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Synopsis: Albanian pimp whores are treated like garbage,forced to endure the 'turnstile' sex of 5 men an hour violating them,mounted by one man after another and do not know even know their names .How disgusting it is to be just mounted, by one man after another ,not to mention that you will be subjected to these really coarse sleaze slime men that no decent women or girl would let touch her.After all the breaking and training and numbing out she has to go through to withstand fuck from men she does not know for the rest of her life ,sold from pimp to pimp.


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The brothels.

Clans of Albania, criminals who have exploited the tragic misery of their own people have created an entire underworld regime, a nexus of pimps, traffickers and enforcers. There is now a pattern of pimping on a wide scale in some ethnic Albanian communities: If a man can afford to buy one, two or three girls, why should he work? That is the attitude among a number of people from the Shkodra and Tropoja clans. Often they will force their own girlfriends into prostitution. The influx of young and very attractive girls into brothels has expanded the clientele and created a rich seam of criminal activity. The Albanian mafia is specifically infamous for its ruthlessness, with countless reports of women ending up dead before they enter into sex service. The merchandise in this flourishing illicit business comprises innocent girls and young women who are kidnapped from their home towns and villages and forced into lives of violence and prostitution. They are held in horrendous conditions. Beaten raped and tortured until they serve 50 clients a day.

The kidnapped girls ended up as a sex slave for some violent Albanian pimps who treated them like an animal for years. For fun, the gun-toting pimps often tied their sex slaves down and used their naked belly as a table for snorting cocaine. They are forced into sex with endless men. In one case the unlucky one had 76 clients in a single night, and when she cried from sheer humiliation, the pimps punished her by crushing her fingers in a door.Now she is doing minimum 50 clients without any complains. She is a beautiful blonde who could have made fortune and married a rich guy,Instead she is receiving old and ugly men, one after the other, in some hidden obscure secured brothel. They are present in every big city, Albanian-run brothels are protected by thugs who scared off underworld rivals. The guards are often high on drugs.They beat and raped the girls if they did not earn enough and threatened to kill them if they tried to go to police. On Sunday the brothel is closed and they have all the girls 24 on 24 at their disposal as a harem.They may do whatever they like with them as long as the merchandise is not damaged. Against noon they are all drunk and will start their bestialities and gang rapes for hours to come as a sort of extra reward. Most guards only takes this job to four full their sexual needs. Albanian pimps always takes loosers as guards who could not afford to have a women.Some of them are vicious psycho s who only likes to terrorize the forced whores.

She felt the mans cock sliding up inside her with a sense of appalled shock, filled with disbelief, shame and fear as he raped her right there in front of dozens of Albanian pimps. It was a hard, fast, brutal raping, which was predictably over soon, and as he spilled himself inside her aching sex, he released her leg, gasped, and backed away, letting her fall back against the wall and sink down gasping, whimpering, sobbing. She screamed and sobbed, but few heard in that babble of shouts and screams and engine noises. And no one who did cared. The man who had her hair had pulled his cock out, hard shaft glistening with sweat. He pulled her face against him, and her mouth, open to scream, slipped right over his cock. She choked as he went too deep, squirming and writhing, but the men only laughed, moving in closer, so that she was pressed back against the wall, with a half dozen men surrounding her. A spirit of brotherly companionship seemed to settle over the men,thats why they all became pimps. They laughed again, their cock pumping in and out of her mouth as she was held by hair and hands ,another cock raped her mouth and then drove down her throat, and again she was jerked in and back by the hair as strong male hands held her own hands wrapped around their stiff cocks. He spurted inside her and moved away, and another eagerly fought his way into position to take his place. Thats how Albanian pimps makes good whores.

Weeks passed as they moved further and further away from any hope of rescue or salvation, moved towards whatever fate the Albanian pimps had in mind for them, helpless to do anything to protect themselves from his cruelties and perversion. Trained to meet the exacting specifications of the pimps..If that meant becoming the faceless, voiceless sex doll so be it.Their world had been reduced to a very simple one. To sit on their heels, their knees spread wide, backs straight, eyes forward. They did so, side by side, wary of the whip. Then they had to kneel on all fours, then on elbows and knees, then they were required to spread their arms out to either side, and raise their buttocks high as they spread their legs.They were ordered onto their backs, with their feet on the ground, knees raised and apart. They were ordered to draw their knees up and back under their arms, and to straighten their legs and pull their ankles back over their shoulders. They were ordered to lay on their backs, feet flat, and put their hands on their hips to raise their lower bodies up high legs spread. They were ordered to kneel upright, hands behind their necks, backs sharply arched, breasts thrust out. They were given the Albanian word for each position, and then they were ordered to shift back and forth from one position to another very, very quickly, over and over again, with the old pimp slashing down with the whip whenever they were too slow.They were then ordered to crawl to the old man, gasping, panting, and moaning in pain, to lick the whip, to lick his feet and ankles, and to thank him for helping to train miserable whores. They then begged to take his cock into their miserable, slut mouths, and sucked at his cock and balls together until he sprayed his seed over them. They slapped their head and face when they resisted, and jerked them in one direction, then the other, ramming cocks into their eagerly, showing no restraint now, raping throat and ignoring gagging and the upsurge of spittle and saliva as they laughed and jeered and exulted in using a beaten bitch as they knew she deserved.

As is, the Albanians ship their sex slaves all over the world: the poor things work as fuck machines in the rape mines and brothels from Australia to New York to Kabul. Ditto for the Slavic girls that the Russian crime syndicates break and sell to them. The poor submissive, hopeless, helpless shredded remnants of human beings are fucking away as sex slaves, the major fuck-flesh exports. So thoroughly are they broken, in 'Submissions Camps,' that they will 'do anything.' (It seems to be assumed, by 'customers' and other whores who will not 'do anything' that these girls were just born to be whores. [It must be 'part of their culture' to whore.] From the time they were tiny babies 'whore who will do anything' was written on their foreheads. Such is the attitude of the world to the Albanian pimped whores the new 'industrial vaginas' exported for massive serial rape by the men of all nations.

pimps behaving without mercy or conscience or moral beauty; men so ugly in their selfish brutal appetites that they turned any captive girl into a fuck enslaved, helpless bodie. They do it with such frequency and so thoroughly that they became famous as ALBANIAN PIMPS.Capable of turning the most beautifull women in a wonton slut in a matter of a fiew days ,broken for 'customer' use: rape, drugs forced on them, torture, sleep deprivation all the typical methods, , used to varying degrees.

The picture never seems to change. Corrupt officials involved in the trafficking; corrupt police using the "services" of the enslaved girls. In fact, what is astonishing is the sameness: no matter where you are in the world, you find Albanian pimped sex slaves causing enormous sexual misery

The horror is even geater because 90 percent were kidnapped normal girls before !!!!!!!!!!!As an Albanian pimp 'whore,' she is surface, an end-product, doing her mechanical blow jobs, taking her fuck quota for the night so her pimp won't beat her ragged.Scorned, insulted, abused, battered, violated by pimps,guards and clients.The attitude among Albanian pimps seems to be take the girl if she is a virgin and break her in rough, with hours or days of rape, until she does not resist anymore. By then, she is too submissive and broken to think or speak or to ever care again. Then the thousands of 'customers' who 'enter' her inflict an even more severe form of rape on her by using a completely broken human being.

These brothelized girls are being raped on a daily basis.They are being served up to 50 clients as a rape-hole, as a toilet, mostly on the most humiliated ways .They must prove the clients that they are dehumanized play toys only good to serve as a whore.They are buying a body nothing more or less .These Albanian pimps will allways destroying a life. They are inflicting extreme sexual and psychological pain on defenseless girls.

Albanian pimps brothels are a monstrous form of serial rape.It is 'mass rape' or maybe 'mega-rape' or 'hyper-rape.50 clients each day by 5 men an hour.!!!!!!!!!!!!an inconceivable number in terms of her body or mind surviving this experience . Even one day of this would kill her spirit and body forever, let alone however many months or years she is forced to do it.Albanian pimps are famous for their bizare clients . How you can survive this ???

Albanian pimps create unthinkable misery as they force to endure so much overuse.So much bleeding and swelling and inflamed tearing .They use their meat up to the limit to make the highest profit and then sell her to another pimp.These women and girls are just the flotsam and garbage and debris of their rich pimps.The entire system is designed to benefit the dominant Albanian pimp and keep the forced submissive female slave in her place as a body for one purpose to be used for sex.

Getting brutally fucked all day in a filthy cesspool of a Albanian pimps brothel gives no rights at all or dreams or a future.She is basically waste and garbage and a dumpsite for men and their testosterone.All she knows is the reality of being climbed on all day by men who have all the 'rights' in the world, particularly the 'right' to rape her in all her holes specialy her ass, and she only knows the reality of her poor body being torn apart by them. There is only one vision for the Albanian pimps of female slavery :the girl is owned by them and is forced to fuck and fuck and fuck and gets to pick large numbers of men she does not wants to fuck. For not fourfulling the wild and 'lascivious' behavior of the clients and the pimps she would be punished, gang raped to show her that her sexuality does not belong to her, but to the men who use her,to show them what their bodies are for: rape by men for male pleasure. It is the the time-honored tradition of brothelizing 'promiscuous' girls in the hands of Albanian pimps that they have the most slutty outfits to be sure they can meet their daily quota. Albanian pimps makes no objections to the absolute disgust the girl must feel by violation of her most tender and beautiful part by coarse strangers not to mention the assrapes and the forced titfucks . Often the Albanian pimps sells one of their sex slaves to criminal gangs to become their cumbags.They are so dehumanized by the abuse ,beatings and rapings in the Albanian brothels that they are becoming the perfect gang sluts ready to serve all the members 24 on 24 locked in some basement cell.

The dirty old clients.

"Incredible !! how these Albanian thugs ever got you in their hands,i guess you have to serve them too after your shifts,your such a nice girl ,never thought they could turn you in a fuck an suck doll ,but anyway you may start sucking it gets me horny to see forced whores"

"My god ,how they ever could get you here ,you could have made a fortune as a model instead of sucking and fucking old men as me ,i am a lucky guy to have you as playtoy because the Albanians made sure you are gonne do all my wishes is not it? come here to daddy and give me a long and deep kiss to start ."

The pimps.

Please to meet you ,i am Albanian and your new owner ,i bought you from the russian .The rules are nearly the same here .You do quiquis at 35 euro for ten minutes or you work by the hour at 150 euro .Your daily quota is 1800 euro.Or you do 50 quiquis each day or 18 full hour clients or you make a mixt.On Sunday you serve the guards for 24 hours and sleep in one of their beds.Monday you start allover again .But first a nice welcome blowjob for all the pimps and guards ,you will swallow every drup of our semen or you get your first beatings Albanian style ,you will learn what this means in the future "

"Yeah thats it ,your ready for brothel service,thats the way you receive our clients always with a horny smile on your face ,it took me a lot of beatings and whippings but i am glad to see the result ,come her and thank me for turning you into a good whore ,i am gonne fuck you crazy ,i get always horny from a new just full pimped forced whore.Your father will never believe this.His beautifull daughter an Albanian pimps whore !!!!!!!!"

"Your presentation must be more horny ,our clients are old and vicious,start allover again "

"She is full pimped Sir ,Albanian style you know what this means ,she is all yours for an hour as you payed ,any complains just tell me and i will beat it out of her "

"Nice is not it ,only for old man like you .We kidnapped her and i was the lucky one to pimp her in .She will not dissapoint you .250 eur an hour because she is special and worth the price "

"She does not like her work as you can see Sir ,so we use her as a rapeslut,we tie her to the bed in any possition you like and then you can have the time of your life.But do not use her mouth she is still not full pimped."

The forced whores.

"I was a permanent fuckdoll for Albanian pimps,they used me in more then 21 brothels ,it was bad luck for me that i was so beautifull .I was always demanded by the clients ,by the gueards,by the pimps and by the brothel owners.They never stops using my holes and tits !!!!!!!!!After so much psychological destruction i cannot imagine any kind of life beyond, or outside of prostitution. After so much rape and abuse and degradation, it is all you feel you are fit for more rape and degradation. "

"We all want to suicide ourself after a while ,but we know if we fail to do it we are burned alive in front of everybody,we have seen some burnings with hellisch screams and it makes us afraid enough not to try killing ourself .We are their property and we are not allowed to destroy it they said us !!"

" As a sex slave of the Balkans i was enduring unthinkable sexual torment by being raped a 100 times a day .Put in a rape bed and ram to pieces hours after hour until i was a shredded bleeding remnant . Albanian pimps are such experts at rape, they have made it into a time-honored profession. It is of course the supreme display of manliness, the violation of a helpless body."

“The more they hurt us, the more they humiliated us, the more they enjoyed it. To them, we werent human. We were toys for their twisted amusement. Their rampant, massive cocks throbbed all the time. The Albanians were loving humiliating us! mixed with an ancestral hate for rich girls combined with unleashed lust. Life in their brothels was Hell on earth.The chains on our ankles and gags prying our mouths open told us what we were. We were sex slaves! "

“I looked down at the floor and stared demurely at his toes as he examined me .I was sitting on my knees between his legs my hands chained on my feets . After taking another long swig from his bottle, he reached out, and pushed his cock between my big tits. He bobbed me up and down by my hear while I was looking up at him with wide eyes. My ball gag prevented me from crying out. He intended to satisfy himself between my breasts - Grabbing me firmly by my hear , he began to shove his cock up and down between my tits. I did not know what used like a piece of meat meant before this moment. It was my first pimp experience as i was just captured, and it kept on getting worse. He just continued to rape my breasts with reckless, gleeful abandon ,pushing me up and down against his dick while making my chest wet with his saliva and drool. Wriggling and squirming with discomfort I tried to follow his assault. Grabbing me firmly by my pony-tail, he held my head just above his dick in position as he relieved himself choking and spluttering between my tits ,it flow out right in my ball gagged face onto my chest, rushing down my torso, pooling in my belly button, and some of it dripping on to the carpet.He couldn't resist rubbing my nose in it.”

"I was a relatively new slave to the Albanian, and the story of how i came to be one was typical of most of their fuck-toys. Just two months ago, i had been walking home after a late night party in my hometown when a deranged pervert pulled up alongside me and tossed me into his van. Hed immediately called the Albanian pimps he knew and agreed to sell me to them for $10,000. The Albanian were very good at turning bitches into submissive fuck-dolls, i had to endure many, many sadistic beatings with canes, belts, and other terrible instruments, but the in the end i learn not to resist . I am one of their hard working whores now ,serving up to 50 clients each day "

"A small sob of protest was all that could escape my filled mouth. Their words hit hard. i wasn't a whore,I was more conservative and rational, not even being particularly active outside of long relationships. Not that it was an answer the brutes would understand or were even looking for. I was never a swallower and even the taste appalled me but i was given no choice here, but to cough and gag in agony"

"Upon arrival in their brothel ,it was already my fifth whorehouse that year,they let me crawl on all fours, i sucked each man, nervous about spending too much or too little time at one location, before crawling to the next as hands perpetually reached out to slap my large behind. The crawl to the suited thug was always the worst part, knowing the abuse waiting, but i serviced him in turn as well.I lost count of full trips around the room, the lanky thugs cock began to twitch for another mouthful of seed, but my new pimp quickly pulled out. His stream sprayed shot directly into my right eye. The sticky substance burned and temporarily blinded me, but judging by the mans laughter I knew not to wipe it away.I wanted to break down into a blubbering ball of emotion. Another thug had started recording this nightmare for selling on the internet."

"The clients fucked me individually but also in pairs, often times sandwiching between them as they hammered away at my pussy and anus. Of course, during this time i was also forced to drink all of their piss as well as loads of cum from those who used my mouth. By the time my quota was reached i was a complete wreck, with torrents of cum seeping from my ass, pussy, and mouth. My body and face were also a dark red from the countless times theyd been fiercely slapped."

"There were too many this timeabout eight or nine of them total. i was very scared because i knew they all were waiting to use me. I screamed in terror as two of them quickly dragged me back over to the mattress; my pussy was very dry and burned terribly each time a client slammed his huge cock into it. Noooooo!! Pleeeeaaaaassssssee!!!i screamed, as the next client flipped me onto my back after the first had finished using my cunt. You could tell just by looking at me for a couple of seconds that i was a slave to the Albanian gang, and that theyd been tormenting me for quite some time. I had been on my way to vacation when shed gotten a flat tire almost half a year ago. Unfortunately for me, the first people to notice had been a group of Albanian pimps, and theyd quickly snatched me up from the side of the road. Now I am serving day and night 7on 7 in one of their many brothels."

“After spending more than five months in the hands of the Albanians I was in pretty rough shape.My body was marked all over with bruises and welts, and my face was discolored and showed heavy signs of abuse. The most disheartening, however, was the expression on me It was clear that Id been beaten and raped so many times that I was now completely broken and a total slave to the Albanian pimps.”

“ Has the clients been fucking you good? yes sir i gasped, wincing uncomfortably, In seconds i was between my pimps legs thumped my mouth against his cock. Within a minute, the fat ogre screamed in ecstasy and held my mouth down against the base of his cock as he began cumming in my mouth. I swallowed countless loads of jizz but could not prevent that most of them came to my face.”

"A small gang of violent blacks, had demanded me for two hours in exchange for a couple extra sacks of heroin. They viciously raped and beat me nonstop for the entire duration. My pimp watched with a smile on his face the whole time, as i desperately begged him for protection while the negroes assaulted me. They each took turns fucking my ass and pussy while the others brutally pummeled me all over my body with belts and car antennas. By the time they were finally finished with me I was covered all over with their cum."

"I had pleasured roughly 20 of my pimps business partners and friends. Id been thoroughly fucked by over half of them and had been forced to swallow almost all of their semen .When they finally left the brothel I was covered all over by their semen. My pimp pried my cheeks apart so he could inspect the damage the clients had done."

"Tears of misery were streaming down my face and my body was drenched in sweat from my constant struggles to free myself from these huge brutes. The brutal assault continued each 15 minutes with another client. After awhile I just buried my face into the sheets permanently, screaming and weeping while i thumped my little fists against the mattress in total agony. Id given up begging the clients for mercy long ago "

“My pimp had been pummeling my cunt now for over 15 minutes, and had dispensed literally over 200 blows on my badly swollen pussy. I was so overwhelmed with pain now that I could not even think coherently. My mind was just in a haze of unimaginable agony and my cunt felt like it was nothing more than a bloodied mass of flesh at this point. I was still weeping and shaking in pain from the vicious beating. As usual he began peeing into my mouth ,i closed my eyes in sheer disgust and began groaning wretchedly. After consuming almost ten gulps of my pimps piss, he spat a massive wad of spit and yellow snot directly into my mouth. When he was finished, i was bound in a hogtie position and had no chance of going anywhere ”

“We screamed in terror and agony as the huge Albanian began thrashing the leather strap back and forth across our naked ass. Each vicious blow was excruciating and within seconds we felt like our butt was on fire. Our new pimp was smiling in pure delight as he beat the ours buttocks. Somehow, someway we remained on all fours the entire time, weeping in complete misery as the enormous pimp thrashed our ass. When he was finally done we promised him everything he wanted to hear.”

"If youre smart youll do a better job than that stupid sister of yours. I had to beat her ass every night for the past week. God she whined and bitched so much every time I fucked her ass. Anyways, open your ass and get this cock inside it right now."

"it would cost my pimp nothing to beat me mercilessly. Once, during the whore training , the pimp didn't like my sexual presentation. He made me undress, took off his belt, and flogged my back with the buckle till i started to bleed. Deep and long ugly scars will stay on my back for years and they will continue to beat and gangrape me until i was a full pimped whore ,Albanian style like they call it , capable of doing the most bestial poses".

“The more innocent and educated the better,they all love to terrorize and humiliate their futur sex slaves !!!!!!!!!!!!Albanian pimps understanding the “fear” of these women and controlling those fears through the use of threats, intimidation, and violence that has been described as frequent, pervasive,and brutal. New captives will be gang raped and forced to sleep with the pimps to learn anal sex. “ If I didn't want to do what he asked me, he beat me up because he was always drunk, pulled my hair and slapped me so hard that my head jerks back and my tongue lolls out.After a few weeks I joined the line the assembling line of cocksucking, analfucking ,pussy ,tits and ass presenting whores of the Albanian pimps.They will use me for more then 25 years in their brothels and sell me to a drug addicted criminal to end my life as screaming chained dog in his basement as pain slut”

"They catch me and throw me into a filthy, cockroach-infested room. I was torturedwhipped with metal cables, locked in a cage, shocked with a loose electrical burned with a hot poker, covered with biting insects. and then gang raped for weeks until i begged them for days on my knees to become one of their hardworking sexual debased whores in their many brothels .Like all their sex slaves i had to convince them that i ment it with performing the most provocatif sexual poses while saying dirty things like - Please Sir let this slut whore serve 50 of your clients every day of the week -Please Sir this fuckdoll is only good to suck and fuck the dicks of your clients-Please Sir look at these titts they are ready to serve in your brothels.They let do it us for days individuel and together and they were always laughing and joking with us.It was so humiliating"

"Weve got only one purpose in life now, worshipping dicks! "Punishments were cruel, arbitrary and extremely humiliating.... Extreme cruelty and hate was everywhere. They treated us worse than livestock. "We were sold and resold from brothel to brothel ,it never stopped .I was auctioned more then 12 times in 3 years "

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