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Dawn's Lament

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Synopsis: Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction. Buffy and friends try to cure Dawn's out of control lesbianism with bondage and discipline.

# Dawn's Lament

## Synopsis

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction. Buffy and friends try to cure Dawn's out of control lesbianism with bondage and discipline.

## Scene 1

The attic of the Summers residence. Dawn is completely naked, gagged, and locked up in small metal cage hanging from the ceiling. The cage is so small that Dawn is unable to move.

Dawn: Turns out Willow isn't the only one who likes girls, but while they were all being supportive in her case, I am being punished for it! This is so unfair!

One would think Willow would be on my side, but she says it's different, because she is in a committed relationship with Tara, which is all about love, while I'm just a slut addicted to pussy, who is always endangering herself and others with her slutty lez slut behavior.

I admit I may have let that vampire girl into our house, and yeah she ended up almost beheading Buffy in her sleep - but damn she was hot!

Again one should think Buffy would understand. How many vampires has she boinged again?! Oh yeah, two! I've only had sex with one!

Okay, only one they know about, but then who says Buffy hasn't boinged many vampires we don't know about? Unfair!

I mean, yes, I've been kicked out of school twice already because of my passions, but that was unfair too!

Once I got a little rough with a fellow schoolgirl, but I swear she wanted it! She just didn't want to admit it to herself! "Rape", pah! They should have felt how wet that minx was!

And that other time, when I sent naked pictures of myself to my biology  teacher Mrs. Clark - I thought she would appreciate it! I am not a naive little girl anymore, the way she always looked at me in class.. she wanted me! We could have had so much fun, I like older women, but no, she reported me because *she* was too scared. I am the real victim here!

Oh great, there comes another round of punishment..

## Scene 2

The attic of the Summers residence. Dawn is completely naked and gagged. Her hands are bound together with a rope fixed to the ceiling. Buffy is wearing her mistress uniform: a short, tight black dress, black stockings, and black high heels. The outfit does not include any underwear. Buffy is mercilessly beating Dawn's ass with a riding crop, only occasionally pausing to admire her work and to "massage" Dawn's red buttocks.

Dawn: Ouch! Ouch!! My butt! I wish I were a masochist.. Still, Buffy wearing that outfit, and touching my butt like that, is certainly not making me any less horny..

## Scene 3

The cellar of the Summers residence. Dawn is completely naked, gagged, and restrained in a spread eagle position, leaving her young, shaved sex completely exposed and vulnerable. Buffy is about to press the wand massager against it.. again.

Dawn: Oh no, not again please! They call this "desensitization therapy", which is a fancy term for forcing me to cum again and again.. and again. The first couple of times it feels great, but at some point your pussy has had enough. This still won't cause me to stop loving girls, though. They are not "curing" me, they are just torturing me! Abusive, that's what it is!

## Scene 4

Willow and Tara's bedroom. Dawn is firmly restrained in a very tight latex bondage suit.

Dawn: Turns out Tara likes latex. Interesting. But how is this supposed to "cure" my lesbianism? I am starting to suspect Willow and Tara aren't trying to cure me at all, and are just using this as an excuse to live out their own naughty fantasies with little Dawny.

They probably think I've never noticed them checking me out. I gotta give it to them, they've been very pretty sly about it, knowing full well how Buffy would've reacted if she had noticed.

Willow probably also thinks I've never noticed my panties disappearing from the laundry basket. She always puts them back before washing day, but her "borrowing" them has not escaped me. She is the real pervert, considering how young I was when she started doing that. Horny panty sniffing witch!

But yeah, now it is all about punishing and "curing" me. Ha!

## Scene 5

The living room of the Summers residence. Dawn is is wearing a short dress, is gagged, and tied to the wall.

Dawn: I am wearing clothes today, because Spike is here.

No wonder that Buffy loves that bad boy so much; He didn't even ask why I was tied up and gagged! I guess there are tied up girls in Spike's crypt all the time, probably nothing special for him, yet Buffy still hasn't staked him!

Meanwhile they are still giving *me* a hard time because of that *one* time where I kept *one* girl tied up in the cellar. Unfair! Every time they see me going down to the cellar they say "Feeding Jane again, Dawny?" Ha ha, so funny! I wish! They released her, after Willow had used that amnesia spell on her of course.

I miss my pet. When this is over and I am free again I gotta ask Spike if he knows a nice crypt I could use. You know, one where Buffy never goes, and where nobody can hear you scream..

## Scene 6

UC Sunnydale college dorm. Dawn is completely naked, her feet are bound together, her arms are tied behind her back, and she is gagged. She is kneeling on a couch, head down, ass up. Her pussy and ass are on display.. and freely available.

Dawn: Willow and Tara's "treatments" are getting more and more ridiculous.

Let me get this straight, pun intended: I'm a lesbian slut, because I've sex with lots of girls without commitment, and that is somehow bad, so they tie me up like this, in their college dorm.. and offer me to any co-ed who wants a taste! Yeah, that is going to cure me!

I've stopped counting how many different girls have fucked me in the last few days: Licked my pussy, fingered me, fucked me with a strap-on, in the pussy, in the ass, and I did not even know their names!

I was never *that* much of a slut back then I still had a choice. Talk about the cure being worse than the disease.

## Scene 7

The cellar of the Summers residence. Dawn is completely naked, gagged, and suspended in mid-air by four ropes fixed to the ceiling, one tied to each of her wrists and ankles, leaving her in a very uncomfortable position.

Dawn: I had to spend the night like this as punishment for still cuming when a girl eats my pussy. This made me remember that Buffy's biology teacher was eaten by a praying mantis lady.

I mean, hello?! As if I could control that! Buffy is the straightest straight lass I know, but let me and my tongue between those legs for a while and I assure you she would cum too! Unfair!

## Scene 8

Cordelia's apartment. Dawn is completely naked and restrained. The restrains force her to remain in a kneeling position. A vibrator is fixed in position between her legs. One can hear nothing but its motor; Dawn is gagged.

Dawn: I'm still not cured - surprise! - so they've asked Cordelia for help. That airhead just tied me up like this, set the vibrator to maximum, and went shopping! No creativity, low effort - exactly what I expected from that bimbo. Still wanted to suck on those big titties of hers, though..

This is certainly not going to cure me either, girls.

## Scene 9

Cordelia's apartment. Dawn is completely naked but unrestrained. She is sitting on the floor, leaning backwards against a pillow, masturbating with a banana. While doing this she is looking up to Cordelia who is standing in front of her, "supervising" the process.

Dawn: I like this new therapy way better than the last one, Cordelia.

I think it might actually work. Let us recap: I am going to masturbate with a banana, in front of you, and this is going to humiliate me, and the humiliation will help me see the error in my ways?

Cordelia: That's right, missy.

Dawn: You know this would be even more humiliating, and thus more effective, if you took off your shirt. You have such marvelously big breasts. If I had to look at them while masturbating, I would of course mentally compare them to my own small ones, and thus I would feel even more humiliated.

Cordelia: Okay, if you think that will help..

Dawn: Whoa.. it is already helping.

## Scene 10

Cordelia's apartment. Dawn is completely naked but unrestrained. She is kneeling on the floor, head down, ass up, and is fucking her own ass with a big dildo. Cordelia is standing behind her, watching.

Dawn: I am as upset as you are that the last treatment did not work, Cordelia. I want to get better, believe me! And I think you got close to curing me. Intensifying the humiliation this way should work. What could be more humiliating than fucking my own ass in front of you? What kind of slut do you have to be to masturbate like this, right? I'm sure a classy lady like you has never had anything pushed up her butt, right?

Cordelia: Damn right!

Dawn: Only up your beautiful pussy.. You know, I think we could make this even more humiliating if you showed it to me. So that I could compare it to my own slutty cunt.

Cordelia: I don't like this, but we finally have to find a way to cure you, so..

Dawn: Not shaved.. interesting. I would just *hate* diving into that muff. Yes, yes, I'm a lesbo, but I don't like hairy pussy at all - yuck! I think you should make my humiliation complete by pushing my face right into it.

Cordelia: What?! No, I'm not that kind of girl! I don't do such things!

Dawn: Come on, this has noting to do with sex. You are pretty much my doctor, are you not? So be professional about it!

Cordelia: Okay.. Wait, you aren't secretly enjoying all this, are you? Are you trying to trick me?!

Dawn: No, no! I want to be cured! I would never try to trick you; I know you are too smart for that.

Cordelia: At least you've realized that. Okay, I am gonna push your face into my "muff", as you say, and hold it there, while you masturbate with.. that thing. But you better not start licking, missy!

Dawn: As you say, mistress. Eh, Cordelia.

## Scene 11

The cellar of the magic shop. Dawn is all alone there with Anya. Dawn is lying on the concrete floor, completely naked. Her arms are tied behind her back, her legs are restrained so that she cannot close them, much less stand up. Her mouth is taped shut.

She is wired, electrodes are fixed to her pussy lips, another, baton-like, electrode has been pushed deep into her pussy. In addition Anya wields a handheld electro shocker she uses to administer shocks to Dawn's breasts.. and directly to Dawn's clit.

Dawn: Anya is way worse than the other girls! How can Buffy let an ex-vengeance demon torture her little sister?! This is just wicked!

I am getting electro shocks, and of course Anya is focusing on my sensitive girl parts. But you know what, I still love girl parts!

They are not going to break me!

The one thing I like about Anya is that she's being honest, as always: She doesn't call this "electro shock therapy", she calls it what it is: torture! She wants me to say that I am straight, that I don't like pussy, and to swear that I will never ever have lesbian sex again.. but I am not gonna! Turn up the voltage, bitch! Meanwhile I'm going to fantasize about eating your juicy pussy!

## Scene 12

Drusilla's crypt. Dawn is sitting on the bed, completely naked. The bedding is beautiful, made of purple velvet, and pretty comfy. Dawn is gagged and her hands and feet are chained, the chains are Drusilla's, solid steel coated with silver. Drusilla is slowly approaching the bed..

Dawn: I think they are getting close to giving up, but it seems they want to scare me off sex with vampire girls at least. Buffy made Spike talk to Drusilla and now I'm here in her crypt. I overheard their plan: Drusilla is supposed to bite me, including *down there*. I cannot decide whether I am terrified.. or turned on.

One thing for sure though, Buffy is not a good replacement for mom! You know, when mom died, Buffy became my legal guardian - she is supposed to protect me! Letting me get tortured by an ex-vengeance demon was bad enough, but now I am chained and locked up all alone with a batshit crazy vampire ho. How many people has she killed again?!

I mean, really sis, what the hell were you thinking?! That lady from Child Protective Services was right: You are *not* fit to be my legal guardian!

## Scene 13

Drusilla's crypt. Dawn is lying on the bed, completely naked, but unrestrained. Drusilla is passionately administering her "treatments".

Suddenly someone kicks down the door: Riley charges in, in full combat gear, brandishing an assault rifle.

Dawn: Riley!

Riley: Don't worry Dawn, I am here to save you!

Dawn: Thank god! But.. could you save me a little later? See, Drusilla has not finished my "treatment" yet. I know you understand; Yes, Buffy has told me all about your little affair with those vampire ladies.

Drusilla: Oh, has our righteous knight been naughty?

Riley: That wasn't an "affair"! But anyway, okay I am going to wait outside, but you want to be saved right?

Dawn: Of course! As soon as Drusilla and I are finished I'm out of Sunnydale, and I will not come back until the others accept me the way I am - and apologize!

## Scene 14

Dawn's apartment. Dawn is all alone, wearing a classy yet sexy outfit showing just the right amount of skin. She is lost in thoughts..

Dawn: I never did return to Sunnydale.

They never made a serious effort to reconcile. They just could not accept me for who I am: a lesbian slut.

I've to admit though, I kinda did always get us into trouble. That might be part of the reason why they never seriously tried to get me back.

Sometimes families just fall apart, I guess.

I mean my life now is not too bad: A lot less dangerous, and I get all the lesbian sex I want.

Still, sometimes I miss.. everybody. Buffy, Willow, Tara, Cordelia, Drusilla, .. hell even Anya!

And there is one thing that still upsets me: That I never got to fuck my sister; Goddamn she is a hottie!

# The End

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