adjoining sitting room that was bigger than most peoples living room, a huge bathroom with a sunken jaccuzzi tub and of course the bedroom with a massive California king size bed.  It was elaborately decorated with sculptured walls and gold leaf trim everywhere.  They were the only ones in the house.  Once inside the bedroom, Miss Violet instructed Mary Katherine to strip.  As Mary Katherine was taking off her clothes, it was the first time she had an opportunity to see Miss Violet standing fully erect in the light.  She was extremely pleased at the voluptuous figure that she saw standing before her.

  Miss Violet seemed to be preoccupied with one of the large diamonds on her hand.  She turned to Mary Katherine in a rage and held her hand up to her face.  For a moment, Mary Katherine flinched thinking that Miss Violet was going to hit her again.  However, she held this huge three carat flawless diamond ring up to her face and yelled, “Look what you did to my ring!!!”  Mary Katherine was confused and looked very hard at the ring.  Finally, she noticed what appeared to be a small red smudge on the ring.   At first she wasnt sure what it was and what she was supposed to do about it. Miss Violet noticed her puzzled look and grabbed her by the face and dragged her to the mirror.  Mary Katherine looked at herself in the mirror and noticed at least a two inch minor cut across the left side of her face.  It appears that when Miss Violet slapped her across the face, her diamond must have cut Mary Katherines face. 

“Your niqqer blood has defiled my precious diamond.  Now what the fuck are you going to do about it, bitch?” Miss Violet said as she held her hand up in front of Mary Katherines face once again.  Instinctively, Mary Katherine grabbed Miss Violets hand and started licking the blood from her diamond as she mumbled apologies.

This act caught Miss Violet by surprised and pleased her immensely.  Of course she could not let Mary Katherine see how pleased she was.  She held her hand up to inspect her ring.  There wasnt a speck of blood on the ring; in the meantime the blood was starting to run down Mary Katherines face from the open cut.  Miss Violet disappeared into the bathroom and rummaged through the medicine cabinet and returned with bandages and cleaning solution.  She started cleaning the cut with the cleaning solution and saw the discomfort in Mary Katherines face and knew that it stung like hell in her open wound.  This gave Miss Violet a bit more pleasure.  She did not want Mary Katherine to mistake her action for kindness so she explained to her, that she thought it best to bandage and dress her wound so that later when she was sitting on her face none of her filthy blood would defile her.

With that, Miss Violet instructed Mary Katherine to undress her.  She was ready for fun.  Mary Katherine gently undressed Miss Violet. She got down on her knees and reached up under Miss Violets skirt to pull down her panty hose.  She unrolled each one gently, ensuring that she did not cause any runs.  She neatly folded the hose and continued to remove each article of clothing until Miss   Violet stood before her stark naked.  She could barely contain her excitement at the sight of Miss Violet in full nudity.  She did have a bit of a belly pouch and there was also some cellulite on her thighs and dimples on her ass, but as far as Mary Katherine was concerned these imperfections just added to her appeal.  Mary Katherine was also delighted to see that Miss Violet had a full bush.  She loved a woman with a hairy pussy.  Miss Violet realized the effect that her naked body was having on her toy, so she just stood there giving Mary Katherine the opportunity to enjoy her nakedness. 

Violet must say that Mary Katherine was having a similar effect on her.  The girl was absolute perfection.  It took every ounce of Violets energy to keep herself in check and not act like a kid in a candy store with this girl.  She had to keep cool and remember that this was just a lowly niqqer bitch that was here to serve her.  Speaking of serving her, it reminded Violet of Mary Katherines disobedience and the fact that she needed to be punished.  Violet thought that a good ass whipping with the belt would be an appropriate punishment.  She had just the right leather belt.  She went to her drawer and pulled out the belt.  Let the games begin. “Time for this ass whipping, ten lashes for the niqqer bitch.” Violet said to Mary Katherine.

When Miss Violet announced that it was time for her punishment, Mary Katherine tensed up.  Miss Violet grabbed Mary Katherine by the hair and almost snapped her neck when she threw her to the floor.  She started wailing with the belt while Mary Katherine writhed in pain on the floor.  The first sting of the belt caused her to scream out in pain.  Miss Violet immediately came back with another lash, and another and another and another.  She didnt care where she hit and she wasnt aiming for anywhere in particular.  Theblows struck Mary Katherine on the back, on the butt, on her arm on her thigh, on her hip on her back again. Between delivering blows, Miss Violet was keeping count and giving a lecture to her for being a disobedient niqqer.  Somehow, Mary Katherine found herself apologizing and pleading for Miss Violets forgiveness.  By the time that Miss Violet was up to a count of nine, Mary Katherine thought that she was going to pass out.  She was so relieved to receive that tenth and final blow, after which she just crumpled at Miss Violets feet in a fetal position.

While all of this was going on with Mary Katherine, Miss Violet was having flashbacks of beating Minnie upside the head with the gravy tureen.  She was transported to a different time and place.  To have this niqqer at her feet begging for forgiveness, the look of pride and redemption on her mothers face, it was all so orgasmic and intoxicating.  She was brought back to reality when Mary Katherine crumpled at her feet.  She grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to her knees, and buried Mary Katherines face in her dripping pussy.  Although she was in pain, Mary Katherine dutifully began lapping Miss Violets juices and eating her pussy.  The taste of Miss Violets pussy took away all of her pain as Miss Violets pubic hairs tickled her nose.  Mary Katherine was covered in welts and bruises and Miss Violet almost came again as she admired her handy work. 

“Did you learn your lesson, niqqer?” Miss Violet asked Mary Katherine. 

Through a face full of tears, Mary Katherine confirmed that she had learned her lesson, thanked Miss Violet for disciplining her and promised that she would be a good obedient niqqer bitch from now on.  Miss Violet responded by hocking and spitting a massive loogie in Mary Katherines face.  Miss Violet looked in Mary Katherines face and with the mixture of tears, spit and her pussy juice all over her face; Miss Violet could not recall seeing a more beautiful sight.  Between the two women it was hard to tell which was more in heaven and enjoying the experience.  Miss Violet stretched out on the bed and told Mary Katherine that she wanted her to worship her from head to toe.  Mary Katherine obediently got down to the bottom of the bed and started kissing Miss Violets feet.  She started kissing and licking the top of her feet and then sucking each toe.  While Miss Violets toes were meticulously pedicured, the soles of her feet were black with dirt since she walked around barefoot in the house.  Mary Katherine sucked and licked between each toe and licked the bottom of Miss Violets feet until both of them were clean.

       Next Mary Katherine began to kiss and massage Miss Violets legs.  As she made her way up Miss Violets thighs, she kept looking at her hands against Miss Violets skin and just staring at it.  Violet noticed her doing this and asked her what was on her mind.  Mary Katherine told Miss Violet how honored she felt that she was allowed to rub her filthy niqqer hands over Miss Violets beautiful White body, and that she just felt so privileged to be allowed to serve Miss Violet.  Hearing this was music to Violets ears as much as it was to Mary Katherines to say the words.  Mary Katherine continued her trek up Violets body making her way once again between Violets legs.  After letting Mary Katherine nibble on her clitoris for a few minutes, Violet turned over and put her massive ass in the air. 

“My ass needs to be worshiped, bitch” she said to Mary Katherine.  Mary Katherine parted Miss Violets ass as if it were God parting the Red Sea.  She stuck out her tongue and buried it deep in Miss Violets ass.  Mary Katherine tongue fucked Miss Violets ass while alternating between sucking her rectum, and finger her clit.  Violet was loving it. She flipped over so that she was sitting on Mary Katherines face and was grinding her full ass on her face.  This went on for a few minutes and both were really caught up in the moment until Miss Violets stomach started churning and bubbling and cramping up.  At first she tried to ignore it, but eventually she had to let out this long stinky farts while she was sitting on Mary Katherines face.  Although it wasnt her intention to fart on Mary Katherines face, she did it again after seeing how much Mary Katherine loved it from her reaction. 

       Although Mary Katherine was almost suffocating with the bulk of Miss Violets 180 pounds smashing down on her face, she was extremely happy.  She was even more surprised when the nosey fart slipped out and went straight up her nose and down her throat.  It stank so bad that she initially gagged, but it made her suck and lick Miss Violets ass even more.  She was a little bit concerned about Miss Violet though, because she could hear her stomach churning and bubbling up and she was wondering if Miss Violet was okay. 

       After a few more minutes of ass worship, Violet stood up and said that she had to go to the bathroom.  She said that Chinese food always ran right through her.  She went to the bathroom and left Mary Katherine in the bedroom to await her return.  Mary Katherine laid on the bed looking up at the ceiling not believing how incredibly lucky she was to have met this woman.  Although her body was covered in bruises, she had been spit in the face and she couldnt imagine what was next, she was happy as a pig in shit.  She was right where she wanted to be.  It had been a few minutes since Miss Violet had left to go to the bathroom and Mary Katherine was becoming worried.  She went to the bathroom to check on her.  The door was open so she walked right in.  The putrid stench of Miss Violets shit permeated the room as Miss Violet sat on the toilet straining to unload another turd.  She seemed a little uneasy by Mary Katherines presence, since she was not used to having anyone in the bathroom with her.

       Sensing Miss Violets discomfort, Mary Katherine tried to put her at ease.  “I just wanted to make sure that you were alright.  May I stay and keep you company.”  Mary Katherine asked, as she sat on the floor next to the toilet bowl at Miss Violets feet.  While it was a bold move, Mary Katherine had hoped that her actions showed Miss Violet that it was her intention to remain in the bathroom with her.

“Why would you want to stay in here while I take a dump?”  Violet asked.  “It stinks like hell.”

“Miss Violet, I would rather smell your shit than smell the most expense perfume on the market.  As a matter of fact, I am the luckiest niqqer bitch alive to be sitting right here right now.” Mary Katherine said.

       Violet was falling for Mary Katherine and she knew it.  This was the woman of her dreams that she had been looking for, for almost 30 years.  Based on Violets look of approval, Mary Katherine took that as a sign to be even bolder, she spread Violets legs while she was still sitting on the toilet shitting and begin to finger her pussy while sucking her nipples.  She alternated back forth sucking and biting Violets nipples, while fingering her clit.  In between moans of pleasure, Violet let out more farts as numerous turds splashed in the water.  This was absolute pleasure Violet thought.  Mary Katherine was absolutely wonderful.  At that moment she leaned down and passionately kissed Mary Katherine on the mouth.  It was a long passionate kiss with eyes closed and an exchange of tongues and saliva.  The kiss lasted for several minutes until Miss Violet opened her eyes and looked into the face of the niqqer bitch that she was locked in an embrace with.  Then the reality hit her, “What the fuck am I doing she said to herself?”  She was sure that these were the same types of tricks of seduction that Minnie had plied her father with to get her pregnant.  These niqqer cunts are some tricky bitches Violet thought as she pushed Mary Katherine away.  Violet was pissed off at herself for her moments of weakness in letting it show how much she liked Mary Katherine.  She was in control and she needed to do something to remind Mary Katherine of this fact.  For each moment of weakness where she showed Mary Katherine some kindness, she had to counter it with a moment of spite and cruelty, Violet thought.  The first thing she needs to do is get the hell off the toilet and then she can figure out her next move.  Violet started to reach for the toilet paper and as soon as she put her hand on the roll, an idea came to her of how she could mentally fuck Mary Katherine for making her weak.

“Mary Katherine, Im done on the toilet.” Miss Violet informed her as she stood up.  Mary Katherine stood up as well and they both looked into the toilet at the full load that Miss Violet had deposited.  Finally, Violet informed Mary Katherine, “My ass needs to be cleaned.  Surely, you dont expect me to clean my own ass when I have you here?” Violet said very angrily.

Realizing that there was a job that needed to be done and jumping to it, Mary Katherine immediately agreed with Miss Violet, “Of course Miss Violet, I will clean your ass.”    Miss Violet put one leg up on the tub and leaned over the sink spreading her ass cheeks in order to give Mary Katherine better access to her soiled ass.  When she parted her ass, you could see the chunks of brown shit caked and stuck between her ass cheeks.

Mary Katherine went to grab some toilet paper so that she could take care of the job at hand when Miss Violet violently grabbed her by the hair and got in her face and yelled at her, “Bitch, what the fuck do you think that you are doing???” 

Mary Katherine looked confused.  “Im going to clean your ass, Miss Violet.  Like you told me to do.” 

This was the moment of cruelty that Violet had been waiting for.  This was her ultimate opportunity to show this niqqer bitch who was in charge.  Violet was feeling a little crazy.  She couldnt believe the tricks that this niqqer was using to make her fall for her.   But she was about to show her.  She slapped Mary Katherine hard across the face causing her to fall on the floor.  The only reason she slapped Mary Katherine was because she was mad at herself. 

“Bitch, did I not just kiss you on the mouth???” Miss Violet asked, almost spitting the words out.  “Ordinarily, I dont go around kissing niqqers on the mouth, but do you know why I kissed you on the mouth???” 

“No…”  Mary Katherine mumbled, terrified of what was about to coming next.

“Well, let me ask you this question.  Do you have a tongue in your mouth?” 

“Yes…”Mary Katherine mumbled, still confused about what was expected of her.

“As long as you have a tongue in your filthy niqqer mouth, why the fuck would you need toilet paper to clean my ass???  Now get over here and lick my ass clean, bitch!!!” 

       With that Violet turned around got back into position, propped her ass up in the air and parted her butt checks so that Mary Katherine could lick her ass clean.  As she was turning her back to Mary Katherine she caught a look of terror on her face and for a minute she thought that Mary Katherine might not do it. This was the true challenge of whether or not she really owned this bitch.  She stood there waiting what seemed like an eternity, but the biggest smile crossed Violets face the minute she felt Mary Katherines breath approaching her ass, in preparation to lick it clean.  Once again, she thought of her mother.  Vindication for White womanhood over the niqqer bitch. 

Violet had mirrors positioned throughout her bathroom, so she was able to eagerly watch as Mary Katherine dug the caked up shit out of her ass with her tongue.  When Mary Katherine first realized that Miss Violet expected her to lick shit out of her ass with her tongue, a moment of panic engulfed her.  She couldnt do that, but what choice did she have?  What would happen if she told Miss Violet no?  Miss Violet would probably beat her ass until she turned blue, but worse than that Miss Violet would dump her and never see her again.  Mary Katherine thought about everything that she had experienced this evening and thought that this is what she had been looking for for at least 10 years.  She wasnt ready to give this up.  Look how long it took her to find a good White woman like Miss Violet who recognized her for the lowly niqqer that she was.  Where would she find another woman like that?  She should be proud and grateful for having the opportunity to eat shit out of Miss Violets ass.  Mary Katherine felt ashamed of herself for not wanting to lick Miss Violets ass clean.  Besides she reasoned, just remember how wonderful her farts were.  Eating her shit is probably ten times better.  After arguing with herself for what seemed like hours, but in reality were only seconds, she proceeded with the job at hand and licked Miss Violets ass clean.  When she spread Miss Violets ass the smell was the first thing that hit her, but then she thought about the farts and how good that made her feel.  Still, she had a hard time sticking her tongue in shit and looking at it, so Mary Katherine closed her eyes.  She took her tongue and dug the chunks of shit out of Miss Violets ass.  The chunk of shit sat on her tongue and she was uncertain of what to do with it. 

Violet was watching Mary Katherines every move in the mirror like a hawk.  This was so intriguing to her.  She could see Mary Katherines struggle with herself with the chunk of shit sitting on her tongue.   No sooner than Violet said in her mind, “swallow the shit bitch” than it seems like Mary Katherine read her mind and took a big gulp and swallowed it.  At first she had this look of discuss on her face and looked like she was going to vomit.  However, it must have given her new found vigor and motivation because after that, Mary Katherine sucked the rest of the shit out of Violets ass like a champ. 

When Mary Katherine was sitting there with the lump of shit on her tongue, she knew her options were limited.  Spitting it out was not an option.  Basically, she decided to just swallow it and make the best of it. How bad could it be?   She pushed the lump of shit to the back of her throat and pushed it done.  It was really bitter tasting in her mouth, but she kept envisioning Miss Violets face and the look of sheer pleasure and pride at her well trained niqqer.  This look of satisfaction and pleasure on Miss Violets face spurred her on to do a really good job in cleaning her ass.  With new found vigor she licked and sucked every piece of shit out of Miss Violets ass.  Even after all of the shit was gone, she licked and licked and licked some more.  To show Miss Violet what a good job she had done, she took a piece of toilet paper and had her give a good wipe just to show that there was no shit left in her ass crack.  Sure enough, the toilet paper was clean and white after Miss Violet did a test wipe of her ass to see how well Mary Katherine cleaned it.

The pride that Violet was feeling at that moment washed away the early moments of weakness that she had felt. Mary Katherine was still on the floor smiling showing a mouth full of brown stained teeth.  Although she was feeling incredibly proud of Mary Katherine, she refused to show it and walked away from her and headed back to the bedroom thinking, she sure put this niqqer bitch in her place. 

       Both Miss Violet and Mary Katherine were looking forward to the rest of the weekend.





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