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Synopsis: Melody agrees to be shared with her husband's friend but gets much more than she bargained for.


The drinks and snacks were neatly laid out in the kitchen, and Melody glanced at the

clock to make sure that she had left herself enough time to get ready. She knew she

would be in very hot water if she was late. Half past five, that gave her just an hour to

prepare before the men got back from town. This was the first time that their games

would involve another person and her heart skipped a beat every time she thought of

it. She had agreed to the additional person halfway through a very exciting session

with Steve her husband of five years in which she was tied over the back of their

large sofa, Steve playing with her clit. She knew she could have backed out later but

the sensation in her fanny when she agreed had been wonderful and so here she

was rushing around making sure everything was just right. The two large glasses of

chardonnay she had already drunk and another poured ready to drink while she

changed were helping with her resolve.

They had known Bob, their former next door neighbour, for ages and she was well

aware that he found her attractive. She had often flirted with him and let him catch

glimpses of stocking tops or plentiful cleavage. The goodnight kiss he had given her

after the last trip to the pub, when Steve had suggested that he might like come

round one evening for some fun with Melody, had been accompanied by a very firm

squeezing of her bottom and the whispered comment that he couldn't wait to see it

"jiggle properly"

So, a quick shower and then into the bedroom to see which clothes Steve had laid

out for her to play the hostess in. Towelling herself dry she reached for the black

fishnet stockings, fresh from their packet, and rolled them slowly up her long-tapered

legs. She was very proud of her legs and often attracted comments when she was

out and about. Would there be a garter belt or must she have to use the two elastic

bands that had so dug into her thighs the last time she played the games with

Steve? To her relief, the lacy black suspenders were there partly concealed by the

stiffly boned basque. Clipping the snaps into place at the top of the stockings her

thoughts turned back to Bob to the type of requests she was likely to receive later would

he make her scream as much as Steve usually did?

Time was running short and so she quickly applied perfume to her neck, breasts

and inner thighs before putting on the panties, "hardly worth the effort" she

thought as the lacy string disappeared into the crack of her ample behind, the

tufts of pubic hair clearly visible around the triangle of lace between her legs, " No

need to trim your pussy today, we'll take care of that later" Steve had said as he left

to meet Bob at the pub.

At least the black bra was suited to her boobs, the last one had been incapable of

restraining her tits whilst Steve had been busy on other parts of her body.

Fitting the Basque presented a greater problem and it took several attempts, with

breaks to catch her breath, before she had all the clasps secure. A look in the mirror

confirmed how tight it actually was, but she was sure that Steve would suggest that

Bob tighten the cords a notch or two before the evening was over.

The white silk blouse was as near transparent as made no difference and the bra

and Basque were clearly visible through the pale material. Her big boobs thrusting

out invitingly, well she hoped Bob would find them inviting.

She looked down at the bed, expecting to see the leather micro skirt that had caused

such a stir when Steve had her wear it on holiday, but it wasn't there, despite him

having told Bob about it in great detail. Instead there was a short black maids skirt

that she hadn’t seen before, complete with flouncy petticoat. As she put it on and

tucked the blouse in she wondered again what sort of service she would be

delivering tonight! A momentary panic ran through her. She was going to show her

all to another man, and Steve had made it quite clear that not only would Bob see it

but he'd be free to do what he wanted with her as well. ‘well too late to back out now’

she said to herself as she finished her wine and headed out of the bedroom in her

skimpy attire.

She was half way down the stairs when Steve and Bob came through the front door.

Bobs eyes nearly fell out at the sight of Melody's outfit. As she carefully negotiated

the stairs down to them Bob’s jaw dropped as his gaze moved from the four inch

heels of her shoes up the legs to the little skirt, with the hint of stocking tops visible

whenever she moved, and then on up to the transparent.

"What do you say?" Demanded Steve. "Oh.... yes" stammered Melody

"Hello Bob, darling I am here to serve you. Your every wish for my body is a wish

fulfilled. I am your personal maid, to do with as you wish."

She giggled, blushed deeply and hurriedly led the way into the sitting room, the men

following every wiggle of her shapely arse. Once they were seated Melody went to

collect the drinks.

‘I think we will have those on the patio, it’s a lovely evening’ Steve said to Melody’s

surprise and horror

"But the neighbours will all see me dressed like this! They are sure to all be out

there" she blurted.

‘Wonderful I can’t wait, off you go now and strut your stuff my little maid’ came the

immediate reply, but from Bob not from Steve.

Out in the garden the sight of their personal maid waiting on them soon had the boys

reaching out to stroke and fondle any parts of her that they could reach. Whenever

Melody bent down to pick things off the low bench or place drinks on the floor by

their chairs they were rewarded with a fine view of creamy white thighs above the

shear black of the stockings tops and on occasions of her almost naked and very

ample bottom.

‘Nice night’ Mr Henderson, the lecherous old bastard from next door called out just

as Melody bent to pick up Bob’s glass ‘mind you don’t catch cold there darling’

Melody jumped and tried to push the completely inadequate skirt down over her

bottom, spilling Bob’s beer as she did.

‘Oh Mel, go and get a cloth and wipe that up’ Steve said laughing before turning and

engaging their neighbour in conversation about the weekend football fixtures so that

he had an excuse to stay and watch.

She hurried off to get a towel and was horrified that upon her return Mr Henderson

was leaning over the fence holding a beer that Steve had plainly given him. What

was he thinking?

She was trying to work out how she could mop up the spilt beer without giving

Henderson an eyeful. If she bent over her arse would be in full sight, if she squatted

then stocking tops and an expanse of creamy leg would be on show. It was Bob who

chimed in first ‘come on stop messing about and bend down and wipe it up girl then

get me another beer from the fridge.’

Looking down to hide her face she bent and wiped the floor as fast as she could, but

the lecherous look on Mr Henderson’s face confirmed that her had enjoyed a good

view of her arse and minuscule knickers. As she turned to go inside to get Bob’s

drink he caught her wrist and pulled her close to him ‘take off your bra while you are

getting my beer darling’ He said quietly and then smiled at the look of shock on her

face but sent her on her way with a firm slap on her petticoated bottom, making a

satisfying plop sound not missed by the neighbour.

Back in the safety of her living room Melody stood mortified at the request. The

blouse was completely see through and that old bugger next door would not miss

that fact. She contemplated just not going outside again when she heard Bob call

‘come on Mel, where’s my beer?’

‘Oh fuck it’ she said out loud and started to remove the bra. Collecting the beer from

the fridge she took a long gulp of vodka straight from the bottle for Dutch courage.

On her way back she caught sight of herself in the hall mirror, her 42 double D boobs

were on full show, the deep red aureoles and large nipples pushing against the silky

fabric. Taking deep breaths, she clutched the bottle and strode out into the garden

as confidently as she could.

It just got worse. Now standing beside Mr Henderson was Alex, Henderson’s equally

reprehensible son!

‘Give that beer to Alex would you love’ Bob said, ‘then go and get me another’

She must be a red as a beetroot, Melody though as she walked hesitantly to the

fence under the unrelenting stares of the two men. She could feel her boobs swaying

against the blouse, the rubbing making the nipples harden. Alex didn’t reach out for

the drink, he made her walk all the way up to the fence.

‘Thankyou Mrs Mitchell’ he leered ‘your tits are enormous’

Melody hurried back inside as Bob called after her ‘don’t forget my beer Mel and

bring yourself a drink too.’

Returning carrying the drinks, Bob’s beer and a very strong vodka and tonic for

herself she saw that another chair had been pulled up beside Bob facing the fence

where the two neighbours still stood. ‘sit here next to me luv’ Bob said patting the

chair as he took his drink.

Melody valiantly negotiated sitting down, drink in hand, teetering on her heels, as

best she could but the blasted garden chairs were very low and she eventually sat

heavily her legs apart as she tried, successfully, to avoid spilling the vodka.

Henderson laughing clapped ‘lovely job Mrs M, didn’t spill a drop’

Glaring at Bob who was also grinning like a Cheshire cat, she tried to sit slightly

sideways so that her modesty was somewhat intact. Henderson and his son must

have had a great view of her panties and stockings and from the way their eyes

never left her they were hoping for more.

The men were talking football, as usual. And Melody still trying to regain her

composure drank steadily, not wanting to look anyone in the eyes. It was only when

Steve motioned to her that he needed another drink that she realised hers was

almost gone too.

‘yes, new drinks all round please Melody.’ Bob said laughing ‘same again for


Getting up was only slightly easier than sitting down and far too much leg got shown

to the blokes as Melody manoeuvred into a standing position.

Taking a tray from the cupboard she loaded the four beers and another, slightly

weaker, vodka and tonic and headed out.

As she walked across the patio, tray in both hands Steve said, ‘stop there love, you

look the very picture of the perfect maid with that tray.’ She did as she was

commanded. The late afternoon sun was in her eyes but she saw that all four of

them had their phones out and were about to take her photo!

‘Smile darling’ Bob called as the phone clicks recorded dozens of pictures ‘that’s

great, now get those drinks delivered, we are all parched with all the waiting for you

to get back’

Melody moved reluctantly towards the fence trying to use the beer bottles as a

screen for her near naked boobs. Her hands on either end of the large tray meaning

that her chest thrust forward accentuating the size of her tits.

Mr Henderson reached out and took the two middle bottles while his son took close

ups of her breasts. She was eager to move away but Bob called out ‘no Mel, stay still

for the boys, and for goodness sake smile will you’

Melody stood, a stupid false grin plastered on her face while the neighbours took

their time admiring her body and taking it in turns to capture her on their mobile


‘Lovely’ Mr Henderson laughed ‘and I thought today was going to be just another

boring Saturday’

Finally she moved back to offer the tray to Steve and Bob before again plopping into

her seat giving the boys yet another chance to snap pics of her, this time exposing

inner thigh and a hint of fanny.

Just as Melody finished her drink Steve stood up and said ‘well guys Melody has

promised to show Bob some of our holiday snaps’ he paused and Melody was sure

she caught the edge of a wink ‘so I guess we should be getting inside and let her get

down to that. Same time next Saturday maybe. Your turn to bring the beer.’

‘See you again soon Mrs Mitchell’ Alex said, already scrolling through his phone and

tonight’s sizeable collection of photos.

Once inside with the doors closed Melody turned to Steve ‘what the fuck was all that

about? I didn’t say all the bloody neighbours could to get a gander too, how can I

show my face in the street now?

‘There, there honey bunch’ Steve smiled ‘we had a word while you were getting

drinks and they promised to keep the pics to themselves or risk never seeing your

goodies again. I think they will keep their word.’ She didn’t catch Steve’s raising of an

eyebrow and Bob’s stifled laugh. Clearly neither of them had any confidence that the

photos would be kept quiet.’ Anyway, I wasn’t lying about the holiday snaps. Go get

the Big Red Book and show Bob how much you like to be photographed. I’ll get

some more drinks with that he headed for the kitchen, leaving Melody, mouth open

to take one of the photo albums down from the bookshelf.

Seated comfortably on the sofa Melody her legs sexily crossed to display them to full

advantage, she laid the 'big red book' on her lap. The cover was embossed with gold

lettering which read, Melody Mitchell in Full Colour, Volume 1. Opening it for Bob,

page one contained a set of pictures of her dressed in stockings and suspenders in

various sexy poses flaunting her body for the camera. Her smile and slightly parted

lips in each photo clearly indicating that Steve was right and that she did like to have

her picture taken like this.

The next pages went further and caught, in glorious colour, Melody tied to a large

pine bed with a range of articles placed up her fanny, a large vibrator in one was

slightly out of focus, clearly buzzing away as fast as it could. A smile came to Bobs

face at the sight of a cucumber embedded a good way up Melody's quim.

‘Can we have a salad later?’ He asked with a grin.

‘Oh you!’ she laughed ‘I just knew you’d say something like that’ then dropping her

eyes she went on ‘I bought some specially, and other things you might find tasty as

well. Steve said you would want to get your teeth into something later’ she was

clearly warming to the role she was playing and suddenly feeling that a good fucking

from Bob might not be such a bad idea after all.

The other pages of the album showed Melody strapped to benches, stairs, chairs, in

fact to most places in the house, and it was clear that her bottom had been receiving

some marked attention.

"I think you had better have a good spanking this evening as well" commented Bob.

"You won't hurt me too much, will you?" Gasped Melody in a mock theatrical style.

But it was clear from the look in his eyes that inflicting a fair measure of pain was

exactly what he had in mind.

"So you like her bottom do you Bob” Steve asked, well aware of the answer he

would get. ‘that’s volume one of the red book. It’s really just the introductory volume,

the one guests get to see. Melody will show you more albums next time, and I am

guessing you will probably be part of the editorial team for volume 8 which we have

just started.

"I like all of what I've seen so far, and I can't wait to see the rest" Bob smiled

"Well then we mustn't disappoint him then, must we Melody. Stand up and turn

round" Steve waited whilst she elegantly lifted herself from the sofa and stood with

her back to Bob. As she did so she realised that there would be no going back from


"Good now bend over slightly with your feet apart"

While Bob, and the others had been treated to a good number of quick flashes out in

the garden, Bob was now presented with a perfect vision of her rounded bottom, and

he reached forward and flicked the skirt over on to her back so that his view was

clear. His fingers traced up and down inside the waiting thighs of the maid. "Get the

foot stool" commanded Steve.

Complying -she thought she knew what was coming next, she placed the stool in

front of Bob's seat on the sofa and delicately sat down on the end nearest him and

reclined with her legs open to allow him access to her fanny.

"Furry little devil, isn't she?" Bob remarked "I prefer them clean shaved myself"

"Well that will be remedied. Play for a while, I'll be back in a moment"

Bob needed no second invitation and reached forward to gently rub the mound

between her parted legs. He was rewarded by a moan and the feel of slightly damp

knickers as his fingers traced over the tiny black triangle of lace. Melody put her

arms back over her head, arching her back still more as Bob slid his hand under the

panties and eased his index finger between her fanny lips and deep inside her.

Melody gasped as he began to finger fuck her there in her own living room.

Steve came back in and paused to place a tray on the coffee table so that he could

pick up his camera and start photographing Melody enjoying the finger inside her,

seeing the camera Bob edged the knickers aside and slid a second finger inside the

warm and now very wet fanny.

‘How many fingers do you usually use on her’ he asked as Steve clicked away.

‘Oh, we don’t have a house limit here mate’ Steve laughed in reply ‘and if she’s tied

and gagged then there is no limit, up to your elbows ‘til she wriggles too much. Do

you want to shave her before you see how far up her you can go?” He gestured to

the tray, on which lay shaving cream, mug, beard clippers, razor and baby lotion.

‘Yes, indeed I do’ Bob said sliding his fingers out of Melody who groaned in


‘Lift your bottom my darling’ Steve commanded and slid a thick towel under her

dutifully raised cheeks before easing her panties down her legs and off over her feet.

His final acts being to take Melody’s hands and place them once again above her

head and easing her knees wide apart so that her fanny was fully accessible.

"There you go, she's all yours. It's shearing time!’ Steve said picking the camera up

again and quickly checking that the other carefully placed cameras were working.

Bob reached for the electric beard trimmer which he quickly put to use on the long

curls of Melody's pussy. As they fell away he eased the vibrating head of the

trimmers over her cunt lips causing an almost involuntary raising of her arse as she

sought the source of the pressure. She tried to lie still and not react but the vibration

was stimulating her fanny so. Bob smiled and signalled to Steve and they watched

as Melody’s hips moved in slow circles as he continued to trim over and around her

mound. ‘she seems to like a nice buzz’ Bob chuckled as Steve switched to video


Satisfied that he had removed the long curls Bob set to lathering the old-style

shaving brush before liberally applying the creamy white foam to her mound and

between her thighs. The razor moved smoothly over her tummy and thighs, but he

had difficulty getting into the folds of her cunt.

"Open yourself for Bob" came the order. Immediately Melody reached down and

held her fanny so that Bob could ease the blades over the full area.

Bob could hardly believe his eyes, or his luck. Just last weekend he had been sitting

in the pub enjoying a pint with them and quietly letching over Melody, fantasising

about sliding his hand up her skirt, and now, here she was stretched out in front of

him willing him to touch and enjoy her. ‘I am a lucky bastard’ he said to himself under

his breath.

When he was completely satisfied that he had removed all traces of hair Bob took

her hand and squeezed a large quantity of baby lotion on to it. Then guiding her

hand to her now smooth fanny, he helped her rub in the lotion to the mound, thighs

and even inside the folds of her sex.

For her part Melody, as she lay exposed with Bobs fingers exploring her most private

places felt a tidal wave of shame mixed with an enormous thrill and sense of

pleasure at the sensations she was receiving from his probing hands. She wanted

Bob to continue, to explore the depth of her servitude and the heights of her passion

and desire.

‘I think she is ready for action now!’ Said Bob.

"Well I suggest you go ahead and warm her bottom a little then.... we’ll save the


for later though, shall we Melody?’ Steve replied.

‘If you say so’ Melody said in a whisper as she raised herself from the bench and

moved round to Bob. Gracefully she draped herself over his lap. Her head buried in

the cushions and her bottom thrusting up, ready for Bob’s full attention.

With her positioned over his lap like this Bob again could hardly believe his good

fortune. A woman whose large round arse he'd lusted after for ages was here

presenting it, on a plate, for him to spank. He lifted the skirt out of the way and

caressed the twin cheeks for a few moments, occasionally allowing his hand to roam

to her fanny to feel the warmth exuding from between her legs. Her anus received a

lot of attention to and he opened up her cheeks to run his finger round the tightly

puckered hole. Smiling he watched it twitch and clench with each contact.

"Have you ever shagged her arse?" Questioned Bob.

He was surprised when Steve said that he hadn’t, at which point Melody added "It

would hurt too much, I'd be torn in two"

"We'll see" was all Bob replied....

The examination over, Bob had taken a full fifteen minutes probing and feeling, Bob

brought back his hand and landed a spank on Melody's left cheek. Her bottom

quivered and she took a sharp intake of breath. Swiftly a second and a third

followed. Her bottom quickly turning from creamy white to rosy pink. With each slap

to her left cheek Bob's index finger sought out and touched her anus, causing a

squeal of surprise from the prone maid.

As the heat of her bottom increased with each spank Melody felt her fanny juices

rising and before long she was raising her bottom slightly to meet the expected hand.

Bob laughed "Our little maid is starting to like this too much I think” He paused in his

rhythm, letting her arse sink back before placing the next slap.

Twenty firm slaps had fallen, each with a satisfying plop and wobble, before Bob

ceased and brusquely told Melody to get them all drinks.

As she rose from his lap a cough from Steve reminded her.

"Thankyou Bob” she said stooping to kiss him giving him another close up of her tits.

Returning with the three drinks, Steve told her to remove her skirt, and turning round

to do so Melody noticed for the first time that the light was blinking on Steve’s


"You’re not filming all of this as, well, are you? You won’t post it on the internet, will

you?" She asked and tried to pull the black frill of her skirt fully over her bottom.

"Of course I am filming, we might miss something the first time round and you are

going to love watching it with us later” Steve replied, saying nothing about the

possibility of posting the images.

Bob stood and deftly unclipped her skirt "No covering up the goodies” he chirped and

placed Melody in the centre of the room with her vodka, her bottom in full view of

both men, and their cameras, for a full twenty minutes whilst they drank their beers

and discussed the shape and colour of her tortured buns.

Finishing his drink Steve stood and approached Melody from behind, cupping her

breasts through the fabric of her blouse. Then turning her to face Bob he passed his

hand down her body and entered her fanny with two fingers, she sagged at the

knees a little and let out a low groan as his fingers worked in and out of her smooth


"You're right, it is nice when it's been shaved this way Bob. Go and see what she’s

got prepared for you in the kitchen would you."

Bob returned clutching a variety of objects from.

"We said we’d find a use for this lot, didn’t we Mel’. Said Bob as he approached her

holding a truly enormous cucumber.

She moved away slightly, pressing herself into Steve who was still holding onto

tightly by her pussy. Seeing the cucumber in Bob’s hand it seemed much bigger than

when she had bought it.

"Oh....I think we had better use some of those ropes and things I saw in the photos

before we really get down to work, we don't want her getting cold feet now do we’

Bob said

‘I'll go and get them’ with which Steve released his grip on his wife’s fanny and left

the room.

‘Are you ok?’ Bob asked, concerned for a moment that this was all moving too fast

for Melody.

She nodded hesitantly and Bob moved forward and put his arms round her. She

sank into him and he lifted her chin and kissed her softly, feeling her lips part to kiss

him properly and deeply. She sank her head back into his shoulder just as Steve

reached the doorway and stopped. Seeing that Steve was now standing and

watching, camera in hand, Bob went on ‘so you are happy for me to tie you up and

play with you?’ he felt her nod ‘and touch you everywhere’ another nod ‘including

your arse?’ another nod ‘and fuck you with the cucumber you bought for me’ yet

another nod, Bob took a breath and said confidently ‘will you tell me what you want

and what I am going to do to you?’

From where Steve was standing, now filming the exchange he was amazed to see

his wife’s hand move to her fanny and begin to rub gently at her clitoris as she stood

in Bob’s arms.

Melody, her head still buried in his shoulder and her fingers toying with her fanny

nodded again and then spoke clearly enough for even Steve and the busy camera to

hear ‘I want you to tie me and touch me, put the cucumber up inside me and fuck me

with it.’ She gulped ‘and you can touch my bottom and put your finger and stuff

inside, if you want to’

Trying to control his breath so as not to give away his excitement Bob went on ‘what

about a caning and photos, and letting others see you?’

Her fingers now strumming her fanny rapidly Melody, not completely sure what Bob

had said, replied anyway ‘yes, yes all of that too. Whatever you want Bob just do it, I

am willing and ready’

Worried that the she would regain her composure and recant Steve picked up the

box he had collected from the study and noisily re-entered the room. Melody stepped

back guiltily not seeing the knowing smiles the two men gave each other.

Wasting no time Steve placed a ball gag to her lips and was reassured that she

opened her mouth to accommodate it. The straps in place she was rendered mute

apart from grunts and stifled screams.

Bob tipped the box onto the settee and picked up a set of leather cuffs which Steve

took and strapped tightly on to Melody's ankles, wrists, elbows and just above her


Bob watched in unconcealed delight as Steve placed a three-foot metal bar between

Melody’s legs and snapped the clasps at each end into the ankle cuffs, then pulling

her arms behind her back secured them together with another shorter bar. Next, he

clipped the elbow cuffs together making her tits thrust out proudly in front. Bob

needed no further invitation and took one of the presented orbs deep into his mouth,

sucking the hardening nipple in and out over the rough edges of his teeth. Melody’s

eyes opening wide in surprise and a stifled grunt escaped the gag.

"There I think we are ready for phase two” said Steve as Bob released the now

throbbing nipple with a slurp.

They stood back and revelled in the vision of the helpless woman before them, her

42DD tits falling heavily over the top of the Basque and her newly shaven fanny

exposed beneath it.

Steve moved the stool over into the open space in front of the open patio doors, the

now dark garden obscured by the heavy automatic roller blinds at the conservatory’s,

floor to ceiling, windows. He returned to Melody and helped her hobble over the stool

and eased her over it, again laying on her back so that her legs, spread by the bar

gaped open. A large wide leather belt then secured her to the stool, causing her to

gasp for breath as it was tightened over her tummy pulling her in to the fabric of the

cushions. The stool allowed her bound arms and upper body to drape over the end

while pushing her fanny up for the men to use.

Turning to the things he had brought in earlier Bob pulled out a large carrot and

traced its tip around the lips of Melody's fanny. Toying with her, first slipping it in a

little way and then running its wet tip up and down her thighs. As he did he licked his

finger and began to trace little circles round the sheath concealing her clit. The more

he played the more her hips revolved as she sought to impale herself on the carrots


Finally Bob stopped and holding the carrot before her face asked if she wanted it all

the way in. Her wide eyes and attempts to nod told the story and so Bob eased,

gently at first and then with greater force, the carrot up in to her waiting quim. In and

out the carrot plunged but as the movements of her hips and the thrashing of her

head gave away the fact that she was about to come Bob pulled the carrot out of her

cunt, and the took a large bite out of it.

"Now that's what I call salad dressing!"

After giving Melody a moment to catch her breath they released her from the stool

and the spreader bar. Then leading her out to the conservatory positioned her

beneath one of the strong beams supporting the roof.

Her elbows and wrists were released only to have the wrists refastened, this time in

front of her. A rope was already strung through a heavy eyebolt in the beam and tied

to the cuffs and with a yank Melody found herself able to only just reach the floor

with the balls of her feet. Collecting beers the two men stood and drank them as

Melody dangled, helpless in front of them.

‘What now?’ Bob asked

‘Time for some ping pong don’t you think?’ Steve said pointing to the contents of the

box strewn on the settee ‘we have a nice hard bat in there.’

Bob returned carrying the smooth wooden table tennis bat before laying it on a

nearby table, and clearly in Melody’s line of sight. He then approached the trussed

girl and kissed her nipples in turn sucking the hard points so deeply into his mouth

that it seemed his intention was to get the whole boob in. Meanwhile Steve knelt

before her, and began licking her inner thighs and shaven cunt. The sensation of

being helpless and having two men sucking on her body at once, was driving her

wild and she pushed her mound out as much as she could so that Steve's tongue

could reach further in to her. Again, they brought her to the brink of climax before

pulling away.

Moving back the men picked up their drinks and surveyed their work, her gently

moving hips and angry red nipples provided a great show and the look of pure

sexual desire in her half-closed eyes confirmed that she wanted, no, needed more.

Moving behind her with the bat Bob eased its edge up between her legs and on into

the crease of her bottom, causing the flesh to be drawn with it. Again the sensation

of the bat up so close to her fanny caused the heat to rise in her fanny and she

pushed her bottom back, just in time to receive the first blow, full force, on her right


She screamed into the gag, as the pain swept through her bottom, and kicked her

legs putting her full weight on the cuffs. Swiftly another, and then another, blow

landed on her exposed bottom, turning it to the colour of ripe tomatoes. Bob was

enjoying himself and the video camera caught the sight of the impacts, the reaction

on Melody's face plus the sound of the gunshot slaps as wood connected with

wobbling flesh.

Before long thirty blows had fallen and Bob stepped back to survey the result, then

reaching forward he took the hot buns in his hands and squeezed them hard causing

further moans of pain from the girl.

‘Fancy a shag?’ Steve said seeing that Bob was in the mood for satisfaction but also

a little concerned that his friend’s willingness to cause Melody severe pain was

maybe a little pronounced for this early in their relationship. He released the rope

from the beam and secured it to one end of a wooden builder’s trestle placed in the

centre of the room sideways on to the garden windows. Bob saw that the trestle had

been altered to include ring bolts and a smooth but narrow padded cover. Melody

was bent over and stretched along the length of the trestle with her tummy pressed

into the cold padding and her boobs hanging down invitingly on each side.

"Just the right height for a good shafting!" Said Bob, as Steve reached down to tie

the ankle cuffs to the widely-splayed legs of the trestle.

Bob moved forward brandishing a bottle of baby lotion. "Hold her cheeks open for

me would you" he asked. Placing the camera so that a full view could still be caught

Steve spread Melody's hot red cheeks wide so that her cunt and anus were fully


"As she felt her bottom being drawn open Melody suddenly realised what was about

to happen. Her arse was going to be fucked, she felt sure that it would split if a man

tried to get his cock up there. She screamed for them to stop, pleading with them to

fuck her cunt, to thrash her arse again, anything but this. All the men could hear

were muffled noises through the gag.

"I think she wants it, don’t you” laughed Bob as he slipped the nozzle of the lotion

bottle into her tight arse hole. He gave the bottle a hard squeeze before pulling it

back and applying some more to the edges of her cheeks and round her fanny. Both

men watched, fascinated, as a trickle of lotion seeped out of her arse.

With Steve helpfully holding his wife open for his friend Bob eased his cock up to

Melody’s fanny and slipped it part way in. Waves of relief flooded over the woman

as she felt the hardness entering her fanny. Pushing all the way in Bob was satisfied

as he felt Melody moving back slightly towards him. Being fucked whilst tied and

unable to hold on to the man or take an active part in the love making was really

turning her on, as it always did. Her desire to be sexually controlled unleashed she

was in heaven.

As she felt the tidal wave of a climax approaching she was startled by Bobs fast

withdrawal, she moved her bottom around trying to entice him back in. Back in was

his intention but his aim wasn't on her fanny.

Holding the cheeks of her arse in each hand so that he could spread her wide-open

Bob nosed the tip of his cock against the slippery hole of her arse, pushing it so that

Melody could just feel the muscle being stretched ever so slightly. As he gently

toyed with her she felt the heat returning to her fanny, so that as he eased the penis

deeper into her tight little hole she was so caught up in the sensations rippling

through her body that she set aside the sharp pain and felt herself trying to draw his

rod deeper into her.

Releasing her cheeks Bob pushed his cock all the way in, causing the girls fanny to

rub on the edge if the padded surface, then he began a slow rhythmic fucking of her


Though she felt as though she was being pulled apart, the feeling was just so sexy

and before long she was panting into the gag as her body exploded into ecstasy.

Just as she came Bob let out a guttural groan and pushed what felt to Melody like

pints of his juice into her body.

The two men stood back and watched as Melody continued to gyrate slightly as the

climax continued to send ripples through her body. Leaving her tied to the table,

Bob’s come oozing out of her still twitching arse they went back inside to get a beer.

‘Text time’ Steve said as he took a gulp of beer.

‘Are you really going to let those two from next door get a look at her like that?’ Bob

said incredulously ‘I mean, won’t she go completely ape?’

‘Yes, she will that’ laughed Steve ‘but I think she secretly gets off on being exposed

and humiliated, don’t you? And they will only be able to see from a distance, how

much will they actually see?’ With that he read out the text as he was typing it ready

for a sneak peek in ten minutes, I will open the blinds for a little while – ‘there

that should get them leaning over the fence fast enough. And send!’ the phone

chirped as the text went.

‘So young Bob, that gives you ten minutes to get her ready for her viewing’ Steve

said ‘that cucumber didn’t see any action and surely you want to do something to

those tits? They look as though they are crying out for some attention in the

discomfort department.’

Bob’s look of amazement made Steve laugh again and went on ‘don’t you want to?’

‘Err, sure, yes I guess’ Bob stuttered reaching out and collecting the box and the


‘Well she’s all yours, but get a move on the audience will be waiting’ Steve flicked

the camera back on and moved to set up video cameras on stands at each end of

the conservatory.

Melody watched with some alarm as Steve set the cameras on tripods and checked

the focus. She had been thinking that the men had finished with her but the cameras

meant she was wrong.

How wrong became immediately clear as she felt Bob loop thin cord around her

pendulous boob and push it up to where her tit met her chest. She felt the rope bite

in as Bob tightened the slip knot and began wrapping it around her flesh. She quite

liked her boobs tied but Bob was pulling the cord tighter than Steve ever had and it

felt like her tit was going to explode as he tied the first one off. The other boob

attracted the same attention. Looking down half her boob was encased in tight black

cord and the other half was quickly turning purple. She shook her head and tried to

release her hands but they were too securely fastened to the end of the trestle.

As she continued to struggle she felt hands playing with her fanny. Being touched

from behind was her favourite touching position and the fingers were tweaking her

clit and dipping in between her lips to rub at her sensitive sex. She was responding,

whether she wanted to or not the touching was driving her crazy. Then she felt a cold

hard presence at the base of her vagina and knew immediately that it was the

cucumber, still encased in its plastic sheath. The fingers continued to rub her clit as

the hard shaft was pushed deeper into her. It was enormous and she regretted again

being so stupid as to buy the biggest one on the market. On and on it came until she

was sure it was pushing against her womb and there it stayed.

Unseen by Melody it was Bob who was pushing the hard cucumber into her tight

fanny, amazed as her lips stretched to take it in. He had almost two thirds of it up

inside her when he felt it get harder to push ‘that’s far enough’ he said mostly to

himself before taking some cord and looping it around the end of the cucumber and

tying it tight. The cord bit into the shaft, the cord wasn’t going to slip. Taking the two

ends of cord he draped them over Melody’s hips and tied them off to two bolts on the

trestle. The cucumber was firmly lodged in her sex, nothing was going to force it out.

Steve tapped his watch to signal that time was running out. ‘Just this’ Bob laughed

picking up a remote-controlled vibrator from the collection of toys in the box ‘a girl got

to have some fun while we watch’ he knelt and pushed the end of the vibrator hard

against Melody’s clit before taping it to the cucumber.

As he stood to review his work his jaw dropped as Steve passed him two vicious

looking clamps saying, ‘those nipples look as though they need something extra to


Needing no second telling Bob bent and fitted the first of the clamps over Melody’s

throbbing nipple. Her nipples were naturally large as Bob had noticed on the frequent

occasions when she went braless at the pub but the ropes had seemingly made

them even bigger. The jaws of the clamp bit into the flesh as he screwed it tighter

and tighter. Melody thrashed and tried to turn her head but she was too well tied and

her face was only able to look in the direction of the drawn blinds at the windows.

Moving round Bob stated into Melody’s eyes as he attached the second clamp to her

bulging breast. Her eyes pleaded with him not to tighten it. ‘oh you have lovely eyes’

he smiled back at her and added an extra turn, delighting in the look of pleading turn

to one of horror.

‘All set’ Bob called as he picked up the remote and went back into the sitting room

where Steve was now proffering another beer. Steve turned off the lights in the main

room, leaving the strong lights of the conservatory to illuminate Melody strapped to

the trestle, the large cucumber protruding from her stretched fanny.

‘Show time’ Steve said a little breathlessly. ‘first the cameras’ he clicked a remote

and the red recoding lights could be seen blinking on the two units and their images

appeared in split screen on the large wall mounted TV next to the men. Reaching for

a small remote unit Steve adjusted the cameras, moving them from wide angle to

zoom and rotating them on their mounts.

‘Excellent work’ Bob said in unabashed admiration of the technology ‘what a set up’

The screen showed Melody, a string a saliva falling past the ball gag her eyes closed

as she awaited her fate, whatever that was to be. So far, the evening had gone much

further than she had anticipated. She thought it was going to be some kissing, a little

spanking and a good fucking or two. The cucumber was stretching her and she tried

to wriggle to bring some relief from its size or to give her clit some pleasure at least.

Being tied and used was her biggest fantasy and since she had confessed that it

was to Steve they had played games regularly. Taking it to this level was always

going to a trip into the unknown. As she lay there helpless her tummy jumped at the

thrill of it, she had taken the journey and she wanted to take it again.

‘Vibrations time I think Bob’ Steve said and Bob pushed the first of three buttons on

the remote in his hand.

‘Will it work from this distance?’ he asked, but immediately had the answer as the

camera was displaying Melody’s face her eyes open, surprised by the vibrations on

her clit. Seconds later her eyes slowly closed as the buzzing rod started to get to her.

Quietly the automatic blinds began to rise, the light from the conservatory flooding

the patio. Melody continued to enjoy the vibrator as it sent tremors through her

clitoris oblivious to the rising blinds or the four men standing just outside the doors

with their cameras in hand.

‘What the’ Bob gasped ‘that idiot Henderson has come right into the garden and

brought some mates, you said to look from the other side of the fence and to keep it

to himself. The moron!’

‘Not much we can do about it now is there?’ Steve replied, ‘flick on level two for a

second, will you? Time for her see her admirers.’

Bob touched the remote again and clearly the vibrator went up a gear, he quickly

returned it to its previous setting. Melody’s eyes popped open as the vibrator sped

up. Again, Steve directed the camera at her face while the other was manoeuvred to

look at the small crowd feasting on the view of his bound wife. The camera caught

the look of total horror in her eyes as she focused on the men pressed up against the

window. Mr Henderson had his prick in one hand and his camera in the other and

Alex was clearly rubbing himself as he looked from Melody’s gagged face to her

strapped tits and on back to her cucumber filled fanny and recently paddled arse.

Melody began to thrash about as best she could to break the bonds and escape this

humiliation. Her neighbour, and other people who she had no idea who they were.

Steve nodded and Bob switched the vibrator up again. The cucumber visibly

twitched in response, clearly Melody’s fanny had clenched as the vibrator sent her

clit into spasm. Her eyes were closed again and her mouth around the gag was open


‘She’s about to come’ Steve said as if commenting on the weather ‘let her come at

least twice then go to level three’

‘How will we know she’s come?’ Bob asked looking at the screen

‘Oh, you’ll know’ Steve laughed

Moments later Melody’s eyes opened wide, staring it seemed at her audience, then

slowly the whites of her eyes showed and a low animal like growl burst from behind

the gag.

‘I see, and hear’ Bob cried in delight as Melody’s eyes regained normality and he

saw that the other camera was now focusing on the vibrator strapped against her clit

as it relentlessly continued to rub her sex despite her climax ‘that things going to

drive her crazy’

‘Sure is’ Steve replied, ‘here she goes again’

Melody again went into spasm and if anything, her groan was louder, Bob flicked the

third switch on the vibrator control as soon as he saw Melody came down from the

climax again. Her eyes, now tear filled, were pleading for the vibrator to stop.

Happy that the cameras were catching the action Steve collected beers and giving

one to Bob asked, ‘so worth a visit then?’ but Bob was transfixed as he watched

Melody come again and again until, twenty minutes later, she passed out.

Steve flicked the remote for the blinds and the show was over for the group. ‘got

plenty of footage of those idiots jerking off to keep them in line I reckon’ he said as

Bob turned the vibrator off.

After twenty minutes, they returned and untied the hapless girl who having regained

consciousness had tears of shame trickling down her face. "Don't cry" said Bob as

he pulled the cucumber from her fanny, but left her boobs tied and clamped "it’s not

as if we let them in to have a poke at you...but now there's an idea" he added which

brought a further look of shear horror to the girl’s eyes. Bob guided her back into the

sitting room, before securing her hands behind her back once more.

"My turn now" said Steve, removing the gag and gently pushing the girl onto her

knees in front of an armchair.

Spreading her legs he slipped his prick easily into her well stretched and lubricated

fanny and started to give her a firm shagging. Before long Bob sat in the chair in

front of her and pulled her face down onto his semi rigid shaft, she took it in to her

mouth and started to run her teeth up and down its length, kissing it gently as she

reached the tip each time. "Oh yes... you've done this before" murmured Bob and

sank further back in the chair.

‘What do you say Melody?’

Easing up from Bob’s lap she said through tears but with a small smile ‘thankyou

Bob’ before sinking her lips back over his cock.

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