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The Bimbofication of Abigail Breslin

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Synopsis: Academy Award nominated actress, Abigail Breslin, gets transformed from a sweet former-child star into a brainless, big-titted whore at the hands of her agent and a cruel geneticist.

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Celebs: Abigail Breslin

Codes: M/f, M+/f, enema, modification, Young, size, teen, toys, WaterSport, Swallowing, Tit Torture, S/M, BDSM, hair, bondage, Rape, spoof, reluctant, mc, humiliation, torture, nc, Forced, Extreme, Heavy

WARNING: This story contains themes that may be offensive or disturbing to some. Obviously, this is a work of fiction.

Abigail Breslin brushed a lock of her long, brown hair behind her ear while she sat in Maury Bensons office, staring down at her feet. Her head ached and her mouth felt dry. She hated being reprimanded.

“Thats three movies you lost the part to this month!” Maury shouted. “How the hell am I ever going to get you signed again?”

Abigail shrugged. The year was 2012 and the 16 year old had just finished shooting “The Call” with Halle Berry. She hadnt had any work since the project wrapped up.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Maury asked, staring her down.

“He wanted me to suck him off,” Abigail responded quietly, still not making eye contact.

“Well, did you?”

She looked up. “Of course not! Im an Academy Award nominated actress! I would never do something like that to get a role!”

Maury slapped his hand onto his forehead and sighed deeply. “Abigail, youre not six anymore. This is how things work in Hollywood. Good actresses get roles because they can suck dick. Hell, even bad actresses get roles because they can suck dick! You arent special. You dont get to be exempt from the rules.”

“I dont believe that,” Abigail stated defiantly. “Theres no way that every actress in Hollywood is a slut.”

Maury rolled his eyes. He wasnt about to get into an argument with the teenager. He wished so badly he could just get her to shut up and take one for the team. But no matter how many times he tried to reason with her, Abigail wouldnt budge. After the third or fourth time she declared that she would never suck a cock for a role, a light bulb went off in Maurys head.

“Well…” he started, “There is one other way.”

Abigail raised an eyebrow. Maury quickly went to work on his computer, bringing up a popular imageboard that had a topic featured on her. There were some still photos from her most recent film in a scene where she gets kidnapped and stripped. In the pictures she wore a blue bra and her hair had been dyed blonde.

“Look at these,” Maury commanded. Abigail looked at the familiar images and blushed. It had been so awkward for her to shoot those scenes, surrounded by film executives wearing nothing but her bra.

“I hate my hair like that,” was all she could say.

Again Maury rolled his eyes. “Not the pictures. Read the comments.”

Abigail blushed harder as her eyes scanned the hateful comments of the imageboard. Some perverts had commented on how sexy the young actress had become now that she was sprouting little breast buds. Other people harshly criticized her acting ability and her underdeveloped chest.

“Wh-why are you showing me this?”

“Because this is the only other way you can get roles without sucking off your casting directors. You have to become prettier. Sexier. Someone that people can post pictures of online and not have anything negative to say. If you were sexier, directors and producers would know that your mere presence in a film will guarantee ticket sales. So you wouldnt need to suck anyone off.”

Abigail was mortified. “What the hell are you saying? I…Im sexy!”

“Youre nothing special,” Maury replied bluntly. “I mean, the blonde hair helped, but you washed it out as soon as you were done shooting. And your body…well, its nothing that anyone would look twice at.”

Abigail stared at him with her mouth hung open, clearly offended.

“Look,” he continued, “Im just being honest. And I think I can help. If youre willing to let me.”

It took Abigail a few seconds before responding. Eventually she looked down at the floor and quietly replied, “What should I do?”

“Theres a doctor I know,” Maury explained, “Hes very, very expensive, but I dont think that would be an issue for you. He works with an experimental type of plastic surgery that I think would benefit you.”

“You dont mean…implants? Im only sixteen!”

“No, no, no, not full-on implants. Just little adjustments. Push you chest up and out a little, give you a little tuck in your belly, just little things. But youd be surprised how much a little change can do for your image. Especially if youre trying to attract peoples attention.”

Abigail thought about it for a moment, weighing the alternatives in her mind. It certainly wasnt the worst idea shed ever heard of. The least she could do was meet with the doctor and see what the procedure entailed.

“Okay…Ill think about it. Could you schedule me an appointment with the doctor?”

“Of course, it would be my pleasure. I have another client coming in right now, though, so Ill give him a call tonight and let you know when you can see him, okay?”

“Thatd be great, thanks.”

Abigail stood and spun around, her little skirt kicking up a bit as she twirled, and headed out the door.

Maury exhaled loudly. He didnt have another client coming in, but he didnt know how much longer he could last imagining Abigail undergoing Dr. Snyders surgery. He unfastened his pants under his desk and whipped out his hard on. Working up a sweat, he quickly pumped himself to orgasm, imagining little Abigail on the operating table. He couldnt believe she said yes. He thought for sure she would fire him when he suggested that she wasnt pretty enough. Everything was going so perfectly.


Abigail shook Dr. Snyders hand as she entered his office with her mother. They exchanged pleasantries and talked a little about her profession before they got down to business.

“Do you think cosmetic surgery is appropriate for someone so young, Doctor?” Abigails mother asked.

“Well, strictly speaking, it isnt surgery,” the doctor explained. “You see, were using a non-invasive method of DNA manipulation to coerce Abigails body into naturally changing the way we want it. Its been a major breakthrough over the past few years in genetics research thats allowed us to perform such procedures.”

“So, no scaring or anything?”

“Nope. No scaring. We dont even use knives. We simply tweak your DNA to look exactly the way we want it to, and your body reacts.”

That put Abigail and her mother at ease. “So, if it doesnt go well, you could always change the DNA back, right?”

“Well, its not exactly that simple, but yes, I suppose we could. Although, there is a locking procedure that can be done as well to prevent any further changes. That keeps the DNA from acting unexpectedly after the procedure. We dont have to do that though. Up to you.”

They talked a bit more about the technical details before Abigail asked, “Do you have any photos you can show us of successful changes done?”

“Well, theres only a small handful of cases weve had so far because of how new the procedure is, and most of my clients want to keep their identities confidential. However, I have performed the procedure on myself, so I can show you that.”

Before Abigail could say yes or no, Dr. Snyder slipped his lab coat off and removed his shirt underneath. He was ripped. He looked like a body builder. Perfect six-pack abs, strong pectorals, and thick biceps.

“Now, would you believe me if I told you Ive never worked out a day in my life? Abigail, Mrs. Breslin, how old do you think I am?”

Abigail blinked and tried to hold back a smile. The doctor was exceedingly attractive. “Um…like late twenties, early thirties? Honestly, you look a bit young for a doctor.”

“I am 64 years old.”

“What??” Abigail and her mother stared in shock.

“Yup. Heres a picture of me before the procedure.” He handed them a photograph from his top drawer. The man in the photo had similar facial features to the doctor, but he looked old and well over 300 pounds.

“Thats incredible!”

“Indeed. Miracles of modern science.” He put his shirt back on. Abigail secretly wished he hadnt, but she said nothing. “So, can we talk about the changes wed like to make?”

“Nothing drastic,” Abigail said. Her mother nodded in agreement. “Just, I dont know, fuller breasts, smaller waste, that kind of thing.”

The doctor smiled. “I think I know what you mean. You probably dont even want a full cup size up. Just rounder and firmer. You want to look like a photoshopped image. No changes too noticeable. Just the right amount of tweaking to make you look perfect.”

Abigail smiled.


Abigail stepped out of the shower the night before the surgery. After drying herself off, she stood in front of the long mirror on the back of her door. Her hair was dark brown, her natural color. It ran straight down. She brushed it over her ear, then let her towel fall to the ground.

She looked at her pale body, wishing so badly she didnt have to change herself. She sucked in her gut and stuck her chest out, turning to the side to see her profile. It made her ribs stick out funny. So she squeezed her little arms together to squish her boobs to the center of her chest. Not much improvement.

She sighed. **Well, after tomorrow, I wont ever have to feel self-conscious again,** she thought, **Im gonna be beautiful. Then everyone will love me!**

With that, she slipped into her pajamas and climbed into bed, drifting off to sleep quickly and easily.


A team of nurses wheeled Abigail into the operating room wearing nothing but a hospital gown. It was embarrassing how her ass hung out the back, but she figured no one would be able to see once she got on the operating table.

“Ah, theres our star patient,” Dr. Snyder said, delighted. “I think were just about ready for you. Have you eaten anything today?”

Abigails tummy grumbled. “No. Nothing for the past twelve hours. Im starving!”

“Thats okay. You did good. We wouldnt want you throwing up while were working on you. Alright, when youre ready, go ahead and hop up in the chair.”

To Abigails surprise, there was no operating table. Instead, there was a strange looking chair set up in the middle of the room. It looked like the kind one would find at a dentists office, but Abigail quickly recognized the stirrups at the bottom similar to the ones at the gynecologists office. Still, she obeyed, sitting in the chair as instructed.

Before she could protest, her wrists were clamped onto the armrests of the chair. Dr. Snyder proceeded to lock her feet into the stirrups as he leaned the chair back. Abigail was a bit embarrassed, since she had been instructed not to wear any underwear.

“There we go, all set. Are you ready?”

“Um…yes, but do I have to be locked in like this?”

“Oh yes,” the doctor replied, “Its for your own safety.”

Once she was completely secured, Dr. Snyder wasted no time tearing the paper gown off her body, leaving her cold and naked in the chair.

“Hey! Wh-what the…?”

“Shh shh shh, its alright. All part of the process.”

“Well…a-arent you going to put me under? Like, anesthesia or something?”

The doctor smiled. “Nope. You need to be awake for the procedure. Its very important. Now, I should warn you, this will probably be a little painful. And by a little, I mean, this will be the most painful thing you will ever experience.”

She suddenly started to panic. “You said I wouldnt feel anything!”

“Huh. I lied. Figured it was better to wait until you were all strapped in.”

“N-no. No! I want out. I want to stop. Let me out!” She struggled against her bonds, shaking her shoulders and wiggling her body, but the restraints held her tight. The doctor just watched and smiled, then gently ran the back of his index finger down the side of her smooth cheek.

“You know, when Maury called me, he told me what a little bitch you were. Told me youre a little prude. He gave me very specific instructions as to how he wanted you changed.”

“Wh-wh-what? No…no, youre making that up. Thats…you…you cant! Help! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!”

The doctor slapped her hard across the face. “Now, now, my nurses are used to that. There are lots of people who get cold feet when we start. But dont worry. For the next eight hours, itll just be you, me, and my little machine here.”

He gestured to a large, ominous machine standing next to her chair. Blinking lights, levers, switches, and tubes decorated the strange contraption. The doctor turned to the machine and adjusted some settings, ignoring the helpless girl as she began to softly cry.

“Now then, lets see…what should we start with?” He looked up and down her body until his eyes landed on the little tuft of unshaven hair sitting above her crotch. He grabbed at it and pulled a little, making her wince. “How about here?”

With a sharp tug, he pulled out a chunk of pubic hair. Abigail wailed in response.

“Oh, shut up. This will probably be the least painful thing youll experience.”

The cruel doctor retrieved a syringe attached to a thin tube leading to his machine and quickly injected it into her leg. Suddenly, Abigail felt an intense heat over her pubic bone. Hotter…hotter…hotter…

“Oh…oh my god! Stop! Stop, it burns!”

She could barely see though her tears, but as the burning increased, all of her pubic hair began to detach from her skin. After about twenty minutes of agony, the burning subsided. Dr. Snyder knelt down and blew on her crotch, brushing the hair away. It was as bald as the day she was born.

“There we go. Good as new. Youll never grow hair down there again. Now, if we do this a few more times, youll never grow any hair on your legs or under your arms again either! Lets get to work!”


Abigail was a mess of tears and snot when the hair growth removal process was finally complete. The doctor cracked his knuckles. Now it was time for the real fun.

Gathering his materials, he produced four tubes that attached back to the machine. Two of them were medium sized and identical with metal, cup-shaped nozzles on the ends. He smacked them down onto her chest and the cups fit perfectly onto her nipples. They immediately sucked her nipples high into the chamber as the locked down on her. She shrieked.

“Shh…come now. Youve already almost lost your voice from all that screaming.”

“Youre a m-monster!!”

The doctor simply shrugged and flipped some switches on the machine before pressing a red button. The tubes attached to her nipples began to vibrate slightly.

“Now, this may take a while, so we can do a little multi-tasking. Most people would do this one at a time so it wouldnt be as painful, but I think you can handle it.”

The two remaining tubes differed in size and shape. The one with the shorter nozzle was quite a bit wider than the other one. It was shaped a bit like a triangle, wide in the middle and pointed at the end. The doctor lubed it up and placed it near her asshole.

“No! No, oh my god dont! Please!”

Dr. Snyder ignored her as he applied pressure to the assplug nozzle. The lubricated tip easily stretched out her sphincter and plunged into the depths of her anus.

“Ooof! Oh…UUUGGGHHHH!!!!” Abigail thrashed her head from side to side in agony, but that caused the tubes attached to her tits to shake causing a far worse pain in her chest than in her ass. “AAAAHHHHHGGG!!! MAKE IT STOP!!”

The plug reached its widest point (about the width of Abigails fist), then popped past her sphincter. Her asshole clenched down on the narrow base of the nozzle.

“Now, Im going to fill your bowels up with fluid, slut. Its going to feel like filling your colon with lava after getting assfucked by a cactus. But, what its going to do is make it so that your shit will never stick to the inside of your entire colon. Basically, youll never have to wipe again. And, unless youre holding in your shit and need to go, whoever wants to assfuck you will be guaranteed there wont be any mess. Isnt that nice?”

“Fuck you, asshole!” Abigail screamed.

“No, no. Its your asshole theyll be fucking.”

He pressed a button and Abigail could almost instantly feel herself fill up. It was miserable. She could feel the cruel liquid eating away at the inner lining of her large intestine. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth.

“Some results have shown this solution to make the asshole extremely pliable. Stretchy, that is. So you should be able to fit a lot more in there than you could before.”

Abigail said nothing and just continued to grunt through her teeth.

“Oh!” the doctor exclaimed, “Looks like your tits are ready!”

Flipping a lever down, Abigail quickly forgot about the pain in her asshole as her tits took center stage. Feeling a surge of electricity pulse from her sensitive nipples down to her ribcage, she couldnt contain herself. She arched her head back and screamed with all her might as the tubes on her tits shook violently. Somewhere deep inside the tubes, sharp needles protruded and pierced the very tips of her nipples, then secreted something inside her. That, plus the stretching and electricity, adjusted her DNA just like the doctor had explained. Her tits began to swell. Like magic, they ballooned up, filling with her own natural tit fat.

The doctor only let it swell a little bit before flipping the lever back up. “Gotta let it cool down a bit. But I can happily say that weve increased your small Bs into large Cs.”

Abigail was still in shock from the trauma, breathing heavily and erratically. She barely even felt the burning sensation in her ass any more.

“Now then, we still have one more orifice to take care of…” Dr. Snyder reached for the final tube. This one was larger than the others with a smooth nozzle with a blunted edge. It didnt take a genius to deduce where it would go. Near the base of the nozzle was a little nub that held a thick needle that ran parallel to the nozzle it was attached to. When angled right, it would stab right into Abigails clitoris.

The teen starlets pleas and sobs faded into the background as the doctor ran the tip up and down the folds of her pussy. He didnt bother to lube it up before forcing the cold invader inside her.

“NOOOO!!!” Abigail shrieked as she felt her vaginal canal stretch and tear over the nozzle. She had had sex before, but only a couple of times and only with guys that were not particularly well endowed. The doctors machine fucked her like a virgin.

The device sank deeper and deeper into her until Abigail felt a horrifyingly sharp pain in her tiny clitoris. The needle stabbed into her flesh like butter, piercing down about a quarter of an inch into her before the doctor stopped pushing.

“You know, the brain is a curious thing. If someone knows what theyre doing, they can control a person like a puppet just by manipulating the brain. You see, that horrible pain your feeling here…” he pinched her clitoris hard around the needle as he spoke, making her scream again, “You just think youre feeling the pain here because thats where your brain is telling you the pain is. But the actual pain is all in your head. See, watch this.”

He adjusted a dial on the nozzle and the needle stuck in her clitoris began to inject a foreign chemical into her body.

“This is a chemical compound that tells your brain not to react when your body is in pain.”

It was true. Almost instantly, all of the pain in Abigails body ceased. She relaxed for a moment, sighing in relief.

“I could take a hammer to each of your fingers and toes right now if I wanted to and it wouldnt hurt a bit. Youd still feel me touching you, and youd feel your bones being crushed, but it wouldnt hurt. Now, what if we sent your brain a different message…”

With another twist of the dial, the needle injected her yet again. Her erogenous zones began to grow warm. Suddenly she longed to be touched. She groaned and arched her back, trying to grind the tubes in her ass and pussy further into her.

“See, I just sent a message to your brain to interpret pain as pleasure. Now, you think youre feeling that pleasure in your tits and in your ass, even in your little clit here…” He pinched her clit again, harder than before.

“Ohh~!” Abigail cooed. It felt incredible. Her skin flushed and a thin layer of glossy sweat began to form all over her entire body.

“Dont worry. Ive tweaked this compound to allow you to come right to the edge of orgasm without tipping over. Thats right, arousal is all controlled by your brain too. If I wanted to, I could make you have the greatest orgasm any human being has ever experienced.”

He rubbed her clit slowly and fiercely, knowing how devastating the pain of the needle would be if not for the drugs. But for Abigail, her body ached for release.

“However, I dont want you to cum, slut. In fact, what Id rather do is tell your brain to make you experience pain four times worse than you normally would.”

One final twist of the dial and the pleasure quickly subsided.


The doctor just laughed as the drug worked its magic, watching the girl thrash about in her restraints.

“You see how incredible the power of the brain is, whore?”


“Oh! Looks like your tits are ready again! Brace yourself!”

He flipped the familiar lever up again and the tubes attached to her chest came to life. The debilitating pain in her sensitive breasts quadrupled from the last enhancement. She screamed so hard the doctor was concerned she might pop a blood vessel. No matter. It was nothing he couldnt fix.

Her breasts swelled up slightly and he lowered the lever. She lied there sobbing in a pathetic heap, her words not making any sense.

“Now, I have quite a few more alterations I want to do you you, slut. Im going to make you infertile, so you can never have children. Im also going to make your pussy, asshole, and mouth the perfect pleasure holes, able to stretch to accommodate impossible girths and then always tightening up to a virginal state after a few minutes. However, theres something I want to do first.”

The doctor walked around behind the poor girl and began attaching electrodes to her head.

“Im going to play with your brain a bit, slut. Dont worry. Youre going to love the changes I make. Theyre going to make you perfect.”

Abigail couldnt feel the thick needles pierce through her temples into her frontal lobe. She was only half aware anything was even happening to her before her world went black.


“Abigail…Abigail, wake up!”

The distant, fuzzy, echoey voice grew louder as Abigail drifted back into consciousness. The doctor snapped his fingers in front of her face.

“Hello? Wake up, sleepy head. Youre surgery was an incredible success!”

*The…the what?* she thought, *The…the surgery? Oh my god! The surgery! It wasnt a dream? Wait…no!*

She looked down to see a blanket lying over her body from her shoulders to her knees. She was in the same chair, but her legs had been released from the stirrups.

“Are you ready to see yourself?”

Abigail said nothing, but just watched as he wheeled a large mirror in front of her.

The first thing she noticed was her hair. Blonde. Extremely blonde. And curly. She hated her blonde hair when she had to dye it. Except now she knew, it wasnt dye. It was her new natural hair color.

The second thing that was even more shocking to her that she noticed was…she was smiling.

**What the hell?** she thought, **Im not smiling right now!**

She tried to frown. She could feel her lips moving into a frown, but her expression remained relatively the same in the mirror, her smile only dropping slightly. It wasnt a large, scary smile, just a gentle upturn in the corners of her lips. She tried to show her teeth in the mirror and she could do that. Her reflection smiled big back at her. But when she tried to frown again, her lips simply closed in a small smile.

Her expression distracted her from the doctor grabbing the blanket and tearing it off her body. Her eyes grew wide and she gasped at her new 38 Double Ds. Even sitting down, she could tell how heavy they were. She was mortified, and even more troubled at how excited her reflection looked.

“I probably should have stopped at Ds, but the doubles just looked so wonderful on you! So I took the liberty of making you a little chubbier all around just to make it so they didnt look so out of place. Oh, and heres something else…”

He grasped her enormous breasts in his hands, caressing them. Abigail moaned.

“I did a little brain re-wiring so that your entire breasts are now as sensitive as your nipples used to be. And your nipples are now as sensitive as your clit used to be!”

He pinched her nipples to emphasize his point. She let out a little “Eep!” before gasping.

“Which brings me to your clitoris…” The doctor spread her legs so she could see her pussy in the mirror. Her pussy lips had been trimmed and tucked, emulating a tight, pre-pubescent vaginal opening. Spreading her a bit, she could see that her clitoris was swollen about three times larger than it was before. The doctor pawed at it, then rubbed it seductively. Abigail moaned and writhed about.

“As you may have noticed, your clit is far more sensitive than it ever was before. You will reach orgasm much faster, and cum much harder, than most girls.”

He was right. In almost no time at all, Abigail was nearing the edge. Just before she thought she would cum, he pulled his hand away. She wiggled and bucked her hips a little, subconsciously wanting him to push her over the edge.

“So,” the doctor said with a smile, “How do you like your new body, whore?”

**I hate it!** Abigail screamed in her mind, **Change me back you psycho!**

“I, like, love it!” she said.





Abigail didnt understand how those words came out of her mouth. She drew a deep breath, ready to scream and curse at the surgeon.

“I feel so sexy! Like, it doesnt even hurt! Imma get all the boys to like me now!” Even with her smile, Abigails horror showed through her eyes. She couldnt control what she said!

“Oh, this is going even better than expected,” the doctor chortled. “Now, if my calculations are correct, youre still in there somewhere, arent you Abigail? Tell me, whats two plus two?”

**Four, duh,** she thought.

“Um, like, I dont know. Math is dumb,” she said.

“Tell me how youre feeling right now.”

“I feel great! And Im really horny!” Abigail replied happily, batting her eyelashes at the doctor.

“Do you feel scared?”

“Um, like, no. Why would I be scared?”

“Abigail, if youre really scared, nod for me.”

Still with her stupid grin, she nodded enthusiastically.

“Good,” Dr. Snyder replied. “Very good. You see, you are now a slave to your most primal instincts, slut. I was going to make you full bimbo…nothing but an empty husk of a sex toy…but then I had this brilliant idea. Trap you inside your own body, unable to stop yourself from showing your true whore self to the world.”

Abigail started to cry. No sniffles, chokes, or sobs, just a few tears trickling down her happy face. The doctor turned and went to a nearby cupboard where he found a powerful vibrator. He placed it up against Abigails engorged clitoris and turned it on full blast. The actresses moaned with delight and terror.

“Youll find that sometimes you wont be able to say what you want to say. Other times, like in normal conversation, youll just find yourself unable to say anything intelligent, but youll still be able to basically communicate what youre thinking. But theres only one time that youll be able to truly have control over your speech. Right now.”

Abigail couldnt think of anything she wanted to say. In that moment, even her non-slutty conscious mind needed release. Needed to get pushed over the edge into a glorious orgasm. She had never been closer in her life and yet…she was unable to cum! The frustration was agonizing, but she couldnt do it.

“Beg for it,” the doctor commanded.


“Beg for what you want, whore.”


The doctor pressed the vibrator harder. She screamed, needing it so much.

“Having some trouble, there, slut?”

“Why…why cant…OHH GOD…please!”

“Please what?”


The doctor laughed and started rubbing the vibrator all around.

“Isnt it ingenious!” he bragged, “From now on, for the rest of your life, you will be physically unable to achieve orgasm. Unless…you are given permission to cum. Thats why you can control what you say right now. Because I want you to beg. Beg like the depraved slut that you are. Beg me for your orgasm.”

She couldnt take it anymore. She had to comply. “Please!!!” she screamed, “Please…may…I…CUM!!!”

The doctor took a deep breath. “Uuuuuuhhhhhhh…no. You may not.” He quickly pulled the toy away and shut it off.

Abigail began to sob, her face finally matching her true feelings. But after a few seconds without stimulation, her cries gradually ceased and she smiled again.

“B-b-but why? I w-wanted it so badly. I, like, live for that! Please, make me your little cumslut.”

**NO!** she screamed in her head **Shut up shut up shut up!!**

“Aww,” Dr. Snyder gently stroked her hair. “Does little Abbie want to have an orgasm?”

“Oh, yes. Little Abbie needs it! I do! I do!”

A fresh tear streamed down her cheek.

“Well, slut, before I let you cum, theres one more little feature of your new life I need to show you. Are you hungry?”

“I am! I could, like, eat a whole cow!”

He chuckled. “Well, the only cow we have here is you, silly. But, I have some ice cream!”

Abigail gasped like a child on Christmas morning. “Ice cream!!!”

The doctor opened a nearby freezer and pulled out a small dish of ice cream. He led a spoonful toward her mouth. “Okay, open wide! Here comes the airplane!”

Abigail giggled, opening wide for her treat. In truth, she really was quite hungry. But when the ice cream touched her mouth it tasted…bland. It was still ice cream. Still cold and creamy and sweet. But it was altogether unsatisfying. She opened up for a second bite, but it tasted the same. Boring.

“Do you like your ice cream, slut?”

“Um…kinda. Its, like, I dont know. Different.”

“Are you still hungry?”

“Ohmygod, like, yes! That wasnt filling at all!”

“And guess what,” the doctor announced triumphantly, “Everything you eat from now on will be just like that. Unsatisfying and unfulfilling. Now, you will still need to eat to survive, but it will never make you feel full. No, from now on, the only thing that will make you feel full is sperm.”

The starlets eyes opened wide in shock.

“I can tell by that look in your eye that you understand. Now to illustrate my point…”

The doctor released her restraints and Abigail fell to the floor on her hands and knees. She felt strange, only half in control of her new body. She heard the door open behind her and someone walk in. She quickly covered her new, squishy chest and sat up, turning just in time to see her agent, Maury Benson, stride into the room.

“Oh my god!” Maury exclaimed. “I hardly recognize her! Oh, this is incredible, Doc! Your best work yet!”

**Asshole!** Abigail thought, **You did this! You planned this! You ruined my life!**

“Hey, Mr. Benson! Like my new titties?”

Abigail flexed every muscle in her arms to try to keep them uncovering her nakedness, but it was no use. Her primal sexual instincts took over and she put her new breasts on display for her agent, playing with them and pushing them up.

“Dear god, theyre incredible!”

**FUCK YOU!!**

“Daww, like, thanks!”

“Abigail,” the doctor interrupted, “Why dont you tell Mr. Benson what you want to do to him?”

**I want him to fucking die!** she thought.

“I want to suck his cock and drink up all his cummies.”

**WHAT?!? NO! OH GOD NO!**

Maurys eyes lit up. But the doctor had more training for her.

“No, slut. Dont tell me. Ask Mr. Benson.”

**No!** she screamed in her head **Dont do it, Abigail! Focus! Focus!**

“Mr. Benson…” she started.

**Go fuck yourself!!**

Her lips curled, fighting for words. “Gah…”

**Go fuck yourself!!**


**Yes! Good, Abigail! Keep going! Go fuck yourself! Say it!**

“G-go…g-g-ga…g-gan…gan…can…can I suck your cock, pretty please?”


Maury smiled ear to ear and unzipped his pants, pulling out his already erect, five-inch member. “Well, if you really want to!”

The next thing Abigail knew, she was crawling to him gleefully, then pawing up his legs until she sat upright and gave him a happy kiss on the tip of his cock. She was dying inside.

Abigail smiled as she skillfully swirled her tongue around the head before closing her lips around it, coating it in her warm saliva. Then slowly pulling off as her lips flattened down, savoring the delicious precum that oozed from the tip.

“Oh, fuck, Abbie! That…thats incredible! You sure you want it?”

“Oh yes!” Abigail cooed. “More than anything!”

Maury looked up at Dr. Snyder who nodded. With a devious grin, the agent grabbed Abigails head and thrust it down into his crotch. She nearly gagged as his cock hit her tonsils. He then pulled her off and shoved her back down hard. Up then down. Faster and faster, skull fucking her. Inside her head, Abigail wanted to bite him or punch him in the balls or scream, but she couldnt. Her mouth just kept sucking as best she could.

“Fuck yes you little whore! Oh, Im gonna cum! Get ready! Swallow it all down!”

Abbies heart fluttered at the mere thought of her agents salty spunk flowing down her throat. After a few more thrusts, Maury moaned with delight and spread his seed across her tongue. It was bitter, but as soon as Abigail swallowed it down, she felt wonderfully nourished. Full and satisfied.

“I hope you two enjoyed that,” the doctor said, now undressed to his underpants. “But now its my turn.”

He dropped his underpants to the floor and Abigail gasped.

“What, you think Id have DNA modifying technology and I wouldnt use it on my most important part?”

His cock, flaccid, looked like a third arm hanging off his pelvis. Right before Abigails eyes it began to grow and stand up straight. Easily a foot long and wider than a can of Coke.

“Now then. Bend over for me, slut.”

**No…I cant! I wont! You cant make me!**

“Okay!” Abigail cheered. She stood, spread her legs, bent over, and used her hands to spread her cheeks as wide as she could.

The doctor rubbed his impossibly enormous head against her her slit, now dripping with anticipation and arousal against her will. She mentally braced herself…but it wasnt enough. The feeling of the insufferable rod penetrating into her most sensitive crevice was more painful than her first time. Still, she quickly stretched to accommodate him and provided enough natural lubrication for him to move in and out fairly quickly.

**I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!** her mind screamed.

“I LOVE FUCKING YOU!!!” her mouth screamed.

“Thats a good little slut,” Dr. Snyder encouraged, upping his pace a little bit. Once again, Abigails body began to respond pleasurably. She felt her body riding toward climax and she was able to control her words again.

“Please! Please, I beg you, let me go!!” the real Abigail said.

“Oh, sounds like someones close to cumming again! You better beg for it!”

“N-no…I…oh, fuck…oh god, I cant take it! Please!”

“Please what, slut?”

She winced. She was too close. Any second now, she was sure she was going to explode.

“Please…please let me cum!”

The doctor slowed down a bit.

“Hmm…how about you beg me to fuck your asshole. Then you can cum.”

“What?? No! No, I couldnt! Youd kill me with…with…that thing!”

Dr. Snyder sighed and pulled his cock out of her quickly. Her pussy gaped for a moment, then very slowly started to warp back to her initial, virginal state.

“Hey! Oh god, Im so close! No! Give it back! Please, let me cum!” Her whole body was shaking, desperate for release.

“You just never learn, do you, slut? If I want to fuck your ass, Im going to fuck your ass. If you had begged for it like a proper whore, youd be cumming right now. But instead…” Without finishing his sentence, he slammed into her virgin asshole. The force made her drop to her knees in anguish. It was tight, but he pressed on.

It burned Abigails insides like shitting fire in reverse. She didnt know if she had control over her emotions and words at this particular moment, but it didnt matter. She cried from the pain either way.

“Oh wow!” the doctor exclaimed. “Ive really outdone myself this time! This asshole is perfect!”

Abigail felt her face press into the floor as the doctor picked up speed, ramming into her shithole like a high powered piston. She didnt understand that through all the pain, somehow her climax began to rise again.

Dr. Snyder grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and yanked her body toward him, forcing her to arch her back. Her new, fat tits bounced with each quick thrust. He leaned in close next to her ear.

“Please…” she whispered in between her sobs. “Please…m-m-may I?”

With his lips millimeters from her earhole, he said firmly, “Cum.”

Suddenly Abigails body began to convulse. Her eyes flipped back into her head and she could not stop her smile from stretching ear to ear. Ecstasy coursed through every inch of her body from her pleasure center to the tips of her fingers and toes. It was the greatest orgasm that she, or likely anyone else, had ever experienced.

In the midst of her euphoria, a bright flash erupted with the sound of a camera shutter. Then another. And another.

“Wow, Abbie!” Maury chuckled, “You really look like a whore in these photos. Like, youre really enjoying yourself!”

The worlds most intense orgasm finally subsided, Abigails body collapsed with her ass still in the air. She didnt know how much longer the doctor fucked her ass, but she figured it was a very long time.

Finally, she heard him shout, “Oh, here it comes, slut! Its going all up in your ass!”

“Wh-what??” Abigail whined, suddenly alert. “No! No, not in my ass! I have to eat that! Its so yummy, I need it in my mouth! Please!”

She cried in her mind; she had almost forgotten that she had no control over what she said.

“Too late, slut! I…uuugggghhhh…” With a final pump and a primal groan, the doctor unleashed a torrent of his seed into the depths of her bowels. Five, six, seven spurts later, he slowly pulled himself out of her.

As soon as she was released, Abigails body fell to the ground. "Oh no!" she cried. She reached her hand back into her asscrack and scooped up a fingerfull of sperm then lifted it to her lips and savored its salty, bitter goodness.

“Aw, sorry for wasting your meal, slut. Here, lemme help you with that.” He twisted her to lie on her back and lifted her legs until her knees were on either side of her head. She smiled with glee as she stared directly into her abused asshole. The position hurt her neck, but as soon as the first glob of sperm oozed from her asshole and landed in and around her mouth, she smiled joyfully.

Inside, Abigail had never been so humiliated in her life. Having to eat the semen from her own asshole after she had just been raped. She couldnt think of much worse.

“Uh oh,” the doctor said when she was finally done. “Your whore face is just a mess. You should really wash yourself off.”

“Oh, okay! Um, is there, like, a shower around here?”

“No, stupid. But do you need to piss?”

**Oh no. No, no no!!**

“Um…kinda I guess…” Her bimbo self couldnt make the connection.

“Well, why dont you use your pee to wash off your face,” the doctor suggested.

“Oh, wow, thats a great idea!”

Inside her head, she could feel her pee start to flow freely against her will. She couldnt fight it, and suddenly her face was flooded with her own warm, golden filth. It splashed all over her face and soaked her blonde hair. She even opened her mouth to wash her mouth out as if it were Listerine.

When her bladder was empty, her legs were released and she sat up, smiling at the two cruel men standing over her.

“All clean!” she announced.

“No, I think you missed a spot,” the doctor said. He looked at Maury and they both aimed their flaccid members at her face. Suddenly, she was under a warm, golden shower once again, smiling and laughing like a child running around under the sprinklers. She slicked her hair back in the piss and sat happily while she slowly died inside her mind.

When the piss finally stopped, Dr. Snyder knelt down to look at his newest creation in the eyes. “This is your life now, Abigail. You are a fat-titted, brainless whore. And you always will be. From now own, when Mr. Benson wants to use any of your holes, you will offer them to him. And when you go to an audition, you will please the casting director with whatever he desires. And just like a vampire needs to drink blood, you will need to drink sperm on a regular basis. This is who you are. Forever.”

He slapped her across the face hard. It was the signature at the end of his monologue. He then left her there, naked and alone on the cold floor.

The procedure was a thriving success. Abigail always did what was demanded of her at every audition with skill and joy. Rumors spread throughout Hollywood executives about what Little Miss Sunshine had become and her casting calls quadrupled. Often she didnt even come close to qualifying for the role, but sometimes entire film crews came to her auditions to partake in her performances.

All the while, the real Abigail was stuck inside her mind, helpless and humiliated. Forever.

The end?

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