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The Making of a Sissy

Part 2

After an exhausting evening Bella was made to wait at the door and humbly kiss the guests as they left; some of the males groping her pretty arse as they departed.  She was glad of the alcohol she had been treated to as this masked from her the ugliness of some of the brutes she had been forced to entertain, though she remained reasonably coherent.  Bella eyed the vase in which the phone was hidden, which was tantalisingly close.  Jane ushered her into the embrace of one of the leaving males, who was also a little worse for wear; he cupped the sissys sweet little balls in one hand as he pulled her pretty little face toward his with the other.

“Ohhhh! I so want to take you home with me now and ride your gorgeous little ass!” he stumbled and slurred as he spoke; Jane took hold of him, concerned he might make a meal of leaving and shepherded him to the doorway. Now was Bellas chance; as Janes back was turned in assisting her guest, Bella deftly dipped into the vase and retrieved the phone wrapped in notepaper.

“I must just go to the toilet Aunt Jane.” Making full use of her apparent inebriation, she swiftly ascended the stairs before receiving the usual confirmation that this was acceptable from her stern aunt.  She saw the light was on in the room where the girls were, and quietly tiptoed to her bedroom door, slipped in and tucked the phone under her bed before going back to the toilet.  As she left, Tara appeared at her bedroom door, on hearing the toilet flush.

“I want to see you before you go to bed sissy! You make sure you come in here when youre allowed up.”  Bella tingled at what Tar might want; she was as much in fear of her as she was her aunt.  Jane was not pleased when Bella came down again; she was waiting impatiently with another leering male who was not displeased in any way at watching the sweet feminine legs descend from the top of the stairs; the vista allowing him a peep up at her soft genitalia. Jane frowned and pointed to the floor at her feet.

“Bend over!”  Bella did so and the man leered all the more, and with a contented smile as Jane lifted the smock to reveal Bellas sweet white cheeks.  Jane slapped the delicate target smartly, making the cheeks wobble sweetly; a red hand mark blossomed across the sissys bottom.

“How dare you do as you please! What must our guests think of a sissy who does not wait for confirmation from her betters and keeps those guests waiting as well?  I think well be seeing this gentleman again tomorrow; I think he should cane you!”  Bella looked up at Jane and the man with eyes that welled with the sting of her mistresss hand.  The man could not believe his luck; he looked at the submissive little sissy now quivering before him; his cock rose rigidly in his underwear as he thought of disciplining that sweet bottom and hearing the sissy cry real tears just for him. He kissed her tenderly on the cheek.

“I shall see you tomorrow then.” Bellas little cock swelled too as she watched the burly male squeeze Jane cheekily as he left; his vast frame dwarfing her. She wondered how it would feel to be caned by such a large man; she was scared but her submissive side relished how she might enjoy the pain. Jane simply pointed up the stairs when he left, and Bella ascended once more.  What could Tara want of her?

Bella went meekly into the room where the sisters sat cross-legged on the beds, eyeing her with severe half-smiles; Tara pointed to the floor in front of her.

“Get over here and kneel in front of me!”  Bella did so as Victoria and Dominique chuckled at her complete and utter servility when facing their sister.  Bella cowered as Tara uncrossed her legs and rubbed the camel-toe of her pussy through her panties; the two sisters followed suit, all three were well and truly aroused by the spectacle they had witnessed earlier, stiff erect cocks spurting loops of milky white cream still fresh in their minds.  Both Victoria and Dominique had secretly masturbated to orgasm in the toilet already, but Tara had saved herself; she would have someone perform the task for her.  The soft feminine scent of arousal instantly permeated the room as the girls open legs wafted the aroma of their sticky pussies.  Tara was impatient and barked at Bella.

“Take my panties off for me right now! We saw what you were doing with those filthy men. You have a cock just like them; dont you know you should appreciate a woman?”  Bella did, but not to the extent that her sissy feelings had for men and boys; she so wanted to be a girl and was strangely jealous of the sweet smelling slit and puffy lips which were revealed as she meekly removed Taras sopping panties.

“You have a good sniff of those and lie down face up on the bed; I have a little job for you.”  The girls laughed at Bella as her little cock rose involuntarily with the scent and excitement.  Tara climbed onto the bed and straddled her face; Bella had tasted semen for the first time, and now she would taste pussy for the first time also. She was helpless as she watched Taras inviting pussy and arsehole slowly descend on her face. The other girls came across and took turns playing with the now stiff sissy cock.  Bellas emotions were pulled one way and another as she sampled the rich and heady taste and aroma of her step-sisters womanhood, whilst the delicate feminine hands of the other two took great delight in masturbating her little cock. Tara moaned lovingly and victoriously as she rocked herself to a crescendo on the submissive sissys face.  As she did so, Dominique laughed wickedly as she felt Bella spasm uncontrollably; the sissys muffled cries just audible as her stiff little cock spent sweetly; her cream shooting skyward in sweet submission to the girls.  Tara sighed with pleasure as her delicious orgasm subsided, then she giggled wickedly; she had one more torment for poor Bella.

“What do you think Adam will say when we tell him youve been with old men? I bet he wont want you anymore; I may have him fuck me, I might even let you watch.”  The girls laughed as Bella left the room in tears.  How she wanted to use that phone now…


Bella washed away her tears and the various aromas of the night in her en-suite shower cubicle, shampooing her soft brown hair free of the semen deposited by the males and the womanly essence of Tara.  After drying her soft downy body she retreated to her silky bed, shuddered and cried a little more as she remembered what she had been subjected too.  Tara was mean, but was also right; what would Adam think of her?  She toyed with the phone and the instructions given by Sandy, luckily, the other girls were always losing their phone charge leads so Jane had bought several universal adaptors with multi connectors one had been thrown at Bella by Victoria a while back, and remained in her room.  Bellas heart glowed a little as did the tiny phone screen as she plugged it in and secreted it under the sheets.  Sandys note mentioned; plenty of credit at the moment; let me know if you need more and Ill top it up. Please call me as soon as you are able, regardless of what time; I so want to know all about you!  The first number on the list was Sandys; Bella nervously pressed call.

Sandy was overjoyed to her from her new friend and Bella had a lump in her throat most of the time as she relayed her story; her little cock stiffened and she rubbed it on the silky sheets as she told Sandy about Adam, and Sandy told her of sweet episodes shed had with boys and men.  Bella was close to coming when Sandy said she would try to make contact with Adam and find out his phone number; she was determined to get them together somehow. Sandy was even more determined to help Bella gain a little more freedom somehow.  After about an hour they blew each other kisses and said goodbye.  Bella hid the phone away and pulled the soft silky pillow into her sweet face; kissing it and dreaming of being in Adams arms as she drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Bella was ordered into the girls bedroom and Jane came in looking very pleased with herself.

“Youll need a nice high frilly pink dress and pure white panties this morning; we want your sissy bottom to look the part for our guest, when you bend over to accept his caning.  If you take it well and please Mr Roberts, I may let you go to the beach with the girls later.”  Bella did not protest as the giggling girls helped her into a fluffy pink satin dress, ideal for sissies.  The white silk panties were pulled up and over Bellas little cock and balls, and then white cotton ankle socks were added; pink sandals completing the picture of a pretty girl who was to be punished.  Bellas cock stiffened as she was made to look in the mirror as usual; she was a slave to her submissiveness, and though she did not relish being caned, this would be by a man, and in front of her smiling step-sisters too.  She thought of the promise of going to the beach and hoped the man would not leave any stripes on her legs; these would show beneath her bikini.

Dressed for punishment, Bella was led downstairs to the lounge, where she was made to sit on a hard chair in the corner; a vicious looking rattan cane lay on the table, for all to view. Bellas anus tingled and her stomach filled with butterflies as she thought of the pain which would be delivered by the man.  The other girls sat comfortably in softer chairs, leering at Bella with satisfaction as the sissy sat squirming; the cane before her.  They looked at their watches impatiently.  The doorbell rang and Bella gave a little involuntary gasp, much to the delight of Jane and the girls.  Bellas little cock stiffened at the sound too; she was curiously excited about being punished.  Mr Roberts entered the room and Bella shivered all over; he was not wearing a suit as last night, but wore a black shirt with black lose fitting slacks and black leather knee length boots.  He looked like an executioner.  The girls smirked as they studied the bulge in his slacks which increased visibly as he spied the pink sissy who was to be caned.  Jane was also dressed in black satin; she smiled contentedly as she gave her command to the soft submissive little sissy who awaited her punishment, Bellas panties now sticky at the front, as her sissy cock dribbled in fear and anticipation.

“Hand the cane to Mr Roberts and apologise for making him come again; I think we all know you have deserved your punishment, I hope you are ready to suffer.”  Bella moved daintily to the table and felt the weight and flexibility of the cane; how it would hurt her.  She trembled a little as she stood before the large and muscular Mr Roberts; making his cock pulse as he witnessed her fear, he took the cane from the small white hands and soft hairless arms that held it, and smiled wickedly as he awaited the apology.

“I...I...Im sorry for being so rude…please cane me.”  Poor Bella blurted out her apology and the girls sneered delightedly.  Jane took Bella, who now cried openly, and had her lean over a low backed leather couch; Mr Roberts cock stiffened markedly as the pink frilly dress was lifted to reveal that perfect feminine bottom he had seen last night.  The silky white panties were taken down and left around one ankle; a prominent sticky wet patch was very apparent to them all, the sissy was looking forward to her punishment, they all assumed.  Roberts wished he could stroke his cock at the sight; Bella was made to tip-toe with her legs slightly apart, her little hairless sack swung sweetly, buoyed by her stiff little sissy cock.  Bella faced a huge full length mirror; if she were brave enough to keep her eyes open she could witness each stinging delivery.  She flinched and whimpered as Roberts put his hand across the soft white cheeks, deftly slipping a finger into the tight little anus, which clenched sweetly around the tip.  Bellas balls tingled and her little cock throbbed as her exposed bell end felt the draught of movement; she could not understand he emotions, she wanted to be caned. Roberts took his hand away and sniffed his finger; his cock was ready to burst as he relished the tangy aroma of the scared little sissy, before licking the tart tang from the tip.  Now he would cane her.

“I think six strokes will suffice Madame Jane?”  Bella looked at the reflection of the woman in the mirror with pleading eyes, and saw her grin wickedly.

“Make it seven Mr Roberts; I want her to learn to respect her betters.” Bella braced herself as best she could, teetering on tip-toe; Roberts cock was now vertical up under his belt as he viewed the soft white bottom.  Bella watched in the mirror as he raised the wicked cane for the first time. Down it came viciously, cutting smartly across both soft cheeks; Bella howled in pain as the rod bit home, the girls and Jane marvelled at the way a sharp red line blushed from pink to red, marking the sissys bottom sweetly.  She cried like a baby as Roberts brought the cane down again and again; the girls giggling openly at her distress; Taras pussy bulged with pleasure; she was thoroughly enjoying Bellas misery.  Roberts was ready to explode in his confinement as he viewed the bawling sissy and the wicked lines across that sweet bottom as he prepared for the seventh stroke.  Bella was in agony and yet somehow in ecstasy too; she managed to look at the reflection, saw the pleasure on the faces of her tormentors, felt the pain wracking her bottom- and desperately wanted to come.  Her cock dribbled sweetly as Roberts readied her for the last stroke by placing the cane under her cheeks, ensuring her pert little bottom stood up and out.  She watched as he raised the cane for the last time, then brought it whooshing down; the sound now sweet to Bellas submissive ears.  As the cane cut home, Bella moaned and cried in a sweet mixture of emotion, her little cock spurted gloriously as she came for the cane.

Bella collapsed over the couch, weeping pitifully; Roberts looked at Jane with a knowing look and she dismissed the girls from the room.  Tara and the other two left begrudgingly, but smiled down at the whinging sissy as they left.  Bella was pulled round and made to kneel before Roberts; the tears flowed down her sweet cheeks as the burly man wrestled with his zip. Bella was now confronted with a huge erect cock.  Jane took the cane and made for the door to ensure the girls were not looking.

“You thank Mr Roberts properly now; I can see you enjoyed your punishment, when youve thanked him you may go to the beach.”  Roberts grunted as Bella took his hot sticky cock into her mouth; he held her hair tightly and rocked her back and forth urgently on his rigid member, the bulbous head of his bell-end made her gag a little as it touched her throat.  Just as he moaned and began his hot salty delivery, the doorbell rang again. Despite her obvious distraction, Bella wondered who this could be.


Roberts took full advantage of his few minutes alone with Bella, as Aunt Jane attended to the caller at the door; he wiped her soft lips clean of his sticky semen and sat her tenderly on his lap, careful to let her sore little cheeks hang over;  he caressed the soft white flesh and softly kissed her forehead.

“Im sorry I had to punish you; Id love to make it up to you, how would you like to come and stay at my place for a few days? I promise I wont do any more than take a few pictures of you; there are other girls like you there, and we have a nice swimming pool and plenty of booze, Ive seen how you like that.”

Bella was in a quandary; she would love to get away from Jane and the girls for a while, but was sensible enough to be wary of a male whom she knew instinctively would have trouble controlling his urges if he had her to himself; after all, he had already caned and abused her.  Her sissy cock stiffened a little at the idea of being at the complete mercy and violated by a large masculine animal, but her soft side reminded her that she yearned to give herself to Adam.  She might agree to go with Mr Roberts if she could just trust him a little, but how would he gain the permission of her strict Aunt?  Her mind was made up for her when Jane came into the room with the person who had rung the bell.  Roberts smiled at the visitor and looked back at Bella.

“This is Sandy; I believe youve met, shes one of the girls I was telling you about. Shes staying at my place at the moment.”  Bella needed to use all her restraint to not make it obvious she was delighted to see a girl who, as far as Jane and Roberts were concerned, had simply poured her a few drinks.  She bit her lip as she said hello as indifferently as she could manage.  Roberts continued.

“Sandy asked if she could go to the beach with you and the girls when I mentioned Id be here today and Jane had told me of her days plans; why dont you ask Sandy about the pool and everything, like I told you, Im sure Jane wont mind if she knows girls like Sandy will be around to look after you.” Roberts then put Bella down and looked at Jane with a childish smile; there was something he wanted to ask her.  As he engaged Jane with his proposition, Bella beamed at Sandy, who whispered at her.

“I couldnt believe my luck when I heard Mr Roberts was coming here; Ive had to make all sorts of promises to get here as well, but I think he wants to add you to his photo portfolio, and who wouldnt.  I know Madame Jane, and shes bound to ask me to look after you and make sure he doesnt let his cock take over; I cant believe how its working out.”  Jane frowned a little but Roberts persisted and pointed to Sandy; as if by clockwork Jane Okd Bella to go with Roberts for the weekend and made Sandy swear to ensure that Bella was chaperoned everywhere, even at the photo shoots.  Bella put on her most timid face when she was told shed go, and be on her best behaviour, and was told to go upstairs and change for the beach.  Sandy would stay the night and take her to Mr Roberts house tomorrow.  Sandy took Bellas hand and almost dragged the sissy up the stairs.

Though Bella loved to go to the beach, everything had its price; her bikini was necessarily a little uncomfortable, as the gusset was specially made, very tight in order to conceal her bulge as best as possible.  The Bikini bottom had a little frilly skirt affair which completed the cover from the front, but displayed her feminine bottom nicely from behind.  It also seemed to accentuate her coke-bottle shape; passing boys and men oblivious to Bellas reality, smiling and ogling at her sweet shapely body. Bella would not mind her usual slaving for the girls on this occasion; being sent for drinks and ice-creams etc. as Sandy was with her.  She wore fashionably baggy shorts and bikini top, which served the purpose perfectly; the two t-girls attracting as much attention from males as the three sisters.  Tara and the girls deftly flashed their sweet camel-toes at the required moments, in an attempt to receive more attention than the two sweetly effeminate friends.

As Bella and Sandy walked back across the burning hot sand from the beach café with a tray of drinks in hand, having had the first order from the girls, they noted a crowd of young men around the sisters.  Bella froze; Tara was face to face with…Adam!  She seemed to be delighting in telling him something, nestling up to the well -developed young man.  Bella bit her lip and nearly dropped the tray; Sandy took it from her, guessing who the young man was.

“Thats Adam I take it? Hes very nice, not unlike my Carl.”  Though Sandy tried to make Bella feel at ease, she was aware from their phone conversation of just how nasty Tara could be. Even at that distance, they could perceive a bemused look on Adams face as Tara gossiped with a smiling face; Bella could guess what he was being told. Sandy squeezed Bellas arm as the sissys eyes welled up.

“Im sure it will all be ok, dont look so sad.”

Bella was distraught and ran down the sand past the crowd, she ran down the beach toward the rocky area and then waded into the frothy surf; she pushed on till she was shoulder deep in the water, the gentle waves lapping at her hair as she turned to face the beach.  She could see Sandy walking with Adam; both obviously looking for her; she cried openly and was scared of what he might say.   She waded round to an area beyond some rocks where she could not be seen; luckily the sea was very calm that day.  She heard splashing behind her and tried to wade further, but the rocks barred her way. Distraught, she turned and saw arms flailing as someone swam ever closer to her; it was Adam.  She turned and pressed herself against the smooth rocks, trembling as the sea lapped at her soft white neck and shoulders; she wanted the sea to engulf her as a hand softly touched her shoulder.

“Bella, please talk to me, I miss you so much!” Bella turned and looked into the deep blue eyes of the man she most desired.  He pulled her closer, as he studied the red puffy eyes which wept even as he held her.

“I dont care Bella; Sandy has told me everything, I know how its been for you…I want you so much.”  Adam would have no more of it, and pulled Bella closer still, embracing her soft body, wiping her tears away and putting his hand behind her head.  Bella closed her eyes as their lips met softly, Adam holding her tightly as they swayed gently in the warm shallow water.  Bellas head spun as she gorged on the succulent kiss, and felt Adams cock erect and stiffen against her soft belly. Overjoyed by her realisation that he still wanted her she peeled her tight bikini bottom off, allowed it to drift down to her ankles; Adam could now feel her sweet little cock, stiff and eager against him, he kissed her forehead softly as he too let his trunks drift down.  The two shimmered together in the warm water as their cocks pressed excitedly against each-others nakedness; Adam squeezed Bellas sweet sissy bottom tightly, gently fingering her soft boy-pussy.  They kissed lovingly and grasped each-others willing cocks in a sweet homage to their legacy at the mall.  Bella looked Adam softly in the eye and thought of turning to face the rock; Adam sensed what she thought and held her firm.

“I want to as much as you sweet Bella, but I want it to happen somewhere thats right; I want to hold you close and caress you for hours after.” They kissed again and continued to stroke each other, Bella sighed in exquisite ecstasy as Adam milked her sissy cock to orgasm, and Adam grew in stature as he gripped her soft body with his free hand as he too spent in a rapture of sweet pleasure; their warm seed mingling in the blue ocean.  Bellas tears were now of sheer joy, and Adam smiled sweetly as her, licking them away as he helped her replace her bikini.  Having pulled back his trunks, he moved back a little and saw Sandy waiting patiently about 50 yards off; she was hiding her face and not looking their way, so as not to disturb them.  Adam yelled for her to come over; Bella grasped his hand.

“Im going to be in so much trouble for moving out of Taras sight, but I so want to be with you forever.”  Adam smiled as he squeezed her tight once more as Sandy approached smiling at the two together.  Adam kissed Bella as a wave washed over them.

“I intend talking to you as often as I can; Sandy has another phone number for you.  I must go now; Ill go further round the rocks to the escape steps up the cliff; you carry on crying, we want someone to think youve had a really bad time with me!”  And with that he slipped from her grasp and Sandy cuddled Bella, and they made their way back as Adam swam further round.  As the two reached the edge of the rocks they heard a whistle, and saw Adam waving from up on the cliff; they waved back and he blew a kiss then disappeared over the headland.

When they got back, some of the boys were still there, and crowded round Bella taking the opportunity to touch her in comforting gestures, as tears flowed and she managed to look distressed. Tara moved through the pack anxiously and looked first at Bella, sneered a little, then looked to Sandy.

“Well? How were things?”  Sandy frowned as Bella whimpered and cried openly in the background.

“What do you think? Look at her, and do you see Adam?”  Sandy had no need to even make any suggestion; Tara was a spoilt arrogant bitch, and she smiled triumphantly as she put two and two together, coming up with five that the two friends intended.

“Maybe I wont tell mom how bad you were today; I can see some things are beyond you, I hope youve learned your lesson.  I expect Ill be hearing from Adam myself soon anyway.”  With that she smiled and went back to the beach towel and lay in the sun. Sandy cuddled Bella as if to comfort her and the two strolled down the beach, followed by a throng of young men who watched the two sweet rears with interest.  The two friends giggled when out of sight and discussed having a drink by Roberts pool tomorrow.  Bella looked forward to that, but not half as much as she looked forward to feeling that phone vibrate to an incoming call…

Review This Story || Author: Midsummerman
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