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Cooking Wwith My Boss

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Synopsis: A man and woman are captured by three ladies.

Cooking with My Boss

       My life changed one night when I was simply leaving work with my boss.  It had been a good day.  I even had a successful flirting session with two ladies, who I supposed where friends.  One was an Asian woman, older than me, but very attractive.  Her friend, a blond with short hair and pretty green eyes, seemed to be more around my age. 

       My boss had been in one of her moods that day.  She ran a small retail store and thought she was queen of the world.  I knew she had been irritated when she saw me talking to the girls.  Her name is Annie, and I would guess she is about 37, ten years my senior.  I have to admit she's attractive, though it annoys me to do so.  She's taller. Her hair is cropped short on the sides, longer and tinted red on the top.  It comes down in perfectly straight layers to just above her pretty brown eyes.  She has many piercings in her ears and a little nose stud.  She's a runner, and on her days off she would often stop in the store sporting her little shorts, showing off her nice legs and small tattoos.

       It was 10 p.m. as we locked up for the night and started for our cars.  I immediately noticed a dark cargo van in the nearly empty parking lot a few rows away.  Its lights turned on as we both neared our vehicles.

       “Later, Annie,” I said, as I reached for my car door.  I glanced over to her as I said this, and saw her fall down just as she looked towards me to reply.  Thinking she had tripped or twisted her ankle, I walked quickly back around my car to see what had happened.  As I neared, I saw her laying there on her left side, seemingly asleep. 

       “Annie?”  I asked, bending down to her.  I rolled her on to her back, very confused.  I saw a glimmer of silver sticking out of the left side of her neck.  I looked closer in the dark, straining to see.  What is that?  Is that a dart?

       A searing pain hit me full force in my neck.  I went to stand up, got half way there, and remembered nothing more of the rest of that night.

       When I woke up, I had never been so confused.  I couldn't even remember my name for a few seconds.  Slowly, as I stared at the white lights on the ceiling above me, memories started to return.  I remembered Annie falling.  I remembered that pain in my neck.  My neck, what is around my neck?  I reached to my throat and felt a band or collar around it.  There were little raised bumps spaced periodically that I could feel as I ran my fingers along. 

       “Are you okay?” came a voice.  I looked to my right, and there was Annie, sitting on the side of a cot not far from me.  “You were out way longer than I was,” she said.

       I slowly sat up.  I didn't feel bad, just a little groggy.  As I looked around, I saw that we were in a small, brightly lit room.  There was space enough for just two cots along opposite walls, and a small sink and toilet along the third.  A solid metal door stood along the last wall to my left from where I sat.

       “What the hell?” I asked to myself, wondering where I was.

       “Got me!” said Annie, an angry look coming to her face.  “I woke up a few hours ago, I guess.  I yelled and pounded on that door.  No one's come or said anything.  And then there's this,” she said in frustration, pulling at a black collar I just then noticed around her neck.  “Is this like a hospital or jail cell or something?”

       I felt my collar again, totally confused.  I couldn't think straight with Annie asking question after question.

       “Have we been kidnapped?” she was saying.  “Who would kidnap us?  Terrorists?  They saw us coming out of work.  They should know we have no money working at that place!”  Annie stood up, pacing the little room.  “When that door opens-”

       I heard a loud click from the door.  I stood up as it slowly opened.  Annie took a few steps towards the door when suddenly a jolt of absolute pain burned through my neck.  Every muscle contracted in torment.  My whole body felt as though a thousand knives were piercing it, as an explosion of lights burned in my eyes.  The torture stopped as fast as it had begun, and I found myself on the floor, curled in a ball.  Next to me lay Annie in a similar position.

       “And that's what's going to happen to you every single time you disobey,” said a husky female voice from the open doorway.  Slowly recovering, I looked towards the speaker.  A woman stood there, a something in her hand.  My vision returning, I saw she was about mid-forties, average height, with shoulder length wavy brown hair.  She seemed quite fit and firm, wearing a short gray skirt, black top, and black heels.

       “What the hell,” I heard Annie yelling as I tried to get back to my feet.  “Who are you?  Where are we?  What the fuck!”

       Annie was already standing as I regained my composure.  Her face was red with anger and pain.

       “Do you want more of that?” asked the woman, holding aloft a remote control.  “Shut up and behave yourself, or I'll fry your head from your neck.”

       “You,” said the woman, pointing her device in my direction, “follow me.”

       I glanced at Annie as I started walking towards the woman, my neck and body still aching from the shock.  I heard Annie yelling behind me as I left. 

       “No, wait,” she was saying.  “Why are we here?  What is this?”

       I followed to woman through the doorway.  She tapped a button the the outside wall, and the door automatically began to close. 

       “Let me out of here!” my boss yelled, as the door shut with a loud click, downing out the rest of her protests.

       I was now standing in a bright, white hallway.  I saw doors spaced periodically along the walls.  “This way,” said the woman, and led me to a nearby door.  She opened it but didn't go inside.

       “If you do as you are told, you won't be hurt,” she said, giving me a stern smile.  “I'm going to need you to do some things for me.  In there,” she said, pointing into the room, “you need to shower thoroughly.  I need you to shave off all of your body hair.  That means face, chest, legs, arms, underarms, and pubic hair.  You are to shave against the grain until you're smooth as silk.  I don't want any nicks or bleeding.  Shower, shave, and shower again.  And take your time.  You get shocked once for every nick or cut I see.  Understand?”

       “Are you serious?  What is this?  Why do I have to shave?” I asked, as she raised her control up to my face.

       “Either you do it yourself,” she said, as if scolding a child, “or I'll electrocute you repeatedly as we do it for you.  What'll it be?”

       “I'll do it,” I sighed, never wanting to be shocked by that collar again.

       “Leave your clothes in there when you're done.  You'll find a bathrobe you can put on.”

       I stepped into the room, and I heard the door shut with a click behind me. After a few seconds I tried the door; it was locked tight.  There were not any windows or other means of possible escape that I could see.  I was in a white tiled, very clean shower room.  There was a large shower head along the far wall.  On a counter top to my left was an assortment of shaving creams, a razor, soap, wash cloths, loofahs, sponges, pumice stones, towels and a white bathrobe hanging from the wall. 

       I hesitantly got undressed.  I didn't have a choice.  I kept wondering what the hell was happening as I turned on the hot water and showered.  After washing, I applied shaving cream on myself, starting at my face.  I worked from my neck down, until I had shaved my entire body. I wondered if they were making Annie do this too.

       My body looked strange to me as I finished up.  I'm not very muscular, but what I do have was definitely more defined without hair.  I had been very deliberate and avoided any serious nicks.  The collar on my neck was a constant reminder to be careful.  I stepped back into the shower as I was told and rewashed.  I toweled off when I was done and looked at my pile of clothes on the floor.  I really wanted to get back into them.  Instead, I took the robe off the hook and put it on, tying it in the front.

       No sooner had I tied the robe than I heard a click from the door. It swung open, revealing the same woman who had left me there.  Was I on camera?  She must have been watching me to know exactly when I was finished.

       “This way, dear,” she said in that husky voice, waving me towards her with that damned remote.  I walked out of the shower room and followed her down the hallway.  Her heels clicked loudly on the floor as I padded along barefoot behind her.  What was next?  My heart beat hard in my chest.

       Stopping at another door, the woman knocked twice.  I heard a bolt slide from the other side, and the door opened.  “In you go,” she said, putting her hand on my back and urging me into the room.  As I stepped in, the person who opened the door stood aside.  She wore a tight button up white shirt, khaki pants, and black flats.  Short blond hair, pretty green eyes!  It was one of the girls I had flirted with at work earlier!  I must have had an absolutely baffled expression on my face.

       “Well, hello again,” said the green eyed girl.

       “What?  How are you-  What is this?  I don't get what's-”

       “Sshhh,” she said, putting her finger to her lips.  “Just relax now.  It looks like you've done very well so far.”

       My mind raced to remember what she said her name was.  Mary?  Maria?  Megan!

       “Look, Megan, right?” I began, “I don't know who you people are or why you've kidnapped us.  But you need to let us go.  Is this a joke or something?  I won't say a word about any of it.”  I looked to the older woman, saying, “What did we do?  Just tell me what's happening.” 

       “Okay, that's enough,” said older woman in a bored tone, taunting me with her remote.  “No more useless chatter.”

       That's when the third person stepped from around the corner.  It was the Asian woman I had met at work as well.  She gave me a smile and a little wave with her fingers.  She was wearing a purple tank top, cute capri jeans, and pretty black sandals.  I instantly remembered her name; Tiffany.  My eyes lingered for a moment at her shapely calves and cute painted blue toes.  She was much shorter than me and had lovely long black hair.  I could only shake my head and look at the ground, not knowing what to do.

       These women must have set me up.  They felt me out at work, and I must have passed some sort of test.  Annie was probably only taken because she was with me.  I glanced around as these thoughts sped through my mind.  We were in a large alcove that was screened off to my left and ahead of me.  A medical scale stood against the screen before me.  To my right, the room opened up more.  I could see a metal table to my far right, and a portion of another table next to it before my view was lost.  Next to these were tray tables standing about waist high.

       The older woman, who seemed to be in charge, ushered me into the room further, and closed the door, bolting it.  “Well,” she said, “go ahead and take off that robe.”

       “What?” I asked.  “Why?  Come on!  What is this?” I was looking at each woman, one after the other, and starting to feel desperate.

       “Off!”  commanded the husky voice.  “Unless you want me to take it off for you, in which case you'll be writhing on the floor as I do.”

       I stood there hesitating, until she raised the remote to threaten me.  I took a deep breath, exhaling as I untied the belt of the robe.  It hung there open a few moments, my courage failing.  The  woman with the remote stepped behind me, took the robe by the shoulders, and slid it off.  My hands instinctively covered my privates.  I looked down in shame, seeing my completely hairless body.  I felt my ears and face flush with embarrassment.  Here I was, completely naked in front of three attractive women, without even my body hair to cover anything up.

       “Aww,” said Megan, looking me up and down.  “He's a shy one.  You don't have anything to be shy about, honey.  You look exquisite.”

       “Step on the scale,” ordered the boss.  I walked over to it, still staring down, trying to not look at these women.  I stepped up.  Tiffany walked over to my left and started adjusting the sliders until they were just right.

       “Exactly 180,” she said.  “Now turn around, please.” 

       I pivoted on the little platform, facing the two other women, my hands hiding my crotch. 

       “Head up now, honey,” said Tiffany.  I felt her fingers touch under my chin and urge up my head.  She lowered the height bar as I was forced to glance at the two other women watching me.

       “Hands at your sides,” said the boss sternly, her hands on her hips.  I slowly lowered my hands, revealing my shaved manhood to the room.  I could feel my face flushing again.  At least I wasn't erect.  I was too nervous for that.  The bar touched my head. 

       “Six foot one,” called out Tiffany.

       “You two, get him started,” the boss ordered.  “She has one of these,” she said, showing me the collar remote and nodding towards the blond.  “So behave.”  Megan took a remote from her belt to show me and smiled.

       With this, the older woman opened the door and left the room.  “This way, please,” said Tiffany nicely, gesturing to my left.  I stepped off of the scale, covering myself again with my hands. The three of us walked towards the tables I had noticed.  The room opened up beyond the alcove.  The tables were parallel one another and separated by a few feet.  They were on wheels, I noticed, as were the tray tables next to each. 

       There were various cabinets and drawers along the walls near the tables.  I noticed that the room curved in an L shape, and I couldn't see beyond the left of the corner.  Out of one of the cabinets, the Asian woman took a large glass bottle filled with a yellowish thick liquid.  Removing the stopper, she drizzled it liberally all along the tabletop on my right.  Stopping it back up, she placed the bottle on the tray table.  She reached into a drawer and took out a rubbery looking red brush. I watched, confused as she brushed the oil so it evenly covered the surface.

       “Okay,” she said, when the table was shining.  “Go ahead and lay down on your tummy for me.”

       I stood there, not knowing what to do. 

       “C'mon, sweetie,”  she said.  “Just lay down.  You don't want another zap from her, do you?”

       I looked at Megan, who held the remote up as if ready to push the button.

       “Please,” I said, looking back to Tiffany, who seemed more sympathetic than the others, “I don't know why you're doing this.  Can't you just tell me-”

       “Shh, shh, shh,” said Megan next to me, shaking her head.  Putting her hand on the small of my back, she urged me slowly closer to the table.  Reluctantly, I climbed up onto it on all fours, and slowly lowered myself onto my tummy, trying not to slip in the slick oil.

       “Very good,” said Tiffany, placing her brush down on the tray table and picking up the oil bottle.  This table is cold and so hard, I was thinking, as I felt oil start to drip on my neck.  Then down my back it went in a steady stream.  It covered my arms, butt, and legs.  She stopped pouring and I heard the bottle clank on the metal tray table as she set it down.  I could feel the oil dripping down the sides of my body as I lay there.

       I felt the brush she used to spread the oil pass over my neck.  She worked it in slow strokes down my back.  As she covered my backside in oil, I was terrified I'd become aroused.  So far the awkwardness, embarrassment, pain, and threats had kept me from any sort of excitement.  But when the brush worked its way between my ass crack and lightly touched my balls, I felt the first twinge of pleasure.

       Finally, she coated my feet.  I squirmed a bit when she dragged the brush down my soles.  I involuntarily twitched when she would put the brush between my toes.  She noticed immediately, saying, “Ticklish, are you?  Well, you have very soft feet for a man.”  She set down her brush and picked up the oil again.  “Flip over please.”

       I carefully rolled over onto my back.  I glanced to my right, and saw the blond girl was still standing nearby on guard duty.  I quickly covered myself again now that I was face up.  As Tiffany approached with the oil bottle, two loud knocks sounded from the door.  Megan walked quickly away, and I heard the door unbolt and open.

       “Now, now,” Tiffany said, “let's put those hands at your sides.  No need to be embarrassed.”

       I did as I was told, uncovering myself again to this stranger.

       Oil was slowly being drizzled on my chest as I heard, “Come on!  Get in there.”  It was the husky voice of the older woman.  I heard the door shut and bolt.  Lifting my head, I saw Annie standing with the two to other women.  She was in a white robe, her hair wet.

       “What the fuck is this?” Annie was yelling.  “What do you want?”

       “I want you to remove that robe,” the older woman said.

       “Fuck off!” yelled Annie, furious.  She clutched her robe tight at the chest.

       “Behave, or I'll fry you until you're pissing yourself.”  The boss held aloft the remote.  “In three seconds, if that robe isn't on the floor, you're gonna be.”

       I saw Annie grit her teeth and reach down to untie the robe.  She took it off and flung it to the floor.  Immediately she crossed her arms over her breasts.

       “Happy now, you fuckin' weirdos?” Annie asked angrily.

       “On the scale,” pointed the boss.

        I saw Annie look at it and shake her head for a few seconds, as if she couldn't believe what was happening.  Then she walked over and gingerly stepped onto the scale.  By now my body was fully covered in oil.  The Asian woman was spreading it over every inch of me with her brush. 

       “130”, I heard Megan call out, as she stood at the scale reading Annie's weight.

       “Turn around,” ordered the boss. 

       I saw Annie slowly turn, still covering her breasts. 

       “Arms down, please,” said the blond, as she lowered the height bar to the top of Annie's head.    Annie didn't move.

       “Bitch,” said the husky voice, “one more time you don't listen, you're gonna be in pure fuckin' agony!”

       Annie sneered at the woman as she reluctantly complied.  I have to say, as much as I disliked Annie as a person, her body was more beautiful than I had imagined.  I watched as my completely naked boss, forced to stand on a scale in front of two attractive women she didn't know, had her height measured.

       It was at this moment that I felt the brush pass over my nether regions.  It caressed my inner thighs, dick, and balls in slow, lengthy strokes.  I was steadily becoming aroused and there was nothing I could do. I glanced at Tiffany in utter embarrassment.  It was all I could do to not cover myself up again.

       “It's okay, honey,” she said with a little smile.  “Perfectly natural.  I'm going to need you like that anyway.”

       “Five foot eight inches,” I heard the blond call out from the scale.

       “Come on!” the husky voice said, gently pushing Annie towards the tables.

       I saw Annie's eyes fall upon me as she entered the area, her arms crossed over her breasts again.  She had been so angrily wrapped up in what was happening to her that she hadn't noticed anything beyond the alcove.

       “Oh fuck!” she cried, stopping dead in her tracks at the sight of me. 

       “Annie, I didn't...  There was nothing I could do,” I stammered, laying there helplessly as the Asian woman finished oiling my legs.

       I saw Megan approach, taking the oil and brush to the other table.  She was repeating the process of oiling it as Annie stared at me, confused and stupefied.

       “Who are these people?” she asked me.  “What are they doing?  Why us?”

       “I don't know!” I said, obviously as scared and confused as she was.

       “What did I tell you?” said the boss, looking over Annie.  “Take out those earrings.  No jewelry.  That stud in your nose, get it out.”

       “Why?” retorted Annie, looking angry and beyond irritated with this woman.

       “Want me to fry you and rip them out myself?” answered the older woman?

       Annie glanced at me, then down at the floor as she began removing her many piercings.

       “Come here, now,” said the blond after Annie had removed all of her jewelry.  “Lay down face first.”

       I saw Annie glance back at the older lady in charge.  She gave a stern look to Annie, who slowly approached the table.  She dropped her earrings with a clank onto the tray table.

       She stood at the table for a few seconds, arms crossed, looking at it.

       “Hop up,” the blond said, giving a little smile to Annie.  Annie reluctantly crawled onto the cold, oiled metal.  As she lay face down, I stole a glance at her pretty firm ass.  I saw a couple of tattoos on her back and downs her thighs that I never would have known were there.   My eyes ran down her tan legs and lingered on the round heels of her feet.  She lay with her head facing away from me as the blond began dripping oil onto her back.

       I heard the boss' shoes clicking over to me.  I looked up at her as she peered down at my naked body.  “Very nice,” she said, as her eyes looked me over.  Handing her remote to Tiffany, she reached down, feeling my pecks.  Gliding her hands down to my abs, she palpated them a bit. 

       “You're very lean.  Just right,” she commented, as she touched my thighs, massaging them.

       Tiffany stood on my left, watching her boss inspect me.  “He has very nice feet for a man,” she said.  “Very sensitive.”

       The boss moved to my feet and took them in her hands.  Running a nail down my oiled sole, I involuntarily jerked back my foot. 

       “Oh, I see that.  And his penis is fabulous,” she said, bending down and looking closely.  “Very, very nice,” the boss smiled at me, taking back her remote and walking out of view.

       “Now,” said Tiffany, “I'm going to slip something on you.”

       She went to a drawer and removed a few items that I couldn't discern.  After placing the objects on the tray table, she stepped over to my right side.  She held a black rubber ring that she stretched and placed under my scrotum and wrapped over the top of my penis at the base.  It felt good as she applied it, and I gasped.

       I watched as my penis immediately began swelling from the cock ring.  “Look at that, big boy!” Tiffany said as she watched me grow.  I laid my head back on the table, not believing what was happening to me.

       “I'll be right back”, said the Asian woman, and I watched her walk over and round the corner that was out of my view.  Glancing at the the boss, I saw her standing near the ends of the tables, observing. 

       “Alright, flip over,” the blond said to Annie.  I turned my head to see Annie roll over on the table.  She stared straight up at the ceiling as Megan began to oil her front.  I noticed a few more tattoos on her tummy.  I stole another glance down her runners legs, and noticed more tattoos on the tops of her feet.  Her long toes were painted red, and suddenly I could feel my dick throbbing.

       I kept sneaking glances as Annie was oiled to completion.  The Asian woman came back around the corner just as the blond put down her brush. 

       I heard the boss step over to Annie's table.  She stood over her, inspecting her oiled, athletic body.  “Very nice breasts,” she said.  “Nice tummy, wonderful legs.”

       Annie recoiled slightly as the boss touched her on the upper thigh.  She ran her hand down the length of Annie's toned leg, kneading is as she went.

       “And these feet,” she said in her husky voice.  She dragged her nail down her right foot, Annie kicking it away in a panic.  “You have some big feet, don't you?  But they're very pretty.

       I then remembered that I once overheard Annie telling a co-worker that she wore a size ten and a half shoe.  I prefer small feet to big, but seeing my naked boss' feet in my condition made me wonder if this was all a dream.

       “Lets do her first,” said the blond, as she went to a cabinet behind the tables.

       “What?” asked Annie angrily.  “What are you doing?  Why am I all oiled?”

       The blond came back into view with rope. 

       “What the fuck, now?” yelled Annie, half sitting up on the table as she saw the rope.

       “Lay down!” came the barking order of the boss.

       “Lay down, sweetie,” Tiffany said to her, as she gently pushed Annie by the shoulders back into a laying position.

       Megan handed the Asian woman some rope as they each took a leg.  Bending Annie's legs at the knee, they tied the rope tightly, binding her calves to her thighs.  

       “You're fucking perverts!”  Annie said when her legs were bound and she couldn't straighten them an inch.

       “We're not done yet,” said the blond.  Taking Annie's wrists, they tied each to their respective ankle.  So there Annie lay on her back, legs spread, feet in the air, completely exposed.

       The boss walked to Annie's table, her heels clicking.  She stood next to Annie's face and bent down.  Annie turned away, not knowing what was about to happen. 

       “I can take this off now,” said the woman, holding the remote near Annie's collar.  With a click, the collar unlocked.  Removing it from Annie's neck, she dropped it with a thud on the nearby tray table.

       “Fucking bitch!” said Annie, furious that she was free of the collar, but still helpless.

       “Now for you,” Megan said, looking at me.  She and Tiffany approached my table.  The Asian woman took something from the metal tray.

       “Hold his legs, please?”  Tiffany asked her partner. 

       The blond took me by both ankles and brought my legs back, bending at the knees much like Annie's position.  “Now, I just want you to relax,” said the Asian woman, standing near my bottom.  Suddenly I felt a finger touch me in a place I was not expecting!

       I instinctively kicked out of the blond's hands, both women taking a step back.  “What are you doing?” I asked, shocked, ready to leap off the table.

       “You've been a good boy all this time,” said the boss.  “Don't blow it now.  You're almost done. I promise.  Ladies?” she said, motioning for them to continue.

       The women came back to their positions.  Megan laid me down and brought my legs back again, holding my ankles.  I felt the Asian's finger touch me where I have never been touched before.  She gently rubbed me there for a few seconds, spreading around something slimy.  Her finger left, and I saw her reach for something on the tray table.

       “Just relax, sweetie,” Tiffany said from between my legs.  I glanced up at Megan holding my ankles, and saw her green eyes looking at my bottom.  I glanced  to my right at Annie, and saw her looking at me with worry, as she tried to wiggle free.  Suddenly I felt cold pressure on my anus.  It would start and stop as my body tried to keep whatever it was out.

       “C'mon, sweetie,” said Tiffany in a sweet voice.  “Relax all your muscles.  You're almost done.”

       I tried to do as I was told.  The pressure built up again.  This thing felt big and cold, and it eventually slid deep into me as Tiffany pushed.  “Ooh!” I gasped involuntarily.

       “Gooood boooy!” said the Megan, looking down on me.  “That's your thermometer, honey.”

       “Why?” I panted.  “Why are you taking my temperature?”

       “Ssshhhh,” answered the blond, setting my legs down.  “Now put your arms above your head for me.

       I did so as she went to a cabinet behind me.  Coming back, she handed more rope to the Asian woman.  Walking behind me, I felt my hands being tied above my head at the wrists and secured to the table.  Tiffany bent my legs so that the soles of my feet were touching.  She quickly had rope around my legs similar to Annie's, and finished off binding me by tying my big toes together with a thin piece of rope.  I tested the bonds, I couldn't budge.


       Click, click, click I heard coming in my direction.  The older woman in charge bent over me.  “I guess we can take this off now,” she said.  I heard a snap, and she removed my collar.

       “This bitch's turn now,” said the boss, tossing my collar onto the tray table.

       The boss and Tiffany approached Annie.  She struggled against her ropes as Megan went to a drawer and came back with an instrument.  She held a long, silver, thick device.  A dial was on one end.  That's what the thermometer looked like!  That huge thing was inside of me?

       Megan took a small jar of the lube from my tray table as she went to Annie.  “Allow me,” said the husky voice, taking the thermometer from Megan.  I saw Megan scoop some lube out of the jar.

       “Get away from me, you bitch!” Annie yelled, as the blond gently applied the lube to Annie's vulnerable anus.  She wiggled and tried to get free, but I knew that if she was tied as tight as I was, she wasn't going anywhere. 

       “Have you ever had anal sex?” asked the boss, holding the thermometer as Megan rubbed it with lube.

       “None of your fuckin' business!” yelled Annie, wiggling her legs, struggling to free herself.

       “I'll take that as a no,” said the woman, as she inspected Annie's ass.  “I only ask because, you see this?”  she taunted, holding the thermometer up for Annie to look at.  “It's big, isn't it?  Well, it's going into you, like it or not.  And I don't think this virgin asshole's going to like it one bit.”

       The boss lowered the lubed thermometer towards my boss' ass. 

       “Wait!”  cried Annie, lifting her head to look at this woman between her legs.  “Please.  Please let me go.  Why are you doing this?  I don't know you, or them,” she nodded at the other two women.  “Just please,” she said, a hint of tears in her eyes, her voice cracking, “Please don't put that thing in me.”

       “Well, its in his virgin asshole,” the boss said, looking at me.  “And besides, I need to know your temperature as you roast.”

       “Roast!” yelled Annie.  “No!  Get away from me.  No!”

       I watched as the boss placed the thermometer against Annie's anus.  I couldn't see well from my position, but Annie begged for awhile.  She fought to keep it out.

       “Please,” said Annie as the thermometer touched her.  “No, don't.  I don't deserve this!  Please!  I'm sorry for what I've said to you.  Oh god, don't put it in me.  I'll do anything, just let me go. “

       Annie looked at me, her face red with rage.  “Help me!” she screamed.  “You've got to do something.”

       “Stop,”  she yelled, looking up at the boss between her legs.  Tears began rolling down her cheeks.  “I'll be good,” she pleaded.  “Just don't put that thermometer in me.  I'll do anything you want.  I'll...  Oh God.  Oh GOD.  NO!  Uhhh. UUHHH.  UUUUHHHHHHHH, GOOOOODD!”


       The boss had a look of great satisfaction as she slid the thermometer deep into Annie's reluctant rectum.  Annie just stared at the ceiling, tears coming down her cheeks.

       I tried not to leer at her, but it was hard to keep my eyes to myself.  The thermometer in my ass pressed against my prostate, and as I glanced down, I saw my dick was dripping with pre-cum.

       The boss bent over Annie's face.  “How did that feel?” she asked.  “I had to insert that meat thermometer deep inside of you so that I can have an accurate reading.  I hope you realize now, you both are going into the oven.  He was quite compliant, and you, quite a bitch.  I'm going to enjoy tasting the both of you.  But first,” she said, walking to the head of Annie's table and wheeling her so that her bottom half was facing me, “we must tenderize your most savory parts.  And I think your friend here will enjoy this view of you.”

         “Now, my little cutie,” said the Asian woman, walking up to me.  “Let's examine your intimate areas.”

       I felt her fingers glide from my chest, to my belly, around my privates, down my legs, and touch my feet.  She then cupped my testes, which made me catch my breath.  Her fingers began rubbing little circles around my perineum.

       I breathed heavily as she did this.  My balls cinched up, and my penis throbbed.  I turned my head to the right and saw Megan move to the head of Annie's table.  She reached down and began to caress Annie's breasts as the boss went to stand on Annie's right, near her bottom.

       “Don't touch me,” Annie hissed, looking upwards at the blond above her.

       I saw the boss look down at Annie's pussy.  Reaching down, she gently touched Annie's outer lips. 

       “Get the fuck away!” screamed Annie, lifting her head to look at the boss as she felt her touch.

       “Shhh,” said the boss, as she bent close to examine Annie's genitals.  “You have a very nice pussy.  Soft, pink, perfectly shaved.”  The boss moved her middle and ring fingers to Annie's vaginal opening.  Gently, I saw her slide her fingers into Annie's oiled cunt.

       “No.  Fuck!”  Annie protested, as she squirmed with the older woman's fingers inside of her.

       “This,” said the boss, lifting her inserted fingers rhythmically against the ceiling of Annie's vagina, “is your G-Spot.  I can feel yours very nicely.” 

       “Get out of me!” sneered Annie, looking with hatred at this woman violating her.

       The fingers massaging my perineum slid up to my balls, and the Asian cupped my testes in one hand.  She gave a little squeeze, and my dick raised a bit as my pc muscles involuntarily contacted.  I lifted my head and watched the Asian make a small ring with her index finger and thumb on her free hand.  She brought it to the tip of my oiled penis, and ever so slowly glided it down my head, stopping before my shaft.

       I tried not to make any noise.  But I saw my chest rising and falling rapidly as I panted from the sensation.  “Why are you doing this?” I asked, trying to calm myself and not lose control.”


       “You see, sweetie,” she said, as she let go of my head and was about to repeat the process.  “Right after the sex organs orgasm, that is when they're most tender and delicious.”

       Again, the ring of her fingers slid down my head, and this time continued slowly down my oiled shaft to the base.  I moaned in a long sigh against my will.  She repeated her stroke, but this time slide her fingers  up my shaft to envelope my head.  I laid my head back down and tried to think of anything not sexy, taking long, deep breaths.  

       Tiffany took her hands from my privates, leaving my dick throbbing and dripping.  “Look over at your friend,” she said, massaging around my inner thighs with her soft hands.  I glanced towards Annie as I heard her loudly protest.

       “NO!” she cried, as the boss, her fingers still inside Annie's vagina, used her other hand to spread Annie's lips, revealing her clitoris.

       “Well my, my, my,” said the boss.  “It looks like you're enjoying this.  Your clit is fully engorged.”

       “I don't like it, you sick bitch!” yelled Annie, as the boss, holding Annie's hood open with her thumb and middle finger, used her index finger to spread oil on her clit.

       “Now I need this pussy to cum nice and hard,” the boss said.  “I like my cunts very tender.  And your cunt is going to be all mine.

       “No.  You're.  Sick!” Annie panted.

       Glancing at the blond, I saw her using her thumbs and forefingers to massage Annie's nipples.  “Very good,” Megan whispered in Annie's ear.  “These nipples of yours are nice and hard.”

         I saw Annie lift her head and look down at what the boss was doing to her.  Her face was red with what I imagine was both anger and pleasure.  I looked at her pretty, big bare feet.  Her red toes began curling, wrinkling her glistening soles.

       The boss continued internally massaging Annie as her finger glided in circles around her glistening clit.  I bet Annie couldnt believe that this stranger, a female, was getting her off.

       “Oh my God.  Oh God!  OH GOD!  OH MY FUCKING GOD!” screamed Annie, as she writhed on the table.  “Ooohhhhh,” she moaned, as an orgasm wracked her body.

       “Very nice.  Wonderful contractions in there, slut”, said the boss, as she removed her fingers from Annie's wet pussy.

       Annie lay there, breathing heavily, visibly shaking.  I saw the blond leave Annie's breasts and walk to a cabinet.  Hearing it close, she approached my left side.

       The Asian took my throbbing penis in her soft hand.  I felt her other hand cup my testes again, palpating them.  Slowly, with a loose grip, she began stroking my dick.

       “Okay, big boy,” said Tiffany.  “It's time to get all of this cum out of you.”

       “Don't cum for them!” whimpered Annie, looking between her legs at me.  “They need us to cum before they cook us.”

       I glanced at Annie, seeing her oiled, pink pussy.  Her shapely, shiny legs.  Her cute, oiled soles and long red toes.  Her anus, a large meat thermometer dial at its entrance.  Her terrified face staring at me from between it all, brown eyes, red punk hair.

       I looked away as an orgasm was building.  Beautiful women surrounded me, watched me. 

       “Please,” I said, looking at Tiffany, who was lightly, slowly stroking my penis.  “Please don't.” 

       She looked back at me with sympathetic eyes.  “It's going to be okay, sweetie.  You're almost done.”

       My breathing was heavier.  The tension in my dick was unbelievable.  Up and down her oiled fingers went.  Down over my head, along my shaft, up my shaft until her fingers bounced over my head, and then repeated.

       I glanced down over the edge of the table to where the woman milking me was standing.  I saw her cute feet in their black sandals.  Her feet were little, with tiny toes painted light blue.

       I felt her hand come off my balls.  The thermometer inside of me wiggled a little as the woman  inserted it slightly deeper.  I felt a wave of pleasure as it pressed my prostate.

       I looked down at my body.  Here I was, completely naked and shining in oil.  My arms tied together tightly straight out behind my head.  My legs bound bent at the knee, soles touching.  A cock ring making me throb, and a meat thermometer in my rectum.  My boss, only a few feet away, naked, bound and glistening.  Four pretty women watching as I'm being slowly milked.

       “No,” I said, as I felt a another wave of pleasure building.  If I came, I knew they would be putting us in an oven.

       “C'mon, baby,” said the blond, standing to my left, looking down on me.

       The woman stroking me squeezed my balls again.  Another wave of pleasure.  I looked up at her as I felt myself losing it.

       “Please stop!” I begged, looking Tiffany in the eyes.  “I don't wanna cum.”  I tried to breath deep, but the waves were intensifying.  “Oh God, please.  Please don't do this.  Don't cook us.”

       “Ssshhh,” said the woman milking me.  “Lets see that cum now, sweetie.  Let it out.”

       “No,” I panted.  “Oh no.  Please!” 

       I glanced at Annie, and saw her watching me.  Her eyes roaming from my face to my dick.  “Oh...  Annie,”  I moaned, looking at her in her helpless condition.  “I'm sorry.  Oh.”  I felt my anus close tight around the thermometer inside of me.  “OH FUCK!  OOOHHHH!  OOOHHH!   OOOHHHHHHH!”

       I watched as my dick spurted the most cum I have ever seen leave me.  Megan standing to my left lowered a clear little cup and collected each stream.  My loins were wracked in pleasure as these four women watched me ejaculate, moaning and thrusting my hips as Tiffany milked me.  It seemed like an hour before my orgasm subsided.

       I lay there panting.  I knew the end was near now, but something in me didn't care.  My brain was flooded with the feel good chemicals of a powerful orgasm.

       “Well, lets get these two in the oven,” said the boss, as the woman who had just made me cum went around to the head of my table, looking at me with a smile.

       I saw the blond set down the cup of my semen on the tray table, and she went over to Annie.  Together, they began rolling us down to the corner of the room that was lost from our view.  Annie and I both were straining to see where we were headed. 

       As we turned left around the corner, there it was!  I saw two large oven doors along the far wall.  Glowing red, they wheeled us right up to them.

       “Oh God!” whimpered Annie.  “Please,” she said, as the boss walked along side of her.  Annie lifted her head towards the older woman, tears running and lips trembling.  “I'm begging you.  Don't cook me!  I have a husband.  I have a family!”  Annie started sobbing.  “Please don't put me in there.”

       “Oh, how polite you suddenly are,” said the boss, as Tiffany and Megan opened the oven doors.  A hot gust or air hit me, instantly warming my legs.

       Tiffany gently slipped off my cock ring.  “You're not going to need this,” she said.  Coming to the head of my table, she looked down at me.  “Well, sweetie,” she smiled, wheeling me to the brink of the oven, “this is goodbye.”

       I looked up at her as she prepared to slide my table into the oven.  “The red light reflected off her face.  She looked beautiful.  I lifted my head to look in the oven.  The red light made my oiled body glisten.  I did indeed look delicious.  I was resigned to my fate.

       “No.  No.  NO!” cried Annie, as the boss wheeled her closer to the open oven.

       “Goodbye, little princess,”said the boss, as she wiped a tear dripping down Annie's cheek.

       Suddenly, as I felt my bottom becoming seriously warm, a deafening alarm sounded.  The room turned red as spinning, domed lights dropped from the ceiling.  I saw the Asian woman above me turn to look behind her.  I tried to lift my head to see what was happening.  The three women were yelling to each other, but I couldn't hear as the siren sounded.

       They disappeared, running off behind us in a panic.  We each lay on our tables, at the brink of the ovens.  The brink of being cooked!  We looked at one another, yelling questions that neither one of us could hear.

       After about two minutes of sirens and red lights, they shut off.  I saw the lights retract into the ceiling.  There was silence.  Neither one of use moved, afraid we'd fall into the ovens somehow.

       “HELP!” screamed Annie after a few seconds.  “HELP ME!” 

       “HELP!” I joined in.  “IN HERE!”

       A couple minutes passed when I heard a loud thud.  Then another.  And another.  I realized it must be the door to this room being smashed down!  A loud crash sounded on the other side of the wall.

       “HELP!” we yelled in unison.

       I heard footsteps.  It was fast, running, multiple people.  They stopped, and I saw a masked, helmeted person looking down on me. 

       “Pull them back!” a man's voice ordered, and I felt myself being wheeled away from the oven.  Looking at Annie, I saw a similar figure pull her back from certain death.

       All I heard was Annie sobbing as the men closed the oven doors. 

       Who these men are, we have never learned.  But our embarrassment was not yet over.  They documented the entire room, including us.  Pictures of every angle were taken of our helpless bodies.  Annie yelled and screamed the entire time.

       Eventually they untied us.  We were allowed to clean ourselves up.  We got dressed in our clothes that the men had found.  We were then debriefed about the entire affair, right there in the room we were almost cooked in.  We were sworn to secrecy.  Blackmailed that if we ever said anything, our compromising photos would be released, and covered as two perverts in a sex game.

       All I learned from these four men, who never removed their ski masks, is that these cells of cannibals pop up from time to time.  Black market human meat sells, and they are the ones who try to stop it.  The authorities didn't want any of this leaking to the public, so we were to keep our mouths shut.  They wouldn't even say what happened to the women who almost killed us.

       We went home that very day.  Less than 24 hours had passed.  I see Annie all the time at work, and we rarely speak.  Each one knows what the other is thinking, I'm sure.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't constantly fantasize about her predicament.  I wonder what she would have tasted like...

The End.

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