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Synopsis: Following a dimensional appocalypse, Earth has been flodded with magic, monsters and catastrophes. Many are dead; a few have become extremely powerful. Most of those are male, and the old world order has been up-ended. Most women are now slaves to super-powered males. This is the story of one of those lucky few men who have gained immense power.

       Andra screamed into her ballgag. She screamed as my whip hit her beautiful ass again. She'd been screaming herself hoarse since I started working my way down her back with the horsewhip. She screamed when I hauled her up by her bound tits, her wrists tied to them and they tied to a pulley fixed to the ceiling. Her ankles were tied together with cruel handcuffs, almost too tight for her. Her big toes were tied with wire to a D-ring in the floor and her head was covered in a gag and blindfold harness. Drool was leaking onto her tortured tits, and reddish markings criss-crossed her back, contrasting with her chocolatey skin. As I moved down her ass and onto the back of her thighs I paused to thrust in and out of Denna's asshole a few times.

       The pretty Geordie was strapped into the bitch harness on a bench bolted to the floor. A long penis gag muffled her cries of pain as the weights clamped to her nipples swung under her in response to my thrusting. I'd decided to park my cock in her asshole before starting my whipping session with Andra just because it seemed to be a nice thing to do. Denna's cunt wasn't being neglected as a powerful vibrator was stuck to it, constantly getting her off. Andra was hanged right in front of her. I swung the long whip from side to side, working my way down the back of her legs. I paused to give Denna a few swats across her back as well. I was rewarded with lovely contractions of her anus around my dick and a muffled, continuous squeal. Pausing the whipping, I pulled my dick out of her ass and walked over to Andra.

       "Are you enjoying yourself, pet?" I asked. She nodded vigorously. I stuck my fingers in her pussy, now soaking wet, and worked her clitoris with my thumb. She began to moan and gyrate in her bonds. I reached around her shapely, whipped ass and grabbed a hold of the plug in her butt. Easing it out, sphere after latex sphere began sliding out of her until almost a foot of it slipped out. Then I began sliding it back in, the out again. I pulled out a pair of wire cutters and freed her toes from their bondage, then lifted her bound legs over my head and rested them on my shoulders, I slipped my cock into her soaking pussy. She responded instantly by using her legs to fuck herself on my cock, supported by her bound titties. I kneaded her tortured breasts in my hands, tracing the purple, taut skin then grabbing hold of her nipples and twisting them. She fucked herself on my cock with increasing speed, panting hard as an orgasm built up in her, but I would not let her have the satisfaction so soon. With some effort, I extricated myself from her grip and, to her groaning dismay, slipped my cock out of her.

       "Not yet, my pet. You're going to have to earn your orgasm." With that I placed her stiletto shoes back on her feet, buckled them into place and went to a wall switch to lower her down. Fitting her with short-chain leg irons, I uncuffed her ankles and led her to where Denna was enjoying yet another orgasm brought on by the vibrator stuck to her pussy. Grabbing two pairs of clover clamps linked by a chain, I placed one of each pair on Andra's nipples, then the other ends bit cruelly into Denna's pussy lips. Their moans of pain were music to my ears.

       "All right, pet, now you're going to eat this bitch's ass out. Then my ass while I sodomize her. Then, maybe, I'll let you cum." Having said that, I unbuckled Andra's gag, held her face in my hands, and asked:

       "Do you understand?"

       "Yes, master." she replied in that lovely French-accented English.

       "Good pet." I replied, kissed her, sucked on her tongue, then stuck her head between Denna's magnificent buttocks. I could see the slut darting her tongue into the other woman's anus, licking, sucking, probing as deep as she could. Denna moaned harder. I went around to see her beautiful face, now flushed red and sweaty, like the rest of her body. Her eyes were glazed over and her breathing ragged. I had left her tied up in there with that vibrator working her for four hours now. I had occasionally come down to flog her ass and back and to fuck her in the ass once, my sperm currently being sucked out by Andra and gulped down greedily. Denna, for her part, was probably enjoying a brief respite from not having something stuck in her asshole. I had been keeping her plugged and stuffed from months now, only taking it out for her bathroom needs and to put my own cock in there. Such a magnificent ass as hers deserved no less attention. I grabbed a cane and went to work on Denna's pretty little bare feet, eliciting more muffled screams as I caned her bare soles. Nevertheless, she orgasmed again soon enough.

       Satisfied, I moved Andra's face away, stuck my cock in Denna's lily-white ass once more, shoved by other slavegirl's face back into my ass and went to work pounding. Andra did her best to keep rimming me as I pistoned furiously in and out of Denna's ass, but my motion shook her nipple clamps furiously, causing both women pain. However, after the hot and satisfying session I'd had today, I didn't last long and I blew my load into Denna's bowels. I rested for a minute slumped over my fuckhole's back, then reached around her front and gently unclipped the clamps on her nipples, eliciting fresh squealing. I gently rubbed her sore and tortured nipples, cupping her small breasts in my hands. Getting up, I placed my shrinking dick in Andra's mouth to be cleaned, which she did dutifully.

       "Would master like me to clean slave-Denna's asshole as well?" she asked. I smiled but shook my head.

       "No, pet, slave-Denna is going to keep my sperm where it belongs. Inside her." I answered, taking a buttplug off of my toy table and sticking it into Denna's ass, trapping my sperm in there. I turned back to Andra:

       "Now it's time for your reward." I said, unlocking Denna from her bondage and pulling her away from the vibrator just as she was getting close to another orgasm. She protested vehemently, stumbling on shaky legs trying to slap my hands away, then dropping to the floor and fingering herself furiously in an attempt to finish cumming. I laughed and let her get on with it while I strapped Andra in her place into the bitch cage and placing the vibrator on her pussy. Once I started it, she came almost immediately. Denna had just finished masturbating herself, and lay splayed on the floor exhausted; I pulled the gag out of her mouth, all 3 inches of it, stuck it into her soaking pussy, and turned to Andra:

       "Okay, pet, now I'm going to leave you here for a little while." I said to her, gagging her with Denna's sloppy wet gag. She smiled at me behind her gag; she wouldn't be smiling if she knew I planned to leave her there for a few hours. Picking Denna up over my shoulder, I climbed out of the basement into my house. Cuffing her again with soft leather cuffs, I placed her back on the plush mattress inside her cage, and locked the door. She was asleep not long after.

       I went to see about lunch. In the kitchen my third slavegirl was cooking me my favourite dish. Ellen, wearing nothing but a red apron and a steel chastity belt with Annal and vaginal dildos, worked the frying pan. Her wonderfully toned bare legs and ass greeted me, along with her pretty bare feet. She hated her feet, even though they were really cute, so I made her go barefoot everywhere. She hadn't been allowed to wear anything other than strap sandals and stiletto shoes since my ownership of her started. In summer time, even when she went out, she was forced to go barefoot, and in a skimpy a skirt as I could find without blatantly showing her bare pussy and asshole. None of the girls were allowed to wear underwear, unless it was meant to hold dildos inside them. Like just now. The cute young mother of a little girl had protested when I first stuffed her full of dildo in both her holes, but she changed her tune after I started up their vibrators and left them on for a whole day. By the end of it she couldn't walk at all. She begged me to stop the continuous orgasms, which I did only after she threw out all her shoes and gave me a footjob, then licked my sperm off her toes. The dildos inside her were non-negotiable, but after she agreed to cook for me, I gave her the remote to their vibrators. Right now, I could hear their faint thrumming as she busied around the kitchen, listening to music from her phone. I walked up to her, pinched her butt, making her jump around:

       "Oh, master." she said, immediately kneeling before me and giving my cock a kiss. It was her idea to do that by way of greeting. I liked it. I held her head and she opened her lips and gave my dick a few sucks.

       "You've been assfucking, haven't you?" she asked, wrinkling her nose, then sucking my dick a bit more.

       "Yup. You know I can't resist Denna's sweet butt."

       "It is lovely, isn't it?" she said, returning back to her cooking.

       "It's magnificent. Best ass ever." She gave me a dirty look. I laughed.

       "Don't get jealous, pet, I still prefer your legs. Have done since we were working together. Couldn't take my eyes off of them, especially as you flaunted them all the time in your shorts and skimpy skirts." She giggled, got up and struck a little sexy pose.


       I went to the living room and sat down on a large leather armchair. Bound to a table in front of me lay a pretty, skinny little thing. Sophie was to serve as my dining table. I looked down and smiled. Ellen probably tied her here before starting to cook. I looked at Sophie's bound ankles and wrists. The rope work was pretty good. My slaves were learning to tie each other up pretty well. Her tiny waist was also pinned to the table and a nice red gag and blindfold harness covered her cute face. Under her was a large cushion and she looked to be asleep. I promptly pinched her nipples and she squealed in protest at being awakened so rudely. I laughed and gave her nipples a quick licking before kissing her nose. She mumbled something, but I wasn't paying attention as I lay back, placing my feet up on her thighs and turned on my TV. Ellen came in a few minutes later with my food, chips and fried egg, with ketchup. She lay the plate down on Sophie's flat belly and knelt on the floor besides her.

       "Aaah, my favourite." I said, digging into the meal. Then I looked over at my sexy "table". "Darling." I said, turning to Ellen, "Would you make my table more comfy by massaging her feet?" Ellen scrunched her nose; she knew where this was going and didn't like it. I, however, loved it. "And use your tongue and mouth to warm them up." I added with an evil grin. She was about to protest, but then I added: "Be a good girl and later on I'll have the girls give you a full body massage and eat you out." She perked up at that, scooted over to Sophie's cute little feet and started rubbing her soles while her mouth worked on Sophie's red-painted toes.

       I took Sophie's ball gag out and fed her a few bits from my plate in between some pleasant conversation. Ellen tried to chime in, but I put her right back to work on Sophie's feet and told her she'd earned herself a few canes across her boobs for speaking when she should have been licking. I finished off with a quick footfuck between Sophie's soles, had Ellen lick the sperm off and untied my "table", shackled her with leg irons and handcuffs, all linked to a belt around her waist, then tasked her with cleaning out her asshole for later. It should be interesting to see how she does it, chained up as she is.

       I took a moment to enjoy the sight of the two beauties in front of me and then scooted them along. Ellen I directed to give herself an orgasm, Sophie to hobble off to the bathroom and give herself an enema. It wasn't going to be that hard, all she had to do was kneel into the enema machine, impale her ass on an inflatable enema nozzle and press the cleansing program, then wait as the machine filled her bowels with cleaning fluid. The nozzle would then inflate for 15 minutes while the cleansing too place. Of course, as with my other activities, everything was filmed and stored on my secure server for later enjoyment. Me and my 10 sex slavegirls. I smiled.

       Speaking of which, my other girls should've been done with their chores in the garden. I stepped outside of my mansion and looked at the mostly naked and chained up beauties tending to my flower terrace. Not very big, given the location of my mansion up on a rocky peak a few hundred feet above the beach below, but it was lovely place for activities and relaxation. Right now one of my girls was getting a suntan. Irene was naked on a recliner, soaking up the sun. Well, her and the intricate rope bondage that bound her. I wanted her to tan with clear bondage marks on her body. All my girls had some sort of mark on them declaring my ownership of them; Ellen had a couple of shackles tattooed around her thighs, a chain linking them across her navel; the girl likes tattoos and had a few prior to being mine; now she had a few more, including a declaration of eternal servitude to me tattooed on her scalp, under her hair, a pair of wings on her back and arms, two rose blooms framing her nipples and aureoles and an intricate decoration on both her feet.

       Lying in her recliner, Irene's pierced nipples, the chastity piercing locking her pussy shut and the ring through her nose sparkled in the sunlight. Her legs and thighs, arms and chest, neck and waist all had ropes criss-crossing them; after a few tanning session, she'd have the imprint of her bondage on her skin for a few months. I fully intended to take her out in skimpy outfits so everyone could see her sexy body and decorations. I walked over to her.

       "Master." she greeted me. I gave her my cock to kiss. I slid my dick between her lips a few times. I was going to carry on, but I was fucked-out for the moment so I stroked the hair out of her eyes and went about applying sunscreen to her body. I wanted her tanned, not fried.

       "Enjoying the sun, pet?" I asked.

       "Yes master. I'm sure the rope marks will look great after this."

       "You'll wear them proudly, won't you, darling?"

       "Yes master. It's so very kinky. Makes me very nervous that other people will see them."

       "Hehehe. But I bet it also turns you on, doesn't it?" I asked, fingering her pierced pussy. She was a quite moist. I stroked her clit a bit as she writhed in her bonds. I continued stroking and tweaking her nipples. I may have been fucked-out, but I wasn't going to neglect my girls. I fingered her, with some difficulty through her closed legs and locked piercings, but I eventually got her off. I'd had her pussy pierced months ago, then threaded a steel chain through the 6 titanium rings now adorning her labia and padlocked it to her clit piercing. I kept her locked like this most of the time, until she'd eventually be a very good girl and I'd release her for an orgasm. I had rigged up an electrostim device that clamped onto the piercing and gently stimulated or tortured her pussy, depending on my whim. If I turned it on to slightly painful levels, I got a nice sensation when I assfucked her, not to mention that she squeezed my cock that much better with a few little jolts through her clit.

       "Mmmmmmh...yes, master." she moaned as I got her off. Then I flipped her over and lathered more sunscreen on her backside. I put a large tablet computer under her nose, passed the remote into her bound hands and left her to watch some TV while tanning her marvellous backside and ass.


       I went over to my rose patch. Knelt besides it was another of my girls, LiliAnna. A grown woman rather than a girl, she was my slave nonetheless. Barefoot, wearing nothing but an apron and gardening gloves she was tending to a beautiful bush of red roses. As I stopped next to her she kissed my cock and I sat down besides her.

       "This is lovely work, LiliAnna; they're perfect."

       "Thank you, master. And the scent, it's beautiful. I love working on them." she leaned closer and smelled one particularly large bulb. I cut out one stem and gently ran the thorns across LiliAnna's back. She shivered but didn't move as I left tiny scratches across her bare skin. I ran it gently across her buttocks then slipped the stem between them. She raised her ass up and leaned forward on her hands, as she knew I wanted her to, and I planted the rose stem between her buttocks and squeezed them tightly around it. She moaned as the rose's thorns dug into her skin. A thing rivulet of blood flowed from one of them. Her face wrinkled at the pain but she made no move to stop me or protest.

       "I think I'd like to see you wrapped in roses, LiliAnna." I told her. Her eyes filed with worry. What did I mean?

       "I would like to weave some of these roses around your breasts and back, then around your butt and thighs, then top it off with a rose crown." she shivered again at the thought. Her voice was trembling when she asked me:

       "Will you take the thorns off, master?"

       I smiled:

       "No." and with that I picked up the rose stem between her buttocks, snipped it shorter, removed the thorns and planted the flower in her butthole. I got up and left, leaving her to her thoughts.

       Further along was Anna. Older but still beautiful, she was the only one wearing any shoes, namely a pair of slutty thigh-high leather boots with high heels. Her arms were tied behind her back in an arm binder and she was gagged with a penis gag smeared in my sperm. Her breasts, while not as large as Andra's, were big enough to support the basket currently tied to them. Her nipples sported a pair of clover clamps, as did her clitoris and labia, 7 in total. She had displeased me of late and as a result I was punishing her. Nose hooks distorted her face and fresh whip marks on her back and ass spoke of recent punishment. In fact, I had administered her penance just last night. She had dared disobey an order to drink Denna's piss from the source, and I would not tolerate disobedience.

       Today she was acting as weed mule for Lia, a gorgeous Scandinavian woman who looked much younger than her 40+ years. I had tasked Lia, who was shackled naked hand and foot to a chain leading from her ankles to her neck, to crawl around my flower beds and scoop out any undesirable plants. Anna was to carry the basket with the weeds tied to her breasts. Because Lia was shackled as she was and could only squat or crawl, Anna had to lean down with the basket whenever a new weed was found, further straining her bound breasts. Lia had done nothing to displease me of late, but I liked to make my girls crawl naked in the dirt every now and then, labouring as chained slaves. It was good exercise. I no longer needed exercise, not since the Event.

       I went over to Anna and gave her inflatable buttplug she was wearing another squeeze. She moaned in pain, for the balloon in her rectum was already nearly full, but the dared not move as I tugged on her nipple clamps to make sure they were secure, before giving them a twist. She bent over and moaned in pain. I looked her in her eyes. She looked back, my pure green crystalline eyes cold:

       "I trust you're learning your lesson, slave?" I asked, my tone cold and low. She moaned in pain and nodded her head vigorously.

       "Good. After you're finished here you may bathe and empty your bowels. Use the enema machine after Sophie's done with it." She bowed her head in submission. "I'm leaving the key to your chains with Lia." I added, clipping a pair of small keys to one of Lia's nipple piercings. All my girls had their nipples pierced; I liked it more that way. Most had their clits and labia pierced, except Sophie, as I wanted her to keep a smooth and clean pussy for my eating pleasure. Despite her 20+ years, she could so easily look like teen jailbait with the right outfit. Kinda like tasting the forbidden fruit without actually. Of course, little was forbidden to me since the Event. I simply chose what to do or not do. Such is the freedom of immense power.

       I went back inside and down in my basement dungeon. Two hours had passed since I was last there and Andra was by now half comatose from the orgasms induced by the vibrator in her pussy. Denna was still asleep in her cage. I'd kept her up the previous night, fucking her every which way, no bondage or torture, no toys, just me and her and sex. Five hours straight, I filled all her holes with cum and had some left over to coat her feet, her face and her tits. I did not tire, I couldn't tire any more, but she was exhausted, so I put her in the shower and washed her clean, then she slept next to me for a few hours. I tried to sleep as well. Didn't need to do so, not any more, but every now and then I could dream. Not that night; that night I spent sketching the beautiful girl lying naked and content next to me. Drew her angel wings in one sketch. Scratched it and drew her with vampire fangs and a pair of demon wings. I liked that one better; it was slightly more accurate..

       I gently tickled Andra's back with my fingers, my new hypersensitive skin feeling the softness of hers. I let a low electric current flow between my fingers across her skin. If I wanted to, I could incapacitate with a touch, or cause immense pain, but with the some control, I could gently stimulate. I ran the current up and down her back, then grasped her breasts and gave them a painful shock. She screamed into her gag in pain and whimpered, now fully awake. I removed the vibrator in her pussy and stuck my fingers in it and in her asshole, then gave her another painful shock. She thrashed and screamed, I turned down the current and she calmed down, then started moaning. Denna was awakened by the muffled screaming and now stared through the bars of her cage:


       "Has slave-Andra displeased you, master?" she asked, a tinge of fear in her voice.

       "No, my pet." I answered, giving Andra another painful shock through her cunt and asshole. "I simply like to see you girls in pain from time to time. Come to think of it, I think I'd like to see you whip yourself tonight."

       Denna shrunk back from the bars, a look of worry on her face, biting her lower lip. I levelled my crystalline eyes at her, and spoke gently, but firmly:

       "Now, now, pet, it can't all be orgasms and pleasure. You have to suffer as well."

       "Yes, master, anything for you." she said, and I knew she meant it. I'd broken her well. I'd broken all of them.

       "So, what are you going to do later?" I asked, archly.

       "I'm going to whip myself for you, master." she answered. She wasn't as fearful as she made out to be; I'd trained her to associate pain with pleasure. I'd done that for all of them.

       "Good girl. I'll let you choose the whip. Pick carefully." I added, then sent another agonizing jolt through Andra's nether regions. She was crying now, and I went and wiped the tears from her eyes, then held her head and whispered comforting words and told her how much her suffering turned me on.

       Today as a day for play, a respite before an important gathering of extremely important people that I was to attend. Things were changing in the world, for better or worse, depending on who you were and your gender. I would have to select one or two of the girls to accompany me. Others would bring their own. But that was tomorrow.

       I untied Andra, picked her up in my arms and carried her as easily as one would a baby to a gynaecology chair in another adjacent room. There I strapped her down to the chair with medical restraints and picked up a large syringe. Her eyes widened in fear. It wasn't surprise, for I'd been doing this weekly for a month, but she hated it nonetheless. I couldn't blame her, for the injections were painful. I could have given her an anaesthetic, but I was just too much of a sadist to do so. Her legs spread wide, I plunged my cock into her asshole, leaned over to comfort her, then swabbed her breasts with iodine. Then I plunged the syringe needle into her left breast and pushed the plunger.

       She screamed into her gag and thrashed; her asshole squeezed around my dick and I began fucking her as the serum was taking effect. After awhile her thrashing subsided, but there was still one breast left. I picked her right tit in my hand and plunged the needle into it, emptying the last half of the serum into it. Her agonized thrashing renewed and I resumed fucking her in her asshole. For some minutes I fucked her as she moaned and whimpered, tears running down her face until I climaxed and filled her rectum up with sperm. I unbuckled her gag and asked her:

       "Are you okay? Has the pain subsided?" she nodded, blinking away tears. No recriminations or swearing or protests. None of them would dare. Some days I gave them more pleasure, some days I gave them more pain. Today, I felt like torturing Andra, and I wasn't done yet.

       "A few more injections and you should begin lactating. Then I'll just need to give you a few refresher shots every few months." she swallowed hard but didn't protest.

       "It's your fault for having the biggest tits. How could I resist tormenting them when they're so full and perfect?" I asked, jokingly.

       "Yes, master. This slave deserves to have her breasts punished for being so big." she answered, her eyes bowed.

       "Good pet." then, untying her, I took her to the bathroom, a lavish marble room with a giant hot tub. Along a wall there were metal harnesses with shackles and straps attached to them, and implements that were clearly meant to strap to a woman's waist and between her legs. This was where I tied the slavegirl who was to be the living toilet; she would be chained up kneeling, her ass intubated and her pisshole catheterized; thus they were required only to open their mouths and drink the urine from whoever needed a piss. I had trained them all to drink piss by way of electroshock dildos in their lower holes, but I was yet to try making them eat shit. I was considering it, but it was just so disgusting, plus the possibility of infection; I liked my girls' mouths clean. A more appealing option was intubating their asses, forcing shit into their rectums. Again, dirty and dangerous; I will put that idea on hold.

       Sophie was strapped to the enema machine; her waist strapped tightly into a harness, I could see her belly bulging slightly with the cleansing fluid that had been pumped into her. her ankles were shackled to the floor and her wrists and neck to a stock. She was moaning in discomfort from the pressure and her eyes was glazed over from the intense feeling of humiliation and the pleasure it brought. Sophie got off on being helpless and exposed in a humiliating position, splayed naked, her legs apart, her asshole being pumped. I'm considering putting her on display like this in a more public venue, somewhere where strangers can walk up to her and feel her up, finger her and touch her body while she's bound and helpless. The machine was about done with its work. I could see the dirty fluid being drained out of her, leaving her rectum clean and ready to receive whatever I decided to shove in it. Sophie's body was unmarked and unpierced, except for a pair of tattoos of chains on her feet, staring with a shackle around her ankle, snaking down her feet and finishing with a smaller shackle around her big toes.


       The machine had finished cleaning her and the shackles popped off automatically, the nozzle in her ass retracting for self-cleaning. Sophie got up slowly and walked over to me, turned over, bent down and presented me her clean asshole.

       "Very good, Sophie. Very good. Andra, would you be so kind as to squirt some lotion into dear Sophie's ass?" Andra walked over to a cabinet in the corner, picked up a tube of lotion, placed it gently into Sophie's ass and squirted. Then she gently rubbed it in with her fingers, soothing the burn from the enema. I idly worked my fingers on Sophie's pussy:

       "Let me help with that." I said, pulling out my dick, long and hard, bigger than it was before the Event; a small vanity I afforded myself, not that I felt inadequate before, but some positions were much easier to fuck in if one had a 10" cock. I gently worked my cock into Sophie's ass, spreading the lotion even further in. I fucked her for a few seconds, but I wasn't willing to ruin her clean ass just yet, so I pulled out, went over to her mouth and hard her suck me off until my sperm, of which I had a fast regenerating supply of, flooded her mouth and she dutifully swallowed.

       "Nicely done, now Andra, your turn." Andra knelt down with her ankles between the shackles, slid the nozzle into her asshole, leaned back into the stocks and pushed the pressure switches at the back of her wrist shackles. This snapped the shackles closed around her limbs and neck, the enema nozzle inflated into her rectum and the cleansing began. Since today I was feeling rather sadistic towards her, I grabbed some nipple clamps from a cabinet nearby. I kept such toys all round the house in case I got any spur of the moment ideas. I clamped them down on her chocolaty nubs.

       "Awwww!" she moaned. "They hurt, master. My nipples are still sore from the injections. Please don't leave them on." she begged me. I knew I was pushing her limits, but they were mine to push. My eyes went cold.

       "Just for that you're getting a second pair. And I don't want to hear a ruckus or it'll be needles in them afterwards. Remember when I last stuck needles into your nipples? Made a nice 6-pointed star out of each?" her eyes were now wide with fear.

       "Please, no, master, punish me some other way, not that. Please!" I went to get a second pair of clamps and promptly stuck them next to the other on her nipples. She cried out and begged me to take them off. I didn't:

       "There's no bargaining with me today, my dear slave. Today I wish to see you suffer. Suffer well, and there may be a reward later on. Suffer poorly, and you can wear that torture bra for a week. Am I clear?"

       Andra whimpered and tears began flowing down her cheeks, but she remained silent. She composed herself slowly, breathing in deeply even as her ass was being flooded with non-too-pleasant enema fluid. Sophie knelt nearby in silence, watching.

       "Now, show me how a dignified slave suffer for her master. Give your tits a quick shake." She did. I lent down and kissed her on the mouth, placed a leash on Sophie's neck and she started to crawl after me on all fours, but I picked her up and carried her in my arms.

       "I want you to dress up for me; use the steel underwear." I told her. She scrunched up her nose but didn't complain. The steel underwear was a pair of suspenders made of wire mesh, the tops a pair of braided steel. The garter belt was the same, and the suspender straps padlocked to the tights. The high stiletto shoes that accompanied the set were also mesh steel wire on the outside, a lockable ankle strap keeping them on the wearer's feet. The bra was a half-cup, but it had built-in nipple clamps, and locked around the wearer's throat with a steel choker. The metal was embossed and decorated, polished to a silvery shine, but it wasn't the most flexible and comfortable thing to wear. Sophie's feet were going to suffer some tonight, and I intended to keep her standing. She was going to be my waitress. I would have a few guests tonight, and the girls would entertain us.

       "Make sure you put on your slutty make-up and do your hair all messy, how I like it. I recommend you pre-lube yourself as well, you'll be taking a lot of dick tonight." I added, dropping her gently on the changing room bed. She looked resigned to her fate, but I could see a glimmer of excitement in her eyes. Sophie was a bit of an introvert, but deep down she liked sex and the perversions I've been subjecting her to. I kissed her toes and left her to it.

       I went back down to the garden to see to the others. Done with the gardening, I released the ladies outside from their bondage, except Anna. She would not be joining the festivities; instead, she would be strapped to the harnesses in the bathroom and play the living toilet. I sent LiliAnna and Lia to shower. Then I sat down by the rose bush and began cutting stems. I would need them for later. I'd promised LiliAnna that I would decorate her with roses, but I had even more sadistic plans for her. I was in that kind of a mood that day. The previous week, when I had not been busy, I had had little more that lesbian orgies with some lingerie and bondage thrown in; now I was feeling the need to inflict pain.

       Gathering the roses I passed by Ellen, whom I had left cleaning up in the kitchen and unlocked her chastity belt, slowly sliding out the dildos in her, both 10" long and very flexible. She'd had them in her since yesterday. I sent her to shower as well, then I went and did the same with Denna. Leaving instructions to get themselves enemized, I went to pick out my outfit. Around the house I went mostly naked, but I would need to make an effort tonight.

       Stepping into my inner sanctum, at the top of the circular spire in the middle of my manor, I stood before a mirror. Six foot tall, muscular, with brown hair and crystalline green eyes, my new body since the Event. I flexed my arm, examining the steel-like muscle fibres underneath. They were, in fact, much stronger than that. I stepped away, and picked out a black silk shirt embroidered in front with a pair of golden dragons on each side, facing each other. I donned a pair of black silk pants with a deep fly so I could pull my dick out easily. Then I looked down at my feet. I considered pulling out some of my many many leather shoes, but I opted to subtly remind my guests of who I was. A pair of armoured boots materialized in place, looking like they were carved of black and white polished bone. I pulled my pants over them and grabbed a sleeveless, ankle length leather coat.


       Later on, it was time to do the decorations. The girls, clean inside and out, were waiting for me to assign them. First off, I dragged Anna to the bathroom. I hadn't bothered untying her breasts or letting her wash. I stripped her completely naked and locked her into a human toilet harness. I strapped her ankles to the floor, her waist and neck to a vertical steel post, her arms tightly bound to her breasts, which were a nice shade of purple by now and her head into a harness that featured a mouth spreader and and blindfold. Strapping the harness with the Annal tube and catheter to her waist, I shove the unlubricated catheter into her pisshole and expanded the retaining ring on her Annal tube to its maximum, stretching her sphincter to its limit, despite her moans of protest and pain. I took her nipple clamps off and stuck a pair of needles into her nipples, eliciting screams of agony from her. The other girls were kneeling naked nearby, watching Anna's punishment. I wanted them to see what happens when they disobey.


       I stood back and admired. Her mark of ownership were two beautiful tattoos on and around her breasts and one that went all over her ass and upper thighs. I ushered the rest of the girls to my "throne room". A large room at the bottom of the central spire, round, with the walls decorated with frescoes in the renaissance style of the Sistine chapel, though the images were heroic rather than religious. The rest was marble and pink granite, with a hardwood floor covered in a plush rug. At the centre stood a round polished oak table with 5 leather armchairs and a 6th one, larger, with a statue of a dragon stood behind it, was my "throne". I had one of the automatic delivery pods that ran through the walls throughout my mansion bring me a large crate of toys, lingerie and restraints. I took Denna up first. I dressed her in a cliché belly dancer/harem slave outfit of translucent silk. The outfit's pants locked around the ankles and I linked her ankles to her labia piercings, which were lewdly exposed as the pants had no crotch, then I chained her ankles together. I had been training her to walk elegantly with her ankles chained together, as they were most of the time. It was going pretty well, she could even do it in high heels. Then I chained her wrists to her nipple piercings with a foot of chain, then another foot between her wrists and her clit ring. I put a ring through her nose and linked it to her nipples, then draped two large, ornate earrings from her ears and a matching pair from her nipples. The chains binding her were silvered steel, quite strong enough to hold her, especially given her true nature, but looked delicate and tasteful, if chaining a girl's limbs to her genitalia could be considered tasteful. Finally, I put a circlet on her head and her look as a slave princess was complete. The I shackled her by her neck to the throne. She would be my cock caretaker that evening, her job to play with my dick when and if I required, even if it was just a warm place to rest it.

       Sophie, gorgeous in her steel lingerie walked gracefully to me and I locked an ornate silver tray around her chest, under her half-bra, and to her neck. I could've left it at that, but, as I've said, I was in one of those moods and clamped her nipples. Not the harsh clover clamps or crocodile clips I usually use, but softer ones. She maintained her composure throughout. She wouldn't be restrained, as this would impede her from performing her duties as waitress, nor would her holes be obstructed, as me and my guests would want free access to them.

       Lia and Andra would be the greeters. Clad in latex and leather, fully plugged and catheterized, they were to greet the guests, fluff them, provide their mouths as ashtrays, and cater to whatever demeaning and humiliating desire my guests would have. Ellen, the poor darling, would be the after dinner fuckmeat. I tied her up on her back, completely naked, her legs bent double, her knees tied to her chest, feet together, hands behind her back, then I placed her on a large and soft cushion at the centre of the table, like a prize boar. Tonight, she would get fucked like she'd never been fucked before.

       That left LiliAnna, for whom I had plans. She would also act as my secretary. With a pad in hand she could provide me with information I needed. This was not a purely social meeting. I dressed her in an elegant business suit, with a few alterations. Her stiletto shoes were transparent, since I wanted to be able to see her pretty feet, the pants she was wearing were crotchless, her shaved pussy and asshole exposed, and under her blazer she wore a topless corset. Then I brought the roses. I pulled out a pair of fish-hooks and showed them to her; fixing her with my icy gaze, I told her not to move, not one inch. She froze, and I stabbed the silvery fish-hooks through the top of a pair of roses and the slowly pushed the fish-hooks through her nipples.

       She moaned in pain, tears in her eyes, but she held my gaze even as her legs threatened to crumble. She wanted to reach up and stop me, but she didn't dare. At last, her nipples were decorated with blood red roses, to match the blood trickling out of her nipples. I stroked her hair and wiped the tears off her cheeks, then kissed her lips deeply.

       "You've pleased me just now. I'm proud of you." I said.

       Then I led her by the hand to her "seat", which was chair with no seat, just a pair of padded leg rests spread out in a V. She sat down and placed her ankles in the shackles at the bottom of the chair's legs and closed them shut. In this position, her pussy and ass would be constantly exposed, just as I'd intended. She the attached a collar around her neck and snapped it locked. The collar would tether her neck to the back rest of her chair. She reclined the back rest a bit and settled down to wait.

       "I'm ready master."

       "Good. Do you have all the information available?"

       "Yes master. All our data on your associates, their business deals, every plan we know of and a whole bunch of unsavoury details."

       "Nice. You're prepared, I see. All those years as finance manager served you well."

       "Thank you, master. This is quite interesting as well, but I could do without knowing some of the sick stuff your guests are into." she added, looking at her tablet and recalling some of the darker and more disturbing life details she dug up and sorted for me." Just because they were my sex slaves and property, didn't mean I would only use my girls as sex slaves and property. I kept their wits sharp and minds occupied, lest I turn them into drooling vegetables. I hated empty-headed bimbos.

       "Yeah, I can understand that. Sorry to put you through that, pet, but I need to know those things. I especially need to know who's a sick fuck and who's dangerous and a sick fuck. Lia, kindly give LiliAnna a little reward for her good work." I said. She moved over, knelt between LiliAnna's legs and began eating and fingering, two fingers in the pussy, one in the ass. LiliAnna, tilted her hair back and closed her eyes, soft moans escaping her red lips as Lia's expert tongue and fingers got her off.

       Not long after these preparations, the doorbell rang. I pulled out a small touchscreen controller from my throne's right arm and looked at an image from a camera at my front door. Front door being an understatement, as it was a  hydraulic armoured monstrosity covered in carved oak on both sides, but capable of repelling tank fire. My entire mansion was more like a citadel, armoured walls eight feet thick, and build on a rocky peak, anchored in the basalt with armatures two hundred feet deep. It was all done to satisfy a dream I've had about building a place such as this, as what I am is a better defence from my enemies that my home could ever be. This house would not keep me out if I happened to be on the outside wanting to get in.

       At my door was a tall, blond man in his late fifties flanked by two drop dead gorgeous identical twins, impossibly curvy, auburn haired and ice blue eyes. I grimaced. I had hoped this guy would get here last. Looking at the twins I remembered why. Thought beautifully attired in matching burgundy red night gowns, I could see that both the twins had had barbed wire wrapped around their bodies, and now peeking out around their necks, through their cleavage and around their exposed left legs where the gowns were slit all the way to their waists. The wire probably encircled their whole body, no doubt acting as torture underwear, digging into their pussies, inner thighs and asses. By how the gowns were bulging around their busts, no doubt that their breasts had been wrapped tightly with the wire. That burgundy red colour was to blend in with the numerous bleeding cuts and punctures that they had and would get this evening. Still, I had to admire their impeccable composure and posture. I unlocked the elevator that led from the bottom of the cliff to my atrium and sent Andra and Lia to greet the guests. When they arrived, my girls' eyes went wide at the sight of the twins, both in how gorgeous they were and at seeing the barbed wire peeking out of their dresses.

       "Girls, please greet our guest's companions properly." I said, standing up to shake hands with a man I'd rather not had known at all. My girls and the twins, their pain at every movement barely concealed behind composed expressions, leaned down and French kissed. They were average height, but as even more curvaceous in person than on camera. Goren Falone walked up to me and waited expectantly. I stared back with me eyes cold, now camouflaged behind a small hologram to merely appear with green irises. He stared back. A small twitch of displeasure that I would not climb down to meet him. Then he put on a smile, greasy and fake, and walked up the steps to my throne to shake hands with me.

       "Sebastian. Good to see you again." he said, squeezing my hand. He was very strong, his suit concealing hard muscles. He squeezed harder all the while looking around, admiring my décor, before his eyes fell on LiliAnna, chained up and exposed, her eyes downcast. "My, my, what a beautiful creature. And...are those roses pinned to her nipples?" he asked, still trying to crush my hand. Maybe, if ten of him were squeezing me, they might get somewhere. But I did not deign to engage him in this silly macho dick measuring.

       "Yes. She grows them herself. I pinned them  with fish-hooks; thought it would add to her natural beauty." I answered, breaking off our handshake. "And you, what gorgeous creatures your bring to my humble home?" I said, pointing to the twins.

       "Ah, yes, Rosa and Mara." he answered, motioning the twins over. After a subtle hand gesture, the twins knelt down on the first step of my throne, pulled up their dresses, then unhooked one shoulder strap and let it fall of their breasts. As I had suspected, the barbed wire had been passed between their legs in several rows, and their breasts were cruelly wrapped in the stuff. Dozens of puncture holes dotted their otherwise perfect bodies. They bowed low, their heads touching my floor, and staid there. That's when I saw another cruelty inflicted on them; the barbed wire between their legs was wrapped around wooden pegs crammed into their assholes. Square wooden pegs.

       "I would say they're a new acquisition, but they're not. I've been training them since they were young. Very young." he said, with a grin on his face. Twisted fuck. I didn't want to ask how "young" young was. "They're the perfect slaves, tough, gorgeous, perfectly obedient, and very resilient to pain." he said, moving over and putting his boot on one of the pegs and pushing it further in the poor girl's asshole. She whimpered in pain groaned, but didn't move from her prostrate position. "See?" Goren asked, beaming with pride. "I can whip them for half an hour before one makes even so much as a peep. And I have."

       "Wow, fascinating." I replied, half disgusted, half turned on. I could've been considerably more sadistic than I was with my girls, I just didn't want to. Goren snapped his fingers and the twins stood up on their haunches, back straight, arms behind their backs, tortured breasts proudly displayed in all their bloodied glory. I stared at the blood spots their breasts had left on my floor and a brief flash of irritation crossed my face; it lasted but a second, but Goren picked up on it and looked down at the twins:

       "Clean that shit up." he spoke, coldly. A brief flash of fear crossed the twin's faces before they got down and started licking the blood off the floor, holding their breasts with their hands to prevent further spillage. "Anyway." said, Goren. "Am I the first on here?" he asked, eye balling Ellen, who was tied up on the table, eyes fixed on the twins with a mixture of horror and lust.

       "Yeah. Have a seat, I'll order some drinks."

       We sat down, and I called up Sophie, who walked in bearing a selection of fine liqueurs on the tray strapped to her lithe frame. Goren perked up at the sight of her:

       "Well, now what do we have here? She's a cute on, Sebastian. Don't usually go for the skinny ones, but this one looks delicious, and barely out of her teens."

       "She's a bit older than that, but yeah. I do like putting her in the old schoolgirl outfits." I replied, picking up a glass of cognac.

       "Can we fuck her later? I'd like to take a bite out of the cute ass of hers." asked Goren, taking a glass of positively ancient whiskey and pinching Sophie's ass, then working his finger into her butthole. Sophie said nothing as this stranger poked his paws into her most intimate places. I smiled.

       "Maybe. We'll see if we're not too spent. That little piece over there is the main entertainment." I said, pointing to Ellen. Goren smiled.

       "Entertainment? With legs like that she could be the main meal. How is she at humping herself on a dick?"

       "Good. She's got strong legs and she's well trained with both her ass and her cunt." I answered. "But no touching her until everyone's here."

       "Fair enough." he replied, pulling his finger out of Sophie's asshole and holding it up for her to lick, which she did. It tasted mostly of the cherry lube she'd squirted in there earlier today.


       Just then, the bell rang again. Another guest. There were to be four of us here, including me. I looked at my monitor. Assad Hamil. Tall, broad, hugely muscular, impeccably dressed and obscenely rich. Flanking him, his escort; one slender woman, dressed, if it could be called that, only in a dress made entirely of chains, reaching down to her ankles. Not heavy clanking chains, but fine silver and gold alloy chains. Her dress was pinned at her bust to two massive rings piercing her aureoles. She looked vaguely Hispanic, or perhaps middle eastern. Stunning, as would be expected from one of Assad's status, but she had a proud look to her. Almost like she wasn't his slave. I let them in. Accompanying them was a massive pair of hounds, huskies, but larger t. I sent the elevator for them. When the walked in I directed my two greeters to welcome Assad's slave properly. The proud woman, Jamila was her name, took my two greeters by the ears and firmly guided them to kiss her ringed nipples. Lia and Andra obliged, licking and sucking the woman's massive and proud breasts. Curvaceous like the twins, Jamila had massive breasts, biggest yet here. Looking down at her body I could see why; she was in the early stages of pregnancy, maybe 3-4 months along. I smiled.

       "Lia, Andra, would you be so kind as to suckle your sister there?" I asked. They looked at me with surprise, but Jamila smiled and held my girls' heads as they lay their lips on her engorged nipples and began to draw, to their surprise, milk.

       "Congratulations, Assad." I said, slapping a solid wrist-grip handshake with the massive man. "Is the baby yours?"

       "Yes, my friend, who else's would it be? Jamila is my chief slave-wife. She will bear me strong sons! None else may touch her but me and my other wives."

       "Wow. You're a cliché, Assad." I said. He burst out laughing.

       "It's not a cliché if it's a good idea, my friend."

       "What if it's a girl?" I asked.

       "Then she will make a fine sex toy to my son when he is born. Jamila and I will not rest until I have an heir."

       I thought about it for a second. He'd make his daughter his son's incestuous sex slave? I found the idea titillating and yet repulsive, not because I judged anything wrong with incest besides inbreeding, but because that little girl would grow up knowing nothing but sexual slavery, her entire purpose in life to be an object of amusement. That didn't quite sit right with me. But at least Assad wasn't a raging sadist, unlike Goren.


       Another doorbell rang. I looked at my screen. Our final guest of the evening. Proud and elegant in her white gown, Alia, no last name, stood expectantly at the door. Besides her was her companion and slave, a stunning transsexual woman with a large cock sticking out of her business suit pants, locked in a chastity belt with a leash chain leading to her mistress' hand. Alia was the only woman in our group, a rare sight these day, since the changes that followed the Event, and a formidable woman at that. She had to be to keep her position and place in society, especially in the circles we walked in. I sent the elevator down.

       When Alia walked into a room, people took notice, and not just because of her statuesque look and height, not because of her classical, chiselled looks, or because of her silver-white hair, but because she simply exuded confidence. Not surprising, I thought, given her status and what she'd done to keep it. Past middle age, but very much gorgeous, I ran my eyes up and down her frame-hugging gown. She stopped and examined my two greeter girls with critical eyes.

       "Not bad, Sebastian. But they're a bit plain. Surely a man in your position could afford the very best. This one" she said, pointing at Lia, "is a bit past her prime. And the other one is a bit on the chubby side."

       I smiled coldly at that. One, that these people had no clear idea what kind of position I was in, only suspected, and two, criticising people was so very typical of Alia. Ice queen bitch, this one. Wouldn't mind seeing her position swapped with that of my girls, though. Dominatrix like her reduced to being a slave; had a certain appeal to it.

       "I see beauty in many women, Alia. And I don't really like the Photoshopped picture perfect look in my women. Feels like I'm fucking a doll, not a real person."

       "They're not real persons, my dear. They're slaves." she said, raising her eyebrows.

       "Uhum. Come, take a seat." I said. Goren and Assad hadn't spoken so much as a word to each other, not even a handshake. They sat glaring silently and openly at each other, but they were definitely eye balling Alia, same as me. Probably thinking the same things I was; this lady had no friends here. We all wanted to strip her of her position and her freedom, then break her. Some of us more than others. She looked at the other two; she knew what we were thinking; she walked up to Goren and offered her hand. Goren grinned and kissed it, but didn't get up. Assad was more courteous.

       Sophie came by to serve Alia drinks. Alia's eyes lit up at the sight.

       "Oh, my Sebastian, I do take back what I said earlier. You have excellent taste." she said, getting up and towering over our waitress. "What's you name, dearie?"

       "Sophie, mistress." she answered, head bowed and eyes down. Alia cupped Sophie's chin and raised her head, then planted a passionate kiss on her lips, reaching down and tweaking her nipple clamps. Sophie moaned into Alia's mouth, opening it to the taller woman's probing tongue. Alia opened the clamps a bit, then let go of them, causing Sophie to nearly lose her balance and spill her drinks. Finally breaking off her kiss she turned to me.

       "Can I have her, Sebastian? I've always wanted a little darling like her for my collection. I'd keep her in a little cage besides my bed and eat off her little bum. Is she three holes trained?"

       "She is, a good rug muncher too, and you can have her this evening, but I'm not parting with her permanently." I said, smiling; little Sophie was ever so popular at parties. Could understand that, she was a cutie. I liked petite girls quite a lot myself. I was in the market for a fairy, a curvy cutie under 5 feet tall to play with. Hadn't found one with the red hair and green eyes I wanted, though.

       "A pity, but I shall make the most of it." she replied, sitting back down and rubbing Sophie's bald pussy, running her long nails across her clit, causing my little pet to squirm and moan.

       "Are you going to introduce your companion?" I asked pointing a the beautiful tranny now kneeling beside her mistress.

       "OH, my toy? This is Shila. My walking cock for this evening." answered Alia, prodding her slave's cock with the toe of her shoe. "I have a whole stable of them. All men who've crossed me at some point or another." she added, smiling to me and my guests, but coldly. Goren scowled. Assad stared with a blank face. "Well, the pretty ones anyway." she added. "Shila, you're overdressed."


       Her slave got up, keeping her head and eyes downcast and quickly stripped off her blazer and pants, revealing a very toned and trim body, with flawless C-cup breasts. Her balls and cock were trapped tightly in a chastity belt, and a urethral insert plugged her dick. She stood up at attention, almost as tall as her mistress, her hands behind her back, breasts out, eyes down.

       "Bend over." ordered Alia. Shila complied, and we could all see her chastity harness continue between her legs and into her asshole.

       "She's lovely, Shila. I don't got for trannies myself, but I'd like to see yours do my girls. Or my girls do her."

       "I'll trade you Shila for your little waitress cutie for the evening."

       "Done." I tossed Alia the key to Sophie's steel lingerie and Alia passed me the key to Shila's chastity harness.

       "Gentlemen, Alia, now that we're all here, can we get down to business?" asked Goren.

       "First, to keep us in a good mood, feel free to make use of my greeters' mouths as you see fit. Their lower holes will become available once we're done eating. Which should be in about half an hour."


       Goren motioned Andra over to him, took his cock out and promptly shoved her mouth on it, making her gag.

       "Your nigger's got a good mouth, Seb." he said. "Big tits, too. Can we hurt them a bit?"

       "Sure." I motioned for Lia to bring over a chest press from the toy box in the delivery tube behind my throne. Goren snatched it up and placed Andra's large mammaries in between two metal bars, then twisted the screws to either side of them. He didn't stop until Andra's breasts were squashed flat between them and she was moaning in pain. I kept glancing over at his twins. The more I saw how well they were holding up under the constant torture of having their naked bodies wrapped in barbed wire, the more it turned me on. I loved tough chicks, and these were very tough chicks.

       "What news, Gentlemen?" I asked.

       "The Society's takeover goes well, better than we could ever expect. Most of the world's governments have fallen under our influence. Slavery is close to being made legal again worldwide." said Assad, recounting the state of the world following the Event. The Great Convergence, as they called it, a tear in reality that forever altered the shape of things on Earth. Never mind the unnatural disasters that happened in it's wake and the masses of suffering. The Event changed humans fundamentally, at least some. Like me. Some were blessed with immense power. Overnight, average Joes, nobody, found themselves altered in unpredictable ways. The change seems to have favoured males of the species far more than females. Coupled with the global instability, a third of the population dead and the rise of super-powered humans, the outcome was inevitable. New tyrants, self proclaimed gods and warlords emerged. What was left of the old governments was swept away, unless they themselves had super-humans. Some held out. Some united. Most were now under the influence of the Society, an autocratic group working from behind the scenes to promote their takeover of the world. If there had never been a secret society that wanted to rule the world before, there was one now.

       Assad, Alia and Goren were three of the Society's Captains. We had met at a social function for people who kept sex slaves, like us; a party to show off our property, socialize, make deals, have fun and of course, fuck. Because the Powers were most common in males, women had lost most of their former rights and status, hard won through decades of political and social change, wiped out in merely 8 years. It didn't concern me much, I liked having female slaves. Others, like Goren, made their fortune out of breaking women and turning them into fucktoys. He was good at it because he loved it. Kept a few for himself, as they didn't last long. I suspected that he eventually snuffed them, probably in a very painful and humiliating fashion. I never dared explore that particular dark side, for fear I might like it.

       "But this you all knew." concluded Assad. "What we're all wondering about is what is rising out of the South Americas."

       "Last I heard the entirety of New Brassilia had gone dark. Closed borders, martial law, not transmissions on TV, radio or the Internet." answered Alia.

       "Has anyone sent someone to investigate?" I asked.

       "Yes, several times. No one ever returned." replied Assad.

       "Any of the Powerful, Talented or Gifted been sent there?"

       "Yes, one of the expeditions was led by a First Rank Master of the Talent." answered Assad. "He didn't return either."


       We stared at Assad. A First Rank Master of the Talent was one of the most powerful creatures to ever exist on earth. Magic, now very much real, was theirs to bend to their will. It would've taken an army to kill one, and whatever they couldn't defeat, they could usually escape.

       "Satellite overflights?" I asked.

       "Shot down, every one of them."

       "By whom?"

       "The Brassilian's own anti-sat weapons. They even targeted their own."

       "They shot down their own satellites?"

       "Yes. The entire Amazonian basin has gone dark. No planes have ever returned, either. The Society is considering an invasion to determine what's going on." answered Assad, motioning for Lia to join his wife in working on his massive cock.

       "Who's for it?"

       "We are, for one, as are two other captains. But Omertol is against it. He's vetoed us." I raised my eyebrow in surprise. Omertol was the Society's big boss. A mysterious figure of unknown power, nobody knew what he looked like or where he lived. He had been the mastermind behind the Society's ascendancy and the plans which saw millions of people, mostly women, thrown into slavery. All of Asia was under his sway, with North America soon to fall. The official governments there were his puppets, through and through.

       "That's extremely strange." I added. "Now, gentlemen, you called this meeting with me. You're telling me details I was not privy to before " except I was, but they didn't know that. "Why is this?"

       "Straight to the point, as always." replied Alia. "Very well, Sebastian. We know you're unaffiliated with the Society except as a casual guest at our parties. We also know you are one of the Powerful."

       I nodded. I was, and also one of the Gifted, and the Talented. And some other things I'd never seen anywhere else before. But they didn't know that.

       "We would like you to take a look for yourself." concluded Assad.


       I sat back in my throne, waved at LiliAnna. She had already brought up the information we had about the situation in Brasillia. I had taken a look for myself, though out of idle curiosity only. It wasn't much, but one of my probes managed to see something before it was destroyed, a few creatures in the distance. They were big. Too big to be anything of this Earth. But with the Event, everything changed. I had spent the last 5 years in this citadel, content to enjoy my sex slaves and train my powers. I learned everything I never had the patience to learn long ago. It was so easy now. I broke my women, I trained them to obey and take pleasure from pain. I fucked, a lot. I was, if not happy, at least at peace. Occasionally I would go out, such as to Society events, or incognito, to shop, eat out and the likes. Usually I took one of my girls with me, to show them off. I had had offers to join the Society, but I declined. Not many declined the Society and lived. They tried to get me in a year ago; a group of Powerful and Gifted at a so called Black Party, where we would all bring our prized slaves and have them join the main event. I picked Denna for that one, and she'd spent the day tied in a fucking booth, strapped with her waist through a wooden panel, her ass and legs exposed to the public, shackled naked, her head and torso in a box with all the other booth slaves, gagged and being fed with a mixture of nutrient paste, water and horse sperm. Guests would walk up to booth slaves and fuck them in their asses and pussies. When they were done, a clean-up slave would suck the sperm out of the booth slaves' holes and then wash them. The only break the booth slaves got was to have their asses scrubbed of shit. They were catheterized and not given anything to eat besides the sperm mixture. Denna hadn't walked straight for a week. She'd sat and sulked and yelled at me for making her do that. I was indulgent with my girls up to a point, but that outburst had earned her 100 lashes from the horsewhip.

       It was at that party that the Society group tried to recruit me. They made their pitch, were very generous with the benefits package, and their accompanying slaves. I enjoyed a very lovely mother-daughter pair that day, both extremely skilled cocksuckers, and very skilled at getting each other off; I watched them; I could tell they genuinely liked fucking each other. But in the end I politely declined. The Gifted had been scrutinizing me carefully all night long. When I refused, they collectively held their breaths. I could feel their power probing me, trying to get into my head. I smiled inwardly. I let them in for a brief instant. Whatever they saw there had them go pale and start chatting silently to each other. I heard every word they said as clear as if they were yelling it. They couldn't Read me without my permission and what I'd shown them had left their Gift dazed and non functional for a minute or two, and it was all they could do not to throw up. They got up and left, wishing me a good night. I got the mother-daughter pair as a complementary gift and never heard anything about recruiting me again.

       Speaking of the mother daughter pair, they were at this moment working on our collective dinners. Jessica and Livia, I called them. Lovely pair, petite, curvaceous, but unfortunately blonde instead of red haired. I ordered up dinner to be brought and turned to my guests.

       "Now why would I go there, Assad?" I saw his brow furrow. He was not used to being questioned, clearly, but he was practised at maintaining his composure.

       "The Society would be most grateful if you did. Ask what reward you wish of us." he said, putting his negotiating face on. "Resources, slaves, people at your disposal. Or simply a favour from us."

       I considered. The Society was giving me a blank check. Straight up, no bargaining, no haggling. Assad's offer was as generous as anyone could receive. That must mean they were dying to know, to find out what was going on in South America. Still...

       "Does this most generous offer come from Omertol?" I asked. They tried to conceal their expressions, but I could see beneath their skin. It didn't.

       "We would do nothing to contradict his wishes." replied Goren, idly fingering one of his twins' breasts, twisting the barbed into her flesh. The poor girl winced and her breathing was laboured, but she maintained her composure.

       "Uhum." I said; technically they were honest. Omertol merely forbade a military incursion. "So, this offer comes from the three of you."

       "Very perceptive, Sebastian." replied Lady Alia, idly fingering Sophie's pussy and licking her fingers. "But between the three of us we wield considerable power. Our offer has value, if that's what you're worried about." and to her own slave: "Shila, clean this little bitch's pussy for me. I want to taste her, not her lube. Then be a good sissy and wank into a glass for me."

       Shila got to work dutifully scrubbing Sophie's pussy with her tongue.

       "A thorough cleaning, Shila." repeated Alia, giving the tranny the key to her chastity harness. Shila thought for a moment, unlocked herself, took Sophie's glasses from her tray and placed them on the table, bent my young waitress over the table as well and began gently fucking her in the pussy. I was rather fascinated; Shila had had a urethral plug a foot long inside her and she was well trained to understand her mistress' whims. I did enjoy seeing a girl put a dick in my little toy.


       "I don't doubt you have assets, and influence. But what if I refuse?" I asked. Goren frowned deeply, looked like he was about to snap at me. I casually put my feet up on the table and stared at him, daring him to say something. Assad intervened:

       "We would be quite disappointed."

       "Speak plainly to me." I said, coldly. 

       "We would no longer be such good friends." replied Goren.

       I smiled. I knew these three. Assad was Powerful, as was Goren, with a bit of Talent thrown in. Their physical strength was far greater than a human's, but they also commanded some magic. Assad was especially good at kinetic and electricity magic. Goren was more inwardly focused, complementing his immense physical strengths with sympathetic magic. I recalled back to Goren trying to crush my hand as he shook it. That would have pulverized a normal human's bones. Alia was Gifted, and Talented. More Gifted than Talented. A natural empath, she could read people's thoughts, even control them if she concentrated, and had some clairvoyance. It no doubt kept her ahead of those who would seek her downfall, such as Goren. I saw it in his eyes when she walked in. He'd've liked nothing better than to have her in chains, to be broken in his dungeons and then raped to death. One because he hated powerful women, thought their place was naked and fucking or suffering, not ruling and commanding. Two, because Alia had screwed him out of so many profitable endeavours as to make any man furious. Assad cared little about either of them, but he was the only one either could trust enough to deal with. Assad kept his word once given. He was also extremely resistant to the Gift. Made him ideal as a keeper of secrets. His Power, as it did for most who had it, made him nearly immune to pain and discomfort as well. They wanted to threaten me, but whatever the Gifted that had tried to recruit me a year ago saw, these three had heard of it, and it worried them. It worried me, too.

       "I can see you gentlemen are about to say something to the effect of intimidating me. Let me assure you that would end poorly. Remember London, July 2017?" I asked.

       "You were there?" asked Alia, surprised.

       "I was the ONLY one there, besides what came out of that Convergence tear." I added. Alia looked at the other two. Assad nodded. Her face went slightly pale. London no longer existed as anything more than a ruin, mostly a smoking crater.

       "I don't believe that!" said Goren. "There must have been more!"

       "Believe what you want, mate." I said, reaching out with Talent. Subtle, invisible, but powerful. His eyes went wide; he gathered his Talent and tried to counter. I ate his magic right out of him. He felt cold dread grip him. He clammed his mouth shut.

       "You will go to Brasillia, Sebastian." said Alia. Her smile had returned and she flicked her hand at Shila. The tranny stopped fucking Sophie and immediately grabbed a glass of Cherry cordial off the table and began masturbating into it. Alia motioned Sophie over to her and finished the girl off with her fingers, which she then proceeded to lick with delight.

       "Oh? So sure of yourself, Alia?" I asked, arching my eyebrows. Dinner had arrived. Naked but unshackled, Jessica and Livia walked into the room bearing our food. Their asses were plugged, two brands on each of their buttocks marked them as slaves, though the marks were from their previous owners, not me, but otherwise they were flawless in their black stiletto shoes. They silently laid the table. Me and our guests were too engrossed in our conversation to molest them in any way, though Assad had filled his wife's mouth with cum and directed her to swap with Lia.

       "Because you're curious." said Alia, finishing her thought. That's it! She'd nailed it! I was, indeed, very curious. I had toyed with the idea of going to Brasillia myself, many times, since it went dark. I smiled.

       "I'll think about it." I replied. "Now, eat."

       People like us didn't eat like normal mortals. We were served food. I usually fed myself, thank you very much, but today I would make an exception. I motioned to Denna, whom I'd been neglecting all this time, to grab some of my favourite things off the platters Jessica and Livia had brought and bring them over to me. The others did the same with there slaves. Shila finished wanking into her mistress' glass and then mixed it in. Alia sipped the bizarre mixture with delight. The twins selected their master's preference in appetizers and brought them over, once more kneeling at his side, one feeding him, the other holding his drink. One pulled out a small dagger and they proceeded to make tiny incisions in their breasts; they let the blood drip into Goren's drink and over his food. He had the same thing done every time he ate, I'd seen it before. Personally I thought it kinda hot, in an I-find-vampire-sexy kind of way, but I cared not for the taste of blood.

       "Don't get blood on my carpets, Goren." I said, taking a sip of aged demi-dry wine that LiliAnna was holding for me. He shot me an ugly look, then gestured for the girls to place the plates on the table and dry themselves off. Andra had finished him off already, and she came to kneel at my side. "Are we going to partake in your lovely twins tonight, Goren? I am worried that their poor pussies are going to be too torn up by that wire you're making them wear to enjoy properly." I added. He grinned.

       "I didn't make them do anything. They volunteered this when I asked them what torment they would pick to wear for the night." We were all surprised at that.

       "They picked this? What were their options?" asked Assad for all of us.

       "Haha. Nothing much worst. Piercing corsets complete with needle-studded bra and panties or regular outfits, but electrified."

       Not much worst my ass. I studied the twins. They had their eyes downcast, but I could smell their fear. They were petrified of him, and that gave them strength to maintain their composure and endure the tortures silently. I felt sorry for them. I liked seeing them tortured like they were, but I didn't like the idea that they lived in constant fear of this sicko. They would probably die young and horribly. I thought that snuffing a slave on a whim to be a fucking waste. No matter what Alia said, I still thought them as people. Inferior to me, but still people.

       "And don't worry, the girls will be fine to fuck all night long, won't you?" he asked. They answered in a beautiful, melodious soprano voice:

       "Yes, master. We will fuck whoever you order us, however you order us to fuck them."


       "Hmmmm." I answered. Damn, those girls had beautiful voices. "Can they sing?"

       "Can they ever? I noticed their voices too, Sebastian. They can sing as beautifully as I've ever heard, even while I'm fucking them. Why, Rosa here sang with two nails through her tits once, while I was pounding her asshole. Didn't miss a note." then he chuckled. "Then again, it was either that or I was going to drop a guillotine on her sister's neck right in front of her."

       That's it, I thought, I'm getting those girls away from him; they're too good for a douchebag like him.

       "Wow. They're perfect, aren't they?" I said.

       "Meh. Almost. They're still gagging when I have them eat shit. Aria especially. Had her intubated for a whole day the last time she puked one up. Fed her so much shit, she looked pregnant!" he laughed at that. Assad glanced at him, mildly disgusted, while Alia threw him a homicidal look.

       "You're a disgusting little troll, Goren!" she spat. "You sicken me!"

       "Imaging how much sicker you'll be when I have you strapped into one of my human toilet harnesses, bitch!" he grinned at her, leering lecherously. "I'll fuck you and fuck you up stupid, even if your are a few centuries too old for me!" he added, jibbing at Alia's advanced age.

       "In your most demented dreams, you sick fuck." she gave him a haughty, ice stare.

       "Only a matter of time, whore. Speaking of toilets, are you offering one, Sebastian, or should I use one of my girls?"

       "Upstairs, top floor. Take that elevator. It only goes to the bathroom and back here, so don't try to go snooping." I said, pointing to the elevator to my left. As he got up to go, I added. "Piss only, Goren."

       As he left to piss into Anna's mouth, Alia stared daggers after him.

       "I don't know how either of you two can stand him." she said.

       "Goren has his uses." said Assad. "Even if he is...distasteful."

       "If Goren wasn't around, who would I annoy?" I asked.

       "Hah!" said Alia. "I'm sure you could find someone else to intimidate."

       I glanced at her quizzically.

       "Yes, I saw whatever you did to him a few moments ago. He went pale as a sheet." she explained. "Now, girl." she said, motioning to Sophie. "I'm afraid that troll rather put me off my appetite. Help me relax." she said, shifting her gown to the side to expose one toned leg and then the other, and in between a beautiful pussy covered in light silver-white fuzz. Sophie knelt between Alia's legs and began licking her pussy, working two fingers into it as well. Alia moaned and gripped her head, mashing her into her cunt. "Oh, darling, you are a doll! Oh, Sebastian, this one is skilled as well as cute. Look up at me with those pretty eyes, honey."

       "Sophie is the other girls' favourite plaything, since she's so cute and small. She's had plenty of practice eating pussy." I replied. Alia moaned with pleasure and moved her ass down the seat to let Sophie finger her asshole as well.


       Goren returned.

       "Wow, that MILF upstairs knows how to suck a man's piss right out of his bladder."

       "I'm surprised you didn't stay for a blowjob as well." I answered.

       "I'm not that into older women. MILFs don't do it for me. I prefer fresher meat. Like this tasty morsel on your table." he said, pointing to Ellen. "When do we get to fuck her?"

       "Soon as we finish our meals. Desert is still to be served. But I should tell you, she's a MILF too."

       "Oh? She got a sprog somewhere?"

       "Yeah. A daughter, in her early teens now."

       "Oh?" Goren looked at me with curious eyes. "Where is she?"

       "Staying with her grandparents this week, at one of my estates."

       "Pity. Is she cute? If this one's her mother, I bet she's delicious as well. Have you had her yet?" he asked, the lust gleaming in his eyes.

       "No. I don't start with them that early."

       "Again, pity. Nothing better than the newly minted poontang of a young teen." he said, chuckling.

       "Do me a favour, Goren, keep that shit to yourself." I replied. Assad said nothing, Alia was caught between disgust and ecstasy as Sophie brought her ever closer to orgasm. Goren threw me a hostile look.

       "What, are you some kind of slave lover?" he spat. My eyes went cold and I pinned him with a stone hard stare. I said nothing. Some moments passed. Then he averted his gaze and mumbled an apology, sitting back down into his seat and shoving his still erect dick into one of the twins' mouth, gagging her with it.

       "Ellen's daughter is not a slave, she's in my care."

       "Oh? Does she know that her mother is your fucktoy?" asked Assad.

       "Let's not talk about that any more. Desert is here."

       My two cooks came in with a selection of sweets, ice creams, cakes and tarts and a tray of sauces, chocolate, vanilla and cherry. I motioned for Andra to join them. They knelt by my guests and offered them their bodies to eat off of. Alia, fresh off an orgasm selected Sophie instead. My little waif lay across the table, ass up, and Alia scooped up a selection of ice creams and lay them across her bum, drizzling chocolate sauce on top, then began licking them off. She slid an ice cold dollop of ice cream right down Sophie's buttcrack, then bent over and licked it up, tonguing my slave's asshole.

       "I want to shove some of this cream in her butthole and have her squirt it into my mouth." said Alia.

       "Go for it." I replied, and she did. Sophie yelped as the older woman began spooning ice cream into her rectum, but made no move to protest. By the time she was done, Sophie was moaning in pain and trembling, but she didn't move.

       "There, done. Now, Shila, help this little bitch up on my chair and have her squat over my face." ordered Alia. I watched with growing interest as Denna sucked my cock and I played with LiliAnna's clit. Sophie climbed the chair Alia was sitting on, put her heeled feet up on the arms, and, held up by Shila and Alia's hands, began to squirt the melted cream into Alia's eager mouth. The older woman munched greedily lapped at Sophie's asshole. Sophie was beginning to moan with pleasure as the dexterous woman was playing with her pussy and warming her asshole up with her tongue. She began humping Alia's face, eyes closed in pleasure, her nipple clamps dangling from her nipples, sending waves of pain to complement the pleasure, a delicious mixture that had her cumming in minutes. With surprising strength, Alia easily lifted Sophie by her butt and flipped her around, lapping up her pussy juice.

       I lifted Denna up and parked my cock in her asshole, playing with her pussy. She ground her hips on mine, working my cock with her beautiful butt.

       "Your plaything has one hell of an ass, Sebastian." said Goren. "Do you whip it much?"

       "All the time. And she rarely goes without something in it. I managed to work a beer bottle in there the other day. It was beautiful. She moaned and screamed in pain, but I got it in there eventually. Didn't I, honey?"

       "Yes master. It's your ass master, shove anything you want in it." she said, an orgasm building in her. I stopped fingering her.

       "No cumming yet, pet. You must earn it." I said, as she groaned in frustration. I never let her have an easy cum. I used her need for pleasure to control her, make her do things for my entertainment.

       "What would you have me do, master?" she asked.

       "Warm my cock for now." I said, then pressed a button on my control panel and a hatch in the floor opened, a very large bed lifted out.

       "Interesting, Sebastian. That's a nice addition to a room." said Assad.

       "I have a bed in almost every room, and I've fucked each girl on all of them. You never know when the urge arises." I said, grinning. "This one if so we may enjoy our main treat." I added, pointing at Ellen, who had been sitting quietly watching us, and listening.

       Assad got up and reached his long arm towards Ellen, grasping the rope bound around her crotch, then effortlessly lifted her with one hand, making her squeal in pain as the rope dug into her pussy. He lay her down on the bed, expertly untied the rope around her crotch, and looked at me, quizzically. I motioned for him to go ahead, and he plunged his massive cock into her pussy, making her gasp.


       "She's already wet." he remarked. "Our playing must have gotten her hot and bothered."

       "Good. I hate dry fucks." replied Goren, getting up and sticking his cock into Ellen's mouth, slipping it deep into her throat, making her gag and choke, then pulling it out, and slamming it back in again.

       Flipping her over, Assad and Goren spit-roasted the young mother, pumping her at both ends.

       "Lets make this interesting." said Goren. "Sebastian, may my twins borrow a pair of whips?"

       "Sure. In that crate over there." I pointed at my open toy box in the wall.

       "Girls, grab a couple of short tails and warm this bitch's back with them. I want to see neat, parallel lines, like I thought you."

       The twins, still wrapped cruelly in their barbed with undergarments, selected two short whips and took position on each side of Ellen's bound and fucked body and began laying expert, neat lines down her back, making her squeal with pain into Goren's dick.

       "Oh, yeah, love it how nicely a bitch's pussy contracts when she's in pain." said Assad, pumping hard.

       "Me too. Your twins are very skilled with the whip." I said.

       "Yes, they've had years of practising on each other." replied Goren. "I've trained them to whip with all manner of whips and floggers."


       I thought that was hot.

       "Can they give us a demonstration after you're done with Ellen?"

       "Of course." replied Goren, withdrawing his dick and looking down at Ellen's red and flushed face. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she was screaming under the expert torture the twins were administering. She started begging us to stop. Goren looked at me, I nodded to continue. The twins had whipped half her back in neat, straight rows, alternating blows. Goren resumed choking her with his dick, sliding it in then holding it down her throat until she almost suffocated, then withdrawing. Expertly timed, Ellen must have thought I'd let her be choked to death. I could see the panic on her face and it was beautiful. I recorded those expressions in my perfect memory, the beauty of torture on a woman's face. Assad shot his load into her pussy, followed soon by Goren, just as the twins had reached her shoulders with their whips.

       "Hold my spunk in your mouth, slave." he told Ellen, and she did, despite the pain. A dribble of cum was sliding down her chin. Goren motioned the twins. They stopped their whipping, promptly stored the whips up their asses between the barbed wires and one of each went to Ellen's mouth and pussy and began cleaning out the sperm with their mouths before swapping it between themselves, kissing deeply, rubbing their tortured breasts together. Then the quietly knelt at the foot of the bed. I was very impressed with their training. The merest gesture from their master told them what they had to do and they obeyed unquestioningly.

       "Sebastian, may the twins take some pleasure from your darling fucktoy?"

       "Sure. What did you have in mind?"

       "Well, the girls aren't just masochistic, they're very sadistic as well. They love hurting other women, even each other." replied Goren, grinning.

       "Interesting." I said, shooting my load up Denna's ass, but leaving my cock in her. "Go for it."

       One of the twins, Aria, moved to Ellen's pussy, slid one leg between hers and touched her barbed-wire clad pussy to Ellen's. The other lay her wire-bound breasts on Ellen's boobs and they both began to rub and grind the vicious wire into Ellen's flesh as well as their own, eliciting screams of pain from my slave as the metal barbs dug into her pussy and breasts. The twins were moaning and rubbing furiously and I could see blood leaking out of a dozen punctures in all three girls. Their moaning got louder and Rosa, who was torturing Ellen's breasts, began mashing the barbed wire on her pussy into her clit, slicing her fingers in the process. They didn't seem to mind the pain, quite the contrary, their suffering and Ellen's screams seem to be driving them on until at last the orgasmed together. Seemingly spent, they both collapsed in a bloody, tortured mess, breathing heavily. Ellen's poor pussy and breasts were bleeding from several punctures and she was sobbing piteously. I shot another load into Denna's asshole. She gazed at Ellen's tortured and fucked body with eyes that were glazed over and mouth half open.

       "You like what you see, pet?" I whispered to her. She nodded her head, still staring. I felt her pussy, and it was soaking wet. "See this Ellen? You've turned Denna here on something fierce." I called out. And back to my cocksheath: "Would you like some of that, darling?" Denna nodded again, vigorously. "Go get some." I whispered, unlocking her collar chain. She ran over to Ellen and attacked her. Couldn't be described any other way, she grabbed Ellen's hair and smashed her face into her soaking pussy:

       "Eat me, bitch! Lick my cunt, you filthy cunt slut whore!" shouted Denna, rubbing her cunt and sperm-dripping asshole all over Ellen's face, mixing pussy juice, sperm and tears. We sat and watched with fascination as Denna raped Ellen's face, slapping her, suffocating her with her pussy. Then she flipped around, grabbed Ellen's bloody tits and dove in at them, licking the blood off of them, biting her nipples, slapping and pinching, all the while humping her pussy on Ellen's mouth. The poor girl, bound and in pain, merely put out her tongue and let Denna fuck herself on it. Denna then dove in between her bound legs and began slurping up the blood off her pussy, biting her clit and slapping her ass.

       "Wow." said Alia, eyes glazed over. "She's a wild one." she was rubbing her pussy furiously. Our other slaves' eyes were glued to the wild woman devouring Ellen. At last, Denna came hard, yelling as she rode Ellen's face, shouting obscenities and viciously slapping the poor girl's tits. Then she got off and licked her own juices from Ellen's tear streaked face, then walked back to my throne, knelt and clipped her leash chain back on, putting her head in my lap:

       "Thank you, master. That was wonderful, master."

       "You do realised she'll get you back for this?" I asked, grinning.

       "No, she's too nice."

       "Haha, you think so? What if I tie you up in the slaves' bathroom and put a sign up saying "free fuck"?"

       "Oh, please, do that master!" she begged, and I laughed.

       "Wow. She's a horny one, Sebastian. You wouldn't part with her, would you?" asked Assad.

       "Nope. She's my prize piece of ass. I used to lust after her a long time ago, when we worked together, but we just weren't compatible. I had no chance to woo her."

       "You mean to say you were shit around girls, Seb?" asked Goren, grinning at me.

       "I WAS shit with girls, Goren. Much has changed since the Event. So very much." I said, looking around me. "All these chicks here worked in the same company with me a long time ago, and I wanted all of them at the time. Now I have all of them."

       "That's very unusual." said Assad. "Most slave owners of your, shall we say, standing, take themselves dream women, celebrities they'd lusted for from afar, singers, models, actresses. Any woman they viewed as the paragon of beauty and desirability."

       "Hmm. Maybe I will too, but I liked picking these girls from closer to home. I wanted everyday women as my slaves. Are there any famous bitches out for sale?" I replied.

       "I heard Scarlett Johanssen was available. Dorian Augustin has gotten tired of her and he's auctioning her. So's Natalie Portman and Kaley Cuoco, though I hear the latter is a bit fucked up. Her previous owner, Alexian, he's a bit twisted. Hear he branded her with swastikas all over her body." answered Goren.

       "Hah! Youre calling Alexian twisted? Pot, kettle, anyone?" snorted Alia.

       "Now now, no sniping at each other." I said. "Alexian IS twisted. Remember the Society Forum, three years back?"

       "Yeah, he hung several of his girls by their breasts...with meat hooks. Had them whipped to death during the event. Said their screams were soothing." added Assad.

       "What a spectacle!" said Goren. "That was one of the best Forums ever."

       "Yes, it was okay." I replied. "Now, shall we make Ellen airtight?" I asked, getting up from my throne and moving to my little bound up fucktoy.

       "Hell yes."

       "Oh, yeah."

       "What am I supposed to do?" asked Alia.

       "How about my girls give you a tongue bath?" I asked.

       "Now there's an idea." Alia's eyes lit up. "I want the black one to put her tits on my face. I want to suckle them." she added, pointing to Andra. "And that old slut can eat me out. She looks like she's been around the block a few times." she grinned at Lia. "Now, who shall lick my toes?" she asked, taking her shoes off and revealing a pair of lovely, pedicured feet.

       "Livia! Jessica! Your duties as cooks are done. Get in bed with Madam Alia and pleasure her." I called out to my slave-cooks. They walked over to Alia and knelt down.

       "How may we serve you, mistress?" they asked in unison.

       "Well, well. Aren't you two lovely. Spitting images of each other. Sisters?"

       "No, mistress, she's my daughter." answered Jessica.

       "Oh, how lovely. Kiss!" they did, passionately and with plenty of tongue. "Very good, now, lick!" she said, extending her right foot." Jessica took Alia's toes in her mouth and sucked on them, running her tongue between her toes, while Livia kissed it all over, running her tongue over her sole. "You'll do nicely." said Alia, getting up and walking to the enormous bed where we'd began filling Ellen up.

       Thus began the orgy. Ellen got fucked for hours in all her holes, rotating. We three men pounded her stupid. We untied her and buried her in cock, switching from her asshole to her mouth and pussy. Those of us with Power recovered quickly, so we filled her with sperm. One, two, three, seven loads in each hole, all sloppy. We were merciless and by the end she'd passed out from orgasming, cum drooling out of all her holes. Then we'd all jacked off on her unconscious body, drenching her face and tits. I wanked with her feet and drenched them as well. Alia was equally fucked out, licked from head to toes by 5 women. She'd had a pleasant surprise with Andra, who was starting to lactate from the treatments I was giving her, and she drank her fill of breast milk. I took Ellen, untied her, had one of the girls scoop up the cum off her body and put it in her mouth, then I gagged her, plugged her with her dildo belt, trapping all the sperm inside, and chained her by her neck and ankles in a small cage to the side of my throne. There she would lie for the rest of the evening, soaking in our sperm.

       "We should cover her completely." suggested Assad, pointing to Ellen. I considered it. I went to my console and had a small plexiglass tank with air filters at the top delivered via my transport tubes, I picked Ellen, cage and all up and placed her in the tank, then ordered my girls to bring in some of my supply of horse semen, which I proceeded to dump on Ellen's head and body until she was covered up to her neck. She was coming to, and, startled at the sticky mess she was in, started to wipe it off her face.


       "Now, now, can't have that." I said, and cuffed her hands behind her back, then smeared more sperm on her pretty face, then I replaced her gag with a ring-gag with a screw on the inside, then screwed a hose leading to one of the sperm jars to her mouth. "Be a good girl and eat up." I added as the horse semen started to pour out of it jar into her open mouth. She looked at me with pleading eyes; all of my girls hated eating horse sperm, as one would expect, but it pleased me to debase them like that. "Eat it, or I'll add a horse piss jug as well." I told her. Resigned to her fate, she took a big gulp, discuss on her face, gagging. With effort, she prevented herself from vomiting, and settled down to slowly sipping the disgusting fluid pouring into her mouth while sloshing around in more of the same. Seeing her hot little body soaked in disgusting goo gave me another hard-on. I closed the lid on her tank to trap out the vile smell and left her to suffer. She'd fall asleep before long anyway, exhausted as she was.

       My guests approved of my treatment. Denna was eyeing her friend with lust. I could see my favourite pet enjoyed watching Ellen being humiliated and abused. I would have to expand on that. It was the first I noticed this desire and it had interesting implications for the future. As we lay back, spent and satisfied from our fucking, me and my guests got down to business once more:

       "Goren." I said, looking at the tablet LiliAnna was holding up for me. While we were fucking, the poor dear had sat there with her legs shackled open and her pussy exposed, digging up information. "Tell me about the recent purchase of slaves you made in Toronto, 3rd June. I see you've gotten a few choice morsels, including Annastacia, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez, plus a few former female politicians that are quite hot by the looks of it. Didn't Omertol want some of these women for himself?"

       Goren blanched. Then he turned red.

       "What? Where did you get that bullshit from?"

       "Now now, LiliAnna is very adept at digging up information. She runs my finances, and also keeps an eye out for major transactions, especially those of the Society's Captains. The info is legit. You did a decent job buying them through proxies, but not good enough. Imagine Omertol would be displeased to learn of this." I tsked. I could see him getting angrier and angrier. His temper was famous as being hot and violent. I wondered if he was going to try something. True enough, I could sense him gathering Talent, pouring it into his already superhuman muscles.

       "Go ahead, Goren. Try something." I taunted, then reached out with my own Talent, grabbing him. I could see the veins on his face and arms getting bigger and more purple. He struggled, but I held him tight. Normally a Powerful could only be held by Talent for a little while before the caster tired, but I had nearly endless energy from the biofusion nodes inside my body. I could hold him like this for years.

       "YOU FUCKER! You pull this shit out of nowhere, embarrass me in front of my colleagues, and for what?!" he said, clearly trying to leap at me, but being unable to move. Then I ate all the magic he'd summoned and left him looking panicked.

       "YOU! What the fuck are you doing to me?!" he yelled again. His girls shrunk back behind his chair, for fear he would lash out at them. One blow for him could send a human's head clean off.

       "I wish to propose a deal to you. I don't understand why you're getting so agitated, so I'm helping you calm down." I said, slamming him down into his chair with Talent. "I brought that up because I needed to present you some incentive beyond buckets of money."

       "What deal?" he said, huffing heavily from the exertion of trying to break my hold on him. The other two were watching with rapt interest.

       "I wish to purchase the twins from you." I said, smiling. The look on his face was priceless.        

       "What?! No! I've spent the past 12 years training them! I've had them since they were little girls!" he protested.

       "That is the very reason you shouldn't have them. I find your paedophilia quite distasteful. And I like them. I've always wanted a hot curvy redhead with green eyes, and there you have two. So, how much do you want for them?"

       "I'm not selling them!" he insisted.

       "Consider yourself blackmailed. Omertol will hear about you nicking his slaves."

       "I didn't nick anything, I bought them!"

       "Think he'll see the distinction? You know bloody well he doesn't negotiate, he takes what he wants."

       "He's right, Goren." said Assad. "Omertol will simply take the entire consignment just to punish you for being inconsiderate."

       Goren looked deflated.

       "Fine. Five million." he spat. "Each!" The others gasped at the price.

       "Done." I said, and they gasped some more. "LiliAnna, pay the man. I take possession tonight."

       Goren's face dropped. He didn't expect me to agree so readily. He'd calmed down some; Goren loved money almost as much as he liked hurting women. In the new world economy, ten million would buy him a small town. Or a large boat.

       "You should've negotiated. A bit more dirt on him and I could've gotten them for you for free." smiled Alia. "It's bad business to agree to a price without haggling."

       "I'm not in a haggling mood." I replied, eyeing the twins, whose faces were a mixture of uncertainty, fear and relief. Yet they remained silent and tried to conceal their emotions. Goren stewed; he looked over at the twins, who averted their eyes.

       "Fine. But I'll not forget this Sebastian, none of this."

       "Good." I said, releasing my Talent. My manipulation was subtle; the others knew I was doing something, but they couldn't tell what. All Gifted and Talented could sense magic when it was being used. They had all learned something more about me today. Hopefully, something to give them pause for thought if any decided to screw with me in the future.

       "Do they have control implants?" I asked.

       "No, I had them removed two years back. They stay because I broke them." replied Goren. I scanned the girls, not just super-senses, full active scan, from my eyes. They were clean.

       "Come to me, girls." I motioned to the twins. They looked at their master, quizzically.

       "GO!" snapped Goren, a sour expression on his face. "You're his now, he owns you." the reluctantly shuffled over to my throne, and knelt.

       "Rosa, Aria, I am Sebastian. I am now your master. You will listen and obey me in all things as you did your previous master. Kneel." they did. "Jessica, get me some wire cutters."

       I began snipping the cruel barbed wire from around the twins' bodies, gently unwinding it. It had dug deep into their flesh, leaving angry purple lines on their skin. They moaned with pain and winced as I pulled the barbs out of the wounds they'd caused, fresh blood seeping out. Once I'd managed to get the wire off of them, I gathered it all in my hands and crushed it into an unrecognisable ball of metal, barbs and all, then threw it across the room into a trash can. I got a couple of glasses of wine from the table and gave one to each twin. They hesitated, then drank eagerly. I had one of my girls pat down the blood and stood the twins up to admire their unbound bodies. They were stunning. No more than 5'3", perfect hourglass figure with DD breasts, big nipples and completely hairless otherwise. I looked at their cute feet, tiny and perfect. They were well muscled, clear tone, six pack abs. To me, they were perfection. I glanced at my girls; there was a mixture of jealousy and worry on their faces, but also lust, for some. Denna eyed them hungrily. The girl was bisexual before I'd met her years ago, but now she seemed ever more hungry for female meat.

       "Jessica, Livia take the girls to the med room, have those wounds disinfected and patched up, then find them some dinner and a bed in the slaves' quarters. Get them a pair of collars and chain them to the bed. Let them rest. We'll arrange a nice introduction tomorrow." I ordered. Goren was still eyeing me with hostility. I couldn't give a toss.

       "Is that all, Sebastian? Don't you have some blackmailing of these other two to do?" asked Goren, sardonically.

       "No, one blackmail per dinner party is enough. Stop pouting, you've made a small fortune on those two."

       "I am curious, Sebastian, as to why you spent so much money on just a pair of slaves." asked Alia. "sure, they're a fine pair, but still. You could've gotten a horde of girls for 10 mil."

       "It's quality, not quantity, my dear. And despite what Goren undoubtedly thinks, it wasn't to snub him, I simply took a liking to the girls." I replied. Goren replied with a snort.

       "The girls are used to pain, Sebastian. Are you sure you can deliver?" he asked.

       "Oh, I'll not keep them in TOO much comfort, don't worry. They'll have their share of giving and receiving pain. And a lot more pleasure that you probably let them have." I retorted.

       "A slave needs to know her place." he kept going. "Pain reminds them of that."

       "So do other things." I said, turning to LiliAnna. "Darling, where do you belong?"

       "As your slave and plaything, master." she replied, head bowed to me.

       "Denna, where do you belong?" I asked.

       "As your sex slave, master."

       "And you, ladies?" I asked the other ones of my girls who were still there.

       "As your slaves, master." they replied in unison.

       "See, Goren? There are other ways to get a slave's loyalty, and I get far more out of them than just sex."

       "Pfffft! What else do you need out of a cunt besides sex?" he retorted. Alia rolled her eyes. Assad, as always, remained impassive.

       "Enough of this childish bickering." I declared."I plan on heading to Brasillia in a week's time. I trust that you have people nearby keeping an eye on things even if they won't venture in?"

       "We do." replied Assad. "Silesh, one of my spies. She's on site there, has been for a year, in the Andes, where Peru used to be."

       "Is she a slave or a free woman?" I asked.

       "Slave. But a trained covert operative. She was that before the Event, and she's only gotten better since." he replied, glancing at Goren.

       "You're mad! A slave and a trained spook? Are you crazy? What's to stop her from selling you out?" yelped Goren.

       "She loves me." answered Assad.

       "PFFFFFFFFFT! You're naive. And now you're sending Sebastian to her. He'll probably have her eating out of his palm before long, giving him all the dirt she has on you."

       "She may. But then again, everything we do is a gamble, is it not?" answered Assad, still calm and even.

       "True that." I answered. "Very well, let us discuss details."

       The rest of the evening was spent with the three of them giving me all the the details the had on Brassilia. Such a total shutdown of communications and travel was unprecedented, even in the early days after the Event. The only images that came out before the air interdiction began were of large scale battles all across the Amazonian basin, scenes of large scale massacres, cities reduced to rubble. Images of massive creatures the size of houses and larger featured. Massive magical detonations could be felt by even the least Talented. New Brassilia had been ruled by a council of oligarchs, each massively powerful mages with an affinity for synergistic magic. Together they should have been unassailable. Yet none had been heard from for months. One had managed to send a telepathic transmission that reverberated across the continent, a warning about "demons" that soon devolved into a massive pain shockwave that killed unshielded teleempaths thousands of miles away. Now, all remaining nations of the South American continent had sealed and fortified their borders, mobilising massive armed forces to respond to whatever happened in Brassilia should it spill out. And we all suspected it would. The North American Coalition, or NACO, led by the former US, under the control of the Society, had sealed off the Panama canal and mobilised its immense fleet to blockade the southern continent. It all smelled like something big, and potentially devastating was in the making.

       Then my guests departed, one by one, until only Alia was left.

       "Well, this trip sound extremely dangerous. Whatever is going down in South America, I bet it's one of the nastiest things ever to come out of the Event." I said. Alia chuckled.

       "Is that fear I hear, Sebastian?"

       "Should I not be afraid?"

       "You aren't, not even a bit. I can tell." she smiled mysteriously at me.

       "You can't read me, Alia, this I know." I replied, sipping from my wine glass.

       "I can't Read you, Sebastian, but I can see it on your face. You're not even mildly worried about what you're walking into."

       "Meh. Maybe a little bit." I shrugged, returning her smile. Her face was beautiful, her eyes spoke of intelligence, her posture, even naked, legs crossed and an arm draped over the back of her chair, radiated confidence. She regarded me with interest and a mischievous smile. I stared back at her, searching her eyes. I toyed with the idea or Reading her, then dismissed it. It was more fun to try and guess. I admired this woman. There was only one other female in the upper echelons of the Society. Many would have liked to see them both fall. The other, Henrietta Maximilian, was beset by allegations of backstreet dealings outside of the sanction of the Society; her days were numbered.

       "What do you see when you look at me Sebastian?" she asked; I was slightly taken aback, even though I had just been staring at her.

       "I see a lioness among wolves." I replied, sincerely.

       "Oh, stop, you flatter me." she said, laughing. Her laughter had a tinkling infectious quality to it, and I chuckled as well.

       "I try. But seriously, you're probably the most powerful woman on the planet, and that attracts a great deal of hatred and envy. Plus, you're a woman in a society that has regressed in terms of social equality to depths it has never been to before."

       "Is that admiration I hear?" she said, tilting her head seductively. Her eyes wrinkled ever so slightly at the corners as she smiled at me.


       She was slightly surprised by my sincerity.

       "You intrigue me, Sebastian. You are so unlike any of the other men I've met. You seem to have no ambitions besides what you already have, despite, I suspect, being more powerful than anyone imagines."


       I gazed into her searching eyes. There was curiosity, sincerity and, yes, attraction there. I decided to take a chance.

       "What would I be ambitious about? As you said, I'm probably very powerful already. Is it so hard to believe that all I want is to leave in peace with my slaves and my distractions?"

       "Well, yes." she answered, matter of factly. "I find it very difficult to believe indeed. Or maybe you just enjoy being a man apart, above the politics and power plays of this world?"

       That last statement surprised me. Damn, but she was perceptive. I was starting to like her more and more. She noticed. She uncrossed her legs and got off her chair, then sauntered over seductively, bending over my throne, her face close to mine. I sat back and regarded her. I had seen her naked and being fucked all night long, but now I really SAW her, how stunningly beautiful she really was, the fine lines of age only enhancing her looks, her body toned and supple, her movements elegant yet sensuous.

       "Like what you see?"

       "Mhm." I said, taking in the sight of her. She knelt beside my throne.

       "Would you want me to be one of your girls? To keep me chained and naked, to be your plaything whenever you wanted to take me?" she purred. I was thinking to myself 'Well, duh!'

       "Are you offering yourself, Alia?" I grinned cheekily at her.

       "You didn't answer the question."

       "It has appeal to me, yes, but I have slaves aplenty."

       "You're still evading." she retorted, smiling.

       "What's this about, Alia?" I asked, suspicious of what game she was playing.

       "It's about an honest answer, my dear." she answered, adopting a submissive posture, ankles together, knees apart, hands behind her back, but staring up at me with piercing eyes.


       I sighed.

       "I would like to tie you up and have you, but not keep as a slave."

       "Aaaah, finally." she grinned. "I believe you." She got up and brazenly dropped in my lap, then started playing with my hair. "And why's that?"

       "Why's what?"

       "Why you wouldn't keep me as a slavegirl."

       "I have a feeling you'd be very disobedient." She giggled.

       "That I would, but I'm sure you're sure you could break me if you wanted."

       Maybe I could.


       "Maybe. Now, are you going to tell me what this is about?" I asked. My cock was getting hard under her bare thighs, and she reached down and pulled it up between her legs. Long as it was, it was poking out from between her thighs, against her pussy, and she started playing with its tip, rubbing it gently.

       "Like I said, you interest me."

       "My looks, my power, my charming personality, my very nice castle?" I asked, half jokingly.

       "A bit of each, I suppose." she answered, moistening her hand and continuing to expertly stroke my cock. Can't say it wasn't pleasant.

       "AAAAh, now I see." I said. "You're mixing business with pleasure here."

       "Why what ever do you mean?" she gave me her most charming and seductive smile.

       "Your looking for an ally."

       She laughed.

       "Oh course I'm looking for an ally, Sebastian. We're all looking for allies, and why not you? You're probably the only one with real power that doesn't want to strap me to some torture device and break me."

       "I wouldn't say I don't want to strap you to something and do something to you." I answered.

       "I'm sure you'd like to play." she answered, chuckling, then, moving with surprising agility, shifted herself in my lap, planted her feet on my shoulders, grasped the arms of my throne and planted herself on my cock, then began gyrating. I sat back and let her fuck us. She was skilled and tight, and strong. She wrapped her ankles behind my head and began thrusting herself on me. I could feel tendrils of magic adding to the stimulation, warmth and electricity, the her Gift, radiating lust and passion. I cautiously let it in, and responded, grasping her breasts and sending waves of sharp stimulation through then, tickling her nerve endings. She milked my cock with her pussy, muscle control no normal human could achieve, and I responded, adjusting my skin texture to provide more friction. Her eyes widened in surprise and she began humping harded gyrating at the same time.

       I got up off my throne and grabbed her butt. She wrapped her legs around my waist and continued humping. I dug two fingers into her asshole and began stroking and sending electric shocks through her anus, gently. I used Talent to form something akin to a dildo inside her ass, but immaterial. She gasped in surprise and momentarily lost her grip on my waist, jumping up and grabbing my shoulders, her lips inches from mine, but then burst out giggling, leaned over and started to lick my ear, slowly grinding herself on my cock as I expanded the magic dildo inside her, going ever deeper into her.

       "Oh, gods, Sebastian, that feels wonderful. Deeper! Deeper! Bring it out of my throat!" she yelled at me as I lay her butt down on my throne's arm and began pumping her. She responded by tingling the nerves at the top of my spine with pleasurable magic. I allowed her past my shielding and enjoyed the sensations, shivers and chills, followed by warmth and a tingling that spread across my whole back. She stuck a finger in my mouth and I could taste pussy and vanilla. I inhaled her scent, sweaty and earthy from our fucking. It was intoxicating.

       We fucked for hours. Exploring each and every nerve ending, stimulating with magic and with flesh. We held onto the pleasure, we kept each other on the edge of orgasm. I fucked her in all her holes, using magic to fill in what my dick couldn't, playing her like a harp, reading her reactions in her body, through her skin and in her mind, as she let loose with the Gift and projected every sensation she was feeling back at me, so I could feel what she felt. It was incredible, sex between two Gifted. We felt each other's pleasure as if it were our own. Hours later, we gave in and I came in her pussy, filling it with close to a pint of sperm, and she came screaming in pleasure, gripping me for dear life, digging her nails into my back.

       We lay there. She was gasping for breath, I stroked her hair and kissed her lips.

       "Wow. That was the best sex I've had in a long time." she said.

       "Same. It's been awhile since I fucked with a Gifted, and you, my dear, are gifted in more ways than one."

       She burst out laughing.

       "More ways than you'd suspect, darling. Not just in the bedchamber."

       "True that. We fucked everywhere but in a bed." I said.

       She laughed some more.


       We lay there for awhile, on the floor where we'd last ended up. I was thinking to myself how I enjoyed Alia's company. As we lay there, me stroking her shoulder, her playing with my chest hair, she smiled at me and asked:



       "I'll consider it. You're definitely and impressive woman, Alia. Can't say I'm not attracted to impressive women. Always have been. But what do you offer?"

       "Shrewd, Sebastian. I can be your inside source in the Society."

       "And what do you wish of me?" I asked, grinning at her.

       "Besides more sex like that? A fall-back; a friend in my time of need."

       "Wow. That is amazingly honest of you, Alia." I was genuinely surprised by her candour.

       Her expression changed from jovial to serious.

       "I'm very good at reading people, Sebastian. You, you appreciate honesty and dislike double-talk. This much I know about you. You hate it when others try to trick you, especially since it's mostly pointless. I suspect you see a great deal more than anyone suspects."

       "People are overly suspicious of me. I really just want to be left in peace."

       "Peace is in short supply, Sebastian. Especially for people like us. You know this."

       I sighed. Yes, I did. I suspected I would get dragged into Society machinations, or something else sooner or later. That's why I took as much time as I could to enjoy myself and have fun. Before something like this happened. Before I would agree to something like New Brassilia. Guess the good times were over.

       "All right, Alia. You give me something interesting that might concern me, and I'll be your friend in time of need. How much of a friend depends on how interesting your information is."

       "Fair enough. Now, shall we fuck some more?"

       I laughed.

       "Let me send my girls to bed and we'll see."

       We did indeed fuck some more, slowly, no rush or wild passion, but only once, then we slept next to each other on my bed until well into the next day. I was content. If I had to get pulled into politics and power games, it might as well be by someone like Alia. I had a feeling I was going to enjoy seeing more and more of her.


       The next day I got up and released the girls, leaving them alone except for their usual buttplugs which they knew to put in themselves after they were done cleaning themselves. Ellen had slept in the sperm tank. I'd turned on the feed to her mouth the previous night, but she stank to high heaven inside her tank. I had the others clean her up; I considered making them lick all the stale sperm off of her, but changed my mind. The girls had performed very well the previous night, I was going to give them the day off. I let them pick their own clothes and told them that if they want to go out in town today, they had to remember to wear their collars. That way everyone would know who they belonged to; I doubted that anyone was idiotic enough to mess with my property.

       Alia and I had our breakfast in bed, served and serviced by Denna, who served us our food and masturbated for our viewing pleasure while we ate. I called LiliAnna in and she joined Denna in sucking and licking us while we discussed the particulars of my trip to South America.

       "So, if all air travel is impossible into Brasillia, you're going to meet Assad's operative, Silesh in the Patagonian Federation. From there you'll go north into Brasillia. The borders have been sealed off by the military, but Silesh will have a pass. Then, you're on your own, both of you. We'll give you a subcutaneous transmitter to keep in touch with us."

       "Sorry, Alia, you're not implanting anything in me. You'll find that any foreign body that enters mine is quickly destroyed."

       She looked surprised at that, which was understandable; nobody knew the strength and aggressiveness of my immune response. I was quite possibly immune to all possible diseases. Over the years I'd gone to some very nasty places in the new world, rife with diseases, and never had I caught even so much as a cold.

       "Don't worry about it." I said. "Just forward me the comm protocol details and frequency as well as the cypher key and algorithm you want me to use and I'll match it."

       "Well, well, Sebastian." she answered with a smile. "The surprises with you never stop. Got any more tricks up your sleeve?"

       "Oh, so many." I replied with a smile, leaning over to kiss her as LiliAnna was just bringing me off with her mouth.

       "You, beautiful! Bring that jizz over here and let me have some." bid Alia, motioning to LiliAnna.

       "If you eat that, I'm not kissing you until you brush your teeth." I said. Alia laughed and kissed LiliAnna deeply, sucking all my sperm out of her mouth.

       "Too bad you've not got a taste for sperm, Sebastian. It's sooo delicious." she said, smacking her lips.

       "Yeah, no. I don't swing that way."

       "Too bad. You were eyeing my slave eagerly enough yesterday, I thought you might fancy some girl-dick."

       "I fancied some dick-girl ass. And she was fucking my little Sophie so well."

       "Do you want me to call her here now? Where have you stashed her?"

       "Sent her up with the rest of my girls last night. She must be in their tender care as we speak."

       "Ha ha, I do hope they don't ruin her." laughed Alia. "It's taken five years to train her to my standards."

       "I would be curious to experience your standards, but not now." I said, getting out of my bed.

       "My, my, Sebastian, you are superbly well muscled." said Alia as I stretched by the side of the bed. I chuckled and flexed for her.

       "Oh, yes, put on a show for me, darling." said Alia, arching her back, thrusting her breasts out of the covers and pushing Denna's head into her pussy. I laughed and obliged, doing a little dance for her. She drunk in the sight of my defined and toned body as I shook my ass for her, trying not to goof off, since I found the whole thing very amusing, until she came under Denna's skilled tongue and lips.

       "Had fun?" I asked, a huge grin on my face.

       "Oh, yeah." she smiled, laying back on the bed and stroking Denna's hair as my girl rested her flushed face against Alia's bare thigh. "What's not to like. You're chiselled like a god."

       "Oh, please, stop. You're going to make me blush." I replied, rolling my eyes at her. Truth be told, that's exactly what I wanted to look like. I wasn't a terribly vain man, but there were a few vanities I wished to live with rather than without, and a supple, muscled body was one of them. True, beneath my skin lay more than flesh and bone, and those muscles Alia was admiring were not made of meat and blood, but they looked the same nonetheless.

       "Too bad you're kinda short." she said. I threw her a startled look, half surprise, half amused.

       "Where did that come from?" I asked; she burst out laughing.

       "Oh, the look on your face! Priceless!" she replied, still giggling.

       "Oh, you're poking fun at me now?" I asked, jumping up on the bed and pulling the covers down off of her. She yelped and huddled up at the sudden rush of cold air, but I grabbed her ankles, flipped her over, still giggling, and climbed on her thighs, spreading her buttocks.

       "I'll show you what I think of being made fun of." I said, playfully, then stuck my cock into her asshole, eliciting more yelps and giggles, then moans.

       "Oh, please, do show me, darling." she cooed, arching her back and sliding to impale herself on my dick. I wasn't going to let her get away with it so easily and I began tickling her. She yelled and started laughing:

       "No! No, Sebastian, don't!..." I relented and resumed thrusting into her ass, while she dropped her head on the pillow, her lustrous hair splaying to cover her face as she muttered.

       "You, sir, are an asshole." she said. I tickled her again, still fucking her. She yelped again, bucking under me, trying to throw me off, but I held her. I grabbed her around her shoulders with one arm, turned her head around and kissed her.

       "Yes, I am." and. I reached down with one arm and grabbed her left breast, and played with her nipple. Then I dug my other hand into her ribs and tickled her again.

       "Oh God, oh god! HAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!! Stooop! Stop it, Seba...HAHAHHAHAHAAAA!!!" she thrashed and tried to grab my hand, but I kept on tickling and fucking her, laughing all the while.

       "Nope, not stopping. This is too much fun."

       I kept up the tickle -fuck until I came inside her, then I dropped her to the bed and rolled off of her. She looked up at me with shocked eyes:

       "HEEEY! I haven't cum yet with your fucking tickling! Where are you going?!"

       "Why, I'm going to the toilet." I smiled at her and ran out.

       "But what about MEEEEE?!" she yelled after me. I ignored her, so she tossed a shoe at me, which I deftly dodged, and ducked out of the room, laughing.

       In the bathroom I could see the girl luxuriating in my enormous hotub in the centre. On the topmost floor of fortress/spire/citadel/whathaveyou, it had a broad skylight through which the sun was shining. When I walked in the girls stood up in all their naked glory and gave me a bow.


       "Hello, girls. Relax. Take today and have fun. Go out if you want. Just remember to wear your collars."

       "Yes master, thank you master." they replied collectively. In the corner, poor Anna was still chained to her toilet stall. By the look of her belly, she'd been used quite a bit, recently. I moved over and stuck my cock in her mouth. Groggily, she remembered to drink down what I had to offer. Then, I lifted her chin up and looked into her eyes with a stern expression.

       "Learned your lesson, slave?"

       She nodded weakly. She looked like she'd slept badly. Can't say I didn't know why; she'd been chained there since yesterday afternoon. I released her, picked her up in my arms and laid her down in the tub.

       "Take good care of her. LiliAnna, when you're done washing her, put a chastity belt with a catheter on her and chain her in a bed. I said, handing her a key. Let her rest."

       "Yes, master."

       "Girls, I have something important to tell you, so pay attention."


       They all turned instantly towards me, kneeling in the tub, covered in foam as they were.

       "I'm taking a prolonged trip abroad. I don't know how long I'll be gone. In the meantime, I'll fit you all with collars that will monitor your movement. You will be allowed to travel a certain distance from the citadel or to specific locations. If you want to travel somewhere, let me know tonight an I'll consider it. Needless to say that the collars can shock you, incapacitate you or even kill you if you stray from your permitted travel locations."

       They looked at me gravely, they expressions serious, as was I. I allowed them a great deal of leeway and freedoms, but they were still my slaves.

       "You will all be left plenty of money to carry you over, plus the supplies here in the citadel. You are to look after each other. The collars monitor your vital signs and you can use them as a distress signal. I'll show you how. Take care of my home. You are allowed everywhere except my private rooms, of course."

       Their expressions softened; they were my slaves, and thus I was responsible for their well being. I tortured them for my amusement, but I wouldn't permanently harm them, or see harm come to them.

       "Also, if you want to have someone over as guests, or stay over somewhere, let me know and I'll consider it. You are NOT to have male company while I'm away without my permission. I trust you all with this, but you are to wear your chastity belts while out. The belts will lock as soon as you leave the citadel, and unlock when inside. Am I clear? The collars will be linked to the belts; if they detect you leaving without them, they will shock you."

       "Yes, master. We wouldn't disobey you, master. Don't you trust us?" asked Ellen. I smiled.

       "I do, but you might forget."

       "Ha ha, not after the last time I walked out without my belt." answered Sophie. They all chuckled; I'd kept her in a belt and denied her orgasms for a month the last time she went out without belting herself up.

       "Yeah, it was actually quite amusing making you watch while all of us were getting off while you couldn't." I said.

       "No it wasn't!" she put on the cutest upset expression. "It was horrible!" the other girls laughed.

       "Come to think of it, I may just do it again, for fun." I said, an evil grin on my face.

       "Nooo! Please, master, not again!" Sophie practically jumped out of the water begging me. The other girls laughed at her even more.

       "Or to someone else." I added, my gaze sweeping over them, grin getting broader. Cries of protest and begging me not to rose up from the group. I laughed.

       "One more thing, girls. While I'm away, I recommend staying in the citadel, especially overnight. It would be safer here than anywhere else. Now." I added, climbing into the tub. "Bathe me."

       As I enjoyed a sponge bath and massage from several beautiful women, Alia joined me soon afterwards. We relaxed with a glasses of wine; I gave the girls leave to relax, and Alia quizzed them about their lives here under my ownership. She was surprised by the amount of freedom I allowed them, and wanted to know more about it. It surprised her that I allowed my slavegirls to leave the citadel for extended periods of time and even stay at other people's houses overnight. She was also shocked that my girls got "vacations" from servicing me.

       "How come you're so generous with your slaves, Sebastian?"

       "It's in my nature to be generous. Always has been."


       She was looking at me as if she'd only just met me.

       "You're a very atypical slave owner. You're almost a slavery opponent, by your character. I've met people who still oppose the new order of things, some vehemently so, and you're quite similar to them in some respects. Yet, not. It's almost as if you haven't made up your mind."


       I smiled mysteriously.

       "Maybe I haven't. Maybe I'm exactly what you see. I won't ever claim to be a saint, or even a good man, Alia; I do what I do. Others can draw their own conclusions. My girls are my property, but they're not cattle to be kept penned up until their usefulness is at an end." I gazed at my girls, and searched in their eyes for their feelings; in some I saw gratitude, in some I saw acceptance, in some I saw a spark of defiance and resentment. But only a spark. I'd have to work on that, with kindness and with pain both.

       "Interesting." said Alia, mysteriously, still studying my face. My face was impassive, as indeed I could freeze all my facial muscles and keep a stony expression should I choose to. I was wondering what was going through her mind, though. Probably filing information away for later use. A woman like her was a practices observer; she had to be to survive. "And you don't care about what it says about you to others?"

       "Not a flying fuck." I replied without hesitation, a vaguely smug smile on my face.

       "Oh, but you are arrogant." said Alia, moving slightly away to gaze at me better. I chuckled.

       "Oh, yes. Always had been, even if there was no cause to be. Character flaw."

       "You shouldn't be so open with your flaws, Sebastian."

       "Maybe I trust you?" I ventured.

       "HAH! That would be foolish, as you barely know me."

       "I know quite a bit about you, Alia. My girls dug up what they could about you. I know much of your history."

       She suddenly looked worried, eyeing my girls with concern.

       "You let your slaves know this kind of information?"

       "Since they researched the information, they know what they found."


       She looked ever more concerned. The girls for their part kept their eyes downcast and said nothing.

       "That's even more dangerous, Sebastian. Slaves should not be privy to information about their betters. Perhaps I have misjudged you." she said, her expression turning frosty.

       "Like I said, Alia, people are free to draw their own judgements about my actions. Maybe I am foolish, maybe I'm simply not worried. As to why, that's for me to know. Remember, you came to me." I replied calmly.

       Alia got up from the tub and wrapped herself in a towel.

       "This is a discussion to be had elsewhere."

       "As you wish." I said, and followed. Back in my apartments, she grabbed me by the shoulders and pinned me with an icy stare:

       "What are you playing at, Sebastian? You have all the care with information of a child!"

       "Do I now? Then how come none of you know a damn thing worth knowing about me besides what I've shown you?"

       "That's the problem, that and letting your slaves overstep their boundaries by having them dig up potentially damaging information on very powerful people. What if someone else finds out that they know about me? What if they abduct one of your girls and torture them for information on me? What's to stop them from doing just that?"


       My expression turned stony and grim.


       She looked into my eyes for a few seconds.

       "Are you that arrogant? Do you think you could stop a Society captain if they tried to get one of your girls, or all of them and wring every bit of knowledge about you and anyone else they've dug up dirt on?" she was positively vehement in her questioning. It was beginning to irritate me. I summoned up Talent and lifted her off the ground, pinning her in immobility. She reflexively drew on her own not inconsiderable magic to break my grip, but I drew her power right out of her, leaving her panicked and sweating, just like Goren the previous night.

       "What the hell?! What did you do to me?" she asked, her composure breaking, her confidence suddenly wavering. I pinned her arms behind her back, twisted them in a reverse prayer position, then spread her legs, pinning her ankles to her thighs; then I stretched her labia out, exposing her vagina and clamped her mouth shut. Exposed, helpless, spread out with her most intimate part vulnerable, totally at my mercy. I liked the sight of her so vulnerable.

       "You asked me earlier if I would like to take you as my slave, to break you until you were nothing but a willing, living sex toy."

       Her eyes widened in panic. I used magic to slowly stretch her anus and vagina, invisibly opening them up, further humiliating her and exposing her most intimate parts.

       "Looking at you now, a powerful Talented and Gifted, a mage and a telepath of considerable power, capable of flattening a small army or bending humans to you will, a fierce, determined and strong woman, do you know what I see?" she stared at me with ever increasing fear. What would I do? I could feel her Gift probing at me, trying to get into my head, to force me to let her go. I grinned sadistically and pinched her nipples with magic, tightly. She yelped in pain, but she continued to hold my gaze, pushing at my mind with hers. I grinned wider, letting her in, just a bit. She yelped in pain again, closing her eyes and thrashing at my magical hold on her. She tried to withdraw her telepathic probing; I held her for a few seconds as she tried to scream in agony, then let her go. As her pain receded, I spoke, my tone low and even.

       "You've just experienced what several Gifted experienced at a Society party awhile back when they tried to recruit me, and before, you found out what I did to Goren, draining his magic. I asked you what do you think I see when I look at you now, bound, helpless? The answer is, a sex toy, a hot piece of ass, helpless before me." I let my eyes roam over her, taking in the sight of her beautiful body, and the fear in her eyes. It was intoxicating, exciting. I wanted her, wanted to fuck her right her and now, as she was, to defile her body with magic and my cock. Instead, I released her, setting her gently on the bed.

       "But, like I said, I admire you." I added, turning my back to her, going towards my wardrobe to grab some clothes. As soon I released her from her binding she let out a scream of outrage:

       "You motherfucker!" and jumped off the bed, throwing a massive lightning bolt from both her outstretched hands at me. It hit me square in the back, exploded with a loud crack... and fizzled out. I paused for a second, didn't even turn around, then continued to my wardrobe.

       "Yeah, I'm also immune to hostile magics." I said casually, picking out a shirt and pants to wear. I could see her breathing hard behind me. A second later my girls burst through the door, each wielding a gun pointed at Alia. I smiled.

       "Master, are you all right?" asked Lia, holding a carbine at her shoulder, aiming down the sights at Alia. Alia, for her part, turned and stared in speechless surprise at my naked, gun wielding slavegirls.

       "Yes, yes, girls, I'm fine. Alia and I were settling a few things. You can relax." I turned towards Alia. "Oh, I trained them in armed and unarmed combat." I added, grinning at her. Her expression was priceless, caught between shock, fear and bewilderment. She stood there dumbly for a minute, not quite sure, for the first time in her life, of what to do. Then she slowly regained her composure. I waved my girls away and finished dressing, waiting for my guest to get a hold of herself.

       "Well. I've said it before, Sebastian. You are very interesting." she said, almost calm again. Still, there was fear in her eyes, and I could feel her holding her magic in defence, even if it was a pointless gesture. I smiled and approached her. She almost flinched as I moved my hand to stroke her hair.

       "And so are you, Alia. You are a very rare woman indeed."


       She eyed me suspiciously. I could tell that she didn't like being vulnerable as she had been, as she still was. Didn't like it one bit. There was hostility under her fading fear. I wondered if I'd done the right thing, assaulting her like that.

       "I would appreciate it if you never did that again." she said, pulling away from my touch and stalking over to where her dress from last night was.

       "Hmmm." I shrugged. I wasn't sure I wasn't going to. I loved the sight of such a powerful and beautiful woman wholly exposed and helpless before me. I liked it a lot. But I also liked her, the independent, strong Alia, confident and proud. The very definition of mixed feeling is what I had now. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind and pulled on my shoes.

       "You trained your girls to be bodyguards?!" she asked suddenly.

       "I hardly need a bodyguard, don't you think?" I retorted, pointedly, and her eyes flashed in irritation. It would take awhile for what I'd done to her to settle in and for her to regain her pride. Right now, she was probably still fuming at me.

       "Hardly, indeed." she snapped bitterly, slipping her pretty feet into her equally gorgeous shoes.

       "No, I trained them to handle themselves. Have I demonstrated sufficiently why I take such risks?" I asked pointedly. She glared at me.

       "We will see, Sebastian. It was a pretty...impressive display. But I was here alone. Can you do the same against a Society commando squad?"

       That had almost sounded like a threat. I shrugged in response and started walking through the door. I saw my guest out; by the time she'd left, Alia had regained her composure and her previous cockiness, and she gave me a kiss on the lips before she left. I spent the rest of the day making travel arrangements. Assad called me to sort out my meeting with his agent in South America and give me the communication protocols for keeping in touch with the three of them. I detected a virus in the comm package they'd sent me. I smiled to myself and quietly filtered it for later examination. I had expected little tricks like this; they were probably implanting a tracking program, maybe even spyware to keep an eye on all my communications. With that I arranged for a public flight to Buenos Aires. I wanted to go enter the Patagonian Federation as innocuously as possible.

       I spent the rest of the day giving detailed instructions to my girls, putting their collars on, distributing their chastity belts and setting up the citadel's defences. A thick stone structure, the walls were infused with magic to shield and disperse hostile sorceries, telepathic probing from the outside as well as more mundane forms of attack. It was nearly impregnable. It would allow my girls free access, but no one else. That evening the girls prepare a small farewell party for me, a very touching gesture since I'd given them the day off, and we ate and talked and laughed together. That night, after a quick round of sex where I relaxed and they took turns sucking me off, seeing who'd finally get me to cum, we all slept in my bed and I was content, happy even, but Alia was ever on my mind.



       The next day found me restless. I dressed quickly in a non descriptive outfit of shorts and shirt, with hiking boots and a hat, packed a small travel bag bid my farewell to the girls. Before I walked out the door, I pulled Denna aside into my private bunker under the citadel, where my citadel's computer core resided.

       "Darling, I'll be relying on you to be my link back here. Don't leave the citadel, stay in my bunker. Let none of the others suspect what I've thought you or what you really are."

       She smiled at me. Her eyes changed to cat-like pupils, blood red and she let her outer canines extend to their full, pointy length. I smiled at her. Oh, how I loved her natural look. So exotic. Her skin took on an unnatural pallor and her fingernail extended to sharp point. In a flash she moved from the door to my lap, faster than any human could see. She lay across my lap and looked seductively at me.

       "I guess this trip will be very dangerous. You can really on me to hold down the fort, master. I'll be here if you need anything."

       "You remember how to use my systems?"

       "I never forget anything any more, master. Just like you."

       "No, darling, I forget like any human, except thing I specifically want to remember. You my dear, you have a mind like a steel trap."

       "Ugh, that's an ugly image. Do you trust this Alia creature? She seems out for herself."

       "I trust her to be out for herself. I also know that she's desperate for an ally."

       "She ought to be. Goren, Alexian and Dorian want her to go down something bad. Henrietta Maximilian has no time for her, holding on to her position with her teeth; she's stupid as well." said Denna.

       "Who, Henrietta?" I asked.

       "Yup. She should have formed an alliance with Alia a long time ago. It only makes sense, seeing as they're both women in an organisation that traffics in primarily female slaves."

       "Hmm, perhaps, but those two are as different as heaven and earth."

       "Not that different; they're both power-hungry tough bitches."

       "Ha ha ha ha. That's a nice way of putting it."

       "Well, yeah."

       "What are your thoughts on Assad?"

       "He's all right. More charming than the others; strong silent type. Loves his wife, even if she is his slave."

       "Noticed that too, have you?"

       "It's obvious, the way he looks at her. Don't know what he wants though, beyond money and power."

       "Respect." I answered.


       "Yes. Assad is a pretty straight player because he wants people to trust him. It's what sets him apart from the usual Society scheming; coupled with his immunity to the Gift, it makes him an invaluable keeper of secrets. Thus, he earns respect and power."

       "Sounds like he could be useful." she said, looking thoughtfully at nothing in particular.

       She had changed so much in the past few years, adapted to her new nature and turned from an artist to a shrewd survivor. After the Event destroyed everything she'd ever known before, killing her entire family and levelling most of England, where she was from, she'd survived for a year only because of what she was, and the strength that gave her. I was one of the few people from her old life that was still alive. When she'd found me in the ruins of London after it was levelled in a cataclysmic incursion in July 2017, she was half starving. She hadn't met another person in a month, and she hungered. She tried to attack me before she even recognized me, but, powerful as she was, she was no match. I agreed to take care of her, but only if she submitted to me. At first she was outraged, but gradually, with care and power, with pain and pleasure, by taking care of her and imposing my will on her, she became mine. All the while, even as I collected slaves, she remained my favourite. Even so, I forbade her from revealing her true nature to the other girls.

       "Hungry, darling?" I asked. She looked at me and her eyes turned redder still, and she nodded. We went to her room, a secret chamber attached to the bunker. It was plush, comfortable, only a few restrains here and there. She had once asked me why I still chained her up even after she'd proven her loyalty to me time and again. I said, it was because I enjoyed tying up hot bitches. She didn't quite understand, but she had accepted her place, even taken a liking to it. Now, in her room, chained to a wall and blindfolded, sat Rosa, one of the gorgeous twins that I'd bought off of Goren. She was blindfolded and shackled hand and foot. She stirred at our entry and automatically took a kneeling position. She was gagged as well.

       Denna eyed her hungrily, with more than one kind of hunger in her gleaming red eyes. She ran her tongue across her fangs and looked at me.

       "For me, master?"

       I nodded, then walked to my new slave.

       "Rosa, darling. It's Sebastian, your new master. Do you understand me"

       She nodded.

       "Rosa, before he start, I need you to understand that I am not your old master, Goren. I will hurt you for my entertainment, but not nearly as much as he did. Do you understand?"

       She nodded again.

       "Good." I said, stroking her flaming red hair. "Now, I brought one of my girls with me, and she's going to use you. It will only hurt a bit, so don't be alarmed."

       With that I moved behind her and nodded to Denna. She knelt by Rosa's unbuckled her gag and grasped her neck. Rosa whimpered as Denna's superhumanly strong hand took hold of her neck gently, but firmly. Denna planted a kiss on the red-heads lips, the pricked her lip with her fangs; Rosa jumped up, startled. I steadied her by sticking my fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clitoris gently. Denna licked the blood off of Rosa's lips, savouring the taste, then kissed her again, pricking her lip again, letting the blood slide down her own lips. I watched with growing excitement at Denna's sensuous feeding, how she toyed with the whimpering Rosa.

       "Shhhh, dear. It's okay." I whispered in Rosa's ear as I fingered her pussy. She moaned, but said nothing, tugging at her bonds. Denna French kissed her again, and as their tongues were intertwining, she grasped Rosa's tongue with her teeth. Feeling Denna's fangs on her tongue, Rosa froze, but let Denna pull her tongue out. Denna slid her fangs into Rosa's tongue slowly, gently, almost painlessly, and as they both tasted the metallic flavour of blood, Denna drew the other girl's tongue into her mouth and began to suck on it. Rosa was responding to my fingering, and seemed to enjoy my slavegirl's bloody mouth-fuck, as she was writhing in her bonds, moaning and whimpering.

       As for Denna, blood always seemed to turn her on; the previous night, as the twins were rubbing their bloody naked bodies over Ellen, I could see the hunger and the excitement grow in Denna. Usually I took her out to feed from a live human; otherwise she'd have to eat stored blood. She didn't particularly care for it, so we went out "dining" often. Now, with a live victim in her grasp, she was taking her time, savouring the sex and the food. She began fingering herself as she slow-drank the blood from Rosa's tongue and lips. She'd dug her fangs into Rosa's tongue and was draining and sucking in a most erotic act of feeding; the redhead was, for her part, getting wetter and wetter, she seemed to like the pain that my little vampire was inflicting on her, as she stuck her tongue out and by that begged Denna to keep biting and sucking. When Denna released her fangs to throw her head back as she fingered herself to orgasm, Rosa climaxed as well, all over my hand.

       "Please, master, more!" she begged, blood dripping down her lips onto her massive breast.

       "More what, pet?" I asked.

       "Everything." she whispered breathlessly. Denna eyed her, her orgasm spent, but her hunger undiminished. She saw the red-heads blood-covered breasts and leapt at them, bowling both of us over and sank her fangs into a tit. I rolled with it, literally, and stuck my raging boner into Rosa's asshole. As Denna drank from the red-heads breasts, I fucked her in the ass. Denna moved up, both girls on top of me, and straddled Rosa's left leg, digging her fangs into her throat and drinking, with agonizing slowness, savouring, while at the same time grinding her pussy on Rosa's leg. I pumped my new slave's ass furiously, lifting and bucking both of them, holding onto both girls as the gorgeous vampire continued feeding and humping herself to another orgasm. Rosa moaned and groaned, urging me to fuck her harder. Denna dug her sharp nails into her tits and was squeezing them tightly to keep from falling off. When she dug her thumbnails into Rosa's nipples, the redhead screamed what must have been an amazing paingasm, but we weren't done yet. I flipped both girls over, now straddling each other. Denna continued to feed, and I stuck my cock in her pussy, resuming my fucking. Rosa shook her ass at me in protest at the sudden lack of dick in it, and I obliged by shoving fingers into both her holes. When I was ready to shoot, I yanked Rosa up, keeping my fingers in her holes, move up and shot my load into Denna's blood filled mouth, adding cum to her diet, which she drank greedily, "cleaning" my cock as she was trained to, but succeeding only in smearing it with blood.

       "Sorry, master." she said after she'd swallowed. "I'll clean that up."

       "No, let me." begged Rosa, whom I'd gotten off again with my hand. We looked at her curiously.

       "Okay, pet." I said, and stuck my cock in her eager mouth, where she lapped up blood, semen and Denna's pussy juices greedily, giving my dick a very good spit shine.

       "Wow. She's great. We're keeping her, right?" asked Denna, sorting her dishevelled hair and licking the blood off her lips.

       "Hell, yes." I answered. Rosa's wounds sealed almost instantly, as most vampire bites did, but both of them were smeared with blood. "Girls, clean yourselves up." I said, unchaining Rosa. "When you're done, Denna, shackle her again and put her in the delivery lift, and send her up. She's yours for the day."

       I scanned Rosa; she seemed little worse for wear; Denna only drank the equivalent of a wineglass of blood per meal, every couple of days. Some vampires could drink a person dry, but they were of a different subspecies. My girl had been lucky, being part of a higher class of vampirid, who got the strength and the speed, but kept their looks and didn't need much food. Almost like they were meant to fit in with humans. The lower classes could be downright feral, monstrously large and ever-hungry. They were just one of the horrors that the Event had shat out onto our world. Others were considerably worse.


       Soon after I left my final instructions, on how to handle the new slaves, left the keys to certain restraints with my girls and left by taxi, if you could call it that. Taxies these days were armoured cars, which only the wealthiest could afford. Everyone else had to travel through and from the fortified remaining cities and towns by convoy, or armoured bus. Here, in the Carpathian Mountains, it was still safe, for the most part. The Black Sea countries had become a fortified bastion, protected for the outside by numerous mountain ranges and swelled by the influx of refugees from Western Europe. The Convergence rifts that had opened in London had spewed out so many monstrosities into the world that they'd overrun Great Britain in weeks, and France, the Netherlands and Germany not long after. Spain held out, making their stand in the Pirineze mountains, but they were overrun by sea by what they thought was the surviving Royal Navy, which turned out to be crewed by Infested. The Scandinavian countries were still hanging on, but they were running low on resources and with the North Sea, the English channel and the North Atlantic crawling with seaborne monstrosities, the only supplies were getting in overland through Russia and by air.



       As I rode in the armoured car, I pored over the files on my contact, Silesh. Assad had been very forthcoming with information. 27 years of age, a slave since before the Event, she had been trained by Assad as a covert operative, assassin and expert armed and unarmed combatant and pro seducer of both men and women. I looked at her pictures; of middle-eastern origin, she had a curvy but very well muscled body, athletic and toned, as one would expect of a modern day ninja. Her hair was shoulder-length and jet black, but her eyes were a beautiful pale green. She had a defiant look on her face, strong and proud, despite her status as a slave. I reckoned she was going to be a handful, especially since she was going to be in charge of this mission, seeing as she had been on the ground in South America for years.

       The nearby city was a fortress, high concrete walls with guard towers and wall-mounted missiles and machine-guns every thousand yards. This had been the site of a major battle between humans and creatures of the Event, and half the city was still being rebuilt. As I looked around I could see slavegirls everywhere on the streets, recognizable by their collars, if not their demeanour and posture. Most were scantily dressed, since it was the height of summer. Some were leashed to their masters or a convenient tethering point, like a lamp post. Slavery was fully legal and accepted in these parts, as the Society's influence was very strong here.

       In the airport I went straight to express check-in, where a pretty looking woman in her late forties, naked and chained to her desk, probably sitting with a dildo or two in her, stamped my boarding pass. She had a tired look in her eyes. She had lived most of her life as a free woman; the sudden enslavement with enforced nudity, near constant bondage and daily rapes had taken its toll on her. Still, she looked kinda hot as she was.

       On the plane relaxed in my first class seat and waited for the stewards to bring me my drink. I used to be afraid of flying; I hated the sensations it created in me. I took a look at the plane's stewards; all fully dressed, since this plane probably flew where slavery wasn't as fully integrated as here, I could still see through their clothes the chastity belts on a could of them, a handsome, tall lady and, unusually, a guy. Male slavery was a fact, but much, much rarer than female slavery.

       The flight was long and tiresome and I was glad to be done with it. Under other circumstance I would have taken my own jet, but I wanted to remain unoticed. At the airport I took a taxi to a nice enough hotel where I was to meet my contact. Buenos Aires was a thriving city, having escaped the worst of the Event's devastation, and the building were all tidy, the streets clean, and not an obvious slave in site. The Patagonian Federation, which formed of what was left of Chile and Argentina, still considered slavery illegal. Good for them, I thought, but it's only a matter of time. The Society was simply too powerful. I wouldn't be surprised if Omertol, it's shadowy leader, aimed to become ruler of the entire globe. I would have to consider how that would affect me, but after I took care of business here.

       As soon as I stepped into the hotel, I saw her, a vision in her flowery dress, her toned legs crossed, her feet in high-soled sandals, her arms crossed, her chin up in a confident posture, green eyes scanning the crowd. If she recognized me, she didn't react. I walked over and sat down next to her.

       "There's this stupid passphrase I supposed to give you." I said. I saw her grimace.

       "Gods, they sent me an amateur." she sighed, still scanning the crowd.

       I grinned. Yup, she had attitude. This would be interesting.

       "Yep, rank amateur here. No idea what I'm doing, I blab too much and I've yet to find my own ass." I replied. I had hoped for a smile, but she just grimaced some more, sighed, grabbed my hand and pulled me after her.

       "Gods, an amateur and a joker! Let's just go before you yell 'I'm on a covert mission' at the top of your lungs." she snapped.

       "It's tempting." I joked. She squeezed my hand to stifle a curse. She was quite strong for a human. I let myself be led to her room, where she locked the door and pulled out a hand-held scanner of some sort, giving me a once over, then a pat-down.

       "If you'd like to, I can strip." I said, still grinning like a fool. She sighed and 'accidentally' backhanded me in the balls patting me down. That would've hurt, if I were a man.

       "Are you an idiot?" she asked me, staring into my eyes with a gaze that could've pierced steel after she was done checking me for tracking devices or bugs or whatever.

       "Totally." I said, still joking. She pinned me with her gaze, frowning and studying me like I had two heads.

       "You're trying to provoke me." she concluded. I dropped the grin.

       "Yeah, actually I was. Sorry."

       "Well, don't. This is serious business we're on now. Cut the crap and lets get to it. Master Assad said you'd been briefed on the situation and on me. What I want to know is why he sent YOU here. I've never seen or heard of you before, so why are you here?"

       "I'm the muscle." I said.

       She thought I was joking again for a second, but then her eyes went wide as my armour began materializing out of thin air around me. Looking as if carved of polished bone and steel, the suit was a legacy of the Event's effects on me. I had discovered it by accident one day when I woke up with a gauntlet on my hand that I didn't remember putting on. Fully powered, the suit was extremely comfortable on the inside, and so far I'd found nothing short of anti-tank weapons that could put a dent in it.

       Silesh stared at me for a minute. She seemed to take it in her stride.

       "Wow. Well, I've never seen an ability like that before. What are you, Talented?"

       "I have a great many talents." I answered. She sighed.

       "Fine, be vague if you must, but I need to know you can follow directions in the field and that you've got my back. I may be a slave, but this is my operation and I'm the senior agent here."

       I had my hands up in a conciliatory gesture.

       "You're the boss of this operation, and I promise I'll do what I can to guard your back. And your front if need be."

       "I certainly hope so. Things are going to shit on the Brassilian border. I've reports of skirmishes and full blown fire fights between the Patagonian military and ... something."

       "Something?" I asked.

       "Reports describe inhuman creatures, much like the were-creatures that started appearing after the Event, but from what I gathered many descriptions feature the word 'demons' in them."

       "Demons? Seriously?"

       "Yeah, I know." she said, moving over to a laptop on a table under the window.

       She pulled up a video clip, shaky but high resolution, like from a combat cam that some soldiers carried. The video showed a scene of battle. Patagonian soldiers were fighting a pack of massive creatures, recurved legs, clawed feet, massive torsos, some with two, some with four pairs of massively muscled arms, wielding what looked like beam weapons on their wrists and massive bladed weapons in their hands. The soldiers' bullet seemed to have minimal effect on the creatures; only large calibre machine-guns slowed them down. I saw a tank roll up and crush several of the creatures, then blast a couple of them apart with an HE shell. Then our unknown cameraman, who had been in cover, laying down fire with his rifle, turned to the sound of a terrible roar that cut through the noise of battle. What I saw then did indeed look like a demon; thirty feet tall, hoofed, massively muscled, four arms with giant wrist-blades and a bestial, almost feline head with four recurved horns on it. It swatted aside several soldiers entrenched in a gun pit, flinging them like rag dolls, then picked up a thirty ton APC and threw it like a child's toy into a truck full of troops, killing all of them in a fireball. The tank shot it in the face with a depleted uranium round, blowing half the creature's head off. It barely looked dazed, and before the terrified eyes of the Patagonian soldiers, it reformed its head in mere seconds. By this point our cameraman had fallen to the ground, whimpering in pain; he looked down at his abdomen and saw a huge metallic spike sticking out of it. He collapsed, and died seconds later, but the camera kept on.

       The demon leapt at the tank and sank its wrist-blades into its armour like a hot knife through butter, then, with a massive wrench of its arms, ripped the tank in two. Then we saw two men in uniform, officers, put down their weapons and throw magic at the rampaging demon. Magic could be shaped by the wielder's imagination, but some forms are more effective than others. I saw the air around the demon thicken and freeze, trapping the struggling demon within, then the other mage picked up the spilt shells from the wrecked tank and threw them all at the demon. A massive blast of air wrenched the dead cameraman's head sideways and the camera only caught a part of what happened next. When the explosion cleared, we could see the creature had been splattered into several body part and a whole lot of gore and blood-like ichor, purplish in colour, now covered the battle scene, including the camera. At this point someone came over to the dead cameraman and turn off the camera. I turned to my companion, who stared at the laptop screen with a look of consternation and a clenched fist at her mouth, knuckles white.

       "Yup. That looks like a demon all right." I said, casually. Silesh threw me a shocked look. I could her eyes wide in fear as she had watched the video.

       "How can you be so flippant? We're going where that thing came from!" she said, her hands trembling. "I've watched and re-watched this video ten times already and it still terrifies me."

       "Don't worry, I'm fairly sure I can take one of those." I said, and I meant it. She studied me to see if it was just bravado, or if I was really an idiot. But she saw genuine confidence in my expression.

       "I'm not sure what to make of you, Sebastian." she said, closing the laptop and moving to a suitcase by the side of the bed. "I find it hard to believe that you're genuinely confident after what you just saw, but I trust that master Assad sent the right guy for the job."

       "Based on what I saw those mages do to kill that thing, I'm quite sure I can do the same." I explained.

       "So you are Talented. Do you by any chance have a stash of tank shells in your pockets as well?" she asked, picking gear out of her suitcase and putting it in a backpack.

       "I have nothing of value in my pockets at all. But yes, I can do tank shells, or close enough."

       "Well, you certainly don't lack for confidence. You're downright cocky." she said.

       "So are you." I said. She looked at me warily, but relaxed when she saw my smile.

       "I may be a slave, but I'm also a trained operative. I'm confident in MY abilities." she replied. Then she noticed that I'd walked in with only the clothes on my back. "Where's your gear?" she asked me.

       "Same place where this armour came from."

       "Still being vague, I see. Well, don't be vague in the field. We depend on each other for survival out here. The trek to the border goes through some nasty jungle, so keep an eye out and if you see something that looks even vaguely threatening, tell me. In fact, do the same everywhere while you're with me."

       "Yes, ma'am." I replied, no hint of humour in my voice. She studied me, and satisfied I wasn't fooling around any more, finished packing her gear.

       "Good. If you're not too jet-lagged, we leave tonight, at dusk."

       "Not jet-lagged at all. Good to go whenever you are."

       "Excellent. Now, if you want to fuck me, now's the time." she said, slipping off her dress and kneeling. "Master Assad told me to extend you a slavegirl's courtesies when we're not working."

       I eyed her delicious, fit body. She wasn't wearing a bra, but she did have a black thong hiding her hairless pussy. Her breasts were a nice, round D-cup, her abs toned, as were her thighs and calves.

       "Do you feel like a fuck?" I asked. That left her perplexed. She looked at me unsure of how to answer that.

       "Uhm, I'm a slavegirl. Since you have my master's permission, you can theoretically fuck me whenever you feel like it."

       "I know that, but I'm asking if you feel like a fuck." I said, completely sincere.

       "Well, uhm, wow. Nobody has ever asked me that before." she looked utterly amazed at the words that had come out of my mouth. "You're not messing with me, are you?"

       "Not at all." I replied, taking a seat on a chair. I'd de-materialized my armour and sat there in my shirt and pants.

       "Well, actually, not really. I'd love to take a shower and relax before our mission starts." she answered, almost afraid of saying it.

       "Okay, well, do that then. Actually, I could use a shower too." I said. Her expression changed to irritation.

       "So you do want to fuck me. I thought..."

       "No, you misunderstand, I just want to bathe. It's been a long flight. If you want to bathe separately, I'll go after you."

       She still looked at me like I'd grown yet another head.

       "Uhm, okay, if you don't mind. I'll go first." she got up and walked, uncertain and unsteady, towards the bathroom. Then she turned towards me:

       "Why are you doing this? I've never know a man to turn down free sex before."

       "I get sex on tap in my home, Silesh. I have 10, no, 12 wonderful slavegirls that I really care about and they provide me all I need. I wanted to do something different this time." I replied.

       "Okay. I see. Well, wow." she said, staggering into the bathroom.

       "Lock the door." I called out. She'd reflexively left the bathroom door open, as she'd been trained to do when in the presence of a Master.

       "Oh, yeah, sure." she said, still in a bit of a daze at my actions. I was kind of amused at how badly my unexpected actions had thrown off her composure.


       She came out an hour later, wrapped in a towel. She seem to have recovered her composure.

       "Bath's free."


       I took a nice, long, hot bath, and when I came out, I found Silesh masturbating on the bed. She stopped when I walked in, as if she was a teenage girl and her daddy walked in on her.

       "Feel like a fuck now?" I asked, grinning at her.

       "Uhm, masturbating relaxes me. A lot less effort than fucking. Do you want to take me?" she asked.

       "Nono, carry on." I said. "I might do the same myself. Mind If I watch?"

       "Uhm, no, if you want." and she went back to rubbing herself. I knelt on the other bed and began wanking to the sight of her. She eyed me from time to time, and smiled as she slid her fingers in her pussy, and her other hand in and out of her ass. Then she pulled her dirty fingers out of her ass and, to my surprise, began licking them as she rubbed her pussy ever more furiously. One shit-smeared hand in her mouth, licking it like it was candy, the other fisting into her cunt. I shot my load across the room and some of it splattered on her chest and abdomen. She didn't seem to mind, and finished herself off soon after. She scooped up my sperm off herself and licked that too, then glanced at me sheepishly.

       "I hope that didn't disgust you. Tasting foul things during sex turns me on." she said.

       "Oh, no, it's fine. Not my cup of tea, really, but I do like it when women do that kind of stuff to themselves." I replied.

       "Really?" she asked me, curious. "My master hates it. I'm forbidden from doing it in his presence or if he requires my services that day."

       "So this posting has allowed you to enjoy yourself more, hasn't it?" I asked.

       "Well, yes. I have total freedom over my sexual activities out here. Part of my cover."

       "So, what interesting things have you done with this freedom?" I asked. I was very curious to find out what other kinky, dirty things she'd done. "Don't worry, I won't tell Assad if you don't want me to." I added when she seemed uncertain.

       "Oh, well, I've had a taste of just about anything that's not too toxic. Animal semen and urine, my own piss and shit, unwashed genitals, that kind of stuff. Ass to mouth is my favourite." all of a sudden she seemed shy, sitting on the edge of the bed, eyes downcast, a nervous smile on her lips. Talking about her personal perversions wasn't easy for her. I was kinda turned on, not by acts themselves, but of how dirty and perverted this hottie was.

       "Wow, that's actually kinda hot, that you would get off on that kind of stuff." I said.

       "Does it interest you?" she asked me.

       "It interests me to watch you do these things to yourself, actually. I'm not a fan of disgusting fluids, personally."

       "Oh. Well, maybe you'll get a chance to watch me." she added, with a cheeky smile.

       "You get off on people watching you do these things?"

       "I get off on people watching me period. Too bad that I'm supposed to be keeping a low profile. I can't really afford to be known as a perverted slut; it might attract too much attention to me."

       "Well, well. I'll be your audience, then." I said. She grinned at me, clearly interested in the idea.

       "I'd like that."


       Once night came, we made our way to the parking garage down under the hotel and went to Silesh' car, a rugged 4x4 Toyota. There, to my surprise, she took off her boots and put her pretty feet directly on the pedals. Taking a closer look at the pedals, I could see that they had tiny metal spikes dotted across them. She saw me looking at her quizzically.

       "Oh. It's another one of my little fetishes." she said.


       "Specifically on my feet. I love having my feet tortured. Usually, I go barefoot anywhere I can, to feel rocks and things dig into my soles. But master Assad told me it's giving me peasant feet, tough and calloused, so now I have to find other ways of enjoying myself. Can't really cane my own soles easily, so I fit studs to the pedals of my car."

       "Wow. You're full of little perversions." I said, smiling at her. She smiled back and nodded. "But won't that interfere with your driving?"

       "Not really. I've been doing this for years." she said and pulled out, deftly shooting out of the parking lot.

       We travelled all night long. I took over driving after four hours. She told me to wake her up after four more, but I didn't need the sleep, so I drove until morning. The road was almost empty, surrounded by farmland and hill in the distance. I glanced at Silesh every now and then; she slept like a baby, except for her snoring. Eventually she woke up on her own, and saw the sun was already high in the sky.

       "You were supposed to wake me after four hours."

       "No need, I wanted you to get a good rest."

       "You need your rest as well, Sebastian. WE sleep in shifts for a reason when out in the field. Now you're probably exhausted and that slows you down, makes you clumsy and unreliable." she chided me.

       "Trust me, Silesh, I don't need sleep nearly as often as humans do. It's just part of what I am."

       She threw me a curious look.

       "As often as humans? What are you, then?"

       "Superhuman." I answered, not a hint of arrogance in my tone. Silesh examined me quietly, not quite sure if I was dicking around again. Then she settled into her seat and said:

       "What else should I know about you? If you're not like us mere mortals, what are you? I need to know what you're capable off, so I know how to run this mission."

       I thought for a few minutes as to what I should reveal to her. I never showed all my cards, and I knew that whatever I did would get back to Assad. Then again, she'll see me in action soon enough and find out exactly what I was capable off. Truth be told, I didn't know what I was really capable off. London in 2017 was my worst trial so far, and since then I'd discovered more about my powers, and about my nature. Then I sighed and said:

       "Fair enough. As far as I know I've a good grasp of magic, and I'm Powerful. Capital P. I'm much stronger than a human, much faster, and much tougher. Plus that armour you saw earlier." that was all I was willing to reveal for now. She nodded.

       "Well, that sound useful. Any combat experience or training?"

       "Yes, against both humans and Event creatures. No formal training."

       "Hmmm. So you're an amateur." she concluded. "Great."

       "Yup. But a skilled one, I think. I can handle myself if need be."

       "Lots of guys say that."

       She didn't seem entirely convinced. I could see the doubts on her face, and I could understand them. She said no more until we pulled over at a motel in a small town on our way. This time we did fuck. I ass to mouthed her, even caned her feet for her, which she really got off on. I watched her clean my dirty dick with her tongue while I ate her pussy and when I came she ate up all my sperm, sloshed it around in her mouth, savouring the taste.

       "You like that?" I asked.

       "Mhmmm." she muttered, a smile on her face. "Yes, I love it."

       "Ha ha ha. You're a fun fuck, Silesh. Now, I need to go use the can here." I made to go to the bathroom, but she stopped me.

       "Piss in me." she asked.

       "What? Really?" I asked. Yet another kink.

       "Yeah, piss in my ass, please." she said, kneeling on all four and presenting me her superb toned ass.

       I was happy to oblige, sticking my cock in her butthole again and letting go a stream of piss. She moaned as she felt urine fill her up. She started masturbating again. She'd just cum and here she was again, rubbing her clit furiously. I held my dick in her as she fucked herself on in and wanked. I picked up my belt and slapped her butt and back with it. She didn't seem to mind, and kept humping me. I recharge quickly, thankfully, and I came into her ass again, mixing more sperm with the piss in her. I reached under her and placed my hand on hers on her pussy and pulsed a low electric current through her cunt and out her ass through my dick. She yelped in surprise but came violently afterwards, moaning and screaming. I had to clamp my hand on her mouth to stifle the racket she was making. After, we collapsed on the floor, my cock still plugging her ass, lest she spill all the piss in her on the floor.

       To my surprise, the carefully pulled off my dick, and went to get a large tumbler.

       "There's something I'd like to show you." she said, squatting with the glass under her ass. Again she surprised me by squirting out the disgusting mixture in her ass into the glass, then bringing it to her lips and drinking it all down.

       "Wow. You're a filthy, filthy bitch." I said, with admiration.

       "Do you like it?" she asked me, grinning.

       "Kinda, yes. Like I said, I like seeing women debase themselves like this. Their humiliation turns me on."


       She smiled and burped, then fell on the floor laughing. I chuckled as well.

       "Good meal?" I asked.

       "Ha ha ha. The best."

       "Now come brush your teeth." I ordered, walking to the tiny motel bathroom to clean my dick. "I don't like ass breath."

       She laughed and followed me.

       We slept in the same bed as there was only one in the room. Silesh was a cuddler, which surprised me. We were both naked and uncovered due to the heat and the distinct lack of functional air conditioning in the room. She slept well despite the heat, but I used magic to cool the place down to my liking. I could withstand very high and very low temperatures, but that didn't mean I liked it. Silesh responded to the chill by cuddling even closer to me. I examined her body, as clear to me in the faint moonlight as in the glaring noon sunlight. She had many scars on her, some from weapons, some distinctly left by a whip, some from a scourge and numerous faint scars across the soles of her feet. Her hands were tough and calloused, and her muscles hard, toughened by hard work, not just gym workouts. All in all the was a beautiful combination of feminine and tough, rough bitch.

       I didn't sleep that night. Instead, I connected through the comm implant in my head to my home computer back at the Citadel. My girls had been out, shopping, eating out, getting drunk and having fun. Without me to serve, they had taken the opportunity to relax. Except Denna; she had stayed in the citadel, in my bunker. She had brought Aria, one of the twins, with her, no doubt to feed from her and/or fuck. I had no idea what she was like sexually before the Event, but now she was frequently horny. I called her up.

       "Hello, Denna."

       "Hello, master. How's Argentina?"

       "Hot. Nice enough, though. Has anything been happening?"

       "Not much. The others have been having fun spending your money today."

       "Ha ha ha. Yeah, that's fine."

       "Assad called. His agent checked in when you arrived, but he wanted to know why you weren't answering his hails."

       "I didn't receive any."

       "Strange. He said he tried ten or twelve times to contact you using the protocols he gave you, starting not ten minutes after his agent checked in."

       "Shit. That does sound strange. I had no trouble contacting you." I mused. This was a troubling development. "Let me try calling him now."

       I put Denna on hold and tried hailing Assad via the channel and codes he gave me. I couldn't get anything, no reply, no acknowledgement, not even a return signal from the satellite I was trying to use. I though about it for a second; my communications with Assad were supposed to go through a Society secure comm-sat in geosynchronous orbit around the Equator, above Panama. My communication with Denna went through another channel, one I had established using Talent to allow my thoughts to create resonance in a device built into my Citadel computer, effectively vocalizing what I was thinking.

       A feeling that something was wrong gripped me. I called Denna back.

       "Denna, darling, my satellite communications are being blocked somehow. Tell Assad..." my call was interrupted by furtive movement outside. It came from some four hundred yards away in the parking lot, but it was distinctive; the sound of combat boots moving silently but quickly. The footsteps were muffled, the walking expertly silent; combat professionals moving towards the building, no doubt. I shook Silesh awake.

       "Huh? What?" she woke up almost instantly; a light sleeper, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.

       "We're about to have company. Ten men, heavily built, in combat boots, moving quietly towards the building." I said, jumping out of bed and materializing my armour.

       Silesh didn't argue; she pulled out her handgun from her backpack and followed me to the doors leading out onto the room's small balcony. She moved almost as quietly as me.

       "How do you know?" she whispered.

       "Super senses." I answered, peaking out through the thin curtains. I shifted my vision to infrared, and it showed me ten armed men moving silently, half going into the motel, half going under our balcony, which was on the first floor. Then grappling hooks shot over the railing in quick succession.

       "Get behind me." I told Silesh. A shortsword and a massive handgun materialized in my hand just a the first guy came over the railing , his gun at the ready. He got off one shot which bounced off my personal shield before I lunged my sword into his face. The next guy got a backhand across the skull and I could feel his bones crunching under my gauntlet like rotten wood, then he dropped silently to the pavement below. The other two, seeing their comrades dead, rappelled back down to the ground and began spraying the balcony with rifle fire. I was about to shoot one with my pistol, but the other five burst through the door and someone tossed in a grenade. I reached out with Talent and stifled the explosion into a fizzle, then stepped in between the naked Silesh and the door just as two guys stuck their rifles in and opened fire. Depleted uranium bullets bounced harmlessly off my forcefield and I reached out with my Gift. I could feel their minds, flooded with memories of training and the instincts engrained by past missions. They had one thing in mind; kill or capture us. I froze them all, then I turned my attention to the ones outside, who'd stopped spraying bullets and were climbing back up. Eight people took too much concentration to freeze and once, so I grabbed the ropes and swung up hard, lifting all three assailants into the air, before flinging them down into the pavement, where they landed with dull thuds and didn't move again.

       I turned my attention to the other five, sitting paralysed around the door to the room. Other guests had started to poke their heads out, frightened by the noise and gunfire. I ignored them and walked up to our assailants. I took their weapons one by one, crushed them to unrecognisable piles of scrap, took their helmets and night-vision goggles off and looked at their faces; they were all locals by their looks. Frightened eyes followed me as they sweated in their combat gear. Their eyes were all they could move. I removed my helmet and gazed at them with my undisguised green crystal eyes. I switched to Talent to hold them in invisible bonds of hardened air. Silesh, still naked, stood poised behind me with her gun trained on the attackers.

       "We need one alive, but we have to move quickly, before the cops show up. No doubt one of the guest called them already."

       "What about the rest?" I asked.

       "Kill them." she said, and the ice in her voice surprised me.

       "I don't murder in cold blood." I said, and pulsed my Gift. Past their fear of me and anger at having failed their mission, I looked for the leader. Unfortunately, I'd splattered him on the pavement below, as I found out, but one of them knew more than the others. I spiked my Gift into their heads and knocked them out, almost certainly erasing the last few minutes of memory from their minds as well, then I grabbed the last guy by the throat and turned to Silesh.

       "Grab your gear." She obeyed. and I took her and our hostage by the waist and leapt over the balcony into the parking lot, then made a b-line to our car, where I bundled the guy in the trunk, sealing him tight in crystallized magic. I wasn't sure how long he'd be out from my psychic pulse. Silesh, naked still, got the car into gear and sped off as soon as I got in.

       "Somebody's bound to have a description of our car if not our licence plate. We need to either ditch it or go off-road."

       "We don't have time to jack another car. Do you have a safe-house around here?"

       "No, we're too far from my usual haunts. I stayed in Buenos Aires for a reason; that's where my political contacts were."

       "Off-road it is."

       We drove out of town with the sounds of police sirens in the distance. They weren't coming after us; it would probably take them awhile to sort out witness testimonies. Soon as we'd left the town we drove off the road and cut straight across the fields until we hit a patch of woodland. There we pulled over, covered our car with undergrowth and I pulled out our hostage, who'd began to regain his senses.

       I picked him out of the trunk of the car and sat him in the grass, stared right into his eyes as he woke up, jumping back at the sight of me and struggling in his bonds.

       "I'm going to ask you a very simple question; you don't have to answer, but if you don't, I'll rip it from your mind. I'm a Gifted. Do you know what that means?" I asked in Spanish.

       His eyes darted between me and Silesh, still naked, who was pointing a gun at him, a stone cold look in her eyes. I had no doubt she'd blow his brains all over that tree and not bat an eyelash. Standing there, butt naked and armed, she looked ever the Amazon warrior to me. But this was no time for that kind of thinking.

       My hostage nodded his understanding.

       "Good. That means I can read your mind. Remember last night, when you were trying to shoot me and couldn't move a muscle? I can do far worse than that." and I sent a jolt of pain through his mind. He yelped and screamed into his magical gag.

       "See?" I asked after he'd calmed down; he nodded frantically that he understood. I ungaged him.

       "Your name?" I asked.

       "Agustin Santiago." he said.

       "You lie. You name is Juan Ignacio Martin." I muffled him and pulsed another shock of pain through him. He tensed up as if a million needles had dug into his body all at once. It was all in his mind, of course, and it lasted only a moment.

       "Now, are we going to keep playing this idiotic game, or are you going to speak the truth?"

       "I'll talk, I'll talk." he whined.

       "Who sent you and why?" asked Silesh, her voice as cold as her stare. Juan Ignacio looked over at her.

       "I wouldn't fuck with her either. She'll do worse than pain phantasms in your mind." I said. "Answer!"

       "I don't know specifics, only our commander was told. I just know that we were supposed to capture or kill you." he pointed his chin at Silesh. Her death-stare turned to surprise.

       "ME?! Why the hell is that?!"

       "I don't know, it was need-to-know and I didn't need to know!" he protested.


       I stared at him.

       "You DO know something. I saw it in your mind the other day. You overheard something you weren't supposed to. A conversation between your commander and someone...high up in the government? He..." I stopped as I read the memories now flowing to the surface in Juan Ignacio's mind. "Your commander referred to him as 'minister' and 'your Lordship'" I turned to Silesh.

       "Who's both a lord and a minister?"

       Her face turned pale.

       "Only two people have both those titles, Lord Ian Franco, the minister of defence and intelligence and Lady Natalia Federico, minister of economics."

       "No, this guy specifically heard 'Lordship', not 'Ladyship' or 'my lady'. Besides, the economy minister doesn't sound like the type to order hit squads around." I said. Juan Ignacio was staring at me in awe and fear.

       "Darling, would the defence minister want you dead for some reason?"

       Silesh though for a moment.

       "I was in contact with one of his aides." she said.


       Silesh glanced at Juan.

       "Don't worry, I've deafened him. He can hear us."

       She moved to stand beside me, turning her side to Juan, her gun still trained on his head.

       "I fucked him for our military passes, to get past the quarantine at the New Brasillian border."

       "I see. I reckon that aide let something slip and now the minister is gunning for your head."

       "It's as good a guess as any." she said.

       "I also reckon the forces on the border have been told about us."

       "I doubt it. Minister Franco sent a covert goon squad after us instead of the local police. He wants this kept quiet."

       "Still, we may expect another goon squad once he finds out what I did to the first one back at the motel. One thing is clear, though. He wasn't expecting me."

       "How do you figure?" she asked.

       "He sent mere humans." I said, getting up and pointing my finger at Juan.

       Silesh looked down at Juan, whos eyes were darting frantically between the two of us. Unable to move, speak or hear anything, I have no doubt he was terrified.

       "What do we do with him?" she asked.

       "I want to know what unit he is and how many more there are."

       Five minutes later I had all the information I needed about the defence minister's secret goon squads. They had been formed as a counter to the newly empowered that began propping up after the Event. It included Powerful, Gifted and Talented among its ranks. Our man Juan was of a strictly 'normal' unit tasked with dirtier tasks than hunting down rogue mages or telepaths.

       "Done. I know everything he knows." I said. "I'll tell you when we get on the way."

       Silesh looked me and I could see her respect for me had grown considerably in the past few hours.

       "I guess master Assad did send the right person after all." she said. I smiled at her and nodded.

       "I do my best."

       "Now, lets cap this motherfucker and be on our way." she said, lifting her gun to Juan's head, who shrank back in fear and attempted to crawl away from her.

       "No need. I'll just spike him like I did the others. He'll wake up as if he'd just gotten black-out drunk and won't remember a damn thing for the past hour."

       "He'll remember we took him at the motel. Better to kill him." protested Silesh.

       "I'll spike him really hard." I retorted.

       "Sebastian, this isn't the time to be kind and decent. We're being hunted and can't afford to leave traces behind. What if your 'spiking' as you call it can be reversed? The minister has mages working for him, and telepaths."

       I sighed. She might have been right, I had no way of knowing.

       "Fine. You have operational command anyway, as we agreed." I said. Silesh wasted no time, pointing her gun at Juan's head and pulling the trigger; quick, efficient and painless. But dead is dead.

       "Lets move." she said, her voice flat and cold.

       We drove in silence, apart from my relating what I saw in the hitman's head. What I didn't tell her is that I saw that he had a family, two children and a wife, and a mother who loved him dearly. It sucks being a telepath at times.


       We ditched our vehicle some miles outside the next town along our route and hiked there. We stopped by a car dealership and bought a new car, paid in cash and continued along the way. We drove throughout the next day and night, with me taking the longest shifts. After two days of driving through the Pampas we were heading for the border of what used to be Paraguay. This was dangerous lands rife with bandits, rebels and creatures from the Event. They had been driven here by a massive counterattack by the Federation military after the near-catastrophe of the winter of 2018 when hordes of were-creatures were spewing out of a Conjunction rift in the middle of the Chillean Andes. What would've been a refuge for humans turned into a stronghold for Conjunction creatures and they came in their hundreds of thousands. Millions of humans died as secondary rifts arced out from the Great Rift in the Andes, blasting the country with wild energy and uncontrolled magic, like nuclear blasts. It was only through the actions of several hundred mages, all new to their powers and uncertain of what exactly they could do, that the Great Rift was finally closed. They had infiltrated the monsters mountain stronghold and blasted the rift with everything they could conjure up. It eventually closed, though they were slaughtered to a man by the monsters' counterattack. Then began the reformation and rebuilding, when those who had gotten a grasp on their powers quickest seized control and established the Federation in the south of South America, encompassing Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and part of Bolivia.

       Much the same thing had happened everywhere else in the world, with the order of things upturned almost overnight. The one exception was the Society, who had operated in the shadows for god knows how many years, decades, even centuries before. They were quickest to seize the opportunity presented by magic and telepathy and superhumans; they were also quickest to enslave people.

       We stopped on the third day and decided to camp in a forest by a river. I kept my sensors tuned to the movements of the forest around me, wary of human scents and sounds. Though, since we had stopped for the time being and we were alone, we decided to have some more fun. I decided to show Silesh what other talents I had. She had expressed curiosity at the electrical stimulation I'd given her back at the motel and I offered to demonstrate further. I stuck one hand in her pussy and asshole, and began a low pulsating current. She moaned and bucked as I sent wave after wave of stimulation through her. As she was starting to get very vocal, I stuck my cock in her mouth and she sucked on it eagerly. I alternated the current to be both pleasurable and painful. I ran my other hand one the inside of the thigh and let the electricity flow between my hands, driving the pleasure and pain across her leg and through her genitals. Pinned down by my weight, she bucked and squirmed as I slow-tortured her to orgasm, only to send a painful jolt through her at the last moment and ruin her orgasm, then to start again. I held her like this for an hour or more while she did her best to suck my cock rather than bite down on it. I humped my dick into her mouth as I worked my fingers into her pussy and asshole. I took hold of her ass and lifted it up until I sat on her face, then lifted her up with her legs on my shoulders. Easy as one would pick up a doll, I stood up with her and stuck my mouth to her pussy, running electricity from it to my roaming hands, which alternatively went from her ass, her nipples, up and down her back and into her butthole. She had lost all coordination under my constant assault of pleasure and pain, but I still fucked her face as she hung limp and moaned.

       Eventually I let her cum, and she came loudly.  I set her down, my cock still in her, and let go a stream of piss which she drank, followed soon by my cum. Afterwards she cleaned my fingers with her mouth then lay against a tree, exhausted.

       "You know, I'm not kissing you with all the crap you put in your mouth." I said.

       "Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I can't blame you." she said, then she gave me a lust-filled, mischievous look: "If you need to take a shit, let me know."

       "Oh, you are the filthiest bitch I know." I said, laughing.

       "Thank you."

       We bathed in the river afterwards and lay naked to dry in the heat.

       "You know, with a body like yours, I'm very tempted to make you a manual labour slave. I'd chain you up and make you bust rocks or something while I 'encourage' you with a whip." I told her.

       "Been there, done that." she replied.


       "How do you think I got these muscles? Master Assad had me trained by his second in command, Macavian."

       "Macavian? Wow."

       "You know him?"

       "I know OF him. By reputation. Baddest Society enforcer ever, or so they say."

       "His reputation is well deserved. He's actually the one who captured me." said Silesh. I was surprised at that; Macavian usually didn't "capture" anybody, unless specifically ordered to.

       "How did that come about?"

       "I come from a broken home, Sebastian. Mom was a drug whore who started pimping me out at the tender age of 10 to pay for her drug habit."

       "I'm sorry to hear that." I said; she looked at me to see if I was sincere. I looked back at her to see why she would care.

       "It's ancient history, but it did lead me to fall in with a biker gang years later, after Nevada got nuked by the Event." she continued, turning to look at the sky.

       "You're from Nevada?!" I asked, surprised; almost nobody got out of there alive. Magic storms had torn that place apart, turning it into a grotesquely misshapen landscape of half-crystallized rock, concrete, dirt and bodies.

       "Originally; I wasn't IN Nevada at the time, though, courtesy of my mother. She'd pimped me out one day, when I was thirteen, to this biker gang boss. He took a liking to me and took me as one of his pet whores. I rode with them for awhile. That's why I wasn't anywhere near Nevada when the Event hit. Anyway, long story short, the gang boss became Powerful after the Event; led him to become ever more brutal and self assured; he ruled the gang with an iron fist and we took to robbing, muggings and killings."

       "How did you run into Macavian?"

       "Run into is appropriate; one day the gang boss spotted this posh, luxury car driving on the same road as them. Easy mark, he thought. It was anything but."

       "Let me guess; Macavian was in that car."

       "Yup. Never seen anyone move so fast, hit so hard and kill so efficiently." she said, staring into the river with a haunted look. Then she turned her eyes to me. "Well, until you."

       I wasn't sure if that was a compliment.


       "So what happened next?" I asked, searching her eyes. I could see in her expression that she had mixed feelings about this tale she told. I could see fear, and, paradoxically, gratitude.

       "He killed all but the women. Us, he took as payment 'for his trouble'. He broke us, one by one, making the others watch. With him, it was a combination of torture, brutality, abject fear and isolation. He would rape us, torture us, make us torture each other. Then the next day, rinse and repeat; our only escape is if we were more brutal to each other than he was to us. I watched as he turned each girl, some of which I had counted among my friends, into his devoted sex puppets, each willing to kill the other for his favour."

       "Did her do the same to you?"

       "He did." she said, her voice strangely even. "But I was already broken, up here." she said, pointing to her head. "I defied him, hoping he'd kill me and I could be done with this life." there was little sadness in her voice.

       "And?" I encouraged, hoping to hear the rest of her story.

       "He stopped torturing me. He started training me."

       "Just like that?"

       "It seemed so; later he would tell me that I was an experiment, that he was curious to see if he could un-break me and mould me into something else. The rest, as they say, is history. Master Assad bought me off of Macavian a few years back and I have been his agent ever since."

       Now I understood her lack of sadness at recounting such a story. Macavian, then Assad, in a strange and twisted way, had given Silesh some semblance of a life, albeit as a sex slave and a covert operative, which was a strange mixture indeed. This was a very tough chick, and smart, to have survived what she went through and come out stronger for it, and she was one helluva fuck. What more could a man ask for? But then, I am no man.

       The last portion of our journey took us towards the Amazon Basin. Before long we were entering the jungle. Night had fallen.

       "We should make camp. It's not safe to have our lights on and we can't see where we're going without them." said Silesh.

       "Don't worry, I can see everything." I said. I turned my eyes towards her; they were undisguised, faintly fluorescent crystalline green. Her eyes widened in surprise.

       "What's up with your eyes?" she asked.

       "They're...not human. I can see at night better than the average cat." I said and turned off our Jeeps lights, plunging us into darkness. "I know." I said, feeling her still staring at me. "I'm full of surprises."        

       "Yes." she said, her tone flat. "And I think it's about time you informed me about them." I could tell it wasn't framed as a request.

       "No." I replied just as flatly. I could feel her tensing up.

       "What the hell do you mean, NO?!" she said, her tone low and dangerous. "This is my mission, Sebastian. I need to know your capabilities to know how best to use you."

       "The answer remains, no. Such things are private and quite know what, I don't care. You'll see what I can do before long; I don't care if Assad hears about them, like he will."

       She didn't answer, but was staring at me expectantly.


       "I'm not human, Silesh." I said.

       "No, duh!" she replied.

       "The event made me beyond Powerful, Gifted and Talented. It changed my very body. As far as I can tell, I'm a cyborg." I paused and let that sink in. Some moments passed and she spoke:

       "You mean like implants?"

       "No, I mean this entire body is engineered, except for my brain."

       "Engineered? By who?"

       "I don't know."

       "Were you captured after the event? Experimented on?"


       I chuckled at that.

       "No. The change began several days after the Event. I was on vacation in Portugal. At first I started manifesting magic. Then I started hearing people's thoughts. Then, agony, as my body felt like it was tearing from the inside out. It all happened in a matter of hours. By this time my uncontrolled magic had already torn apart the hotel I was staying at. I think I killed a few dozen people that couldn't get out fast enough." I explained. "That still bothers me, in case you're wondering." Though not as much as it should. "The police had already shown up, but, of course, I was nothing they'd ever dealt with before. They couldn't even approach me because of the magic I was unleashing without really wanting to. I could hear them in their perimeter cordon, some two hundred yards from the hotel which I was quickly demolishing around me. The were calling in for an armed response. That was August 12th, 2016. My birthday."

       "August 12th? Didn't Portugal get..."

       "...hit by a massive tsunami. Yes. I was there, on the coast where the wave impacted, a mere half a mile from the coast. Nobody survived."

       "Except you."

       "Except me. When I woke up I was underwater. Somehow I knew I was under 100 meters of the Atlantic ocean, and sinking."


       She kept staring at me. I could tell she was having a hard time believing me.

       "Want me to keep going?" I asked.


       "So I started swimming. I swam so fast, like I couldn't belie. When I finally broke the surface I leapt out two storeys and crashed back into the water. The most curious thing was that I didn't feel out of breath at all. In fact, I didn't feel a need for a breath all the way up from the ocean. I looked around, couldn't see any land at first. Then my vision suddenly zoomed as I was looking at the clouds in the sky. They seemed closer, much closer. It took me awhile to get control of the zoom, but eventually I used it to spot land. I had been dragged out to sea over fifty miles. I swam back those fifty miles until I reached shore."

       Silesh stared at me in silence for awhile.

       "You're not bullshitting, are you?"

       "Haha. No."

       "I've seen a lot of crazy shit since the Event, Sebastian, but not even a Powerful could survive underwater like you say. A mage could, but you said you were unconscious. No way you used magic. A Gifted has nothing to help either."

       "Like I said, I'm not human any more. That was just the beginning. I could not only move faster, I could think faster, too. I found it so very easy to memorize things; it took me a few months to get a hold of my Magic, and I would never hear others thoughts, unless I wanted to, within a week. I developed skills afterwards, close combat, technological knowledge, weapons training, and so much more, but it wasn't like I was learning them, but remembering something forgotten."

       "Wow. I don't know if you're crazy, lying or..."

       "What would you like me to do, Silesh? You saw me at the motel. You see me now, driving in the dark. Would you like me to stop the car, go outside and kick down a tree?"

       "Can you do that?"

       I sighed.

       "A small one." I answered, and she burst out laughing. I smiled as well.

       "Well, looks like my master sent the right person after all. You're still a person, right?"

       "Yes, though I don't know if a better one than I was as a mere human." I answered, thinking of how, without the restraints imposed by pre-event society, I had turned to indulging my darker side, taking free women and turning them to sex slaves, intimidating whomever I pleased, taking whatever I pleased, associating with some truly vile human beings and bearing witness to their depravity, even joining in on occasion, simply because I liked it and I did not fear anyone or anything. London had cured me of any doubts I might have had about my abilities. Perhaps it was not for the best.

       "Good people are in desperately short supply; they were before the Event, they are rarer now, and they don't live very long even if you find one. This ain't no world for heroes."

       Silesh sounded downright sentimental. I wouldn't have thought it in her, after the life she'd had. Maybe this girl was even tougher than she looked. Maybe I would like to have her...and what? Add her to my collection of captive birds in their gilded cage?

       "So, I can expect you'd be very effective in combat?" she tore me out of my thoughts.

       "Very." I said. "When the shit hits the fan, don't be in front of me. If I start smashing things, don't stand near me. If something big and scary comes towards us, stay behind me, to my side. I make a great humanoid shield."

       "Ha ha. I'll keep that in mind."

       We drove in the dark some more. Silesh had fallen asleep; I kept driving. In the morning we stopped for Silesh to relieve herself.

       "When you pee, do you bottle it and drink it afterwards?" I asked, leering lecherously as she peed next to a tree.

       "Ha ha. Sometimes. Stop looking at me like that, we don't have time to play. We're in rebel country here."

       "Rebel country?"

       "Not everyone was cool with living under the Federation's rule. They tried a coup to overthrow the government not three weeks after its inception. They lost, badly, and they ran to the only place they could hide effectively. Here. I fact, I'm surprised we haven't run into any." she explained, looking around.

       "I haven't detected any sign of humans since we entered the jungle."

       "Strange." said, Silesh, warily. "Very strange indeed."

       She got up and pulled her cargo pants up, then looked at me. I was scanning the surroundings, listening for radio transmission, looking around in infrared and smelling the air.

       "What are you doing?"


       "I can see you're sniffing. What are you, a bloodhound?"

       "Better than a bloodhound." I replied, pausing my searching. "Nope, aside from us, there's nobody else for miles around. Their scent would be distinctive. In fact, the only traces of humans I can find are weeks old."

       "Stranger still. This is one of few roads that cross the jungle. Wait, you can sniff weeks-old scents?"


       "Wow. Doesn't the stench of it all get to you?"

       "Sometimes. I don't smell things as much as I categorize smells. I seem to have an innate ability to tell what any smell belongs to but bad smells bother me a lot less than when I was a human."

       "That's handy."

       "I'm handy." I answered, grinning.

       "Yes you are. Now, do you need a piss or something? Next stop is the checkpoint on the Brassilian border."

       "Yeah, I do need a piss." I said and grinned at her lecherously again. She shook her head ruefully and smiled.

       "Where do you want it?" she asked.

       "Your ass." I answered.

       "Fine, but we don't have time for a fuck."


       She pulled her pants back down and knelt on all fours, presenting me with her pert, muscular ass. I pulled my pants down and stuck my hard cock in her butt all the way to my balls. She groaned at the sudden intrusion, and moaned with pleasure as I let a stream of urine flow into her bowels. Her hand unconsciously reached for her pussy and began rubbing her clit.

       "Hey! You said we don't have time for a fuck." I said, grinning behind her. She moaned and rubbed her clit faster.

       "Oh, fuck it. Maybe a quick one. Getting my ass pissed in gets me very hot." she said.

       "Works for me." I said and began pumping her asshole, my piss sloshing inside her. She moaned and rubbed herself faster still. I knelt on one leg, using the other one to push her head into the dirt and detritus on the jungle floor.

       "Yeah, grind my slut face into the dirt and fuck my slut ass." she moaned.

       "Oooh, dirty." I grinned, slapping her ass as I fucked her. I got into a rhythm, thrust-slap, thrust-slap. She seemed to like it well enough as the met my thrusts with her own. I picked her up, my cock still in her, and slammed her against a nearby tree, then resumed fucking her. I pulled her sports bra up and ground her tits against the rough bark of the tree.

       "Yeah, hurt me, grind my tits into the tree! Hurt them, hurt me!" she almost yelled. I was pleasantly surprised. This chick was a bit of a masochist. A loud one. I lifted a stick from the ground with telekinesis and placed it in her mouth, making a crude bit-gag, then continued to fuck her against the tree. She moaned and wanked herself as I rubbed her chest raw against the tree. At last I shot my load into her. She hadn't cum yet, and when I pulled out of her she fell to the ground, still wanking, biting down on the stick, and shot the mixture of piss, shit and cum out of her ass and straight up the tree I'd pinned her to a moment ago.        


       As he came down from her orgasmic high, I stared at her smiling. Her tits and belly were red, with scrapes in places and covered in bits of dirt and bark.

       "Wow. Good fuck." she said, picking herself up and dusting herself off. "But now I'm covered in scrapes. If any of these gets infected, it will be very inconvenient." she said, getting irritated. "Dammit, you shouldn't have fucked me into that tree!" she said, angry now.

       "You seemed to like it!" I relied, holding my hands up in defensively.

       "I did, but I'm supposed to be a professional!"

       "Then why did you not protest?" I asked. She sighed.

       "It's been too long since anyone has fucked me way I like it, rough and dirty. Can't find anyone here who'll degrade and hurt me the way I like it." she replied.

       I looked at her.

       "Wow, I find you very hot right now." I said, sincerely. This filthy bitch was very entertaining. She cracked a smile.

       "Well, this was a bad time for it. Get the first aid kit from my bag."

       "I have something better." I said, producing a glowing orb in my hard. She looked at me curiously as I walked to her and ran the orb across her skin. The wounds began closing before her eyes, which were getting bigger by the second.

       "Healing magic?" she asked incredulously.

       "Yup." I answered, having completed my task and was now dusting the last of the dirt off of her once again flawless skin.

       "How is it possible?"

       "I know, it's virtually unheard of. But it's merely very very rare. I know of two other mages that can do it."

       "Wow. Sebastian, I am impressed. Is there anything you can't do?"

       "A few things. I suck at conjuration. Couldn't summon a cheese sandwich if my life depended on it. Nor am I that good at illusions. In fact, I suck at illusions. My talents are in destruction and healing. I can do telekinesis pretty well, including shaped telekinesis."

       "What's that?"

       "Mind tentacles."

       She burst out laughing.

       "MIND TENTACLES? Wahahahhahahaaaaa!" she laughed for a few good minutes.

       "Yup. I can shape my telekinesis into grasping tendrils. Only three or four at a time, but it's great when I can't be arsed to get off my ass and grab the TV remote."

       "Ha ha ha ha. Well, why don't you have your slavegirls get it for you?"

       "Well, unless they're servicing me, or otherwise 'tied up', they're free to do their own thing."

       "Wow." she said, yet again...I was getting good at wowing her. "That's...very generous of you."

       "They're slavegirls, not tools. I want them occupied and happy, not mindless fuckdolls. I'd be bored stiff with mindless fuckdolls."

       "Ha ha. Well, it's still bloody decent of you."

       "Maybe." I replied, gazing away from her. "Shall we make our way?" I said, checking my internal chronometer. "It's getting late."


       We got back into the Jeep and drove the last few miles in silence. I was thinking that it was good to have had a last good fuck before we drove into God knows what. Silesh was checking her equipment. She'd strapped on a harness with more pockets than I'd thought necessary, she'd packed a backpack with everything but the kitchen sink and was now strapping a tough looking miniature computer to her wrist.

       "Bring enough gear?" I asked.

       "Nope, but this is as much as I can carry. What did you bring?"

       "Actually, more than you. Though I don't know why I left those sex toys in there."

       "What?!" she suddenly turned at me with that look of 'you've grown yet more heads'.

       "Don't worry. They're taking up very little space."

       "Very little space where? Where do you keep this stuff? Where did that armour come from?"

       "I don't actually know. There's this device inside my body that just, stores stuff. I have no clue how it works. I just think of an object I want stored, the sensors built into my skull activate, the object disappears. I can make them reappear anywhere within a foot of me, or on me."


       Silesh shook her head and smiled.

       "Is it magic?"


       "NOT magic?!"

       "Nope. It doesn't require my Talent to use."

       "You know, if master Assad had told me what you could do, I'd have thought he'd lost his mind. But after seeing it for myself..."

       I didn't tell her that Assad didn't have a clue about the extent of my abilities and instead smiled at her.

       "So, what are you packing?"

       "My armour, food and water for both, my rifle, side-arm, ammo, bombs, grenades, a missile launcher, five missiles, two knives, a portable scanner I made based on my best understanding of my sensors, climbing harnesses, rope and a bunch of other stuff."

       "Damn! Are you sure that's enough weapons?"

       "I certainly hope so."

       We were only two miles from a Federation army checkpoint when a strange smell hit me. I rolled the window down, stopped the Jeep, stuck my head out and sniffed.


       "What is it?" asked Silesh.

       "Something stinks." I said, getting out and sniffing some more.

       "Stinks of what?" she asked again, getting out as well.

       "Burning. Burned flesh, fuel, heated metal..."I said, sniffing some more. "And something I can't categorize. Can't you feel it?"

       Silesh sniffed the air as well.

       "There's something...*sniff...ugh, not pleasant *'s very faint, but yeah, I can sense something *sniff."

       "It's coming from the direction we're heading in."

       "You think..."


       I cut her off by holding my hand up for silence. I perked up my ears.

       "What?" Silesh gestured. I nodded towards the border checkpoint. She perked up her ears, but we felt it through the ground before she heard anything. Strong vibrations, like a heard of buffalo. They were getting stronger.

       "What the hell?" asked Silesh, poised to sprint at a moments notice.

       "Let's get the hell off the road. That tree over there will do." I said, grabbing the last of our gear from the Jeep, then Silesh, and lifting us up some twenty meters up a strong, tall tree.

       The pounding vibrations were getting closer and closer, seemingly coming from everywhere in front of us. Then I saw them, faint through the foliage, but bright in infrared. Bestial shapes, some looked vaguely like warthogs, but with giant spines on their backs, and the size of buffalo. Others walked on two legs but had four arms and stood twice the height of a man. Others were like horses, but stood the height of an elephant. Next to me I could feel Silesh' pulse quicken, her breathing becoming ragged. I squeezed her arm. The beasts approached at a thunderous gallop. The sounds they made were indescribable, somewhere between roaring and metal being crushed.

       "Stay silent, whatever you do. I'll protect you if they see us." I whispered to Silesh. Truth be told I felt a  mixture of apprehension and disgust at the sights before me. Pretty soon my night-vision could make out their features. The warthogs had vicious spines sticking out of their backs, two glowing blood-red eyes, and gleaming, enormous fangs all along their jaws. The horse-like creatures as well, and I could see their jaws, reaching from their muzzles to the back of their skull, slavering, with four rows of razor sharp teeth. I set our gear on a branch as quietly as I could and materialised my battle rifle. I brought up my Talent and prepared to unleash an infernal barrage of my most devastating shit if I had to. The creatures were directly underneath us, and the smell of burnt flesh, heated metal and blood reached us. They thundered thought the trees, crushing and uprooting the smaller ones, but ours was old and strong. Nevertheless, one warthog slammed its ram-horned head into it and shook it to its core. The creature didn't even pause as it shook its head and resumed its blind stampede. One of the humanoids spotted our Jeep and dug its right arms into the metal like it was tissue paper, then picked up the two ton vehicle like a child's toy and slammed it against our tree. That nearly knocked Silesh loose. I caught her. To her credit, she didn't make so much as a peep. Some of the beasts stopped to sniff the air.

       'Oh, shit.' I thought, as they began inching closer to our tree. Then one of them looked up. Most of the beasts had passed us, some hundred or so rampaging monstrosities, but the one that destroyed our vehicle and two warthogs stayed. They saw us. 'Fuck, they can see in the dark.' I though again. The warthogs let out a high-pitched squeal that sounded like a massive rusty door being opened. The humanoid looked up at us and I could swear its mouth formed a malevolent grin as it began to smash the massive axe in its left hands into the trunk of the tree. The warthogs began slamming themselves into the tree as well, oblivious to the horrendous impacts to their skulls.

       "Oh, shit! Oh, shit, Sebastian, this tree won't hold!" yelped Silesh, holding on for dear life to a thick branch. "Give me a grenade!" she said, holding out her hand. I handed her one for our gear pack and she threw it with uncanny accuracy at the humanoid chopping away at our three. It hit the creature square in the face and exploded almost instantly. When the blast cleared I saw the humanoid's head blown apart at the neck. The hogs had paused their assault on the tree, and we though that we were in the clear, but to our considerable shock the humanoid's head started to grow back. The pigs resumed their slamming with renewed fury.

       "Okay, that didn't work." I said, and aimed my rifle at the humanoid. Traces of blue rings followed the hypersonic projectiles as they left my rifle's four Gatling barrels. Green plasma explosions tore into the humanoid, splattering charred flesh everywhere. It staggered under the assault as its body was shredded by armour piercing incendiary rounds. In under twenty seconds I had reduced it to a pile of grotesque smoking gore.

       For a few seconds afterwards Silesh and me held our breaths as the hogs once again stopped their assault. I stared intently at the smoking humanoid. It wasn't getting back up. I took aim at the pigs with my rifle again and unloaded two grenades from its underslung grenade launcher. More a cannon than a launcher, it shot two 12mm projectiles at the demonic pigs bellow at incredible speeds. The recoil nearly threw me off the tree, but I held on by one arm. When I looked again, the pigs had been pulverized. Breathing a sigh of relief I looked at Silesh:

       "You okay?" I asked. Her breathing was still ragged.

       "No, not really." she said, but her tone was calm. "What the fuck were those things?"

       "Demons?" I ventured.

       "No, no, no, I'm not trained for this bullshit!" she groaned. "I mean, I saw that video, but to no no no...this can't be real!" her voice began to shake and she was trembling on her branch.

       "Silesh." I said, climbing up next to her, reaching my arm around her to comfort her. She slapped my hand away.

       "No! I'm fine. I'll be fine. You took them down. I need a weapon like yours." she said, her fear replaced with anger.

       "Here." I said and handed her my side-arm. "I'm afraid my rifle is too heavy for you to wield, not to mention the recoil."


       She took my gun and felt its contours, then gripped it, pointed it at a nearby tree, braced it in both hands and squeezed the trigger, blasting a nice chunk of it apart. 'A natural.' I thought.

       "This will do." she said, her tone flat, caught between anger and fear. "Let's go. The border is a few miles that way and we have to walk."

       I got us down from the tree, donned most of our gear and followed her. With a pair of night-vision goggles on, she made her way through the jungle, clutching the gun I gave her. I could see her face grim with determination. I could only imagine how frightening our encounter had been for her and couldn't help but admire her courage now that we knew what we would be facing.


       When we got to the border checkpoint the smell of brunt flesh, metal and rubber was overwhelming. We approached stealthily. It was just past dawn and in the eerie morning light under the dense canopy we saw a scene of carnage. Vehicles, gun emplacements, and people, destroyed, wrecked, ripped apart. Only a few 'demons' were dead on the ground. I counted fifty something soldiers that were still recognizable as having been human, and they were all horribly mutilated.

       "Oh my god." said Silesh. She was turning vaguely green and turned around to retch.

       "Fuck me." I added. The smell didn't bother me and I had seen carnage like this before, but it's not something one gets used to. I stared in shock at the scene before me. I shook off the feeling as best I could and scanned. This had been a well entrenched, fortified position manned by machine-guns, several tanks, armoured personnel carriers and about four dozen soldiers. Whatever hit them, it utterly smashed through. I though back to last night and the horde of beasts that had come ploughing through the jungle. "Those beasts we fought last night. They did this."

       "Judging by what we saw them do, I'm not surprised." replied Silesh, wiping the vomit off her chin. "Any hostile nearby?" I shook my head. "Good, then lets look for survivors." she said, strolling into the carnage.


       I scanned the area, looking for signs of human life. It was a giant mess, but then I spotted a heat signature that looked vaguely human. It came from a cocoon of sorts, like a spider might make, but huge, at least big enough for a person.

       "Oh, great! Giant fucking spiders now?" I said. "I hate giant fucking spiders."

       "Where have you see giant spiders before?" asked Silesh, moving towards the cocoon with me, covering my back.

       "I haven't, until now. I dislike them on principle." I replied and knelt down to slice the cocoon open with a knife. Inside I spotted human flesh, a leg, a woman's. I sliced some more. The woman was nude. I sliced all the way through and I saw her. She was dead, but from a bullet wound, not teeth or claws. As if a naked woman in a giant spider cocoon wasn't weird enough, I saw that she'd had...something attached to her genitals and face. I peeled back the creature off her face and saw that it had inserted some kind of phallus-like appendage into her mouth and throat before latching on to her head. The same kind of creature was attached to her pussy and ass and the same kind of phallus appendage had been inserted into her vagina and asshole.

       "What the fuck?" we asked simultaneously.

       "Were those things...raping her?" asked Silesh, shuddering at the thought.

       "Impregnating her." I said, as an egg-like thing dropped out of one of the parasites' appendage. The one attached to her vagina suddenly started moving. Silesh blasted it instinctively, blowing most of the woman's lower regions apart.

       "Nice shot, but be careful with that. It could melt a hole in a tank." I said.

       "Good." she said. "Looks like someone ended her suffering with a bullet. Stray shot or mercy killing?" she asked, pointing at the cocooned victim.

       "Either way, better way to go, I'd imagine, than wait for those eggs to hatch inside her."

       "This is all too much." said Silesh, sitting down on the remains of an APC. "First demons, then demonic beasts by the fuckload, now things that rape and impregnate women with fuck knows what!"

       "Hold it together, dear. Or if you want, head back. I can probably handle this I my own."

       That got her angry; she got up, crossed her arms and stared daggers at me:

       "I'm not going back anywhere. This is my fucking mission and I'll see it through. Clear?" she said.

       "Yes, ma'am." I said, a hint of a smile.

       "Besides." she added. "They trashed our ride."

       "Yup. Where to then?"


       She looked around, trying to get her bearings. Then she brought up the computer strapped to her wrist and spent several minutes looking on it.


       "We head for Campo Grande. It's the largest city nearby and a major fortress of the Brasillians. Hopefully, we'll find something useful there."

       And so we set off. Campo Grande wasn't too far from the Federation border. We passed through without incident. The ground was covered in strange tracks, deep and overlapping. That horde of demons, for we might as well call them that, had ploughed through here, tearing up vegetation all around us. What was stranger was that we spotted tracks going the way we were going. Besides the tracks were drag marks, at least ten. Something had dragged something with it. At least ten something. I knelt down in one of the tracks and stuck my finger in the dirt. It came up covered in sticky, silky material.

       "Those cocoons. Several were dragged through here, and not too long ago. The silk's still moist."

       "More women like the one back there."

       "Probably." neither of us liked that idea. "There must have been more that one female soldier at that checkpoint."

       "I saw a couple of them dead back there. They didn't haul away the dead one in the cocoon, so these ones are probably alive when they were taken. Sebastian, we have to find them, if only to give them the mercy of a quick death." she said, her voice shuddering with revulsion.


       We kept going, following the drag marks. I kept my sensor peeled, but there was no sign of any demons. There was no sign of anything, not animals, not birds, no small creatures, not even insects. It was deathly silent except for the wind through the foliage. There was a road cutting through the dense jungle here, but the creatures had stampeded such a wide path of destruction, we didn't even need to hold to the road to make good headway, and in fact we didn't. Moving as silently as we could, we kept to the jungle.

       Some way up we came across another cocoon, left behind on top of the crushed vegetation. We approached carefully, Silesh covering me as I slit the silk wrappings open with my knife. Inside, as we expected, another naked woman, tall, toned, army tattoo on her right arm. Sure enough, there were two more of those egg-laying creatures latched onto her face and genitals. They were connected to each other by an umbilical chord. Pulling out my other knife, I swiftly stabbed them just as they began to twitch in response to the open air. They died with a screeching squeal. As I pulled them back, several eggs dropped out of their appendages. I looked at the woman they had been attached to. Her abdomen was distended; she looked nine months pregnant.

       "Oh, God." said Silesh, peering over my shoulder. "What the fuck were they doing to this poor woman?"

       I lifted her out of the cocoon with magic. No way I was touching the slime that pooled around her mouth and genitals. As I picked her up I could see her bumps in her abdomen, dozens of them.

       "They were laying eggs inside her." I replied, disgusted.

       "Open her legs, we need to study this." said Silesh, moving closer.

       "Seriously?" I asked, grossed out.

       "Yes, Sebastian. I know it's gross, but we need to know what we're up against." she said, pulling out a couple of specimen jars from her backpack.

       I complied and opened the woman's legs up. A trickle of slime poured out of her vagina and Silesh caught it in one of the specimen jars. It stank vaguely of sperm, vaguely of glue. The woman's ass was covered in the sticky stuff, but it had congealed into a solid plug, trapping the creature inside her ass by a second phallus like appendage, about the thickness of a large human dick, but longer, and slimier.

       "Give me one of your knives." said Silesh. I did, and she cut the creature's umbilical chord and the appendage going into the woman's ass. Shit spewed out of both of them.

       "Oh, fuck, that's so gross." I said, but Silesh was intent on her examination. Putting on some surgical gloves gloves she squeezed the creature's 'dick' for lack of a better word and slid out a small egg, half the size of a hen's egg, and placed it in another specimen jar.

       "Are you going to collect pieces of everything we find? How many specimen jar do you have?"

       "A few. I brought them on after I saw the creatures in that video. Figured that some tissue samples were going to be useful."

       "Fair enough, if we make it back alive, but it's still disgusting."

       "I like disgusting, remember?" she said, trying to be humorous, but I could see even she was somewhat nauseated.

       "I doubt you'd like THOSE things much at all."

       "You're right there." she said, taking a look at the dead and dissected parasites before us, and at the woman's egg-filled belly. "Looks like one creature impregnated her, then...sucked the shit out of her asshole? And..." she said, sticking her fingers into the crap that spewed out of the umbilical chord linking the parasites and sniffing it "...this isn't shit. But it looks like it was feeding it to the poor woman."

       "I reckon one was processing her shit and feeding her...filtered shit?" I ventured. "Yuck."

       "I don't know...I've eaten shit before, and I rather like it, under the right circumstances." said Silesh, smiling at me.

       "Well, maybe you'd like to be placed in one of those cocoons and force fed your own processed shit while incubating fuck knows what. Focus, Silesh." I retorted, not at all in a mood for her sexual perversions.

       "Noooo, thanks. I'd rather not be eaten alive by whatever spawns out of those eggs."

       "Yeah, thought not. Anyway, question is, why did they leave her behind?"

       "She died in transit." said Silesh, looking under the levitating woman.


       "Fractured spine. She must've injured her spinal chord during the battle or as they were dragging her."

       "Probably better that way. Now, if we're done here, lets keep tracking them."

       "They're heading straight for Campo Grande." replied Silesh, checking her computer. "If we keep going like this we should easily be there by nightfall."

       So we carried on. There were no more indications as to what had come this way except for the drag marks. As the sun was starting to set the jungle had thinned out and we were on open ground again. Campo Grande was on the horizon and we made haste towards it in the dimming light. The land around Campo Grande was a mixture of tropical savannah and dense jungle and we crossed into and out of vegetation on our way there. Before the Event it had been a beautiful city, the capital of the Mato Grosso region of old Brazil, but since then it had been fortified and garrisoned in response to rift incursions into the region. The area around the city had been almost entirely cleared of vegetation to provide no cover on the approach. We hiked and hiked until we came to the outskirts. We had gone entirely unchallenged so far, not even a trace of habitation, human or otherwise.

       What we saw when Campo Grande finally came into view was breathtaking, and not in a good way. The massive concrete wall surrounding the city had been breached in several locations, and the gaps sealed with some kind of throbbing tissue, purple and angry, leathery and veiny. In fact, the entire wall was overrun with purple vines, covered in thorns, digging into the concrete. Out of the top of the wall grew massive black spines linked by black leathery material, raising the wall's height by half again as much. All the stationary defences on the walls, cannon and missile turrets, were destroyed, cast down from the wall and left to rust at the base of the mighty structure.

       "Well, shit. How do we get in?" asked Silesh.

       "I'm more concerned what's on the other side. Let me take a look. Wait here." I said. It was time for another trick on my part. Out of my back began growing large silvery bat-like wings, but with steely feathers in between the bony edges. Silesh looked at me with wide eyes. I smiled back and took off with a powerful swing of my wings. I flew straight up and hovered just outside the wall. Straining my sensors, I scanned the city. If the walls were daunting and impressive, what was inside was even worse. Most of the city lay in ruins, devastated by battle. The military barracks next to the wall were a smoking crater, many building were heavily damaged, the roads torn up. A scene of utter devastation. But what grew in the ruins was even worse. Massive domes of bone and leather, purple and veiny, had been built everywhere. I counted over a hundred, thirty stories high, linked by leathery tubes to one another, and to a massive spire that rose into the sky at the city's centre. The alien architecture infested the city. It looked organic. I flew closer to the wall and grabbed on to one of the many vines infesting it. I could feel a faint throbbing under its hard, leathery interior. It was regular and strong, like a pulse. I took my knife out and stabbed it, nearly breaking my blade in its hard exterior. Dark purple fluid spilled out of it, staining the wall. The alien blood flowed for a few seconds before the vine sealed up and staunched the bleeding, repairing itself whole, leaving not even a scar.

       I had seen enough. Even from my vantage point I could not see any habitation, human or otherwise. I didn't suppose any of the people who had lived there were any longer alive. I flew down to where Silesh was crouching in some sparse vegetation.

       "Well?" she asked as my wings flowed back into my back. "You could've told me you could fly!"

       "Well, now you know. It's a mess in there. City's wrecked, thoroughly. Some of it looks like battle, some like deliberate demolition."

       "Campo Grande had over 20 000 troops and armour stationed! Over 700 000 people lived there. Are they all dead?" she said, struggling to contain her emotions.

       "I don't know. I saw wreckage, military vehicles, tanks, APCs, but no people. No nothing. Nobody's walking the streets. But this..." I pointed to the growth on the wall "...this is everywhere inside, forming a series of interconnecting domes, linked to a central spire that rivals a skyscraper. They're infesting the city."

       "Show me. Can you fly us both?"

       "No. My wings don't grow big enough. And I can't levitate that high. You'll have to climb." I materialised the rope and harness I had stashed and Silesh put it on with expert deftness. "I'll fly to the top of the wall and throw you the rope."

       Half an hour later Silesh joined me on the bony ridge that topped the growth on the wall and we sat between two massive spines as thick as trees and looked out over the city. Silesh seemed strangely calm at the sight. I guess she'd gotten used to weird shit by not. I could see her expression, thoughtful, Analytical. She was surveying the territory and deciding on a course of action.

       "All right. Lets go there." she pointed to a mostly intact group of buildings, a few apartments and shops as I saw them through my zoom vision. "Those buildings are less damaged, maybe we'll find survivors there. Then we'll decide based on what we find. We should take a look in one of those domes, and maybe the central spire, if we can."

       "Sounds good to me. Hold on, I'm going to parachute us off this wall." I said, grabbing her and jumping off the wall, breaking our fall with magic.

       As we walked the city we looked around at the devastation, up close. Buildings demolished, some looked like they had been melted, some looked as if they had been dissolved in acid, some burned, others simply smashed. There were no civilian vehicles this close to the wall, but every military vehicle we ran across had been thoroughly and systematically destroyed. Strangely, there were no corpses. The place looked scrubbed clean of human casualties. Scrubbed clean even of bloodstains.

       For awhile, we were alone. Then I sensed them. Thundering paws and claws, coming down a major road to our left. I grabbed Silesh and ran into a nearby ruined office building. Wrecked as it was, it too was clean of corpses. We hid beside a hole in the wall on the third floor of the building and peeked out at the street below. The creatures came into view; they were massive, looked vaguely like hounds, but the size of a bull, two sets of red eyes, slavering jaws with massive teeth poking out as long as my fingers, and spiky black fur. They were anyone's vision of hellhounds. They nearly thundered past us, but one stopped to sniff the air. I could see its eyes, two pairs, one above the other on its massive skull, looking around, the top pair looking a different way than the bottom. After a few seconds of sniffing it let out a bone-chilling howl and the pack halted. Unintelligible growling came out of the hound's mouth. It might have been growling, but there was a pattern to it, a rhythm.

       "It's TALKING to them." I whispered to Silesh. Her eyes were fixed on the pack bellow, her hands clutching my gun. I had my own rifle out.

       "It fucking well is." she whispered back as the pack began sniffing the ground we had just walked over. "Shit, it's going to pick up our scent." she added, her eyes growing wide with concern. We watched with mounting worry as the hounds started sniffing in our direction.

       "You think..." I didn't get a chance to finish as one of the hounds perked its head up in our direction, its four eyes fixed on our exact position. "Ah, fuck. Take 'em out!"

       Our concealment broken, we stuck our guns out the hole in the wall and opened fire. Silesh took the one that found us right in the mouth, blowing its demonic face apart, dark purple blood spewing out of its neck. It slumped to the ground and didn't rise again. The rest of the pack started towards the building at breathtaking speed. I only managed to blast one more apart and wing another before they had made it to the ground floor of the building. We could hear their howls and growling closing in on us, approaching faster than I'd seen any dog move.

       "Get behind me!" I shouted to Silesh. In a few seconds my armour was on and I wielded my rifle one handed, my other turned to point at the doorway to our room. Not a second alter one of the hounds ran in, but not through the door; the massive creature busted right through the brick wall. Not pausing for an instant, it leapt at me, only to be thrown off its path by a shot from Silesh. I fired a burst as well, blasting the creature's massive body to pieces with plasma incendiary rounds, ammo like nothing humans had ever designed, but the creature's head still growled and howled in pain even as it's body disintegrated under it. I had no time to look, as the rest of the pack caught up.

       What followed was something I hadn't done since London. I felt the trance coming on. In times of danger, when adrenaline hits, humans tell of time slowing down. An illusion of a hyperactive brain under a powerful stimulant. For me, it was different. A calm suffused me, my senses expanded, information flowed in; movement, sounds, smells, all sharply in focus. My awareness of my own body increased to incredible levels, my control sharpened to a fine edge. At times like these, all things around me slowed down. The massive demonic dogs seemed to move in slow motion, while my movements seemed normal to me. And I blasted them. I shot, I sparked lightning, I crushed with telekinesis, I punched one in the face with a blow to shatter concrete, my armoured gauntlet wrapped in a forcefield, harder than diamond, digging into it's skull and still one bowled me over as it leapt on me, trying to sink it's teeth into my arm. My personal shield held, but my sensors told me that those jaws could have bitten clear through steel as if it were tissue paper. I could smell its foetid breath, somewhere between sewage, brimstone and charred meat. Then flames spewed out of its slavering maw, bathing my arm in fire hot enough to liquefy steel. Its massive bulk pinned me down; I summoned magic to crush its skull, but I never got the chance as Silesh shot it straight between its four eyes, exploding its skull.

       The battle over, I dusted myself off, so to speak, and went to check on Silesh.

       "I'm fine, I'm fine, Sebastian." she said, picking herself up off the floor. One of the hounds lay at her feet, its body shredded and burned. Its motionless jaws were inches from where she had lain. I looked at my partner with renewed admiration; it takes balls to stand your ground and keep shooting, even when you're not being charged by a demon straight out of hell.

       "Nicely done." I said, nodding towards the corpse at her feet. She gave it a swift kick.

       "Bitch nearly had me." she said. "Thanks for the gun; would've been dead if you hadn't lent it to me." she said. "It seems to be empty, though." she added, looking at me expectantly.

       "Ha ha, sorry. I'm not used to lending out my weapons." I replied, materialising another few clips for her.

       "Nice. Got anything else in...there...for me?" she said, pointing at my abdomen.

       "What?" I said, thinking for a minute she was pointing at my dick. "Oh, oh, ha ha. No. Sorry. I haven't been able to replicate my gear and believe me, I've tried."

       "Oh well." she replied, trying to keep herself from shaking too much from the adrenaline rush of the battle. "Let's keep going before I puke." Her voice was flat and even, her eyes darting between the corpses on the floor; they'd already begun to decompose and fall apart at it was raising an unholy stench.


       We made our way out of the ruined building and carried on towards the intact apartments we'd seen earlier. They were a few miles away and, thankfully, we ran into no more demon patrols.

       "I those hounds out there were loosed to sniff out humans in hiding." I said.

       "What makes you say that?"

       "Just makes sense to me. Why loose a pack of dogs in a city you already control if not to find and round up any former inhabitants that may be hiding."

       "Hounds are usually accompanied by a packmaster, someone to control and guide them. Those...things...were alone."

       "I noticed something in their growls. A pattern and rhythm. Like speech." I said, replaying it in my head.

       "What are you saying?" she said, stopping and staring at me with that familiar 'you have more heads than normal look'.

       "I'm saying those things may be sentient. I noticed it in the way they attacked us, coordinated, from multiple directions. I'm telling you, those things were TALKING to one another."

       She stared at me for a few seconds and sighed.

       "I supposed nothing should surprise me any more and you have been right so far, and very reliable. Thank you." she said, a faint smile on her lips.

       "We're in this together." I replied simply.

       "No, Sebastian, seriously, thank you. You could've left me at any time. You don't really need me; my purpose was to get you up to speed on the situation and past the military checkpoint, then observe to report back to master Assad. I know I said it's my mission, but it's not like I could stop you if you wanted to go at it alone. You stuck by me and kept me safe. Thank you." she said, and I was touched by her gratitude. I knew she meant it and that she was right.

       "I haven't even considered sending you back. You can handle yourself."

       "In most situations, yes, but out here? With demons and beasts and creatures that no one has ever though possible? I'm not so sure. I've never trained for anything like this shit."

       "We'll see. If it all gets too much, I'll get you out of here and continue on my own. I'd rather not have you die for no reason." I replied, matter of factly. She smiled at me.

       "Let's hope it doesn't get too much. Master Assad would do terrible things to me if he found out I abandoned his assignment."

       "Assad doesn't strike me as the unreasonable sort."

       "Hah. Master Assad doesn't tolerate desertion or disobeying an assignment. Failure due to incompetence, lack of proper skills or training, lack of proper resources, those he can be reasonable about. Wilfully giving up on assignment would get me sent to the Ghetto."

       "The what now?"

       "It's a prison camp somewhere in the Arabian desert. Nobody but his most trusted know the exact locations. There, men who have wilfully disobeyed him in a fashion he considers grave enough are sent to die performing backbreaking labour. The women..." her voice trailed off.

       "What? What about the women?"

       "Depends. I hear that he turns them into human cows; their limbs amputated and they're chained in a stall where all they do is produce milk under the influence of synthetic hormones and provide sexual relief to the guards. They're penned up in the stall, chained up to machines that force feed them and eliminate their waste, and, of course, milk them every day. Then, after years and years of milking, when the slave no longer produces, they're tossed out in the desert to die and be picked clean by carrion eaters."

       I was taken aback by that. Of all the Society's captain, I disliked Assad the least. He was the one I though had the fewest excessively disgusting habits. Now I was learning differently. I was into making a slavegirl lactate and milk her, but not to lop off her limbs and keep her penned up in a stall for the rest of her life. That was monstrous. That was literally treating slaves as chattel.

       "What the fuck?!" I said. "That's horrible, inhuman!" I could feel my disgust with Assad rising. "That piece of shit, I though he was better than the rest of his ilk." I damn near yelled. Silesh was slightly shocked by my outburst. She probably wasn't used to hear someone talk like that about her master and in front of her, a trusted agent of his. I realised too late that this would probably get back to him, but I didn't care either way.

       "You do realise I'm going to report everything that has happened on this mission to my master?" she asked, looking warily, even critically at me.

       "I know that, Silesh. That's your duty. I simply don't care." I replied, my expression deadly serious. She stared at me with a strange expression on her face, the shook her head and resumed walking.

       "Sorry, I'm just not used to hear someone talk like that about my master. Usually his name inspires fear and respect. He's not a man anybody fucks with."

       "I know. None of the Society's Captains are. Except, clearly, to me."

       "That's dangerous, Sebastian. Even for you." she said.

       "Ha ha. Maybe, but remind me to tell you what I did to Goren a few days ago." I said, smiling.

       We kept walking. Mostly we saw the same scenes of devastation everywhere we went. After our encounter with the hellhound patrol I didn't hold out much hope of finding any survivors.  If there were more of those packs out there, they would have long since sniffed out any survivors. Judging by the utter destruction of the city's garrison, I didn't think survivors stood much change of holding out. Yet we kept going.


















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