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Debbie's Trials

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Synopsis: An orphaned girl is sent to a school for training as a slave

It was a month after graduating from eleventh grade that my world turned upside down. I had just turned eighteen and was enjoying the summer with my friends. We would hang out, talk about boys, turn catty about some of the other girls from our class, but most of all I enjoyed going to the lake. The lake was where we went to swim and get tan. Over the last few months my body really changed. I went from an almost flat chest to having a bosom. It seemed that every month my mother would have to take me shopping for blouses and bras to keep my boobies from exploding out into the open. The last time we went shopping, I was wearing a 34DD bra and my hips had rounded tapering into firm young thighs. Add that to light blonde hair thats thick and luxurious, grey eyes, button nose and perfect teeth. By the end of the year, I had more than my fair share of boys wanting to take me to the dance that marked the end of elementary school and the beginning of high school. The fun though was at the lake.

Having the type of body that I do, it left very few choices for my mother to select bathing suits from. I convinced her to let me buy a bikini. For a girl in her mid twenties, it was modest. On me, it roared sex kitten. No sooner had we gotten home, I took the bathing suit to my girlfriend Kathys house to show her. We ran up to her room and I took it out of the bag. He eyes went wide as she held up the bottoms. “Isnt it a little small Debbie? That doesnt look like it will cover anything between your legs”. I told her that I will try it on and then she could decide. As we have done many times in the past, it was no big deal to be naked in front of each other. Weve been friends since kindergarten and lived two houses apart. She gasped when I removed my blouse and bra. “When did your boobies get that big? Jesus Christ, look at them! They dont sag at all”. As she talked about my chest, my nipples were getting hard from both the air conditioning blowing across them and her staring at them. I felt a tingle between my legs that “Wait a minute Debbie, I want to see something. OK? “What do you want to see Kathy” I asked? “Your coochie if you dont mind”. With that she pushed my shoulder and I fell back onto the bed. There was a glazed look in her eyes and she was licking her lips as if she hadnt had anything to drink in a week. Her breathing became ragged as she placed her hands under my knees and lifted my legs. She spread them wide and asked me to hold them like that. As if I were in a spell, I dropped the bikini bottoms onto the bed and held my legs in the open position. Kathy stared at my coochie marveling in my sex. Although the hair on my head is thick, the hair on my sex was thin and all of the parts were visible. When I had tried on the bikini in the store and showed it to my mother, she commented that she would show me how to trim the hair that peeked out from the sides. Now as Kathy looked at me, she drew closer. I could now feel the hot breath that she panted graze my tender parts. The tingling got stronger and I could feel something wet seep out of me. I put my legs down. “Did you see what you wanted to” I asked breaking Kathys concentration. She blushed, backed up and stood as I put on the suit. The top covered almost the entire front of my boobies. The sides of them were not able to be contained by the top. The bottoms had a wide patch in the front and back. The two halves were held together by very thin strings that tied on the sides. I wouldnt need to trim that much hair by my thighs. From the way Kathy was staring at me I couldnt wait to wear it at the lake and tease all the boys.

Kathy and I went to the lake the next day. I wore my new bikini and when I took off my shorts and top, all the boys around us stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I giggled to myself and ran to jump in the water. What I didnt know at the time was when the suit got wet, it became almost transparent. When I dove into the lake and came to the surface, Kathy grabbed me. “I can see your nipples and boobies”. I looked down and could see that it was almost as if I had nothing on to cover my top. I asked Kathy to meet me at the waters edge with my towel. I had to repeat my request to her. She had that glazed eye look again. She shook her head and acknowledged me. I swam to the edge and waited for her to return. Thankfully the lake is murky and being under the water no one could see my body exposed.  Kathy returned with the towel and I quickly exited and she wrapped the towel around me. I didnt go back into the water that day, but we did stay at the lake. It was fun to watch the boys and some of the girls react to the suit. Some of the boys trunks were standing out in front as they stared.

It was two weeks later when I got the news about my parents. It was raining really hard that day. I was over at Kathys house two doors down the street. We were playing Nintendo when there was a knock on the door. At the door were two police officers asking if I was in the house. They said they wanted to speak with me. I got up from in front of the TV set and walked to the door. It was Officer Jacobs the D.A.R.E. Officer for my school and his partner Officer Williams. We know each other from school and going into town. Kathys parents came into the room when they heard it was the police. The officers asked me to sit down. They both had frowns on their faces and sadness in their eyes. “Debbie, there has been an accident. A driver lost control of his car in the rain and spun into a bunch of other cars”. I didnt understand. “What does that have to do with me”? Officer Jacobs took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Debbie, the first car that was hit had you parents in it. They were killed instantly by the crash”. I heard a loud gasp from behind me as the information registered in my brain. I let out a long and loud NO it cant be, you got the wrong car. Other people have the same car as we do. Same color and everything. It cant be them”. Kathys mom came over and took me in her arms. The news registered and I began to cry. She just held me for what seemed like hours stroking my hair. Kathys mom and dad offered to take care of the arrangements for me. The funeral was four days later. Thats when I first met him, my Uncle Ritchie.

Uncle Ritchie was moms half brother. He came up to me and stood in front of me. “You must be Debbie. Do you know who I am? I am you Uncle Ritchie”.  I stared at him. He kind of had some of my mothers features in his face. “I am going to be the one that will be taking care of you. You will come and live at my house”. The thought hadnt entered my mind about where I would live. I had been staying at Kathys house. Her father had divorced his wife and married a girl twenty years younger than him. She got pregnant and he died four years later. Mom never associated with her step-mother or half brother. I didnt even know he existed until that day. At least he explained that to me. He was my only living relative. My father was an only child as well. After the funeral and repast we went back to my house for me to pack. We would be leaving in the morning. Uncle Ritchie lived in a city that was four states away. It was a long drive to his home. He kept on looking at me. His eyes went from my hair to my feet stopping at my boobies and coochie for long periods of time. The way he was looking made me feel uncomfortable and also scared. The first night on the road he booked only one room with twin beds. I took the one closest to the door and went into the bathroom to change. As I climbed into bed he kept asking me about boyfriends and whether or not Ive had sex yet. He wanted to know if I ever fooled around with any of my girlfriends. He was quite graphic with his questions. The last question I paid attention to was if I played with my, as he called it, pussy and tits. Even though all of my answers were no, he persisted in asking his gross questions. I finally told him that I was tired and turned on my side faking sleep. Sleep was the last thing on my mind. First I was worried he might climb into my bed, plus I kept on thinking about my parents. How could that guy do this to me? Turn me into an orphan in one fell swoop. I never even got to say good bye or that I loved them.

We got up early for breakfast and went to a diner to eat. Let me describe my Uncle. Hes about 5 8” with a pot belly and little holes in his face. He ordered this huge breakfast of eggs, ham, bacon and pancakes. I had yogurt and fruit with a glass of milk. As he stuffed the food into his ugly face, he told me that we would be at his place in about six hours. I had no idea what type of place he would have. Given his physical condition, I thought that the place will be a dump. I decided right then and there that I would be nothing but trouble for him. I figured that if I presented enough of a problem he would send me back to Kathy and her parents. They offered to take care of me. Hell, I was almost their second daughter.

We finally got to his place and boy was I wrong. It was in a nice area of the city and had a second bedroom that was stacked with boxes and unused exercise equipment. As soon as we got into the apartment he changed his demeanor towards me. He threw my luggage into the room. “Thats yours. There are no locks on the door. Its up to you to figure out how to place your mattress for sleeping”. I looked at the room and started to cry. I had never been in this type of situation. Mom had always made sure that I kept my room clean, but this was a complete mess. What was I supposed to do with all this stuff? He walked up to me and took me by the shoulders and turned me towards him. Faster that I could react; his hand flew and smacked me hard across the face. “Do as youre told. All of the things in there are mine and I want them kept. Work around my things and find a place to sleep”.  My face burned where his hand connected with my cheek. I ran into the room and slammed the door shut. I decided to put my plan into action immediately. I refused to do anything he told me to do. It resulted in being spanked, sent in my room, and slapped across the face. In school, he was constantly getting calls from my teacher about my behavior. It took about two months and he finally had enough. I thought that he would send me back to Kathy and her parents. What he did do was to send me to a private all girl academy.

I had pissed him off so much that he sent me by myself with directions and a train ticket. A vehicle that had the name of the school was at the station waiting for me. I thought it odd that the driver was a woman for some reason. The driver was dressed in an outfit that came straight out of the 1890s standing next to the car. Her hair was tied in a severe bun on top of her head. Her heavy black skirt was all the way down to the ground. The blouse she had on had puffy sleeves, ruffled collar and buttoned all the way up her neck. The contrast of our clothing was eerie. I had on a pair running shorts that just covered my ass cheeks, a thong, light bra and a tank top shirt. When I stepped onto the platform from the train, I was hit full force in the face by the heat that greeted me. It must have been close to 100 degrees. I was hot and sweaty from just walking from the train to the outer terminal to find the car. How could she not be affected by the heat? She looked at me with her head cocked. “Are you Debbie”? I nodded feeling a bit uneasy as I gave her the once over. “Put you bag in the back and come with me”. There was no lilt in her voice. It wasnt a command, just a statement delivered in monotone. I threw my things into the back and sat next to her in the front. As I was getting seated, she said “Oh no child. Students never get to sit in the front. You must sit in the back with your things”. I moved to the rear seat and waited for her to start the car.

The trip to the school was silent. The only thing that was said during the entire ride came at the beginning. “The Headmistress will want to speak with you upon your arrival”. I dont know if the silence or her monotone voice was worse. After a three hour trip we got to the school. It looked like a plantation mansion from the Deep South. It was dark by the time we arrived and light shone from some of the windows. I thought to myself,”At least theres electricity”. The driver stood next to me at the stairs leading into the building. “Up the stairs, second door on the right, knock before entering”. With a deep breath, I traversed the stairs and entered. I found the door and knocked.

A soft voice from inside said for me to enter. I opened the door and went into the room. I couldnt believe what I saw there. I had been transported back in time. The woman behind the desk was dressed exactly the same as the driver. She was writing in a ledger using a quill and inkwell. The room was lit by the candles in a holder on the corner of the desk. When she finished writing in the ledger, she completed the task by using a blotter to dry the ink. As I thought about my entry into the house, I realized that the light didnt come from bulbs. The light had been produced by candles. The woman cleared her throat and brought my attention back to her. “I am the Headmistress of this school. That is how you will address me. Your teachers will be addressed as either Miss or Maam. The clothing youve brought with you will be burned, and your school clothing will be provided for you to wear. Take off your clothes so that you may be fitted properly”. I stood there stunned and in a daze with my mouth open. The Headmistress got up from her desk and came to my side. She put her arm around me and held me close to her. “The other girls in this school were sent here for the same reason you were. All of them had been trouble for their families that they could not control. I and the other teachers do not tolerate disobedience or bad behavior. Disobedience and bad behavior are treated with discipline. Sometimes harsh, sometimes violently harsh, it depends on the offense and the repetition of the offenses. Now, for the second and last time, remove your clothing to be fitted for your school clothes”. I quickly undressed and stood naked in front of her. She took out a measuring tape and took readings. She went to the closet and removed several items and handed them to me. She told me to get dressed. I looked at the items and almost cried. In the pile of items were bloomers, petticoats, a plain shift, a grey skirt, and blouse that went all the way up my neck. When I was dressed, she led up the stairs to be introduced to the girls I would share a room with. It was very eerie to walk up stairs holding a candle and trying not to let the breeze extinguish the flame.

We got to the door to the room and she tapped ever so slightly on the door. As we entered the room, the three girls in the room were standing next to their beds looking straight ahead. “Girls, this is Debbie. Debbie, this is Patty, Denise and Carol. Denise, Carol and Patty all curtsied to the Headmistress in acknowledgement. I want the three of you to explain the rules to Debbie completely. Make certain that she knows the time schedules for meals and classes”. With that she turned on her heel and left the room. Patty was the first to speak. “Jesus Christ! Another fucking newbie for us to be responsible for. I can still remember the whipping I got from the last one fucking up”. My reaction was priceless. The other two began to laugh at me. “How old are you cunt” Carol asked me. “Im fourteen”. “What the fuck did you do at fourteen to be sent to this hell hole” Denise asked? I told them about my parents and “Uncle Ritchie” and wanting to go back to my friend Kathy and her family. All three said at almost the same time “Youre fucked. Itll be at least four years before you see the light of day beyond this place”.

Patty walked around me and surveyed my body. “Not too bad but still too young to play. These are the simple rules you have to follow. First is in the room, when you hear a knock on the door you are to immediately stand next to your bed at attention with your arms behind your back. Your hands are holding your elbows like this”. Patty demonstrated the position for me and had me follow her instructions. “Second room rule is once your bed is made in the morning you are not permitted to sit or lie on the bed except if you have a medical note. Third is no sex of any kind. You cant even masturbate when the others are asleep. The gauzy frock you were given is to be worn at all times to cover your body, even when you take a shower. We will show you how to properly put up your hair in a bun and keep it that way. Breakfast is at 6:15, lunch is at 12:00 and supper is at 5:30. You are given a three minute grace period. If you are later than three minutes you will not be permitted to eat and will get demerits for every minute you are late. When you get ten demerits accumulated you will receive a severe punishment. If you get twenty demerits in one calendar month, well let just say that you wont be willing to get any more demerits.  Wake up is at 6:00. We have fifteen minutes to get dressed, make our bed, wash our faces and be at breakfast. We are three minutes from the dining hall at a fast pace. There is no running permitted at all. Breakfast is over at 6:45. We then are sent to our first class of the day. Oh, and one more thing newbie, when you fuck up we get the demerits with you. All of us do, so dont fuck up. Any questions newbie”? My head was spinning and I couldnt remember most of what she said about the room rules or how to even make the bed properly. All I kept thinking about was what she said about a severe punishment. “What did you mean severe punishment Patty”? She gave a long stare and sighed. “The punishment for ten demerits is a caning on you bare ass. You are tied bent over a wooden saw horse. You skirts are lifted and your bloomers are pulled down. Then the head mistress takes a thin bamboo cane that has been soaked in salt water and beats your ass 20 times full force. If you cry, they gag you. If you pass out, they throw cold salt water on your ass and thighs to wake you up. That is considered the light touch for punishment around here”. I gasped and almost peed on myself at the information. How could I have been brought to a place like this? What have I done to deserve this type of treatment? Denise whispered that it was almost time for lights out. The three girls began to disrobe and neatly laid out their clothing on different sections of the one chair in the room. Carol turned and told me that this is my section and pointed to an empty location. Dressed only in their shifts, they waited by their beds with hands in position like I was shown earlier. There was a soft knock on the door and an elderly woman entered. She went straight to the chair and inspected the placement of the clothing. She stood in front of each of the girls one at a time. As she examined each of them, she reached out and took their nipples in her fingers and squeezed and twisted them harshly. You could see the look of anguish and pain in their faces but none of them made a sound. She finally approached my location. Standing in front of me she examined me to ensure that I was properly dressed for sleep. “You must be the new student. I check to make certain that you are not wearing any unauthorized garments to bed. If you try to pull away or make a sound it carries three demerits each”. She took my boobies in her hands to feel their weight and firmness. She rubbed her nails over the nipples and they got hard pushing the material out in the front. She took them into her fingers and provided the same treatment as she did to the others. I saw stars as she squeezed and twisted my virgin nubs. My knees almost buckled. I clenched my teeth to avoid screaming and not back away. She finally released them and said it was time for bed. With my nipples throbbing, I slid under the covers. She blew out the candles and closed the door. The only thing I could think of to do was cry. I cried until sleep took me into a dream world that eased my pain.

6:00 AM came earlier than I thought. The other girls in the room were running around excitedly getting dressed and making their beds. The noise of them shuffling through the room is what woke me. Patty was already dressed and was standing next to my bed. The next thing I was aware of was the hard slap across the face by her. “Get up you lazy cunt! If youre late we get punished too”. She pulled me from my bed and threw me onto the floor. My head was reeling from the slap as I tried to get up onto my knees. A swift kick landed squarely on my ass and knocked me back down to lie flat on the floor. I screamed from the impact and scrambled to my feet. “Get dressed and make your bed now”. I ran to the chair and pulled on my bloomers, skirt and blouse. I had just finished buttoning all of the buttons on my blouse when there was a call from the hall “6:10, breakfast in five minutes”. I still had to get my shoes on, secure them and make my bed. Denise came over with a smile on her face. She reached out and took my nipples in her fingers and squeezed them tightly. “I can help you this morning but it will cost you later”. The smile on her face and the look in her eyes was pure evil. I wasnt sure what to do and nodded my head. Denise let my nipples go and went over to my bed and in about thirty seconds had the bed made and ready for inspection. She grabbed me by the arm and with the other girls in tow exited the room for our meal. We entered the dining hall just as the clock reached 6:18 and the door closed.

I followed the other girls and got in line and picked up a tray. As we moved along the line, food was placed neatly on the tray in individual compartments. We were given a ladle of something white at the first location. The second location placed what I thought to be scrambled eggs. Next were two strips of bacon, then toast and finally a glass of milk. Each girl had to stop at the end of the line to have the tray examined. When I got there the woman took out a note pad and asked my name. I told her it was Debbie and forgot to add Maam at the end. “Well Debbie, you get two demerits for insubordination, two demerits for improper presentation of your tray for inspection, one demerit for the top button not being closed on your collar. Who are your roommates”? I looked down not certain what I had done wrong. I responded with “Patty, Denise and Carol Maam”. She called the three names and the girls jumped from the table and came as quickly as possible without running. They stopped in front of her standing erect, legs slightly parted and hands behind the back holding their elbows. “Is this your charge” she asked. “Yes Maam” all three replied. “Her button is undone, she was insubordinate to me and she is holding her tray improperly. Werent you told to instruct her about the rules”? All three hung their heads down, their chins touching their chest indicating that they had failed at the assigned task. “All of you will receive the five demerits for her failure. Now show her the proper way to present her tray for inspection”. Carol came next to me and showed me how to present the tray. I needed to have my arms bent, palms up under the tray with my elbows resting on my hips. The woman looked and said “Now you may go to your table and eat”.

I sat down at the table and could see that the other girls were infuriated with me. Some of the others were giggling softly about their plight. Patty leaned over and whispered “Youll pay for that cunt”. Denise snickered and said “Cool she already owes me. This should be fun”. I was saddened by the turn of events and stuck my fork into the white mass on my tray. I put it into my mouth and almost threw up. I dont know what it was supposed to be, but it was horrible. Carol laughed and said “I know, it sucks, but your tray has to be empty or youll get more demerits”. I tried mixing the compartments together to lessen the taste of the white stuff. I managed to clear the tray of all the food and hoped that it wouldnt reverse on me later in the day. A soft bell sounded and all of the girls as well as the teachers rose to deposit the empty trays and head to the first class of the day.

My name was called out by a woman standing at the doorway. I placed my tray in bin and walked quickly to stand in front of her the way I had seen. “Yes Maam, you called my name”. She handed me a slip of paper with numbers on it and times. This was my schedule and class rooms. My first class was in six minutes. I hurried to find the room and not be late. I just made on time. As I got to the room the teacher was closing the door and locking it tight. The classroom was filled with the old style desks that came right out of the late 1800s. On each desk there was a board and a piece of chalk to write with. I was flabbergasted. Here we are in the 21st Century, the age of personal computers and smart phones, but what do we use? Chalk and a small writing board 9X9 inches. I looked at the front of the room and my mouth gaped open in shock. Written on the board were exacting instructions of how to give your husband a blow job. Underlined three times were the words “Defeat you reflex to gag”. As I read through the lesson on the board, it became clear that the recipient mentioned wasnt just a husband but our Master.

The teacher stood in front of the room holding an object that resembled a penis. She diagramed the locations on the penis that would bring the most pleasure for the male. She then indicated that sometimes our Master would not be ready and it was our responsibility to get him erect. She held the penis up to her mouth and began by licking the underside just below the head. As she was doing that, her hand was massaging the shaft with a twisting motion. She would occasionally stop to provide some type of instruction like grasping his testicles and rolling them in our other hand. Our teacher set the fake penis on her desk and faced the class. “You must be fully proficient in your oral ministrations. If you fail to have your Master fully erect in one minute or less, it will result in your punishment, regardless of the situation. You will now proceed one at a time to demonstrate what you have just seen”. The teacher pointed to the first girl and she jumped from her desk and stood next to the instructor. The girl must have done this before she was taken to this place. She took the fake penis and began to lick all over the head. Then without hesitation, inserted the thing all the way into mouth until just the base was left touching her lips. I sat there in complete amazement that the girl didnt gag or choke. It remained in her throat until the instructor told her to remove it. The teacher took the fake penis and placed it on the desk. She then struck the poor girls severely across the face with her hand. “What were you instructed to do? All of you will follow my lesson plans and not proceed further than what you have been taught. Now, go and sit back down at your desk”.  Being the new girl, I was the last one to be called. As I walked up to the front of the room, an announcement was made to end class. I was spared the indignity, at least for today.

My classes all seemed to revolve around sexual servitude and being a slave. They were all introductory showing the basics of serving a Master. My next class was obedience training. There werent any desks in this classroom. We stood in two line and had to follow the instructions without thought. It was just like Simon Says except that the positions were extremely humiliating. We were told that there were ten basic positions we had to learn. The first one was the standing position. That one we all knew. Its the one where you stand erect, legs slightly spread and your hands are behind your back holding the elbows.  The second position is kneeling, legs spread, back straight with your hands resting on your thighs palms up. The third position was down on your hands and knees, back arched.  The last position for the day was number four and called the super stick out your ass. This one had us on our knees with our elbows, face and boobs pressed into the floor. We had to go from position to position as the number was called out. The teacher would walk around and correct our posture or move our legs to get into the correct position.

My next class was what they called home care. It was designed to teach us to maintain the home we will live in. We had to clean, dust, wash laundry, polish silverware and clean the rugs. Since there was no electricity in the school it had to be done the old fashion way. We rolled the rugs up and carried them out to the back area. In the back, there were two posts with a cloth line between them. We placed the rug over the line and took old rug beaters and beat the rug until no dust emerged. This was the first time I had seen the surroundings in day light and stopped to look. There was nothing that I could see that even remotely resembled civilization. I felt like I had been whisked away in a time machine back to the days on the prairie. The only thing that was missing was a log cabin and the hooting of the Indians. We took the rugs back inside and I was relieved that it was lunch time.

After another wonderful meal like breakfast, I was told that I had to take a special class. I was given a room number and told to precede at best haste. I got to the room and the door was closed. I knock softly and waited. A gentle voice from inside said “Come in Debbie”. I entered the room and stood in what I was now to call position one. The woman in the room had her back towards me when I entered. She turned around and I almost fainted. It was none other than Kathys Aunt. I had met her a few times when she would come to visit Kathys mother. She looked very different from those times. At Kathys house, she was dressed in short skirts, tight blouses, very high heels and kept her hair loose. She would always ask Kathy and me if we had let boys touch us or if we touched them. If we or they had, how the touching was done and where the touching occurred. She would always touch our arms and stroke our hair as we talked. She saw the disbelief in my face and began to laugh. “I am the head Mistress and owner of this school. I convinced your Uncle Ritchie to send you here instead of giving you back to my sister to live”. My eyes welled up with tears at the learning of this. “Why! Why would you want me to be here in this miserable place? I could have been very happy back home. Gone back to school and gone to college. Why”? The Head Mistress stopped laughing long enough to tell me. “Its simple really. I want you to belong to me and eventually become an instructor here. Also, in due time, become my replacement”. I was totally confused. “What are you talking about? What do you mean”? “I will explain all of it in due time. For now you must keep this a secret. I do not want the teachers to think that you are privileged and above your education.  You must take your classes and exams and as the necessity requires punishment. Do you understand what I am telling you”? I nodded my head and whispered “Yes Mistress”. She wrote me a pass and sent me to my class.

For the remainder of the day, my head spun in circles. I had no idea what was discussed in class. All I could think about was that I could have been living with Kathy and her family. I would have been back with my friends and school. I would have been happy. Then a different thought broke into my mind. I remembered the times she came to visit. She would always make time to spend with me and Kathy. I remembered how she would sit with us at night in Kathys room. We would be in our pajamas and she would sit with us in her robe and not care that it opened and reveal her boobies.  She used to giggle and say “Were all girls here”. The sight of them used to make me tingle between my legs and my nipples got hard. When her Aunt would leave the room, I would ask Kathy if it bothered her that her Aunt let us see her boobies. She would look at me with the same glaze in her eyes that she had the time I modeled for her my new bikini. The last thing I had to do that first day was report to the nurses office.

I found the nurses office and was told to take a seat. She had another student in there. I could hear the girl crying. The nurse was talking to her in a soothing voice telling her that the marks will fade and that if she didnt want to be punished she shouldnt have acted up in class. The crying subsided and the nurse told the student to have one of her roommates apply another application before going to bed. The wounds would heal in a few days and the marks will be gone in a week or two.  The girl was led from the office and I was told to come in. She had me sit on the examination table. The nurse looked at my eyes, ears and throat. “I need you to get undressed Debbie. A full examination is required upon entry into this establishment”. I took off my outer clothing and remained in my shift and bloomers. I sat back down on the table and waited. The nurse returned with some instruments and said “No Debbie. I need you to take off all of your clothing”. “Maam, I was told that one of the rules is that we are never to take off our shift”. She giggled and responded “Yes, that is correct Debbie but I need to examine you. I cant do that with you covered now can I”? I shook my head and began to remove the remaining items. I held one arm over my boobies and the other between my legs. “Position Five Debbie” she said. I cocked my head and told her that I dont know what that is. With me still seated, she took my arms and placed them behind my back. She then grabbed me by the knees and opened my legs as wide as they could go. “That is Position Five” she said. She started her examination by feeling my neck, down to my shoulders, arms and collar bone. “Have you ever done a self breast exam”? I shook my head no. She lifted my arm and began to press into my boob, massaging it as she pressed. She covered the entire boob with her pressing and massage. Then she said she needed to test my responsiveness. She took my nipple in her fingers and began to roll it between her fingers gently. The nipple got hard and stuck out. She bounced her finger tip over the end of it several times. I could feel the tingles start and moisture fill between my legs. After examining the other boob, she took both of them in her hands and began to massage them as her thumbs rubbed over the nipples. I let out a soft moan and shuddered. I was then pushed onto my back. She took my legs and bent them so the heels were on the edge of the table next to my butt cheeks. Next she took a thing that was long and tapered and told me she was going to insert this into my vagina. She said it was a speculum for examining the interior of the vagina. When she spread my opening to insert the speculum she commented that I didnt need any lubrication. She finished her inspection and said that everything looked fine and that my hymen was still intact. She was finished with her exam and I was told to get dressed and return to my room until dinner was called.

After dinner we all returned to our rooms to study. It was after lights out that the trouble began for me. I was just drifting off to sleep when I was grabbed, gagged and bound. Patty, Denise and Carol had dragged me from my bed stripped and tied to the chair in the room. Carol had a thin round stick in her hand. “Those five demerits you cost me put me over the limit for this month. Now you will get a taste of what I am going to get because of you. She raised her arm and brought the stick down hitting the tops of my boobs. She hit them five times as hard as she could. Even in the dim light, I could see the marks that were left behind from each stroke. The pain I felt was nothing like I had ever experienced in my life. The gag had effectively blocked my screams from being heard. She handed the stick to Denise. Denise struck my thighs with it. She was stronger than Carol was and I thought that the skin was being ripped from my legs. I fought to escape but they had tied me securely to the chair. Next up was Patty. She took my nipples into her fingers and twisted then pulled on them. What had been pleasurable that afternoon in the nurses office was now agony. My nipples responded to the torture and stood proud from the flesh. Satisfied with the expansion of the flesh, Patty took her revenge by striking the stick directly across both nipples. The first stroke sent an explosion of pain throughout my entire body. The second strike landed on the top of my nipples. I was afraid to look at them. I honestly believed that they had been ripped from my boobs. The next three were placed on the tops next to Carols. My boobs, nipples and thighs throbbed in pain. Patty came to the front and sneered. “Remember I told you this morning you owe me? Well its time to pay up”. With that she removed her bloomers and shift. She climbed onto the seat and stood over me. Her sex was right at the level of my mouth. She removed the gag and pulled my head by the hair into her. “Eat me bitch! Stick out your tongue and lick my clit”. Before I could do anything the door opened and the Head Mistress entered the room. The three of them froze where they stood. Patty jumped down from the chair and stood in Position One as did the other two. “I guess I dont need to ask what is going on do I” she asked. She came over and untied me from the chair. “I want an explanation girls”. They stuttered and shuffled their feet. Finally Denise answered. “She caused us to get five demerits just from the time of wake up to breakfast. We were trying to motivate her to behave properly to save her from punishment”. “So you thought that canning her tits and thighs would motivate her to avoid getting punished? I dont see the logic in you reasoning. Debbie, I want you to wake up the nurse and have her tend to the canning marks. Then report to room nineteen”.  I left the room on stiff legs and with very sore tits as the Head Mistress called them.

The nurse examined me and told me not to worry. It wasnt as bad as I had made it out to be. It is standard that the first time you get caned it hurts like the dickens. The marks will fade in two or three days. By next week you wouldnt even know that they had been marked. I left the office and found room nineteen. I knocked as was told to come in. I entered the room and saw that Patty, Denise and Carol were in Position Four. Their asses were raised high and their heads on the floor. All of them were bare ass naked. The Head Mistress had a stick in her hand, except that it was thicker than the one they had used on me. The Head Mistress called me over to her side. She handed me the stick and told me to take five strokes on each of them. I was completely confused. I had never done anything like this in my life and had no idea what to do. Mistress then showed me how to stand, hold the stick, which she told to call a cane, and strike it. She cautioned me that I must use all my strength when I strike. The first strike landed was misplaced and the end of the cane hit directly on Carols vagina. She screamed, fell forward and curled into a ball. Mistress ordered her to get into position or face her wrath. She scrambled as best as she could and took position. My second and subsequent strikes landed across her plump ass cheeks. As I moved to the next one, I could see that blood was dripping from Carols vaginal lips because of the hit. Oddly, I was not bothered by her bleeding. I felt sort of proud to have done that to her. Next was Denise. I was improving with my aim and power. I managed to land a strike right on the crease of her thighs and ass. Next was Patty. I walked over to Mistress and whispered in her ear a question. She nodded her approval. I landed my first hit the same on her as I had done to Carol. The difference being is that I had done it intentionally. Patty rolled on the floor with her hand on her vagina pleading to stop. She saw the Head Mistress walk towards her and scrambled back into position. I told Patty to close her legs and stick her ass out. This made her vagina push out so it was almost even with her thighs. I landed the remaining stokes across the back of her thighs making certain that her lips were impacted on each stroke.

The three of them were then ordered to lie on their backs. “All of you have had punishment before. You know what is required next of you”. With those words still ringing in the air, all three spread their legs and began to masturbate. It appeared as if it was contest to see who could orgasm first. Patty was having the most trouble. She cringed every time she touched her lips. Carol was trying to avoid the spot that I cut on my first strike. It seemed as if Denise was the only one that had a clear shot at winning. Suddenly, Patty put two fingers into her vagina and pumped them in and out while playing with her clit. She arched her back off the floor and screamed. She pulled her fingers out of her and continued to rub her clit. Surprising the hell out of me, clear liquid shot from her vagina and sprayed onto the floor. Denise was next to orgasm. She quivered as she had an explosion of her own. Carol was frantic to finish. She had been so close to orgasm but couldnt get to the end. Mistress went over to Carol and moved her hand from her vagina using her foot. Carol looked up and immediately placed her hands behind her back. Mistress lifted her shift above her waist and placed her vagina on Carols mouth. “If you want to cum Carol, make me cum first”. Carol stuck out her tongue and began to lick the vagina on her face. I could see her suck the clitoris into her mouth. Her tongue must have been going at super speed on it. As I was watching Mistress get her vagina serviced, I got very wet between my legs and wished it was me with my face plastered against her. The vision of her naked breasts peaking out of her robe filled my mind. She removed her shift completely and took my arm pulling me to her. Mistress pulled me to her breasts and offered a nipple to suckle. I felt the nubbin grow in my mouth. My hands reached up and caressed the unattended globe. Mistress groaned and came. She got off Carols face and told Patty to finish Carol and let her cum. We were then ordered to return to our room. Patty took me by the shoulders and turned me towards her. “What is the relationship between you and the Head Mistress? You were allowed to touch her beyond her instructions. That has been a punishable offense in the past”. I looked at Patty and said I have no idea what she is talking about. “All I wanted to do was make sure she enjoyed my ministrations”. Patty let it drop and we went to bed.

The next morning I was awake and ready before the others were. For some reason I woke up energized and had the best nights sleep in months. I left them in the room and went for breakfast. As I entered the dining hall, I was stopped and asked where my roommates were. “They are in the room and just about on their way to breakfast Maam”. I was given a stern look by the instructor at the door. What is your name child”? Debbie Maam”. “Didnt you read the handbook you were given? Specifically regarding the morning meal and that you are to enter as a group”. “Yes Maam, I did. I wanted to show the others that I fit in and will make the best of my situation”. I was given a very stern look and then told “The penalty for disregarding the handbook rules is a minimum of two demerits. I will let it pass this one time and one time only. Wait in the hall for the rest of your roomies and pray that they are not late”. At precisely 6:17 they appeared in the hall. They dragged along until the very last minute before being late. We walked in together under the glare of the attendant and went to get in line for our meal. I passed through inspection and we went to our table. Patty leaned over and in a very snide way asked “And how many demerits did we get this morning for you going without us to meal”? “None, I waited in the hall for you to show up” I lied. The rest of the meal passed in silence. It was now time to go to class. I wasnt looking forward to being called up to demonstrate yesterdays lesson.

I entered the classroom and decided that I would be determined to succeed in whatever task I was given.  As I was called up to the front of the room, all thoughts and fears of being humiliated and ashamed evaporated from my mind. I took the fake penis with more confidence than I really had and began to lick in all of the areas we had been shown. When I was finished, the teacher took the penis from my hands and asked how many cocks had I sucked in my life? She was astonished when I told her that was my first one. She told me to stay in place and would use me as her model dummy for, as she put it, sucking cock. She had me put the tip into my mouth and using my saliva get it as wet as possible.  Then holding it by the base, she proceeded to slide it into my mouth and warned me not to use my teeth. I was to use my lips to make a seal around the shaft and let the cock glide on the tongue while keeping my mouth as wide as possible. She slid the cock in and out going deeper each time until it hit the back of my throat. I gagged and almost lost the contents in my stomach. She pulled the fake cock from my mouth and turned to the class. “That girls, is a natural reaction you just witnessed. In order for you to be proficient in pleasing your Master you need to practice taking a cock into the throat. Before you are able to pass this class, you must be able to demonstrate the ability to take at least eight inches of cock into your mouth and keep it there for a count of thirty. You may go back to your seat”. She then pointed to the girl she slapped yesterday. “Cassie, do wish to test out of this class? Then come to the front of the room”. Cassie went to front of the room like a queen walking past the peons. Our teacher reached into her bag and took out a different fake cock. It had to be twice the size of the one she had me use. She hand it to Cassie and said “This is the tester. I will judge your performance, use of lips, tongue, depth and pleasure. You may begin”.  Cassie took the cock and began to slaver all over it. In a short time the upper third was covered in saliva. Opening her mouth wide she let the length of the cock go all the way into her throat. She closed her lips around the shaft and moved it back and forth. Cassie would take it out of her mouth and lick all around the shaft and head before plunging it deep into her mouth. She took it so deeply that you could see the expansion in her throat. Cassie began to move the cock faster in and out. With a crazed look in her eyes, she slammed the cock all the way into her throat and held it there as Madam counted to thirty. When a count of thirty was reached, Madam took the cock from Cassies mouth and told the class we had witnessed an A plus performance. She asked Cassie to lift her skirt and shift. Cassie began to blush as she raised the garments. As soon as it reached her crotch, you could see the wet spot on her bloomers. “How many times did you orgasm Cassie”? Cassie hung her head and whispered “Three times Maam”.  By the time Cassie finished her exam, class was over and my bloomers were soaked as well.

As we were leaving to attend our next class, I was summoned to the Head Mistresss office. I knocked on the door and waited to be admitted. A soft “Enter” came from behind the closed door. I entered and stood in front of the large mahogany desk in position one. The head Mistress was busy finishing some paperwork while I waited. She put the quill into its holder and looked up to see me and smiled. She clasped her hands on top of the desk and told me “I have a surprise for you Debbie”. I wasnt certain if I should be happy or frightened. She rose from her chair and walked to a door and opened it. “You may come in now”. Imagine my surprise when Kathy stepped through the doorway into the room. “I finally convinced my sister to let Kathy join my school. It seems that since you left, her behavior has been less than tolerable at home”. There was mischief in her eyes and smile. “I want both of you to remove all of your clothing”. Kathy was dressed in the same clothing I was and was naked before I had my blouse and skirt removed. I looked at Kathy while I removed the remainder of my clothing. She was standing with her arms behind her back pushing her breasts out from her chest. I looked over her body and saw that her pubic hair had been removed. She looked like she could be twelve years old if it werent for her breasts and hips being so well developed. “Debbie, you seem confused. Kathy has been my personal servant for almost a year. When I told her that I was talking with your Uncle to send you here, we devised our little plan to get her here with you. It seems that she is in love with you and told me that she is willing to do anything to become a servant to you. Today I, meaning the two of us, will test her resolve and dedication”.

“Kathy, tell Debbie what you wish for”. Kathy blushed deep red and turned towards me. “I want to be your personal servant. I will attend to all of your needs even if it means taking your punishment to keep your skin soft and supple. I will bathe you, clean you after your toilet, ease your tension by letting you orgasm on my face and hands. Anything you desire I will provide”. I was astonished and surprised by Kathys revelation. I didnt know what to say to her. She rushed over to me and knelt at my feet. Looking up at me, she professed her love and desire to be my slave. I turned to face the Head Mistress and asked if I may speak. She nodded and approved my request. “How did this happen? Ive always thought that Kathy was attracted to me but didnt know about this, how I shall put it, under laying subservient desire”. Mistress thought and replied “It was during the next to last visit to my sisters house. I was in Kathys room talking to her when she told how sad she was that you had been forced to move. After a few specific questions she revealed to me her deepest secrets. The reason she never had a boyfriend was that she had hoped you would become her lover. Kathy would lie in bed and masturbate thinking about you. The day you tried on the bathing suit at her house and let her inspect you pussy up close, she told me that she spent the entire night rubbing her pussy until it was so sore she was afraid to touch it. That evening, I taught her to pleasure a woman and tested her tolerance for pain. When I twisted her nipples cruelly, she came without touching anything else on her body. On my next visit, she took fifty strokes of the cane on her ass and thanked me for the pleasure even though she cried from the beating”. I looked down at Kathy kneeling before me. I felt a surge run through my body. I suddenly felt brazen and in control. I reached down and took hold of Kathy by her nipples and twisted them as harshly as I could. With her nipples in my grip, I pulled hard on them forcing her to stand up. Kathy winced and let out a short scream for the pain. I pulled my arms back and let the nipples pop from my grip. I ran a finger between her legs and could feel the moisture leaking from her pussy. I turned Kathy around and pushed her onto the desk bent at the waist.

“Mistress, may I borrow a cane from your supplies? I want to see her cum for me without being touched”. Mistress went to her closet and retrieved a medium thick cane and handed it to me. I leaned over to Kathys ear and told her “I will stop when you have cum. You are not permitted to rub against the desk or move your hands. Do you understand me”? Kathy responded with a simple “Yes Mistress Debbie”. Just as I had done to Carol by accident and Patty on purpose, I let my first stroke hit directly on the lips of her pussy. Kathy howled but stayed in place. The head Mistress looked on in complete approval. Feeling devilish, I landed my next hit on the crease of her ass and thighs. I was careful to strike only the one thigh so that the tip of the cane would flex and hit her on the clit. The flexed tip of the cane struck fully on her clit. Kathy let out a shrill guttural scream and collapsed onto the floor. She rolled on the floor until I tapped the cane on the desk top. With great effort and in pain Kathy managed to return to her position. I could see on the inside of her thighs the viscous fluid dripping down. I handed the cane back to its owner and waited for what would happen next. The Head Mistress took my place next to Kathy. “Well it seems that you have given your servitude to two different women. You wish to be a slave to both Debbie and myself. Interesting since Debbie also gave herself to me as my slave. I would suppose that you are now a slave to a slave until Debbie is elevated to Mistress”. I asked the Head Mistress how I would be able to have a slave as a student in the school. “You wont. As you read in the handbook, all students are equal in stature. When the two of you are in my office only, you will have ownership over Kathy. Now, slave Kathy how do you thank your Mistresses for the pleasure you received”?  Kathy moved from the desk and knelt at my feet. Before I could respond, she placed her mouth on my pussy and lavished my clit with her tongue. I had never felt anything on my clit except for the occasional finger of my hand. The shock of feeling her tongue jolted my body rigid. The only thing I could feel was her tongue lapping at me. I came too quickly for I was enjoying the sensation. Kathy turned and went to Mistress who was seated on the edge of her desk. Kathy attacked her pussy with a vengeance. As she ate our Mistress, I could see a fresh supply of fluids drip down her thighs. Mistress exploded in orgasm splashing Kathys face with her liquids. Mistress looked at me and told me that I would be instructed on proper pussy eating technique later by her. It was time to get dressed and return to our normal routines. I glanced at the clock and saw that I had missed two classes and lunch. How many demerits would that earn me I wondered, probably enough to receive my first punishment, if not equal a double session? Mistress saw the look of despair on my face. “Dont worry Debbie; you will not receive any demerits for missing classes. You have been with me mentoring a new student”.

As we left the office, I asked what room she was assigned to. “She didnt say. I thought it would be with you in your room”. “Well, its study time now. We can go to my room and go over the handbook so you dont get into trouble”. “Mistress gave me the rule book on her last visit. I memorized it so I wouldnt be any trouble for you”. We went to my room and were surprised to see a fifth bed. The other three were waiting for me to return. “Want to have some fun? Watch this”. I knocked twice softly on the door. When we entered the other three were standing by their beds in position waiting. “Kathy, this is Patty, Denise and Carol. Girls this is Kathy our new roommate”. They eyed Kathy suspiciously then came over to meet her. Patty turned to me and asked “Where have you been all afternoon. You missed two classes and lunch. That provides twenty demerits for those infractions for all of us”. I just smiled and told them that I was in the office for new student mentoring by order of the Head Mistress. I was told that there would be no demerits issued. All three of them breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and gave a warm welcome to Kathy.

There was a special assembly called after breakfast for the entire school. We were escorted to rear of the school out in the area where we would beat the rugs. The rope had been taken down between the poles. Instead of the rope, two of the students were strung up to the poles naked. Their arms were tied way above their heads and their legs were spread wide and staked to the ground. Their backs gleamed, from oil having been applied from the shoulders to knees, in the morning sun. The Head Mistress and two of the teachers were standing next to the girls. “All of you, students and teachers alike, have been brought out here this morning to witness the punishment of the two you see before you. These two students have been found guilty of sedition, theft and assault. They attempted to start a revolt against the school and when it failed, stole the keys to our vehicle. As they tried to make their escape assaulted a teacher causing injury to her.  The penalty decided upon is for them to receive thirty lashes of the whip”. She then turned to the teachers standing next to her “You are the ones that have been assaulted and defied. I am extending to you the privilege and honor of meting out the punishment of fifteen strokes to each student”.  Mistress handed the whip to the first teacher and stepped aside. I gasped loudly as the whip was unfurled. It must have been five or six feet long and thick. It was braided and tapered down to a single piece of leather. The woman took several practice swings in the air making the whip crack on each swing. Having a feel for the implement gave her first strike. It landed across the girls ass cheeks leaving a deep welt in its wake. She continued the whipping covering the entire girls back from her shoulders to knees. She had ignored the Mistresss order and proceeded to mete out her thirty strokes on the one girl. Many of the strokes landed on the braided part with the tip wrapping around the body and hitting the girl on the front. Several strikes wrapped around to hit on her pussy and tits. Kathy moved closer to me. She put her arm around my waist and stood behind me. My one arm was in front of her. She took my hand and placed it on her skirt over her pussy. She moved my hand to indicate a rubbing motion. I couldnt believe that she wanted me to play with her pussy while the girl was getting punished. I pressed down with my fingers and felt her mound. I made small circles just above her clit to tease her. Kathy moved slightly back and forth to rub her nipple and breast on the back of my arm to add to her frustration. When her desire had built, she tried to stand on her toes to get my hand to press on her clit. I moved my hand from her mound and folded my arms across my chest. Kathy let out a small whimper of frustration, took her arm from my waist and moved away to stand next to me. The second girl had passed out on the fourth strike and was wet from a bucket of water having been thrown on her to revive her for the remaining punishment. The girl passed out and was revived two more times. The last time she passed out, Mistress decided to let the teacher continue with the girl unconscious. The end result would be the same. When the punishment was completed, Mistress ordered the two girls to be left tied in the sun until dinner. As an added insult, a bucket of salt water was poured down the back of both girls. Before we were dismissed, Mistress addressed the group. “Let this be a lesson for all of you. If you attempt to leave the school before graduation and sale, this is the penalty you will receive. Theft, assault and uprising will not be tolerated. You may now continue with your daily routines”. As Kathy and I walked back to the building, it hit me what Mistress had said, “Graduation and sale”. I would need to ask about that and get clarification. I decided to find out the next time we were alone.

It wasnt long before I was in her office with Kathy. We were called to her after our last class when we had study and preparation time.  We entered her office and were told to immediately strip. Mistress was wearing matching bra and thong, garter belt, stockings and high heels. Her hair was loose and flowing down onto her shoulders. Her eyes had makeup on them to give them a Smokey appearance. Lipstick was applied to complete the desired look. In the back corner of the office was an inflatable king sized air mattress. She took us by the hand and led us to the mattress to lay with her. She began kissing us both. We responded and kissed her back and each other. Our hands felt for female flesh some covered in lace some bare. I took a tit out of its covering and sucked on the nipple. When it was erect I gave it a mild twist. I was rewarded with a soft moan indicating she wanted more. I twisted it a little harder and felt her rub her pussy on my thigh. I broke off my kiss with Kathy and asked Mistress if she wanted it harder. “Oh yes, do it”. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to me kissing her deeply and shoving my tongue deep in her mouth. As I kissed her passionately I twisted her nipple savagely. Her response was to orgasm on my leg from the rubbing on it. Kathy swung around and pulled the thong to one side and planted her face against Mistresss pussy. You could hear the sucking and slurping sounds she was making. I knew how horny Kathy was so I buried my face between her legs and ate her out. Soon Mistress and Kathy were both cumming to beat the band and were moving so much I dont know how they stayed attached. When they calmed down both of them attacked me. Kathy was servicing my pussy and Mistress was squeezing my tits and nipples while kissing me. I lost it completely when Kathy inserted two fingers into my pussy and started to pump them in and out. I came so violently that my asshole spread open. Kathy didnt let up and continued to suck and lick my pussy. She also took advantage of my open sphincter by sliding the other two fingers of her hand into my poop shoot. The sensation was so intent that I grabbed Mistress and pulled her down to my breasts and held her there so tightly that she thought I was going to suffocate her with my tits. Kathy was rubbing a spot inside and behind my clit. The feeling was intense and I came with such force that I squirted into her mouth and all over her face. I was too sensitive to let her continue and I pushed her away with the last of my strength. I watched as Kathy and Mistress got into a sixty nine and feasted on each other until both were sated.  While we were lying there feeling the afterglow I asked Mistress what she meant when she said graduation and sale.

She explained to both of us that the school operated on funds that were provided by selling the girls that graduated to various people at the auction in May.” Some of the girls have been sent by their owners to be trained while others had been found or dropped at the front door having no other place to go. Only the very wealthy can afford the girls. Some girls have gone for hundreds of thousands. One blonde had returned five hundred thousand on her sale. She was sold to an Arab Sheik. She recently wrote me a letter telling me that she was pregnant and if it is a boy she will be set free and paid one million dollars. If its a girl she will raise the child until her fourteenth birthday then send her here to be trained and married to a different Sheiks tribe. The cost of running this school almost outweighs the income. We only have eight to ten girls graduate at a time. The cost of the instructors, food, clothing and facility is quite high”. I asked “Does that mean that Kathy and I will be sold to someone in May”? She shook her head “No I told you that I intend to keep you here as an instructor and personal servant and then elevate you to assistant Head Mistress. Kathy has already pledged herself to you and me. She will remain with you. The only condition that would cause this to change is if neither of you are able to excel at your instructions and finish with a final grade of less than an A”.

The months flew by. Kathy and I studied, prepared and practiced long into the nights. My oral class turned out to be easy once I got past the gag reflex. Sexual intercourse was more difficult being a virgin for both of us. Mistress assisted us by using thicker and thicker dildos in our cunts and asses.  One class required us to be ponies. We had to learn to walk in very high heels that made us stand on our toes, have clamps on our nipples with little bells and have a bridle stuck in our mouths. The one thing that I disliked was the birthday party for one of the instructors. I was made wear a small table strapped to my back. I had to remain on my hands and knees for the entire party. Sometimes drinks were placed on the table. Other times they would put their feet up on the table and relax. I was naked for the party and hands would roam over my exposed areas. Fingers would find their way into my pussy and ass. Clamps were attached to my nipples. The worst part was having a collar around my neck. Sometimes a woman would attach a leash and lead me to a different area. I had to ensure that nothing dropped or spilled during my travels. Finally May arrived. It was time for exams.

My first exam was in blow jobs. For the exam they had solicited fifteen men to be our subjects. All of the men were buyers at the auction later in the week. My lot in the drawing was a small Chinese man. His cock was about four and a half inches long and thin. I got on my knees in front of him and began to caress his cock. It sprang to life and lengthened by only an inch or so. I stuck out my tongue and lavished his balls soaking them in saliva. I worked my way up the shaft until I could circle the head by licking all around the crown. I gave the underside of the head gentle butterfly licks to further enhance his pleasure. I lightly squeezed his ball sack and held it from the shaft. With my fingers circling the top of his sack, I plunged the shaft deeply into my throat. I pulled down on the sack and pushed the final bare skin into my mouth. Whit his cock being so thin and small, I decided to try something I had often thought about doing. I opened my jaw as wide as it would go and gently stuffed his ball into my mouth and onto my tongue. I had the head of his cock trapped in my throat. I made swallowing motions to massage his cock head and ran my tongue under his ball sack. He grabbed me by the hair and tried to fuck my face but his cock was as deep as it could go. I let it back out only to take a breath and plunged it back in. The pressure was too much for him to bear and his cum shot straight down my throat. I held him in my mouth until I could feel the tremors subside, licked him clean and fastened his trousers. I would find out my grade at the end of the day. I had two sex exams to still take. The next one was resiliency in my ass and cunt. I sat in the classroom until it was time to go to my next exam. I watched as one of my classmates drew a monster cock. It had to be ten inches long and about two inches wide. She had a really hard time getting that monster into her mouth. I was jealous and wished I had drawn him. He would have been a shining example of my abilities and progress from when I first arrived.

The next exam was simple in design. Get your asshole and cunt fisted. Then you had five minutes to get your muscles to tighten to the point of resistance to entry. The amount of hours I spent over the course of the year flexing and opening to gain control of the sphincter and Keegle muscles was great and exhausting. I did find out that by exercising the muscles, I was now able to squirt during my orgasm. I was called up first to be tested. I was bent over the edge of the desk and my skirt and shift were pulled up and my bloomers down. The Head Mistress had selected the teacher with the largest hands to administer the exam. She slopped a small amount of lube on her hand, placed her other hand on the small of my back and asked “Are you ready”? I nodded and felt her slide three fingers at first into my anus. I concentrated and relaxed the muscles in my sphincter. She added the remaining fingers and pushed. To keep my concentration and relax, I thought of my face buried in my Mistresss cunt sucking and licking her until she came all over my face. I could feel my juices running down my legs all the way to my socks. I was taken out of my revelry when she told me to turn around and place my ass on the edge of the desk.  She commented on not needing any lube for the next part. She spread the inner lips with her one hand and placed her fist from the other at the opening. Without warning, she punched her way into my cunt and preceded to fist fuck my cunt. She tested the depth of my womb and made a mark on her wrist to determine the depth. She then took the sand glass and turned it over. “You have five minutes to flex your muscles and be test for resistance”. I watched the grains of sand flow from one tube to the other as I flexed and concentrated on the two sets of muscles. As the last few grains of sand fell to the bottom tube, the teacher took two fingers from each hand and inserted them into my ass and cunt. She felt what she was looking for and told me to get dressed and leave the room. My grade would be posted.

I walked to the punishment room and waited for my name to be called. I had to pick a piece of paper from three bowls. The first bowl contained the implement to be used. The second bowl indicated the location and the third was the number of strokes to be given. I reached into the first one and drew the bull whip. The location was to be my tits and the amount was set at twenty five. I could feel the fear rising in me. It only increased as I removed all of my clothing and was bound to the pole with my arms raised and my feet shackled to the floor. I had no ability to move or turn away from what I know will be a vicious punishment. One girl about two months ago had been punished with the bull whip. The whip had actually cleaved skin from her back leaving it deeply scared.  I was instructed to count the strokes out loud and if I miscounted, I would have to start back at one. The first hit landed directly across the nipples. A loud scream emanated from my throat at the impact. As the strokes landed on my flesh, I placed myself into a different world. Mistress had shown me how to endure the pain by taking my mind elsewhere. That little trick plus the fact that the strokes were designed to inflict pain not damage got me through the ordeal. I will admit that I did cum four times and left a sizable puddle on the floor. I looked down at my tits and could see that they were lightly cut and deeply marked. My nipples throbbed in agony. When I was told to get dressed, placing the shift and blouse over them was difficult. I went to the Head Mistresss office to see if she was there.

I stood at the door and knocked softly waiting for permission to enter. I was told to come in. As I entered the room, I looked to see if there were others in the room. Mistress was doing paperwork and was alone. I immediately removed all of my clothing and assumed my position in front of her desk. She looked up from her work and saw the beating my tits had taken. Her breathing became ragged and her nipples poked at her blouse. She smiled at me and said “I was just going over the final grades for your group. You have passed with exception and from the looks of your tits, I doubt if that grade is any less. You and Kathy will accompany me to the auction this evening and be my assistants during the sale. I will make an announcement that you will be a new instructor here at the school. Unfortunately, Kathy has not passed with high enough grades to be an instructor and must retake two courses”.  Mistress rose from behind her desk and literally tore her clothing from her body and attacked me. Her kisses on my tits were both agony and ecstasy to my senses. We fell to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs, each trying to get to the others center and give the most pleasure we could.

I attended the sale of the girls and we were able to raise enough money to provide for the school the entire year ahead. Kathy has my permanent collar around her neck and couldnt be happier.

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