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Alex\'s Initiation

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Synopsis: A young high school girl joins the cheerleading squad. But she is in for a world of pain when she learns about her initiation that she has to go through.

Alexs Imitation

By keithb1002

This story is pure fiction.  It was developed late one night when I got the idea for this story.  If you are under the age of 18 or if reading this story is illegal where you live, please dont read this.  If you like this story or have any comments or suggestions, you can contact me at or Chat with me on Yahoo IM under the name keithb100272.

Alexandra “Alex” Palmer was on pins and needles all day in class.  The girl who had just turned 18 was about to try out for the varsity high school cheerleading squad.  There was only 1 position on the squad this year.  She had been practicing her dance and cheer moves all summer long and was very prepared for the tryout. 

Alex had long brown hair that came down to her shoulders, a sweet innocent face with freckles on her nose, nice perky B cup breasts that were just now starting to grow, and a tight round ass.  Alex was considered to be real cute, but not sexy or hot.  But the boys in her classes were starting to notice her a lot.  She was preparing herself in the girls changing room looking at herself in the mirror.  She thought about wearing makeup but decided not to.   She was trying to keep her breathing calm as she got ready. 

As she entered the gymnasium there were about 25 girls.  She was on the Junior Varsity cheer squad and was voted the best cheerleader for the last year.  She was told by her instructor Mrs. Barns that she should try out for varsity.  In front of the gym mat where all of the girls would do their routine, there was a table with 3 cheerleaders in their uniforms and another girl behind them with a video camera.  At the middle of the table was Leslie Hendrix.  Leslie was the most beautiful and most popular girl that was on the varsity squad.  She had long natural blonde hair, huge D cup breasts, a real tight ass and slender sexy legs.  All of the boys and male teachers wanted her and would ask her out all the time but she always declined their advancements. 

Alex had seen the varsity cheerleaders in action for the last two years.  A few of them were not that good.  All of the members on the squad were the sexiest girls in the school.  Alex always thought that they were choosen for their good looks and not their cheerleading .

“OK girls, time to get started.  We will start with girls 1 through 3.” The teacher yelled as all of the girls lined up for their tryout.  Alex was number 11 out of all of the girls.  Shes wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue shorts matching the schools colors.  This was her 1st attempt at trying the varsity squad.  When she was on the JV team, none of the older girls talked to the younger girls.  So she didnt really know any of the senior girls that were already on the team.

“Alright girls 10 through 13 are up next.”  Alex sprang off the mat and lined up with the other 2 girls.  She did her routine perfectly with no errors.  She was so proud of herself.  But next was the solo performance.  This is what she was scared of doing.  But she put on her best smile and started dancing.   She saw out of the corner of her eye while she was tumbling that Leslie couldnt keep her eyes off of her.  She thought this was good thing for her.   She was by far the best dancer out of all of the girls and she was very happy with her performance. 

After the tryout was over, she waited nervously outside the gym with the other girls and their parents.  About 30 minutes later, they were brought back in and Ms. Cutler, the varsity instructor made an announcement with Leslie and 2 other cheerleaders watching on.

“I want to thank all of the girls who tried out today.  As you know, we have 5 spots for the JV squad and 1 spot for varsity. “Alex was so nervous, she couldnt stop shaking.  Ms. Cutler continued.  “The following numbers have made it to the JV squad, 2, 5, 12, 15, and 20.”  Alex was relieved that she wasnt selected for JV and that she was still in the running for the one spot on varsity.  “And the person that is going to join the varsity team is number 11.”  Alex couldnt believe it.  She made the team.  She started jumping and squealing like a little girl.  All of the other girls congratulated her for making the squad.

Alex went back to the locker room to change back into her school clothes and was about to get on her phone to tell her parents the great news when Leslie came up to her.  “Your name is Alex right?”  She reached out and shook Alexs hand to congratulate her.  “My name is Leslie and Im the captain of the varsity cheer squad.”  “We are having a sleepover slash practice session at my house Saturday night.”  “You wanna come by and meet the rest of the team and learn our cheers?”  Alex was so excited by this older girl talking to her.  “Um…Yeah But I dont have a car and I have to ask my parents if I can come.”  Leslie said.  “Thats OK, I can drive you to my house and return you back home the next morning.”  Alex said sure and told her shell stay in touch.

Alex was so excited when Saturday afternoon came.  Her dad was kind of worried about this sleepover and was asking Alex questions.  “Alex, what will be going on at this sleepover?”  Alexs mom Alice reassured her husband and explained “Dont worry honey, there just gonna go over the routines and introduce her to the rest of the team.”  “She needs to meet new friends.”  Alexs parents were into sports when they were younger with her mom being a gymnasts and her dad playing some professional soccer.  She wasnt as athletic as her parents or her older sister Danielle who is a freshmen at Kingsbury University on a soccer scholarship.  Alex has been into cheerleading since she was little and always wanted to be a cheerleader.

Soon after her talk to her parents, she heard two honks of the horn and knew Leslie was there to pick her up.  She said goodbye to her parents and rushed out the door.  Alex was wearing a pink t-shirt and denim blue jean shorts that were very tight on her body.  Her and Leslie chatted for a few with her telling Alex that they have a lot to teach her since the first football game was in three weeks.

Leslies house was pretty big and sitting on 2 acres of land.  There were about 15 cars parked in the driveway and in the street.  Leslie unlocked the door and let Alex in.  They walked a long hallway to the living room.  She could hear people shushing each other as she neared with Leslie following right behind her.  When Alex turned the corner, what she saw literally shocked her.

She saw about 20 girls, and all of them were naked.  Some of them were holding dildos and vibrators.  And a few had strap-on around their waist.  Plus there was one adult woman still with her clothes on holding and pointing a video camera at her.  It was Coach Cutler, the cheerleading instructor.  “What is this???”  Alex said as she stood there very nervous.  “Why this is your initiation Alex.”  “All new girls have to go through this to join the team.”  Alex started backing away from the group but Leslie pushed her into the room.  “What are you going to do to me?  Alex said scared to death.  “Well were gonna rape you all night long, so why dont you get comfortable and take off your clothes.” Leslie said with a huge smile.  “But…But… Im a virgin!!!”  Alex said now on the verge of tears.  “You hear that girls, we got ourselves a virgin!!!”  Leslie said as the group of girls whooped and hollered in excitement.  “Now Alex, take off your clothes or we will take them off for you. “Leslie said as she pushed Alex into the room. 

Poor Alex started to cry as she held her head down and started taking off her short.  She kicked off her shorts, socks and shoes till she was only wearing her matching pink bra and panties.  “She crossed her arms over her body weeping.  “Lets see those tits!!!!!”  A girl yelled from the back of the room.  She looked around trying to find a way out of there and go to the police.  But her dream of being a cheerleader would be over and who knows what they would do to her if she ran.  Her hands shivering she reached back behind her and unclasped her bra and letting it fall to the ground revealing her perky breasts and small brownish nipples.  “Shes got some nice boobs, cant wait to suck on them!!!”  Someone said in the crowd.  “Lets see those pubes!!!”  Another girl yelled.  Alex cried harder as she lowered her panties off her body till she was standing there nude. 

Two girls grabbed her arms, turned her around her threw her to the ground.  “You want her first?”  One of the girls said to Leslie.  “Yeah but get her nice and wet while I get ready.”  Three girls came down to the floor next to the shivering girl.  One of them spread Alexs legs and started licking her pussy while two others sucked on her erect nipples.  Alex squealed and cried as her most private parts of her body were being touched. 

After a few minutes, Alex heard Leslie saying that she was ready.  Leslie came forward completely nude wearing a large strap on. She had huge tits with very puffy nipples and a shaved clit.   Leslie kneeled next to the terrified girl.  Alex said in a raspy voice.  “Please dont!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  As Leslie slowly entered the nine inch dildo into her precious virgin pussy.  Alex gritted her teeth and screamed as loud as she could in terrible pain as her cheery was destroyed.  Leslie started thrusting in and out of Alexs body.  Alex tried to push Leslie away but the older girl was much stronger than her.  One other girl came down to her and started slapping Alexs small breasts and pinching her hard pointy brown nipples.

Alex couldnt believe what was happening to her.  What she thought was a dream come true has turned into a hellish nightmare that would never end.  “Lets see if the little bitch can suck cock.”  A girl said as a 10 inch dildo was thrusted into her mouth and she was ordered to suck on it.  She could hear Leslie moaning as she was raping her.  Suddenly her hips clit felt like little jolts of electricity were in her cunt as she screamed even more.  “Cmon baby, cum for us!!!”  Leslie said as she started thrusting faster as she came real hard.

As soon as Leslie was done, another girl took her spot, this time with a large dildo jammed into her.  Alex screamed as the pain engulfed her body.  The girl stuffed Alexs clit lips while another hand was rubbing her pussy with her fingers.  Out of the corner of her eye filled with tears, she could see Coach Cutler with a huge grin on her face while she zoomed over Alexs body.  Suddenly a large tit was thrust into her mouth and a redhead said, “Lets see if she can suck a tit!!!”   She could feel the erect red nipple against her tongue as the breast filled her mouth and cut off her breathing and screaming.

The redhead was now pinching her hard pointy brown nipples making poor Alex open her mouth even more trying to scream and beg them to stop this torture.  Alex could feel yet another orgasm come over her as she squealed in horrible pain.  As soon as she came to her senses, another girl came in with either a dildo, vibrator or a strap-on.  This continued for at least another 2 hours till Leslie came back and yelled out “Turn her over, I wanna fuck that tight brown ass!!!”

Alex was exhausted from all of the orgasms she had overcome when she felt her body being turned over to her hands and knees.  When she felt the strap-on near her anus, she screamed “No, please not that!!!!!”  as the fake cock entered her virgin asshole.  She threw her head back and screamed as loud as she ever did as her the horrible pain engulfed her body.  Leslie was pounding her ass as she could hear skin slapping against skin.  While she was being raped in her asshole, two other girls went underneath Alex and started sucking her nipples and fingering her clit.

Alex couldnt take it anymore.  Her body became real weak and extremely sore.  She didnt know how much longer she could last.  After like the 6th girl took her place tearing her asshole, Alex finally passed out and collapsed on the floor.  By the time they were done with her, it was almost 2 am in the morning.   Coach Cutler carried her to the master bedroom and let her sleep it off.

She finally woke up around noon real sore and exhausted.  Leslie was still naked lying next to her.  She ordered her to take a shower and then she will drive her home.  Leslie watched the girl bathing herself and started to rub her cunt and had yet another mind blowing orgasm.

As they were driving back to Alexs house, Leslie talked to her.  “Now remember Alex, we have everything that happened on video.  If you tell anyone, we will post the video online with your name, address, and phone number.”  Alex shivered and started to cry again asking Leslie why did they do that to her.  “Well, its a tradition.  And who knows, maybe next year we will let you rape a new girl.”

Alex ran inside her house, luckily her parents werent home yet.  She just went to her room and layed  down weeping till she fell asleep again.  The following day at school, all of the cheerleaders smiled at her and carried on regular conversations just like nothing had happened to her.  A few days later she started practicing with her new friends and they taught her everything that she needed to know.  Alex never told a soul about what had happened to her thinking that the video may ruin her life.

The End

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