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Master Sam and Miss Pan

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Synopsis: A submissive male visits a favorite Dominant and learns new things.

                       MASTER SAM AND MISS PAN

Ignoring the "Do Not Disturb" sign suspended from the door handle, the nervous submissive tapped lightly on the door to his Master's room in the Starmount Guests section of the Atlanta Sheraton Inn where She was staying.  It was always this way, though this was a 5th visit to Master Sam.  After a brief pause, his Owner for the next few hours pulled open the door and, without speaking, gestured for him to enter.  He stepped past Her into the room as She pushed the door closed behind him, and then She stepped into his arms, returning his tentative kisses aggressively and making it clear, as always, Who was in charge in this intimate moment in over three months.  Finally, She broke the kiss, and he whispered, "Thank You, Master.  It has been too long since i felt Your lips."

"Yes, slut, it has, but you are here now, so let's have a seat and catch up on what you've been depriving me of for much too long.  On the hassock before the easy chair.  Now!"  Though She barked out the command in a severe tone, She smiled at him fondly as She indicated the square footrest across the room and asked, "Thirsty?  Would you like a sip of water while W/we chat?"

He swallowed hard, his mouth and throat dry as they always became as he approached a meeting with Master Samantha.  "Yes, please, Master, that would be much appreciated," he murmured as he stepped across the room and settled gracefully as he could on the hassock facing the chair.

She filled one of the room's guest glasses with bottled water and carried it over to him, settling comfortably into the chair as She handed it to him.  "Slide a little closer, slave.  I want to rest my feet in your lap.  When you are refreshed, you may begin massaging my calves and feet.  Gently, of course, and don't dare to go beyond the hem of my skirt.  Understood?"

"Yes, Master.  Of course, and thank You."

Her legs were bare of hose, and he savored their smoothness and subtle muscularity.  Clearly, She spent time in the gym.  Given Her grace and ease of movement, he suspected also a good deal of time practicing Yoga.  Placing his half-empty glass on the nearby desk, he began to firmly knead Her calves as he leaned down to gently touch the tip of each toe with his lips.  He was thorough and deeply intent with each stroke, each squeeze.  She always set the pace, and he knew better than to go faster or harder than pleased Her.  He heard Her sigh as he massaged and kissed, and then She began to chat with him.  What had he been up to?  How was his work going?  What movies had he seen and what books had he read?  It was much like two old friends discussing what one of them had been doing since their last encounter, but, as always, the conversation was one-sided, dominated effortlessly by Her.  She was putting him at ease, while revealing nothing of Herself.  He knew a few days earlier that She had been on the West Coast where She lived now, and that She had flown across the continent for a tour amongst Her East Coast clients, but he had no idea of exactly where She had been the night before or would be tomorrow night.  For now he was with Her and that was all that mattered.  Upon entering the room, he had placed the envelope containing the required Tribute on the bathroom counter and had promptly forgotten about it.  Time with his Master wasn't inexpensive, and on this visit She had specified an extra few hundred dollars for something "very special" that She had planned but that mattered not at all to him at this moment.  He was with Her, sitting with Her lovely feet and legs in his hands, and he was totally content.

Smiling comfortably, She gently withdrew Her feet from his lap and let them drop to the carpet.  She smiled and leaned toward him, playfully stroking his thighs with her fingers.  She stopped and gazed deeply into his eyes, and he sensed that She felt the texture of the silken stockings he wore under his pants.  Her hand slid up to his crotch, and he knew she also felt the smooth texture of his silk panties.  "Uhmmmmmmm, very nice, slave!  It feels as though you obeyed My suggestion that you wear 'something slutty' under your street clothes.  Are you ready to reveal yourself to Me, little whore?"

"Oh, yes, please, Master!"

"All right, piggy.  Into the bathroom with you and close the door.  When you return, i expect to see you at your most feminine and most wanton!  Apply the lipstick you find on the counter and line your eyes.  Apply rouge and shadow as I showed you on your last visit.  And add that quirky little wig you brought last time, of course.  It's more becoming than I would have expected.  When You reappear, I'm going to have surprises for you, and W/we are going to accelerate your training substantially.  You'd like that, yes?"

"Yes, Master, I'd like that very much, please!"

She stood, rising languidly from the chair, and patted his cheek teasingly.

"Now it's time to present yourself, slut.  I want to see how you've chosen to adorn yourself for me tonight."  She stroked beneath his chin with a single finger and playfully pulled him to his feet.  "Into the bathroom and prepare yourself.  You'll find appropriate cosmetics laid out for you, and my personal makeup case is available to you if you decide to be adventurous.  Take your time.  I've got a couple of odds and ends to prepare for what I have in mind for You.  In fact, close the door behind you and knock when you're ready.  Then wait until I tell you that you may reappear.  Clear?"

"Yes, Master, perfectly.  Thank You."

She gave him a firm pat on his posterior, and he steadily as he could in his heightened state of anticipation...into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.  First, he slipped off his black camelhair sport coat and  unknotted and removed his black and gold paisley tie.  He slipped off his tasseled loafers and bent down to pull off his calf- high dress socks, revealing the black silk hose that covered his feet and ankles.  He delighted in how pretty his toes looked with their carefully applied coat of Sally Hansen Black Cherry polish, the color he always used when visiting his Master and of which, happily for him, She graciously approved.  He smiled to himself remembering Her remark during his most recent visit about how petite and feminine his feet were.  Hoping  She would approve, too, of the stockings he had chosen for tonight, He slipped the gold-tinted, silk braces off of his shoulders and let his charcoal gray wool trousers puddle around his feet, revealing the black, seamed thigh-high hose that covered his legs as well as the straps of the black, lace garter belt from which they were suspended and the black silk, ruffled panties that almost masked his slightly swollen but still sadly soft cock.  He bent over and recovered his pants, folding them and placing them atop the small but growing pile on the sink counter.  Off came his white dress shirt, revealing the black camisole top he had purchased because it seemed a good match with all the other items he had bought from Suddenly Fem since his last visit with Master.  He gazed at himself in the mirror and smiled.  This seemed a very appropriate basic outfit for the harlot She had labeled him during their last visit together. 

Just two final touches:  first. there were the jangling ankle bracelets he had been wearing to every meeting with Master since their third encounter.  He had ordered them from a website catering to belly dancers, and both he and She had been delighted with them.  They tinkled and jangled with every step he took, and consequently they "belled" him like the proverbial cat as well as branding him a bit as the Gorean pleasure slave that he liked to fancy himself.  Second, he fastened white gold anklets and bracelets around his ankles and wrists with a matching chain around his throat.  These were his personal symbolic chains of enslavement; he hoped that once again She would apply the black, leather collar with which She had encircled his throat on his last visit to Her, but, just in case, these delicate chains said what he felt in his heart and deep in his soul:  he was Her slave...Master Samantha's property for as long as She chose to keep him.

He turned his attention to the cosmetics She had provided.  Dark eye shadow added a touch of smoke beneath his brows and above his lashes.  Black liner was drawn carefully--but disappointingly unskillfully, he still had so much to learn!--around his eyes.  A bit of pink rouge rubbed over his cheeks gave him a flash of color and emphasized his "sluttiness" as She enjoyed reminding him frequently.  It was a status he embraced with all his heart and in which he took all the pride that someone like him was allowed by his Owner.  Then the "crowning" touch:  his wig.  It was a modestly expensive, silver-haired affair in obvious need of the attention of a skilled stylist, but he had done his best to smooth it out and make it less laughable on him.  He had chosen it because it matched his own coloring and because it was relatively short.  Master had found it initially laughable but somehow appropriate for Her male slavebitch, Her wannabe whore, and had decreed on his previous visit that he was always to present himself to Her wearing it.  He, of course, happily obeyed.  His pleasure in wearing the wig was a small part enjoyable humiliation, and a much larger part that it made his Master smile, and, finally, there was the simple fact that, while wearing it, he felt even more the whore that She had decreed he was to become whenever he served Her.

Finished and ready to present himself in his sluttish finery, he knocked on the bathroom door as She had instructed and was happy to hear Her prompt reply:  "Come, slut.  You may present yourself to Us."  His smile widened at Her use of the "Royal We" in Her summons.  How perfect, he thought, that She thinks of Herself as my King, my Emperor and not simply my Master.  She really is all of those things, he thought, as he pulled the door open and stepped out of his temporary dressing room into Her presence. 

His smile turned instantaneously to a look of stunned confusion!  His Master wasn't alone!

Master Samantha sat comfortably in the easy chair She had occupied earlier, but on his previous seat, the hassock, sat another lovely Woman.  Both Women rose as he padded quickly over to them in his stocking feet and dropped to his knees before Them.  He felt, with surprise, a blush rising on his face as he knelt, thinking of how he was accustomed to abasing himself before his Master, but this was something he hadn't expected.  He was Her slave and, he had thought, Hers alone, but now She had chosen to reveal him to another Woman, apparently another Domme, a thought that shocked him...but also aroused him intensely.  In fact, he began to feel an insistent surge in his panty covered cock that he had thought was gone forever.   He had explained to Master the early days when he thought of Her simply as a Mistress for hire...that he had pretty much lost the ability to get hard, to become erect.  She had smiled and reassured him that an erection was not what mattered to Her.  She delighted in his submission itself, and, as She taught him more and more about himself and what it was he truly hungered for as well, he felt increasingly unconcerned about the softness and smallness of  his tiny package.  By slowly feminizing him She had gradually morphed from Mistress to Master, and he had shifted more slowly from slave to slut to, now, Her whore.  Erect or not, he was Hers and that was all that mattered between them.

This Woman wasn't as beautiful as his Owner, though She was very lovely.  Her short, dark hair was cut in a pageboy style, which flattered Her somewhat angular face.  She was exceptionally trim and, standing before him in Her lavender bustier, very sexy.  She wore matching lavender thigh highs, held in place by a simple black garter belt.  Her panties were opaque, black silk with lavender trim, and on her lovely feet were dark reddish brown gladiator sandals, their straps winding their way above Her ankles and up Her calves.   He was very attracted to Her, but he quickly realized that it wasn't Her beauty alone that was exciting him...Master was far more was simply the fact that his Owner had decided to display him to Her.  To reveal his subservience to another Woman was something about which he had frequently fantasized, but he wasn't prepared to face its reality yet.  And now here She stood looking down at Him on the floor at Her sandalled real as anything could possibly be!  Here was another Dominant to use his submission and slavish obedience just as She chose and Master permitted.

Though his eyes were lowered now, staring obediently at Master's bare feet and at Her companion's stockinged and sandalled ones, he had found a moment to glance at both Women prior to dropping to his knees before Them.  Master had stripped almost completely while he had been dressing.  She was wearing only the heavy black leather waist and crotch harness She favored when using one of Her several strapons.  He was relieved to see that this evening She had chosen the 6" cock She had used in his mouth and ass pussy during his most recent visit.  He knew She had several much larger ones that fit readily into the same harness but that were still far beyond his ability to service.  (In fact, he had  watched an internet video of Her happily fondling a snow-white monstrosity inserted in exactly that same harness a few weeks ago!)  Last time She had gone slowly, almost gently, with him and when She was done training him to suckle at Her cock, there were vivid stains up the entire length of the dildo left by the fiery red lipstick he had applied at Her command.  It wasn't exactly true "deep throat," but he had come close and was determined to do so again tonight if given the opportunity.  After using his mouth and tongue, She had proceeded to take his ass cherry with the same cock.  She had gone skillfully slowly, stretching his ass cunt gradually until, finally, She was thrusting deeply into him as he gasped out his delight and total, abject surrender to Her.  After the delicious fucking She had awarded him, She took Her time fingering his stretched 'pussy,' entering him digit by digit, fingering and teasing him to the point where he was begging for Her tiny fist.  She knew better.  He hadn't been ready...yet.  Tonight he was hoping for the full insertion, and the thought of his submission being witnessed by a second Domme made him tremble with anticipation.

"Pan, I think Our slut is ready for My collar now," Master said, Her voice barely above a whisper.  "Tend to that, please.  I want to be sure that my slavegirl, joanie, is reminded fully what she is tonight, and she always responds especially well to My collar.  Don't you, joanie dear?"  It was the name he had chosen just before She collared him during Her last visit to Georgia, and it was the name with which She had christened him while pegging him, mouth and ass.  It was his chosen slave name and to hear Her adopt it sent a shiver of pleasure down his spine and through his increasingly ambiguous genitalia.  "That's a good girl, joanie," She had whispered as he choked and gagged on the cock pressing deeper and deeper into his throat.  She whispered it so softly, so sweetly that he became increasingly determined to give Her all that She asked of him.  His nose ran embarrassingly, and he repeatedly choked as She laughingly informed him that oral sex was often a wonderful decongestant. and insisted that he take Her cock deeper still.  He wasn't sure if She was teasing him or not, but he had gratefully taken the tissue She offered and kept sucking and licking. "Keep trying, pet.  I know you want to give your Owner  your cherry tonight, and I am determined to have it.   Then you'll truly be my whore, won't you, sweetie?  Then you'll finally have earned what I have it mind for you next time.  You want that, don't you, slut?"

He opened wider and sucked deeper, because he did want that...whatever it was.  He wanted to take the next step to whatever destination She had in mind for him.


Miss Pan stepped behind him, pressing down with the toes of Her sandals' on his tips of his stocking-wrapped toes.  The sense of helplessness and immobility that shot instantly through him was intoxicating.  The leather being placed around his throat and Her weight bearing down on his toes from above and behind rendered him totally conquered!  He savored the solidity and the tight embrace of the 4" leather collar She wrapped it around his throat before buckling it snugly in place.  "The slut is all ours, Sister Sam.  Where do you want it now?"

"On the bed, Pan.  On his tummy and fastened in place for what We've planned for 'it.'  I put the straps in place before you arrived.  Oh, and You'll want these,"  Master Samantha said, chuckling as She offered Her Sister Domme two pairs of leather cuffs.  "I'm sure You know what to do with these."

Miss Pandora chuckled as Master Sam tossed the cuffs on the bed and then She pulled him to his feet by the steel ring at the rear of the newly-applied leather collar.  She guided him forcefully to the foot of the king bed before pushing him down on the floral spread; She climbed on the bed beside him.  Still using the collar ring, She urged him to crawl higher on the bed before telling him to press his face into one of the pillows and to stretch himself out spreadeagled on the coverlet.  Once She had him in place, She buckled the wrist cuffs in place and then, using carbineer clips, She attached both of his wrists to the leather straps his Master had attached to the bed's legs while he was in the bathroom preparing to present himself.  "Put the other pillows under his hips, Pan.  I want to be sure We have a good angle for the fucking I know he's been dreaming about."  Miss Pan giggled happily as She did as his Master wished, and he felt his ass raised up invitingly for what he knew...prayed?... was coming.

She slid down the bed and positioned Herself between his outstretched legs.  First, She buckled a cuff around his left ankle and then his right.  "Spread your legs more, slut.  We want you wide open for Us tonight," She commanded.  He quickly obeyed, presenting himself as submissively, as willingly to the Women as he possibly could.  He was rewarded with a playful slap on rear before Mistress Pandora clipped his ankle cuffs to the straps at the foot of the bed.  "I think the whore is ready for You, Sister," Pandora murmured as She slipped off the bed and made way for his Master. 

"Thank You, Love.  You've arranged him perfectly for what I have in mind for My sweet joanie this evening.  I'll start and, when the time is right, please jump in as the spirit moves You."  With that delicious (he had often dreamed about serving two Dominants) invitation, his Master moved to the head of the bed  and positioned Herself in the V formed by his outstretched arms.  She draped Her legs over his arms and began to slap his cheeks lightly with the 8" cock inserted in Her waist and crotch harness.  He stared at the larger cock in horror!  She had replaced the 6" cock with this much larger one!!  She saw the panic is his eyes and smiled.  "Open wide, slut.  I want to see that crimson lipstick you're wearing smeared over the full length of my strappy just as it was on that tiny 6" shaft you managed to take so well last time and were expecting again, weren't you?  Surprise, sweet slave!  Time to prove your dedication to your Owner, pet!" 

He gazed in fascinated dread at the flesh colored, rubber cock, remembering how difficult it had been to deal with the smaller one initially.  But he also remembered how insistent, how determined, his Master could be and how wonderful it was when he succeeded in pleasing Her.  He believed deep in his slave heart that he was as determined to please Her as She was about his doing so.  Only 2 more inches and a bit more width, but that seemingly small increase mere inches from his face was very intimidating. "Yes, Master, Your slave understands and obeys," he whispered.   He then kissed the crown of Her huge strapon before opening his mouth wide in invitation to it and Her.

She thrust forward, slipping Her cock's crown between his eager lips.  He began to lick and suckle, wrapping his lips around the invading tool while making sure that he did not touch it with his teeth.  She had stressed the importance of never daring to let his teeth irritate the tender flesh that was being entrusted to him.  This cock might be rubber, but She had made it abundantly clear that he was in training for a future opportunity She would give him to serve the real thing.  She had been openly grooming him during his recent visits with Her to serve one of Her other slaves.  "I'm going to whore you out, slut.  That is your ultimate fantasy, isn't it?  To have one of my other who is just as homophobic as you've always claimed to be...serviced by my whore-in-training?  In fact, I have a particular one in mind for you.  He's much bigger than you.  Morbidly overweight, in fact, but he has just the right cock for you...long and thick and a real challenge for you.  Don't worry, slut:  he'll be blindfolded, but you won't be.  You'll get to see exactly what's being put into you--top and bottom.  With My guidance, he'll fuck your face and then you'll use the skills I've taught you to make him hard again, so that he can also fuck your cute little impotent ass too.  Doesn't that sound fun, puta, you worthless excuse for a boy whore?"  He had shivered in horror at the time, but now horror had shifted to anticipation, and he thrust forward, taking Her dildo deeper still.

He felt a shift on the surface of the bed and realized that Miss Pandora  was slipping between his widely-stretched legs.  He heard the light laughter of both Women, and then he felt a chill on the pucker of his ass.  Cold and wet and slick, he felt the lube being slathered on his rosebud  Then he shivered as he felt a single finger sliding into him.  It entered easily, and he was grateful for the training his Master had previously given him and Her "homework" assignments of  slipping a series of increasingly larger butt plugs into his asshole.  A second finger slipped in and then a third.  He gasped around the cock in his mouth even as he felt its tip pressing against the back of his throat.  This was the point at which he usually gagged and expelled the invader, but not this time.  He accepted Her cock as it slipped down his throat and at the same moment he felt the crown of Mistress Pandora strapon slip into his ass.

Again he gasped, though it was muffled by his Master's thrusting mouthful.  Her cock slipped in deeper, and he realized that his lips had met its base...his forehead and nose pressed against Master's sweet belly.  He had taken it all!  Continuing to suck and to stroke with his tongue, his attention shifted to the anal invasion.  The crown of Miss Pandora's dildo had slipped past his sphincter, and he could feel it snaking toward his prostate.  There had been much less pain than he had expected and now there was nothing but the pleasure of feeling the longed-for fullness he had first experienced only with his Master.  But something felt different.  Even through the thin skin of the  ever-present condom, he felt more warmth than he had learned to expect, and, firm though the cock was, there was also a sense of greater softness and more flexibility.  Amazingly, it felt even better than it had when Master fucked his ass!

He had lost all track of time.  He was totally immersed in the experience, when Master spoke:  "Had enough of his ass, Pan?  Want to sample Our pet's improved oral skills?"  Miss Pan slowly slipped out of him, pausing as the tip of Her cock reached his sphincter.  She patted him on his bare back, as She sharply pulled out with a perceptible popping sound.

"Sure, Sis, though it really is a very tasty fucktoy--very tight but very receptive.  You've trained it well, and I think You've got a definitely marketable whore here. You haven't changed Your mind about sharing it with me, have You?"

"Of course not, Pan!  It's Yours to use anytime You like.  Aren't you, joanie?"

"Yes, Master!  Just as You wish, Master."

"Good slut!  And I suspect that Miss Pan will find many opportunities for you to demonstrate your obedience to Her and Me.  But now I think it's time for you to show Her your much improved deep throat skills.  Just lie still and She and I will trade places."

He obeyed, lying silent and open as both Dommes left the bed.  He breathed deeply as he waited, hoping that he could succeed again in pleasing both of them.  He felt one of them...his Master, he guessed...slipping back onto the bed between his legs.  Again he felt the tip of a strapon pressing against his bud.  There were several seconds of gentle pressure until he felt his sphincter open and his Master's cock slip inside Her slave's ass.  It felt wonderful!  No pain, just a sudden sense of total surrender as Her cock found its home in his widely opened "pussy."  Definitely different than Miss Pan's but every bit as satisfying.

Then he sensed movement to his left and felt the shifting of the surface of the bed as Miss Pan replaced Master at the head of the bed.  He closed his eyes and breathed deeply in preparation for Her entering his wide-open mouth.  She slid into place above him and, as Master had done, draped both Her legs over his widespread arms.  "Eyes open, whore.  I want you to savor my cock before I bury it in you."  He quickly obeyed, opening his eyes and then staring in wide-eyed disbelief.  Miss Pan's cock really was a cock!  His Master's dominant companion was a man, a man whose penis had just been buried in his ass...and he had loved it!  "Notice that I put on a fresh condom, slut.  You'll need to learn to do a better job of cleaning yourself out if you don't want to deal with your own nastiness in the future, but today I'm feeling merciful, cunt, and I do want your first time servicing a Tranny's cock to be pleasant for you.  Be assured, cocksucker, that it won't be your last!  So for next time you'll need to learn how to put the condom on your client for him.  With your mouth, of course.  Don't worry slut; your Master has an excellent how-to video online to teach you how it's done properly.  And, of course, you can practice in privacy until you get it right.   I suggest using a banana...a very large one!"  Pan chuckled as did Master Sam.

"Now, joanieslut, open wide for Me," commanded joanie's new Master.

Master Samantha's and Master Pan's newly initiated, collared, and christened whore, joanieslut, hastened to obey.

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