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Alyssa\'s Lesbian Rape

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Synopsis: A young redhead gets tutoring and then some from a female friend.

This story is for mature readers only.  If things like lesbian rape of a teenager offend you, please do not read further.  If you want to re-post this story on another site, please email me first and get my permission.  The young girl in this story is a real person that I found on Facebook.  This story is from my imagination thinking about her.  If you would like to make a comment about this story, make a suggestion, or just want to chat, please contact me.

Alyssas Lesbian Rape

By: Keithb1002

My name is Alyssa Brown, and Im about to tell you the incident that changed my life forever.  It started one spring day when I was 18.  I had my life ahead of me and everything was wonderful.  I was extremely smart having an A+ average since I was young. 

I was quite shy around boys.  You see I am one of three true redheads in my school.  And I was the only redhead in my class.  I didnt know if the boys wanted to date me because of my inner beauty or just because I was a sexy redhead.  I heard most of the boys say rude things behind my back making lewd comments about me being a redhead.  To me I was not that sexy.  I had flaming long red hair, brown eyes, pretty lips and freckles on my forehead.  My breasts were what I considered to be big with 36Cs and I hated them.  I always wore my horn rimmed black eyeglasses and wore baggy clothes so I wouldnt get that much attention from the boys.

But I had one true friend.  Her name was Nancy Bennett.  She was 31 years old and had a body any man would die to have.  She had long blonde hair, green eyes and huge 38DD cup breasts.  She lived a few houses down from where I lived and she was my tutor.  She said to me that she was a teacher in one of the nearby towns in the 11th grade.  But she was fired for having a romantic relationship with one of her students.  But what I didnt know was that the affair was with a female student.  She had raped a shy girl and the only reason why Nancy wasnt sent to prison was because the girl refused to talk to the authorities.

I had tutoring sessions with Nancy every day after school and on weekends.  She usually came to my house to do our studying.  My parents didnt come home till around 6pm in the evening.  We had just finished studying one day.  She was packing up to go home and then she said “Alyssa, why dont you come over to my house tomorrow for our session.:  She said that she had an important call coming in tomorrow and she couldnt miss it.  I said OK and said goodbye to her as I started to get supper ready.

The next day I walked over to her house and knocked on the door.  I was wearing a pink t-shirt and shorts since it was a warm day.  Nancy answered the door and let me in.  She led me to her bedroom and said that it will be better to do our work in here.  I opened my backpack and got my books out ready for some help on a class I wasnt doing so good in, English Lit.  We started on my homework.  And about 15 minutes in, she made her first move.  She started leaning near me and I can hear her sniffing my long red hair.

“Alyssa, your red hair smells wonderful!!!”  she cooed.

I said thanks and pointed out a question that I was having problems with.  Then she came closer to me with her hand on my bare shoulder.

“Your skin is so soft and creamy. “

My breathe quickened a little bit.  I ignored what she had just said and pointed out another question in my book.  Suddenly she put her hand on my chin and started leaning into me like she was about to kiss me.  I leaned away from her then all of the sudden real fast she slapped me across my face.  I fell back on the bed in a state of shock.  I could hear her getting something out of the cabinet near her bed.  I was just about to lean back up on my elbows.  I was about to say something when she jammed into my mouth some kind of ball gag.  She fastened into place behind my head.

I started screaming and I started to fight her.  She flipped me over to my stomach and I felt something cold go around my wrists.  I heard the handcuffs snap in place.  Then she flipped me onto my back.  She admired the view of my body so helpless.  Then her hands went to the bottom of my shirt and started raising it up over my breasts. 


Her hands squeezed my tits.  The she raised my white bra and exposed my breasts.  My tiny pink nipples were so hard and pointy that they were aching.  She leaned down and started sucking and biting them.  I was crying helplessly and shaking as I felt her tongue tap my nipple.  I started to struggle but she was too strong. 

She raised herself back up and slowly took off her t-shirt and bra showing off her huge breasts.  She then rubbed her tits against mine.  Squashing my firm tits.  I could feel her stiff nipples rubbing against mine She leaned over and started licking my tears and she said softly in my ear.

“I have dreamed about your body like this since the first time we met.”

Then she started slapping my breasts.  It hurt so much.  I was squealing and screaming into my gag.    She pulled my little nipples up over my quivering body till it felt like she was ripping them off my body.  After her hands left my sore breasts, she lowered her hands to my shorts and yanked them off as well as my panties till they were around my shoes.  I squeezed my legs as tight as I could.  She smiled as she drooled over my bright red snatch.

“Spread your legs my little bitch!!!”

She started spanking my thighs and then grabbed my legs and spread them open.  She ran her hands over my clit I looked down between my breasts seeing her smile as she licked her lips.

“Oh God, this is too much!!!”

She lowered her head and I could feel her tongue lapping my pussy.  My hips jolted and I was screaming like I never had before.  Her tongue was fast as I turned my head back and forth from the shock of her raping me.  After about 10 minutes of this, she entered a finger into my pussy.  Oh my God did it hurt!!!  Her finger went slowly into me till she hit my hymen.

“Holy shit!!!!  Youre still a virgin!!!!!”

She left my body for a second or two till she reached for a what looked like a pink dildo.  It was actually a pink strap on.  When I saw it I started crying real hard as I kind of knew what she was going to do with that disgusting thing.  I could see her putting it on around her waist and tightening it around her waist.  I was screaming out of control.  My hips bucking trying to get free.  My legs kicking at her. 

After she put the thing around her waist, she got on top of me She aimed the dildo against my red clit.  She leaned in close to my face and whispered into my ear again.

“Are you ready my precious???”

I could feel the thing nearing my opening.  Then suddenly I started to feel some intense pain in my clit.  The more she entered into me, the worse it hurt.  I arched my back trying to get away and run to the nearest police department and report this woman and tell them what she did to me. 

“God youre so tight!!!Here we go my little Alyssa!!!”

She leaned back a little bit, then she slammed inside of me.  I threw my head back screaming and grunting.  With each deep thrust that she did, it hurt even more.  She then reached up with her hands and started squeezing and pinching my tits and nipples.  I thought I was in a nightmare.  Here was my best friend.  The woman that helped me keep my grades up.  She was raping me violently.  She took my virginity. 

She fucked me for what seemed to be like forever till I heard her moaning and quickening her pace inside of me.  My breasts jiggling and slapping against each other.  I started feeling real dizzy like I was about to pass out.  I saw her open her mouth and screaming.  I saw a look of ecstasy in her eyes.  She then fell on top of me as I lay there crying in pain.  She softly kissed me all over my cheeks and lips.

“Were not done yet my sweet baby girl!!!”  She said.

Very violently she flipped me over to my stomach.  I could feel my erect nipples scraping against the silk sheets.  She spread my ass cheeks till my puckered pick asshole was in view.  She slowly entered me and I started screaming again.  I dont know what was worse.  The pain when she took my virginity or her raping my ass.  She grabbed my long red hair and arched my back up.  Her hand went under me pinching my breasts and nipples as she fucked me real hard.

Within minutes she came again and slumped down on my back.    After resting on me while I softly cried she flipped me on my back again.  I thought she was going to rape me more, but she got up and walked to the dresser near the bed.  I was in a daze not knowing what she was doing.  She crabbed a digital camera and started taking pictures of me.    Taking pictures of every part of my now tortured body.

She lifted my limp body up into a sitting position.  I looked down at my nude body.  I could see nail marks across my breasts and nipples.  I then saw some blood smeared on my legs and I started crying again.  She got my attention when she started talking to me.

“Now Alyssa, I have pictures and video of what just happened.    From now on your going to come over here every day and were gonna have some fun with me and my girlfriends.  If you ever tell anybody about this, Ill post this on the internet with your name, address, phone number and where you go to school.”

I looked at her in complete shock wondering why would she do this to me.  Then she continued.

“Just think of the perverts that will want to kidnap you and take you as their sex slave?  And then Im going to share these with all of your friends at school.  Youll be the slut of the school”

She took off my handcuffs and slipped out the ball gag from my mouth.  She helped me put my clothes back on and helped me to the front door of her house.

“Ill see you tomorrow honey.”   She said as I slowly entered my house.  My whole body ached from the abuse.  I still remember the very next day when I went back to her house.  My stomach was doing flips thinking what she had in store for me.

The next day she opened the door and took my schoolbag.  She said.  “I want you to take all of your clothes off except for your bra and panties and go to my room and knock on the door.”  “You will do exactly what she says or Ill make your life a living hell.”

I had a lump in my throat and was balling like a little girl as I neared her bedroom.  I took off all of my clothes till I was only wearing a silk red bra and matching red panties and I had my red hair down around my shoulders.

My hands were shaking as I knocked on the door.  I heard a voice saying to enter.  I lowered my head and entered scared to death what I was about to see. 

“MISS DRAKE??????”  I said in a high pitch voice.  It was my History teacher Miss Drake.  She had helped me so much talking to me after class on my work.  She was a kind woman who usually wore her black hair in a ponytail and wore glasses.  There on the bed she was wearing a high neck black halter top, fishnet garter belt, stockings and black high heels.  And she had a riding crop in her hand.

“Come here my dear.”  She said in a very soft voice.  I walked over to the edge of the bed.  She reached out and cupped my breasts running a fingernail over my erect nipples.  She ran her hand down my quivering belly a ran her index finger over my pussy.

“Take your clothes off.”  I looked up into her black eyes that were just drinking in my young body.  How can she do this to me?  At school she was so super nice to me and was pointing me in the right direction in my school work.

I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra.  Holding it over my breasts I looked up pleading with my eyes hoping that she would come to her senses and get me out of here and call the police.  Suddenly she wacked me with the riding crop over my stomach.  I squealed in horrible pain.


I lowered my head again just sobbing to death.  I lowered the bra straps and revealed my tits to her.  I could feel the ceiling fan blowing cold air on my nipples making them hard as rocks.  I looked up and saw her rubbing her clit through her panties.

“Lower your panties.”

I could tell that she was enjoying my torment.  I hooked my hands into the waistband and lowered my panties to the floor.  There I was standing there nude in front of what I thought was one of my favorite teachers.  She then ordered me to get on the bed with her.  When I got on the bed, she reached out with the riding crop over my firm breasts, flicking my little pink nipples.    I was shivering with fear.

“Are you going to be a good little slut?”  I was in a state of shock as she continued rubbing my tits. 

“ANSWER ME WHORE!!!!!!”  She raised the crop and smacked it over my right tit.  I howled in severe pain.  When I didnt answer, she did it again.  This time aiming for my nipple.  I doubled over in pain.  She grabbed my red hair yanking me back up and yelled “ANSWER ME!!!!!”  I screamed out yes several times.

Her hands returned to my breasts and she started slapping them.  I gritted my teeth.  She then lowered her head and started sucking and licking my erect nipples.  Playing with them with the tip of her long tongue.  She then opened her mouth and started biting my nipple.  I shrieked in pain and tried to move my body away from her.  She pulled on my little nipple while pinching the other.

She finally stopped torturing my breasts.  She then sits up on her knees and took off her top.  Her breasts were average size with very hard red nipples.  She ordered me to come closer and suck her nipples.  I was still trying to get over the pain in my nipples and didnt hear what she said. 

“You want me to tell Nancy that you were a bad slave and have her punish you?”

My pretty eyes widen in fear wondering what else she could do to me.  I licked my dry pinkish lips and lowered myself to her pert breasts.  I opened my mouth and sucked on her nipple.  She moaned in delight with her hands playing with my hair.  After a while she moved my head to her other tit and I sucked on the nipple till it was very hard.

She grabbed my arms and pushed me on the bed.  She ordered me to spread my legs and I slowly opened them.  She lowered her head to my pussy and started licking my clit.  She licked real slow making sure that I hated every second of what was happening.  Her hands reached up and started squeezing my breasts real hard. 

I couldnt control my breathing as I thought I was nearing an intense forced orgasm.  Then all of the sudden she stopped.  She reached behind her and pulled over a 10 inch flesh color dildo.  She put it at the entrance of my red clit and without warning slammed it into me.  I arched my head and back up screaming and she started pumping in and out of me real hard and slow.  She had a huge grin on her face as she saw me get violated.

After a while of fucking me she pumped into me real fast making me orgasm real hard.  As she withdrew the dildo I raised my hands to my red face and covered it in shame.

“Now its time for you to pleasure me.”  Before I knew it she took off her panties and lowered her shaved cunt to my face.  She showed me what to lick and how to do it.  I stuck out my little pink tongue and started licking her clit lips.  She moaned in pleasure.  I could taste her juices as I was lapping her labia.

She then lowered her face to my soaking wet clit and started licking me.  I was crying hysterically as her tongue licked all over my clit.  “Thats it slut, make me cum!!!!!”  She licked as fast as she could as she spread my cunt open wide tasting me.  We both came at the same time and she laid on me as I cried. 

As Miss Drake left the room, I could hear Nancy asking her how was I.  They were talking like I was a piece of meat that they had just ate for dinner.  I rolled on my side, curled up into a ball and cried myself.

One of the worst times I had at her house was with this black woman.  She ordered me to call her Mistress.  She was extremely cruel and harsh.  She used a small whip on my entire body while calling me her little ginger pet.  She even made me crawl on all fours and bark like a dog and lick her asshole.  I almost passed out from the extreme pain and embarrassment.

By far the worst was the day after I graduated from High School.  Nancy made me change into a schoolgirl uniform with no bra and red thong panties.  She also put my red hair into pigtails.  She put a blindfold over my eyes and took me in her car.  After about a 45 minute ride we ended up at a large building.  I could hear a lot of talking by a lot of women.  I was scared to death as to what was about to happen to me.

When she took off my blindfold, I was standing on a stage and there were at least 40 women all of them looking at me.  Some had their pants or skirts off and masturbating.  They put on some dance music and ordered me to strip slowly.  I was crying my head off.  As I slowly revealed my body, all of the women were hollering and saying really disgusting stuff about my body or what they wanted to do to me.

After I stripped they brought out a cot and they all came up on the stage and raped me.  Several women at the same time.  I had several dildos and vibrator in my clit and they were making me lick them while several women abused my breasts and ass.  It was so horrible.

I tried to go to college, but I was so messed up in my mind that I couldnt follow directions and got way behind on my homework.  But Nancy continued making me come by her house every day, even after I found a job.  Every day after work instead of going home and relax, I had to go to her house and get raped.  I lost count of how many women abused me over those years.

Even now that I am a grown adult, I still go over to her house for lesbian sex.  But now Nancy has opened a website where she records me being raped by other women and doing all kind of stuff. 

My life is now over.

The End

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