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The Making of a Sissy

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Synopsis: The life story of how a sissy held captive and controlled by wicked females reaches her true goal in life

She had known from a very early age that she was not like the other boys; her mother had passed her on to her strict aunt Jane at a very early age, and she had never known her father.  Janes strict regime of making the boy dress in girls clothes at all times when at home only furthered the yearning to be a girl which was already firmly within the soon to be a sissys mind.  Janes girls took special delight in dressing their sissy brother and loved to take him out to the mall and such places, dressed in pink frilly skirts, where he learned to be humiliated.  He was shown to the packs of small boys who knew the girls; they made it quite obvious to them that their petit and fluffy short haired sister was a boy. Sometimes the girls would take an audience of boys behind the mall and make their sissy lift his pink skirt and drop his panties; they would all have a good laugh at his tiny cock as he blushed as pink as his pretty dress.

Though a little hurt, he secretly enjoyed the humiliation, and loved the fact that other more masculine boys enjoyed seeing his little cock; when puberty came he would enjoy it all the more.  As he grew up he was treated to an extreme regime of spankings and canings by Jane and a circle of ladies she associated with. He was sent to a special private school where he and other sissies were outnumbered by girls by one to ten; everyone was dressed in girls clothes and the sissies were made to know their place by frequently being spanked and caned before a class of grinning girls. All the teaching staff were female; the sissies were immersed in an ocean of femininity on a daily basis, they were made to parade their femininity each morning before the entire school at assembly; those who had committed some misdemeanour were made to stand on stage, panties down, their little cocks on show to the teasing girls.  There was no playing in the dirt and climbing trees with other boys; the fate of the sissy had been sealed on their showing their feminine side, the womenfolk would ensure the sweet surrender of their masculinity completely.

One event which stuck in the mind of Bella was her progression to puberty; Janes girls were encouraged to tease the sissys little genitals at every opportunity as they dressed her.  One morning whilst with silky pink panties hallway up her milky thighs, Bellas cock was being rubbed as she admired the developing breasts of the young girls as they displayed their puberty proudly whilst humiliating their sissy; a strange tingling feeling came over her, and she was bathed in a delicious warm feeling as her little cock spent its milky cream for the first time.  One of the girls ran grinning to get her mother.

“Momma! Bella has made an awful mess on the carpet!”  Her strict aunt appeared as the sissys limp little dick hung forlorn and dribbling; Janes face beaming with satisfaction.

“You bad little sissy! You shall have a special caning to go in hand with your special treatment which will start this very day.”  Bella did not know it, but she was about to embark on a strict regime of hormone treatment.  The girls were all taken downstairs with Bella; they sat in a row, grinning with satisfaction as Bella was laid face down on the leather couch as usual; her pretty dress pulled up, her panties around her knees, her soft white bottom a perfect target.  Bella eyed the smiling girls and the dominant form of Aunt Jane, in tight dress and blouse with wickedly flexible cane at the ready.  Bell smiled to herself as the cane wooshed down for the first time; beneath her, a stiff little cock rubbed the leather sweetly as the sissy enjoyed a caning as never before, the sting of the cane made her cry real tears, but the feeling she now experienced in her little cock outweighed any pain delivered by her cruel aunt.  Bella squirmed in ecstasy as the girls laughed at her tears.  Jane handed Bella a tissue to clean the dribbles from the black leather and then dabbed away the tears.  The girls gathered round as Bella was led into the kitchen where a top cupboard was opened revealing many bottles of pills and potions.  Jane took one of them and several of the pills were given to Bella; Jane rubbed Bellas nipples on her flat little chest.

“You have some catching up to do with your sisters; well soon have a little bra on you, now that you are ready to grow up.” The other girls giggled with delight, and unseen, Bellas little cock stood rigidly, in full enjoyment of being a sissy.

The trips to the mall got more exciting now; Bella could not wait to be dressed when she knew a viewing by the boys would happen.  Tara, the oldest of the girls, now had full breasts and played with herself every night; she would select certain boys at the mall who would pay her what little money they had for special viewings.  Round the back in the shelter of the stores dumpsters, the chosen boys would be allowed to rub Taras pussy and sniff their fingers, but the main attraction was the novelty of Bella; her pretty developing feminine shape with its little extra, had the boys curiosity.  They were all allowed one minute to rub her stiff little hairless cock; Bella stood panties down in glorious humiliation as she was pleasured by the boys; she would hold back until one of the regular boys whom she favoured had his turn.  She would smile sweetly at him, and he at her, as she shuddered in sweet ecstasy and shot her mess just for him.  The others would all laugh hysterically as she spent.  His treat for making her show was to have Bella return the favour; Adam, as he was called, grimaced as he sniffed at Bellas hair and looked her in the eyes as he gratefully spurted his cream. Bella smiled sweetly as he came; her little bottom tingling with a strange new feeling, which she was sure Adam felt too.

Bella yearned for Adam at night and masturbated as she squeezed her soft little breasts, which were developing nicely.  Across town, a boy called Adam tried to masturbate over pictures of naked women in a magazine he had under his bed, but found whenever he closed his eyes he thought of sweet Bella; his sweetest orgasms were courtesy of the sissy he had seen over the years, taunted and pleasured, he wrestled with his feelings but it was hopeless; he desired Bella like nothing else on earth.  He could not wait to see her again…


As Bella blossomed physically, Jane ensured the girls took control of her; she was made to know her place amongst females and was still subjected to their choosing her outfits.  Bella was habitually made to pose before a full length mirror as Jane and the girls scrutinised her feminine shape; the girls were especially pleased on those occasions when Bella was held naked before the mirror as they stroked and admired her sweet white thighs and bottom, cupped her deliciously formed breasts; the smiling girls actions making Bellas sissy hairless cock rise with excitement.  This gave Tara licence to administer a spanking in front of the other two girls; Jane having given the older girl this authority over Bella; the sissy well and truly knew her place.  Jane smiled with satisfaction on viewing her arrogant elder daughter bring tears from Bella as her hand brought a rosy warmth to the exquisitely formed feminine shape which lay submissively across the haughty girls lap; the hormone treatment was working better than she or any of her feminist friends could have imagined. Bella was of an acceptable age now; Jane would soon be inviting some prominent middle-aged males to the circle; Bella would be shortly be used to entertain them, she intended selling her to the highest bidder when the time came.

Now Bella had come of age she was no longer simply dressed in pink frilly dresses; though she was still paraded on a Sunday in such attire the girls, with Janes full approval, would often show off Bellas feminine beauty with more slutty outfits.  Her hair had grown long and soft and was oft tied in a pony-tail now; she was adorned with black stockings and stilettos, a tight short skirt which accentuated her now perfect round bottom, tight thick patent leather belt which squeezed her slim waist, and a tight white silk blouse, her sweet little cleavage peeping through the top enticingly.  Though the girls still taunted her and made her feel inferior at every chance, Bella was so proud to be a sissy, and the girls taunts only pandered to her submissive nature, ensuring her cock poked sweetly erect in her soft panties; the elasticated waist-band rubbing her excited little bell-end, and keeping it tight against her soft belly as she wiggled on her heels, chaperoned by her female betters.

She was still taken to the mall, but the trips to the dumpsters behind the stores were no longer viable; the girls were much too noticeable now; their march through adolescence to ripe womanhood now complete.  This of course was much to the chagrin of the boys of old who were now young men; whilst they would jostle for places in the café next to Tara and her two sisters, Dominique and Victoria, Bella was still an attraction to most if not all of the boys.  Their attitude was different however; no longer did they taunt in the manner of old, they stood near to the sweet smelling sissy, the bulges in their jeans showing their excitement as they stroked the blushing beautys soft hair, some of them begging Tara to be allowed to take her off somewhere, just for five minutes as they used to.  They showed less interest in Tara, attractive as she was, a whiff of pussy was now easily obtained elsewhere and Tara was a very dominant girl; the boys might secretly masturbate over being caned by her, but outwardly the soft and vulnerable sissy gave them a deep novel desire.  Bella could not even walk to the toilets without being followed by a troop of males, watching the sweet bottom wiggle and pinching and stroking it playfully at every opportunity.  Tara grew tired of this as each trip followed a similar pattern but with growing intensity. Bella bathed in the erotic atmosphere of being an object of desire; her panties would have to be changed immediately she got home; sometimes she would actually ejaculate at the thought of these boys taking her away somewhere, stripping and humiliating her, being made to pleasure them en masse.  If only poor Bella knew what awaited her so soon at home.

Then there was the one boy who was now a handsome young man, who looked at Bella so differently before and now again when their eyes met. Adam yearned more than any other of the boys for a return to the dumpsters, not just for gratification, but simply to be able to hold Bella with affection.  Bella did her best to show what little assertion a sissy could muster, in order to remove whoever sat next to her and allow Adam the chance to sit and feel her special warmth for him; this was impossible on most occasions due to the crowd of boys who would all jostle for contention.  Ready for this on one occasion, Bella managed to meet with Adam as she left the haven of the Ladies toilet. Unseen she deftly passed a bag to Adam which he clenched as though it were his very lifeblood, and quickly secreted it down his jacket; he opened it later to reveal a pair of Bellas sweetly scented panties and a little daintily written letter, pouring out her yearning for him.

The affection that was there was not unnoticed by Tara, who had designs on Adam herself.  She had a plan and intended having Adam on his knees before her; her pussy tingled, she would break him.

When the girls returned home that evening, there were other people in the lounge. Jane hastily ushered the girls upstairs.  Bella was made to undress.  The girls giggled and Jane smile contentedly as the ripe and now very desirable sissy was made to wear nothing but a white smock top, which barely covered her hips; the lower part of her sweet bottom remained on show, as did her little sissy cock which dangled at the front, her little round breasts puffing the smock out, somehow emphasising her virginal status.

“You girls stay here; Bella, youll come with me.  You are going to be a good little sissy for me tonight.  I have some friends who want to see you.” Bella was frightened, but the situation made her erect and her bottom tingled; what was to happen to her?  The girls were most despondent at not being allowed to witness what the sissy was to face.  They waited till she was led quivering away by their mother, then crept downstairs to peep through the lounge keyhole.  There were many stern faced women there, and sever middle-aged suited males.  They all eyed Bella with wicked smiles and applauded Jane, who looked very satisfied.  She smiled at one of the males who nodded back and now approached Bella who had been made to kneel on the floor. The man smiled as he undid his trousers to reveal a stiff and excited cock. Bellas little cock dribbled pee, she was that scared.  The man put his hand under her chin.

“Dont worry, I shant hurt you, youll learn to enjoy being a sweet little sissy after tonight.” The audience murmured their approval and watched intently as he flexed his large hairy cock before Bellas nose.  The girls gasped as they jostled to get a peep through the keyhole.

Across town, Adam was blissfully unaware of Bellas situation, and was stroking his cock for the umpteenth time, the crotch of Bellas panties across his nose as he spurted as best he could from his spent balls at the sweet scent of the sissy he desired…


Before the audience at Aunt Janes house, Bella cowered before the man, who gently put his hand behind her head and pressed against her soft hair as he coaxed the sweet pale complexion of her pretty face and pink lips toward his stiff and excited member.  The man so wanted to slap Bellas face and see the sissy cry as she were made to indulge him, but he knew he was under the watchful eye of Jane and did not want to spoil any future chance he would have of having his way completely with this delicious effeminate beauty; his cock had risen like never before when he viewed the sweet little bottom as Bella entered, his mind ran riot as he thought of releasing his seed deep within that soft haven, and of hearing the sissy cry out as his rigid cock punished the tight little aperture, probing long and hard with exquisite satisfaction. 

Poor Bella smelt the dull ammonia tinged whiff of a mature erect penis for the first time as the slimy purplish bell-end touched her reluctant lips; the warmth of both equally feverish.  She knew she would have to comply as the hand pressed urgently behind her head; tears began to well up and the man involuntarily groaned with satisfaction as his cock slipped into Bellas hot little mouth.  Though scared by this new situation, her bottom tingled as she felt all eyes upon her, and began to suck instinctively on the rigid pulsing cock which threatened to choke her.  The watching men and women sighed and softly giggled a s Bellas tingling bottom was now accompanied by the growing erection of her little hairless cock; the reaction being more to do with fear than any pleasure she had from indulging the man, though poor Bellas submissive nature was overwhelmed by the eroticism of being totally humiliated and owned.  The men in the audience now sneered audibly as Bella gagged and spluttered as the Uncle increased his rhythm and urgency; the women smiled with contentment, Bella was how they would like to see most males developed, and oh, how they would like to cane that sissy to tears.

The man looked down to see Bellas little pink bell-end poking up beyond the frill of the white smock, and felt his balls spasm; he pulled down on Bellas hair as he stroked his cock in and out.

“Look at me sissy, I want to see your eyes.” Bella looked up at the man as tears rolled down her cheeks, and saliva and pre-cum dribbled down her chin; he smiled with satisfaction as he saw the fear in the sissys eyes; he owned her for the moment and that moment was pure ecstasy for him as he unloaded his hot seed. Bella gagged and could not help but swallow the salty cum; she had no alternative, as the man grimaced with carnal pleasure.  The audience softly applauded and his hips jerked several times as he spent liberally at the expense of the debutant sissy. Bella cried openly as he withdrew his sticky cock.  Jane and another woman immediately took Bella to one side, wiping her face and chin.  The man wiped his cock with a tissue, secreted it back within his flies, and sat down smiling with other males who waited for a favour of their own.  Jane stroked Bellas hair and smiled at her with some satisfaction, wiping her soft distressed face with a baby wipe and squeezing her as though she had become an affectionate mother all of a sudden.

“Good girl Bella! See how youve pleased all these people; they are all so glad to see you and you did very well.  You mustnt fret, I wont let any of the men hurt you, and I saw how you started to enjoy yourself, though I know you would never admit it.  I know how you like boys, and you will soon learn to like our men friends; see how some of the other sissies are pleased to be here.”  Bella now noticed for the first time that some of the females across the smoky and dimly lit room were receiving more attention than others. One of them winked playfully at her as their eyes met; the male on whose lap the girl sat, had a far-away look of concentration on his face as the attractive sissy squirmed in his lap; as she looked down Bella noticed the sissys panties were round her ankles.  Bella was still scared but felt her little cock stiffen at the sight.  She had found pleasure in inserting things into her bottom; a pleasure which was enhanced when she fantasised about Adam, and how she wished she could be with him rather than the weathered looking males who continued to ogle her.  Jane noted her sissys excitement and knew shed cooperate a little easier if her nerves were calmed a little; she gestured to one of the sissies across the room that was dressed as a French maid and was pouring vodka and cokes.

“Well Bella, I think now you are old enough you should have a little drink to celebrate, and then well introduce you to a few more of my friends.”  The shapely maid looked at Bella with some admiration as she poured her a generous measure of vodka in a tall glass which she topped up with coke; she then did the same for herself and sat with Bella as Jane was distracted by a bullish male who was no doubt impatient to make Bellas acquaintance. The maid smiled in a sweet friendly way, making Bella feel at ease; she choked a little on her first gulp of the strong drink as the maid put her hand on Bellas knee.

“You are so pretty and I thought you did very well out there.  New sissies are always thrown in at the deep-end; the circle has found this to be the best way as it stops them from becoming discouraged, so you must not feel too badly about the man who was lucky enough to be chosen for your first act.  I know its hard for you, but youll be well looked after; Id love to be friends with you, would you like my phone number?”   Bella was overwhelmed at the pretty maids offer and was eager to be in contact with anyone outside the strict regime of her adopted family.

“Id love to, but Im not allowed a phone; my sisters have them but Im only allowed to use theirs when I have to arrange appointments for them. You are so nice.”  The maid was a little shocked at Bellas revelation, but was aware that some Mistresses and Masters had conditioning lifestyles in which their sissies were raised, but the maid reasoned that if Bella were now old enough to drink, she was old enough to have a phone.

“Bella, my name is Sandy and I want to be your friend; I have a phone you can have.  I noticed a large vase by the door as I came in, Im going to leave it in there with a few notes about how its used and the numbers you can reach me on; itll be our little secret, dont get caught with it!” Sandy gave Bella a soft peck on the cheek; poured her another drink and then gestured to the people she was with that she needed the toilet, and the door usher allowed her from the room.  Sandy caught a glimpse of several pairs of feminine legs disappearing up the stairs as she left the room and guessed these were Bellas sisters; she knew she would have to be careful.  She wrote out a few notes and numbers as she sat on the toilet and wrapped the phone in them.  As she descended the stairs she was careful to check she was unseen and put her slender arm into the vase and left her gift.  As she went back into the room she could see Bella was being lined up for another suitor by Jane.  Bella was oblivious to this, due to a mixture of the alcohol which had had immediate effect, and more so the warm excitement of having made a friend.  Her eyes met with Sandys as she re-entered and Bella mimed thank you so much just as Jane took her arm and had her sit with another portly male.

The man had Bella lay across him as he undid his flies.  He unbuttoned his shirt and had her stroke the thick carpet of hair on his chest; Bella was unsure if she liked this or not, she had never encountered a mature man, though something inside her tingled at the thought that this may have been how she was meant to be, but she was so glad she was effeminate and she could not help becoming erect at the thought of being owned by such an animal.  The alcohol had calmed her significantly and Sandys friendship had put her at ease too; the alcohol also seemed to fuel her submissiveness and the male had simply to point to his stiff and bulging member and Bella knew what she must do; it was futile for her to even think of refusing to oblige, she knew she would receive a severe caning from Jane if she were upset in any way.

Bella whimpered a little as she took a rigid and sticky cock into her sweet mouth for the second time that evening.  Outside, the girls who had now regained their keyhole position, oblivious to Sandys mission, toyed with their moist pussies as they viewed the sissys ordeal with great satisfaction.  Bella took solace in the effects of the vodka and dreamed of her Adam as she sucked almost lovingly on the grateful males pulsing member; her own little erect cock rubbed on his leg under her as she rocked back and forth in her submissive servitude.  The male was suitably impressed with her efforts and as he looked at her sweet white bottom poking invitingly up, he further indulged himself by reaching across, putting his fingers in the soft cleft of her buttocks.  Bellas little cock pulsed rigidly as she felt the mans finger slip into her sweet little anus, probing as deep as he dare, enjoying the tight warmth.  He imagined how just how tight her virginal sissy pussy would be, on the first lucky cock to force its way in there; he looked at the sweet little face engorged on his cock and thought how the tears would flow as she was truly owned fir the first time.  Bella had her own sweet imaginative thoughts as the finger probed and excited her tight hot rectum.  A small crowd, including the watchful Jane, had gathered round to leer at the beautiful sissy being put to god use; some of the men openly masturbating their stiff cocks as they watched and waited.  Bella was now enveloped in an erotic fantasy, she was oblivious to the identity of the male she was servicing and thought of only one person as her cock rubbed urgently and she sucked the swollen helmet which filled her mouth; the pleasure completed by the probing finger which slipped in and out of her tingling anus. Bella was going to come.

She moaned softly as did the male; he pulled his finger, claw-like as he braced himself for a glorious orgasm; the action bringing Bella to a point of no return; she moaned and whimpered in absolute ecstasy as her mouth was filled with hot semen.  Her own little cock spurted in heavenly surrender as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body.  She sucked and spluttered on the moaning males hot milky offering as her bottom clenched against the finger, now up to the hand inside her tender anus.  The crowd applauded and a couple of the men went further than they had originally intended; shooting their hot cream on Bellas soft white legs with wholly indulgent satisfaction.  One of the males stood with erect cock and put one hand on Bellas cheeks, tempted to take the sissy as his, only to have Jane wave him away with an indignant smile; Bella was to retain her virginity for a while yet.

Sandy sighed and prepared another vodka for her new friend; she knew the evening was far from over for her yet.  Outside the door, three young women were fraught with a mixture of eroticism and jealousy. The elder of the three was determined she would make that sissy pay for it…

After an exhausting evening Bella was made to wait at the door and humbly kiss the guests as they left; some of the males groping her pretty arse as they departed.  She was glad of the alcohol she had been treated to as this masked from her the ugliness of some of the brutes she had been forced to entertain, though she remained reasonably coherent.  Bella eyed the vase in which the phone was hidden, which was tantalisingly close.  Jane ushered her into the embrace of one of the leaving males, who was also a little worse for wear; he cupped the sissys sweet little balls in one hand as he pulled her pretty little face toward his with the other.

“Ohhhh! I so want to take you home with me now and ride your gorgeous little ass!” he stumbled and slurred as he spoke; Jane took hold of him, concerned he might make a meal of leaving and shepherded him to the doorway. Now was Bellas chance; as Janes back was turned in assisting her guest, Bella deftly dipped into the vase and retrieved the phone wrapped in notepaper.

“I must just go to the toilet Aunt Jane.” Making full use of her apparent inebriation, she swiftly ascended the stairs before receiving the usual confirmation that this was acceptable from her stern aunt.  She saw the light was on in the room where the girls were, and quietly tiptoed to her bedroom door, slipped in and tucked the phone under her bed before going back to the toilet.  As she left, Tara appeared at her bedroom door, on hearing the toilet flush.

“I want to see you before you go to bed sissy! You make sure you come in here when youre allowed up.”  Bella tingled at what Tar might want; she was as much in fear of her as she was her aunt.  Jane was not pleased when Bella came down again; she was waiting impatiently with another leering male who was not displeased in any way at watching the sweet feminine legs descend from the top of the stairs; the vista allowing him a peep up at her soft genitalia. Jane frowned and pointed to the floor at her feet.

“Bend over!”  Bella did so and the man leered all the more, and with a contented smile as Jane lifted the smock to reveal Bellas sweet white cheeks.  Jane slapped the delicate target smartly, making the cheeks wobble sweetly; a red hand mark blossomed across the sissys bottom.

“How dare you do as you please! What must our guests think of a sissy who does not wait for confirmation from her betters and keeps those guests waiting as well?  I think well be seeing this gentleman again tomorrow; I think he should cane you!”  Bella looked up at Jane and the man with eyes that welled with the sting of her mistresss hand.  The man could not believe his luck; he looked at the submissive little sissy now quivering before him; his cock rose rigidly in his underwear as he thought of disciplining that sweet bottom and hearing the sissy cry real tears just for him. He kissed her tenderly on the cheek.

“I shall see you tomorrow then.” Bellas little cock swelled too as she watched the burly male squeeze Jane cheekily as he left; his vast frame dwarfing her. She wondered how it would feel to be caned by such a large man; she was scared but her submissive side relished how she might enjoy the pain. Jane simply pointed up the stairs when he left, and Bella ascended once more.  What could Tara want of her?

Bella went meekly into the room where the sisters sat cross-legged on the beds, eyeing her with severe half-smiles; Tara pointed to the floor in front of her.

“Get over here and kneel in front of me!”  Bella did so as Victoria and Dominique chuckled at her complete and utter servility when facing their sister.  Bella cowered as Tara uncrossed her legs and rubbed the camel-toe of her pussy through her panties; the two sisters followed suit, all three were well and truly aroused by the spectacle they had witnessed earlier, stiff erect cocks spurting loops of milky white cream still fresh in their minds.  Both Victoria and Dominique had secretly masturbated to orgasm in the toilet already, but Tara had saved herself; she would have someone perform the task for her.  The soft feminine scent of arousal instantly permeated the room as the girls open legs wafted the aroma of their sticky pussies.  Tara was impatient and barked at Bella.

“Take my panties off for me right now! We saw what you were doing with those filthy men. You have a cock just like them; dont you know you should appreciate a woman?”  Bella did, but not to the extent that her sissy feelings had for men and boys; she so wanted to be a girl and was strangely jealous of the sweet smelling slit and puffy lips which were revealed as she meekly removed Taras sopping panties.

“You have a good sniff of those and lie down face up on the bed; I have a little job for you.”  The girls laughed at Bella as her little cock rose involuntarily with the scent and excitement.  Tara climbed onto the bed and straddled her face; Bella had tasted semen for the first time, and now she would taste pussy for the first time also. She was helpless as she watched Taras inviting pussy and arsehole slowly descend on her face. The other girls came across and took turns playing with the now stiff sissy cock.  Bellas emotions were pulled one way and another as she sampled the rich and heady taste and aroma of her step-sisters womanhood, whilst the delicate feminine hands of the other two took great delight in masturbating her little cock. Tara moaned lovingly and victoriously as she rocked herself to a crescendo on the submissive sissys face.  As she did so, Dominique laughed wickedly as she felt Bella spasm uncontrollably; the sissys muffled cries just audible as her stiff little cock spent sweetly; her cream shooting skyward in sweet submission to the girls.  Tara sighed with pleasure as her delicious orgasm subsided, then she giggled wickedly; she had one more torment for poor Bella.

“What do you think Adam will say when we tell him youve been with old men? I bet he wont want you anymore; I may have him fuck me, I might even let you watch.”  The girls laughed as Bella left the room in tears.  How she wanted to use that phone now…


Bella washed away her tears and the various aromas of the night in her en-suite shower cubicle, shampooing her soft brown hair free of the semen deposited by the males and the womanly essence of Tara.  After drying her soft downy body she retreated to her silky bed, shuddered and cried a little more as she remembered what she had been subjected too.  Tara was mean, but was also right; what would Adam think of her?  She toyed with the phone and the instructions given by Sandy, luckily, the other girls were always losing their phone charge leads so Jane had bought several universal adaptors with multi connectors one had been thrown at Bella by Victoria a while back, and remained in her room.  Bellas heart glowed a little as did the tiny phone screen as she plugged it in and secreted it under the sheets.  Sandys note mentioned; plenty of credit at the moment; let me know if you need more and Ill top it up. Please call me as soon as you are able, regardless of what time; I so want to know all about you!  The first number on the list was Sandys; Bella nervously pressed call.

Sandy was overjoyed to her from her new friend and Bella had a lump in her throat most of the time as she relayed her story; her little cock stiffened and she rubbed it on the silky sheets as she told Sandy about Adam, and Sandy told her of sweet episodes shed had with boys and men.  Bella was close to coming when Sandy said she would try to make contact with Adam and find out his phone number; she was determined to get them together somehow. Sandy was even more determined to help Bella gain a little more freedom somehow.  After about an hour they blew each other kisses and said goodbye.  Bella hid the phone away and pulled the soft silky pillow into her sweet face; kissing it and dreaming of being in Adams arms as she drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Bella was ordered into the girls bedroom and Jane came in looking very pleased with herself.

“Youll need a nice high frilly pink dress and pure white panties this morning; we want your sissy bottom to look the part for our guest, when you bend over to accept his caning.  If you take it well and please Mr Roberts, I may let you go to the beach with the girls later.”  Bella did not protest as the giggling girls helped her into a fluffy pink satin dress, ideal for sissies.  The white silk panties were pulled up and over Bellas little cock and balls, and then white cotton ankle socks were added; pink sandals completing the picture of a pretty girl who was to be punished.  Bellas cock stiffened as she was made to look in the mirror as usual; she was a slave to her submissiveness, and though she did not relish being caned, this would be by a man, and in front of her smiling step-sisters too.  She thought of the promise of going to the beach and hoped the man would not leave any stripes on her legs; these would show beneath her bikini.

Dressed for punishment, Bella was led downstairs to the lounge, where she was made to sit on a hard chair in the corner; a vicious looking rattan cane lay on the table, for all to view. Bellas anus tingled and her stomach filled with butterflies as she thought of the pain which would be delivered by the man.  The other girls sat comfortably in softer chairs, leering at Bella with satisfaction as the sissy sat squirming; the cane before her.  They looked at their watches impatiently.  The doorbell rang and Bella gave a little involuntary gasp, much to the delight of Jane and the girls.  Bellas little cock stiffened at the sound too; she was curiously excited about being punished.  Mr Roberts entered the room and Bella shivered all over; he was not wearing a suit as last night, but wore a black shirt with black lose fitting slacks and black leather knee length boots.  He looked like an executioner.  The girls smirked as they studied the bulge in his slacks which increased visibly as he spied the pink sissy who was to be caned.  Jane was also dressed in black satin; she smiled contentedly as she gave her command to the soft submissive little sissy who awaited her punishment, Bellas panties now sticky at the front, as her sissy cock dribbled in fear and anticipation.

“Hand the cane to Mr Roberts and apologise for making him come again; I think we all know you have deserved your punishment, I hope you are ready to suffer.”  Bella moved daintily to the table and felt the weight and flexibility of the cane; how it would hurt her.  She trembled a little as she stood before the large and muscular Mr Roberts; making his cock pulse as he witnessed her fear, he took the cane from the small white hands and soft hairless arms that held it, and smiled wickedly as he awaited the apology.

“I...I...Im sorry for being so rude…please cane me.”  Poor Bella blurted out her apology and the girls sneered delightedly.  Jane took Bella, who now cried openly, and had her lean over a low backed leather couch; Mr Roberts cock stiffened markedly as the pink frilly dress was lifted to reveal that perfect feminine bottom he had seen last night.  The silky white panties were taken down and left around one ankle; a prominent sticky wet patch was very apparent to them all, the sissy was looking forward to her punishment, they all assumed.  Roberts wished he could stroke his cock at the sight; Bella was made to tip-toe with her legs slightly apart, her little hairless sack swung sweetly, buoyed by her stiff little sissy cock.  Bella faced a huge full length mirror; if she were brave enough to keep her eyes open she could witness each stinging delivery.  She flinched and whimpered as Roberts put his hand across the soft white cheeks, deftly slipping a finger into the tight little anus, which clenched sweetly around the tip.  Bellas balls tingled and her little cock throbbed as her exposed bell end felt the draught of movement; she could not understand he emotions, she wanted to be caned. Roberts took his hand away and sniffed his finger; his cock was ready to burst as he relished the tangy aroma of the scared little sissy, before licking the tart tang from the tip.  Now he would cane her.

“I think six strokes will suffice Madame Jane?”  Bella looked at the reflection of the woman in the mirror with pleading eyes, and saw her grin wickedly.

“Make it seven Mr Roberts; I want her to learn to respect her betters.” Bella braced herself as best she could, teetering on tip-toe; Roberts cock was now vertical up under his belt as he viewed the soft white bottom.  Bella watched in the mirror as he raised the wicked cane for the first time. Down it came viciously, cutting smartly across both soft cheeks; Bella howled in pain as the rod bit home, the girls and Jane marvelled at the way a sharp red line blushed from pink to red, marking the sissys bottom sweetly.  She cried like a baby as Roberts brought the cane down again and again; the girls giggling openly at her distress; Taras pussy bulged with pleasure; she was thoroughly enjoying Bellas misery.  Roberts was ready to explode in his confinement as he viewed the bawling sissy and the wicked lines across that sweet bottom as he prepared for the seventh stroke.  Bella was in agony and yet somehow in ecstasy too; she managed to look at the reflection, saw the pleasure on the faces of her tormentors, felt the pain wracking her bottom- and desperately wanted to come.  Her cock dribbled sweetly as Roberts readied her for the last stroke by placing the cane under her cheeks, ensuring her pert little bottom stood up and out.  She watched as he raised the cane for the last time, then brought it whooshing down; the sound now sweet to Bellas submissive ears.  As the cane cut home, Bella moaned and cried in a sweet mixture of emotion, her little cock spurted gloriously as she came for the cane.

Bella collapsed over the couch, weeping pitifully; Roberts looked at Jane with a knowing look and she dismissed the girls from the room.  Tara and the other two left begrudgingly, but smiled down at the whinging sissy as they left.  Bella was pulled round and made to kneel before Roberts; the tears flowed down her sweet cheeks as the burly man wrestled with his zip. Bella was now confronted with a huge erect cock.  Jane took the cane and made for the door to ensure the girls were not looking.

“You thank Mr Roberts properly now; I can see you enjoyed your punishment, when youve thanked him you may go to the beach.”  Roberts grunted as Bella took his hot sticky cock into her mouth; he held her hair tightly and rocked her back and forth urgently on his rigid member, the bulbous head of his bell-end made her gag a little as it touched her throat.  Just as he moaned and began his hot salty delivery, the doorbell rang again. Despite her obvious distraction, Bella wondered who this could be.


Roberts took full advantage of his few minutes alone with Bella, as Aunt Jane attended to the caller at the door; he wiped her soft lips clean of his sticky semen and sat her tenderly on his lap, careful to let her sore little cheeks hang over;  he caressed the soft white flesh and softly kissed her forehead.

“Im sorry I had to punish you; Id love to make it up to you, how would you like to come and stay at my place for a few days? I promise I wont do any more than take a few pictures of you; there are other girls like you there, and we have a nice swimming pool and plenty of booze, Ive seen how you like that.”

Bella was in a quandary; she would love to get away from Jane and the girls for a while, but was sensible enough to be wary of a male whom she knew instinctively would have trouble controlling his urges if he had her to himself; after all, he had already caned and abused her.  Her sissy cock stiffened a little at the idea of being at the complete mercy and violated by a large masculine animal, but her soft side reminded her that she yearned to give herself to Adam.  She might agree to go with Mr Roberts if she could just trust him a little, but how would he gain the permission of her strict Aunt?  Her mind was made up for her when Jane came into the room with the person who had rung the bell.  Roberts smiled at the visitor and looked back at Bella.

“This is Sandy; I believe youve met, shes one of the girls I was telling you about. Shes staying at my place at the moment.”  Bella needed to use all her restraint to not make it obvious she was delighted to see a girl who, as far as Jane and Roberts were concerned, had simply poured her a few drinks.  She bit her lip as she said hello as indifferently as she could manage.  Roberts continued.

“Sandy asked if she could go to the beach with you and the girls when I mentioned Id be here today and Jane had told me of her days plans; why dont you ask Sandy about the pool and everything, like I told you, Im sure Jane wont mind if she knows girls like Sandy will be around to look after you.” Roberts then put Bella down and looked at Jane with a childish smile; there was something he wanted to ask her.  As he engaged Jane with his proposition, Bella beamed at Sandy, who whispered at her.

“I couldnt believe my luck when I heard Mr Roberts was coming here; Ive had to make all sorts of promises to get here as well, but I think he wants to add you to his photo portfolio, and who wouldnt.  I know Madame Jane, and shes bound to ask me to look after you and make sure he doesnt let his cock take over; I cant believe how its working out.”  Jane frowned a little but Roberts persisted and pointed to Sandy; as if by clockwork Jane Okd Bella to go with Roberts for the weekend and made Sandy swear to ensure that Bella was chaperoned everywhere, even at the photo shoots.  Bella put on her most timid face when she was told shed go, and be on her best behaviour, and was told to go upstairs and change for the beach.  Sandy would stay the night and take her to Mr Roberts house tomorrow.  Sandy took Bellas hand and almost dragged the sissy up the stairs.

Though Bella loved to go to the beach, everything had its price; her bikini was necessarily a little uncomfortable, as the gusset was specially made, very tight in order to conceal her bulge as best as possible.  The Bikini bottom had a little frilly skirt affair which completed the cover from the front, but displayed her feminine bottom nicely from behind.  It also seemed to accentuate her coke-bottle shape; passing boys and men oblivious to Bellas reality, smiling and ogling at her sweet shapely body. Bella would not mind her usual slaving for the girls on this occasion; being sent for drinks and ice-creams etc. as Sandy was with her.  She wore fashionably baggy shorts and bikini top, which served the purpose perfectly; the two t-girls attracting as much attention from males as the three sisters.  Tara and the girls deftly flashed their sweet camel-toes at the required moments, in an attempt to receive more attention than the two sweetly effeminate friends.

As Bella and Sandy walked back across the burning hot sand from the beach café with a tray of drinks in hand, having had the first order from the girls, they noted a crowd of young men around the sisters.  Bella froze; Tara was face to face with…Adam!  She seemed to be delighting in telling him something, nestling up to the well -developed young man.  Bella bit her lip and nearly dropped the tray; Sandy took it from her, guessing who the young man was.

“Thats Adam I take it? Hes very nice, not unlike my Carl.”  Though Sandy tried to make Bella feel at ease, she was aware from their phone conversation of just how nasty Tara could be. Even at that distance, they could perceive a bemused look on Adams face as Tara gossiped with a smiling face; Bella could guess what he was being told. Sandy squeezed Bellas arm as the sissys eyes welled up.

“Im sure it will all be ok, dont look so sad.”

Bella was distraught and ran down the sand past the crowd, she ran down the beach toward the rocky area and then waded into the frothy surf; she pushed on till she was shoulder deep in the water, the gentle waves lapping at her hair as she turned to face the beach.  She could see Sandy walking with Adam; both obviously looking for her; she cried openly and was scared of what he might say.   She waded round to an area beyond some rocks where she could not be seen; luckily the sea was very calm that day.  She heard splashing behind her and tried to wade further, but the rocks barred her way. Distraught, she turned and saw arms flailing as someone swam ever closer to her; it was Adam.  She turned and pressed herself against the smooth rocks, trembling as the sea lapped at her soft white neck and shoulders; she wanted the sea to engulf her as a hand softly touched her shoulder.

“Bella, please talk to me, I miss you so much!” Bella turned and looked into the deep blue eyes of the man she most desired.  He pulled her closer, as he studied the red puffy eyes which wept even as he held her.

“I dont care Bella; Sandy has told me everything, I know how its been for you…I want you so much.”  Adam would have no more of it, and pulled Bella closer still, embracing her soft body, wiping her tears away and putting his hand behind her head.  Bella closed her eyes as their lips met softly, Adam holding her tightly as they swayed gently in the warm shallow water.  Bellas head spun as she gorged on the succulent kiss, and felt Adams cock erect and stiffen against her soft belly. Overjoyed by her realisation that he still wanted her she peeled her tight bikini bottom off, allowed it to drift down to her ankles; Adam could now feel her sweet little cock, stiff and eager against him, he kissed her forehead softly as he too let his trunks drift down.  The two shimmered together in the warm water as their cocks pressed excitedly against each-others nakedness; Adam squeezed Bellas sweet sissy bottom tightly, gently fingering her soft boy-pussy.  They kissed lovingly and grasped each-others willing cocks in a sweet homage to their legacy at the mall.  Bella looked Adam softly in the eye and thought of turning to face the rock; Adam sensed what she thought and held her firm.

“I want to as much as you sweet Bella, but I want it to happen somewhere thats right; I want to hold you close and caress you for hours after.” They kissed again and continued to stroke each other, Bella sighed in exquisite ecstasy as Adam milked her sissy cock to orgasm, and Adam grew in stature as he gripped her soft body with his free hand as he too spent in a rapture of sweet pleasure; their warm seed mingling in the blue ocean.  Bellas tears were now of sheer joy, and Adam smiled sweetly as her, licking them away as he helped her replace her bikini.  Having pulled back his trunks, he moved back a little and saw Sandy waiting patiently about 50 yards off; she was hiding her face and not looking their way, so as not to disturb them.  Adam yelled for her to come over; Bella grasped his hand.

“Im going to be in so much trouble for moving out of Taras sight, but I so want to be with you forever.”  Adam smiled as he squeezed her tight once more as Sandy approached smiling at the two together.  Adam kissed Bella as a wave washed over them.

“I intend talking to you as often as I can; Sandy has another phone number for you.  I must go now; Ill go further round the rocks to the escape steps up the cliff; you carry on crying, we want someone to think youve had a really bad time with me!”  And with that he slipped from her grasp and Sandy cuddled Bella, and they made their way back as Adam swam further round.  As the two reached the edge of the rocks they heard a whistle, and saw Adam waving from up on the cliff; they waved back and he blew a kiss then disappeared over the headland.

When they got back, some of the boys were still there, and crowded round Bella taking the opportunity to touch her in comforting gestures, as tears flowed and she managed to look distressed. Tara moved through the pack anxiously and looked first at Bella, sneered a little, then looked to Sandy.

“Well? How were things?”  Sandy frowned as Bella whimpered and cried openly in the background.

“What do you think? Look at her, and do you see Adam?”  Sandy had no need to even make any suggestion; Tara was a spoilt arrogant bitch, and she smiled triumphantly as she put two and two together, coming up with five that the two friends intended.

“Maybe I wont tell mom how bad you were today; I can see some things are beyond you, I hope youve learned your lesson.  I expect Ill be hearing from Adam myself soon anyway.”  With that she smiled and went back to the beach towel and lay in the sun. Sandy cuddled Bella as if to comfort her and the two strolled down the beach, followed by a throng of young men who watched the two sweet rears with interest.  The two friends giggled when out of sight and discussed having a drink by Roberts pool tomorrow.  Bella looked forward to that, but not half as much as she looked forward to feeling that phone vibrate to an incoming call…

As Sandy pulled into the drive of Aunt Jane s house, Tara turned from the front passenger seat and eyed the forlorn looking sissy seated centrally between her two sisters with some satisfaction.

“Its a good thing your friend can stay with you tonight to console you; of course Id have done the same if she were not staying.”  She and the sisters who sandwiched Bella, all sniggered sarcastically at the sheer comedy of the thought.  Bella maintained a look of hopeless nonchalance as she gazed aimlessly through the window as Sandy applied the handbrake.  The sisters alighted from the vehicle with barely a gesture of thanks to their driver, and strutted round to the front door.  Bella and sandy smiled at each other with relief and followed on after Bella had retrieved the sisters beach gear, as was one of the duties expected of her.   Sandy was treated to a coffee and a chat with Jane, while Bella loaded the washing machine with everyones swimwear; she was allowed to eat with the others and then given permission to disappear to her room with Sandy.

The two embraced and giggled as soon as the door was closed behind them.  Bella then retrieved the phone from its hiding place and set it on the wooden bedside table, so that its buzz would be audible if anyone called.  The two stripped off and squeezed into the shower together; their salty bodies in need of refreshing.  This was a thrill in itself for Bella, as she had not seen another t-girl in the flesh; she had managed to find a few on the sisters computer on the odd occasion she had found herself alone with it for a moment or two, but having a like person near her filled her with a sense of belonging for the first time; she now had living proof she was not unique, and Sandy was full of self-confidence; proud to be just the way she was.  Sandy smiled as she noticed Bella gazing down her cock whilst she shampooed.

“Mines bigger than yours!” She joked, making Bella blush at the realisation that she had been staring rudely.

“Thats ok kid, Ive been looking at you too; you are so pretty, a real catch for that Adam. Youll see my Carl tomorrow; Im going to have to keep him on a leash, his eyes will be all over you.”  Sandy giggled once more as she held the shower head over Bella and washed the lather from her soft white body, but stopped giggling and then stroked her bottom softly, biting her lip as she viewed the still visible evidence of the caning.

“Thats ok.” Bella said softly.

“I actually enjoyed it in the end; I cant help but be submissive, I cant stop thinking about how Adam will be with me; he seems so soft and caring, but I often fantasise about being tied and gagged by him, Im so mixed up.”  Sandy squeezed her as she turned off the shower and patted her down with a soft fluffy towel.

“Youve no need to worry; hes nice and physical, if he could see you now it would bring out the animal in him.  When youve got to know him, just tell him what you like; hes sure to accommodate you. Besides, I promised him copies of some of the more risqué pictures that Roberts takes of you tomorrow.”  Bellas jaw dropped and her face was enveloped in a gaping smile; she snatched the towel from Sandy and held over her crotch to hide her excitement at the thought.  Sandy laughed.

“Hes so obviously in love with you, but theres definitely a horny animal inside him too.  I want you to relax and really let yourself free in front of the camera tomorrow; you just think of giving yourself to Adam and Roberts will be delighted with the results, Im sure.”  As soon as they had dried off, the phone started to buzz and creep across the table.  Bella froze at first; Sandy pushed her toward the table. Bella shivered as she sat on the soft bed and looked bewildered as she said hello? Sandy smiled as Bellas face softened immediately she heard the one voice she really longed to hear.  Sandy sat at the dressing table and tended her hair to allow Bella as much privacy as she could, taking a peep in the mirror now and again, to view the starry-eyed contentment of Bella as she cooed sweet nothings to Adam.  When they eventually ended the call, Sandy came over and dabbed the tears of joy from the sweet sissys cheeks. She looked up at Sandy.

“Oh how Im looking forward to some more vodka tomorrow! Im so happy!”  Sandy sat by her and cuddled her.  They packed Bellas favourite, raunchier things, ready for the weekend then slipped into bed together, giggling like ten year olds as they talked about the weekend; within 20 minutes they were both sound asleep.

Across town in his large residence, Roberts prepared his equipment under the poolside lights in the warm evening air.  He checked his photographic gear and props; his cock rising as he sorted the silky cords, gags and handcuffs, thinking of which would suit best that pretty sissy. He was just as excited as the girls, as he imagined that sweet little bottom, raised in the air submissively.

Bella kept everything crossed as she went downstairs with Sandy on Saturday morning; she could not believe that her Aunt Jane would really let her go, she expected her to smile wickedly at her and tell her it was all just a tease.  Her stomach churned as she attempted to eat some toast; this just to appease her aunt who would not have her go without eating anything; she was very strict with her, and would ensure she did not become anorexic and unattractive to possible suitors.  Bella was in a cold sweat as Jane watched her finish and then turned to Sandy who was happily on her fourth slice with honey.

“I trust you to be my eyes with Mr Roberts; I know you have no influence over him, but he will not risk anything improper while you are around.  Please have Bella back here by 8pm Sunday.”  And with that she strolled out to the garden and sat reading a book.  Bella nearly choked in her efforts to swallow her last corner of toast; Sandy smiled, licked her fingers clean of the honey and rinsed her hands.

“Lets go then kid, what are you waiting for?” The two picked up their bags, Bella almost falling over hers in an effort to get through the door.  They put the bags in the back and got into the car; Bella staring into the rear view mirror, her heart racing as Sandy turned out of the drive with her aunts house disappearing behind them.  As the car drove out onto the open road Bella yelled with sheer excitement. Sandy nearly ran over a cyclist, she was laughing so much.

Bellas little cock stiffened involuntarily and her balls tingled as the car swept up a palm lined avenue and a huge white Art Deco house with green tiled roof loomed up before them.  As they drew up, a smiling Roberts appeared and helped them with their bags; he took them through a plush marbled hallway and up a curving staircase with wrought iron work typical of the early thirties.  Both he and Sandy showed her the room shed stay in; with Sandy of course.

“You two slip into something comfortable then come down to the pool for a drink; I expect youll want a swim later, its going to be a warm one.”  He watched the sissy bend and put her bag down as he closed the door; his cock bulged as he descended the stairs; she was within his grasp now, If only he could find a way.

The two came downstairs. Both wearing saris of a fine sheer material over their naked bodies; they giggled as they sat next to Roberts, who poured them generous drinks.  Bellas nipples were prominent from her sweet round breasts, partly because the morning air was still a little cool, partly because of sheer excitement; this was to be an eventful day in the sissys life…


The girls sat cross legged sipping orange juice as the day warmed up around them. Roberts house had extensive lush lawns beyond the pool which shimmered in the hot sun; the pool looked very inviting to Bella and Roberts looked at the pretty sissy, his mouth watering as his cock pulsed.

“Just go in whenever you want; its nice to see you free from your usual routine, I know how strict your Aunt Jane is with you; swim naked if you wish, no need for a bikini here.  Sandy and the others never bother with swimsuits when theyre here.”  Bella was a little shy at first, but Roberts had seen her virtually naked anyhow, and he was a photographer after all.  Sandy cancelled out any inhibitions she might have had, by taking the initiative and stripping her sari off to reveal her naturally feminine body. Roberts smiled as her cute bottom wiggled to the edge of the pool; he snapped away with one of his many cameras as the slender form dived into the blue pool.  Bella giggled and blushed sweetly as she too, stood and un-wrapped her sari.  Roberts gulped involuntarily and his cock stiffened immediately as he witnessed the sweet perfection of Bellas naked form for the first time. He almost forgot to take pictures as the soft white body of the completely feminine sissy padded graciously to the edge of the pool.  Roberts wanted her to remain there forever as he snapped away at the deliciously curvaceous and slender body.  Her soft short and downy brown hair contrasting sweetly with her pretty pale complexion and red lips, her slender shoulders and well- formed round breasts; nipples sweetly erect, betraying her excitement. Her perfectly girly arms leading down to that soft bottom which still had a few rosy marks; Roberts cock pulsed as this reminded him of the caning,  his eye wandered down to her beautifully shaped thighs and to the front, her dear little sissy cock, which had spent so sweetly under the cane hed brandished.  The nymph-like Bella completed the vision by tip-toeing as she prepared to dive; the beauty of her feminine legs and sweet bottom accentuated by the posture.  Roberts gasped as he snapped away; his cock now rigid.  God! How he wanted to fuck that sissy!

The girls were splashing and frolicking in the pool; Roberts taking the odd snap and video as they relaxed, when he suddenly turned to greet a stunning redheaded woman of about 45 who had just walked in.  The two girls smiled and said hello to the tight skirted mature beauty, who kissed Roberts fondly on the cheek.  The woman was a picture of elegance in her tall stilettos.  She looked down at the girls.

“I cant wait to get in; I love this pool!”  Roberts smiled knowingly at the two girls; Sandy winked back at him.  As the beauty undressed she faced away from the pool; Bella looked enviously at the mature womans buxom form, she was certainly in her prime; her long elegant legs flicked her skirt to one side, and her beautiful red hair waved and shimmered halfway down her back, which was pure white with the exception of pretty freckles around her shoulders.  Bella gasped as she turned; the woman smiled broadly as she revealed that between her luxuriant thighs a cute hairless cock confirmed she was transgender.  Roberts smiled as he saw the little sissys reaction, and thought of how sweet some of the photo shoots would be with the two beauties together.

“Girls, Id like you to meet Ellen; shes going to help with the shoots later, you should look good together.” Bella clung to the side of the pool staring fixedly at the beautiful mature t-girl who swam toward her; she was everything Bella aspired to be, but to Ellen, Bella was everything she wished she still was petit, youthful and irresistibly attractive; Bella had been led such a tortured and sheltered life, she was still unaware how beautiful she really was, her wicked guardians constantly reminding her of being a freak.  She felt very warm inside with her new friend, and this woman was a revelation.  Bella was glad to be in the water as she now had a full erection; she had noticed the handcuffs etc. which played on her mind and excited her, and now this mature woman was to partner her, she was very excited.  Ellen brushed up against the two, exchanged a kiss with Sandy, whom she already knew, and then turned to Bella who was starry-eyed.  Ellen gently squeezed the pretty sissy and giggled softly as their torsos touched; butterflies flooded Bellas stomach as she felt the redheads cock against her; as erect and excited as hers.

“You are a pretty little thing! I shall enjoy tying and dominating you later, even if it is only role-play; why, youre that sweet I could eat you!”  Bella blushed a little; her words as to what was to happen later did not help quell her erection; her little cock throbbed rigidly and Ellen softly stoked Bellas little scrotum, making her yearn to come. Ellen gave her a soft kiss on the lips as she continued to fondle the sissys balls.

“I cant wait to see you in ecstasy later; youll look amazing in the photos Im sure; you mustnt worry about a thing, were all going to have some great fun this evening.”  She smiled and gave Bellas stiff little cock a squeeze, then guided Bellas free hand to her cock.

“There sweetie; thats to remind you that youre in good company.” She smiled warmly as Bella blushed pink as her little hand clasped a healthy sized cock, which pulsed as Ellen tensed her middle at the pleasurable feeling exuded by the delicate hand.

“You are so special! Ill bet there are lots of boys on your tail; do you have anyone to call your own?” Bella was a little mesmerised by the whole thing but managed to reply.

“Theres one Id like to be, and he wants me too, but this is the first time Ive been allowed anywhere without my sisters or my aunt watching over me; Im so grateful for having Sandy as a friend, I didnt even have my own phone till she gave me one; now I can speak to Adam whenever I want.  I just wish I could see him.”  Ellen was amazed as Bella went on to pour her heart out about her strict upbringing, which contrasted sharply with the circumstances by which she had met Sandy.  She told of her history with Adam from the Mall, to her meeting in the sea yesterday.  Ellen was particularly touched by the young mans restraint when he could have penetrated the delectable sissy as the opportunity was there; she was charmed by his wanting things to be right.  Ellen resolved to assist Bella in any way she could; her aunt could not rule her forever, and she was of adult age now.

“Lets go and have a drink now; Mr Roberts will be anxious to start taking some posed pictures soon, and I cant wait to see you pose.”  Ellen watched the pretty bottom ascend to pool steps, followed her, and took great delight in padding the sissy dry with a fluffy towel; both Bella and Ellen had semi-erections as the two contrasting beauties felt the warmth of each-others excitement, which was much to the delight of Roberts as he snapped away; his own cock rigid as he viewed the pair…


As they sat sipping drinks and discussing what shots would be done indoors or out; Bellas little cock bulged in her sari as the mature redhead licked her lips as she discussed the ways in which Bella should be trussed, collared and leashed, amongst other things.  Sandy stood up suddenly and ran across the patio when she saw a tall figure emerge from the house into the sunlight; this was her Carl.  Bella looked on enviously as the two squeezed and kissed at length. She could only dream of being that way with Adam, and so yearned for such a moment with him. Sandy tugged Carl over to the others; he waved acknowledgement at Roberts and Ellen whom hed met many times before, and then looked down at Bella.  He whistled as he stared at her admiringly.

“Phew!  Sandy wasnt kidding when she said you were beautiful you are stunning!”  He pulled up a chair and sat cheekily close to the sissy, making her blush pink; Ellen and Roberts laughed as Sandy dragged him off the chair.

“I think someone needs a little something to quell his excitement!”  With that she whisked her sari off and stood naked, wagged a follow me gesture with her finger and disappeared inside, Carl needed no further coaxing and followed her.  Ellen smiled and looked at Bellas soft little face which was full of wonder and excitement at Sandys freedom and the confidence that went with it.

“Id love it for things to be that way with you too; I know weve only just met, but I think we are going to be very good friends. I am going to see if I can assist with a little more freedom for you.”

As noon passed, sandy and Carl re-emerged to join the others in the shade for the first alcoholic drinks of the day, Roberts set up a screen and backdrop on the lawn close to the pool and fidgeted impatiently as Ellen stoked Bellas hair while she sipped a Vodka with cherryade; the bright red staining her lips, making them all the more feminine and desirable.  When shed finished, Ellen smiled warmly at her, took her hand and led her meekly to the screen.  Both stripped naked and Ellen had Bella kneel down on the silky platform.  She put her hand under Bellas chin and had her look up at her; the sissys natural submissiveness seemed to flow as she looked up at the imposing and somewhat dominant redhead.  Roberts snapped away and had two videos rolling constantly; his cock ached for relief; even without props, the contrasting beauty of the two shemales was magnificent.  Bella was truly enjoying this new experience and was willing to do anything for the mature redhead whose natural command ensured she was in complete charge of her.  As Ellen gave her a sneering look for the benefit of the cameras, and produced a collar and leash, Bellas sissy cock rose with excitement.  The redheads cock did likewise and poked close to the sissys nose as the mature woman gently fastened the collar around Bellas sweet little neck.  She looked up at the masterful woman with soft submissive eyes as the leash was applied and pulled tight. Bellas bottom tingled with excitement as she was pulled this way and that as the photogenic shemale struck various poses for the camera.  The redheads erection was now full, as she too relished the experience of being with such a pretty sissy.  She whispered softly to Bella.

“I want you to think of your Adam now, but try not to keep your eyes closed all the time.” Ellen drew the kneeling sissy forward on the leash and poked her erect cock at the cherry-red lips; Bellas little cock stiffened and bobbed with sheer excitement as she looked softly up at the sneering redhead and softly enveloped her bulbous bell-end with her soft little mouth.  It took all Ellens willpower to avoid coming in the sissys mouth whilst Roberts snapped away.  Sandy sat naked on Carls lap; impaled smartly on his erection, Carl returning the favour by sweetly stoking Sandys cock as she squirmed and whimpered whilst watching the show.  After about half an hour, wherein various props were used, they broke for drinks once more.  Ellen was so pleased with her understudy, and so was Roberts. Ellen cuddled Bella warmly.

“Well done! You are such a natural! I cant wait to do the bedroom scenes later; we are going to tease you until we are good and ready, then you shall have some relief.” She squeezed Bellas soft little bottom then continued.

“And I am looking forward to some relief too.” Bella was thoroughly enjoying her work and loved the idea of seeing her again after the weekend; she hoped they could remain friends somehow.  Sandy and Carl quickly made themselves decent as the group settled down for drinks.  Bellas phone buzzed and she grabbed the phone, wandering across the lawn and giggling girlishly as she spoke with the one person she really desired.  Ellen smiled and looked to Sandy.

“I want to have that young mans number; Im also going to pay her Aunt Jane a visit too.” She glanced over at Roberts who was busy taking props and cameras inside.

“We need to keep our eyes on the wolves that are homing in on her too.”  Carl laughed;

“You two keep your eyes on him and Ill look after Bella.”  His remark was greeted by a generous helping of iced water down the back of his neck, courtesy of Sandy.  Bella strolled back kissing the phone; her starry-eyed look having returned.  Ellen looked at her warmly.

“Lets go and do the bedroom scenes while you are in the perfect mood; you keep someone close in mind, and you wont disappoint Mr Roberts when we perform.” The party moved indoors and up the stairs…


Bella quickly gulped down her vodka and cherry, her bottom tingling with anticipation as her new mature friend gave her a commanding look; she had so enjoyed being submissive for her at the end of a leash, and now she knew she would be bound tightly on a soft inviting bed, and made completely helpless. Her cock stiffened sweetly at the thought; perhaps she would taste the cane again, she would love that. Ellen took Bellas little hand and squeezed it tightly; though she had only just met this supreme example of a shemale, she knew instinctively she could trust her completely.  The redhead smiled knowingly at Bella; her cock was in a similar state of excitement, she could not wait to see her new charge trussed and helpless, and hear her whimper sweetly when she was finally milked.  She squeezed her soft little bottom as they reached the top of the stairs.

“You and I are going to have a few drinks together when were done; Im really warming to you and I want to see you with that starry look in your eyes more often.” Sandy smiled at Ellen then gave the sissy a wet kiss on the side of her face and giggled as Roberts beckoned them into a huge bedroom at the end of the hall.  She and Carl settled into a dark corner on a huge leather sofa out of the glare of Roberts lighting, where they could watch and be intimate, unseen. The two as aroused as the performers as they watched the pair strip and the sweet sissy led like a lamb to the waiting bed by the elegant buxom redhead.  As they faced each-other by the bed, the little sissy was already fully erect with sheer excitement; her eyes glazed with wonder as the mature beauty pulled her close, for a soft kiss before ordering her onto the bed.

Now Ellens cock rose as she had the sissy kneel on the bed; her soft white skin contrasting with the black silk cover. Ellen softly caressed the cleft of Bellas buttocks with her finger; the reaction of the contact with her anus making Bellas cock bob sweetly; the sissy looking up at her firm controlling mistress with wide eyes.  Ellen licked her finger before choosing a silky cord and tying Bellas hands behind her back. She then stood and had Bella lick her cock for the first time; as Bella willing sucked on Ellens cock from the edge of the bed, the mature redhead smiled as she reached down to meet the sissys own yearning erection; the tips of her fingers revealing Bells glistening little bell-end, slick with sweet lubrication from pre-cum already.  Sensing the sissys urgent excitement, Ellen withdrew her cock and had the sissy lay face down on the bed; now she bound Bella at the knees and ankles.  Bella was in ecstasy and rubbed her stiff little cock against the silk; enjoying thoroughly the full eroticism of her submissiveness, oh how she wanted to be punished and abused now.  Roberts looked from behind suitable screening, not wishing to distract either t-girl as he worked the various cameras; his cock ached for relief too, and the next episode would mean he could not deny his urge to indulge himself.

Ellen sat on the soft black silk; her elegant feminine limbs with pale skin and freckles also contrasting sweetly.  She rubbed the soft white bottom of the bound sissy, which arched up gratefully to meet the probing fingers of the mature shemale who could do as she pleased with her.  Bella was already very close to coming and dreamed of being whipped or caned severely; her little cock wanted to stroke the silken sheets, and the redheaded mistress took great pleasure in teasing the sissy, making her arch her bottom all the more, which brought her stiff little cock away from the ecstatic comfort of the sheets. Ellen laughed audibly as she sensed the sweet enjoyment Bella got from the tease; she was so submissive.  She poked a finger deep into her tight virginal anus.

“Well sissy, I think its time you had something more than a finger in there; Im going to have you submit completely to me.” Bellas stomach fluttered and her little cock pulsed with excitement; what was to happen to her, was she to be fucked at last? She squirmed uncontrollably against the tight bonds, feeling them bite into her wrists, knees and ankles as she flexed her feeble muscles in an attempt to incur a little pain. Bella had not known such erotic pleasure and was close to coming when Ellen put her arm under her sweet little belly, lifting her bottom to ensure she was not allowed to come. Not just yet.  Bella writhed and whimpered expectantly as Ellen produced a wicked but slender dildo; she wanted the sissy to know pleasure in captivity, but would not use anything on her which would spoil the pleasure of her first cock.  Ellen put on a triumphant look for the cameras as she continued the tease, showing the phallus to Bella and pressing it to her lips.

“Now sissy, you give this a good sucking so its nice and lubricated; we both know where its going next, dont we?”  Bella sucked and sucked on the dildo like a baby with a comforter she stared wildly at the dominant redhead; oh how she wanted to be violated. When Ellen was good and ready, she withdrew the warmed and lubricated dildo and lifted the sissy up on her knees, face in the silk, making sure her sweet little anus was pointing toward at least one of the video cameras.  Bella gasped as the redhead licked her tangy little bottom, probing deep with her tongue, enjoying the sweet taste of the submissive sissy.  Then she eased the dildo into her tight little bottom for the first time. Bella squealed with a mixture of pleasure, discomfort and sheer erotic excitement as Ellen smiled wickedly and eased four or five inches into the sissys virginal bottom.

Behind the screen, Roberts shot wad after wad of hot cream from his rigid cock; he could not resist any longer.  Distant murmurings were also heard from the direction of the sofa, as Carls genuine phallus entertained Sandy.

Bellas little cock throbbed as the bonds held her tightly and the dildo was slipped teasingly in and out her bottom. Ellen was ready to deliver her sissy now.

“Youll come for me now sissy; I want to see a good show on that black silk.” With that she smiled sweetly and clasped Bellas little sissy cock with her free hand, and then stroked it mercilessly, making sure to tease the little bell-end with her thumb.  Bella bathed in a sea of submissive ecstasy as the redhead sneered and teased, probed her sweet anus and manipulated her captured cock. Bella moaned long and hard as she tensed to enjoy her bondage and the complete control she was under, as the pleasure of a luscious orgasm washed through her.  Ellen watched with satisfaction as the sissys little balls tensed tightly and her delirious moan of utter surrender was greeted with generous jets of hot milky cream which Bella spent gratefully on the black silk.  Still bound and helpless, Bella was then to perform her duty in relieving Ellen who know knelt before her and lifted the sissys head.  Bella sucked lovingly on the redheads aching cock, and as Ellen too, reached that sweet Shangri-La, Bella willingly swallowed her mistresss gift with gusto.

Roberts was more than pleased with the nights work and Ellen cuddled Bella with some affection as did Sandy.  Ellen was now more determined than ever to ensure Bella received an even greater reward…

Whilst Bella showered, Ellen and Sandy went down to the poolside to ready some ice and bottles for drinks later; there was Bellas phone, Ellen tapped in the number to her own phone, and also took down someone elses number. Ellen smiled wickedly.

“I have a very sweet idea, but Ill need a week to arrange it; I have to put a proposal to that aunt of hers first.  Ill need your assistance at some point.” Sandy was willing to help out in any way, and the two chatted and giggled as they too went back upstairs to shower and prepare for the evening.  Roberts worked swiftly to get the videos and pictures on to computer, whilst Carl ogled at the results on screen.  Roberts also uploaded several select images to a covert site he was a member to.  Within minutes there were rave comments about the beautiful sissy who was performing with the well- known and well received Ellen; Roberts was very smug, but knew he would have to afford Bella a great deal more respect now, especially as she had hit it off so well with the mature redhead; he could ill afford to lose her friendship in the business.  Roberts printed off many pictures and handed them to Carl to slide into an album, whilst he burned a few videos to disc.  They too then prepared for a relaxing evening with the girls.

As darkness fell the night air retained its sticky humidity and the party sat down, comfortably attired and all members very relaxed and happy with the days events.  Bella sat between Ellen and sandy who both petted her admiringly as they sipped at the alcohol.  Bella had never felt so relaxed or fulfilled in all her life and her eyes glistened softly as they wandered around the illuminated pool and grounds; the soft scent of the other girls and the warm chatter of the two males adding to the atmosphere and her contentment.  Ellen gave her a soft cuddle.

“Tell me about your Adam; what is he doing at the moment?”  Bella blushed a little despite her relaxed mood.

“Oh hes working his way through the later stages of college at the moment; hes not too sure what he wants to do permanently but he does a lot of bar work at the moment.  Hes always saying how hed like to mix a few cocktails for me.” She sighed wistfully.

“Id love to take him up on that, but I can never be out without my sisters, and Aunt Jane wont here of us hanging out in bars.” Ellen took a long sip of her drink as she listened, then smiled at Bella.

“You never know, things can change rapidly; youre a very pretty girl and your aunt cant hold onto you forever.”  Ellen and Sandy smiled at each other as though maybe they just knew something the sissy didnt, but Bella soon forgot about it as her phone buzzed.  She exchanged a few sweet nothings to her sweetheart and the others were touched at the soft sincere way she gripped the arm of her chair and spoke to the young man as though he were the last person on earth. As she blushingly whispered I love you down the phone, Sandy asked if she could speak to Adam too; Bella was only too happy to oblige the friend who had given her the freedom of that phone.  Sandy spoke to Adam about a website, and whispered to Roberts who gave her a password which she passed on to Adam.  Sandy giggled as she ended the call and passed the phone back to the sissy.

“Oh Adam is going to be so excited when he sees his little sissy next time; you wont stand a chance!”

The friends drank long into the warm night, at one point watching various recordings of the earlier work on a huge screen by the pool; Bella gasped as she saw herself, perhaps realising for the first time just how beautiful she was. The more they saw, the more pleased both Roberts and Ellen were with Bella.  In the early hours, after many conversations and many more drinks, they all went to bed; Bella cuddling up to her soft pillow, thinking of her experience earlier, and yearning for Adam.

Adam finished his bar job, went home and hurriedly entered his room, fire dup his computer and entered Sandys directions.  A broad smile erupted across his face as he saw Bella with the delicious redhead; the swell of his cock as instantaneous as his grin, which now turned to gasp of sheer wonder and excitement at the beauty of the sissy he cherished; he picked up the phone.

Bella was lying face down in her soft warm haven, her sissy cock rigid as she thought of the bonds of earlier, and her Adam.  As if by magic, the buzz of the phone brought her back to reality, and she picked it from the table.  A warm deep voice made her little cock stiffen all the more.

“Im just looking at some pictures of you; I so want to be with you now. You look so vulnerable; I just wish I could have been there to comfort you afterwards; were you scared?” The sissy giggled softly as she rubbed herself at his welcome voice.

“Only a little, I was thinking of you all the time and that helped me relax and enjoy what was happening to me; please dont be ashamed of me; thats what scares me most.”  Adam stroked his erect cock as his listened to his sweet sissy and looked at the beautifully erotic pictures.

“Oh! You gorgeous thing! Im just jealous that I wasnt there; Im going to come in your honour right now, to make up for it; I want you so much.” Bella listened intently as Adam softly moaned with pleasure; she would help him.

“Are there any pictures of the dildo there?” Adam moaned louder as he neared orgasm, and clicked further into the series of pictures.

“Ahh! Yes, if only Id been there, I need your sweet little pussy so much.”  Bella completed her sweet tease with what was the honest truth.

“I imagined it was you, my Adam, inside me for the first time; I came so sweetly Adam, I will save myself just for you!” Bella closed her eyes and sighed as she heard Adam virtually roar down the phone as he experienced the most luxurious orgasm hed had since Bella obliged him in the sea.

“Bellaaaa!!!  I want you so much.” His cock spurted generous loops of cream as he viewed his sweet sissys pussy being violated by a woman whose face he did not see; Roberts had been careful to give out coordinates for a freebie section of the site which did not show Ellens identity.  Adam was not concerned with this, he had eyes for his sissy only, and he spent gratefully again and again.  The two whispered their sweet nothings and Bella cuddled her pillows and slept soundly after the call; she had pleased her love, which gave her more pleasure than anything.  She could not know that the next weekend was to be even more exciting than this one.


Bella tried not to look too downhearted as Sandy dropped the pretty sissy back at her Aunt Janes.  She told her to keep her chin up, keep the phone well hidden and use it to call her whenever she liked, regardless of what time it was.  Her aunt smiled wickedly at the now primly dressed sissy as she pulled her indoors.

“Well, youve certainly impressed Mr Roberts, and its nice to see you with your clothes on again.  We are quite the little harlot now arent we?  Well soon have you back down to earth; Ive lots of chores for you!”  Now it was sandy who was downhearted as she drove away from the house and saw poor Bella disappear meekly indoors.

By Friday, Bellas strict and humdrum regime made her doubt that the last weekend had really happened, and the next one seemed so far away; besides, she had spoken with sandy several times but she had not mentioned the following weekend at all.  Tears welled in the sissys eyes as she began to despair; Adam was very sweet on the phone, but his voice only made her yearn for him all the more.  She watched her step-sisters come and go as they pleased; they were now avoiding taking her anywhere as they knew she must have had a good time at the weekend and wanted to punish her.  They smiled as they headed out to the beach; Tara was particularly nasty and teasing.

“If I see Adam Ill tell him youre busy entertaining some old man; then maybe Ill take him into the dunes and have him entertain me. Dont forget to wash my dirty panties; youre free to give them a good sniff if you like.”  Bella was now really despondent; she knew Adam wasnt interested in Tara, or anything she said to him about her, but the thought that he might be down at the beach while she were here was too much to bear.  Tears ran down her cheeks as she emptied the wash baskets and bagged the dirty objects to take down to the washing machine.  As she descended the stairs she noticed a car in the drive and heard her aunt talking with someone in the front room, but didnt give it another thought; Jane often had visitors.  She loaded the washing machine and began the tedious vacuuming as usual.  After about 15 minutes something caught her eye through the window, and she saw a smartly dressed woman, red hair in a bun, put the keys in to the car door. As the woman did so, she turned to look face on at Bella who gazed through the window. Bellas jaw dropped as a very business-like Ellen smiled back at her.  Bella froze as the front room door opened suddenly and Aunt Jane made a command.

“In here now sissy, I have some news for you.”  Bellas mind was pulled in a thousand different directions and the butterflies in her stomach were more violent than usual as she wondered what was to be said.  She stood before her Aunt Jane.

“Pack your things; I am to be rid of you at last it seems.  I had my mind set on passing you on to some lecherous male, but I see you might enjoy that now.  Fortune has smiled on us both.  Now that your schooling has finished, you are to train as a maid. That Lady who was just here, lives in a large house and is a friend of Mr Roberts.  She likes to be strict with her charges and trains girls and sissies to be French maids; apparently she saw you when you were at Mr Roberts and thought what an obedient maid youd make; she will pay me weekly for your services and will work you hard.  You will benefit from your training as this will earn you your keep at her house. She will no doubt hire you out to some of her gentleman friends like Mr Roberts; no doubt you may receive small tips from them if you perform well.  Pack your bags; you are to go within the hour, she is to return for you.” Bella tried to look scared at the proposition.

“But…I …” Aunt Jane looked sternly at her.

“Upstairs now this instant and pack your things.  I shall cane you if you make one more sound.” Bella walked from the room and tried to walk as slowly up the stairs as possible; it was all she could do to stop herself from screaming deliriously with happiness as she quickly packed her meagre sets of clothes and belongings into a large carpet bag she used when at boarding school.  The minutes ticked by and Bella was so anxious. Then her phone buzzed; she answered softly hello; Adam? Sandy? A voice she recognised from the weekend laughed into the phone.

“I hope youre ready sissy; Im coming to get you!” That was all that was said; moments later, the bell rang and Ellen was at the door.  Bella was ordered downstairs and Aunt Jane looked very pleased with herself as the strict and governess-like redhead wrote an advance cheque for her. Jane smiled.

“You be sure to cane her for slightest misdemeanour; the sissy knows her place amongst women but performs so much better if disciplined regularly.”  The redhead looked down at the submissive sissy.

“Oh you can guarantee she will be kept on a tight leash at all times, and will feel the warmth of my hand if she is disobedient.”  Bella kept a downbeat face as her little cock swelled with sheer excitement.  She could not believe what was happening.  Before she knew it she was sat in the front seat of Ellens car.  Ellen exchanged a few niceties with Jane and confirmed how payment would be made before entering the car herself.  Jane watched intently with a satisfied smile as she saw the sissy sitting bolt upright, looking fixedly ahead with tears streaming down her cheeks.  As the car drew away she could see the redhead speak to the sissy with a stern look; she thought of how maybe a caning was promised. Ellen had such a haughty look as her stern jawline mouthed at the sissy.

“Just wait till we get round the corner, out of sight of that dragon; I cannot believe how easily paid off she was! I am going to give you such a cuddle!” True to her word, Ellen pulled the car up by the side of the road and gave the sissy such a hug it took her breath away; the tears of joy flooded from Bella as Ellen told her how she was going to live with her now.  She would be taught to be a French Maid, but only because Ellen wanted her to be seen like that to her house visitors; she was going to get paid more than the salary she had paid Jane too, and though she would want help with the housework, Bella would be allowed to do just as she pleased.

Bella could not wait to phone Adam to tell him, and looked at Ellen wide-eyed as she asked if she could see him. Adam was thrilled, but had to do bar work Friday till the early hours and had to attend a private function on Saturday from mid-day onwards; he had been approached by  a couple at the bar he worked in, they were impressed with his cocktail mixing and had made him an offer he could not refuse. He was desperate to see her and would have put the couple off if he could give more notice, but he could not do it on the Friday. He would call her Sunday first thing.  Bella had a bittersweet look on her face; she wanted Adam right now, she was so happy.  Ellen gave her the most curious of smiles when the sissy finished her call.

“You poor thing; if only we could get you to see him sooner! Never mind I expect the time will flash by and youll be with him before you know it. I have a few friends visiting my house on Saturday and I would love to introduce you to them, so you wont be lonely.”  Bella leaned her head against Ellen as they drove across town; she was safe and secure at last. Ellen lived in a house that was as impressive as Roberts; a huge detached place in an Italianate style.  Bella gasped as she looked at the magnificent residence. Ellen smiled.

“You see, you can be very successful as a t-girl; you just need a little confidence and to stay pretty. I intend to help you that way.   I cant wait to see you dressed as a French maid; despite our little joke with Aunt Jane, I think youd look so sweet.”  Ellen showed Bella her room, all done out neatly in pink with a huge double bed.  She took her bag from her and helped her unpack.

“Not a great deal here; well go clothes shopping tomorrow; then well kit you out as a maid and you can help me with the preparations for the party, but tonight, I think you deserve a drink.” Ellen took her hand and led her downstairs, through a huge kitchen and then through huge patio doors to a pool half as big again as Mr Roberts.  Sat in a chair next to it was Sandy; she greeted her with a broad grin. Bella ran and embraced her.

“Oh you cow! You knew all along, and I was so miserable.” Sandy kissed her.

“Of course I did, but I bet youre glad now I didnt let on! Oh, and we are all going to have such a great time with everyone tomorrow!”  The three sat together relaxing all evening, Bella couldnt help but notice how the other two seemed so thrilled about the event tomorrow; they just told Bella that her situation had lifted them, and that was why. The two took Bella to her new bedroom when the time came, tucking her in like a child and admiring what a nice job had been done in preparing the room for her.  They kissed her and she soon drifted off to sleep; thinking of a certain bar tender, hard at work.

The next day, Ellen took her shopping and they visited many boutiques; Bella shyly accepting the outfits purchased for her. Finally they went to a specialist where Bella tried several French maids outfits; the one they chose hugged her slim waistline, showed the length of her legs and accentuated her sweet breasts perfectly; Bellas cock stiffened instantly as she viewed herself in the mirror. Of all the pretty and sexy things shed been bought, she could not wait to wear this and serve in her submissive way. Ellen knew it would be this way and rubbed the sissys little bottom.

“You are going to have such a day later! You just remember to wear your panties over the top of your stocking garter belt; that way you can take them off and have a real tease.” Bellas little cock stiffened as she felt the silky material and the lacy frills; though Ellens talk with Aunt Jane earlier had been a sham, she relished the erotic thought of being enslaved in such a way; helping out whilst dressed like this would make her so horny!  Reluctantly, Bella took the outfit off and the two went home.

Across town Adam carter was wishing it were tomorrow; on the one hand he could not believe he would be able to see his sweetheart whenever he wanted, but on the other he was so frustrated- it was so bittersweet- he wanted her now!  He tried to keep his mind on driving to the destination; his cock permanently semi erect as he thought of caressing sweet Bella.  He arrived at the house and was directed to an area where a bar and disco were being set up; he was to be allowed to set up the various bottles to make ready for cocktail preparation.  The man who took him to the bar area introduced him to no less than three other barmen, who smiled at him in a friendly manner; they all seemed to know each other and were overly keen to ensure Adam did not have too much to do.  He looked at the man who had introduced them.

“Think were going to be a little overstaffed arent we? Not that Im complaining!”  The man fiddled with one of many cameras he was holding as he replied.

“Oh dont you worry about that, we just like immediate service, and there will be good reason for a few drinks tonight, believe me.”  Adam looked at the bottle collection and noted there was no Vodka. The man told him it was in a room upstairs.  He passed Adam to the hostess who gave him a very warm smile and asked him to follow her. Adams cock swelled as he watched the shapely arse ascend the stairs; he put down his more horny than usual attitude to the fact that he would see his Bella tomorrow, but something made him urgently want to spend that very day! He tried not to look at the mature womans bottom; she had red hair too, he always liked that.  The woman stood by the door and whispered.

“Just ask the maid for the vodka. Oh, you neednt hurry back.”  Adam was now totally bemused by the situation. She opened the door to a bright pink room.  Adams cock would not behave itself as he looked at the rear of a pair of beautiful legs in a French Maids outfit; they looked strangely familiar; the maid turned from what she was doing on hearing the door.

Adam and Bella stood looking at each other, frozen in a strange disbelief at the apparent apparitions they were both encountering.  A warm smile broke out over Adams face; Tears ran down Bellas face.  Adam found the strength to walk over to her, though his legs seemed to turn to jelly.  He stared into her soft blue eyes.

“Bella, Bella…” was all he could manage to say. He squeezed the sissy as though to never let her go, and they kissed long and hard, dribbling with excitement.  Bella forgot her tears and her ladylike demeanour as she quickly removed her panties, releasing her stiff little sissy cock.  Adam rubbed her tight little scrotum and then wrestled out of his clothes.  He kissed her sweet neck as he helped her out of the maids uniform, and she stood there naked but for her black stockings.  The two stood caressing for a good three minutes, just with the pure wonderment of being alone together at last; Adam holding the beautiful sissys sweet bottom tightly, Bellas little cock rubbing sweetly against her lovers; their bellies tight against each other in a loving and sensual embrace.  Bella broke first and took her mans hand; he would not leave without taking her virginity with him.  She led him to the bed and pulled him onto the soft inviting duvet. She wrapped her legs about him and whimpered as he licked her soft feminine breasts and gently probed her willing anus with a finger.

“Oh Adam, now, please now!”  The sissy un-wrapped her legs and gently turned, to face the bed and on her knees, raising her delicious soft white bottom submissively.  Adams cock was rock hard as he viewed the sweet angel he so desired, there just for him after all these years of waiting; he put his hand gently under her belly and pulled himself forward over the top of his darling Bella.  He nibbled the back of her neck as his hard cock rubbed at the top of the sweet cleft of her buttocks. He gently moved down a little, the warmth of her inviting pussy exciting his tightly expanded bell-end as he firmly probed, making his sissy whimper softly.  She was his now and he wanted to have her so urgently, yet wanted to make it last forever.  Adam softly grasped Bellas little cock which yearned to come as did his; at the ecstatic moment of his first tight entry into her sweet hot haven, he squeezed and stroked the sissys cock.  Bella moaned at the pleasurable sensations; she could not have dreamed it would be so deliciously erotic.  Adam moaned too as he slipped his cock into the tight and unbelievably pleasurable grip of his sissys beautiful anus.  Bella gasped at the gorgeous mixture of pain and pleasure; Adam was not huge, but she was a virgin and she knew now that Ellen had only given her a tease to ready her; she was now being well and truly fucked and this was absolute heaven.  Adam stroked right up to the hilt as his sweet sissy surrendered completely; his thighs now slapping her soft cheeks as he drove his cock home again and again.  Bella felt him master her and moaned in submissive indulgence as he fondled her cock also, albeit erratically as he was in a state of near ecstasy.  Bella moaned in ecstasy also as her prostate was pulsed again and again along with Adams rough strokes of her little cock.  Her anus gripped his cock all the tighter as she squealed on reaching that delectable zenith; she was his and her little cock squirted magnificently as an incredibly intense orgasm wracked her soft body.  Adam almost roared as he too released his hot seed deep in his beautiful Bellas pussy.  She was no longer a t-girl, she was simply the feminine beauty he loved; he writhed in pure ecstasy as he shot spurt after spurt of his hot gift deep into Bella. 

The two embraced and Bella cried yet again.  Adam simply smiled and kissed her again and again.  She was his and he was hers; there would be nothing to keep them apart now.  The two almost fell asleep and would have been glad to do so, but for the scheming that had brought them together; they must thank those who had made it possible.  Bella sat proudly as Adam buttoned her into her maids outfit once more; his kissed her again and again as he did so, he was so ecstatic himself that she was finally his.  They stood and smiled at each other, then both looked at the inviting pink bed in unison; yes they would both look forward to being wrapped in each-others arms there later.  Adam took his Bellas hand and led her down the stairs.

The two lovers could hear the pulsing music and dim lights as they moved through the kitchen, but this stopped abruptly as the moved out onto the poolside arm in arm; the entire crowd, led By Ellen and Sandy applauded as the two approached; Bella blushed pink, not for the first time in her sweet sissy life.

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