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LaJan (This page has been viewed 46012 times since Jun 24, 2002)
(Author: if you want to add/change/update any information below, please email me)

Author's Words:
Hello. I've been a writer of short stories for many years and I have enjoyed reading them since I discovered great sites like this one online. My stories are generally in the area of rape fantasy so please be aware of that when reading them.

I appreciate all your email, whether it be love letters, comments, story requests, nude pictures, hate mail (better than no mail at all!) or just "hello" email.

Whatever you do, though, please vote on the stories. The only way I get feedback relative to other stories you've read or written is by your vote. Thanks for your time making that vote happen.

As always, thank you for reading my or any other stories on this site. All authors appreciate that interest.



Author's Homepage:
Send Author Email: lajan657 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Total 7 Stories by LaJan

#1 Raping Jacelyn by LaJan (38 kb) 3 votes! (5.5/10, 3 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Feb 27, 2004) (This month 8907 readers) (Total 24850 readers)
  Story Codes: M/f interracial real nc Serious violent
#2 The Running Of Melissa by LaJan (57 kb) 2 votes! (9/10, 2 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Jan 9, 2004) (This month 9888 readers) (Total 25568 readers)
  Story Codes: M/f size real nc Heavy
#3 The Rape At Work by LaJan (32 kb) 2 votes! (9/10, 2 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Nov 24, 2003) (This month 14946 readers) (Total 44693 readers)
  Story Codes: M+/f+ pregnant job reluctant nc Heavy
#4 Forcing Desire by LaJan (26 kb) 3 votes! (8/10, 3 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Nov 8, 2003) (This month 9653 readers) (Total 26909 readers)
  Story Codes: M/f real nc Hardcore
#5 Heather's Trials by LaJan (72 kb) 3 votes! (7.5/10, 3 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Oct 17, 2002) (This month 16902 readers) (Total 50505 readers)
  Story Codes: M+/f MF/f interracial size S/M slavery bondage real humiliation nc Serious
#6 Making Bubba by LaJan (30 kb) 2 votes! (7.5/10, 2 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Jul 5, 2002) (This month 11261 readers) (Total 32707 readers)
  Story Codes: F+/f M+/m bestiality incest interracial size teen spoof reluctant torture Serious violent
#7 Mom's Lessons by LaJan (37 kb) 3 votes! (7.5/10, 3 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Jun 24, 2002) (This month 17943 readers) (Total 52721 readers)
  Story Codes: M+/f interracial humiliation nc Hardcore violent

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