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Aches and Pains

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Synopsis: A young girl, expelled by her parents for having a baby is taken in by her aunt and uncle who immediately make life miserable for her, constantly humiliating and punishing her.

Aches and Pains

Chapter 1

As the black sedan plowed its way through the streets of Duluth, it occasionally hit a hidden patch of ice and began to slide crazily until the driver was able to twist the steering wheel around sufficiently to compensate for the slide and get the car in the proper direction down the road again.  It had been snowing periodically for three days straight, and the snow drifts on the side of the road were, in some cases, over five feet high.  It was even worse as the car moved away from the city and into the sparsely populated countryside, which the snow-plows had barely touched.  Here, the snow on the road was often up past the running boards and the snow blew to the sides of the road making the car look somewhat like a motor-boat spewing water sprays in its wake as it sped along.

Inside the car were three figures, a male driver and two females, one in front and the other huddled uncomfortably in the back seat.  The lack of a heater in the new 1937 Buick meant that the only warmth being generated came from the lap robes that the two figures in the front seat had covering their legs.  None of them spoke during the entire ride from Louisville, and often the only sound, other than the hum of the eight cylinder engine came from the chattering teeth of the inhabitant in the back seat.  She finally spoke, but very timidly.

“Please, cant I get my baby from the orphanage?  Ill take care of him.  He wont be any bother.”

The woman in the front turned and with a vicious swing of her arm, slapped the girl harshly.

“Weve been through all this already, slut.  Your mother has given him to the orphanage, so they can find decent people to adopt her.  Youre not fit to raise a baby, and thats final, so shut up!”

   The cars inhabitants lapsed back into silence, save for gentle sobbing coming from the back seat.

The car finally pulled into a long unplowed driveway and labored to stay in the ruts that had been dug by the vehicle the day before on its way out to the street.  The Buick finally pulled up before a modest wood-frame Tudor two-story house.  The three figures immediately jumped out and ran for the front door, sliding occasionally on the slippery snow.  The women waited as the man unlocked the front door and ushered them into the cold living room.  After pulling off his hat, he immediately descended to the cellar to reload the furnace with four or five shovels-full of coal and get the fire going again.

As they sat in the living room waiting for the house to warm up, still huddled in their overcoats for some residual heat, the older woman finally spoke.

“Well, Amanda, Id like to say welcome to our house, but Id be lying if I did.  The only reason youre here is because your mother and father have thrown you out of their house and disowned you.  You certainly have made a mess of your life so far, and I dont see things getting any better.  I resent the fact that as your aunt, I am your only other living relative around and have to take an incestuous unwed mother into my home.”

The girl began to sob and a stream of tears began to flow down her cheeks, as she appeared to shrink further into her light overcoat.

“I have agreed to take you in, only under the proviso that you be treated as our maid servant until you reach the age of 21, at which time you will be put out in the street to fend for yourself.  You will be expected to do all the chores a maid would perform, as well as any, and I mean ANY, other services Mark and I deem useful or desirable.  We both believe in strict discipline, so you will be punished as we see fit.  If you do not perform as we desire, we have your mothers approval, no, orders, to turn you over to the law for drawing your father into an incestuous relationship and having his baby.  Do you understand what Im saying, slut!”

The girl tried unsuccessfully to wipe away her tears and spoke timidly, almost in a whisper.

“I didnt do anything wrong, Aunt Sally.  Daddy snuck into my room and raped me, while Mama was away visiting Grandma before she died.  Then he kept it up the whole time Mama was gone, making me do all kinds of awful things.  Then, he threatened to kill me if I told Mama, but, when we found out I was pregnant, he made up a story that I had come into his room one night, while he was asleep, and sucked on his thing until he woke up and I talked him into making love to me.  But thats wrong.  He made me make love to him and do all those other things.  I hated it.”

“Dont lie to me, girl!  Ive watched you try to twist men around your little finger since you were eight years old.  Uncle Mark told me about the time you took off your clothes and started masturbating in front of him when you were 12 and offered to suck him off, and fortunately I came in the room just as you had put his prick in your mouth.”

“No, no!  He made me do it, really.  He took my dress off and he twisted my arm until I agreed to suck him.”

“Thats enough of your damned lies, girl!  Youll just say anything to get out of trouble, wont you?  Well, were not putting up with your untruths anymore!”

Mark bounded from his chair and grabbed Amanda by the hair, pulling her up to a standing position, long enough to pull her overcoat off.  As she tried to pull away, Sally jumped up and began tearing Amandas clothes off.  The poor girl was helpless to defend herself, as she tried to reach up to get Mark to let go of her hair.

In moments, Sally had stripped off Amandas dress, unhooked her bra and pulled her panties down to her knees.  Mark let go of his sobbing nieces hair long enough to seat himself on the couch and pull the struggling girl down over his lap.  In the process, her bra slipped down her arms and wafted to the floor.

In spite of her attempts to defend herself, Amanda was no match against both her uncle and aunt, and, panting and straining, she soon found herself flat across Marks knees.  The alabaster skin of her buttocks quickly turned to pink, then crimson, as Mark belabored the twin cheeks with his rapidly rising and descending stiff hand.  His arm around her waist was strong enough to keep her in place, in spite of Amandas scissoring legs, which were flying about in all directions.  Mark continued to pound on his nieces backside, in spite of her futile pleas, sobs and myriad tears.

After over five minutes of beating her, Mark finally stood the near-naked girl up between his knees and began to berate her.  The fact that her shaking breasts were inches from his face made it a bit more difficult for him to concentrate on his diatribe, but he and Sally had discussed the situation so thoroughly on the way to pick Amanda up, that he could have given his speech in his sleep.

“Now you get this straight, young lady.  You belong to us.  Your mom has disinherited you and never wants to see you again.  So you have no choice but to live with us and do as we tell you, or go to jail.  You dont even want to hear what goes on in there.  So, you will obey us at all times, and, if you dont, what you just got will seem like a picnic compared to what youll get in the future.  Do you understand?”

Amanda made one final attempt to show some independence.  With tears still streaming down her cheeks, she pulled her shoulders up and stared malevolently at her uncle.

“I dont have to stay here.  Im old enough to take care of myself.  I dont want to stay here!  I want to leave!”

To Amandas complete surprise, Sally immediately grabbed her arm and pulled her to the front door.  Opening the door, Sally turned Amanda to face the front yard and pushed her so forcefully that the poor naked girl stumbled as she fell forward into the snow. 

“Okay, Kiddo.  Youre on your own!  Have a good life.”

As Amanda attempted to push herself up out of the snow, Sally slammed the front door and locked it.  The sobbing girl was so totally terrified and mesmerized, she stood for a moment, not able quite to comprehend the mess she had put herself into.  Finally, coming to her senses and beginning to feel the cold permeating her nakedness, she moved hesitantly to the door.  After trying to turn the door knob and finding it locked, she hesitantly knocked on the door.  No response!

Suddenly, beginning to feel the cold hitting every inch of her body and especially her bare feet, which were sunk in several inches of snow, Amanda began to knock more forcefully and beg to be let in.

“Ppplease llllet mmmmee innnn.  IIIImm sssorry.  PPPpppllleeeaase!”

She continued to knock, more and more desperately.  Inside, Sally stood on the other side of the door with a satisfied grin on her face.  As the knocks became more and more desperate, Sally kept looking at the clock on the living room wall.  Mark removed his overcoat.  Finally Sally made a move to open the door.

“Thats three minutes.  That should be enough.”

She unlocked the door.  Amanda had sunk to her knees and was clasping her arms with her hands, rubbing them up and down, shivering and desperately trying to warm herself.  Sally grabbed the sobbing girl by the hand, yanking her back inside.  As the trembling girl stood before her tormentor, it was obvious that every her whole body had turned to one big goose-bump.  As she dropped her hands to her side, Sally took a good look at her breasts.  Besides being full of goose-bumps, they had shrunk slightly, the brown areolas had crinkled up and the nipples, themselves, were fully erect.  Mark moved over to her and wrapped his large arms around the trembling girl.  He grasped her tightly, feeling the cold of her body invade the warmth of his shirt.  They continued to hug for half a minute longer, as the warmth of his body began to seep into Amandas still-shaking body.

When Mark finally broke away from her, his front was covered with wetness.  At first they all thought it was snow that had melted from Amandas body onto Marks.  Then Sally noticed white liquid dripping from both of Amandas extended nipples.  Taking a closer look at the large dark areolas and the long brown teats on Amandas breasts, Sally realized it was milk exuding from her breasts, that had caused the moisture on Marks shirt.  The nipples continued to emit white drops, which dripped to the carpet below.

“You little bitch.  You were breast-feeding that kid, werent you?  Well, now youll just have to let those tits dry up.”

“Not so!  I have a better solution!,” interjected her husband.

With this, Mark drew Amandas still shivering body over to the couch and, pushing her body onto one of the cushions, proceeded to seat himself next to her and moments later moved his mouth over to suck one of Amandas dripping nipples into his mouth.

“Oh, my God!  I forgot how much you loved mothers milk!  The only thing you like better is being sucked yourself, but not on your nipples, am I right?  Christ, I had to fight to let Donny have some of my milk after he was born.  Half the time I had you on one tit and him on the other, both of you sucking away for all you were worth.  If I hadnt hidden some in bottles in the fridge, poor Donny would have starved to death.  Well, consider this just one more of your duties, bitch!  Youll have him latched onto your boobs half the time from now on.  Just dont think this gets you out of the rest of your chores.” 

Sally left the room moments later and returned with a balled up piece of material.  When she unraveled it, it turned out to be a long somewhat-thin flannel nightgown.  She tossed it to Amanda and told her to put it on after Mark had had his fill.  It was obviously a very old very much-used nightgown.  The pattern of roses that had once decorated the bodice was barely discernible. 

Mark finally pulled himself away from Amandas nipple with a sigh, having emptied both breasts at that point. When Amanda rose and slipped the nightgown over her head, though it fell to her knees, it was thin enough and tight enough to disclose the brown protrusions of Amandas prominent nipples and even the faintness of dark hair covering her pussy.  From behind, the vivid redness of her spanked rear end stood out dramatically.

“Okay, bitch.  Youre gonna have to wear your bra with padding until baby Mark, here, weans himself.  Otherwise youll get milk all over everything.  But just to prove youre still a kid at heart, I want you to go upstairs right now and shave all that stubble thats grown back on your overused pussy, since they shaved it at the hospital.  Mark, go up with her and make sure she does it right while I go make some supper.”

“Ttthats all right, Maam.  I can do it without his help.”

“Did I ask you, stupid?  Make sure she does it right, Mark, cause Im gonna check when she gets back down here, and God help her if I find even one hair.”

Mark grabbed Amandas hand and pulled her upstairs to the bathroom, ordering her up on the counter next to the water faucet.  He had her remove her nightgown and, helping her onto the counter told her to spread her legs as he pulled a chair up and sat between her feet, so that his face was less than two feet from her vagina.  The poor girls face had turned bright red, as the embarrassment of having this near-stranger preparing to watch her perform what she considered the most embarrassing act shed ever done.

Mark handed the tube of shaving cream to Amanda and told her to slather it all over her nether region.  Totally mortified, she began rubbing the slick creamy white substance all over her vagina.  Mark then reminded her she needed to cover the area around her little puckered asshole, too, if she wanted to make sure to get all the stubble.  When she had covered every inch of the area, he handed her the razor, reminding her to be careful not to cut herself. 

Her face still glowing red and tears still welling up in her eyes, Amanda began to run the razor over the area, rinsing it off occasionally in the warm water that flowed from the faucet.  Within a couple of minutes she had removed all of the cream, and her vagina glowed wetly.  Mark handed her a towel, and she wiped thoroughly between her legs, remaining seated on the counter.  He then opened a bottle of his shaving lotion, and, before she realized what he was doing, he ran his hand over the entire vaginal area, being sure to cover the area between her labial lips.  As soon as the alcohol in the lotion had a moment to dry on her sensitive vulva, Amanda let out a half-scream.  The pain on her sensitive membranes felt like a match had been run between the lips.

Mark then proceeded to run his hand back and forth across the entire vaginal area, supposedly searching for any missed stubble.  He continued to run his fingers up and down the area, his finger delving between her vaginal lips, where they both knew no hair ever grew, but Amanda dared not mention that to her uncle.

Eventually he grabbed her nightgown and ushered her down the steps to the living room.  Sally, hearing them descend, left her preparations for dinner and came back to join them.  Eying Amandas bare pussy carefully, she mentioned again the direness if she found even one hair still abiding between the embarrassed girls legs.

Sweeping her entire hand between Amandas legs, Sally entertained herself with a more than thorough examination of the girls entire vulva, paying particular attention to the area between her labia, as the red-faced girl closed her eyes in an attempt to shut out the shame she was being forced to endure.  When she had finished her examination, Sally swung her arm back and landed a loud smack on Amandas sore rear cheeks.

“All right, Missy, put that bra and your nightgown on and come in and help me with dinner.  No panties from now on, got it? And you better keep that pussy hairless from now on, you hear me?”

Amandas face turned fully red again.

“ What about… when I… when I have… my… monthlies, Maam?,” the embarrassed girl queried.

“Ill give you a belt to wear, stupid.  Now stop wasting time!”

Chapter 2

Amanda was consigned to the kitchen to eat her supper, although she was given the chore of serving every part of the meal to Mark and Sally.  While she was serving the gravy for the mashed potatoes, Mark slipped his hand up under Amandas nightgown and grabbed both lips of her vagina, twisting them between his finger and thumb.  Amandas natural reaction was to attempt to twist away from Marks attack.  In the process the gravy boat tilted, and gravy splattered onto the damask tablecloth.  Susan jumped up from her chair and, in anger, slapped Amanda across the face.  This only caused more spill, and, luckily for Amanda, she was able to hold the gravy boat steady, so that it didnt turn over completely.   With fire in her eyes, Sally brought her face within inches of Amandas.

“You have just earned yourself a spanking, young lady.  After you finish serving the rest of the meal and washing and drying them, you will report to me in the living room.  Now, get something to mop up the gravy on the table, and then come back and finish serving the meal!”

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Amanda hurried to the kitchen and soon had the gravy mopped up, leaving a large stain on the tablecloth.  She then returned to finish serving the meal.  Sally admonished her for serving the asparagus when it was cold, which, of course, was only because of the delay caused by cleaning up the gravy stain, but it gave Sally another excuse to add additional spanks to Amandas coming punishment.  Amanda spent the rest of the meal sobbing quietly while she carried out her duties as servant.

After dinner she was told to clear the dinner dishes, wash and dry them and put them away, and then report immediately to Sally in the living room.  When she finally arrived for her punishment, Amanda was chagrinned to see Sally wielding a large hair brush.  She began tearing up immediately, as she was told to remove her nightgown and place herself over Sallys knees.  Soon a naked Amanda, except for her nursing bra, dropped over Sallys lap and almost immediately felt the first of numerous blows from the brush.  The first blow caught her by surprise, and she let out a loud oof.  With each successive blow her exclamations became pitiable screams, as the young girl felt the heat on her bottom mounting and the pain became excruciating.  Her feeble attempts to twist loose, because of the growing fire in her behind, was thwarted by Sallys strong arm across her back.

The fire that she felt on her backside was being verified by the deepening shade of red cropping up on Amandas buttocks.  Her screams became guttural groans and yelps as the beating continued.  Soon, Amanda was only muttering indistinct pleas which were barely discernible in competition with the sounds of the hair brush smacking across her plump crimson rear cheeks.

The spanking continued for over five minutes as Amandas pleas turned to mewling mutters.  Finally, when Amandas butt had become a splotchy web of angry-looking purple and red spots, Sally pushed Amanda off of her lap.  As she slid down Sallys legs, Amanda had the intuitive sense to make sure her behind stayed upright, avoiding contact with the carpet.  As she knelt up sobbing pitifully before her persecutor, she was still subject to a hard remonstrance from Sally.

“You can expect discipline like this from now on, when you misbehave, little bitch.  Eventually youll shape up or youll be walking around with a bloody red behind all the time.  Now then, on to another subject.  Have you ever sucked a mans penis?”

“Yyyes, Mmmaam.  My Daddy used to make me suck him sometimes, when Mama was away from the house.”

“Well, from what I understand, its more likely you begged him to let you give him a blow-job, but thats not important.  Your Uncle Mark just loves to be sucked off, and Im not particularly fond of doing it myself, so, from now on, his sperm will be your dessert after dinner, unless the two of us decide to make an evening of it.  Even then, I may give you the opportunity to finish him off.  Did you swallow your daddys stuff?”

“Nnnooo, Maam.  Daddy liked to shoot it all over my face, orrr…bbbreasts, or stomach.”

“Well, Mark likes to feel it being swallowed, when hes coming down your throat.  Thats why I said it would be your dessert.  Lots of good protein there!  Yummy! Now, crawl over to Uncle Mark and get your daily dose of protein.”

Amanda hesitated a moment, not knowing if her aunt was being serious.


Resigned to her fate, Amanda crawled over to Mark, who was busy unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his fly.  Soon his pants and boxers were down at his ankles and Amanda got her first look at what was to be her nemesis for the rest of her time in the house.  Her eyes grew large as she saw Marks hardening prick.  Her fathers penis was considerably smaller, and, having never seen another one to compare it with, had thought it was normal.  As she saw Marks grow harder, she squeezed her eyes shut, only to hear her aunt shout orders for her to proceed. 

Taking his prick in her hand, Amanda tentatively opened her mouth and moved her head closer.  When she felt it touch her lips, she stuck her tongue out and began bathing the head of his prong with her saliva, a trick her father had convinced her made him feel good.  Moments later, she felt Marks hand grab the back of her head and push it further onto his now hard penis.  Unwillingly, her head slid forward until she felt the head touching the back of her mouth.  Suddenly, she began to retch and cough, the first of myriad times she would be reacting in similar fashion to his penis being forced into her throat.  Soon Mark had begun a steady rhythm, bringing her lips to the edge of his prick and then slamming his dick back to dig painfully into her throat.  With each thrust she gagged and sputtered, feeling heavy globs of spittle drip from her mouth down to her chin.

As his orgasm drew nearer, Mark began to hold Amandas head against his stomach for long moments at a time.  Instinctively, she would try to pull her head back to allow air into her lungs, but unsuccessfully. Eventually the lack of air would cause her to start to black out, at which point Mark would finally pull her head back, so that her mouth was covering only the head of his prick, and she would gasp in large mouthfuls of air.

The torment continued for what seemed endless minutes.  If she wasnt gagging and coughing from having Marks prick forced down her throat, she was desperately trying to get air into her lungs.  The slime and spittle dripped from her mouth in great gobs now, dripping first onto her jutting breasts and, from there, onto the carpet below.

Finally she felt Mark begin to tremble and groan, the force of his hands on the back of her head becoming more insistent, and, eventually, what she knew was coming, the final thrust of his penis far back in her throat, remaining there as his hot semen rushed down her gullet.  He held her head in that position for nearly half a minute, and Amanda brought her hands up to Marks thighs in a frenetic, but unsuccessful,  attempt to pull herself back.  She actually blacked out from lack of air for a few seconds, before Mark finally let her head go, and she fell back to the carpet with a loud gasp.  As painful as it was to feel the rough carpet digging into her tender behind, she was so thankful to be able to breathe again, that she hardly noticed how much it hurt.

As she sat there on the carpet gulping in air, Sally smiled and, for the first time sat back in her chair and sighed.

“Now, wasnt that fun, Sweet Cheeks?  Just think, you get to do that every day from now on.  But itll get easier as you go along, Im sure.  Youll pick up some tricks of the trade.  Now get on your hands and knees and suck up all that glop you dripped all over my nice carpet!”

Beginning to cry again, Amanda forced herself to get on her hands and knees and start to slurp up the slime that had dripped from her mouth during her blow job session.  Even though she knew what she was sucking up was her own spittle, it was all she could do to keep from vomiting it all up again.  Instead, she just retched until she had finally cleaned the carpet sufficiently.

She looked up at Mark, who was sitting back on the couch with a satisfied look on his face, hoping against hope that they were finally through with her and she could go to bed, but that was not to be.

“Before you go to bed, Amanda, I think it would be wise to drain those milk-heavy boobs of yours, dont you?  Otherwise youre gonna wake up in the middle of the night with sore tits just aching to be drained.  Take off your gown and bra and climb up here next to me, and Ill take care of your problem right now.”

Hesitantly Amanda rose, shucked off her nightgown, unhooked her bra and let it slide down her arms to the floor and seated herself next to her man/baby.

“God, I just loved seeing that naked pussy of yours.  It makes you look like a little girl, until I look up and see those luscious boobies of yours.  Ummmmmmm!”

With this, Mark lowered his mouth to her nearest nipple and began to suck in earnest.  This time he was not gentle with her.  His sucking became voracious, as he inhaled as much of her breast as he could take in his mouth.  When he tired of that, he released the suction and began chewing on her nipple.

“Ouch!  Oh, sir, youre hurting me.  Please, not so hard.”

Mark pulled himself off of her breast just long enough to glare at her.

“I know what Im doing, girl.  Just be glad I dont bite it off!”  Then he reattached himself.

Sally chuckled.

After ten minutes or so, Mark had again drained both of Amandas breasts of their precious fluid and he sat back up next to her.  Amandas breasts showed the result of his latest venture.  Not only was the area around both areolas red and splotchy but they ached terribly now.  It was difficult for her to tell which was sorer, her butt or her tits.

Sally ordered Amanda to put her bra and gown back on, and, after she had brushed her teeth and gone to the bathroom, ushered her down to the cellar.  It was lit by one weak light bulb and was cool everywhere but in front of the furnace, where the coal fire gave off a nice radiance of heat.  Sally then opened up a cot, which had a very thin mattress, and threw an old army blanket over it. 

“Theres your bed, Dolly.  If you keep it next to the furnace, you should stay nice and warm all night.  Oh, yeah, one thing more!  Youre responsible for keeping the furnace going.  You may have to get up once each night to throw a few shovels-full of coal in it.  Just dont let it go out.  Got me?”

Amanda nodded her head and watched as Sally mounted the stairs to the kitchen.

“Nighty-night!”  The light went out, and Amanda heard the click of the lock on the kitchen door.

So tired, she was just happy to finally have some time to herself.  She groped her way to the cot, slid under the scratchy blanket, and, in spite of its scratchiness, fell into a deep sleep almost immediately.

Chapter 3

Amanda was so tired that, in spite of the pain emanating from her bottom and the scratchy blanket, she fell asleep almost immediately, and, by the early morning she had managed to close her entire body within the warmth of the blanket, including her head, which was wrapped mummy-like at the top.  Her first inkling that something might be askew was when the entire blanket was yanked off of her nice warm body.  The light had been turned on, and, standing over her like a hungry eagle about to carry off her next meal was Sally with a glower on her face that would have scared an ogre.

“You let the fire go out, you ungrateful guttersnipe.  You will pay for that later, after we get the fire going again and your uncle off to work.  Get up, you lazy slugabed! NOW!”

Amanda slid out of bed as fast as she could, but not before Sally was able to smack her behind a couple of good strong slaps in the process.  Amanda raced over to the shovel and within thirty seconds had managed to throw three shovels full of coal into the ice-cold furnace.  As she was lighting the match to reignite the pilot light, she received two more wallops across her rear end.  Finally the fire was beginning to start up, and Sally was shooing the young girl upstairs to the dining room, where Mark had just poured himself a bowl of Wheaties.

Sally ordered her to divest herself of her nightgown and bra, which she began to do as Sally went into the kitchen to pour Marks coffee.  When she finally stood naked before Mark, he ordered her to lean over his bowl of cereal.  When she did, he grabbed one of her breasts at the base and began squeezing, none too gently.  Immediately milk began squirting from Amandas nipple, as she grimaced and squeaked in pain.  Mark managed to fill half of the bowl with Amandas sweet white excretion, before he let go of the partially depleted udder and grabbed the other teat.  After half a minute of squeezing he had the bowl filled to the brim with mothers milk.  Again, the pain attached to this exercise was sufficient to cause short gasps from Amanda, whose tits were beginning to feel as if they had been run through a washing machine ringer. 

As Mark sat down to partake of his delicious cereal treat, Sally entered with a steamy hot cup of coffee. She set it down before Mark and went to retrieve a cup for herself.  Mark tore into his cereal like a starving waif, and Amanda, without orders from either Mark or Sally, who had returned to sit in her place and drink her coffee, stood naked next to the table.

When he finally finished his cereal, he placed the bowl to the side and moved his coffee cup to the mat in front of him.  He ordered Amanda to lean over the cup, so that he could retrieve some more of her delightful mothers milk.  She leaned over the cup, and Mark grabbed her breast at the base with both hands again.  Instead of squeezing this time, however, he yanked on the proffered boob, dipping it into the coffee so that the entire nipple and areole sank into the hot liquid.  Amanda screamed and managed to pull her injured breast out of the hot liquid hastily, but not before it had burned the area badly. 

“Oh, my!  I got it in a little too far, didnt I?”

Then, in spite of the rush of tears to Amandas eyes, he again lowered her breast, this time within four or five inches of the cup and squeezed out enough white liquid to lighten the black substance in the cup considerably.   When he let go of her wounded knob, Amanda lifted her breast to her mouth and, whimpering, began to blow on it gently.  Mark stirred the liquid, gulped it down and rose quickly, saying he had to get to work.

Sally rose and went to the door with him, where, upon donning his overcoat and hat, Mark took her in his arms and gave her a deep kiss.  She watched from the front door, which was standing fully open, until he had backed the car into the street and pulled away.  She closed the door, hugging her robe to her, as she moved over to the nude girl, who had not moved from her place at the table.

“Now then!  I think we have a little coal fire negligence to take care of, dont we?  Go up to our bedroom, lazybones, and bring me down one of your uncles belts, preferably the widest one you can find and be quick about it!”

Amanda knew enough to trot up the stairs and, after searching through Marks closet, finally found a black belt that she thought fit the requirements Sally had give her.  She hurried down to the living room, her ample breasts bouncing around merrily as she raced to give the belt to her aunt.

“It took you long enough, sluggard.  All right, move all the tables and chairs to the side of the room and get in the middle of the room.  Now, put your hands behind your neck and dont move them until Im finished punishing you, you little goof-off!”

After she had done as told, Amanda closed her eyes and awaited the first strike.

“I didnt tell you to close your eyes, girl.  I want you to see what youre getting every time.”

Amanda opened her already teary eyes and waited in fear.

“If you move your hands, we start all over, got that?”

Amanda nodded.  The belt flew and struck her low on both thighs.

“I didnt hear anything, except your head rattling, girl.  Do you understand?”

“Owww.  Ohhhhh!  Yesss, Maaaaam!”

“Thats better!  All right here we go!”

A moment later the strap was digging into Amandas buttocks, still sore from the previous nights beating, which Sally noticed were still nicely reddened.  Wasting no time Sally swung the belt back immediately and let go another, then another, and another, to the same area of Amandas cheeks in rapid succession.  Amanda managed to keep her reactions vocal, though vociferous, for the first four of the rapid-fire strikes, but when the belt hit a particularly tender area that was still very painful from the prior nights beating, her hands impulsively moved down to rub the soreness. 

Almost immediately Sally, who had been anticipating such a reaction from Amanda, switched hands with the belt and let go with a smack that caught Amanda right across her left nipple.  The excruciating pain traveled like an electric shock all the way down to her toes, and she let out a screech that could have been heard out by the street if anyone had been there.

“I told you not to move those hands, girl.  Now we start all over again.  Maybe youll learn to obey one of these days!  Now get them back behind your neck.”

Amanda, whose howling had turned to short gasps, slowly, but reluctantly, brought her hands back up and placed them behind her head. Tears were producing rivulets down her cheeks, as she gulped and strained to make herself stand at attention. Again the rapid-fire slaps began to course up and down Amandas back, rear cheeks and thighs, which finally caused her to start hopping from one leg to the other, which delighted her sadistic tormentor, as she watched Amandas breasts flying about like birds attempting to go into flight.  Amandas cries changed from pitiful sobbing to guttural pleas for forgiveness and leniency.

Streams of spittle dripped from her nose and mouth and actually flew about as her trotting continued unabated.  As a final piece-de-resistance Sally switched hands one final time and brought the strap around until it hit with a loud thud across the lower part of Amandas nipple, which was still burning slightly from Marks coffee-dip earlier.  In utter agony Amanda sank to her knees, grasping her maltreated boob in both hands and then fell prone to the floor, writhing about on the carpet.

“Well, its a good thing that was the last smack, otherwise wed have to start all over.”

Amanda didnt even comprehend what Sally was saying, as she concentrated on the agony that had befallen her poor teat.  Eventually her tears subsided enough that she understood, when Sally ordered her to get up and follow her.  This involved a trip up to the second floor.  Soon they were standing before a door that Amanda had never noticed before.  Sally opened it and shoved Amanda through it.

As she began slowly ascending the stairs, she could feel the cold of what turned out to be the attic begin to envelop her body.

“This should help you cool off a little, Dolly.  Maybe 15 minutes in the attic will convince you to straighten up and fly right.  Its not as cold as the outdoors , but youll notice there arent any heating ducts from the furnace up there, so you may get a little chilly.”

There was enough light coming through the one small window in the attic to allow Amanda to move about the area without bumping into things.  She noticed a fair number of boxes scattered about and began looking through them in the hope of finding some kind of cloth with-which to cover herself.  There was nothing in any of the boxes except lots of books and knick-knacks.  No clothing or blankets.  The realization brought to mind just how cold she was, and, looking down at her shivering body, she noticed it was covered with goose-bumps again.  Her nipples had shrunk into hardened crinkly brown nuggets, emulating pencil erasers.  She stood and shivered, aware that her butt was too painful to sit.  The shivering turned to trembling before the door below opened, and she heard Sallys voice wafting up.

“Are you ready to behave yourself now, you bad girl?  Im going to take a bath, and I need a chamber-maid to help.  Do I have any volunteers?”

Amanda stood for a moment, not knowing if this was a trick question or what.

“I guess not.”  Sally started to shut the door.

“NNnnoooo!  Ill  …..vvvvolunteerrrr.  Pleaseee, let me helppppp.”

“Well come on down then, lazy, unless youd like to stay up there a little longer.”

Amanda, in spite of her aches and pains, raced down the steps to get to the door. 

“Okay, first I need you to draw me a bath, while I get undressed.  I want the water hot, but not too hot.”

  Sally went into the bedroom to disrobe, while Amanda stepped into the bathroom and turned on the hot water.  She turned on the cold water, but just a trickle.  When she ran her hand under the water rushing into the tub, it seemed very hot, but her hand was able to stand the temperature, so she thought it was about right.

Suddenly, Sally was standing in the doorway to the bathroom without a stitch on.  It was the first time Amanda had seen her naked, and she was impressed.  She knew Sally was probably in her mid-thirties, but her first impression was of someone in her mid-20s.  Sally was statuesque, standing probably 57” or 58”.  Her face was angular, but her lips were full, and her eyes, though icy cold, were a vivid blue to go with her dark blond hair.  It was her real color, obviously, not dyed, because her well-trimmed bush below was the same color as her hair.  Her hips were full, as would be typical for a woman who had borne a child. Her breasts had a tiny bit of sag to them, but the nipples, brown and erect, stood out on them like sentinels, with a large areola to accent their length.

Sally came over to the tub, dipped her toe in and immediately pulled it quickly away.

“Get in that tub, bitch!”

Amanda didnt know what shed done wrong until she stepped into the tub.  The water was far too hot, not scalding, but certainly too hot to bathe in.  She looked in shock, when she realized it and bent to turn the cold water spigot more.

“Uhn-uhn!  Sit down in the water, you dumb bitch.”

“IIIiiimmm sssorry, mmmaaam!  Pppplease let me ffffix itttt.”


Poor Amanda knew she had no choice, but dreaded what she was about to feel.  Her bottom was already so very tender  and inflamed from the spankings shed received, that she knew it would be far too hot for her tender skin to take.  One look at the withering glare in Sallys eyes told her she had no choice.

As she tried to slowly lower herself into the tub, Sally grabbed her shoulder and pushed down, landing Amanda in the tub with a plop.


She tried to stand up but Sallys hand was pushing her down and she had no leverage.  Her bottom felt like someone had lit a bonfire under it, and then she felt the effect of the hot water on her snatch.  It felt like someone had stuck a hundred needles between the lips of her vagina.  She screamed again, but the hand stayed planted on her shoulder. 

Finally she felt a hand reaching under her arm-pit and hoisting her out of the tub.  Not only had her entire body broken out with perspiration, a torrent of tears rolled down her cheeks to drip with the sweat down her body.

Sally helped her step out of the tub, but her hand was grasping Amandas arm in a death grip.

“You wanted me to burn myself, didnt you, bitch?  Well, it didnt work!”

“NNNnnnooo,  I..I … didnt.  I didnt know.  Im sorrryyyyy.”

This last response was given as Sally smacked her scalded bottom three times.

Sally leaned over, turned on the cold water and tested the temp in the tub until it seemed right and then stepped in and sat down with a satisfied sigh.

“Grab that washcloth, Stupid.  You can start in on my back…. Youll need soap, too, Dummy!  God, I have to tell you everything.  Thats it. All over my back!  Ahhhh!”

“Okay, now arms.  Thats it!  Now my legs!  Yeah!  Okay, put the washcloth down.  I have very sensitive breasts, so I want you to soap them with your hands.  Ummmm!  More on my nips, stupid.  Ummmm!”

“All right, now Im gonna stand up.  No washcloth.  Use your hands on my bottom and in between my legs.  Use those fingers to get the soap between the lips.  Now all the way back.  Wait.  I think you missed my clit.  Oh, yeah, keep rubbing there for a minute.  Oh, God, that feels good.”

A minute or so later, Sally finally gave Amanda the instruction to stop.  She had not climaxed, but she was very excited and ordered Amanda to get the big towel on the rack and dry her off.  In the meantime, she stepped out of the tub and stood with legs spread ready to be dried off.  After Amanda had dried her whole body, Sally instructed her to follow her into her bedroom.

Sally climbed onto the bed and lay flat on her back.  As she opened her legs to reveal even the inner lips of her pussy, Sally moved her hands to her breasts and began playing with her nipples.  She looked menacingly at her young victim, who now stood by the bed, gazing at the open maw between Sallys legs.

“Ill tell you right now, Amanda, I am not a lesbian.  I have no inclinations toward lesbianism, but I am so hot right now, and youre the only one available to satisfy me at the moment, so I want you to get on this bed and get that tongue of yours working between my legs until I tell you to stop.”

Amanda moved her eyes from Sallys pussy to her face, which was now twisted in a malevolent smile.

“Ill tell you now, if you refuse me or dont satisfy me totally, I will get out my cute little cat-o-nine-tails and whip your cunt until its bloody.  Does that give you a little more incentive?”

Amanda nodded her head slowly and reluctantly climbed onto the bed, eventually forcing herself to kneel between Sallys wide-open legs.  The expression on her face was one of disgust, and she had the feeling that she might retch at any moment, but when Sally moved her hands down from playing with her now-hardened nipples to spread her labia, she knew she had no choice but to begin.  Soon her face was inches from Sallys open vulva.  She tentatively opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to touch the outer edge of one of Sallys stretched labia.  With a verbal order to get her tongue moving, Amanda finally let her tongue delve between the lips.  There was little taste at this point, due to the recent bath, so the young girl began swishing her tongue back and forth, up and down Sallys slit.  She could tell she was performing properly, because Sallys admonishments had turned to purring sounds and little mewling squeaks of pleasure.  In a few moments Sallys hands grabbed the sides of Amandas head and began to guide her to the areas on which she wanted Amanda to concentrate.  Eventually, as her clitoris began to grow and show itself fully, Sally held Amandas head on that same spot and began to utter deep sighs, and the lower part of her body began to tremble.  As Amanda continued to swish her tongue back and forth over Sallys now-prominent clit, the older woman began to moan and thrust her body harder and harder against the stabbing tongue.  Amanda could now feel the liquid beginning to flow from Sally vagina, as it slid down the groove of Sallys slit.

Suddenly Sallys whole body froze, but Amanda could tell she was experiencing a deep, deep orgasm, as she mashed her proffered tongue against Sallys clit with all her might.  The two stayed motionless for over a minute as Sally came down from her climax.

“More!” was the only word out of Sallys mouth, but Amanda knew it was time to go back to work.  By the time they were finished, Amanda had brought Sally off three more times, and Sally was as limp as a satisfied penis.  Sally finally pushed Amandas head away from her crack, turned on her side and was soon snoring loudly.  Amanda, not knowing what she should be doing at this point, stayed where she was, closed her eyes and soon drifted off to sleep herself. 

A half hour later Amanda was awakened by Sallys foot hitting her head.  Then Sally started putting her clothes on.

“Come on, lazy bitch, its time to start getting supper ready.  Get your bra and gown on and meet me in the kitchen.  Were having steak tonight.  I guess I should have said we, Mark and I, are having steak.  I think well fix you up a nice big bowl of oatmeal.  Then we also need to peel the potatoes for mashing them later and to cut up some carrots.  Anyway, get with it, unless youd like another little session with the belt.  Boy, your butt looks like somebodys been beating on it.  Who could that be? Oh!  It looks like its a good thing Mark will be home shortly, because youre starting to leak in the booby department again!”

With a wicked smile, Sally, who had wrapped a plush pile robe around her naked body, took off for downstairs.  Amanda was left to return to the bathroom to retrieve her bra and nightgown.  She had difficulty putting both of them on, because every movement seemed to pull some muscle and every time a piece of her clothing touched her skin, it was like sandpaper rubbing against her flesh.  She finally succeeded in getting the tight gown over her head and, dreading every moment to come, started the trek downstairs.

When she arrived in the kitchen, Sally was humming a merry little tune as she pulled out the ingredients for the various parts of the meal to be prepared.  Amanda looked out of the kitchen window at the snow piled almost up to the edge of the window, thinking to herself that if there werent so much snow, she might be able to run away from this house of horror, but there was no way she could get far until most of the snow had melted.

Sally must have been reading her mind, because she stopped humming long enough to give her the latest weather report.

“Weathermans calling for at least five more inches of snow tonight.  Good thing Mark got the chains put on the tires today, or wed never be able to get out of here.  Brrrr!  Im gonna have to get out my flannel undies and heavy sweaters.”

When Mark opened the front door after arriving from work, the first thing he saw was Amanda,  crouched on her knees, totally naked, with her hands cupped, one under each breast, as if offering them to Mark.  Sitting in a chair in the living room was Sally, reading a magazine.  She dropped it to her lap, when she saw Mark enter and said with a smirk, “She looks like she needs milking, Hon.”

Mark lifted Amanda from her crouched position and pulled her into the living room.

“Okay, Im tired, Baby Doll, so Im gonna lie on the couch, and you stand at the end of the couch, lean over and drop those lovely tatas in my mouth, one at a time.  He lay upon the couch and Amanda duly leaned over the end to lower her right nipple to Marks mouth.  He began slurping and chewing, much to Amandas dismay, as his teeth bit away at her tender teats.  After many minutes he had emptied her right breast and ordered her to change boobs.  Once she had exchanged the right for the left, his guzzling and chewing continued until he had emptied that udder.  Apparently he was enjoying the exercise, even though he had sapped her of all her milk, because he continued sucking for a few minutes more.

When he sat up, he ordered her to put her bra and gown on and asked what was for dinner.  Sally explained they were having steak and Amanda was having oatmeal.  Upon hearing this he suggested they all go to the kitchen, so that Sally could start broiling the steaks and Amanda could take care of his raging dick.  So, while Sally prepared dinner, Mark pulled down his pants and shorts and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, pointing to his erection, as though Amanda didnt already know what she had to do.

She lowered herself to her knees and took the head of Marks hard prick in her mouth.  In moments he had forced her head down on it, and she found he had pushed his penis all the way into her mouth. She began coughing and spluttering as she felt the head being forced into her throat.  After a few moments, he apparently changed his mind and decided he wanted a slow blow job, because he let go of the back of Amandas head and allowed her to pull back somewhat.  She continued lapping at his hard-on, stopping the penetration long enough to suck on his ball sack for a while, then, back to business, she began bobbing back and forth on half of his erection.  This lasted until he felt the beginning of his orgasm approaching, when he pulled her head off of his prick entirely, rose, and went over to the stove.  Pulling the pot with Amandas oatmeal off the stove, he placed it on the kitchen table, manipulated his hard-on a few times, and, as the semen spurted out of the end of his prick he pointed it at the pot, so that his entire load shot in to cover the hot cereal.  By the time he finished, his sperm covered the entire contents of the pot.  Grabbing a spoon, he started mixing the gooey mess together until it became a glutinous mishmash, which he poured into a bowl.  He turned with a smile on his face to address Amanda.

“Now, if we add a little sugar, you wont even need cream, cause I took care of that, and youve got extra protein besides.  And you can eat your dessert with your meal.  Brilliant!”

Adding the sugar, he placed the bowl on the table and ordered her to eat.  Amanda sat, looked at the sodden mess, and thought she was going to vomit.  She knew that would not go over well, so she closed her eyes and dipped her spoon into her cereal bowl.  Lifting the spoon to her mouth she held her breath and began chewing.  The consistency was slimy, a bit sour to the taste, even with the added sugar, and slightly odiferous, but she managed the first swallow, and, other than the fact that she knew what she was eating, it really wasnt as bad as she expected, though she still had to take a deep gulp of air every time she thought about what she was eating.

She finally finished the bowl, and Mark, with a simpering smile on his face offered her more.  She demurred, and he put the pot in the sink.

Amanda was then forced to stand in the dining room, while Mark and Sally ate their steak and potatoes, supposedly so she would be available to get them anything else they needed.  Watching, as each bite of steak was chewed and they each drank down two glasses of wine, she seethed, but, in order to keep from being punished she managed a big smile throughout the supper, as she had been instructed.

After Amanda had gotten the dishes washed, dried and put away, she was ordered into the living room for a surprise check on her pubic hair growth, which she had given no thought to, since the shaving.  Fortunately it was too soon for any growth to have taken place, but she mentally warned herself that she would have to begin checking that each morning.

The fact that no hair growth had taken place did not keep Mark from conducting an entire inspection, which consisted of rubbing her labia on both sides, then slipping a finger into her slit and running it back and forth from the top of her pussy to her ass-hole, though they both knew that hair didnt grow on the inside of the lips. 

What was even more embarrassing for Amanda was when Mark slid his finger into her hole and ran it in and out three or four times.  Worst of all, though, was when he began massaging her clit, until she began to feel the tingles racing down her body and started grinding her body against Marks hand.  That was the point at which he stopped his tickling, pulled his hand away, and wiped his wet finger on her leg.

“Okay.  You pass inspection for now, cow, but Id better not find any growth from here on.”

Mark and Sally smiled at each other, and Amanda stood trembling slightly in frustration.  She waited a few minutes, still only a few palpations from having an orgasm, and finally asked if she could go to the bathroom to pee, thinking she could finish herself off there.  Sally obviously figured the same thing, since she immediately jumped up from her chair and offered to take Amanda there.  Amandas frustration only grew, as she sat on the toilet and peed, while Sally stood over her like a hawk.  Returning to the living room, Amanda decided shed just wait until she got in bed for the night, and shed have a glorious time bringing herself off, when the others had gone to bed.

She was forced to sit with Mark and Sally for the rest of the evening, while he read a novel and she did crossword puzzles.  She was greatly relieved when they finally decided it was bedtime.  Sally walked Amanda to the basement, had her stoke the furnace and add a few shovels of coal and demanded she climb on the cot.  Suddenly Sally produced a long rope, which she proceeded to use to tie Amandas wrists behind her.  She told Amanda shed leave the kitchen door unlocked, so that when it was time to add more coal, Amanda could come upstairs and wake her and shed take care of the fire.

Sally started to turn to go back upstairs, but came back and sat on the cot.

“I know youre probably frustrated after Marks inspection, arent you?”

Her hand slid down and raised Amandas nightgown over her hips, then descended to Amandas pussy.  Slipping a finger between the lips of her vagina, Sally found the hood of Amandas clitoris and began a slow massage.  As embarrassed as Amanda was, she was delighted that she was going to get some relief, after her evening of sexual frustration. 

Sallys finger began running back and forth over Amandas growing knob, and the young girl began to feel those tingles return.  Her body began to move and her hips began to undulate, as her body began to build toward an orgasm.  She could feel the liquid ooze between her legs, and she couldnt suppress the moans that indicated she was close to coming.  It was then that Sally pulled her finger away, pulled Amandas gown back down to cover her legs, slipped the blanket over her, rose and told Amanda to sleep well, slipping up the stairs and turning out the light.  Amanda cried in frustration and pique for close to an hour, before she finally drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 4

It was a restless sleep.  With her hands tied behind her, almost any movement wakened her.  The awareness that she would be punished if she didnt awaken Sally before the furnace fire died down didnt help, either.  By 5 or 6 a.m., she was awake enough that she realized the fire was dying down.  She struggled off the cot, and, still in her nightgown, righted herself and crept slowly up the stairs to the kitchen, half leaning against the wall, as she ascended, to make sure she didnt fall back down the stairs.  After trudging up the stairs to the second floor, she found Sallys door was open and crept in to her bed.

Not wanting to startle Sally and, as a result, subject herself to additional punishment, she hissed down to the sleeping woman three or four times, until Sally finally opened one eye and saw Amanda standing above her.

“Ummmm…Aunt Sally…Uhhh…Mistress… I think the furnace needs more coal.”

Sally rolled over grumpily, managing to vilify her bound minion as she sat up, grabbed her robe and slipped it over her flannel nightgown.  Sliding her feet into her warm slippers, she rose, ordering the hapless girl to follow her back to the cellar.  When they got there, the fire was, indeed, waning.  Sally untied Amandas bound wrists and ordered her to add a few shovels-full of coal to the fire.

Having finished that chore Sally had her follow her up to the kitchen to help get breakfast ready for her Aunt and Uncle.  While Amanda was seeing to the toast and eggs, Sally put the water on for coffee and Amandas oatmeal.  Sally then went upstairs to waken Mark by snaking her arm under the covers and gently fondling his flaccid penis.  When she had managed to waken him enough to get a semi-erection from Mark, she smiled down at him and told him there was a nice warm mouth waiting downstairs to finish the job and returned to oversee the breakfast preparation.

When he came downstairs, still dressed in his pajamas, Sally had Amanda deliver his orange juice and duck under the table to pleasure Mark.  Within moments, the couple could hear slurping sounds coming from below Marks place at the table, and Sally went in to get her plate and Marks.  She cooed down to the sucking Amanda that she could get her oatmeal after shed gotten all the protein Mark could give her.

While Mark was chewing on his toast, he dipped his hand down below, and a moment later sounds of Amandas gagging and spluttering emanated from below.

“Come on, girl.  You can get the whole thing in your mouth, if you just try.  Thats it!”  “Unggghh… accchhh…argggggcccchhhh!”  “I think Ill make my deposit in your throat today, instead of on your oatmeal.  It just feels so good today!”  “Unnnggghhh…..Sssspppuuuunnnnngggg!”  “Oh, yeah, baby, OOOOHHhhhhhh!”

Soon his hand reappeared above the table, and he finished eating, while Amanda sucked a minute or two more and then cleaned him up.  When Sally brought in his coffee, he pushed his chair back from the table and pulled Amanda up to stand next to him.  He ordered her to remove her bra and gown, which she did hurriedly.  He then had her lean over the table so he could squeeze her tit enough to lighten his coffee.  Amanda stood frozen, hoping against hope that Mark would forego the coffee-dip this time, and she was relieved when he limited himself to painfully squeezing her breast rather than pulling down on it.  He and Sally drank their coffee in a leisurely manner, as Amanda stood naked by his chair.

When hed finished his coffee, he pulled Amanda down on his lap and dipped his head to take one swollen nipple in his mouth and began suckling.  After fifteen minutes he had drained both breasts and sent Amanda into the kitchen to eat her oatmeal.

Mark dressed and, after a long and passionate kiss with Sally, he pulled the car out of the garage and sped off to work.  Sally had Amanda do the breakfast dishes, make Marks and her beds and ordered the young girl back down to the cellar.  There she retied Amandas hands behind her back and instructed her to lie on her back and spread her legs.  Amanda was understandably confused when Sallys hand swept down to find the hood to Amandas clit and begin massaging it until the clit itself appeared.  Sally began an expert masturbation of Amandas rapidly expanding nubbin, until the girl began to moan and purr slightly.

“Oh, getting a little hot, are you?  Ive got just the thing for you.  Be back in a minute!”

When she returned, Sally had a large long icicle, that shed obviously pulled from the garage eaves.  She broke off the spiky bottom of the icicle, leaving a shaft of ice about nine inches long.  The pointed end she tossed into the wash basin to melt.  With a demonic smile, Sally ordered Amanda to spread her legs again.  Amanda, seeing what was coming, was obviously loathe to follow Sallys orders, but, following a firm slap to her thighs, reluctantly spread her legs to the edge of each side of the cot and watched as Sally brought the slippery column down to Amandas gaping vagina and began slipping it slowly into her hole.  Eventually, she managed to slide the full nine inches in, so that only the opaque end of the icicle extended beyond Amandas vulva.

“NNNNNooooo…..please dont…..OOOoouuuu…its soooooo cccccoooolld!  OOOOHhhh….taaakke ittttt ooooouuuutt,ppppllllleeease.”

Amanda strained to squeeze the intruding spike out of her vagina, but it was too deeply imbedded, and she cried out in exasperation.

“Ggggodddd!..... Soooo coooollld!  PPPPPlllleasssse!”

“Well, if its too cold, I have just the thing to help warm you up, little one.  Wait here!”

Sally disappeared up the steps, only to return moments later with a long gnarly item, which, with little ado, she stuffed up Amandas crinkly rear hole.

“There!  Thats a nice piece of ginger for you.  That should warm you up right away.”

Suddenly Amanda had the cold ice freezing her vagina and the heat of the ginger flowing through her bowels.  It was the most painful situation shed ever found herself in.  Of course the heat of her vagina was melting the ice rapidly, but not noticeably to Amanda.  The dichotomy of heat and ice in the chambers right next to each other was causing additional anguish, such that she began to wish she could die.  Her wish was not realized, however, and the tears coursing down her face were only adding to the little puddle of water that was accumulating on the cot below.

After what seemed an eternity, but was really only about ten minutes of mixed hot and cold pain, Sally removed the ginger stem from Amandas anus, but, of course, the residual heat continued to burn away at the tender tissues of her fundament.  When half of the icicle had melted away, Sally grabbed the short extending end of the icicle and, after struggling with it for a few moments, was able to grab hold of it with enough torque to slide it out and toss it into the sink.  The poor trembling girl was left lying in a puddle of icy water directly below her vagina, while tears continued to race down her cheeks to form their own little pool of water by her neck.

“Now I know this has probably been tiring for you, bitch, so Im going to let you take a short nap, while I go up and read for a while.  Then Ill come back and get you up to do a little house-work.”  She disappeared up the cellar steps.

Of course there was no way Amanda could get any rest at all.  In the first place, she was lying on her bound arms, about as uncomfortable a position as she could imagine, but to add to the discomfort, she was lying in a pool of icy water in total nakedness, and her bowels were still feeling the residual heat from the ginger.  In spite of the heat emanating from the furnace, the coolness of the cellar was causing huge goose-bumps to appear all over Amandas body.  The nipples on her breasts had shrunk until they looked like large brown mazes of flesh.  She began to tremble.  Tired as she was, she finally decided the only answer was to pull herself off of the cot and get as close to the warmth of the furnace as she could.  This was where Sally found her huddled when she came downstairs an hour later.  She kindly undid the rope holding Amandas arms behind her back.                          

Amanda was ordered to come upstairs and help with dinner preparations.  She was allowed to put her bra and gown back on.  Sally also gave her an old pair of slippers to wear, a wonderful addition to her wardrobe, she felt.  While she was cutting up carrots, the doorbell rang, and she was ordered to answer it.  She hesitated, considering her state of dress, or undress, as the case may be, but an evil frown from Sally had her heading to the front door in haste.

When she opened the door, there was a young man standing there with a shovel in his hand.  The fellow was slightly taller than Amanda, good looking and in obvious good health.  Sally came to the door, as the young man, a nearby neighbor, it turned out, was offering to clear the sidewalk and driveway of the piles of snow that had built up.  As he and Sally were discussing the subject, his eyes remained riveted on Amandas bust and what little he could see of her bare slit below.

Sally suggested he go ahead and clear the area and then come in for a cup of hot chocolate, when they could discuss his payment for services rendered.  Tearing his eyes away from Amanda, he agreed and immediately started in shoveling snow from in front of the door.

Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang and Ronny, his name, as it turned out, entered to see a nice hot cup of hot chocolate sitting on the coffee table waiting for him.  After removing his coat, gloves and scarf, Ronnie sat down and began sipping his cocoa.

“This is the best cocoa Ive ever had.  Thanks!”

“Well, thats because we used mothers milk instead of cream.  You see, Amanda here had a baby recently, and since shes still producing milk, we used her milk instead of the cream from the dairy.  Have you ever tasted mothers milk before, Ronnie?”

“Well, not since I was a baby, maam.”

“Why dont you try some of Amandas, then, straight from the source, so to speak.  Amanda, take your gown and bra off and sit by Ronnie so he can taste your milk!”

“Oh, no, Aunt Sally, please.”  Amanda, horrified, looked with eyes begging at Sally.  Sally was not giving an inch.  She looked back at Amanda with a devilish grin.

“All right, young lady, for that you can remove your clothes and place your behind over my knees.  You obviously still need lessons in obedience.  Get over here, NOW!”

With tears beginning to fill her eyes, Amanda began slowly removing first her gown, then her bra, as she moved over to stand by her aunt.  As soon as she reached Sallys side, she was grabbed by the arm and yanked down over Sallys lap.  Ronnie sat with eyes wide, as he saw first Amandas naked vagina, then her hefty breasts with their turgid nipples, and, finally, as she was lowered over Sallys lap, Amandas splotchy bouncy posterior. 

Sally wasted no time in raining her hand down upon her nieces sore bottom.  The tears began pouring down Amandas cheeks almost immediately, and by the second blow of her hand on the chubby nates, the young girl was wailing her lungs out.  This only brought harder smacks on her bottom, and, by the twentieth blow, her cries had turned to pitiful pleas for leniency.  Ronnie, with his front-row seat, found it fascinating to watch Amandas full breasts bouncing here and there.  He didnt quite understand why Sally was treating Amanda so harshly, but all the nudity took his mind away from whether   ”the punishment fit the crime.”  Nude bouncing boobs were only something he had envisioned in his wildest masturbatory reveries.  Anything else was gravy!

After perhaps sixty or seventy swats of Sallys hand, Amanda was beginning to hiccup and drool, so Sally stood her up and ordered her to go back to sit on the sofa next to Ronnie, so that he could taste her milk without the cocoa taste.  Obediently, Amanda rose from Sallys lap and hesitantly walked over to the sofa.  Her face developed a look of total pain, as she attempted to plop her raw posterior on the rough fabric of the couch. With a look of misery and a sigh of resignation, Amanda tried to place herself next to Ronnie in the least painful position possible. 

Soon, her attention switched to the young mans gorging mouth, which appeared to have swallowed half of her left breast.  The sucking sounds became the only sounds she could hear, but she could feel the not totally unpleasant movement of Ronnies tongue swishing around her teat and the constant suction of his mouth.  After perhaps two minutes he pulled away from Amandas boob and smiled at Sally.

“Well, its not as good- tasting as when its mixed with hot chocolate, but I sure like the containers.” 

Sally laughed, as Ronnie moved his mouth over to Amandas right titty and grabbed the nipple between his teeth, which caused Amanda to yip in misery.  When he pulled himself off that boob, it was obvious that the suction and biting had been intense, as Amandas breast was covered with red marks.  He obviously had not drained Amandas sore boob, as milk continued to flow from the sore end of the nipple.

“Now, lets discuss your pay for shoveling.  Ill be happy to pay you a few dollars if you prefer, but I thought you might enjoy it more if Amanda was to do some sucking of her own, if you know what I mean.”

Ronnie looked in amazement, first at Amanda, who had shut her eyes tightly when she heard the offer, and then in disbelief, at a smiling Sally.  He stuttered for a moment, and finally nodded his assent.  Sally quickly ordered Amanda to her knees to undo Ronnies fly buttons and open his shorts.  When she had reluctantly done this, Ronnies already hard penis popped out of his shorts.  She slowly lapped her tongue up and down Ronnies penis several times before finally taking the head into her mouth and giving suck.  She was relieved to notice that Ronnies prick was nowhere nearly as large as Marks, but, at the same time, when she took it into her mouth fully, the tip reached the entrance to her throat and she gurgled, then choked slightly, as she became attuned to his length.  The feel of her wet mouth was enough to finish him off in a matter of a few minutes, and at Sallys stern warning she managed to swallow a copious load of sperm down her throat.

After a couple of minutes of recuperating, with Amandas mouth still wrapped around his wilting dick, Ronnie finally pushed her off of him and began buttoning up his trousers.  As he did so, Sally made a point of offering him the use of Amandas mouth any time they had more snow, and he wanted to shovel.  With a pleased sigh, he thanked Sally, assuring her he'd do just that, and, putting on his outdoor clothes, left, satisfied beyond his dearest dreams.

Sally then ordered Amanda to get dressed and help her finish preparing supper before Mark got home.



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