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ill\'s Chance - An A&E Story

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Synopsis: Poor Jill has been an alternate all her life and now is her one chance to impress Jack, so that he will select her to be a breeder. It\'s a date and she knows she\'ll have to perform well and pass all his tests if she\'s going to make it! (Gynophagia)

Jills Chance

Michael Alexander

“Oh my!” Jill gushed, looking in the mirror. “Its beautiful!” She twirled, her eyes focused on how the tight fitting material clung to her shapely curves. “I cant believe how this makes me look!” Jill ran her hand down the front, admiring the plunging neckline and how it seemed to emphasize her breasts. “Hell love me in this, dont you think?”

Matron Hillary nodded with a warm smile. “I think for sure youll be selected Jill. This is a big honor for you. I know youve been an alternate for years, but this is your real chance. Youve got to make him love you, every inch of you,” the matron said sagely.

Jill nodded. “I know. Ill be good and do every little thing he asks,” she said eagerly. “Do you know where were going? A dance? A wild club?” She asked, looking at her reflection again. The hem of her gold sequined dress danced daringly just beneath her bare slit and the high heels, while uncomfortable, certainly did some interesting things to her calves and bottom.

The matron shook her head. “No clue, little one. But you need to be prepared for anything.”

Jill laughed. “Oh I am! He can do anything he wants. I know the rules.”

Matron Hillary smiled and patted Jills arm. “I know you do. As will he. Now, lets go meet him. Hes in the lobby waiting on you.”

Jill blinked and gasped. “You mean… hes here already?” She demanded. “Why didnt you tell me?” She looked around frantically but the matron grabbed her arm.

“Calm down. You dont want to appear frantic or high strung. Those are traits that men dont want in breeders.”

Jills chest was heaving but she took a deep breath. “Yes. Right. Calm. Relaxed. Peaceful.”

“Thats right. Youll have to live with this man for years, serving his every need and bearing his son and however many others he wants you to have. Do good and youve got a long life ahead of you.”

Jill bit her lip. “I cant screw this up, can I?”

The matron laughed softly, her eyes warm. “Sweetie, I dont think you can. Just be you.” She took Jills hand and together they walked across the campus. There were multiple dormitories and Jill could see her own group out in the rec yard, forty naked girls laughing and playing. A few of them involved a bit more enthusiastically with her friends soft parts. Some of them caught sight of Jill.

“Way to go Jill!” someone shouted. “Knock him out!” Jill waved back.

A moment later they entered the administrative building at the Castleberry Farm. The matron escorted Jill down a long hall and then they emerged into the lobby. Jill had never seen it before and the opulence startled her. Leather chairs and sofas filled the space and there was a massive crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Persian rugs lay on the floor and the artwork that hung on the walls was individually lit, demanding attention.

But Jill let all of that go. Standing in the center of the room, next to the Ranchmaster, was a young man. He had rakish, dark brown hair and a narrow chin, with bright blue eyes that seemed to sparkle the moment he saw her. Jill actually came to a halt, freezing momentarily as what felt like an electric spark flew between them. The matron pushed on her elbow to get her moving again and they approached the two men waiting.

“Masters, may I present Jill?” the matron said politely. She even curtseyed. Jill bowed her head and tried to emulate the matron, but the stiletto heels she wore tripped her up and she almost fell. It was the young man who caught her, a beaming smile on his face.

“Easy there,” he said, his voice smooth and delightful to Jills ears. “I didnt come all this way to take you to the hospital.”

Jills mouth opened even as her eyes widened. “Oh no sir! Im sorry. Im just not used to these shoes.”

The young man laughed. “I doubt youve even worn shoes before.”

Jills head dropped as the blush spread across her cheeks. Of course he was right. The girls at Castleberry farm were kept barefoot. In fact, this was the first time shed even been allowed clothes. Had she been in the breeder program instead of an alternate it would have been different. She'd have been trained for it. Jill shook her head slightly. Time to think about something else.

“Well, Im Jack,” the young man said. “I hope youre ready for something of an adventure. Some fun and excitement?”

Jills face tilted back up. “Yes Master Jack, Im ready for anything!” She said eagerly.

Jacks smile was reassuring. “Excellent,” he replied, then turned toward the Ranchmaster. “And the paperwork?”

The Ranchmaster nodded and pulled out a bundle of a papers. “Everything is updated in the registry, sir.”

“Very good,” Jack said, taking the documents and tucking them into his sports coat pocket. He turned back toward Jill and held out his arm. “Now my young darling, will you accompany me?”

Jill glanced over at the matron who winked and she stepped closer to Jack, taking his arm. Her heart was hammering with excitement and her grin was infectious.

“Have a good time!” the matron called out when they were near the door. Jill looked back and waved.

“I will!” She said.

Jack laughed. “I guarantee it.”

Out in the drive was a red sports car and Jack was a perfect gentleman and opened the door for her. Jill climbed in and was shocked to realize that the seat was just a seat. The two times shed been in a vehicle both had been transfer trucks where each of the girls had been bound hand and foot, sitting with spread legs on sybian seats. The first hour had been fun. But then the sensitivity had kicked in.

“Something the matter?” Jack asked as she settled nervously into her seat.

Jill looked up at him. “I just… Im not used to sitting down like this.”

Jacks eyebrows narrowed in curiosity. “Is there some other way to sit down?”

Jill blushed again. “Well, at Castleberry every chair there has a dildo or plug. And the transport trucks all have sybian seats. We have to sit on the floor if we dont want anything up inside us.”

“Oh!” Jack laughed. “So sitting like this is a bit uncomfortable?”

Jill squirmed slightly. “No, I dont mean that. I was just, a little astonished.”

Jack considered that for a moment, looking down at her. “Well, I suppose I dont want you astonished.” Jill didnt know what he meant by that, but he reached into the back seat and pulled out a small, brightly colored bag. Red tissue stuck out at the top and he handed it to her.

“Whats this?” Jill asked, the bag sitting in her lap.

“Its a gift. It should help you deal with your… astonishment.”

Jill blinked. Shed never gotten a gift before. She reached into the bag and past the tissue. She felt something soft and grabbed it. She let out a laugh as she recognized the item. It was a Penetrator 4, a specialized dildo with multifunction motors and a clitoral stimulator side arm.

“Okay, now I definitely feel less astonished,” she said happily.

Jack leaned against the open door. “Are you wet enough to put it in?”

Jill looked up at him. “Right now? Here? In your car?”

He shrugged. “Well, you said that sitting down without something inside you felt weird. So lets rectify that.” He gave her a wink. “Besides, that dress just makes me want to lift the hem and see that bare little slit of yours.”

Jills eyes sparkled and she wiggled just a bit. Then she spread her legs, putting her right foot back outside the car. She knew he could see her pussy and teasingly she brought the head of the vibrator down to her clitoris. This was something she knew how to do, had actually been trained for. She closed her eyes, shifted her hips, and began pushing. Wetness flooded around the dildo and soaked her petals and Jill groaned as the vibrator slid deeper and deeper into her hole. When the clitoral arm was touching her clit she stopped and with a soft, delicate whimper, looked up at Jack.

“Please sir? Torment me?”

Jack crossed his arms. “I dont know. I like the look of desperation on your face.”

Jill blinked, unprepared for that. “I...uh… I am yours Master.”

Jack laughed. “Yes. You are.” He leaned down and put his hand between her legs. His fingertips brushed her thighs and she let out a soft moan. Then he touched the base of the vibrator and it roared to life inside her, sending waves of exquisite pleasure through her. Jill sighed. Now this was familiar. Having the vibrator in her while sitting made sense. Jack saw the look of contentment on her face and shook his head.

“Put your leg back in so I can close the door,” he ordered easily. Jill lifted her foot and tucked it into the floorboard space. It closed her legs and muffled the vibrators noise. Jack shut the door and came around to the drivers side door. He climbed in, started the car, and in seconds they were hurtling down the road.

“So where are we going, Master?” Jill asked a moment later. She was handling the stimulation between her legs rather well and knew that endurance was a trait favored in breeders. Jack glanced over at her and grinned.

“Theres a carnival about fifteen miles from here that Ive been wanting visit for some time. I knew Id need a date for optimal fun and thats why I selected you.”

Jill put her hand on his thigh, her fingers just shy of his actual crotch. “Im really glad, Master. Why did you choose me?”

Jack laughed. “Well, that amazing blond hair of yours was first. Ive got a thing for blondes. Then I have to admit that your breasts were just so fricking amazing that I realized after seeing the pictures that if I didnt have a chance to touch and suck them Id never be satisfied again.” He shrugged. “So here you are.”

Jill smiled. She lifted her hand to the neckline of her dress and without a moments hesitation pulled one of her firm, well rounded breasts out of the bodice.

Jack glanced over at her and his eyebrows went up in surprise. “So eager to get out of a dress?”

Jill looked down demurely. “Anything for you, Master.”

Jack patted her leg. “All in good time. All in good time. Now put that amazing tit away so I can concentrate on driving and not kill us.”

Jill bit her lip but immediately complied. She wondered if shed messed up already. Still, he had spoken softly with her, so maybe she was still doing well.

The motor of the sports car hummed and about fifteen minutes later she saw the carnival. Hundreds of tents were set up in a field and another grassy meadow had been converted into a parking lot. People were everywhere, but what mystified Jill were the women. They easily outnumbered the men and most were naked. Some wore clothes, sexy dresses similar to what Jill wore, but most of the girls, all young, fit and good looking, were buck naked.

Meat girls. Jill swallowed at the realization. A knot of fear suddenly tightened in her stomach. The carnival was one of those attractions. She glanced over at Jack. Jill was well aware of the reality of how things worked, and the place of women in society. Still, as an Alternate shed ignored the fact that she was rated Grade A Prime and instead focused on the hope that shed be making babies.

She took a deep breath, the rationalizations already starting. These events were common. Almost all social events included something of that nature. Jill had heard some of the gossip. She stared out the window, talking herself into being just what Master Jack needed in a breeder.

Jack parked the car and climbed out. He fished out his phone as he came around to open Jills door. When he did she heard his conversation.

“Jimmy, where are you?” Jack asked. He listened intently and shook his head. “Perpetually late. Its disgusting. Did you bring a girl?” Jack laughed at the reply. “Penny? Yeah. Fine. Ill kill some time. Ten minutes though. Front gate.” He tucked the phone into his pocket and looked down at Jill.

“I was planning for us to walk the carnival grounds with a buddy of mine and his girl, but theyre running a little late. So how about you show me what a soft mouth you have?”

Jills eyes widened and she grinned. This was an opportunity to prove her worth. She climbed out of the sports car and immediately went to her knees using her thighs to hold in the vibrator. Instantly her hands were on Jacks trousers and a moment later his thick and stiff cock was right in front of her.

Cocksucking was also taught at Castleberry Farms and while this wasnt the first man Jill had given a blowjob too, it was easily the one that meant the most. Shed blown the Ranchmaster and all of his ranch hands at various times and she was considered quite skilled. She knew to use both her hands and tongue, wrapping her lips over her teeth. She tried to convey eagerness to him, so that he would know that she wanted him in every way. Her tongue slid round and round his tip and within a minute or two Jack was groaning. His face contorted and then to Jills astonishment he yanked himself out. She could see the need in his eyes but before she could ask what was wrong he grabbed her arms and pulled her up. He half dragged her and half pushed her to the front of the car and threw her down on the hood. He grabbed her leg and pulled it out wide and caught the vibrator as it started to slide out of her dripping sex. Then he tossed the toy to the ground. Jills eyes widened as he fell on her and then his cock drove up into her sex hard, pinning her to the warm metal beneath.

Jill moaned as Jack began thrusting hard. A number of people had stopped to watch and there was even a few comments of appreciation, or encouragement.

“Yeah, give it to her young man. Fuck her brains out!”

Jill smiled as the waves of pleasure blasted through her. While orgasm and penetration was common at Castleberry Farm, getting actual cock was a rarity. Jill loved the feel of him inside her and she responded with an enthusiasm that there was no way to fake. She cried out in lust and wrapped her legs around Jack as he pounded his hips against hers. There was no mistaking her orgasm and she let out a wild scream, tightening around him, her head thrown back as an expression of ecstasy cross her face.

As she shuddered and began to relax Jack exploded inside her, filling her depths with his white cream and Jill felt the spurt of heat in her womb. As an Alternate shed never been sterilized and for a wild moment she realized that then, right at that moment, she might be conceiving her first child. She reached up and grabbed Jack, holding him tight as her mouth came up to kiss him. He took a deep breath and they lay together like that until he softened. Then he pushed himself up off her.

“Im… sorry about that,” Jack muttered with something akin to embarrassment. “Im usually more reserved. But you are just so intoxicating.”

Jill pushed herself up on her elbows. “Master, you can take me anywhere, at any time, in anyway,” she said assuredly. Inwardly she was ecstatic. He had made love to her! Unprotected! That was a no no with Alternates! Hed already made the decision to take her! Jills eyes filled with love and she almost burst out into tears. She watched as Jack started to stand up and she quickly rose and grabbed his hand.

“Please sir, let me clean you off,” she said demurely but with unfeigned eagerness. Jacks eyebrows went up and he nodded. Jill again went to her knees, the prickly grass of the meadow underneath her. She opened her mouth and took his slippery member into her mouth. He tasted like pussy, hers to be exact, a flavor not unfamiliar to her. It was standard procedure for every toy used at Castleberry Farms to be cleaned by mouth first before being washed. All the girls were required to masturbate at least five times each day, so Jill was quite the expert. Jack was soft but she worked at his cock until he was semi-rigid again and he patted her head softly.

“Jill, weve got to go to the main gate. I promised to meet Jimmy there.”

Jill looked up, her mouth still full of his cock. Her eyes sparkled and she let go of him. “Of course, Master.”

He pulled her to his feet and then tucked himself back into his trousers. He eyed her dress and then pointed at her knees. “Dust the grass off, Jill.”

Jill looked down and then brushed off her knees. Jack studied her for a moment and then smiled. “Excellent. You are the very definition of Aphroditic beauty.”

Jill had no idea what that meant, but she blushed again. Then, without even thinking about it, she threw herself at Jack, hugging him tightly.

“Whoa!” Jack said, astonished by the sudden sign of affection.

“Thank you!” Jill gushed. “Thank you!”

Jack looked down at her as she tilted her face upward, her eyes wet with tears of joy.

“For what?” He asked.

Jill grinned. “For making love to me!” She said, with a tone of amusement.

Jack thought about it for a moment. “Oh. Yes. Of course.” He smiled down at her. “Well, lets go into the carnival, shall we?” He offered her his arm and she took it, humming happily. They walked through the parking area and headed over to the gates. Jack looked around and then pointed.

“There he is.” He led Jill in the direction of a blond young man who stood along the fence. He was about the same age as Jack but had a sloppier appearance. Jill immediately thought he was less polished than Jack and she clutched her new beaus arm even tighter. They approached and when Jimmy looked up Jack held out his hand. They shook like old friends.

“Bout bloody time you got here,” Jimmy said darkly to Jack. Jack laughed and Jimmy looked over at Jill. “Got a bit distracted, did we?”

Jack shrugged. “You know me,” he replied.

“I do indeed,” Jimmy retorted.

“Where is… uh...?” Jack asked, glancing around.

Jimmy pointed over at the gate. “Penny. Getting tagged and registered. You know how these things are.”

Jack nodded with a chuckle. “I do indeed.” He turned to Jill. “Jill, do you see that line of girls there?”

Jill looked over at the gate. Evidently all the women going into the carnival were standing in one line, while the men just got to go in. Over half the women were naked while a few of them wore fancy dresses. Jill nodded.

“Youll need to get in line. Look for a brunette with her hair done up in braids. Her name is Penny. Well meet you on the other side.”

Jill bit her lip. “Um… yes Master.” She didnt like the thought of being separated from Jack, but it would only be for a moment. She gave a polite nod to Jimmy and then went over to the line. About four girls ahead of her she caught sight of a girl with long brown braids. But then Jill blinked. Penny was naked. And wearing bondage gear! A thick, black leather collar encircled her neck and each wrist and ankle was covered in matching cuffs. The light tinkle of metal sounded every time she moved.

“Uh… excuse me?” Jill said, leaning past the other girls in line. “Excuse me? Are you Penny?”

The girl in the bondage gear responded to the name and turned around. “Yes? Who are you?”

Jill smiled. “Im…” she paused momentarily. Maybe announcing that she was Master Jacks breeder was not a good idea. He might want to do that himself. “Im Master Jacks date.”

Pennys eyebrow went up and she took in Jills dress. “Nice dress,” she said, leaving her place and stepping in front of Jill.

Jill blinked. “Thank you. Um… nice… uh… cuffs.”

Penny laughed and wiggled her arm. The metal D link on the embedded steel ring rattled noisily. “Well, theyll always know where to find me.”

Jill laughed. “So have you ever been to a carnival before?” She asked casually, hoping that Penny was more experienced and could tell her what to expect. Penny nodded, much to Jills excitement.

“Yes, but only one. And it was smaller than this,” Penny said as the line moved forward. Her voice sounded dark, as if there were bad memories involved.

“So what should I expect?”

Penny laughed ruefully. “Orgasms. Pain. And a quick end if youre lucky.”

Jills eyes widened. “Oh, I'm pretty sure Master Jack has more permanent plans for me.” Jill thought back to Jack exploding inside her. “And Id say Im very lucky,” she assured Penny with a grin.

Pennys eyebrow went up. “Really? Well good for you. I hope some of it rubs off on me,” she grumped. The line moved forward again and Jill saw that two men were standing at a table up ahead. One of them had a scanner and Jill grimaced. Each girl at Castleberry Farm was tagged with an RFID chip that held their status. Jill knew exactly what her record would say. Castleberry Farm - Grade A Prime - Alternate.

A moment later Penny held out her hand and the man with the scanner read out her record. “Penny. Mitchell Corporation. Grade A Prime.” He gave her a smile. “Very nice. I like the outfit. Your master knows how to appeal to the crowd.”

Penny smiled wanly.  Jill stared. “You arent a breeder?” She asked Penny in astonishment.

Penny shook her head. “Nope. Just Grade A. I was in a cage this morning getting fucked by the night watchman when I got dragged out, hosed off, wrapped up in cuffs and given away.”

The man snapped his finger to draw Pennys attention “Did your Master specify where he wanted you tagged?”

Penny shrugged. “He didnt say. What are my options?”

The man began pointing. “We can do your ear, your nipple, or your labia. Your choice.”

Jills eyes widened. What a horrible thing! She watched as Penny considered it. “Lets do my nipple. I had it on my ear the last time and it gave me a headache.”

“Sure thing.”  The man fitted a yellow tag with a black number “327” to some sort of piercing gun and he held it to Pennys left tit. She held still as he pulled the trigger and then gasped, her face filling with pain. The man pulled the gun away and Jill saw that Pennys nipple had been thoroughly pierced, the tag hanging from the distended nub.

“The gun automatically applies a healing agent so youll be feeling fine in about five minutes,” he said soothingly. Penny nodded, tears filling her eyes.

“Hurts more than the ear though,” she said, cupping her breast. The man shrugged.

“Sorry. Best of luck to you though. You are a scrumptious looking morsel. Maybe I'll see you on a spit somewhere and get a slice.”

Penny nodded. “Of course.” She turned and looked at Jill. “Ill wait for you,” she said.

Jill turned to the man who held the scanner and held out her arm. He waved the device over her wrist and a moment later read out her record. “Jill - Jack Robinson - Grade A Prime - Alternate.”

Jill blinked. She had been expecting to hear “Castleberry Farms” but she supposed that the record was listing the person responsible for her. Or maybe hed already transferred ownership! Jill grinned, another burst of happiness going through her. The man smiled at her.

“Youll need to remove the dress, Jill.”

For a moment she froze. “Excuse me?”

“The dress. Grade A girls arent allowed to be dressed in the carnival.”

Jill bit her lip. She thought about explaining that she'd just been selected as a breeder. “But my master wanted me wearing a dress,” she protested.

“Well you arent going in dressed, thats for sure.”

Jill bit her lip, sudden indecision. Penny noticed and touched her arm. “Hold on. Ill get him.” She hurried away and in seconds Jack had appeared. He gave Jill a disappointed look.

“Jill, did the man ask you to strip?”

Jill looked up, not sure why Jack was unhappy. “Yes, Master. But I know how much you like the dress and…”

He waved his hand, cutting her off. “The rules are the rules. Take it off. Immediately.”

Jill stood there, eyes wide at the sudden command. Then she shut her mouth and pushed the shoulder straps of the dress down her arms. Her breasts emerged first, then her shapely hips. The dress fell to the ground, lying in a golden puddle around her feet. Even with all of the other naked girls standing around she felt embarrassed, as if she had been caught trying to be something she wasnt. She blushed crimson, stepped out of the dress, and picked it up. Jack took it from her and handed it to the man.

“Where would you like her tagged, sir?”

Jack considered the question for a moment. “Her ear. Ive got plans for those incredible tits of hers and a tag might be a problem.”

The man with the tagging gun laughed. “Oh, youve heard about the new A&E marinator, have you?”

Jack grinned. “All in good time.”

Jill didnt know what they were talking about. The man with the gun peered at Jill. “Your ears pierced?”

Jill nodded. “Yes sir.”

“Take off the right earing youre wearing.”

Jill removed the hoop earring and handed it over. The man gave her a tag with a post and she pushed the thick stud through her earlobe. The weight was negligible, but she could certainly feel it.

“And do you have a pair of fair shoes?” Jack asked.

The man grinned. “Of course. White?”

Jack nodded, then turned toward Jill. “The heels might not be suitable for walking around, so if youll please take them off you can exchange them for something more comfortable.

Jill smiled. “Yes Master. Thank you for thinking of my comfort,” she replied.

Jack laughed as she bent down and began unstrapping the delicate stilettos she wore. Finally they came free and she stepped out of them. Picking them up, she handed them over to the man behind the counter and he handed her back a pair of flip flops with a thick sole that rose upward at the heel. She slipped them on and smiled at Jack.

“Youre right sir. These are much more comfortable. I dont feel like Im about to fall over.”

Jack nodded. “The right shoe for the right environment.” His eyes drank her in and he grinned again. “As good as the dress looked on you, I find you naked to be even more intoxicating.”

Jill beamed and she resisted the urge to hug him again. “Thank you, Master.”

Jack took her arm and drew her away from the end of the line and back to where Jimmy and Penny waited. Jimmy had attached a leash to Pennys collar, but she looked totally fine with the situation.

“Where too?” Jimmy asked.

“Youre not hungry, are you?” Jack asked.

Jimmy shrugged. “Im always hungry, but no, not for lunch. And there is fair food everywhere.”

Jack laughed. “So I figure we go down Spunk Street,” he said.

Jimmy considered it, then glanced at Jill and Penny. “Sure. It will give the girls something to do, and something for us to watch.”

They started walking and turned to the right, following other fair goers. The first thing Jill noticed was the scent of cooking meats. A number of venders were walking around with skewers of barbecue for sale, pretzels, and other munchables easily available. Jills mouth watered. Half of the things she saw shed never even tasted before. One man had little sticks of fruit and Jack noticed her intense gaze and he laughed, buying her one.”

“Its called watermelon,” he said as she sucked on the piece of red flesh. Her eyes sparkled.

“Its amazing!” She gushed, a little bit of juice falling to her chest. She blushed and tried to brush it off but Jack leaned down and ran his tongue over her breast and into her cleavage, drawing a delighted laugh from Jill.

As they approached the first real tents Jill began to hear the soft cries of girls in various states of distress and her eyes widened when she looked into the first tent. It was open along the front with a single rope blocking the entrance. Inside were four sybian stands. Three of the stands held naked, writhing girls, each one bound with her legs wide apart, her delicate bits resting right on the violently vibrating rubber saddle. Jack paused long enough for Jill to watch another fresh girl, a petite brunette, get picked up and settled on the unused sybian. Jill noticed right away that there was a phallic attachment and the poor girl was impaled. Her arms were secured behind her and then her ankles were tied to the sybian frame.

Jack smiled. “Its a game,” he explained. “You make a bet with the operator as to how long your girl can handle the sybian without exploding. Then he sets the sybian and tries to get the girl to explode before the time her master has set for her.”

Jill blinked. “My goodness!” She exclaimed.

“Have you ever ridden a sybian?” Jack asked curiously.

Jill nodded. “Twice. In a transport truck.”

Penny, who was standing next to Jimmy, snorted. “Transport truck sybians are nothing compared to those things in there.”

Jimmy looked at his girl. “Really? How are they different?”

Penny pointed. “Well first of all, none of the transport truck seats have cocks. So youve got that to deal with. Second, those things have much more powerful motors and the guy can adjust the settings. They also massage you, back to front, which the transport truck sybians dont do.”

Jimmy laughed. “Sounds appealing.”

Penny shrugged. “Hard not to cum with all that going on between your legs.”

Jill looked back at the tent where one of the girls at the far end was clearly in the throes of a massive orgasm. Her body twitched violently as she struggled against the bonds holding her open and down on the sybian. Jill watched with a touch of envy. Clearly the girl was having a good time! If this is what having your endurance tested was going to be like, she was all for it!

“Well, perhaps that might be something for the ladies to try in a bit,” Jack said. “Lets stroll around first before we jump into anything specific.” He pulled Jill along as Jimmy and Penny followed.

Jills eyes widened as they went down Spunk Street, bright flags fluttering and music playing over loudspeakers. It was definitely festive, but each step took her further down a fantasy land of sexual hedonism and it wasnt long before she was totally discombobulated. There was a tent that stretched for over forty feet and had what the sign proclaimed as a “Massager Coaster” Jill watched as girls were lined up, their hands cuffed behind their backs, an actual noose placed over their heads, and then each girl was pushed onto what looked like over three hundred powerful massagers lined up in a row. Except there were hills and valleys. There was no way to go but forward and Jill saw that each girls noose was adjusted so that in every dip her airway would get constricted. It made Jill wet just watching the girls slide along the coaster, rubbing their slick pussies along the vibrating ride.

Another tent bore a sign called The Tickler. Jill stared in fascination as five girls each straddled a strange mechanical contraption, their breast pushed through a simple frame. Multiple feathers were mounted on tiny spinning wheels, each positioned so that the soft quills danced around, across, and over each girls nipples and clit. Jill watched as one girl couldn't take the soft and sensuous pleasure any longer and she pulled away, only for a thin leather strap to slash out of the machine, striking her across the ass. The girl squealed and immediately repositioned herself.

“She must stay in position until she cums,” Jack whispered into the entranced Jills ear.

Another spot held a High Striker and Jimmy paused there while Jack looked on with indifference.

“Im going for it,” he said, pulling Penny forward as he shot a grin at Jack.

“Whatever,” Jack said as Jimmy walked up to the man running the booth.

“Hello young man! You look reasonably strong? Are you ready to try your hand and see if youre strong enough?

Jimmy laughed and pushed Penny forward. “Absolutely.”

Jill watched as Penny was taken over to the side where there was a platform. Several steps led to the top and she was positioned with her legs spread over some sort of long, three inch wide opening. The man running the High Striker secured Pennys ankles to some clips so she couldnt move or close her legs and Jill wondered what was going to happen.

Jimmy picked up the massive hammer and gave it a practice swing.

“Youve got three swings, young man. If you can get the puck to the top you win!”

Jimmy nodded and then without hesitation, slammed the hammer hard into the base of the high striker. It sounded loud and Jill watched as the puck flew upward. It didnt quite reach the top but then it started coming down in short little increments. Then Jill heard Penny gasp and she looked over at Jimmys girl. Pennys face was contorted in pain and Jill watched as leather strap came flying out of the narrow slot in the platform and struck Penny directly between the legs. An oily fluid seemed to splatter Pennys thighs and her hips immediately began thrusting as each time the puck on the high striker came down one notch the belt swung up fast and hard, slapping into the poor girls quickly reddening pussy.

“Oh my God,” Jill said, clutching at Jacks arm. “That looks like it hurts.”

“Im sure it does, but its good for her,” Jack said. “Its good tenderization.”

Jill looked up at Jack. “Uh… Master? Is Penny going to be…” her voice trailed off.

Jack looked down at her as Pennys groans changed into cries. “You mean is she on the menu? Thats up to Jimmy. But my guess is yes.”

“Oh,” Jill said in a small voice. She blinked a tear away. It was one thing knowing the friends you made were destined for one fate, but to be present at it was another thing. One of the small blessings of growing up at Castleberry Farm was that when you were of age you were loaded onto a transport truck and taken to the auction. Grade A Prime girls rarely got sold in batches and as a result you were usually separated from anyone you knew. That was just the way it was.

“Will I have to… you know… watch?” She asked.

Jack gave her a question glance. “Do you want to?” He asked.

Jill frowned, her eyes still on Penny. Jimmy hit the high striker again and the puck shot up to the top once more. The belt lashed out, slapping at Pennys sex over and over.

“Im not sure,” she said finally. “I suppose I should, just for friendships sake. Right?”

Jack smiled. “Ill make sure you get to see it then. Presuming Jimmy decides to go that route.”

“Sometimes he doesnt?”

Jack shrugged. “He gets the girls for free from his fathers company so hes got an endless selection. Its a perk. Occasionally he finds one with a personality almost as engaging as her physical perfection. Hell take her home then.”

Jill smiled. “Do you find me engaging?” She asked whimsically.

Jack barked out a laugh. “Of course!

Jill hugged his arm, then lifted her head. “Would it surprise you to know Im wet?”

He gazed into her eyes but his hand slid down her body and Jill stiffened as his fingers found the damp spot between her legs. “Oh my, you are.” He said. I guess well have to find something for your little pussy to do, yes?” He looked back at Jimmy, who was about to hammer the puck upward one more time. Penny looked strained.

“Jimmy, are you done yet?” Jack asked loudly.

Jimmy turned and looked over his shoulder. “No. Why?”

Jack pointed at Jill. “My girl needs some specialized attention.”

Jimmy laughed and turned back to the high striker. “Well, youre more than welcome to see if you can beat my score.” Then he hammered the target downward. The puck shot up and rang the bell. Some horns tooted loudly and as the puck began to descend the leather strap swung up out of the slot and began slapping wetly against Pennys bright red sex. Every time the oil soaked belt landed she jerked and whined, whimpering with the pain of it.

Jill looked up at Jack and realized he was actually contemplating taking Jimmy up on his challenge. Her eyes widened but then she saw him shake his head lightly. She let out a breath. She wasnt sure if she could handle the same sorts of abuse that Penny was dealing with.

They waited for the puck to finish its descent, the leather strap striking Penny firmly each time and when it finally was over the High Striker man released the braided brunette who stumbled into Jimmys arms with a sob.

“Did it hurt?” He asked.

“Yes, Master” Penny said through her tears.

Jimmy smiled. “Good. It was good tenderization for that juicy little pussy.” He looked over at Jack. “So Im guessing you wont put that little scrumptious morsel up on the high striker?”

Jack laughed. “Honey before glass, Jimmy. Trust me.” He turned and started walking. Jills eyes were drawn again to the various tents around them. One booth had real wooden horses, each one mounted with a writhing, gasping naked girl, their bare and oiled slits sliding back and forth on the hard and pointed edge of their horses spine. One girl even had her feet cruelly weighted so that the wooden ridge would bite deeper into her sex. Jill gulped at the thought of riding one of those but Jack kept going.

“Youll have to stay on thirty seconds or so help me God youll be riding one of those damned wooden horses we saw at that last booth!” A man said nearby. Jill jerked a little as the gruff voice filtered over her. She turned and looked and saw an overweight man standing next to a very naked and quite noticeably pregnant woman. It surprised Jill to see the breeder, but even more shocking was the fact that two girls stood in front of them, looking into the booth. Both girls were just as naked, but the familial resemblance was strong to both the breeder and the man.

“Private breeders,” Jack said softly, his tone disapproving.

Jill glanced back as the smaller of the two girls, her frame barely showing a pair of budding breasts, was pushed forward. She looked into the booth. The floor was actually a thick, soft padding and in the center was a strange looking object. At first Jill thought it was a sybian on some sort of mechanical arm, but she realized a moment later that while two dildos did seem to be coming out of the back of the… well… whatever it was, it wasnt a sybian. She stopped and looked up at Jack.

“What is it?” She asked curiously. Jack laughed.

“Bucking Bronco. Its a ride. The girl gets on, poked in both holes, and her hands are bound behind her back while they attach some pretty intensive nipple clamps to her breasts,” Jack began. Jill looked back over. The tiny girl was literally being lifted up onto the bronco and the man setting her down really didnt give her the opportunity to make sure she was ready. He just jammed her down on the double cocks and the girl let out an agonized moan as her tiny butt wiggled. The man grabbed her hands and hauled them back behind her, then tied them off with a piece of leather thong. Then to Jills surprise, a pair of retractable cables were pulled from the “head” of the bucking bronco. Each was capped with what appeared to be a clover clamp and the boothmaster grabbed hold of the girls tiny tit, squeezed it roughly, and positioned the steel pincer over her nipple. He did the second side and Jill watched as the girl cried.

Jimmy stepped up close with Penny. “Gosh, that ones young,” he said. Penny nodded.

“I doubt shes even of age,” Penny added.

That made Jill gasp. “What? Shes underage?”

Jack put a restraining hand on Jill. “Hey, as long as a female has gone through adolescence and is menstruating, shes technically legal and of age.” He gave her a little wry smile. “Its just that most men prefer our women to be…”

“Women,” finished Jimmy. “That girl is like an under ripe banana. Shes almost the right shape and size, but shes not quite ready to be eaten.” He glanced at Penny and grinned. “I like mine lush and over ripe.”

Jack laughed. “Well said,” he told his friend. He tugged on Jill. “Come along. Theres no need for you to watch this. That girl is going to get fabulously vibrated between the legs, all while being jerked around on the bronco getting her nipples ripped off. If shes lucky she manages the thirty seconds her owner has ordered. If she fails…” he shrugged. “Thats life. Now lets move along.”

The next booth was just as amazing to Jill. Four women, each bound spread-eagled on a rope harness were positioned across from four high pressure water sprayers. Jill watched as the booth manager began putting clothespins on the girls, attaching the cruel wooden pegs to every available nipple, clit, and all over their breasts and labia. There must have been at least twenty-four clothespins on each woman. 

“Begin!” shouted the booth manager and Jill watched as four men standing at the front of the booth picked up their water sprayers and opened fire on the girls opposite them.

“The point,” Jack said to Jill, “is to knock all the clothespins of your girl first. The winner gets half the pot.”

Jimmy grinned. “Ill play if you play,” he said, nudging Jack.

Jack sighed as Jill froze again. Jack glanced at Jimmy even as the girls exchanged a look. “Well…” Jack said with indecision.

Penny grabbed Jimmy. “Please? My pussy isnt up for that. Not after the high striker! Look at what that strap did to my clit!”

Jimmy looked down at Pennys pussy and he cupped his hand over her, sticking his middle finger deep into her well. Penny gasped and grabbed his arm as he fingerfucked her.

“Youll do what I tell you,” Jimmy said, “and Ill try to make the end of this little adventure something exciting for you.” He pulled his finger out of Penny and then pushed it into her mouth. She sucked it obediently, but Jill could see a little surge of anger running through the braided brunette.

Jack sighed. “Look, no need to get all aggressive,” he said to Jimmy. “If it will appease you, then yes. We can do the water sprayer.”

Jills eyes widened and she looked up at Jack. “What?” she gasped.

He looked down at her. “What? Its just some clothespins and a bit of cold water. You can handle that, right?”

Jill suddenly remembered the matron telling her “endurance”. She frowned but nodded. “Of course, Master. I can handle that sort of thing easily.”

Jack smiled. “Of course you can.” He took her elbow and the two couples walked over to the booth. They had to wait in line as the girls on the rope harnesses were removed and when it was their turn Jill and Penny were taken behind the counter and quickly bound with their arms and legs spread wide.

Jills chest heaved as she tried to mentally prepare for the coming torment. She watched with growing alarm as the booth master first clamped Penny, then moved to her. The first clothespin went on Jills clit and she cried out as the pain of it shot up through her body. Then the man put the next two right on her delicate nipples. More acute discomfort shot through her and she could feel her nipples throbbing. Then the boothmaster began putting the clothespins in a circle around her breasts and finished by hanging the last few off her labia.

It hurt. Not terribly, but bad enough that Jill wanted to cry. The cuffs she was wearing that held her open were unrelenting and try as she might she couldnt bring her arms down to cover herself, much less tear off the clothespins. Across from her, she saw Jack getting into position, lifting the water sprayer and aiming it right at her sex.

Jill blinked and she never even heard the boothmaster calling for the men to open fire. It just happened. One moment she was staring at Jack, their eyes meeting across the ten feet of open space and the next a stinging cold impact struck her along the thigh. Jill gasped loudly as the spray moved and centered on her sex, blasting hard.

The clothespins hurt, but nothing like the pressure washer stream hitting her skin. The stream struck her labia and she felt the clothespins being ripped off her folds with tiny movements of Jacks sprayer. Water splattered everywhere, even into her face and she cried out as the stream focused on her clit for a moment. She didnt even feel it when Jack successfully knocked the clothespin off her clitoris. Then the stinging stream came upward, across her belly and up to her breasts. Jill let out a choked cry and struggled hard against the bonds holding her open. It was an involuntary response, her bodys way of trying to protect itself. Instead it felt as if a hundred pins had been stuck into her boobs. The clothespins along the outer edges flew and then Jack focused on the last two, the ones sticking directly out from her poor nipples.

Jill let out a sob as the pain racked her body into spasms. Shed never felt anything as acutely painful as the high pressure spray directed at her breasts. Castleberry Farm had a strict disciplinary code and Jill had been a good girl, never meriting anything worse than a spanking and a few strokes of the leather sap on her clit. This was much, much worse.

“DAMN!” Jimmy said, throwing down his sprayer as the water cut off. Jill blinked water out of her eyes, not sure if it was tears or spray from Jacks water gun. She looked over at Penny. The brunettes head was hanging and she was trembling hard. Two clothespins still hung from her body, one on her labia and another on her right nipple, the same nipple that had gotten tagged. Jill finally glanced down at herself. All of the clothespins that had been hung on her had been knocked off, littering the ground at her feet. Jack had a huge grin on his face and Jimmy looked surly.

The boothmaster came down the row, a thick towel in his hand and he quickly dried off Jills naked body. Then he released Jill first, a tiny act of cruelty that Jill realized was designed to hurt the girls who still were clamped. Her ankles were released first, then her hands and the boothmaster helped her around the counter to wear Jack was waiting. She fell into his arms, still crying and he held her tight.

“There, there. You did so well, kitten.” He was warm and she breathed in his scent.

“Thank you, Master.” She sobbed. “It hurt so much.”

Jack chuckled. “Oh no. That was barely a touch and you handled it well.”

Jill smiled, her eyes closed, reveling in his words of praise.

“I want to please you Master. To prove that I really am worthy,” she whispered.

Jack patted her shoulder. “I know that. I really do.”

Jimmy came up a moment later. He was frowning. Penny stood shaking next to him. Her breasts were a delicate shade of pink and her loins were even redder. Jill stepped back from Jack and looked down at herself. She too bore the obvious marks of the sprayer. Her breasts were the same shade as Pennys, but her pussy was definitely a lighter color.

“You cheated,” Jimmy accused, pointing at Jills tag. “You deliberately put that in her ear, knowing youd beat me.”

Jack held up the winnings and divided it in half. He gave it to Jimmy, who took it with an aggressive snarl and jammed the money in his pocket.

“Now its my turn to select what the girls get to do,” Jack said. Jimmy just shrugged. Jack turned and they continued down the concourse. Jill didnt want to look at what tortures were being inflicted on the girls to their left and right, but the occasional cry of agony made it impossible not to.

They passed a booth that sported a five foot long crankshaft studded with unevenly spaced leather paddles. It boggled Jill until a slightly older teen with incredible legs was pushed into a chair in front of it. A steel pipe came up under her bottom, horizontal and parallel to the crankshaft spanker. Velcro straps were used to secure her legs to the pipe, spreading her open in the splits. Jill watched with amazement as the chair holding the girl tipped backward on some sort of built in rail, then rose until her body, from one ankle to the other, was within reach of the rapidly spinning paddles. The sounds of leather striking flesh filled the air and Jill realized that while the girl's thighs and calves were getting smacked occasionally, the bright pink slit between her legs was getting three times as many blows.

The next booth was a hair style place! Two chairs, each fitted with straps, leg spreaders, and massive, uncomfortable looking corkscrew vibrators stuck out of the seats. The sign promised to shave your girl clean, trim eyebrows, and dye hair. Jill looked away and kept her eyes on Jack. Finally he stopped and said “here.”

Jill took a deep breath. The booth had a sign that said “Lickety Split”. Inside there were five tables set up and on each one a naked girl was lying on her back, her feet strung up and suspended to a bar crossing the top of the tent. Their legs were spread wide, but Jill felt a sudden thrill as she realized that instead of torture, each table had another girl kneeling at the end, her face buried in the slit of the girl on the table top.

Jack stepped right up. “Got room?” He asked the boothmaster. The man looked down the row and grinned.

“In just about a minute,” he said, smiling at Jill. “Any extras?” he asked Jack, nodding toward Jill.

Jack smiled. “The TENS Unit I think, the full set. Level five.”

The mans eyes widened. “I see. Well certainly.” He gave Jill a curious smile. “Test your focus, shall we?”

Jill had no idea what Jack and the boothmaster were talking about but she smiled back anyway. Whatever it took to please Jack.

A moment later the girl on the last table cried out, her toes curling in orgasm. Jill watched as the boothmaster went and freed her legs, then helped her off the table. The girl who had been doing the licking then laid down in the spot her lover had just vacated and allowed the boothmaster to lift each leg, securing them wide apart.

Then the boothmaster came back for Jill. He pulled her over to the side of the tent first, which confused Jill. He opened a box and pulled out a trio of clamps. Jills eyes widened and she wanted to protest as he flicked her left nipple hard and then attached the metal clip to her flesh. Jill bit her lip as the man placed a second clip on the other side of her chest. The metal clamps didnt bite down as hard as the clothespins had, and in fact were only lightly attached. Still, a soft shake of her bosom didnt dislodge them.

“Spread your legs, girl.” The boothmaster said, reaching down. To Jills shock he placed the final clamp on her clitoris. Jill grimaced in discomfort but didnt say anything. The boothmaster smiled up at her and then pointed to a chair. “Lean over that with your ass in the air.”

Jill gave him a curious look but a glance back at Jacks smiling, warm face made her comply and she waddled over to the chair. The clamps on her chest had little wires sticking out of them, as did the one between her legs, but she didnt know what they were for. Then the boothmaster stepped up behind her.

“Ive put some conductive gel on this, so it should go in easily,” he said. Then Jill felt him press something up against the small brown button of her bottom.

Jill gasped but her training from Castleberry Farm held her firm. Like most of the girls there she had never really enjoyed the anal sex play theyd been required to engage in, but admittedly it had been a thorough regime. Jill had taken her first anal plug at a tender age and each week during her enema session shed been asked to back herself up against the suction cup dildo on the tile wall of the bathroom and impale herself anally. Some of the other girls had really enjoyed it, even taking things to the point where they would use some of the recreational toys for the same thing. It had even been a way of pranking someone. Flip your friend over and slide a greased plug in their bottom.

Jill tried to relax and accept the plug. It was clearly designed to stay in once it was seated and she felt herself close up around the base. She felt something tickle her thigh but before she could wonder about it the boothmaster touched her again. Something slick, thick, and very hard was pushed into her sex and Jill gasped at the sudden penetration. She groaned as she pushed back and the boothmaster twisted a screw at the base of the phallus.

“There,” he said, patting her bottom. “That will stay in now no matter what you do.” He rose to his feet and gave her rump another light spank. “Now stand up, girlie.”

Jill pushed herself up off the chair and watched as the boothmaster rolled over a small cart. On the top was an electrical device and several coils of black and red wiring. Jill watched with growing concern as he began to run the wires to all three of the clamps.

“What are those?” Jill asked timidly.

The boothmaster glanced up as he attached two more wires to the anal plug. “What?” He laughed. “Oh, its just what I like to call the tickler. Dont you worry none. You just keep your focus on making the girl youre licking cum as fast as possible.”

Jill nodded, a sudden surge of fear spreading through her middle. The boothmaster climbed back up to his feet. “There. All wired up.” He went to the machine and fiddled with the dials. “Okay, Im going to turn them on. Just to level one, so you can adjust to it.”

Jill bit her lip, totally unsure of what to expect. She watched the man flip a toggle switch and then she gasped as her eyes widened. Both of her nipples had felt an odd tingle. It wasnt exactly unpleasant, but it was very, very strange. Then the same sensation came from her clit. The sensation was twice as intense there and while her nipples had tingled, it felt more like someone was sucking on her clit. Then the tingling crawling sensation slid inside her and her pussy tightened hard on the phallus in her depths. Her bottom followed suit and then her nipples began to tingle again.

“What… what is it?” She asked breathlessly.

“Electricity. TENS Unit. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator,” the boothmaster said with a laugh. “Dont worry. Wont cause no permanent damage, at least not on the setting your master has requested.”

“Level 5,” she said perfunctorily, remembering exactly what Jack had said.

The boothmaster nodded. “Good memory. But well get to that once youre in position. Now come on. Stay with the cart.” He began pushing the cart that held the TENS Unit. The extension cord followed along behind him and he led Jill to the last table.

The girl on the table wasnt smiling, and in fact she looked like she was in pain. Jills eyes widened when she realized that a pair of toothed clamps had been attached to the blonds nipples, the teeth digging in deep. Another clamp was positioned over the girls clitoris, but instead of clamping it directly, it was set behind it, forcing the tender little nub out.

“Heh, forgot about that. Lucky for you I guess,” the boothmaster said. “Id focus on her clit as much as possible.” He pushed Jill down on the foam pad at the foot of the table. “Start licking girlie.”

Jill nodded. The pink folds in front of her beckoned and she leaned forward, trying to ignore the still tingling sensation of the electricity as it crawled through her. She gently extended her tongue and began lapping at the bound blonds clamped clitoris but instantly knew that even the light touch of her tongue was painful. The girl was shaking. Jill paused momentarily, but then moved downward, working on the inflamed labia. Clearly this girl had undergone the same sort of torment that Jimmy had inflicted on Penny, though Jill didnt see any signs of the strap. Maybe she had ridden that strange massager coaster? Jill moved down even lower and with a trick she learned at Castleberry Farm, began licking the girls bottom opening.

It was a minute later when Jill realized that the tingling in her breasts had changed. There was a harsh element to it and she guessed that the level must have gone up. She wondered if this was level five, but it sort of felt as if someone was pinching her nipples. Not too hard, but certainly enough to get her attention. Then the electricity went down between her legs. It was much more acute as it flashed across her clitoris and she gasped, her hips beginning to churn in response. Then the phallus in her sex, followed by the one in her ass, both seemed to expand painfully, returning to their natural size only a second later.

Jill blinked, trying to recover from the flash of hurt but then her nipples joined the fray, a sensation that she could only describe as hot needles being pushed through each sensitive tip of her breasts.

“Lick her,” Jill gasped and jammed her face back into the spread blonds sex. Despite the growing pains in her tits, ass and sex, Jill focused hard. She worked the girl from top to bottom, leaving her clit alone for most of it but returning every little bit to send another shiver through the woman. As Jill licked and sucked and drove her tongue deep into the blond she had to continually focus and not get distracted by the painful hot jolts frying her nipples and clit, or by the bursts of shard like energy working within her.

For a moment she worried that the electricity might harm the baby she might be carrying and she realized she should warn Jack so that he didnt try anything like this again to her, at least not until she wasnt pregnant again. That wouldnt leave him much of a window, since breeders usually were impregnated within three months of their last birth. Still, shed be more than willing to open herself up to him and…

The blond suddenly screamed out loud, her legs kicking as the orgasm that Jill had wrought within her blossomed. A burst of cum exploded out of the girls pussy and splashed across Jills face, eliciting a gasp. A moment later the boothmaster arrived and he began releasing the girls legs. He also removed the clamp on the girls clit, moving up to her nipples.

“Please sir? The electricity? Can you turn it down?” Jill begged, reaching up and tugging on his arm.

The boothmaster looked down at her. “Sorry girlie, but it stays on. In fact, your master told me to boost you up to seven once you were tied down and getting licked.”

Jills face went white as her eyes widened. “But… but… I might be…” she whispered.

The boothmaster gave her a sympathetic look, totally misunderstanding her. “Dont you worry none though miss. I have to take the clit clamp and the vaginal probe out of you for the licking. So it wont hurt quite as much.”

He lifted the blond up off the table and nodded at Jill. “Now you just climb up there and Ill be back in a moment to get you all done up.”

Jill let out a half choked sob but nodded obediently. If this was what Master Jack wanted then she would suffer for him. She stood up and then laid down on the short table. Her legs hung off the end but the change in position didnt change the growing agony that blossomed in order through her nipples and clit, then into her womb and ass.

The boothmaster came back and it only took him seconds to get her feet secured and her legs spread wide. Simple Velcro straps secured her wrists to the table by her head. He fiddled with the TENS Unit and Jill realized that the pain in her sex and on her clit had disappeared. He bent over and she felt pressure, then she knew that the phallus inside her slit had been pulled clear. She groaned, blinking tears away. The boothmaster put the goo covered phallus on the cart next to the clit clamp and then he fiddled with the dials.

Agony blossomed in Jills tits and ass as both sets of clamps and the anal plug surged into life. Hot needles seemed to crawl across her skin and her back arched painfully as she lifted herself up.

“Sorry about this, girlie. But he did say level seven,” the boothmaster said apologetically, patting Jills thrashing body.

Jill didnt even feel it at first when a delicate tongue tried to lick her between the legs. All Jill felt was the pain. Her breasts felt as if someone had dipped them in hot lead. Her bottom was clenching involuntarily as what seemed like sharp spikes speared outward from the plug, perforating her insides. But then the girl at the end of the table latched onto Jills clitoris, sucking hard and working her tongue back and forth across the little nodule. Jill arched again, but this time not just with the searing pain of the electrical current flowing across her nipples and in her loins. It was the intense stimulation of her clitoris. Her brain registered the pleasure, the feeling of sweet bliss, but got it confused with the hurt. Jill shook, her toes curling as waves of sensation smashed through her. She couldnt tell where the pain began and the pleasure ended.

Her orgasm came as a shock and she screamed out in rapture as the girl between her legs continued to nibble and chew on Jills clitoris. Everything seemed to stop and she drew in a ragged gasp. Then, just as suddenly, the pain stopped. All of it. All at once, leaving just the soft mouth on her nethers. Jill groaned.

“Well done, girlie. I knew ya had it in ya,” the boothmaster said, unclipping Jills nipples first before drawing that anal plug out of her bottom. His strong fingers released her bare feet and he helped her to sit up. Jill looked down and saw the concerned face of a cute little red head with freckles across the bridge of her nose.

“Are you alright?” the redhead asked. Jill blinked. The pain was a fading memory and to her surprise, she felt relaxed in a way she would never have expected.

“Uh. Yeah. I guess I am,” she said. “Could you hand me my flip flops?” She asked. The redhead smiled and reached over to where the white footwear had fallen. She handed them up to Jill who put them on her delicate feet. Jill climbed down gingerly from the table and watched as the redhead climbed on. As she followed the boothmaster she saw Penny on the third table. A very eager brunette was devouring the braided brunettes pussy and Penny was clearly loving every second of it. The boothmaster led her to the end of the counter where she fell into Jacks arms.

“Why?” She blubbered, suddenly bursting into tears. Jack stroked her hair, holding her as she cried. “That might have hurt…” she let out a hiccup. “Hurt the baby.”

Jack blinked. “The baby? What baby?”

Jill looked up at him in astonishment. “Your baby. You made love to me!”

Jack gave her a look of total bewilderment. But then he began to put things together. “Oh! And you think…” his voice trailed off.

Jill blushed crimson and looked down. “Im sorry. I just… I mean… use me anyway you want, Master. But please spare your child? Just in case I am carrying?”

The corner of Jacks mouth curled up into a smile and his hand cupped her chin. Gently he pulled it upward and kissed her on the mouth. “So be it.”

Jill seemed to melt in his grasp and she clung to him. “Thank you so much, Master!” She held him as they waited for Jimmy and Penny. About five minutes later Penny came out looking much more relaxed and she went up to Jimmy and smiled.

“Thank you,” she said softly.

“For what?” Jimmy asked in surprise.

Penny shrugged. “For not making that a trial, like what Jill endured.”

Jimmy snorted. “That? It cost a shitload of extra money.” Pennys smiled faded and she shook her head. Jimmy grabbed her hand and said “Come on. Im getting horny and need relief.” Jill looked up at Jack and he nodded. Then they followed along after Jimmy, who clearly had a destination in mind.

The walk was only moderately awful for Jill. The closeness of Jack helped, but as they moved further down Spunk Street the tents and their torments became darker. One booth had a row of sybians where the riders feet were drawn up and tied tightly in place so that a mechanicalized whip could be brought down on the girls bare soles. Jill knew that orgasm was the only thing that would end the cruel punishment. Another booth had a row of girls kicking, their toes a few inches off the ground, tied up by their breasts only. Jill shuddered at the sight of the dark blue and purple mounds. Still a third booth had a number of girls wrestling in what looked like chocolate pudding, each of them trying to stuff massive dildoes into their opponents slits.

“Is everything here sex related?” Jill asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” replied Jack, “Though the next aisle is all about toys to purchase.”

Jill bit her lip. “I think Id rather walk down that one.”

Jack laughed. “On the contrary, they ask for volunteers and some of those toys are even more cruel and wonderful than the ones on Spunk Street.”

The next booth had a sign across the front entitled “Spice and Nettles. Jill peeked in, watching as one brunettes feet were kicked apart and quickly bound open. She was forced to grab hold of a steel ring hovering in the air in front of her and then her hands were bound to the ring. Another man came up, wearing a thick and heavy glove, a bundle of green, leafy plants in his hand.

“Oh my,” Jill said quietly. Then the man began swatting the bound brunettes breasts. She cried out immediately and Jill couldnt figure out why. The brunettes body began jerking back and forth, trying to get away from the plants, but the man wasnt even hitting her hard. Just as the man began bringing the leaf covered stems up between her legs, Jill realized that the girls breasts had suddenly swelled, covered in a spread, inflamed, crimson colored rash. Jill gasped as the girl twisted in agony.

“Nettles,” Jack explained. “Each plant has these tiny barbs on the leaves, sort of like tiny hollow glass needles. Each are filled with a toxin that burns the skin. Shes going to be in agony for days, presuming shes allowed to live that long.”

“My God, thats horrible!” Jill exclaimed.

“Is it?” Jack said curiously. “Her master clearly thinks she needs to be punished and the toxin will get cooked out in any event. So why is it horrible?”

Jills mouth opened and she tried to think of a reason besides “it would hurt so much!” Finally she shook her head.

“Here it is!” called out Jimmy from a few feet away. Jack and Jill moved away from Spice and Nettles and looked at the tent Jimmy was pointing too.

It was called “The Swing” and was a large tent. Inside were individual pallets. On each pallet lay a man, most of them completely naked. Hanging above them in a strange swing, bound immobile, were girls. Jill watched in amazement as one girl was lowered so that her sex just barely touched the cock beneath her. Then the man reached up, grabbed her, and pulled her down.

Jill couldnt imagine what a penetration like that might feel like, but after a moment she realized that the girls in the tent were permanent attractions and that she wouldnt be swapped out. Still, it was intriguing. There was absolutely no contact between the woman and man except the penetration itself. The girl began bouncing, clearly a part of the harness.

Jack looked on with whimsical expression. “I admit that does look relaxing,” he said. “But Im happy with my Jill right now.”

Jimmy gave him a grumpy look. “Well Im doing it.”

Jack looked at Penny. “What do you want me to do with her?”

Jimmy shrugged. “I dont care. Go hang her by her tits for all care. Or tie her to a public sapping tent. Spread her legs wide too so they know where to hit her.”

Pennys face went white as Jimmy walked off.

Jack blinked and looked over at Penny who held up her hands.

“Hey, dont do me any favors,” she said.

Jacks eyes narrowed. “I realize that Jimmy is not exactly a shining example of gentlemanly behavior. But I must say that your attitude needs some serious adjustment.”

Jill shifted uncomfortably. She too thought Penny was a bit… forward. 

Suddenly Jack smiled. “I wont tie you to the sapping post. Especially since youve already had that cute cunt of your well strapped. But I think something to remind you of your place is a good idea.” He grabbed Pennys arm and a moment later he pushed her up to the Spice and Nettles. Penny began crying, but instead of forcing her over to the nettles side, he approached the other man. Jill stayed close, curious but frightened.

“Good morn to you, young master. And how can I spice up your day?”

Jack put his hand on the back of Pennys neck. “This little scrumptious morsel needs a bit of spice. Perhaps on her nipples and clit please.” The man nodded as Jack passed over a few dollars.

“Any particular flavor?”

Jack shrugged. “I just want her to know its there.”

The man nodded and came back with a small bottle. Penny stared at it, then looked away. He pulled out a small, wet paint brush, and then dipped it into the bottle. “Hold still girlie. Youll like the scent of this I suspect. Mint and lemon.”  Then he began brushing some sort of sticky oil on Pennys nipples. It only took twenty seconds and then he bent down and dabbed a fresh dollop of the sticky oil on her clit.

Penny stared resolutely ahead and Jill studied her carefully. Was she feeling anything? It didnt look like it. Maybe the oil didnt have an effect? But then Pennys steel expression began changing. Little flickers of pain flashed across her face and then she began grimacing.

“Stings like the dickens, doesnt it?” The man said knowingly.

Penny tried to hold it together for another ten or fifteen seconds, but then gasped and Jill watched as a few tears escaped from her eyes. Penny reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing them hard even as her entire body began to fold. She squatted down, gasping for air. The man looked up at Jack. “Shell be alright in just a minute, once she adjusts. Dont let her touch her eyes if she gets the oil on her fingers. Shell be blinded for over an hour in extreme agony. Thats why we make it so sticky. Dries very, very fast and you can see the crust.” He looked over at Jill. “And how can I enliven this little ones day?”

Jack glanced at Jill whose eyes widened in alarm. “Maybe something not quite so debilitating, and in orange?” asked Jack.

“Master?” Jill asked in shock. Jack grinned.

“Easy girl. You arent being punished. You are being,” he paused with amusement. “Enhanced.”

The man returned with another pot and a fresh brush and Jill felt Jacks hand on her bottom, pushing her forward. “Please anoint her nipples, clit and anus,” Jack said, which sounded like an even greater cruelty too Jill. The man holding the pot grinned.

“Absolutely, sir.” Then he dipped the brush into the bottle and raised it up. “Youll enjoy this, girl.” He began painting her nipples. The oil was a little more fluid than the stuff that was affecting Penny, who was still crying, holding the squatting position. It flowed over her nipple and areola and then the man painted her other breast. A fresh dip into the pot brought the brush down to her clitoris and Jill gasped, thrusting her hips forward as the man teased her, brushing her clit and labia, circling her entire pussy. Waves of pleasure washed over her and it took her a moment to realize that her nipples were tingling. It was the strangest sensation, as if someone were holding a vibrator to the tips of each breast. And maybe blowing cool air over them as well.

“Now turn around and bend over like a good girl?” The man asked.

Jill did as ordered and she bent over, touching her toes. She felt fingers against her buttocks and then the paint brush touched her anus, running round and round in soft rings, as if someone were giving her a rim job. She began moaning and as the tingling spread across her sex and over her perineum, her chest began to heave with need. Jack tapped her shoulder.

“Stand up please. And perhaps you might give Penny a hand as well.”

Jill straightened. Her entire body tingled and what she really wanted to do was drag Jack off somewhere private and ride him until those needs she was now feeling were satisfied. She took a deep breath, which actually didnt seem to help, and then glanced down at Penny. Pennys tears had stopped and she was looking up at her. Jill leaned over and held out her hand and Penny took it.

“Gave you the easy one, huh?” She asked, glancing down at Jills body. She sniffed. “Citrus?” Jill nodded. The oil the man had put on Jill was clear. The stuff on Pennys nipples was a strange yellowish color and reeked of lemon. Penny stared at Jill. “You know, I wouldnt mind sharing,” she hissed, taking her hand and rubbing her clit painfully. Then, before Jill realized what Penny meant to do, Penny brought her hand up between Jills legs.

Where it was caught by Jack. His fingers tightened hard around Pennys wrists. “Some torments are to be shared,” he said harshly. “Others are to be born alone.” The spicemaster handed Jack a paper towel and he cleaned off Pennys fingers. “Touch her without my permission and you wont need to worry about what Jimmy does to you.”

Jill, who stood there twitching, her body tingling and trembling with overwhelming need, watched silently, her eyes wide with adoration. Jack was amazing! Hed saved her. Jack pushed Penny out of the tent and grabbed Jills hand, pulling her after.

He glanced down the concourse before looking back at Penny. “Lets cut over to the toy aisle before I take Jimmys word and really hang you up by your tits.”

Penny gave Jill a frightened, petulant glance but then nodded. Jack turned and led Jill away and Penny followed along behind them. Jack went down to the next tent and took a shortcut that pierced the spoke of the carnival tents and they emerged onto a less populated lane. Each tent was much smaller and various vendors were hawking an insane assortment of sex toys, mostly on tables directly at the front of each booth. Dildoes of every shape and size, vibrators, even sybians were for sale. Some of the sellers were actually out in the crowd, trying to persuade people to come back to their stall and experiment.

“Hello sir!” One man said, coming right up to Jack. “Can I interest you in the latest technology in specialized vibrators?” He held up a strange looking rubber tipped instrument. Instead of a tapered end it had a strange indentation, like a seed cup just opening.

Jacks eyebrow went up. “Okay, Ill bite. Ive never seen one of those before,” he admitted.

The vender grinned. “Sir, this particular vibrator is the one that will do away with all the others. After youve got this, the pretty lady in your life will never need another toy.”

Jack smiled. “Yes. But what does it do?”

The vender flipped a switch and to Jills astonishment the ends of the cup began moving underneath their rubber exterior. It made the end open and close. “As you can see, it massages and vibrates.”

Jack laughed. “A demonstration please?” He asked, pointing at Jill. The vendor gave her a winsome smile.

“Of course. Step right this way miss.” He pointed to the nearby tent and a chair that was waiting. Jill sat down and the man knelt down at her feet. “Now if youll kindly spread those pretty legs of yours… yes thats good.”  He looked up. “This wont hurt at all,” he said softly.

Jill nodded and watched as the toy came up between her legs. It was off and the vender set the strange looking tip over her clitoris. He turned it on, but clearly only to its lowest setting. Jills eyes widened as the rubber tip began softly closing and opening on her clit, massaging it from each direction. In addition she could detect a low level pulse vibrating out of the toy.

“Ohhh,” she moaned, clutching at the chair. Waves of pleasure burst up from her sex and her hips thrust forward.

The vendor laughed. “See? She likes it? How about a bit more power, heh miss?” He turned up the toy and Jill gasped, her body tensing as her toes curled in her flip flops.

“The nice thing is that when shes close to orgasm you can still drill her with the full length of the toy and even internally the rubber tips feels amazing,” the vendor said, looking up at Jack. Jill began panting and her hands came up to her breasts, cupping each curve as her fingers began twisting and pinching at her nipples.

“Go ahead,” Jack said. “Drive her into orgasm in the next thirty seconds and Ill buy one.”

The vendor grinned and twisted the base of the toy. The sound ramped up exponentially and Jill cried out in bliss, eyes closing as the waves struck her hard. The vendor had to put a hand on her leg to keep her still enough but kept the toy pressed hard to her clitoris, letting the chewing tip munch greedily on her tender nub. Jill couldnt take it. She shuddered and let out a wild cry, her body giving in to the intense and beautiful stimulation. A moment later she orgasmed, a clear stream spurting from her sex, splattering the vendors shirt.

He laughed and stepped back as Jill slumped in the chair, her limbs just falling to side as she stared up at Jack with a huge smile on her face and a dazed look in her eyes. Jack glanced down at his watch.

“Twenty-eight seconds. Guess I buy one.”  He pulled a card out of coat pocket. “Send it here along with the invoice,” Jack said.

Penny touched Jacks arm. “Can I try it out?”

Jack looked over at her. “Not today Im afraid.” He reached down and pulled Jill to her feet. She wobbled for a moment, still lost in the sexual euphoria. “Youll get to try out the next toy I find an interest in.”

Penny frowned and Jill just stood there looking whimsically pleased. “With my luck it will be a needled clamp.” She looked at Jill. “Was it that good?” Penny asked suspiciously as Jack wrapped his arm around Jill and they started to move down the aisle.

Jill gave Penny a sweet, smoky look. “Uh uh,” she hummed. “We need those at Castleberry Farm,” she said, her voice still a bit blurred.

They continued to walk down the aisle. Jack ignored most of the calls for attention, his eyes darting left and right constantly. Jill didnt care and just shuffled along beside him. Suddenly a man stood in their path.

“Rope ties, sir? Just ten dollars. I do arms, wrists, tits, and crotch.” The vendor had a dozen five foot lengths of rope draped over his shoulders. Jack paused, then smiled.

“Yes. I think that would be appropriate. Do this one first,” he said, nodding toward Jill. “A wrist and elbow tie please.”

The vendor bowed once and snagged a rope.  Jack released Jill and before she could say anything the vendor turned her around and grabbed her wrists. She felt the hemp loop around her wrists and suddenly her hands were bound behind her back and there was nothing she could do about it. Jill looked up at Jack and her eyes softened. This was all part of it. Endurance, obedience, willingness to submit. And the rope? That was the ultimate symbol, wasnt it? He was tying her to him? Jill smiled, even when the vendor pulled the rope tight.

Another loop went around her arms, just above her elbows and Jill winced as her arms were drawn together. It wasnt exactly comfortable and it made her breasts stick out. Still, Jack seemed to appreciate it since he reached up and caressed her bosom. The vendor tucked the last bit of rope in and smiled.

“And for your other girl?” The vendor asked.

Jack looked at Penny. “A crotch tie I think. Something uncomfortable rubbing through her slit would be totally appropriate.”

Pennys eyes widened and it looked as if she were about to protest but a warning glance from Jack made her quiet down.

“Ah, problems with the staff,” the vendor replied. “I totally understand.” He paused. “Sir, Ive got something special I can put on your little sweetling that would chafe her something good. But I dont have a price for it.”

Jacks eyes narrowed. “What do you mean?” He asked.

The vendor shrugged. “Ive never offered it for sale and its a bit…” he paused for a moment. “Strenuous you might say, on the young lady.”

Jack laughed. “Well shes got the spunk for it. Tell you what. You put it on and Ill pay what I think its worth. If its what you say it is, Ill pay you well for it.”

The vendor grinned and motioned for Penny to step forward. “Need you to spread your legs a bit, young lady.” As Penny widened her stance the vendor pulled out a very different piece of rope from a backpack Jill hadnt noticed. He held it up and Penny immediately began shaking her head.

“Hell no,” she spluttered. “You are not sticking that thing between my pussy lips.” She started backing up but suddenly Jack grabbed her, hauling her hands behind her back. Jill watched in frightened shock as Penny began screaming, thrashing hard against Jacks hold. Jack wrestled Penny to the ground. Suddenly two more men waded in and grabbed Pennys thrashing legs, pulling her open.

“Need a hand, mate?” one of them said as his fingers encircled Pennys kicking foot.

Jack grinned and tightened his grip on Pennys arms. Jill heard the click of the connectors locking Pennys bondage wrist cuffs together. Penny screamed in defiance but one of the men slapped her hard across first the face, then her breast, stunning her. Some of the dried slurry on her nipple broke off, flying away. Jill gaped as Jack hauled Penny back to her feet, the braided brunette clearly dazed.

Jack looked at his helpers. “This good man was about to tie a crotch rope on this girl. Would you mind helping me secure her so that we can complete the process?”

One of the men pulled a leash out of his pocket and quickly clipped it to the bondage cuff on Pennys right ankle. The other man rolled his eyes, then accepted a rope from the vendor.

“Its a loan,” the vendor assured him.

“Oh. Well okay then.”

In seconds Penny was leaning back against Jack, her legs pulled wide apart, standing in the middle of the concourse. A crowd had gathered in a circle around them and the vendor took the rough, scratchy, old piece of rope that had first frightened Penny and held it up. He wrapped it once around her waist, then did his magic, twisting the hemp in phenomenal ways. Jill watched as two separate strands became embedded in Pennys slit, the frayed hemp soaking up her juices. The vendor twisted the rope and to Jills astonishment, not only were Pennys petals wrapped around the abrasive and course material parting her slit, but pinching her clitoris until it bulged, swollen and red. The vendor drew the rope through Pennys legs, making two thick knots. One was perfectly positioned to sit at the entrance of Pennys vagina while the other would rub against her anus. He tucked it through the back of the waist rope and then finally brought it up to Pennys wrists, tying it off to her hands.

“That way if she pulls it will just hurt more,” he assured Jack. Then the vendor stepped away. The men holding Pennys legs bent down and removed their ties, one returning the used rope to the vendor.

Jill watched, her arms aching. For a moment Penny swayed and then she took a tentative step. Her face twisted up into a grimace and she let out a low groan before turning to look at Jack with a glare.

“My pussy is going to be worthless after this,” she snarled. Jack took a quick step forward and slapped her hard. Across the breasts. Penny stumbled and had to take a few steps to keep from falling. Pain rippled across her face. Tears filled her eyes and Jill suddenly felt sorry for her.

“You like seeing me in pain, admit it!” Penny said, a red mark appearing on her breast. Jack glared at her. “I might not be your master, but Im glad Jimmy wont be keeping you around. So why dont we just head over to the processing aisle and see what we can do to end your insufferable attitude.”

Jill looked over at Jack in mild alarm. This was a side of him shed never seen. He was always so calm, so collected, so happy. What had Penny done to rile him so? She stepped up to him and tried to press herself against him, wishing her arms werent bound behind her back. If anyone needed a hug it was Jack.

Jack grabbed Pennys arm and forced her to march even though she resisted. Jill hurried along behind them, with Jack only occasionally glancing back to make sure she was alright. They cut across another shortcut and Jill found herself looking around in both awe and terror. This aisle was for processing and while the music emanating from the speakers had drowned out the noise coming from this section of the carnival, they did little to hide the screams and pleas for mercy coming from the various tents.

Jill sniffed and the unmistakable scent of blood filled her nose. As they emerged out into the aisle itself her eyes widened. Immediately across from them was a massive wooden platform. Three gallows stood in a row, all of them occupied with the wriggling body of a beautiful girl, kicking feet making it clear that they were desperate for air. The crowd in front was cheering, throwing coins into a row of bins along the front. Jill realized that each of the girls had some sort of vibrating toy inside them, the wires coming out from between their petals and all of them were thrusting their hips madly. The most popular girl was the middle one and Jill saw that most of the money was going into her bin. The gallows holding her lowered just enough for her to touch the ground and she took a deep breath of much needed air, only to be hauled up once more.

“Oh my God,” Jill whispered. Shed known. Of course shed known. But… she thought it more humanitarian. Not such a spectacle. This was a show.

The girl on the far end of the gallows had turned blue and a moment later her tongue came out of her face and her eyes bulged alarmingly. A man came up with a stethoscope, placed it against her chest and listened intently for a moment. Then he smiled, nodded, and the other two girls were immediately lowered.

Jill watched as the two girls were welcomed back into the crowd, their masters obviously pleased and the dead girl was carried limply back behind the tent. Jill had no idea where she went from there.

“Stay close,” Jack said to Jill. “I dont want anyone thinking youre unescorted here.”

Jill nodded. “Absolutely, Master.”

Jack moved along and Jill was hard pressed not to stare at each new atrocity. One tent had a plywood wall at the back and a girl was sitting precariously on a wooden horse, her hips grinding as the wooden edge bit deep into her sex. Jill immediately noticed that the horse was cut much sharper than the ones shed seen on Spunk Street and that the pain must have been excruciatingly worse. But that wasnt the real torment. A line of men were able to purchase a blowgun with three darts for money. Already there were at least a dozen of the horrible little pins sticking out of the poor girls buttocks and all along her thighs and calves. One even had penetrated the sole of her left foot!

Jill looked hurriedly away, only to get her attention drawn to another booth on the opposite side as a scream pierced the air. A beautiful redhead girl had been tied face-up to a horizontal X frame and five motorized whipping machines were pounding away at her breasts, sex, and thighs. Her legs were widely spread and despite her clenched teeth she couldnt move even an inch. The wet sound of the belts slapping at her flesh filled the air until she cried out again.

Jill stumbled forward, her eyes finding Pennys naked body first, then seizing on Jack. She hurried forward. They passed another booth where a gorgeous brunette was positioned over a rapidly thrusting dildo that pounded into her at speeds that looked dangerous. Jill could only shake her head in dismay as she realized that the poor girl had to wear a mouth guard, the pounding was so intense.

There were other death games going on too. One booth gave Jill the shivers as she recognized the same high pressure water cannons that Jack had used to knock the clothespins off her body. Each of the girls in the line had been tied to a frame and a clear glass box had been secured with rubber gasket around their necks. Each of them had a thick phallus stuck into their pussies. Water poured into each head box as the girls were shot, the men aiming at their slits and nipples. But what Jill found amazing was that as long as the girls were pumping their hips, fucking the cocks enthusiastically, the amount of water never got above their chin. One girl however couldnt take it any longer and stopped, kicking wildly instead of fucking. In less than thirty seconds the water around her head was at eye level. Jill watched in horror as the girl held her breath and then the last bubble of air exploded from her mouth and she stopped moving. The water began draining from the other girls tanks as the crowd cheered.

“What do you think?” Jack suddenly asked, his mouth close to Jills ear.

She jerked in surprise and looked back at him. “What?”

He nodded toward the water trap. “What do you think?”

Jill grimaced. “Its horrific!” She said.

“Its a chance to keep living,” Jack said easily.

Jill frowned. “Ill be honest,” she said. “As someone who has until very recently been Grade A Prime, I would prefer to go quietly and without pain.”

Jack laughed. “Whats the fun in that?” He suddenly looked over her shoulder and lifted his arm, waving. “Over here!” He shouted.

Jill turned to look and Jimmy, looking very pleased with himself, came strolling over. He shot a poisonous glance at Penny, who whimpered and tried to hide behind Jack.

“Hey bro. Looks like you got tired of her shit too.”

Jack grabbed Pennys arm and thrust her forward. “The rope is tearing up her cunt so if I were you Id pick a spot before its not worth anything.”

Tears began flowing down Pennys cheeks and Jill gave her a sympathetic look. Jimmy took her arm and shrugged. “Granted, not one of my better selections.”

“I swear,” Jack complained. “Do you even talk to them before you pick them? And for that matter, where the hell is your dads company buying them? This one seems to have no training.”

Jimmy rolled his eyes. “Wholesale. Small dealer. Probably grew up in a family.”

Jack shook his head in disapproval. “Well that would explain the attitude.”

Jimmy grinned. “Okay, well I saw something a few stalls back that way that looked appropriate for this slut. So if youll accompany me…” he turned and began marching Penny down the aisle, moving her faster than she clearly wanted to go, the rope rubbing her cunt raw. Jack put his arm around Jill and they followed along behind.

It took only a moment to pass the booths that Jill had already seen. Fresh girls were already in most of them and Jill looked away. Part of her was fascinated by it all. She tried to imagine what an orgasm would feel like, deprived of breath or on the verge of drowning. Still, the very idea of it chilled her and she made an effort to look away. At least until they were passed the booths shed already seen.

Jack moved along steadily but then suddenly came to a halt. “Jimmy!” He said, calling out to his friend. Jimmy looked back and stopped.


“This is it,” Jack said, pointing at a tent with a darkened doorway. The A&E Logo was emblazoned across the lintel. Jimmy glanced at it.

“So I guess you need a moment,” Jimmy said. He shook his head and let out a sigh. “Fine. Ill be at the PC and Lemons booth. Its just five or six more tents further down.” Then he turned and dragged Penny away. Jill watched them go and then looked up at Jack.

“Are we going in?” She asked curiously.

Jack smiled. “Yeah. I really wanted to see this. My dad works for A&E and helped design the machine in here.”

Jill smiled. “Oh. Well then, Id love to see it!” She gushed. Jack smiled and caressed her bound arm, running his finger over her pulled back shoulder.

“Yes. I know you would,” he said sweetly. They approached the tent doorway, but just at that moment another man and a girl who looked a tad bit younger than Jill came out. The girl was sobbing, her hands bound behind her back. But what astonished Jill was that the girls breasts were frighteningly red. Tiny dark marks were evenly spaces all over and both breasts looked as if they were enormously swollen. Both of the girls nipples were hard and turgid and a dark brown fluid appeared to be leaking out of her tits!

Jills eyes widened in shock, but then the man led the crying girl away, giving Jack a quick wink. Jack smiled and then held open the tent flap for Jill.

She was hesitant as she stepped into the tent but as her eyes adjusted to the darkened interior and she felt Jack press up against her backside, she let out a sigh of relief. The machine sat on a table and was nothing more than a metal box with two holes cut out in the front. A few flashing lights blinked on a control panel to the side and a rolling chair, complete with a vibrating dildo sticking straight up. Jill noticed the cuffs and straps though.

“Welcome sir!” Said a salesman who stood nearby. “Thank you for stopping by! My name is Brian Wilson and Id love to introduce you to our breast marinator!”

Jack laughed. “Actually, you dont need to. My father helped perfect this thing. He works for A&Es research and development division.

Wilsons eyes widened. “Hey, no kidding? I know Dr. Eckwin. Or are you Dr. Robinsons son?”

Jack smiled. “Robinson. If you knew Eckwin youd know that,” he admonished gently. The salesman laughed.

“Okay, you got me. I met them both once at a symposium. Eckwin seemed a little flakey but your dad seemed pretty cool.”

Jack smiled. “Thank you.” He looked over at Jill. “Do you mind if my girl sits down? Shes been on her feet for a while.”

The salesman glanced over at Jill and then smiled. “Of course. By all means.” He gestured to the chair and Jill glanced over at it.

“Oh. No thank you,” she said politely. “Im good standing.”

Jack turned toward her and gave her a patient smile. “Jill, I want you to sit down.”

Jill didnt say anything. She felt a little shiver go through her. Slowly she went over to the chair and sat. The phallic probe was already wet and Jill had little doubt that the girl who had left with her tits looking like swollen water balloons had been sitting in that very seat. The moment she sat down the vibrator inside her sex began moving. The tremors started off slow but gradually built up speed until it felt like an earthquake. Jill groaned. Jack came around and stood behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders.

“Well, call it pride, but I really wanted to see my dads device here. Hes talked about working with Eckwin after the industrial tenderizer was made, but this is the first marinade injector, right?”

The salesman grinned. “Oh absolutely. And the nice thing is that anyone can buy it. Its not that expensive. If you are fan of barbecue then you need to own one of these babies.” He patted the silver machine.

Jill felt Jacks hands move down off her shoulders and to her bosom, rubbing her nipples softly. She moaned and closed her eyes as he teased the tips of each breast. Then his hands moved fast and he reached down, pulling the waist strap out from the sides of the chair and securing it across Jills waist.

Her eyes snapped open and she looked up at him. “Master?” She asked in confusion. Jack didnt respond but the salesman had come out from around the table and both he and Jack knelt down. In seconds another strap was secured across Jills thighs. Then her ankles were secured to the chair. Jills eyes widened as the sudden realization of her predicament hit her and she gaped at Jack in astonishment.

“What? What are you doing?” She asked in alarm.

Jack finished securing her with another strap, this one just above her tits. He nodded to the salesman who began rolling the chair forward. Jill began bucking, trying to pull free, but the straps holding her down were too tight.

:”Wait! Please!” pleaded Jill. “I thought you loved me! I thought you wanted me! Im a breeder! Im not meat!” she screamed. She wriggled but it was no use and a second later her well-rounded boobs were pushed into the two gaping holes at the front of the machine. Two chains from the table to the chair were connected and Jill burst into tears.

“Why?” She sobbed. “Did I do something wrong? Did I say something? Did I not perform properly?”

“Ssshhh now,” Jack said, running his hand over her hair. He glanced at the salesman. “You may proceed.”

The salesman grinned. “We do have a selection of marinades. Do you have a preference?”

Jack looked curious. “What do you have?”

“Well, the most popular is our lemon and basil, which of course has the additional effect of being an acid. Hurts like hell I might add,” the salesman said with a wink. “But another popular choice is our patented A&E barbecue sauce.” He held up a bottle.

Jack nodded. “The barbecue sauce please. And its not because I dont want her hurting. I dont mind that. Its a taste thing.”

The salesman grinned. “It always is.”  He pressed a button on the side of the machine.

Jill sat there stunned, tears pouring down her face. How could this happen to her? What had she done to make Jack turn on her? Shed offered herself, willingly sucked his cock, let him fuck her, and taken his tests of endurance, of focus, of torment. Hadnt she proved herself? Was this how she was going out? She sniffed hard, trying to stop the flood of tears when a cold blast of air flashed across her breasts. She gasped, crying out.

“The cold air stiffens her nipples,” the salesman explained. “Gets them nice and puckered.”

Jack laughed. “I prefer them like that.”

Another light flashed on the control panel. “The injectors are moving into position,” he said.

Jack smiled. “My dad explained the process. About twenty syringe sized nano-carbon needles, right? Each putting about fifteen milliliters of sauce into her tits?”

“Exactly right. You arent looking to replace me, are you?” The salesman asked as Jill stiffened in the seat.

Jack shook his head. “My degree is engineering. So dont worry.”

The salesman grinned. “Well thank goodness. Oh. Here it goes.”

Jill stiffened in her seat despite the roar of the vibrator. She glanced around wildly, but the pain that exploded through her bosom was beyond anything shed ever experienced before. It felt like a thousand needles had been suddenly pushed into her tits and she knew without a doubt that both of her nipples had been pierced straight on. Her heart hammered in her chest and she clenched her fingers as a scream was ripped from her throat. Agony flashed across her as heat and pressure built in the soft tissue of her mammary glands. She let out a choked sob as she felt, deep inside her, the fluids being injected into her body and she thrashed again as the pain overwhelmed her. Then the needles retracted. She sat there panting, the pain starting to fade but still leaving her aching, as if someone had beaten her breasts brutally.

The salesman disconnected the chair chains and together, Jack and the man rolled Jill backward. She looked down at her chest and let out a choked cry.

“My god, what have you done to me?” She sobbed. Her breasts throbbed with pain and she saw that shed gone from one letter size to the next. Her C cup breasts had swollen to D, heavy with injected fluid. A brown liquid dripped from her nipples and she thought back to the girl shed passed on the way in. Now she knew exactly what that girl had been feeling, the agony of it. She looked up at Jack.


Jack didnt answer and instead helped the salesman free Jill from the chair. He pulled her up, ignoring her tears and after a brief handshake, he pulled her out of the tent and back into the fairground aisle.

Jill was shattered. She cried hard, her mind still wrapped up in the betrayal. She couldnt help but wonder how shed failed him, and what was going to happen to her now. Jack still wasnt saying anything and he grabbed her arm and marched her down the concourse. A moment later he stopped in front of another booth, still holding her by her bound arms. It took a moment for her to realize that Jimmy was standing there in front of her.

“Holy shit! Look at her tits!” Jimmy exclaimed. He looked up at Jack. “Your dad doesnt do things by halves, does he?” He lifted his finger up and ran it through a thick dollop of barbecue sauce leaking from Jills nipple and put it in his mouth.

Jack laughed. “Hardly. But you knew that.” Jack looked around. “Wheres Penny?”

Jimmy hooked a thumb over his shoulder. “Getting shredded. I decided how I want her to go so theyre doing the prep work here and then I can roll her over to the grill.”

A sudden piercing scream came from the booth behind him and Jills vision cleared as she blinked. She recognized the voice. It was Penny. It had to be. She looked up. Penny was tied hand and foot on a steel table, stretched taut while two men hovered over her. Both of them were holding a small, electric device and a squirt bottle. Jill blinked, watching the men as they would apply the device to a portion of Pennys body, then after working it around in a few circles, spray the section. Penny screamed again, convulsing.

Jack looked at with interest, then smiled. “Oh. I see. Cutters.”

Jimmy grinned. “Absolutely. The PC stands for paper cuts. They cant use actual paper, so a series of fine blades slices her up and then they check to make sure theyve done a good job by…”

“Spraying her with lemon juice,” finished Jack. “Thats brilliant. So youre going to have her grilled?”

Jimmy nodded. “Better than that bitch deserves. Still its the most excruciating way to go I can find.”

Jack considered that. “Have you considered the immersion circulator? I hear thats very popular now.”

Jimmy snorted. “Hell now. I want flames! I cant see how stuffing her into a vacuum sealed bag and letting her soak in a pool of hot water is going to be better than lying on a grate over a bed of hot coals.”

Jack laughed. “Except you can put things in the bag with her. Like lemon.”

Jimmy blinked. “Oh. I hadnt thought of that.”

Jack clapped his friend on the shoulder. “I know.” He glanced over at Jill. Tears still flowed down her cheeks but at least she was silent. “Look, Im going to take Jill here over to one of the satisfaction tents for a quick fuck before we go for lunch. How about I meet you over at the kitchens, okay?”

Jimmy nodded. “Sure.” He gestured at Penny, whose throat had closed up in silent agony. “Theyll be done in about twenty more minutes.” He grinned. “I asked them to do her labia too.”

Jack blinked. “You are cruel, you know?”

Jimmy smiled. “Yeah. Have a good fuck.” He looked at Jill. “You were fun I guess. Sorry your day is going to end like this, but hey… a mans gotta eat.”

Jill stared at him until Jack tugged her away. She let him propel her along the concourse, her steps wooden. She stared ahead, completely in shock until Jack pushed her into a large blue tent. Inside were small pallets, each fitted with a padded cushion. Most of the spots were occupied by couples in the middle of sexual copulation. Almost in every case the woman was on the bottom.

Jack found an empty mat and lowered Jill gently. She sat on the edge of the pallet as he moved behind her, sitting softly. She felt his fingers begin to untie her wrists and elbows and a moment later she groaned as her arms came free. She expected her shoulders to ache, but the hurt in her breasts was still too intense for her to mind whatever minor pain her shoulders was reporting. She sniffed once as Jack stood and removed his trousers, followed by his boxers.

“Lay back,” he told her.

Jill did, but it was only due to her training, the rote obedience that Castleberry Farms had ingrained into her. Ever since she was little the orders of a man had been law. Punishments had been swift; a hard spanking, or if one was truly naughty, having your legs drawn apart and a leather sap brought down on your sex. Girls at Castleberry Farm knew how to obey. She spread her legs as she laid back and Jack knelt down between her knees. His cock was rock hard and without even a word of softness, he jammed himself into her wet cleft, driving himself deep. Jill groaned at the sudden intrusion, but any pleasure the coupling might have given her was lost in the still throbbing hurt of her breasts. Her nipples leaked barbecue sauce and she could feel it trickling down the now bloated and bulging curves of her bosom.

Jack maneuvered his legs, forcing hers together so that he straddled her. Jill let out another soft whimper as he lowered himself down until his chest grazed hers. Barbecue sauce smeared across his torso.

“I guess I should apologize,” he said softly, thrusting into her with regular movements. His voice was calm and steady. “Im sorry that you were led to believe that this was a test or an interview. When I picked you up this morning Id actually bought you. I requested the dress because I happen to like women in sexually appealing clothing.” He hips ground against hers.

Jill stared up at him. “I was an Alternate,” she whispered. Jack smiled and nodded. “Yes you were. Except there was a reason you were an Alternate, Jill. Youve got the body, but youre too clingy. Breeders have to be calm and collected. Theyre practically ignored for months at a time, where all they focus on is staying fit and bringing the baby to term.” He punctuated each sentence with another slow, thorough thrust. “I bought you with the intention of using you to see my dads invention in action.”

Jill bit her lip. “So when you fucked me this morning on the car and came inside me…”

Jack nodded. “Yeah. Im sorry about that. I didnt realize youd misinterpret that. I came inside you because…”

She began crying. “Because you knew you were going to kill me this afternoon.”

The pace of Jacks thrusts into Jills loins picked up. “Hey now, this is what you were intended for.”

Jill looked away. “I was an Alternate. I wanted babies…” she sobbed. Jacks steady fucking had little effect on her. She could barely feel it.

“I know this is hard on you, but you need to know that I really admire you,” he said. His thick member slid through her wetness eagerly, seeking deeper. His voice became rougher, manlier. “You were so helpful and eager. Ill be honest, if I didnt already have a breeder assigned to me, Id have considered you.”

Jill looked up at him. Tears still pooled in her eyes. “Really?” she begged him. “Really? Do you mean that, Master?” Jack nodded and she could tell he was straining to hold back. “You would have taken me to bear your children?”

He struggled as his climax loomed and he gasped out. “Yes, damn it. Yes!”

Jill reached up, grabbed Jack and pulled him down to her chest. Pain flashed through her as his weight crushed her boobs and she felt a spurt of sauce squeeze out of the holes his fathers machine had left in her nipples.

“Then take me, Master!” She cried out willfully. “Take me for your pleasure.”

Jack gasped and with no more holding back, pounded hard at her loins, his frame moving up and down frantically. He felt her breasts oozing with sauce and then he cried out in release, pumping his own creamy froth into her depths. He collapsed on her in relief, eliciting a pain ridden cry from Jill, but she held him against her agony. A moment later he lifted himself up, pulling his softening member from her depths. He sat up and looked down at himself.

“Gods, what a mess,” he muttered.

Barbecue sauce was everywhere. Her entire body was smeared with it, as was his. He tried to wipe some of it off, but was relatively unsuccessful. Finally he let out a laugh, shrugged, and wipes his hand off on Jills thigh, cleaning some of the sauce off. He grabbed his trousers and boxers and stood up, offering Jill his other hand.

“Come on,” he said. “Theres a restroom next door. I need to get cleaned up.” Jill let him pull her to her feet and she followed him obediently as they left the tent. A restroom was located next door, one of the few solid and permanent structures to the fairground and Jill followed Jack into the unisex bathroom. Jill, who had never been in one of these bathrooms before, gaped in astonishment.

The first thing she noticed was that near the entrance almost a dozen girls were kneeling against the wall. For the most part they were unbound, except for a pair of steel bars that ran horizontally in front of them, just above and below breast height. Each girls bosom was mashed by those bars, which looked adjustable where they attached to the wall, and each girl had her breasts secured to the steel beams with leather cordage. Some of the girls were wearing clothespins on their nipples and clit, and even down their labia. A man stood nearby holding a bowl full of clothespins. But the really odd thing was that most of the men, after washing their hands, came over and got blowjobs. Jill watched as one man climaxed, filling the mouth of one of the kneeling girls. He then went and purchased a clothespin and went back, putting it on the girls labia, since her nipples and clit were already similarly occupied.

Jack pulled her around the corner and they entered the main restroom facility. Jills eyes widened in alarm. All of the toilets had women in them. Not using the toilets. But actually built into the ceramic basins. One girl, whose face and hair was drenched with urine, literally sat in a custom made ceramic bowl. It was clear she was mounted on a buzzing phallus, since Jill could see it pulsing between her legs at the bottom of the basin, glistening with fluid. The girls breasts were stuck in two holes so that both were exposed, providing targets other than her face. Her arms were completely unseen, but Jill suspected that the girl was tied up behind the ceramic frame. Her legs stuck out along the sides. A man was standing in front of her, aiming his cock at her face and a stream of hot piss struck her dead on. Jill watched in disgust as the girl opened her mouth and began drinking as much as possible. And worse, there was a line of these urinals, each one filled with a girl.

“Oh my God,” Jill said, going slightly green. Jack looked around. “Oh. Yeah. Sorry about this. We wont be in here long. I just need to use the washbasin.” He went to one of the sinks as Jill stood there, staring. Along the far wall were the bowl style toilets. Each one had a girl positioned on her back, bare legs and feet up in the air, so that the seat of crapper opened up right above her face. The rest of each girl went back toward the water reservoir and their legs were secured up along the sides. Jill was too frightened of what she might see if she moved closer. But she couldnt help it. The girls head was slick and wet, but not covered with feces. That confused Jill until she saw another man get up after defecating. She looked and saw that when he flushed the toilet, a hard swirling spray cleaned off the girls head, and from the curl of the girls bare toes, probably activated some sort of sexual stimulation. With a sick fascination she took a few steps further in and spotted another line of urinals. These were designed differently than the first head to floor type. Each station was nothing more than a ceramic basin on a post, with the girl kneeling behind it, her face strapped into the opening at the back of the bowl. She was positioned over a catch tray and a pair of nipple clamps were attached to each girl, then wrapped around the drain post. It was patently clear that when the bowl was flushed, or any fluid deposited for that matter, the liquid would go straight down the drain and pour out onto her chest. It was quite possibly the grossest thing Jill had ever seen. They literally sat in pools of piss, dripping with it. Thank God the bathroom was well ventilated.

“Um, Master?” She asked quietly, moving toward the sink.

“Yes?” Jack said turning toward her.

Jill gestured down at her body. The barbecue marinade leaking from her abused, swollen, and reddened breasts had left smears all up and down her body. “Did you want me to wash up too?”

Jack laughed. “Heck no. You look fantastic. Almost ready to eat in fact!”

Jill blushed and looked away. Instead she began looking at the girls who were stuck in the toilet bowls. Something wasnt quite right about them. Then she realized that the girls werent exactly attractive. They werent ugly, not by any means, but one had undersized breasts, another a strange birthmark on her side. And the one girl who she could see, whose face was inside the toilet bowl? Well, Jill couldnt see what was wrong with her, but she couldnt imagine any Grade A Prime girl being placed in such a position. She looked back at Jack who was just finishing up. He smiled at her, then held up a finger. He walked over to one of the free urinals and to Jills shock, actually stuck his dick in the girls mouth.

Jills eyes widened as the toilet girl clearly began giving Jack a blowjob. His eyes closed in pleasure and Jill suddenly, inexplicably, felt a surge of jealousy.  A flurry of anger, not at Jack, but at the toilet girl, flashed through her. Then, just as she was about to march over there and inform her master that she could do a better job, Jack began pissing. While still inside the girls mouth. The toilet girl gagged as urine spilled out from between her lips, pouring down the inside of the bowl and sloshing over her tits. It was clear she tried to swallow, but Jack was prolific. Jill froze and watched in fascinated disgust. It was mesmerizing and she didnt know why. Then Jack pulled back, shook off his cock, and turned back to the sink. He didnt bother to tuck himself away, which seemed odd to Jill. He washed his hands and then beckoned her to follow.

Jack went straight to the line of cocksucking girls and he nodded at Jill. “Theyre the cockwashers. Theyll suck anything unpleasant off your cock.”

Jill started to wrap her arms around her chest but then stopped as the movement of her arms only made her breasts ache horribly. “What are the clothespins for?” She asked.

Jack grinned. “Oh, the girl with the most doesnt have to be a toilet during the next carnival and ends up back on the cockwasher line.” Then one of the cockwasher girls was open and Jack moved up. For the second time he was given a blowjob, though as before, the end result was not climax, but cleaning. Jill turned and stared at the wall, unable to handle either the picturesque sight of another girl sucking on Jack, or the disgusting and what she felt was inhumane torments. It didnt matter if all the girls were stuffed with vibrators or even if they were sitting on sybians! It just wasnt right!

Jack finished but he didnt look pleased and he pulled back and zipped up his fly. He stalked over to the man on the stool, pointed back at the girl and then quietly told the bathroom attendant that hed felt teeth. The bathroom attendant apologized and went over to the offending girl. Without a word the man began ripping off the dozen or so clothespins from her body, putting them back in the bowl as the girl began sobbing. Jack nodded with satisfaction and then turned toward the doorway and grabbed Jills elbow on the way out. She went along willingly, a shiver going down her spine as they left the bathroom.

“Why was that girls clothespins removed?” Jill asked curiously as soon as they were outside.

Jack frowned. “I felt teeth. Theyre supposed to be better trained than that.” He shrugged. “So I told the attendant. He punished her by taking away all the clothespins.” Jack turned back toward PC and Lemons, the booth where they had left Jimmy and the unfortunate Penny. Jill tried to keep her eyes on Jack, but again, as they passed each open tent front, she saw a variety of activities that would once have horrified her, but after what had happened to her own boobs, not to mention the even more disgusting life of a bathroom slut, now seemed mundane.

One booth offered death by asphyxiation, triggered by orgasmic explosion. Jill watched as a young girl, already crying, was led to the death chair where she was forced down on the double set of dildoes. Straps were placed around her neck, wrists, waist, and ankles, but as the stirring vibration between her legs began to move her, Jill knew that the strap around the girls neck was already tightening. Another girl was on her back, strapped down to a table while her master stood at the end, fucking her silently. Repeatedly her air was cut off and Jill wondered how long it would take. She almost wished Jack wished to snuff her like that.

Another tent had an entire row of electrified dildoes. Five girls from the crowd were selected and ushered up, only to be told that four of them would make it down alive. Their hands were bound to the wall behind them and heavy leather belts wrapped across their waists. Like the water drowning game, this one too had buckets for coins and Jill could see that the girl with the most money would have the electricity being jacked into her sex reduced. Even Jack slowed down as the game started up and all five of the girls began bouncing and crying out, trying to act sexy and get donations while enduring the steadily increasing torment of pain.

“Heh,” Jack said, gesturing at the lineup. “You handled way more when I had you at the Lickety Split booth.”

Jill nodded. “Yes, Master.”

They moved on. Finally they made it back to where theyd last seen Jimmy and Jill was shocked to see that he was still there. He had a cart in front of him and as Jack and Jill approached Jill realized that the cart was supporting a metal frame. Inside, locked immobile between the bars was Penny.

Jill gasped. Penny was unconscious. Her body was smeared with blood and bruises and her skin just looked wrong. It had reddened almost everywhere and she literally looked like some sort of alien. Most of it was inflamed and swollen. The worst parts were her sex and breasts, though Jill suspected that Pennys bottom, and even the soles of her feet had gotten treatment just as bad.

“Good lord,” Jack said. “What the hell did you have done to her?”

Jimmy grinned. “Every inch of Pennys skin had been cut, just down to three millimeters. Enough to hurt like hell, but as you can see, most of the actual bleeding has stopped. Shes still very much alive. So now we roll her over to the kitchens where she will be roused by another bath of lemon and rosemary wash, and then, when shes done screaming, we will hoist her over a charcoal pit and watch her skin crackle and crisp deliciously. After which I will enjoy a moist, lemon pepper cunt with Penny tit brisket on the side.”

“Decidedly cruel and evil,” Jack said with a grin of approval. “Shall we?” He gestured down the concourse for Jimmy to take the lead and he fell in behind Jimmy, taking Jills arm in the process.

“And what of me?” Jill asked in a small, frightened voice.

Jack looked down at her. “Well, its almost over for you little one.”

Jill bit her lip. “Is it going to hurt?”

Jack shrugged. “There is some pain, but the chefs try to make sure that each girl goes out with a big bang.” His eyes tracked down to Penny. “At least the ones that deserve it.”

Jill grabbed Jacks hand. “Please sir, considering all of this…” She waved her hand across the concourse, indicating all the fair. “Every girl deserves it.”

Jack frowned. “Jill, Im not even sure Penny is capable of having an orgasm anymore. Those slicers would have cut her clit to smithereens. Jimmy would have made sure of it.”

Jill looked down, tears welling up in her eyes. Jack let out a frustrated groan. “Okay. Tell you what. Ill insist shes stuffed with cooking balls. Okay? Those vibrate inside the girl until butchering.”

Jill smiled through her tears and she hugged Jacks arm. “Thank you, Master! She can have mine if necessary.”

Jack shook his head. “No. That wont be necessary. I dont think you will need them.”

A moment later they turned another corner and Jack and Jill followed along behind Jimmy. Jill could barely stand the horrors that stood before her. Almost immediately they passed a Japanese demonstration of katana butchering. A tender little Oriental girl was brought out, dressed in schoolgirl clothing, her eyes wide and frightened at the splatters of blood all around her. She began speaking in a pleading tone, first to the three men who stood by her, then to the crowd, but no one seemed to speak her language. Then the man with the katana nodded and the two men who had brought the girl up on the stage from back began tearing off her clothes.

Jill knew that Asian girls generally looked much younger than they were, but this girl had to be at the limits of legality. She had delicate arching hips and her legs were smooth and narrow, but her breasts were barely buds. She clearly hadnt been expecting the forceful removal of her clothes and she fought, screaming as she fell to the ground. The crowd around Jill cheered as the girls blue plaid skirt and white blouse were thrown to the audience, leaving the now naked schoolgirl wearing just the dark blue knee high socks and her pumps. Then she was pulled to her feet, tears streaming down each cheek, only to be held open so that the man with the sword could touch her. It was a tender movement, which belied the cruelty to follow, but the girl let out a quiet sob as the man ran his fingers down across her body. He nodded to the two men who then knelt and began removing the girls socks and shoes. A moment later Jill saw her tiny feet, much smaller than what was normal on western girls. Her large, almond shaped eyes looked out in desperation at the crowd, but saw nothing but eagerness. Then the men tossed her shoes and socks aside, grabbed her wrists, and pulled her back against the bamboo frame that waited at the rear of the stage. She was lifted to hang by her wrists, but then they lashed her ankles to the bottom crossbar. In seconds she couldnt move, her breasts and loins thrust forward by an awkwardly placed cross beam that centered across her lower back. Her hands and wrists were bound tightly with hemp and she continued begging in her own language.

The man with the katana snapped out a sharp command and the two men picked up thin, bamboo switches. One started at her upper left arm, working his way down over her bicep, into the tender and very sensitive flesh where her arm met her torso, only to continue on down over her small and delicate breasts. The other began at her right foot, hitting the tops of her toes hard, then repeating the same blow over and over as the switch seemed to crawl up her body, leaving rows of ladder like welts against her skin. In the middle the two men met and crossed each other, leaving the girl screaming against the agony of it and a cut or two appeared, small trickles of blood seeping down her flesh. Then the man who had started at her foot went up over her breasts again, struck her nipples hard and fast, and then began focusing on her right underarm. The other went downward, making her squeal and her toes curl.

When the light caning was done the two men put aside their switches. A pair of bamboo chopsticks were brought out and quickly placed upon the poor schoolgirls nipples, except instead of being placed on horizontally, Jill noticed that the chopstick clamps had been attached at an angle, pointing inward toward the girls sex. Then two heavy weights were tied with string to the outside end of the clamp. Jill winced as the girl screamed when the weights forced the clamps to rotate through another forty-five degrees, twisting the poor girls nipples frightfully. The two men grabbed the bamboo frame the schoolgirl was bound. With practiced movements they rotated it, turning the girl upside down, but still facing the crowd. She cried out as the blood rushed to her head and her nipples twisted in the opposite direction, but Jill doubted that it could possibly hurt more than the welts inflicted upon her body. Then the two men picked up their birch weapons again, and this time began landing excruciating blows across the bottoms of the girls feet. Thin red lines appeared and the first real splatters of blood fell as the sharp canes bit into the Asian girls tender arches.

She screamed of course, and Jill heard every single aching note of it. Then the two men switched targets against, beating her pussy, one after another, until her labia looked like raw meat and crimson began streaking her flesh. The girls screams had faded to hoarse croaks and it was only then that the man with the sword stepped up. He positioned himself carefully, raised the sword, and went to work. The first cut went straight into the girls sex, slicing right up the middle, gutting her deeply from rectum to sternum. Blood exploded from her and Jill gagged as the butchered Asian girls inside began spill out. Things… slithered, still wet and pulsing and the girls body went rigid. The man with the sword began cutting and even more entrails came out. Blood sheeted down the girls front, over her breasts and face and she spluttered, trying to breathe through her own lifes fluid gushing out.

Then with a single swing of his sword he separated her head from her shoulders and it thunked loudly, hitting the stage before rolling over to the side. The girls eyes blinked, the mouth opening and closing as the reality of what had just happened sunk in. Fifteen seconds later the glaze of death came and Jill put her hand across her mouth. A moment later the Japanese butcher had separated the hocks and the ribs and the two men were piling the offal and other organs for use elsewhere.

“Efficient,” Jack said as Jill looked on in shocked horror. There was nothing she could say. Then he pulled her forward and she caught sight of Jimmy as he rolled the cart bearing Penny right up to one of the many outdoor kitchens. This one sported almost ten brick grills, most of them holding either a girl similarly trussed up in a steel frame like Penny or a beauty rotating on the more exotic and erotic looking spits. Most of them were still moving, undulating slowly as if fucking the spits that perforated their entire bodies. Jill stared, entranced.

“Yes,” Jack said simply. Jimmy waved and got the attention of one of the cooks.

“Hi! Yes. This one needs to be basted in lemon and rosemary, ungagged, and then tossed on the grill for a good searing.”

The cook eyed the braided brunette and grinned. “Yeah, we can accommodate you. But it will be about twenty more minutes. We only have three grills that handle that kind of grate.”

Then Jack took Jill's arm and pushed her forward. “Then how about a spitting? Id like the full orgasmic one, with a clit probe.”

The cooks eyes widened. “That costs a bit extra sir,” he warned. Jack shook his head.

“I dont care,” he replied. Jill turned up to look at him and she sniffed, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Im not sure if I should love you or hate, so Im going to love you,” she whispered.

Jack smiled. “It has been wonderful getting to know you,” he said honestly. “You have truly been one of the best fucks Ive ever had.”

Jill sniffed and smiled. Then she took his hand and pressed it to her still oozing breast. Pain flashed across her face and when she let him go a perfect imprint of her nipple was left in barbecue marinade across his palm. Then she backed away, rounded Pennys cart, and stepped up to the waiting chef.

The cook led her into the middle of the room and he made a few remarks to some of the other chefs about her marinade. He touched her breasts once, but her wince and soft cry of pain made it clear that shed been well tenderized. Then he pushed her over to a strange metal frame. Jill was asked to kneel and her legs, just below the knees, were strapped down. Then she was bent over a padded roll that was adjusted to her hips. Two sets of straps were used this time, one just beneath her buttocks and the other across the small of her back. Jill held still, trying to focus on ignoring her throbbing tits. Laying across the frame, putting her arms down made her breasts dangle and the gentle swaying as she breathed just made them hurt in an entirely different way. Then the cook began securing both her wrists and her upper forearms. A minute later and Jill realized she couldnt move at all. Not even an inch. No matter how she strained the steel frame, which was mounted to a concrete block, didnt budge. Lastly the cook lifted her head and their eyes met.

“You are very pretty and he must love you a lot,” the cook said softly.

“Really?” She asked, her voice barely a whisper. The cook nodded. “Youre about to have the big O. The last orgasm. Are you ready?”

Jill swallowed. “I… I guess so. Yes. Yes Im ready.” She said, her voice trembling.

The cook nodded and brought up a chin rest. It pressed against her jaw and then he made her open her mouth for a ring gag. The spider like device split her lips and Jill groaned as the ache seeped down through her neck. But then the cook approached. He took a small vial filled with a silver liquid and he tipped it into her mouth. Jill was forced to swallow it and it went down cold and refreshing.

“Enjoy your last fuck,” he said softly. Then he moved to where Jill couldnt see him. Something soft was pressed against her clitoris and it began moving in soft and gentle circles. It felt… like a tongue. Jill sighed. It was nice to feel something pleasurable after so much pain. Then she felt something else, something vaguely cock like. It was hard, but warm and it pressed into her sex, slipping through her folds. It stopped only an inch or two in, just enough to open her, not that she could have done anything about it in the first place. She had no ability to thrust back, or reposition herself. Then the hard thing inside her began moving. The pace was slow. Thrust an inch inward, withdraw one, thrust two inches, withdraw one, then another. Jill moaned as the depth of each penetration deepened until she felt comfortably full, only to moan as it went shallow once more. She felt a spurt of oil, of added lubrication being poured on her bottom and she felt someones fingers begin massaging her sphincter. It wasnt the sort of thing youd expect from a cook. It was sweet, like a lovers touch. Jill groaned as the finger managed to slide into her bottom up to the first knuckle. Just enough to tease her. For the first time she understood why some of the girls love anal sex. Done right…

The massager on her clit began increasing the tempo of the soft circular motions and Jill felt a shudder try to make its way down her spine. It failed but she managed to curl her toes, the arches of her bare feet bending as waves of pleasure finally forced the still throbbing agony of her swollen and pierced breasts to fade into the background. The knuckle in her ass began sliding in and out gently, never forcefully and some of the thrusts of the hard phallus in her pussy began to come at a faster, but welcome pace. Then the man fingering her bottom pushed in his whole digit and she gasped, stiffening in the frame. But it didnt hurt. She had no idea why and just lost herself to the sweet bliss being inflicted upon her body.

Both the finger in her bottom and thick phallus pumped with deliberate speed and even though Jill suddenly wanted them to go faster, they kept the same steady sweet pulse. Suddenly she whined, feeling a surge of desperation. Something… something had to give. She had to have more! She began tensing and tightening her bottom around the finger, trying to indicate to the man who was still thrusting his digit into her rectum that she wanted more. Could take more. But the steady fucking just went on. She didnt realize it until a few more wanton minutes had passed, but the tempo had increased. Incrementally. It was faster, more eager. She wished she could speak. She wanted the man to put his cock in her bottom, the hell with a knobby and short finger. She tried to say it, but the sounds came out garbled. Drool spilled from her bottom lip down her chin and she tried to shake her head, but the bonds held her in place.

A piercing scream interrupted Jills sweet reverie, but physically she was incapable of stopping by that point. Her blood pressure had already spiked and her breathing had become labored as the spitting machine and chef worked their magic. As Jill listened to excruciating screams of some other girl being tortured, she suddenly realized that she was there. This was it. The big orgasm. Everything was about to end. The pounding in her pussy again increased and she let out a startled gasp as the penetrative depth of the dildo became deeper. There was a new sensation, a dark ache as it pounded up past her cervix. She would have objected, but the sweet euphoria of the clitoral stimulation mixed up all the signals. Her body both cried out and swooned at the same time. Her eyes widened as her hormones suddenly dumped a mixture of adrenaline and endorphins into her bloodstream and her heart sped up. She heard Pennys screams of agony and her brain pictured the fiery brunette jerking wildly in the steel cage as her tortured body was brushed with the lemon oil. Still the sounds of it faded as her orgasms exploded in her brain, her vision going white. And then, just as her pulse peaked the phallus pumping into her sex plunged deep.

A shard of white heat burst inside her, a pain shed never before experienced but was whitewashed by the orgasm she was still experiencing. Her body jerked and she suddenly found it hard to suck in a breath. A strange pressure burst up through her neck and then she felt something tear. It was like nothing shed ever felt before but she screamed, only to realize that she couldnt get any of the air out. Something filled the back of her throat and as she desperately tried to expel the air in her lungs she began franticly trying to speak.

Then the steel tip of the spit emerged, pushing through the ring gag and out of her mouth. Jills eyes widened in shock as it slid, bloody but slick and smooth away from her. She couldnt believe it. Had she been spitted? Already? Why wasnt she dead? Then suddenly the air in her lungs was expelled forcefully and she screamed, the sound muffled by the steel coming out of her mouth. She saw tiny holes drilled along the spit and she realized it was bored so that she could continue breathing, as expertly a designed machine as the one Jack had used on her tits. The pain started to fade slightly and she took a deep breath. Or tried to. She began choking and she panicked, trying to jerk but the bonds continued to hold her tight. She realized the finger in her bottom was gone, as was the massager against her clitoris and she blinked as tears filled her eyes.

The cook began unstrapping her, only to pull her arms tight behind her back. Jill had no strength to fight it and her legs were still strapped down. Wire bindings were wrapped around her wrist and Jill could feel them cutting into her flesh. She heard a metal rasping noise and it seemed to come from within her. Then she felt something press against her bottom. With a groan, she closed her eyes as something thin, long, and hard penetrated into her rump. She tightened again, but it started vibrating a moment later and some of the earlier sensation of sexual energy began to charge her again.

But then something touched her clit. It was soft but hard at the same time. She felt it bite down on her, then pull on her clit. Jill whimpered, her clit literally pulled out from between her petals. More clamps secured her thick outer labia, opening up her pussy so that the pink and soft interior was open. A vibration suddenly began translating into her clit and she moaned again. She moved her arms, her breasts swinging and then she felt fingers freeing her legs. Her bare feet were drawn upward and grasped firmly, only to feel the same bite of steel cable securing her to the spit. Frustrated, hurting and desperate, she thrust out with her feet, sliding a good ten inches further down the spit.

“Whoa girl! Save that for the fire!” the cook chuckled. Jill let out a mournful cry. Oddly enough the phallus in her ass had stayed inside her while whatever had hold of her clitoris had also stayed latched on. The cook pulled her back down and Jill shivered. Why did that feel so good? She began thrusting her hips, wriggling on the spit and realized that she was getting horny again. Her eyes widened and she couldnt believe it. Was it true? Did spitted girls really fuck the spit for hours over the flames?

The stimulation being sent into her clitoris made it practically impossible for her stay still and her hips began a slow, sensuous dance as she tried to find both a comfortable place and one that promised release.  Unlike the first stimulation, this one was so slow that she could barely sense movement, only knowing that she had become aroused, inexplicably, again. Then to her shock the cook appeared in her vision, counted to three, and then hefted her by the spit into the air.

It felt little different to her and she saw that they had put her on some sort of cart with a makeshift crank. Her clit still trembled from whatever torment they had done to her, but then came something that was even more horrible. Stiff brushes were brought out and Jill jerked as a tingling oil was liberally brushed all over her body. It tickled more than anything and they put it everywhere, even brushing it over her opened labia and inner parts. She felt the oil oozing between her toes and they even pried her fingers apart and made sure that the webs were coated. Finally the chef took special care to paint her face.

“Close your eyes,” he said softly. Jill did and she felt him dab the oil on her eyelids.

She tried to ask what they were painting on her, but the chef seemed to know her question. “It's a special cooking oil. It transfers heat more slowly so that youll heat up more evenly.” He paused. “It also means youll suffer much, much longer. Ive seen girls fuck the spit for hours.” Jill whimpered. “Yes. And youre going to be one of them Ill bet. Youre feisty. Youve got spirit.

“Im an Alternate,” she wanted to say. “I was going to be a breeder…”

“Now the barbecue sauce. Dont worry. This wont tickle as much,” and then the brushes danced over her once more. Jill closed her eyes, trying to understand, to make it right. She shouldnt feel this way, like she was being torn and like she was being gently made love to. It wasnt supposed to be like this. Fast and sudden. Sweet darkness. Not hours of painful, loving suffering. She wasnt supposed to want the spit, to wriggle her sweet little ass up and down it, making it hurt all the more. The cook poured a cup full of cooking oil into her hair, wetting every part of it. Then he bound it up at the nape of her neck, pinning it with a steel chopstick.

The cart began to move and she saw the charcoal pit. Her eyes focused on the heat shimmering off the glowing briquettes, dancing flames of purple and turquoise filling her tear filled eyes. She couldnt help thrusting, her body sliding up and down on the spit, her breasts swinging. Then the spit was heaved up and she felt the first wave of heat. She saw the end settle in its tray, the glow of fire below her and the sweltering incalescence enfolded her. She didnt feel as if she were burning, but instead felt as if shed stepped into a hot bath, the waters lapping at her every part. Then her eyes began to dry out and she quickly shut them. Her tears spilled out from under the lashes but she never felt them slide down her cheeks. The moisture vaporized.

Because the air she drew through the carbon spit was drawn from the very end it was cool and she was able to breath. Only seconds had passed but for Jill it felt as if her breasts had hung down above the flames for a lifetimes. Just as the heat felt as if it would sear and burn her, her body began rotating, the narrow phallus in her ass operating as some sort of attachment that kept her moving with the spit, instead of allowing it to rotate inside her. Whatever was attached to her clit, sending vibrations into her sex, kept time, keeping the little nub pulled taut. A wave of heat washed over her back and she sighed in relief as it spared her front. Face up she tried opening her eyes again, but immediately had to close them as the pain of the heat seared what little moisture she had left.

Jack stood twenty feet away, watching the luscious little blonde girl hed abused and fucked writhe and shudder on the spit. Her body rotated and for a moment Jack wished hed used a clear sauce. Her body looked amazing rotating above the shimmering coals, but would have looked even better glistening with just oil. The bottoms of her cute little feet were the only thing that hadnt gotten painted with the barbecue sauce and she was still moving.

Jimmy tapped his arm. “Look. Theyre getting ready baste her.”

Jack looked over at the table where Penny, still in her cage, lay quietly crying. Shed woken a moment before and her skin appeared to have a scaly pattern from where shed been sliced. It had to be agonizing but Penny was clearly holding up well. At least until the cook stepped over her. The cooking oil was infused with lemon and rosemary and Jack suddenly wished hed gone with that option. It went on clear and in seconds Penny was thrashing in the flat cage, the inch or two of side to side motion the steel bars allowed her enough for her to really move. The cook looked frustrated for a moment, then reached behind him and pulled a long spiked steel rod out of a nearby bin. He slid it through a circular opening in the steel cage, one positioned between Pennys spread legs and jammed the tapered end into her pussy. Penny screamed, but it held her in place and stopped the back and forth movement. A second skewer, this one thin and only two feet long was shoved unceremoniously through both of the braided brunettes tits and the fight just seemed to seep out of her. As she whimpered the cook poured the oil down on her body and began brushing it in. She let out a long, low, mournful cry that rose to a fever pitch and then became an agonized wail. Jack winced. Each one of the cuts on Penny was only a few millimeters deep, but he knew the oil was seeping into each one, and the citric acid was burning like hell. Pennys screams were signal enough and after a minute of being basted her throat began to close up.

Jimmy stood nearby, bouncing eagerly. It was clear that he was loving every second of it and as soon as the chef was done oiling Penny he nodded his head. “Yeah. Throw her right on the grill. Dont fuck around. Burn the bitch.”

Penny, whose head was rolling left and right, didnt even seem to realize that the cage holding her had been picked up. Her breasts stuck up out through the top of the bars, small trickles of blood smeared across her skin from both the cuts and where the skewer had emerged from the sides of each breast. Then she saw the fire, bright orange and blue flames riding high, unlike the bed of coals that Jill was still turning and wriggling over. Jack glanced back at his own darling girl who was slowly but surely fucking her spit.

“No! Please! Oh God! No! Please kill me first! Please dont! No! Oh My GOD! FUCK! NO! FUCK YOU! YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! YOU CANT FUCKING DO AAAAAGGGHGHHHHHH!” Her face and front glowed orange and the grill dropped into place. The flames splashed up over her breasts, torso and legs, and immediately the sauce coating her began to brown, smoking. Penny found her voice again, shrieking as she struggled inside the cage. The post in her sex rattled as she fought. The heat was terrific and her hands grabbed the bars around her and pulled, desperate to escape. She screamed again but the heat tore her voice away and Jack saw that her eyebrows and eyelashes had already been burned away. Her eyes were closed and her nipples were beginning to tighten and smoke.

She made no further sounds and stopped moving after less that forty seconds on the fire, the flames curling around her body. Jimmy watched until he was sure that she was dead.

“Heres my card,” Jimmy said, handing it to the cook. “Just page me when shes ready. Okay?”

The chef nodded and pocketed the card and Jimmy looked back over at Jack. “Hey, heres an idea. Why dont we go over to my dads company tent and go pick out two new girls?” 

Jacks eyebrow went up. “You buying?”

Jimmy laughed. “In my way. You know that.”

Jack rubbed his jaw, his eyes going back to Jill. She was still moving as she rotated on the spit, her cute little barbecued butt clenching and thrusting against the anal probe. Jack glanced back over at Jimmy. “And do what?”

Jimmy grinned. “You remember my twenty-first birthday? How we went to Bourbon Street in New Orleans?”

Jack groaned. “How could I forget? So you want us to get drunk and puke on the girls?”

“Ha. Funny. No. The idea was one beer in every bar. Right? So we get the two new girls and we do every booth on Spunk Street.”

That made Jimmy pause. “Every booth? Do you have any idea what that would do to them?”

Jimmy nodded.

“Okay. I can go with that . Lets go see what your dads company has on hand.”

Jack turned to the chef and pointed at Jill. “That one is mine. Id like the brisket boxed up for me and delivered, but Id like to be paged when the cunt fillet is done.” He handed over his card. The chef took and smiled.

“You got it sir. Ill make sure she cooks tenderly,” he said.

“And slowly,” Jack replied. “I want her to suffer for hours. Okay?”

The chef nodded with a grin. “Absolutely sir. Ill keep her spinning and put a new layer of oil on her in another thirty minutes or so.”

Jack smiled. “Good man.” He clapped the chef on the shoulder and then turned back to Jimmy. “After you, sir.” He gestured.

Jimmy led the way and about five minutes later they were standing in front of the Mitchell Corporation booth. Jimmy went straight in, Jack following and both men headed toward the “employees only” section in the back. Jimmy went out to a trailer parked just outside the tent and knocked on the door. A man, dressed in a blue jumpsuit opened the door and Jack could see the sudden look of consternation.

“Mr. Mitchell, come for another girl I suppose?” The man said in a neutral tone.

“Two actually, Marcus. One for me and one for my friend.”

Marcus sighed and nodded, trying to be patient. “The thing is, we dont have any more of the kinds of girls you usually like sir. I only brought about a dozen spares and everyone else has already been taken. In fact, the girl you choose this morning had been specifically selected by Jason Spooner and he was not happy that she wasnt here and I had to take the…”

Jimmy held up his hand. “Just bring out two girls. As long as theyre both Grade A Prime, we dont care.”

Marcus looked affronted but shut up. He nodded and disappeared back into the trailer.

“You arent making any friends,” Jack said quietly. “That man really dislikes you.”

Jimmy shrugged. “Hes a peon who is lucky I even know his name.”

Jack shook his head. “In the end we are all peons Jimmy. You should treat everyone with respect and try not to make their lives harder.”

Jimmy stared at him until the door of the trailer opened and two young girls came bouncing down the steps. Both were absolutely stark naked, wearing nothing but simple bondage collars, each sporting the Mitchell company logo. Jimmys eyebrow went up as the two girls came down. Both were ridiculously short, with breasts on the smaller end of the spectrum.

“Marcus?” Jimmy said incredulously. “Are these girls even of age?” He demanded.

The girl on the left, who had black hair styled in a short pixie cut grinned. “Of course I am. Last week.”  The girl, a strawberry blond whose hair stuck out on either side of her head in pigtails laughed. “Me too.”

Marcus spread his hands. “This is it. Theyre all like this. I know you like more seasoned girls, but this is literally all Ive got left.”

Jack studied the strawberry blonde. She had freckles across the bridge of her nose and her hips were barely wide enough to actually be womanly. Still, her breasts were decent enough sized that while she wouldnt need a bra to hold them up for another few years, he could cup the flesh and bounce it.

“Well,” said Jimmy disappointingly. “Theres always one good test,” he said, looking over at Jack. Jack smiled and both men began unbuckling their trousers.

“Oh please,” moaned Marcus. “Not right here. Please?” Then the man just shook his head and stormed back into the trailer as the girls dropped to their knees, eagerly reaching for the cocks that were coming out. Twenty minutes later a satisfied Jimmy looked over at a similarly happy Jack. “Spunk Street?”

Jack laughed. “Spunk Street.”


Back at the kitchens, as the two men led their brand new, fifteen year old, oblivious and innocent fuck sluts over to Spunk Street, Jill could barely breathe. The heat was making her delirious and she heard voices, saw things on the inside of her eyelids. It was so hot, and parts of her body felt as if they had been burned, but she wasnt sure. She couldnt feel her fingers or toes anymore and a strange sensation was coming from her breasts. Every breath was cold inside her but it went out hot.

She saw herself curling up next to one of her friends at Castleberry Farms, the girls wet tongue slipping into Jills folds, leaving her laughing and breathless even as Jill reached to pull her friends loins closer. A moment later the matron was helping her get dressed. Then the Ranchmaster was there, his cock stretched out, wanting her to give him a blow. She curled into Matron Hillarys arms, sobbing. And there was a dress. She saw Jack smiling down at her.

It snapped. For one final moment she had perfect clarity. They had rammed a steel rod through her, placed a clamp on her clit, which was tied to the motor that spun her. A similar metal plug had been pushed into her ass. She was being cooked. Alive! She blinked and caught sight for one short half second of the spit and the shimmering heat before the pain of it forced her to snap shut her eyelids once more and her mind reeled in a final flurry of sparking neurons. Jack. Jack did this to her. Her Jack. She loved him. And he loved her. The last breath of air rattled out of her lungs as she expired and the cook saw what looked like a smile. Because Jill knew, deep down, that Jack was standing there, just behind her, watching with love.

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