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Laura's Lipstick Education

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Synopsis: A busty curvaceous raven haired school teacher learns to submit to her new young 18 yo master after a few to many glances towards his cock, after rude gestures and behaviours in class. She learns how to apply lipstick seductively on another, and its not on the lips…

Lauras Lipstick Education

By Laura Hall


Okay, he had long accepted he was not the most desirable guy in the world but his role as a sponsor to the local further education college at least gave him the excuse to chat up some of the lecturers and now and again one of them would even accept his invitation to dine with him, just as the IT lecturer had done.

Charlie had thought this one really special for there was something about her that simply radiated his kind of sexual perversions…. until she had rejected his advances toward her.  

Over the following weeks the impertinence of her rejection toward him had festered inside him like a growing sore. Who the hell did she think was to rebuff him like that?

After those very expensive nights out, all those drinks, the dinners and cabaret should have given him at the very least a good French kiss or maybe even a blow job to start the ball rolling before he began inducing her to partake in other enjoyable activities and only on the last date had she eventually invited him in for coffee its the least I can do after such a lovely evening. She had told him.

At least that had been a first, for on the other occasions she had simply allowed him to drop her off outside the house before giving him a perfunctory kiss on the cheek, leaving him to drive away impotent and frustrated at what might have been.

At least the house, detached and semi secluded had been somewhat better than he expected and after he had commented on its attractive seclusion she had replied;

“My God, as a single Mum the mortgage alone costs me a fortune, but after the break up of my marriage I was and always will be determined to keep the house for my son Peter and myself, so my job is a godsend, heavens knows what I would do without that, it would be heartbreaking having to leave this place.” she had told him while throwing her arms wide open in demonstration of what she meant.

Standing there in her little black dress she had never looked more desirable, she was the perfect picture of walking sex on legs without even realising it with those green eyes and raven hair, small waist and beautiful swaying hips, considered to have a good figure for her age, that cute little ass was just begging to be fucked.

With her large tits and the outline of her visibly large nipples leaving nothing to the imagination it had been a real bummer when she had pushed him away, just when he had taken her in his arms and kissed her for the first time.

He couldnt believe it; he had spent small fortune on the little bitch and not even a good kiss to show for it!

“Oh god, Im so sorry but I really thought we were just going to be good friends, I feel so embarrassed now, I do hope you dont think Ive been leading you on…its just that, well there is an age gap between us and, well……….Im sure you understand”

There she had trailed off, but inference was quite obvious to him, never mind that he had money and lots of it with his successful business and most importantly a position of power!

No, the little bitch had assumed she was too good for him, that she was a still a good looking 36 year old single mother whilst he was an overweight balding 50 year old with a tendency to perspire quite freely.

So after passing on her offer of Coffee he had made his excuses and left as quickly as possible. From his Car he saw her standing at her doorway looking across to him whilst giving him a sad little wave just as a youth who must have been her son, sidled up beside her.  Just in time for her, he guessed, for with the boy in the house there never would have been the slightest chance of her giving him the blow he had yearned anyway!

Normally we would have put the experience alongside the others as another rank failure, but there was something about this one he could just not put his finger on. As on the other occasions just being with her had given him a semi hard on for most of the evening and whilst Driving home his erection grew ever harder as he contemplated the injustice of it all, another bitch had rejected him, HIM!

Well this time he wasnt about to take it lying down, the little bitch owed him and one way or another he was going to collect.

Later, in his lavish bedroom, he took out a couple of illicit snaps, he had taken of her, dressed only her swimming costume, in the health centre she regularly used, These blown up A4 photos he placed on his bed alongside some serious BDSM stuff downloaded from the internet, All of which he put to good use by wanking furiously before slowing down and ejaculating to an image of her he had so often conjured up in his mind.

The image of her, bound gagged and naked , kneeling upon his huge bed whilst desperately squirming away from him in a futile attempt to evade the hard throbbing cock he was slowly thrusting into what he was sure would be her delightful little rosebud anus. Eventually the image was of him shooting his thick load deep into her rectum before turning her over and with his knees either side of her head, forcing her to clean his shit stained cock with her mouth.

And there, but for an unexpected conversation, his fantasy she would have remained just a fantasy, but all his life he had been a planner and plotter and she was special. Since that conversation an idea had formed in his mind over the past weeks whereby not only would he have her but he could and would ensure she also returned a profit from a his investment in her. 

Chapter One: 

Even though well aware the house would be deserted when opening the large front door Laura none the less called out her ritual Anyone home? before walking into the house before closing the door and once inside then making for the kitchen, one of her favourite rooms in the house.

Home, and for a few hours at least alone and very thankful  the day was finally over,  the 36 year old Laura Hall was looking  forward  to the normality of her home life,  not that she didnt appreciate her work, it was just that on days like this she wished she could return to the humdrum routine of being a housewife and mother, not an IT lecturer at a college of further education trying with mixed degrees of success to teach  the basics of computer technology to a mixed group of  18 year old school exam failures and dropouts

But since the break up of her marriage Lauras work had been a financial godsend and it was local, just a Ten minute drive from home and with the bonus of ample paid holidays.

Other than from his football training evenings such as today, Laura revelled in her ability to arrive home only an hour or after her son returned from school, something that was almost as important to Laura as a reasonable salary that enabled her to retain the marital home, albeit after having to secure a hefty mortgage and having to lead a fairly frugal existence.  But if that meant keeping the house from which she took so much pleasure and in which she had raised her son for these past 14 years then the large mortgage was a price well worth paying. And of course her son Peter was now of an age where it didnt matter if he were home before her, for he was well capable of looking after himself until Laura arrived home to prepare their supper.

Laura though also revelled in occasions such as these when Peter at football training and she had the house to herself.  So in the privacy of her kitchen the first thing Laura did was to remove her black suit jacket and skirt. Then stripping off her red blouse and tights both items went straight into the washing machine and  wearing only a black lace unwired bra barely able to contain her large breasts and matching black lace panties the cling around the curve of her round bum cheeks Laura busied herself in the kitchen.

Opening the fridge, Laura poured herself a large glass of white wine and after taking a large swig, removed from the freezer the chicken breasts she intended to cook for later after Peter returned home, probably with a couple of his young stud football friends in tow.

Not so long ago Laura Hall had been quite contented to be fully naked around the house whenever the mood took her , a small thing maybe but the sense of freedom this gave her always  helped lighten Lauras frame of mind.  Although fully aware that Peter could in theory at least walk into the house at any moment and discover his Mother nearley naked, Laura was unconcerned, for having always taken a liberal attitude toward nudity, her son Peter had seen her naked body on many occasions and Laura believed her attitude had led Peter to be a well adjusted boy who benefited from his Mothers relaxed attitudes.

But after taking a sip of her wine these thoughts led Lauras mind back to the many occasions over the past few months when she had returned home to find the crumpled covers of her large queen size bed, the bed she vividly recalled having left straight and pristine in the morning before leaving for work.  Now because of the routine disappearance of her underwear, Laura even felt obliged to keep a check on her lingerie drawer.

At first it had been the disappearance of perhaps a thong from her racier lingerie, but then the odd bra, panties and thongs, then even a suspender belt and some of her black seamed stockings had going missing. Some but not all of these items had  turned up in her bedroom laundry basket some time afterward with the gussets and thong panels dried and starch stiff.

By then Laura had had no doubts that her son had been masturbating his youthful juices into her underwear, but as yet she had said nothing to Peter, even after one recent occasion when she had returned home early to find a pair of her favourite black lace panties, thick and gooey with Peters white semen, discarded on the floor of her en suite bathroom, but of Peter there had been no sign.

After telling herself the only way she could really confront her son would be to catch him the act Laura had once again decided against confronting her son that evening, but given his total lack of concern when he eventually arrived home Laura wondered if that was such a good idea, would the boy just simply carry on wanking, not only that but Laura was also disturbed to find herself wondering if Peter would simply ask her if she wanted to watch!. 

Lauras thoughts led to another large sip of wine and then a refill before forcing herself to concentrate on her more pressing problems at the college and of the dark cloud that was of late causing her so many of those problems.

It wasnt that Laura doubted her knowledge of IT or her teaching ability, a skill gained before her marriage at teacher training college and then placement in a primary school.

No it was that while most of her students had a real desire to improve upon the results gained at their childhood schools there were a few in her class who had no real ambition whatsoever, they were simply attending the college for no other reason than to use the two year course as a means of avoiding any introduction into the real, working, side of life. 

It was three or four of these students who were giving Laura such cause for concern,  not only were they almost openly hostile toward her but three seventeen year old lads had of late taken to openly rubbing crotches in obvious state of erection every time she stood over them as they sat at their computer stations.

Of course they were pranks most Lecturers would have easily dealt with by shaming these boys before their peers.  But to her embarrassment Laura found herself unable to prevent her eyes from lingering from upon the boys crotches whenever they provoked her in this way.

Worse was that after each of these incidents Laura had returned to her desk flushed and embarrassed but saying nothing, leaving these boys to smirk at her and become more and more audacious in their attitude toward her, but much worse though and much to her extreme guilt and mortification was Lauras inability to prevent the unwanted throbbing between her legs that began so quickly on these now more and more regular occasions.

Laura guilt had turned to outright shame one night when in the privacy of her own bed she had touched and stroked herself to orgasm as her mind conjured up images of one boy in particular, standing over her with his huge erect cock demanding she pay homage to him with her mouth.

Later regretting her of wanton act of lust Laura had even considered her suitability for her current job and thought seriously of resigning her post at the college, but with her large mortgage and other debts to pay Laura had quickly soon discounted the idea.

So For the time being the best Laura could do was to hope she could keep secret these strange, forbidden yet irrefutably pleasurable desires at bay. And so Laura had again said nothing to these youths and perhaps more pertinently to her college head of I.T. department, worrying that he may reach the same conclusion as she had and ask her if she thought she really was suitable for the job.

Then a couple of days ago things had got really out of hand when the non compliance of two students came to a head. This took the form of one of the boys nonchalantly

sipping a bottle of beer whilst a seventeen year old girl sat beside him quite openly stroking his crotch.  

For Laura this was completely beyond the pale and with flaring anger she strode across the classroom to the couple and with the boy simply smiling up toward her, told her.

Hey Mrs Hall, you wanna stroke my cock as well? Come on, theres plenty there for both of you but this time you are just going to have to wait your turn!

Blushing furiously and aware of all the students eyes upon her Laura had immediately banished the pair from her classroom, but driving home that evening she asked herself if the appalling truth was that much of her anger had been derived from her absurd sense of jealousy that it had not her but another student stroking his monster erection! ………………………………………………………………

As another large sip of wine and yet another refill lightened Lauras mood she decided she would leave thoughts of work back where they belonged and instead enjoy the precious quality time having the house to herself could afford her.

Always enjoying the sense of freedom it gave her body Laura unclasped and removed her bra.

With her breasts from the confinement of the lacy material and the cool afternoon air stiffening her large nipples atop her large and bouncy breasts and With her wine glass in hand, Laura left the kitchen and headed up the stairs toward her bedroom, deciding she would inspect the bed she had made that morning and at the same time check to see if Peter had once again left a little surprise for her before he headed off for football practice.  

Laura had fallen in love with the older style detached house the moment she set eyes on it and of all the rooms, it was her Bedroom with its quirky shapes and rounded alcoves she loved the most. 

Although it had been made a little smaller with the inclusion of an en suite bathroom just inside the entrance, the main feature of the room was a large alcove complete with picture window and Lauras large queen sized bed together with its padded leather headboard.

All of which stood in isolated splendour on the far side of the room opposite an array of wooden pine furniture, a wardrobe, a large dressing table and chests of drawers.

But it was the bed area that first came into view whenever one entered the bedroom.

And it was to her bed that Lauras suddenly astonished eyes went after walking through the open door, the door she knew she always kept closed whenever leaving the house.

But today Laura was astonished to see that on the once again rumpled bed covers lay not just one item of her lingerie but a whole array of the clothing she kept in her naughty drawers.

The stunned Laura looked down at her Bras, thongs, suspender belts and stockings all sitting neatly in order beside an array of the lipsticks she always kept atop of her dressing table.

By far the most worrying of all the items arrayed on Lauras Bed was the hold-all she had thought was safe and very secret inside a locked suitcase behind her bed. The hold-all  containing all her personal diaries, a roll of red plastic bondage tape, a pair of handcuffs, red ball gag, T bar screw up nipple clamps and a large vibrating rubber phallus rubber together with a smaller Butt plug.

Potentially most damaging and embarrassing though were the half dozen A4 photos Laura had some time ago printed off after using the self timer of her digi camera, all poses of herself captured in various stages of self bondage, the most revealing of which being a front on study of herself naked but for a black suspender belt, matching stockings and ridiculously high heeled shoes whilst she lay upon posing on her back with wrists thrown above her head.

With her head resting upon a pillow and wrists adorned with her handcuffs Lauras pleading face and garishly deep red painted lips surrounded the red ball gag pushed into her mouth. Further down the T bar Nipple clamps were screwed down hard, tightly squeezing the large nipples atop of her large breasts laying flat against her horizontal body. Beyond her suspender belt, Lauras legs were drawn up and spread wide apart, enabling the camera a clear view of the huge rubber penis nestling in her blonde pubic hair and quite obviously throbbing away between her cunt lips. 

This equipment and photos were Lauras special toys, toys for when she was in the mood to indulge in her little secret, her self bondage games, her substitute for the exciting orgasm inducing erotic fun her ex husband had unfortunately shown little interest in but now used by Laura as the catalyst for her student fantasises.

But now that secret was out, at least as far as her son was concerned, for It seemed Peter had removed  Lauras secrets from the hold-all and had then neatly laid all of  them out on her bed alongside her lingerie and lipsticks. But why had Peter left it all there? Was it to show his Mother he knew of her secret? Given the content of those photos how could she ever look her son in the face again?  

Oh my God Peter, what on earth have you been up to this time?, I really thought youd never look under my bed  voiced Laura aloud before taking another large gulp of her wine, Christ knows how Im going to deal with  it this time……and why the lipstick for Christs sake  ………………………………………

Chapter 2:

Hey, dont blame the kid this time Laura

Perhaps it was the effect of all the wine combined with the shock of seeing so many of her intimate possessions arrayed across the bed, but Laura had heard nothing and after hearing the voice and spinning around she stood bewildered, confused and staring at the large well muscled figure her eighteen year old IT student Terry Wake, smiling at Laura whilst silently closing and locking her bedroom door.

Just as I thought, real big tits Laura, and hey, get a load of those nipples and what an ass, it looks fantastic the way it wiggles inside your panties, its just begging to be fucked!

So taken aback and astonished was she by this sudden intrusion the dumbfounded Laura could only stand and stare in astonishment at the smiling youth standing there clutching her bedroom door key and smiling approvingly at, she belatedly realised, was her almost naked body!

Oh my God, thought Laura after eventually realising she was stood there adorned only with her black panties and a wine glass and that his large frame was cutting off any possible opportunity of her either fleeing the room or of at least making her way across the room to get at some clothing with which she could cover her almost naked body.

Eventually Laura regained enough sense to put down the wine glass and crossing her arms over her large breasts she began shouting at Terry in fury and no little fear now that the word Fucked had been mentioned.

But this youth was violating her personal space that alone was beyond belief but that he was doing so whilst she was all but naked only added to her anger and so Laura berated him.

My God Terry, what on earth are you doing in my bedroom? Breaking Into my house? And what have you been doing with my things? I dont know how the hell you got in here but you had better turn around while I get dressed and call the police

But throughout her tirade Laura had became increasingly aware that Terry appeared to be completely oblivious to her anger and totally indifferent to her impotent threats. In realising this Laura also became more and conscious of the disadvantages she faced right then, aware that the large well honed frame of Terry stood between her slight five feet three inches and the door that right then appeared to be her only means of salvation.

“Hey Laura, put your arms down I was getting a real kick out of looking at your big tits!

Becoming more and more alarmed at to how she could extricate herself from this terrible situation and very concerned by Terrys casual attitude toward her and his over familiarity in using her Christian name Laura then screamed at him.



But Lauras irate words and threats failed to shift him and recalling Terrys alleged martial arts prowess there would be no way Laura could hope to overpower the boy and with her near nudity causing her to feel even more helpless and cursing herself for wandering around the house almost naked Laura glanced around her bedroom for something to wear, but save for the lingerie Terry had obviously laid out for her Laura could see not one single item with which she could cover her semi nudity.

To her dismay Terrys response was to continue smiling and then even take a step nearer her, forcing Laura to step back further into the alcove and effectively trapping her there before her bed. .  So whilst leaving one arm to cover her breasts Laura then spun around to pick up the telephone handset sat on the bedside table, only though to find there was no dialling tone once the receiver was at her ear and looking down to the connection point Laura was astounded to see the neat cut in the cable Terry obviously must have had made earlier.

Hey, come on Laura, theres no need for that, we dont want the law round here, and this is just between you and me…for now anyway

That Terry had gone to such lengths as to cut her phone line alarmed Laura even more, just what did the boy want of her? Surely though, if he meant her harm then he would already have attacked her. Perhaps it was time to hold back on the threats and take another, more calmer tack, Laura decided, for although Terry Wake was one of the youths causing her so much trouble of late he was quieter, less vociferous and better looking than the other boys, perhaps, more of a loner, but that hadnt stopped him from rubbing his crotch before her nor from smiling at Laura whilst doing so.

But Laura now shamefully not only recalled the occasions when she herself had studied his crotch, but also the occasion when on the very bed she now stood beside she had placed her naked body into self bondage before fantasising over thoughts of Terrys cock pumping away inside her as she brought herself to a series of fantastic orgasms.

With a huge effort of will power Laura then turned back toward Terry and lowered her arms from her Breasts and deliberately bending forward, allowing the youth a good view of her large dangling breasts and nipples as she selected a black bra from the array on the bed. With her heart beating furiously Laura held the lacy garment by her side and raising one eyebrow in an almost sarcastic gesture and in a much calmer and conciliatory voice she told Terry.

“Okay Terry youve had your fun and now youve seen them, thats a lot more than you friends at college will ever do, as you can see, my breasts are not much to brag about but they are all I have and as you said, the nipples are pretty good, they have been ever since my son was born”

“So do you have any objection to me putting this On and getting dressed whilst we sort out this mess?, its just my son will be home any minute now and Id rather he didnt see his mother like this, being threatened with god knows what by one of my students after he had broken into my house, all of which of course you must be aware would get you a hefty jail sentence,”

“Ill rip that fucking thing right off your tits if you try that Laura so Put it back where it was, from now on its me who decides what you can and cannot wear and right now Im still enjoying the sight of those lovely big tits! replied Terry with a sudden edge to his voice.

With this sudden onset of his sudden anger, Laura decided now was not the time to confront him Terry an dropped the bra back onto her bed.  Then much to Lauras bemusement, Terry then made a show of unzipping his jeans and placing her bedroom door inside his jockey shorts before withdrawing key another key from his pocket.

“Come on, we both know Peter wont be home for hours yet Laura so that gives us plenty of time together, and as for breaking in, theres no way I would need to do that, I can let myself in with this key and as far as any comebacks are concerned thats just what you asked me to do, just as Ive been doing for the past few months”

More and more bewildered by the second and despite Terrys assertion he was enjoying studying her tits, Laura again self consciously covered her breasts with her arms. How did he know Peters name, let alone when he would be home? And where for gods sake had he found the back door key he was showing her.?

Laura glanced across the room toward her wardrobe and then rested her eyes on Terry in an unspoken but obviously pleading question, only to be disappointed when Terry shook his head and folding his arms across his chest told Laura.

“You only dress when we finish our business Laura and so if you want to get out of the room youll have to get the key from next to my cock, but before I let you do that we have that unfinished business to take care of.” 

Trapped in the alcove and with  hand dropping to conceal the pubic area of her panties, Laura was hardly able to conceive how in the last couple of minutes her world had been turned upside down, that her happy and secure home had been invaded and violated, that she was having to almost cower semi naked in her very own bedroom knowing she was fast running out of options and despondently wondering just what this youth , with his horrifying talk of unfinished business was planning to do with her.

But for Laura her one crumb of comfort was that although hed had every opportunity since she arrived home Terry had so far not laid a finger on her. Perhaps he was every bit as frightened as she was, so Laura tried telling herself this was perhaps just a youthful prank gone too far, that hed been goaded on by those other boys, but what did he mean by unfinished business? The phrase alarmed her even more and this time Lauras reply had become more pleading than angry;

Please Terry, how did you get that key? and For Gods sake tell me why you are here, what is it you want from me, if this really is some kind of sick joke then it is  frightening the hell out of me!

But With a terrible certainty Laura felt she already knew the reason Terrys was in her home right then, he had known full well what time she herself would eventually be home and that Peter would not be home for hours yet.

But with an almost masochistic necessity she still needed it spelling it out to her and for his part Terry was only to ready to confirm her worst fears, None the less each of his words struck Laura like a blow to the stomach………... 

Come on Laura, we both know youve been sniffing around the guys for months, drooling over our cocks and fantasising about us, so dont try telling me you werent eager for one of us to take the bait and move in on you, and believe me theres a gang of guys who want a piece your ass real bad and are planning to move in on you”

Laura could not believe her ears, this was complete madness.

“This is crazy Terry… please…please just go…go now!” But Terry response was to take another step toward Laura and with nowhere for her to go expect to fall upon her bed she could only stand a foot away from him as Terry then continued.

“It just so happens Im marking my territory and getting in there first, Im making you my little bitch Laura, Ive been planning this for months and those other guys are not getting a piece of your ass without my say so” Then Terry continued  

“I got in here with the keys we copied from the set you left on your desk lunchtimes, thats what you wanted wasnt it Laura? For one of us to copy your keys so they could wait here and play with you in your Bedroom!”

Now that Terry had stated his intentions to the horror-struck lecturer, the words making you my little bitch were ringing in her unbelieving ears and Laura could only lamely reply.

Oh my God, no… thats not it at all Terry… you know thats not true thatcrazy, absurd, you cant just waltz in here…. into my bedroom and say such things to me”

“Im not some silly college girl you boys use and then discard when youve had her; Ive never led any of on… Im your lecturer for gods sake, and a Mother of a fifteen year old son….Im not an Animal! You cant treat me like this and you cant talk about me as though Im some kind of prized pet…. Okay maybe I was a bit lenient on you all but I never for one moment thought any of you would be stupid enough to do something like this! 

“Of course you did Laura” replied Terry, mocking her with his laughter,

“And its not as though its the first time Ive been in your bedroom because as soon as I got the keys cut I started to bunk off class some afternoons to come round here. When I knew your boy Peter wasnt around Id let myself and get to know the house and more importantly come up here and learn all about you.”

Terrys revelations caused Laura to feel more invaded and abused than she had ever thought possible and it was with ever growing unease she listened to him then telling her

“It was great fun going through all your stuff Laura and believe me theres not much I dont know about you now, it was really cool knowing the size of your tits and ass when those other guys could only take a guess about them, of course handling all that stuff was always going to give me a hard on, but the big bonus was when I found all your bondage gear and those pics,”

“oh yeah Im pretty good a picking suitcase locks Laura, so anyway I copied all the pics on the copier in your office downstairs so I could jerk off to you along with a couple of your thongs I took home with me

Laura just wanted to put her hands to her ears and to drown out Terrys astonishing narration, but like a rabbit trapped in headlights, found she was drawn by sheer compulsion to the awful unfolding details of what, completely oblivious to her, had been happening in her own home whilst she had been at the college.

“At that time you werent around of course Laura so instead of having you I had to lie on your bed instead, with those pics and your bondage gear and underwear, Then Id toss myself off into your panties.”

“It started as a laugh the first time but then I thought what the hell, let her find her on panties… so you must have cleaned my cum from loads of your thongs and panties thinking it was your boys cum juice,  oh Yeh, Ive been looking for those black knickers your wearing now Laura. Okay youve washed them since then but how does it feel to know your cunt is pressed hard against something I jerked myself off into? 

Oh my God, It was you all the time! cried Laura, Feeling nauseous and recoiling at the thought she had been blaming Peter. Never in a millions years would she have guessed that all along it had been one of the students lying on her bed,  masturbating and shooting his sperm into her most intimate garments.

The knowledge that the youth responsible now stood quite openly admiring her almost naked body and what he had just told her, what was being planned for her, left Laura sickened and more afraid than ever.

A vice like grip of fear overwhelmed her and she thought just how had stupid have I been?, how naïve to believe my reckless fantasies would not catch up with me, my God, they must have been laughing at me for months, getting together and openly discussing my assets, possibly innocently at first but then, after my continued reckless ogling of the boys crotches had been discussed amongst them someone had taken the conversation to a far, far more disturbing level.

Maybe that was when Terry had decided to act alone and it was a very frightened Laura who now really began to plead with Terry; 

Please Terry, please go now and Ill say nothing about this to anyone, dont get yourself into trouble over, over a silly boyish crush on me, please Terry, you are a good looking boy I know, but Im old enough to be your Mother, I have a son almost as old as you, there must be lots of girls your own age who………

But Terry had been planning this day for a long time and after enjoying himself immensely during his clandestine visits to the house and his clandestine activities in Lauras bedroom Terry was at long last revelling in the sight of Lauras near naked body and was taking huge pleasure from her ever growing humiliation and discomfiture, so Terry decided it was now time to cut the crap and cutting her off mid sentence he dumbfounded and further horrified Laura by telling her.

“Yeh well you can forget all that shit Laura because Ive been planning this day for weeks, you either do as I tell you or I let those other guys move in on you,…and its pretty serious stuff they have planned for you, they got it all worked out and have a nice quiet place lined up they are planning on taking you one night after college after

Kidnapping you in your car and driving you over there”

“They plan on filling you with booze and drugs then staking you out and you taking them all at once, over and over again all night”

“I overheard one guy saying they were all gong to takes turns in fucking your Ass Laura, there reckon on filling you with so much cum juice your Ass will be leaking for a month!   ….and they are even talking about a couple of the girls joining in as well… maybe even inviting a few more guys over from another college… they are even talking about stringing your naked body upside down and having bets all round as to who can best use a horse whip on you and who can aim the best stream of piss into your mouth Laura” 

Laura could feel the bile rising in throat and was almost vomiting as she listened in absolute horror to Terrys astonishing description of what was being planned for her, surely no one could ever stoop to such levels, but Terry had not finished yet.

“As far as they are concerned Laura, the best bit is that theyll have no comeback to worry about, you see they have got a group of students, girls included who will line up and swear youve been making out with them for months now, that the whole thing was your idea for a real end of term bash”

“They have even booked a hotel room in your name near the place for you and your son, the idea is one of the guys would masquerade as your kid and book you into the Hotel, then when theyve finished with you they take you there in the middle of the night and give you something they know will knock you out for say six hours until you wake up late the next morning, that way it looks as though you were planning to doss down there after getting it on with the guys from college.”

Much of his narration was pure fantasy but Terry loved the way Laura was looking more and more frightened as his story unfolded and so he completed the fantasy by telling her.

“Of course they would deny any knowledge of it if you went public right now Laura, after all its your word against the best part of a whole class, believe me Laura, those guys would catch up with you sooner or later and maybe even make your boy watch them fucking your ass of course, its just the same with me Laura, only Im here because you gave me a key and told me to wait for you in your bedroom and you even asked me to get your bondage stuff ready and choose some underwear for you to wear and I can easily get a couple of girls to swear they overheard you telling me that Laura… and oh Yeh, maybe you should think about your boy a little, think about him coming home to find his Mum naked on her bed, gagged and trussed up with her own bondage gear with those big dildos shoved up her cunt and Ass and maybe the words, I am Terrys whore written over her tits, you think hed like that Laura?,”

At that moment Laura wished, really wished she could just do something, say something that what make this nightmare end….Why oh why did Peter have to go to football practise tonight? Why didnt one of her friends come home with her, God at that moment she would have even welcomed the company of the fat sweaty man she had accompanied to Dinner a few times before he had tried it on with her.

But none of those things were possible and the ever more terrified simply stood frozen to the spot as Terry continued.

“Maybe I can stop those things happening to you Laura but your Ass is going to be first on my own list if you dont start doing exactly what I tell you, lets face it Laura

I could have fucked you at any time since you got home, so its your choice, you either accept you are now my little bitch and Im lets say your minder or I throw you to the wolves so to speak and let those other guys take your Ass…and believe me Laura a whole load of nasty guys want you to be their own little bitch”!

What the hell did her minder mean? Wondered Laura, but never before had she felt so terribly alone, so crushed and helpless did she feel.  Of all the terrible threats she had just been forced to listen to by far the worst had been the intimation that Peter would be forced to watch his own mothers possible defilement at the hands of her students.

In a matter of minutes her whole life had been turned upside down simply because of her inability to keep her eyes away from this young mans body. More than anything Laura knew she must protect her son, that she had to put a stop to this lunacy, without incurring Terrys wrath she must find some way of buying time before things went too far, so looking anywhere but at Terry she whispered.

“So what is it you want me to do then”?

“Its like I said Laura, ether you ask me if you can be my little bitch or I let those other guys take your Ass when Im done with you….and believe me your Ass would NEVER be the same after they finish with you Laura”

Having accepted that Terry really was being deadly serious and with the alternative he had just spelt out to her being far to appalling and sickening for her to even contemplate, Laura thought that maybe just maybe she could still talk him out of it but in doing so needed to play for time, so from somewhere she summoned a huge amount of will power and almost in a whisper replied.

“Oh my God….oh….oh God…Terry…please…..can I…be…your…little…bitch”

Never having believed his conquest of Laura Hall would prove to be so easy Terry was elated, unless the little bitch was trying to stall him things were going just the way they had planned, although things may have been very different had she known about the one hell of a surprise awaiting her later, after hed had his own fun with his little bitch…and even if she did think she could somehow stall him she didnt know how wrong she was.

“Thats a good start little baby, now weve cleared up the matter of you wanting to be my little bitch, take a look at that the photo, the one of you lying down with the dildo shoved up your cunt, pick up the lipstick you are wearing in that one, I want it on me Laura”

Thrown by this unexpected demand Puzzled and not a little humiliated by Terrys choice of words Laura stared uncomprehendingly back toward Terry who then had to tell her that unless she did so right then he would tear her panties from her cunt and shove the very same dildo right up there! 

It was only a lipstick and so with her left hand leaving the front of her knickers Laura did his bidding and trying to work out why Terry could possibly want to wear her own lipstick, she selected from the bed the very same tube of scarlet red lipstick she had painted onto her lips before taking her self bondage portrait and held it out to Terry at arms length.

Oh no, you dont get it  Laughed Terry youre going to put it on me, now get over to your dressing table and put it on your lips nice and thick

Laura was even more mystified now, but being across the room sat at her dressing tale would at least buy her time and get her near naked body out from the alcove and Terrys incessant scrutiny. 

If she would get to her bathroom she could perhaps lock herself in until….well that was best left unsaid thought Laura as, a she made her was past him with a wide a berth as possible she made her was past him, well aware of Terry scrutinising her every step of his eyes burning into the pert yet still very shapely partially clad bottom she saw as being her best asset.

Once sat upon her small upholstered stool before the dressing table mirror and again under Terrys intense scrutiny, Laura took a moment to study her face under her Jet black back hair. Seeing no alterative to Terrys bizarre demand Laura then began liberally applying the rich scarlet lipstick, still wondering why on earth he wanted her to kiss him with lips sticky with the deep scarlet cosmetic.

Pouting and squeezing her lips together before dapping the edges with a tissue to complete her task Laura knew she only used this lipstick when playing games such as having her mouth around the matching ball gag or when she took the big dildo from between her cunt lips then place it between her lips…………….oh my god whispered Laura as the penny finally dropped and spinning around on the stool, uncaring that she now fully displayed her breasts to Terry she exclaimed. 

Surely you dont mean you want me to, to…..Oh God no, thats so gross please dont make me do that 

“Dont tell me you havent thought about often enough Laura, and now Youre going to do it for real, you are now going to get on your hands and knees, crawl to me then tell me you want to take every last in of my cock in your mouth and down you throat so you can leave a nice big ring of lipstick at the base”

“And any fucking messing from now on and Ill give you a fucking good slapping before pushing my cock down there myself and then you truss up for your boy to find, only this time with my dried sperm spread over your face and tits…….you got that Laura?”

“.............and oh Yeh, one feel of your teeth on my cock and I break your neck so dont even think about it or rushing into the bathroom, Ive got the key in my pocket.

Lauras recent optimism was dashed, this wasnt buying time, and the discovery of this far more menacing side to Terry led Laura to miserably nod her head in understanding. There was no point in trying any delaying tactics if it ensured a certain painful beating followed by the Indescribable horror and appalling humiliation  of her beloved son finding her trussed up and naked with sperm all over her body.

At least she could avoid that terrible fate if she complied with him now

Good  little bitch, your learning fast Laura… now the deal is I stand back over there by the bed and you get on your knees, then put you hands on your head and crawl over to me and  ask my permission for you to put that lipstick on my cock, you got that?”

Again Laura nodded dejectedly and was soon slowly sinking to her knee in no doubt Terry may soon be demanding  far more than just  having a ring of her lipstick around his cock. A cock sucking session was the least she could expect to get away with, but looking on the positive side, if perhaps that was all Terry was going to demand of her then things could have been a lot worse and at least the boy seemed clean and of course she had fantasised about this very moment and with this very boy on a number of occasions.

Sure this situation was very different, but Laura felt that doing this for him, even finishing him by emptying his balls of his sperm over her body may be enough for him and then she could rush into her bathroom and clean herself down, only the thought he may demand she swallow his seed really disturbed her for that was one thing Laura had never done for any man!

Moments later Laura, hands on head, knelt resting her buttocks upon her ankles before the towering figure of Terry and reciting the words he dictated she should, adding Sir at Terrys assertion that from this moment on she would use only that Prefix when addressing him and then amusing himself by telling her she was to find her door key in his jockeys before taking his cock out of there.

Nervously and hesitantly whilst very  aware that having her bedroom door key could mean her ordeal may soon be over Laura lowered her hands, unzipped him and then pushed one tiny hand inside Terrys .jockeys until her small fingers brushed against his growing erection, then reaching down her palm felt the weight of Terrys hardened semen filled balls.

Having guiltily resisted a sudden temptation to weigh his balls in her hands Lauras fingers finally made contact with the metal of her bedroom door key, nestling on the gusset of his jockeys. Then gripping the key between two fingers she very slowly extracted the mortise key from within the confines of Terrys jockeys and looked up at him with questioning eyes.

“Now put it inside your panties Laura, then push it between your cunt lips then slide it in and out of your cunt”  came Terrys horrendous response.

Almost Every fibre of her being cried out for Laura not to comply with Terrys strange humiliating demands, but together with her desire to protect her son, a part of her that so often fantasised about moments such as this gained the upper hand and telling herself that it mattered not that Terry was subjecting her to more and more humiliations, this was an opportunity to live her fantasy for real, not in the dark recess of her imagination. So after slipping her fingers inside her black lace knickers Laura easily slid the long bulky old fashioned key between her already very moist cunt lips and on into the depths of her cunt itself, gasping audibly and closing her eyes at the sudden and astonishing onrush of pleasure this action had produced within her.

“Leave it in your cunt Laura and take my cock, I want to see a ring of  lipstick all the way up my shaft,  even if you have to push it down your throat.

Almost reluctantly Laura withdrew her fingers from her panties and leaving the key buried between her sex lips, then raised both her hands to first unfasten and then, holding the waistbands of both his Jeans and his Jockeys, pull the combined material down Terry legs until he stepped out of both garments.

Having removed his own sweatshirt Laura was soon looking at Terrys well honed naked torso and a large very erection no more than a couple of inches from her mouth. Perhaps it was the fear combined with the large amount of wine she had consumed and finding her self aroused, the college lecturer showed no resistance when Terry placed his hands upon her head and guided his young rock hard cock between her parting lips and slowly eased his throbbing muscle ever further into Lauras mouth.

Thats it, take it Laura, relax your throat and take it all urged Terry. But when she began to make choking noises as her throat gagged to its large invader Terry pushed on harder still. As she struggled to breathe Laura began beating her small hands against Terrys muscular thighs, certain the life force was being squeezed from her by the asphyxiating monster in her mouth and throat, but just as she decided she must concentrate on breathing through her nose only, Terry pushed again and suddenly, despite her feeble attempt to push him away Terrys monster cock was deep in her throat and the base of his throbbing cock pushing against the spluttering Lauras scarlet red lips.

Terry was euphoric, he was there, he had done it and to the gurgling, gagging Lauras disbelief as she struggled to breathe, his muscular upper thighs clamped against the sides of her head, keeping his cock buried deep in Lauras throat whilst his hands then pulled her arms up from behind her back.

To Lauras astonishment Terry was securing her own Handcuffing to each of her wrists in turn before finally pulling his cock from her mouth, leaving Laura choking, tearful and gasping for breath as he looked down with pride at the scarlet red lipstick now encircling his erect cock.

“We dont want anything to come between your mouth and my cock Laura” Terry told her as he sat himself on the edge of her bed. Then his unobstructed hands cupped her large breasts and even in her current state resentment at having her wrists handcuffed behind her Laura was acutely aware of not only how large her nipples were growing but how much longer they became to Terrys touch when marvelling at their size, he gently pulled and squeezed each nipple in turn.

With his cock now pointing straight upward, Terry told his helpless victim.

Show me how good you can be for me,  give me a blow job Ill remember all my life, make me cum hard in your mouth and dont you dare take your mouth away until I tell you!”

After all he had put her through Laura was inexplicably in the throes of arousal and although furious and resentful at being so cruelly handcuffed she made no real gesture of defiance when Terry removed his hands from her Breasts and began easing her head down onto him and as Lauras mouth enveloped his throbbing cock once more to obediently begin sucking him, Terry marvelled at just how easy it had all been for him. 

In fact the line he had spun Laura about the other guys wasnt all fiction by any means because just after the crotch rubbing antics had started in the classroom, two of those guys  actually had approached him in the recreation room one day. Sidling up to Terry as he drank his coffee they didnt mince their words, telling him that Laura Halls constant glances toward their crotches meant only one thing, that she was game for some younger cock and that being the case she was going to get it, whether she agreed to it or not because it would be dead easy to get a few of the girls in class to swear that she had made the first move, so was Terry up for it?.........................


Chapter 3


What they hadnt known was by then Terry had already made copies of her keys and was already well into the idea of having Laura Hall for himself, in fact Terry had long been aware her eyes were often drawn toward his crotch and he had also caught her looking at him on a few occasion before quickly turning away to hide her scarlet face.

But the idea of copying Lauras keys and having a look around her house had began as more of a one off challenge to himself, just to satisfy his desire to spy on her, only later would Terry Wake look upon her as Operation Laura.

At seventeen years of age Terry lived at home with his old man and younger sister, the old man, although pretty straight and until a year or so ago and holding down a decent job, was on the fringes of villainy and seemed to know all the right guys. Drinking and socialising with them until the early hours and more often than not getting home worse for wear, often bringing a woman home not getting out of bed until lunchtimes.

Even though he looked after Terry and his sister fairly well perhaps that was why Terry had taken no real interest in his earlier schooling, preferring instead to listen to the old mans stories about villains and misdeeds. You can make anyone bend to your will if you do it right son.

But that slogan had obviously not extended to Terrys mother because at the age thirteen Terry had bunked off school early one day and thinking his Mum would be at her part time day job returned home.  Only though to find the all exterior doors had been bolted from the inside, Terrys father would not have done this and his upbringing had taught him the more secure a place, the more someone had something to hide. 

But a few bolts were no barrier to Terry and he simply shimmied his way up a tree out back and jumped onto a small flat roof before prizing open the loose catch to the small upstairs landing window he had used before.

Quietly creeping inside the house he could hear the sound of someone, quite obviously his Mother, sobbing and moaning.

Even aged thirteen Terry was handy with his fists and a well built boy and saw it as his duty to save his mother from whomever it was treating her so badly.  So after creeping downstairs and buoyed on by more sobbing from his mother Terry had paused only to pick up an iron bar kept by the front door by his father before cautiously making his way toward the partially open living room door.  

But what Terry witnessed through the slight gap in the doorway stopped him dead in his tracks.

On the carpet inside the living room his naked mother sat astride an equally naked guy who large cock was, from Terrys viewpoint, quite obviously pumping in and out of his Mothers cunt while his hands kneaded and squeezed her Breasts and nipples.

But the shock for Terry didnt end there, for another naked guy was standing right in front of his mothers face with his own cock pushed deep into her mouth as he repeatedly slapped her cheeks with the open palm of his hand.

Suck it whore bitch, take it all,  get it down your throat and show your Master how much you love his cock.

Only then did Terry see that his mothers hands were not only tied behind her back with a black stocking, but that her bound hands wore holding a large black rubber cock inside her Anus whilst she sobbed and moaned. Then Terry watched his Mother take her mouth away from the invading penis and exclaim.

Oh God yes Master, I love you Master, I love sucking your wonderful cock and I love your friend fucking me like this, oh god fuck me harder Sir, please fuck me harder!’’

That was when the bullet hit home for Terry, his bitch Mum wasnt being raped or beaten, not in that way at least, because she was so obviously loving every last second of the seeing too these guys were giving her.

Not only that but the words Master and Sir were quite obviously a regular part of her vocabulary with these guys.

Only then did Terry realise he not only had the biggest hard on of his young life but that he was sweating and shaking with excitement and was about to cum in his school trousers.  Terry realised he must get upstairs to the spare room where his Father had long ago shown him the spy he had made to enable him to see any and all that happened in the living room below.

That afternoon Terry discovered more about sex and bondage than he ever imagined possible as over the next two hours his Mothers two BDSM consorts put her through position after position of sexual bondage and domination.

Multiple Spanking and whippings had led to them leading her around the living room on all fours wearing a leather collar and lead whilst the black dildo in her anus proved an aiming point for the liberal application of a leather cat of nine tails.

Later Terrys mothers legs were spread wide by a metal bar whilst her cunt arse and breasts were cruelly whipped by each man in turn before she was spread eagled and tied face down on the dining table.

Her back was then whipped whilst she was arse fucked in turn by each man until eventually, with both guys spent, Terrys Mother was hogtied and knelt upon a bath sheet before jointly they pissed into her open mouth, over her face, breasts and between her legs.

Although afterward they had untied her, Terrys mother had been left lying on the urine soaked bath mat as, without saying another word, both men left the house.

Shortly afterward and to Terrys astonishment, seemingly content and quite at ease, his Mother had cleaned up the living room and thrown the urine soaked bath towel in the washer.

Looking at her full figured, urine and cum encrusted naked body, streaked with red stripe marks from where she had been whipped and spanked, Terry was astonished to see his Mother calmly pour herself large vodka before heading up to the bathroom.

Terry had quickly lost count of how many times he had tossed himself off on the afternoon that would leave an indelible imprint in his psyche.

The realisation that a woman, or a Guy for that matter he guessed, could and would be quite willing to submit themselves to all manner of sexual abuse whilst enjoying every single moment of it left a deep imprint in his mind.

What was equally exciting to Terry was his newly acquired knowledge that there were men, such as him who were the polar opposite of his mother, the perfect match.

Terry had felt not one iota of guilt in watching his own Mothers degradation that afternoon, as far as he was concerned if she was willing to cheat on the old man like that she deserved everything she got, his mother was, as they had told her, A Fuck Toy Slave. Jeez, given the chance he would have fucked her himself and over the next year or so Terry spent many a pleasant hours spying on his Mother together with, it turned out, her many consorts, and the more he saw the more excited he became, until that is, the old Man came home early one day and caught her at it, with three guys on that occasion.

So the old man had kicked his mother out of the house and sadly Terrys BDSM educational fun came to an abrupt end. The problem was though, that by then, along with a huge desire for BDSM sex, Terry had also developed a passion for voyeurism and a huge desire to dominant women older than himself. 

Now at the age of seventeen and in IT College with a few straight conquests notched up on his belt along with the gratification gained by some online bondage magazines, Terry had coerced a good few certain girls into being on the receiving end of some spankings and the odd bit of trial bondage.

Some of these girls were not as willing as others, but those girls seemed too frightened of Terrys size and reputation to refuse him. So with this growing reputation Terry one day decided he would have a little fun at the expense of Laura Hall and do a little spying on his big breasted tutor.

Terry decided he would check out her lifestyle, perhaps see what type of lingerie she wore and discover what her breast and arse sizes were, to do that he would need the keys to her house but that had proved to be ridiculously easy for him after Laura had so foolishly left her purse and keys atop her desk one lunchtime.

Terry was agreeably pleased at both her large detached period house and its semi secluded location, the address of which had been obtained quite easily, the only entry of that name in the phone book was confirmed one evening when Laura had answered Terrys anonymous call.

So driving past the house a couple of times before parking his newly acquired car some distance away Terry then found the high garden hedges afforded cover enough for him to slip hopefully unobserved around to the rear of the house, although for a backup he carried what looked to be a delivery parcel, then if some busybody did raise the alarm he was leaving the delivery round back for securities sake.

But after waiting ten minutes all was quiet and placing latex gloves on his hands before inserting and then twisting the newly cut key, Terry was delighted to hear the click of the old mortise lock and seconds later he stood inside Laura Halls kitchen.

To Terrys astonishment Laura had pinned up a large calendar in the kitchen, naively marking the movements of both herself and her son Peter over the next month by chart plotting every occasion he or his Mother would be at home and each time he or she would be away, blithely unaware that knowledge of their movements would give an intruder such as Terry the power to come and go at will.  Just as he did there and then and safe in the knowledge Laura would not be home for hours, Terry casually went through Lauras house from room to room.

Terry was no thief so and his interest downstairs was only cursory, a desk top computer sat in a small office next to the large lounge and Terry fired this up only to discover it was password protected, but after turning it off again Terry was not concerned for it was hardly likely he would find intimate details of Laura on a family computer.

Otherwise there were only a few photographs doted around the lounge showing Laura with whom must have been her son and other, more elderly people, relations probably, certainly nothing to suggest she had a lover or boyfriend held his attention.  But Terry knew any item of real interest to him would probably lie upstairs in her bedroom, and so after checking through the lounge window that all was quiet outside Terry then made his way upstairs. 

A check around her sons bedroom told Terry that Peter seemed normal enough, all the usual stuff a boy would have in his room was there, plus, if you knew where to look, as Terry certainly did, the stuff he didnt want his Mum to find. In this case the plastic supermarket bag hidden in the boot bag Terry pulled from under Peters bed.

Here he found not only a few printed off internet downloads of young girls and guys having sex, but also, underneath two small nylon thongs, one black and one red that Terry would have laid odds on belonged to his mother,  four A5 size, printed photos.

All four pics were of his mother Laura and evidently taken during a holiday because two of them showed a dripping wet Laura climbing from a hotel swimming pool. 

Clearly though Laura was unaware that the water, combined with the position of the sun, had made her two piece bikini completely transparent, and that large breasts and nipples made erect by the water, were visibly on show to all along with the V of her crotch and thatch of pubic hair.

But Lauras son Peter had most certainly been aware of this and obviously grabbed his camera as fast as he could to take these prized pics. The other two pics then showed Laura naked in what must have been their hotel room bathroom, taken perhaps with the aid of a timer delay her naughty son had set up earlier, whatever, Terry was impressed, not only by Lauras figure but also her sons ingenuity.

Inspecting them Terry discovered that both the hidden thongs were caked with dried semen. Terry smiled to himself, although Peter was not the only to boy to have ever jerked himself off over his Mum, would he ever get the chance as Terry himself had, to actually watch his Mothers naked body being fucked and abused, that would be one hell of a neat idea, smiled Terry, his fucking and beating Laura Hall whilst her boy Peter was looking on and playing with himself!

With that thought in mind and replacing Peters things exactly as he found them, Terry moved in to the room he had saved for last, here Lauras smell was everywhere, on her Bed, in her wardrobes, her en suite bathroom and most of all in the lingerie draws Terry painstakingly searched through, for surely this was where Lauras most intimate secrets would be found. 

Certainly Laura had a love of good quality lingerie ,half cup bras, thongs, knickers, suspender belts and stockings all colours and descriptions and Terry was surprised to see Laura even possessed  a couple of daring  cup less Basques, all of which  confirmed  to Terry she had a great figure. Shrugging his shoulders Terry thought all of these things were very nice to the touch but there surely must be something else, then he recalled what the old mad had once told him

“They always think the best place is under the Bed, god knows why though”

But as Lauras bed was a divan type, Terry needed to push the bed to one side before finding that the suitcase was actually hidden between her bed head and the curve of the alcove wall.

Once he had picked its lock, inside the suitcase lay her prized Red bag…..Lauras mischievous bag containing her self bondage equipment, her self portrait photos and her secret diaries, all manna from heaven for Terry.  As he studied the photos of Laura Hall in her self bondage Terrys cock grew hard and throbbing as he considered a number of options, all of which would, if used carefully, lead to Lauras eventual capitulation toward him. 

Sitting on her bed the first reading of the diaries proved to be less than significant, it appeared that Laura, although occasionally dating men, had no one special in her life, surprisingly perhaps she did fuck the occasional date, but it never led to anything More.

Eventually the last of the diaries had proved much more interesting.

Fuck! the word left Terry a little taken aback, for although common in his own house he had not expected it of Laura Hall, but  reading on over the past few months Terry was surprised to  continuously come across a name he recognised and who only recently had four or five dates with Laura.

 C. L. Took me to dinner, wined & dined. V. pleased to be dropped of at home Ect. Ect. Was the gist of these first three entries until the final two……    

C.L. Wined and dined me again, its obvious he wants to fuck me and made a few suggestions tonight…. Now he wants me to act as hostess for some special gatherings he has… could be worth my while he says, and would lead to job security, very important what with heavy mortgage and young son to look after, ….could not fathom where C was coming from… invited C in for coffee…C tried to kiss me….oh god no…no….no!!!!....Gross, no way could I ever fuck that man!

And then another entry read.

C.L. called again ….more pressure…….   wanted to take me out again…telling me to think of my future…...told him no….no…….never……theres no point...  Hopefully that will be the end of the matter but its so scary, he is a powerful man who could hurt my career and C seems so intent on having me 

More interested in the photos of Laura in her self bondage and once again shrugging his shoulders Terry walked back downstairs to the photocopier he had seen earlier, but  later he would read again and think further about those final diary entries…………………………………………………………..  

Chapter 4:

Despite being in the uncomfortable position of having her hands cuffed behind her back Laura worked feverishly on Terrys cock for a good ten minutes, pushing her mouth back and forth she licked and sucked him toward his inevitable climax before looking up at Terry with pleading eyes, desperately hoping he would allow her to pull away from his cock before his eruption began.

But Terry was having none of this and soon Laura began spluttering and gagging, very soon she was desperately trying to pull her head away from Terrys throbbing pulsing cock when the first spurt of his pre cum hit the back of her mouth and slid down her throat.

But with her mouth still clamped firmly over his cock by Terrys strong hands Laura had no option but for the first time suffer the indignity of swallowing a mans hot and salty semen.

For weeks now Terry had dreamed of this moment and suddenly he was standing up and looming over Laura Hall with his cock still in her mouth.


Oh my God, Im Cumming, Yeh,, exclaimed Terry but to her utter relief  he was now holding Lauras  head inches away from the dripping end of his throbbing cock.

Now keep that mouth open, dont you dare fucking close it, you close it and your boy gets to watch me fucking you!

Despite her revulsion at having to swallow his seed , Terrys threat was enough and with Lauras mouth now wide open Terry gripped her hair with one hand used the other to masturbate and aim his cock at her mouth. 

Dont fucking swallow it till I tell you Laura, keep my load on your tongue groaned Terry and then; 

Oh shit here it comes! and much  to Lauras absolute abhorrence Terrys cock began shooting an almost never ending stream of his hot semen straight into her mouth and over her lips until, with her mouth full, strands of his semen bubbled around his cock.

After then easing  his cock back a little Terry told her now push out your tongue Laura,  and as she did so strands of Terry semen began running out of her mouth, down her chin and dripping onto her Breasts as Laura choked and gagged to the bitter unfamiliar taste of hot semen in her mouth and throat.

Lauras horrified eyes looked on in helpless revulsion when Terry placed his huge slick red plum like head upon her tongue and then delivered yet more copious amounts of spurting semen from deep within his balls,  and up through his cock to splatter the back of Laura mouth and throat.

Retching, choking and spluttering, Laura reluctantly swallowed Terrys viscous liquid down her gullet and on into her digestive system.

Then, reluctantly obeying Terrys demand, Laura, mouth clamped around his cock, blew as hard as she could with her in a task that caused Terry to look down in pure delight to see his bubbling semen spilling out from between Lauras lips surrounding around his cock.

Only much later when her soul searching and fear for the future set in, would Laura decide she must forever keep to herself the unforgivable fact that after all the degradation and deliberate humiliation she had suffered at the hands of Terry, even to the awful extent of being held captive in her own bedroom with own door key unobtainable between her cunt lips, her body had betrayed her by generating the most awesome mind blowing orgasm she had ever achieved.

Raising the sobbing spluttering lecturer to her feet and easily lifting her body onto her bed, Terry sat beside Laura whilst casually stoking her trembling body and caressing her large breasts and hardened nipples before running his hand over her stomach and delving his hand inside her black panties.

There much to Lauras dismay, Terry discovered not only the slick wet bedroom door key lodged between her cunt lips but also the extreme wetness of the soaking gusset of her knickers combined with the abundant wetness between her cunt lips and in doing so , once again stoked the fires of her arousal, leading Laura to plead with Terry;

“Please… please take off the handcuffs now Terry

Looking down to her tear stained and cum encrusted face Terry replied.

“Maybe Later on Laura” Before to her dismay, Terry then distressed her even more by gagging the helpless Laura with her very own red rubber ball gag.

Adding insult to injury, Terry then applied her screw down T bar  nipple clamps to each of her nipples tightening them now again, just enough to ensure Lauras complete compliance.

Perhaps the worst moment of all for Laura arrived when Terry produced and secured a Velcro fastening leather blindfold around her eyes, instantly cutting of Lauras vision and almost sending her into a panic stricken frenzy after Terry then told Laura to spread her legs.  .

But After first shaking her head and mumbling defiance into her gag, Laura soon submitted when Terry began tightening the nipple clamps and Very soon finding the pain unbearable, Laura eventually complied with Terrys demand.

Having found herself in this strange unaccustomed world of voice and sight deprivation Lauras first instinct had been to kick out and to protest. But where could she aim a kick and where the person she could protest to had she even been able to.

But after spreading her legs wider and wider until he satisfied with her compliance, the unseeing Laura then gasped in surprise when Terrys fingers eased off the severity of the cruel nipple clamps

Then after leaving Laura in her world of darkness for a full minute Laura almost jumped out of her skin when Terry began slowly and gently stroking and caressing Lauras inner thighs, stomach and breasts before leaving the raven haired lecturer to struggle with her natural inclination to press her legs together when Terrys hand delved into her knickers.

But Terrys fingers were soon delving between her cunt lips and searching for and finding her bedroom door key hidden between them, causing Laura to moan and gasp inside her gag as he pushed the long metal key back and forth between her cunt lips before ultimately withdrawing the very wet, very warm piece of metal from within her cunt altogether, leaving Laura gasping in arousal and frustration.

Terry then heaped even more humiliation upon her by telling Laura

Thats better, you really are learning to be my good little bitch, not so long ago you were standing by this bed shouting and swearing at me and that was very naughty, I wont put up with that from you Laura understood?

Even though now unable to see him , Terrys threat was all to obvious when Laura felt his fingers taking hold of the cruel nipple clamps and, unwilling to again experience the extreme pain of the nipple clamps, she nodded her head, what difference  would it make anyway but then Terry, continuing to toy and tease her body continued.

I really dont want to hurt you my little bitch, you are far too valuable to me so will you be a good little girl for me now?

Writhing helplessly around her bed, deprived of her vision and unable to speak , Laura was powerless to prevent Terrys effortless control of her body and knew that Terry was simply toying with her but what was it he meant by far too valuable?

“Oh my God, hes going to fuck me” was Lauras initial thought and she wondered how she would cope when, as it surely would, that large plum like head so recently in her mouth was hard and erect once again and thrusting its way into her cunt.

Would it be an act of rape for her to have the youth whose cock she had leered at, lusted over and fantasised over, finally fuck her, finally bestow upon her the gratification she had so often gone to bed and fantasised over? 

But what could she do but accept it anyway for it was no longer her own decision, reasoned Laura who was now realising that the more Terry deprived of her of her liberty the more excited she had become and that now, with the loss of her vision, her wildly pumping was becoming even more erratic as she wondered just where he was, what he was doing and more importantly just what Terry was about to do.

Although Laura sensed Terry was very close to her, this sudden sensory deprivation was driving her crazy with a desire she had never before experienced and it was with a terrible, electrifying uncertainty that Laura awaited her fate at the hands of her young student.                                                     

Then Terrys fingers were inside her again and much to her alarm, with his index finger rubbing back and forth on her clitoris, Laura knew she was fast approaching orgasm again and realising any defiance on her part would be pointless Laura nodded her head, and mumble her agreement as best she could. She would indeed be a good little bitch for her young student.

But then Terrys fingers abruptly left her soaking wet clitty and unseen by Laura he reached for the scarlet Red lipstick she had selected earlier before then straddling her stomach with his knees and from a prompt card began using the lipstick to scribe incomprehensible letters and words upon the bewildered Lauras Breasts and stomach, and after lifting the waistband finishing with a final flourish just below her panty line. 

“That looks good Laura, now your going to remove your knickers for me! said

 Terry then emphasised this demand by slightly turning one of the steel nipple clamp screws whilst the bemused Laura was wondering not only what on earth it was that Terry had so obviously been writing on her breasts and body, but also how on earth she could be expected to remove her whilst her wrists were secured behind her back.

Oh you can do it like that Laura because I tried it myself! Terry informed her as if reading Lauras thoughts

After much shaking of her head followed by the now familiar  turning of the nipple screws, the unseeing Laura eventually worked it out and Terry was treated to the most erotic few minutes his young eyes had yet feasted upon.

After first spreading her legs and bending her knees, Laura lifted her bottom clear of the mattress and with her fingers reaching down as far as her bondage would allow, she worked her arms from side to side and swaying her large Breasts as she did so, eased her hip hugging black knickers two thirds of the way down her bottom and hips, giving Terry a clear view of the juice saturated gusset of Lauras knickers. 

Then Laura discovered to that continue her task she needed to turn over upon her stomach and after blindly doing so found herself with her face on a pillow.

In this position, with a huge effort and realising she would be giving her young adversary a full view of her Ass and Cunt, Laura was then able bring her knees right up under her chin.

From here, with her hands cuffed behind her, Lauras fingers were able to push her knickers down over her bottom, in the process this time giving Terry a birds eye view of her pretty little rosebud anus as her most intimate garment fell away down her thighs to form a pool around her knees.

Hey, well done Laura, keep your body there like that and finish the job with your legs. Terry then ordered his almost exhausted lecturer before making Laura jump in surprise with a slap to her bottom.

Moving her knees up and down the mattress Laura managed to cause enough friction for her knickers to move down to her calves before she completed her erotic task by pushing and pulling her feet to get her toes inside the nylon garment, giving her enough purchase to push the material completely away fro her legs before giving a loud. Mmmppphh into the pillow her face was pressed into.

Good little bitch, now dont you dare move an inch said Terry and although obeying him Laura, no longer comforted by the thought that least her knickers covered what remained of her dignity was mortified by the thought the erotic display her exposed naked bottom and glistening cunt lips must be giving Terry and although she realised she was in effect waiting for the fucking she now knew would be the inevitable she was determined to give this young man the slightest indication she was his willing victim and instinctively pushed her knees together so that he would at least have to take her on her terms, but had she known they were no longer alone the room her reactions would have been very different!..............................

Charlie Lamberts eyes gazed down at that oh so fuckable ass and glistening cunt lips of Laura Hall with a mixture of lustful pleasure, satisfaction and pure undiluted evil.

Having observed the afternoons events from her en suite bathroom Charlie had long since decided Laura looked even better naked than clothed, but as up close as was now when standing at the foot of her bed, Charlie concluded that waiting for her had been exceedingly worthwhile. That Seeing Laura like this whilst deciding which of her holes he would enjoy first before he fucked the ass off  the woman who had so casually rejected him, made the slight risk he was taking seem almost irrelevant.

Unseen by Laura, Terry was now getting dressed, he knew he had played it all superbly and for such a young guy he was a natural dominant. For in only a couple of hours he had subjugated Laura Hall to the extent she now treated him as her superior, as his little bitch.

Shortly it would be Charlies turn, the first of many, many paybacks for Lauras disrespect toward him, but first Charlie motioned for Terry to remove her gag for he wanted to hear Laura pleading with him when he shoved his cock deep inside her Anus.

After telling her to back up the end of the bed, Terry gave her bottom a good few solid slaps and then told Laura to spread her legs again, after which Terry had removed her gag before pushing Lauras her face back into the pillow.

This was a signal for Charlies fingers to begin exploring Lauras nether regions and very soon was delighted by the display Lauras little Anus and cunt lips were providing him and the little moans of pleasure she emitted whilst as he caressed her buttocks and inner thighs.

Charlies stubby index finger caressing the moist gap between Lauras cunt lips was stoking a fire of erotic desire between her legs and up through her entire body and Still totally unaware that is was the work of her nemesis Charlie Lambert, Lauras groans and gasps became ever louder gasps until Charlie eventually withdrew his finger and placed it to his lips.

Wonderful,  decided Charlie after tasting the contents of Lauras honey pot before replacing the digit, although this time causing her to gasp in surprise by pushing the tip of his finger onto the entrance of her tight little Anus.

But to Charlies delight, rather than attempting to pull away from this invading finger Laura actually pushed herself back a little against his fingertip, giving Charlie encouragement enough to very gradually push his finger a little further until, perhaps in realisation of just what she was doing, Laura  eventually  but ineffectively tried to

Pull her Anus from Charlies probing finger.

But when Charlie pushed another of his fingers between her sopping wet cunt lips Lauras sudden and delightful  groans and  purring sounds  to this combined intrusion of her Cunt an Anus caused Charlie to give silent thanks to Terry for having maturity enough to recognise the advantages to be gained by his initial approach to him. …………………………………………..

Chapter 5:

Sitting comfortably in his large office Charlie Lambert decided the young lad sat opposite him had done well, Terry Wake had been smart enough to realise that his simply fucking Laura Hall would mean only that, that sure, he had fucked Laura Hall, but nothing more.

However, when seeing Charlies name in her diaries and the wording she had used about him Terry had realised that Charlie Lambert, the head of a large IT company,

one that both subsidized and had a big say in the IT department of his College, was more than just interested in Laura Hall, Charlie badly wanted to fuck her senseless, but that idea just hadnt been reciprocated by Laura.

After thinking long and hard Terry eventually appreciated he had nothing to loose but potentially a lot to gain.

So Terry had been astute enough to ask to see Charlie Lambert on a private matter and after his request had been granted he had managed, without either setting himself up as an intruder, or implying that Charlie was a lecherous old man, to inform Charlie he had some interesting and potentially damaging information about his college lecturer Laura Hall.

Terry then went on to tell Charlie he understood Mr. Lambert was a powerful man in the community and with a vested interest in the college may wish to protect his IT lecturer and was sure that after hearing what he had to tell him Mr. Lambert would understand why Terry thought it best to bring this information straight to him.

Charlies interest had perked up as soon as Terry mentioned the name Laura Hall and after studying the boy carefully for some time decided the boy was probably genuine, besides there was no possible way Terry could present a threat to him and he was intrigued by what the boy had to say for any information he could glean about Laura Hall could well prove to be useful in future.

Charlie decided there was no point in beating about the bush here for he was a busy man and needed to discover what this boy had to tell him about Laura without any preamble.

Okay than, lets put our cards on the table Terry, everything we say stays in this room, you could be looking at a very bright future if whatever it is you have tell me is of use to me……

Without informing Charlie of his own antics Terry had shown Charlie the copy photos of Laura Hall in self bondage and informed the increasingly incredulous Charlie of her classroom antics together with the desire of two of the students to take Laura by force.

Charlie then asked Terry the obvious question.

“So why bring this to me Terry,  okay I know this information could be harmful  to the lady and its true Ive had dinner with Ms. Hall a couple of times, but why should I wish to take this further?

“You said cards on the table Mr. Lambert; did you mean it when you told me I could have a bright future?”

Knowing there must be more to come from Terry, Charlie had nodded his head in 

confirmation and urged the boy to continue, but although Terry had been quick to spot Charlies interest in Laura was more far more than platonic, he also realised he was taking the gamble of his life, after all Charlie Lambert could if he wished, easily play the hero by saving Laura from the huge embarrassment any circulation of those photos would surely bring to her and earn her eternal gratitude, perhaps even more!

In the event as Terry had gone on to tell Charlie Lambert of his clandestine visits to Lauras house and of his subsequent discovery of the Photos, her sexy lingerie, and bondage gear before finally informing Charlie of Lauras hidden diaries.

Afterward Terry had soon realised his fears were unfounded. The very opposite In fact as the excited Charlie demanded to be acquainted with every minute detail of his explorations in a manner which left Terry with not the slightest doubt Charlie Lamberts interest in Laura Hall verged on the obsessive, leaving him to realise he had found a kindred soul, an older and wealthier one maybe, but a man who thoughts seemed to correspond to his own and so, after a good exchange of views an agreement was eventually reached between them.

In return for his minding Laura when her undoubted demise was achieved Terry would be given a new car and a good, well paid job in Charlies IT Company.

Laura Hall was to be the basis of a specialized sales dept within his company, although in reality Entertaining as he put it, prospective buyers of expensive IT solutions, buyers who, in Charlies words, needed a little persuading and required something heavier than just a good fuck

Charlie then amazed Terry by telling him that although he could easily find plenty of younger perhaps prettier women to use for this purpose Laura Hall fitted the bill perfectly.

With her intelligence and IT knowledge she would be the perfect sales person, more that capable of communicating with the customers on there own level whilst adding a whole more besides. Then Charlie had laughed. Just imagine Laura Hall in her own private office answering sales questions when  half naked and preparing to give the guy a blow job…jeez, it could be even another woman  shes giving head to for all I care Terry as long as she gets a sale out of it”!

The surprised and very grateful Terry was happy to agree that as her minder and Charlies employee he would not be allowed to fuck Lauras Ass that her Anus was now to be Charlies  exclusive domain, but along with her prospective clients Terry could  make use of Lauras s other assets whenever he so desired. 

Terrys masterstroke had been to get Charlies agreement that he post suitable pop up adverts on certain BDSM internet sites. Without stating the name of Charlies company the adverts would target those genuinely looking to purchase commercial I.T. systems and that she Saleswoman would be Bound to please the prospective purchaser. 

Rapidly becoming more and more impressed by him Charles had told the young Terry Wake he thought this to be an excellent idea was limitless potential.

“Of course every respondent would have to be suitably vetted and briefed before meeting the delightful Ms. Hall Terry.   more importantly though a substantial deposit, credited only against an eventual purchase if an IT system would be required before being allowed, shall we say, full access to all of Lauras charms!” 

After their meeting Charlie, along with the connivance of a college IT head of department, in reality another of Charlies lackeys who owed him big time had even gone so far as to have the oblivious Laura seconded to his company from the college for a period of one year.   

So after Terrys visit to her house all that remained would be for Lauras new situation to be made clear to her that today had been her last working day at the college.

A letter from the college principal would arrive in the morning informing Laura that whilst her employment was secure she was being seconded for period of one year to C.L. Technology Ltd. And that her compliance would be well rewarded.

The letter would also state she was not to return to the college but to take one weeks leave before  attending a meeting with her boss of  at 2pm  the following Monday when all would be explained to her……………………………….

At that moment though Lauras new boss Charlie Lambert was actually unzipping himself a having spent an enjoyable time watching events unfolding he would be taking his time and thoroughly enjoy his new possession……………… 

Oh God, please no, not that cried Laura when she became aware of the hot throbbing penis parting her sex lips before being thrust on into her cunt, but her cry was she knew, a lame exercise in appeasing her conscience, for this is what she had wanted since first discovering Terry in her Bedroom, sure she was well aware her desires were so very wrong but any self control she may have retained was by then a mere bystander, a poor second to yearning for erotic fulfilment.

To be fucked on her knees in blindfolded bondage with her arms secured behind her whilst her Cunt and Anus were in full view of Terry was the culmination of all of Lauras self bondage fantasies and as the pulsing throbbing cock inside her began sliding in and out of Lauras sheath, forcing her emit little cries of pleasure, she felt a surge of pride that so great was Terrys desire for her he had been prepared to enter and use her house in this manner.

Of course it was so very wrong and later she would remonstrate with Terry, she must tell him that on this occasion she would keep her silence but that it must never happen again and that he must hand over the keys he had copied…….she must do that, she must! ,  but with his  strong hands gripping her hips,  pulling her back and then forth as he  forced his cock ever deeper inside her, Laura surged toward a  glorious orgasm,  never ever, even in her wildest dreams had she realised that  being taken this way would be so incredible.!.............................

Unbelievable, was just one of the words Charlie Lambert would have used to describe his feelings for Laura Hall was a bitch on heat, despite everything that had happened  she was lapping up what she still assumed to be a  fucking from Terry and the woman was having orgasm after orgasm, she was absolutely creaming, so much so that Charlie was loosing friction inside her, but as his mouth sent another strand of his spit  dribbling onto her Anus whilst wondering if she had noticed the others,  he knew that would soon change when he took her there………………….

Having experienced orgasm after orgasm Laura had been frustrated to feel the rampant cock slipping away from within her, but then its large throbbing head was being slid up and down the crevice between her buttocks and briefly stopping at her Anus before then sliding back down over her cunt lips, stimulating and exciting even more of Lauras erogenous areas and once again her throat was emitting little gasps 

Of pleasure until this time she felt his cock push a little harder against her Anus then harder still and then as Laura became very apprehensive, his hands suddenly transferred from her hips to her shoulders and then it happened

 The sudden horrendous pain shot through her like an electric shock as her sphincter muscle gave way and Laura realised that her Anus had been penetrated for the first time ever.

Ahhhh, OH MY GOD...Aaahhhhh on no……..not there……dear God not there! Screamed Laura ineffectually into her gag.

Still blindfolded and unable to lift her head because of the pressure being applied to her shoulders Laura could only turn her face sideways on to the pillow it had been forced into.

This was not an act she would have ever consented to for Lauras only dalliance with Anal sex had been applying pressure on her Anal ring with a small rubber sex toy, but this was and act of such brutality it took her breath away and the huge rock hard pole lodged inside her rectum made Laura feel as though her body had been invaded by an Alien. Lauras only salvation was that Terry was now removing her ball gag and that she could not at least plead with and beg young student to take his huge cock out of her pained Ass

Oh my God no, please Terry…not there, please not there, Im begging you Terry, its too big,  please take it out…..For gods sake take it out….please!.......aaaa.ahhhh…………please take it out!........................

But from Terry there was no response and instead the massive cock that had just penetrated her Anus remained at the tight entrance of Lauras Anus for what seemed an eternity to her.

“Get used to it Laura” began Terry from behind Laura, relax your muscles and your Ass will learn to accept it”

So with no option other than to do just that Laura tried desperately to relax her sphincter and in doing so the awful intruder forced its very gradual way further and further inside the spluttering and sobbing  Lauras Anus until it could go no further and the triumphant Charlie Lamberts groin was pressing hard against her buttocks.

Sobbing quietly now Laura realised her Anus, as painful as it was, was at last beginning to adjust to the hitherto unknown experience of having a cock invading her Ass.

“Thats it, now be my good little bitch and start riding it” Terry then told Laura and so in hoping that in her obeying Terry the dreadful experience would reach a rapid conclusion Laura, with the help of Charlie hand pushing her buttocks a little, began painfully moving her Ass back and forth over an intruder she felt would surely tear her apart,

The sudden and unexpected blow upon her buttock from a riding crop did nothing to help Lauras situation but when Terry demanded she recite the words.

“Now Say… I loving having your cock deep inside my Ass” Laura had complied word for word with Terrys demand, after all what difference did it make now, not only that but Terrys finger? Had now found and was rubbing her clitoris and so Laura, with the huge cock moving back and forth is inside her Anus found she was completely unable to prevent a low moan of pleasure escaping her lips, then

“Oh my God……..oh god” Laura murmured softly.

“Tell me how good it is” demanded Terry.

“Oh my God…….its so good Terry…….Ohhhhhhhh.” cried Laura much louder this time……………….. 


Chapter 6:

“Oh no Laura, you have it wrong Im afraid that not Terrys cock inside your Ass   its Mine!” 

If the blow of hearing the fat mans voice had not been bad enough then Charlies horrific statement that it a HIS cock buried deep inside her hitherto virgin Anus was a sledgehammer blow for Laura who all along had assumed she were alone in her Bedroom suffering the abuse of her young student Tarry Wake

“Oh god…, Charlie... oh my god no……. is that you Charlie…please for gods sake take it out….for heavens sake take that thing out of……of….of  me………please Charlie………….Please!” 

But ignoring her desperate pleading the euphoric businessman, gripping Lauras hips even tighter simply continued thrusting his almost bursting cock back and forth inside her anal sheath whilst stating.

“As  great as it was fucking your juicy wet cunt my cock is staying there until it fills your Ass and splashes you insides with my hot cum, you really shouldnt have been so disrespectful toward me Laura but now its payback time!

As he spoke Laura continued sobbing and whimpering in pain, her Ass was on fire and Charlie was slowly pushing his cock ever deeper into her rectum and the sudden realisation it had not been Charlies cock inside her all along left her mind reeling in shock.

How...? Why….? For Gods sake why was a man of his substance doing this to her,

But while she had gradually accustomed her self to the idea of having Terry Wakes cock in her Ass, the very idea that her Ass was now accommodating that of the repulsive Charlie Lambert almost caused Laura to vomit there and then.

And once again there was the pain, a dreadful pain that was only getting worse, the further Charlie penetrated her and the more unbearable the pain became the more desperate were Lauras cries of anguish and pleading.

Please Charlie for gods sake dont do this….for gods sake please take it out, its too big, it hurts to much….”

“Oh god Im so sorry Charlie, it didnt mean to upset you. I really didnt….please Charlie have mercy and for gods sake take it out…..we can talk about this…no one need ever know about it…..I promise! pleaded Laura.

But Charlies answer was to viscously crush her hopes of salvation by

Sending her into a howling screaming fit of pain as he buried his cock up to the hilt inside her rectum whilst telling Laura,

“Thats what I want to hear from you Laura and youll get a lot more pain and sorrow before Im finished with you so you had best get used it, this wont be the last time you are getting my dick in your ass So learn to take it, the more you start helping me the quicker I shoot my load up there and get my dick out of you, so start pushing your ass back onto my cock!”  

Somehow it had all seemed so different with the young fit and strong Terry whom she had soft often fantasised over but Charlie Lambert? Oh God no!

Oh god, please no…dont make me do that…Im begging you…..please take it out Charlie………

Once again though Lauras pleading protests were cut off, for as Charlie continued to force her shoulders down, but now with just one hand, he used the other to administer a severe spanking to each of her ass cheeks in turn, causing Laura to cry out in renewed anguish to this new, almost as painful assault on her body and telling her.

“You carry on being obstinate Laura, Ive got all the time in the world…maybe Ill even still have my cock in there and be spanking that cute little Ass when your son walks in here!” 

Facing up to the very real possibility of Peter finding her this way, these were the words that broke the camels back of Lauras resistance.  Charlie Lambert was in her eyes evil personified, but she was without a clue as to why he was doing this or how on earth he had ended up alongside Terry, but Laura was ready to admit that it had taken him just a few minutes to so easily and humiliatingly conquer her.

Oh God no, please, ok, Ill be good! cried Laura through her pain and humiliation.

But it would take a further ten slaps to her sore bottom before Charlie ceased his spanking. Then no longer holding her down by the shoulders, Charlie gripped Lauras hips again and with the terrible pain in her Anus lessened a least a little by the lubrication of their combined fluids, Laura hesitantly pushed her bottom back and forth onto Charlies cock as for a good five minutes as he in turn degraded her ever further.

Thats more like it Laura, that so good, we are going to turn you in to the worlds best ass fuck...ah Yeh Im goanna shoot my load in there soon .

Lauras indescribable humiliation of having to assist in her own anal rape was matched only by Charlies incessant verbal degradation when telling the groaning and sobbing lecturer over and over that she now belonged to him, that she was now his property, he owned her body and mind and this was just the beginning for Laura.

After reluctantly accepting her fate, Laura had long since given up the unequal struggle to dislodge Charlie from her rectum and sobbed painfully as his terrible intruding penis seemingly grew ever larger and harder inside her previously virgin Ass.

Its overwhelming presence  in Lauras Anus as Charlie pumped back and forth was controlling her, taking possession her mind and well as her body as if in confirmation of his statement that he now owned her.

Charlie knew he could not last much longer and with a vice like grip on Lauras hips it was time for him to impart to her the devastating information not even Terry was aware of, one that  he had saved for this very moment and groaning himself as he neared his climax Charlie told the panting  and sobbing lecturer.

“Im nearly there now Laura, Ive saved it all up for you, Im going to fill your Ass and put on a special show for those hi Tec Cameras I had installed in your bedroom a few weeks ago, hey, we are going to make great a film for your son and his pals to watch if his mom is not a good girl for her new owner!.

There it was again, the threat if involving Peter, the son Laura had fought tooth and nail with his father for the boy to live with her and not he…. one thing was certain, Peter must never ever know of his mothers horrific defilement at the hands of Charlie Lambert.

Then, just as her distressed mind was taking in this final terrible hammer blow Laura became aware that Charlies cock was expanding to enormous proportions inside her rectum and the first spurt of Charlies semen suddenly splashed against the lining of her rectum.

Then gripping Lauras handcuffs and pulling the protesting lecturer back onto his cock Charlie triumphantly shouted.

Oh my God you bitch….here it comes……..Ahhhh….. Jeezzzzzz.. This is so good, I LOVE fucking your Ass Laura……..oh Yeh! Here we go… take it all babies!

With her Ass speared by Charlies huge erection Laura was powerless to prevent torrents of hot thick semen filling her rectum, splashing the walls of her ass and the lining of her stomach, its intensity disgusting and sickening her and as Charlie resumed his fucking of her and Laura prayed this nightmare must surely soon come to an end.

Never before had Laura experienced such depravity, but only when Charlies penis eventually slipped from inside her ass was she allowed to momentarily fall back onto her stomach and bury her tear stained face in the pillow there to sob uncontrollably…………………………….

“Oh my God….oh my God Laura mumbled over and again as Tears continued cascading down her face.

Eventually Laura dragged her aching and bruised body from the bed toward her bathroom, desperate to drink and rid her mouth of the copious amounts foul acrid tasting urine sprayed over her face and into her mouth before then running her bath and cleansing from her naked body the strands of dried semen splattered over her face, neck and breasts together with the accompanying incomprehensible Lipstick writing mingling with the dried encrusted cum and urine…………………..

Laura had thought it was all over when she lay face down on her bed, but Charlie had then ordered her to turn over onto her back and even as the weary tearful mother did this, so Charlie was kneeling on the bed and placing his filthy semen and shit stained cock between her lips.

Then Charlie was telling her to clean him with her tongue, a task that left the extremely humiliated Laura retching and gagging to the foul tasting smelly but now flaccid cock whilst with huge reluctance she ran her tongue around its stained purple head until, finally satisfied she had cleaned him properly the now laughing Charlie stood back.

Only just managing to keep back the bile in her throat, Laura had closed eyes in despair and allowed her head to fall back against the pillow.

But  just as the first stream of urine hit her face Lauras horrified eyes shot open to see both Terry and Charlie holding their cocks and aiming their combined streams of piss at her face and body and then into her mouth as soon as Laura parted her lips in shouted protests.

Soon her body and surrounding bed sheets were soaking in urine and Laura, with the disgusting urine searing the back of her throat and spilling from her lips was pleading with them to stop, that she could take no more, they could  do whatever they wished with her only please…for gods sake. Stop pissing over her!

Okay then said Terry whilst Charlie zipped and rearranged his pants  “Lets call that enough for today Laura, tell you what, well  lock you in here and leave the key to your handcuffs downstairs with a note telling your boy to come up and unlock you when he gets home”

Oh god no, please dont do that I beg you, please take them of now Terry, Im begging you sobbed the now hysterical raven haired lecturer. For Peter to find her this way would be horrendous enough but tonight he would no doubt have some friends with him, What if they...oh god no, she didnt even want to contemplate the thought! 

Hey, come on Laura, dont you want your boy Peter to see for himself just what a good time his Mom had this afternoon?…and you have had a good time, havent you Laura, only its important you tell us that, tell us that your so very sorry you were naughty earlier and that you deserved your punished for being so disobedient”?

Please no……..please dont do this to me Terry but Laura suddenly realised the implication of Terrys question,  these monsters were intent on humiliating her beyond belief  and that giving them the right answers was the only way she was going to be released right then.

Oh God………Im so sorry…….I was…was naughty…and….I…I deserved to be punished…for…for my…my, oh god… for my disobedience spluttered the sobbing Laura.

That more like it Laura said Charlie, joining in now. But you havent told me just how much you love being ass fucked by me and having my cock shooting its spunk into your fantastic ass. So tell me now Laura and dont forget its Mr. Lambert to you now!

Oh god…..I….I loved it……I. loved having… having my….my Ass…f….f... Fucked by you Mr. Lambert…and…oh god… having your cock...shoot…its…its sperm inside my ass… Mr. Lambert sobbed Laura

Charlie was euphoric for he now owned Laura Hall and Charlie knew the edited tape of the afternoons events would result in a recording so devastatingly deviant and sexually explicit in content would ensure Laura remained his property for just as long as he wished.

Thats good, Im glad you loved taking my cock inside your ass but hey Laura, you havent thanked Terry for agreeing to visit you in the first place and then allowing you to suck his cock and drink his sperm!

Laura was again forced to through what she thought a pointless charade in the hope she would then be released, not only from the handcuffs but also the cruel clamps that still bit into her sore nipples,

So Laura had told Terry she was so glad he had visited her house and, after asking him to be allowed to do so, of just how much she had enjoyed sucking his cock and swallowing his sperm. Then Much to her unedifying relief, they finally released Laura from the bondage of her handcuffs and nipple clamps before giving the shell shocked Laura even more devastating news.

But then Laura suffered the finally indignity when in complete embarrassment she had been unable to prevent herself from emitting a long loud and extremely painful Ass fart before feeling the trickle of Charlies disgusting semen oozing from her Anus,  

Leaving the exhausted lecturer with her cum encrusted urine soaked face and body whimpering into a urine soaked pillow.

Then, hearing the front door closing and after an age of sobbing Laura realised that before her son Peter arrived home she must make an effort to clean the mess from at least her face and body, what was going on in her mind was another matter and still aware of the dribble of semen oozing from her painful Anus Laura thought she would never ever forget the look of triumph on Charlie Lamberts face after he had grabbed her hair and pulled her face close to his own, telling her.

“Its mine now Laura, all mine, no one gets to fuck your Ass but me!”

Finally In her bathroom, Lauras small hands grabbed the sink to support herself as she studied her grey exhausted, urine and semen splattered face in the large mirror. Then Laura looked down at the reflection of the Lipstick written words covering her entire naked upper body, ending with a deep red arrow pointing toward her cunt crotch.

There the lipstick formed arrow head stopped just short of her pubic hair line. Just above that, As Terry had said it would, the reflection of the transposed writing in the mirrors now formed one single terrible legible sentence.

                              This Cunt is the property of C. L. Technology Ltd.       


Oh my God… Oh my God no!  Cried Laura over and over again before becoming suddenly aware of her sons happy youthful voice carrying upstairs into her bathroom.

Hi Mum, Im home are you okay, whats for Dinner shouted Peter with his customary zeal. After loudly slamming the front door, Peter Hall then slowly crept back upstairs to the spare room, hoping he had left enough time before going downstairs and wondering if his Mother would discover that his football practice had been cancelled earlier that day…or the spy hole he had made in the loft.

Chapter 7:

Six Months Later:

On the plus side There had been many benefits for Laura in her being transferred by the College to Charlie Lamberts Company, not least the plush office with the thick carpet complete with its won Bathroom and even cocktail cabinet.

Laura was also financially far better off with a sizable salary that ensured she was financially far better off and with her growing saving savings and her bank account always in credit Laura now had no difficulty in paying her mortgage and all her other bills on time. Added to that her new found ability to take her son on regular holidays and but herself plenty of new clothing, which given her four day week and limited working hours meant Laura always had plenty of time for her shopping expeditions.

Also there was a more than generous expense account to be used for what Charlie Lambert had described as Company Clothing and other items

With her son Peter able to fend for himself Laura had even come to accept and sometimes even enjoy the odd weekend she send on company business with her boss for they were always spent in the best hotels here she was served with the finest of food and wine and where Laura, wanting for nothing, enjoyed spa bath, pools and beauty treatments all on the company card.

By now Laura was accustomed to having to dress to please for Charlie during these trips, during the day and at dinner, she wore the skimpiest of very often almost transparent dresses with little or no lingerie beneath, save for the mandatory stockings and garter belt along with her ridiculously high heeled shoes.

Laura was actually becoming gradually accustomed to her overweight bosss daytime and after dinner sexual perversions, many of which in truth Laura would have been more than willing to perform on the likes of Terry Wake, as indeed she often did when Terry, still in possession of her front door key, visited Laura at home.

But Charlies obsession with Anal sex and that she clean him with her mouth afterward always left Laura, much to Charlies amusement, retching in the bathroom afterward.

And Whatever the benefits Laura knew she had been bought and paid for by the expedience of her having been blackmailed by that oh so cleverly edited and damning recording she had watched along with Terry Wake in Charlies sumptuous office after having been invited by Charlie to attend his office a week after his cock had exploded inside her Anus.                        

With the use of skilful tape and voice editing the recording gave the impression that Laura was thoroughly enjoying her perverted sex romp with an overweight middle aged man and a teenage boy. The recording had even shown Laura pleading for more whilst being beaten and sexually humiliated by the pair of them, even if Charlie Lamberts face had never appeared in the film, although the quite remarkably the recording had featured Lauras voice screaming out

“Oh my God, thats so good Charlie …I love having your cock up my Ass”

After the viewing Charlie had pushed a couple of sheets of paper constituting a contract across his sumptuous desk toward the stunned and humiliated Laura, now standing before Charlies huge desk wearing nothing more than the  tiny green bra, matching thong and hold up stockings he had pushed across the desk after the viewing.

“This is your contract Laura; your college principal has from today seconded you to my company for the next twelve months, read it if you wish and then sign at the bottom please. 

Running her eyes over the incredible document Laura could see that indeed was the case, the college principal had signed her life away to away to Charlie Lambert in a document stating that she Laura Hall, for a minimum period of one year, was now seconded to C.L. Technology Ltd. Lauras post in the company was to be that of Special Sales Facilitator under the direct supervision of Charles Lambert assisted by Terry Wake.

The document also stated Laura would have her own top floor office near to that of Charles Lambert and that she would be expected to work a four day week between the hors of 11am and 4pm except when on special duties 

 Forcing her thoughts back to the present, Laura Hall finished her coffee and looking at her watch to see it was near the time when Terry would be escorting Todays client into her office Laura stood up from behind her desk and made her way into the bathroom. There Laura adjusted her clothing and reapplied the very same shade of lipstick she had ringed Terrys cock with all those months ago before making her way back into her office, an annexe of Charlies own palatial office suite, the door to which had only three Yale type deadlock keys,  One for Charlie himself and ditto both Laura and Terry.

“Oh yes, very, very nice indeed, just as I specified” stated the balding middle aged man shown into the office by Terry who then departed, leaving Laura alone with her Client

“I think a twirl is in order before you apply the lipstick” said the client.

Laura stood in the centre of her office with her hands clasped upon her Raven Hair. She was dressed the clients specified Pink/Black lingerie. This consisted of a quarter cup bra, out of which spilled Lauras large breasts and nipples, a tiny pink thong with black edging, supported by no more than black elastic hidden between her buttocks, and its matching garter belt, the metal tabs of which secured Lauras black seamed nylons, encased in her tottering pink six inch heels.

Smiling at him Laura complied instantly. Not only would her boss and owner Charlie Lambert, be watching her in his office through his array of hidden Video monitors but so would Terry Waite and Laura Hall was Terrys little bitch of course.

Laura had good reason to be smiling, for with her client having already paid a large deposit for  very expensive IT system,   upon her Large Desk lay the final contract her client would very soon be putting his signature to, meaning Laura would be in line for another large bonus payment.

So having performed her slow pirouette before her very admiring client and then standing before him whilst he fondled her Breasts and nipples, Laura dropped to her knees before him prior to placing her trademark lipstick ring around his already erect cock.

After which Laura would then lead her client into Charlie Lamberts specially equipped Playroom/Dungeon where her client would spend a couple of hours playing with The Company Slave  as Charlie described  Laura to his special clients.  

After pushing a button under his huge desk two large panels slid back and there, through the huge viewing panel Charlie Lambert watched the kneeling semi naked Laura Hall placing her trademark lipstick circles around his clients penis. Surveying his prize possession with a self satisfied grin Charlie reflected upon what a difference the past six months had made to Laura Hall.

Of course there had been her initial reticence, which had bound to be the case with Laura after having just viewed a recording of herself being subjected to just about every from of sexual abuse imaginable. But Laura had soon become aware of the unimaginable misery and humiliation she would undergo if the film were to be distributed amongst her family, students and work colleagues, particularly if, as Charlie had threatened Laura, her beloved son Peter was invited to view the film alongside his Mother.

  And so after changing into the sexy Lingerie Charlie had pushed toward her, Laura had signed the contract placing herself under the supervision of Charlie Lambert.

Now, six months later and after undergoing a period of ordinary Sales training, Laura, with Terry Wake vetting and then observing each of her clients, was actually making money for Charlies company in her somewhat unusual role after being moved into her special office.

So after Lauras stupid rejection Charlie Lambert had achieved exactly what he had set out to do and she was his now very own property, to be ass and mouthfucked whenever we wished, which was very often. Of course Charlie was only to aware that Laura accepted rather then enjoyed her situation, especially when accompanying Charlie on those business trips when she would sleep naked and handcuffed beside him, but that as her problem as far as Charlie was concerned, besides Laura had never complained about the  comparatively huge amount of money she was now earning.

And today Laura Hall would be in line for another large bonus after her client had finished with her.

As for Terry Wake, after his initial subjugation of Laura Hall things could not have turned out better for the seventeen year old who now divided him time between the college and Charlie Lamberts special office.

Certainly Charlies stipulation to the head of the IT College that her replacement bear a close a resemblance as possible to Laura herself had paid dividends after the Head had appointed another divorcee, a forty year well stacked blonde toward whom Terry, upon Charlies instructions, was already making tentative advances.

Of course that didnt stop Terry from continuing to visit Lauras home and, using the key he still possessed, awaiting her homecoming in Lauras bedroom before indulging in some bondage fun and games with the, more or less, compliant Laura who by then had in fact developed a liking for the type of sensory deprivation she had first experienced at the hands of Terry Wake.

Now stood in Charlies office ready to intervene should Lauras client overstep the limits already laid out to him, Terry thoughts returned again to the  kids from his college, including a couple of girls who, well aware of his occasional use of their ex tutor Laura Hall, were continuously harassing Terry in wanting a piece of her for themselves.

Terry saw that as being no real problem and was in fact getting very horny at the idea of all of them a group session with an unsuspecting Laura when she returned home one afternoon and Terry thought it would be really cool to watch the surprise on Laura face as a group of her former pupils lined up to gang bang her!. 

Thoughts of watching Lauras demise brought Terrys mind back to her son Peter.

Terry had not told Charlie or of course his Mother that he had seen Peter spying upon them that first afternoon and on many occasions since.

It had been the following week that Terry, in the knowledge Laura would be in Charlies office, had confronted Peter after slipping inside the house before his arrival home.

“Hey kid, I know you saw everything the other week and Im guessing youve been shooting your blot into your moms panties ever since” Terry had told the beetroot faced sixteen year old who could only stammer and stutter futile denials.

It dont matter one little bit to me Peter” continued Terry taking a DVD case from his pocket. “Ive even got a recording for you” he said.

Suddenly Peters eyes were transfixed by the DVD case Terry held before him and with his breath now coming in short gasps his hand reached out to take the DVD case but before allowing it to slip from his fingers Terry then told him.

“Only if we both have a little fun with your Mom”…………………

Terrys thoughts returned to the afternoon he had strung Peters naked and blindfolded mother from the ceiling beams of her bedroom before spreading her legs wide apart and the clamping her ankles to the leg spreader bar borrowed from Charlies playroom.

Fully aware this was now her preferred bondage position, one where Laura could do nothing but await his attentions in blind helpless sexual expectation and anticipation, Terry had ushered her son Peter into the bedroom…….but that was another story.


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