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A Lot Less Bovver Than A Hover

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Synopsis: When Kirstie and Jules\'s sunbathing is interrupted by a hi tech peeping tom, action is called for...

It was hot. Hot and sunny, as it had been all week. Kirstie had been enjoying the sunshine sprawled out on her front on a garden couch, her bikini top unfastened.

Jules, her friend who was sitting on a chair beside her, was catching up on her studies. End of term exams were approaching and she didn't want to finish her first year at university with a bad set of results. She was sitting in the sun in shorts and a tee shirt but open beside her was a copy of Corke's "Robotics, Vision and Control".

She was puzzling over a particularly difficult passage when she became vaguely aware of a buzzing noise.

"What the hell is that?" Kirstie rolled over and found herself staring up at what looked like a small model helicopter hovering over the garden.

Jules, put down her book and peered up at it.

"I'd put your top back on if I were you. That's a remote controlled drone and the thing beneath it is a camera."

"What?" Kirstie horrified, dropped to her knees, scrabbling for her bikini top. "Can someone do that? I mean, is that even legal?"


In his room only a few houses away Jimmy Warner was looking at the screen of his PC enjoying the view. The live feed from the drone was terrific. HD, full colour; - fantastic he thought. It was lucky he'd spotted these two girls, they were ideal to test out the drone. The blonde one, sun bathing on her couch and the dark one in a pair of very short shorts and a tight tee shirt both looked very cute.

And now the blond one was on her feet, waving and flashing her tits at him. Very nice! Very bouncy!

Although, Jimmy thought, as he pressed the zoom button on the console, she doesn't look very friendly.

He pressed the return button to bring the drone back.


"I'm really angry about that drone thing," Kirstie said. "It's going to be some snotty adolescent getting his rocks off. Just a hi-tech peeping tom. And there it is again."

The two girls were sitting in the garden again on another sunny morning. The buzz of the drone's rotors could be heard a couple of gardens away.

"Well, I'm not going to be driven indoors. If it comes over here again I'm going to do something about it."


"We've been working with drones at college. You know I took that option on software security? You've no idea how easy it is to disrupt most of these things and this," she brandished a small box, "will do the job. Let's see what happens when it drops out of the sky. I've got a feeling that its owner will want it back and then I have an idea about dealing with them."

"If you think we can discourage that thing then I'm all for it. I'm going to enjoy the sun and if that drone comes back you can give your little box a go." Kirstie pulled off her shirt and dropped her skirt. Her bright yellow bikini seemed to shine in the sun as she sat back on the lawn and sprawled out to soak  up the warmth. She dropped her hat over face and lay back to doze.

It wasn't much later that the two girls heard the whirr of the drone returning. Peering out from under the brim of her hat, Kirstie saw the thing rise up over the garden fence and slowly move over the garden towards her, perhaps twenty feet up.

She stayed put. The drone came closer. She imagined its controller, leering at his computer screen as the drone passed backwards and forwards over the garden peering down at Kirstie and Jules.

Jules pressed a button on the small box she was holding. The whirr of the drone's motors stopped and it started to sink towards the ground.

For Jimmy, the screen on his controller went blank and nothing he could do would let him regain control. Worried that the device had malfunctioned he went to try and retrieve it, still clutching the device's remote control.

He was very pleased when Jules opened the door to him. She looked even cuter in person, pushing her dark hair back from her face as she stood in the doorway in a pair of denim shorts and a shirt knotted off under her tits to show off a smooth tanned belly.

"Ah, I just wondered if you'd seen my model helicopter?" he said. "White thing, I think it came down in your garden, possibly."

He must think we're complete idiots, Jules thought, but only said, "Come and take a look. Do you want a drink?" as she ushered him in.

Jimmy followed her willingly with a smirk on his face.


It  was an hour later.

Jimmy felt consciousness returning slowly. His head felt odd and, although he was sitting up, he couldn't move. The last thing he remembered was accepting a drink from the cute girl he'd been watching on the drone's video feed.

He tried to groan and his mouth wouldn't work. Slowly he realised what must have happened. He was strapped to a chair. The girls must have drugged him and tied him up. He couldn't see anything. He must be blindfolded. His arms were down by his side, fixed in place by strips of tape or something similar. His ankles were fixed to the legs of the chair. He tried to wriggle experimentally. There didn't seem to be any give in the way he was tied.

"Hello, Jimmy." It was one of the girls, Jules he thought. "You've woken up. That's good."

"Grungnpph," was the best response Jimmy could manage.

He felt a hand on his chest and realised that he must be naked.

"Now, you wanted to see what was inside our panties so I'm sure you'll be pleased that you've got a couple of pairs in your mouth and some more over your head. That'll make it harder to see what's going on but don't worry, we'll keep you up to date."

No wonder his head felt odd, Jimmy thought. What were these mad women planning?

Fingers pinched at his nipples. He winced.

"Goodness, men have nipples too!" Jules voice again. "You'd never guess from the interest they show in ours."

The hand slid down to his lap, burrowing between his thighs. In spite of his fear, Jimmy felt his cock responding to the attention. Eventually, it sprang to attention, treacherously.

"Well, look at that." Kirstie's voice now. "We really ought to get that on video."

"Oooh yes, let's!"


Suddenly there was a whirring sound and Jimmy recognised the noise of the drone taking off.

"You drive," Kirstie said.

"Mmphheek!" Jimmy felt the draft from the rotors on his naked chest as the drone skimmed by inches from him. He froze as motionless as he could. The drone and its camera were heavy enough to deliver a nasty blow if they hit him when moving. He heard the drone fly around behind him and then back again to the front where it seemed to stop, hovering just in front of his chest with the down draft blowing cool air down over his cock.

"Oh, don't let it go off the boil," said Jules and Jimmy felt fingernails running up the back of his prick in an successful effort to restore his erection.

"Will it just hover there?"

"Yes, it's quite stable. It'll stay there until the battery runs out. Of course then it will drop into his lap."


"Won't that hurt with the rotors still running?"


"It might, I suppose. I'm not sure how charged it was before we started, so I don't know how much time we've got to wait."

"Mnnng!!!" Sweat was running down Jimmy's naked chest as he tried to struggle against his bonds once more. The sound of the rotors rose and fell as the drone slipped back and returned to its hovering position over his lap.

"How does the video look?"

"OK. That first panning shot really shows how silly he looks with his head swathed in panties. And there are good shots of his cock too. It seems the more scared he gets the stiffer it gets."

Jimmy felt the hand return to his cock, sliding up the shaft. It would have been pleasant in other circumstances but with the drone so close to him he had a frightening prospect of the whirling rotors crashing into his erect cock. The sound of the motor gave a short tremble, falling and rising in pitch.


The drone slipped, first left and then right across him before coming back to hover over his lap.

"I think that's almost it."

The motor stuttered again but just when Jimmy thought it would crash into him until it slid away and, with a relieved feeling, he heard it settle down.

"We've got what we wanted," Jimmy heard Jules's voice close to his ear as a ripping sound freed his right wrists from the chair. "Now get yourself free and take yourself and your nasty little machine away."

Jimmy fumbled at the tapes on his other wrist and his ankles keen to stay no longer than he had to in case the girls decided there was some other humiliation they wanted to heap on him. He pulled off the underpants that had been taped over his head and spat out the two pairs that had been pushed into his mouth as a gag.

"Uhhh,"he groaned. "You can't do this sort of thing...."

"Oh no?" Kirstie held the camera's memory card in one hand. "I think this proves we can. You should be careful where you fly that thing of yours and be careful to keep your flies zipped up. Then, just maybe, we won't feel the urge to share this with a wider audience."

Jimmy said nothing else. He scrabbled around for his clothes, grabbed the drone and its controller and headed for the door as quickly as he could with the girls laughing behind him. 

The End

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