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The Mating

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Synopsis: A puppygirl\'s arranged play date

The Mating

By: DonnerTie

The room felt cold, oh so very cold. She waited, the cool breeze sending shivers running down her back. Her breasts felt like ice her nipples hard and red. The uneven flagstone bites deeply into her bare unprotected knees.

Her long golden bangs kept falling into her eyes. A constant source of torment the strands tickled at her smooth sensitive skin. Shaking her head did little to relive the constant irritation. 

But despite her torture she would not move. Her outstretched palms stayed firmly pressed against the rough uneven floor. Sweat coated the naked girl despite the cold. Slowly it would teasingly run down her thighs making her shiver for a whole other reason.

Her chest rose and fell, as each fresh breath filled her lungs. The faintest outline of her ribs could just be seen beneath her pale skin.

All this time her eyes remained fixed in place. Never moving they stared straight ahead. Her vision filled only by the room's single door. Like a cliff it rose up above her. Making her feel so very small.  

And so she waited in the dim chilled room. Not daring to move. Not even an inch.

Time seemed to slow, as if her heart beat was affected by the cold that surrounded her. Her thoughts would always turn to happier times in times like these. In her mind she could feel the sun warming her face, the sweet smell of spring flowers filling her nose, the caring embrace of a past lover. But as always the dream would end, and she would be once again back in the cold dark room.

The scrape of the door suddenly filled the still air. 

With bated breath she watched. The beating of her heart awoken from its slumber, it began to thump against her chest. As slowly the door swung ominously open.

The light was blinding, her open eyes dazed by the unexpected brightness. So long had she been in the dim gloom she was unable to keep them open. Slowly though the black spots faded from her vision and she was able to open her eyes ever so gradually.

A large figure filled the now open door way. His face however was ominously obscured by dark shadow.

The girl could only cower at the sight of the man before her. His shadow so large it seemed to envelope the small girl as he moved toward her. Her breathing had increased each breath a short gasp of air. Her frail body shook as slowly she sunk further downward toward the ground, until the sharp tile began to dig into the tender flesh of her breasts.

"Did I say you could lay down bitch?" The man was now standing beside her. Her head barely seemed to reach his knees. He truly was a giant. 

Cries of pain escaped trembling lips as the man placed his boot onto her back, his weight driving her unprotected flesh onto the rough cold ground. She could do nothing but whimper in pain as he stood over her like a hunter over his kill.

"I expect my property to be able to listen to my commands" the faceless man snarled at her. "Or are you such a dumb bitch that you don't understand me?"

Her lungs felt like they were on fire, the air having been squeezed out of them by the crushing pressure. Barely able to breath and with her cheek firmly pressed against the ground it was a struggle for her to respond.

"Sir, your bitch 'gasp' is sorry for not keeping her position." She was out of breath and light headed after less than a dozen words. "She is ready for her…. punishment." The last word was whispered, as if hoping he wouldn't hear it.

He was silent, only the girl's ragged breathing could be heard. A cold shiver ran down her spine as her thoughts ran back to the last time she had displeased him. He had been unrelenting. Each blow of the lash had left dark red marks seared upon her flesh. The experience had left her unable to sit for days afterwards. 

He seemed to ponder the thought for a moment. As if deciding if there was enough time.

"That will have to wait."  Relief flooded through her as finally the pressure upon her back lifted.

Each breath never tasted so good, as she quickly refilled her lungs. The girl was quick to move back into position as soon as she was able to.

All the while the man waited. His eyes staring down at her, watching as slowly her breathing returned to normal. Silence once again returned to the small dim room.

She shifted nervously, the hard tile pressing once more into the soft flesh of her hands and knees. The girl could feel his piercing gaze. As if he was daring her to move, to break position. It became harder and harder for her to not look up, to stare back into the face of her tormentor. She wanted to show him that there was still a part of her that he could never truly crush.

The loud sound of a duffle bag hitting the ground beside her brought her back to reality. Her imagination was already running wild as she heard the sound of a zipper being opened. He was just out of her vision. But she could hear him as he began to sort through the bags contents. It was taking all her will power not to turn her head.

Suddenly the man took a hold of one of her legs by the ankle. Gradually he began to bend her leg back until he had her calf pressed firmly against her thigh. She let out a groan from the pressure as one of his large hands held her now bent leg firmly pressed together.

The sound of duct tape being pulled was unmistakable. Even with her eyes staring straight ahead she knew what else he had pulled from the bag. The adhesive felt sticky as he pressed the tape against her bare skin.  She gulped nervously as he began to wrap the tape tightly around her ankle and thigh.

"Sir, please you don't need to do that. I won't cause any trouble" she whispered plaintively. Beyond all her hopes he stopped what he was doing. She felt the very beginning of excitement. Could it be? Would he for once not force her into this humiliating bondage?

"Will you be a good girl, and do everything that is asked of you? 

"Oh yes sir, thank you sir. I will follow your every command. You won't regret this I promise." She was ecstatic. He wasn't going to bind her! She knew that humiliation still lay ahead. That she would be expected to perform to his expectations. But she wouldnt have to do it tied up, and completely helpless!

"Good then the first thing I need you to do is shut up and let me finish getting you ready." Her joy fled as quickly as it had come. She could do nothing but hang her head as he began to bind her leg once more. 

The ripping of the duct tape as it was continuously pulled from the roll filled her ears as again and again he wrapped the tape around her bent leg. She could feel the skin of her thigh being stretched tight as her leg was cocooned in the grey tape. It was only when he almost used the whole roll and barely any of her pale flesh was visible did he stop.

"Try to move your right leg bitch." She grunted as her muscles strained against the tight embrace of the tape. Her efforts were futile. He had used almost a full roll of a brand new package of duct tape. The only way she would be able to stretch out her bent leg now was to cut the tape free. She would remain on her knees until he deemed otherwise.

"Good" his praise was accentuated with a pat on her bare bottom. The feel of his fingers sent goose bumps across her pale skin. After such a long time just the feel of another's warm caress felt wonderful against her flesh.

She was still savouring the feeling as her other leg was bent until it too was firmly against her bottom. He had grabbed a fresh roll of duct tape before, and now began the process of trapping her other leg.

The girl's stomach felt like it was doing somersaults. With each pass of the tape around her leg she was becoming more and more restrained. Being naked was something she could handle, even being forced to crawl on her hands and knees was something she had gotten used to. But when she was bound it felt like any free will she had was now lost. Even the smallest itch would become a torment as she would be powerless to do anything.

He had her repeat the process by trying to move her left leg as well. The first time he had bound her, she had been confused, he must know that she would never be able to break free. Slowly though it had dawned on her that he was not doing it to check that she couldn't break free but more so that she knew she could never get free.

Suddenly his large frame filled the corner of her vision. His face however was still just out of view. Rough calloused hands took a hold of her slender wrist. For a moment she almost lost her balance as he forcefully bent her arm until her open palm was pressed against her shoulder.

It was a struggle to remain upright as he began to wrap fresh tape around her bent arm. With only her right hand and two bound knees to support her. Starting at her wrist and working his way steadily down her forearm, in no time was the roll of duct tape used.

She wiggled her bent arm at his command. Her slender arms stood little chance against the sticky adhesive known for its durability and staying power.

The girl was careful to ease her still free arm down onto her elbow so that her bound arm could rest against the tile beneath.

The last of her freedom of movement was quickly taken from her as he began to wrap her remaining arm.

"Sir, are you going to use the …. the…. the suit again?" She had stuttered in her nervousness.

"Bitches, shouldn't ask so many questions." He ripped the end of the duct tape, satisfied that her remaining arm was trapped until he wanted otherwise. She wiggled her arm at his command.

"A good bitch knows she does not decide her fate." He spoke as he began to pull a bundle of material from the bag.

"They know to trust their owner." Unrolling the lycra like material, he began to spread it out on the ground beside the girl.

"Because their owner knows best." Her imagination was running wild as he worked outside of her vision. All the things he had done to her before flashed though her mind. All the terrible things he had done, the humiliation, the shame, the pain. But worst of all the pleasure, she could take the physical torture, but her body's inevitable betrayal always struck her the hardest. 

"Does this little bitch trust her master?" His voice was close, filling her ears.

"Please sir not the suit, anything but the suit! I'll do whatever you want even with the… others. Please!" She was trembling like a leaf now. The fear felt like a weight inside her stomach, it was filling her with dread.

"Shush, little one, dont make such a fuss. I don't want to hear another outburst from you again or there will be a punishment after. We don't want that do we?" His voice had changed. It had dropped to a quiet whisper as if one was trying to soothe a frightened beast. 

Strong arms came under her body. As he lifted the frail girl one arm supported her chest and the other her bottom. He didnt have to move her far as she was placed carefully onto the outstretched material, although now she was facing the wall instead of the door.

The tawny colour of the lycra beneath her confirmed her darkest suspicions. He was going to force her into that degrading outfit again. It was beyond humiliating, it made her an animal. No less than an animal because at least an animal still had free will. She would have nothing. Slowly he was stripping her dignity away.  

She wanted to cry. The sadness that filled her should have brought tears to her eyes. But none came, for she had used up all her tears long ago. Nor did she beg or plead with him. Instead she only hung her head in shame as he began to pull the outfit into position.

Each of her bound legs which were little more than stubs as each now ended at her knee, were pulled and pressed into openings in the costume. Slowly both the duct tape and her naked flesh were covered up by the smooth material.

"Haven't I been a good girl?" She was sniffling her nose stuffy and red.

"Of course you have little one." He finished pulling the suit up both her bent legs and now began to work it over her shapely bottom.

"Then why do this to me, why do you make me wear it?" She could feel the smooth stretchy fabric being pulled over each of her curvy cheeks. It felt like a second skin being added to her body, each curve defined against it.

"You know why." Her flat stomach began to disappear as the suit continued its journey up her body.

"No I don't! I did what you asked, I've been obedient. What else do you want?" Her despair had quickly turned to anger. Her long golden hair flying sideways as she twisted her face away from the wall. For the first time since he had entered the room she dared to stare into the shadow covered face of her tormentor.   

Her heart was racing, her breathing fast and excited. She was defying him, and she didn't care about the consequences. He could bind her and abuse her, but he could never break her spirit.

The man was silent as first one of her bound arms was lifted into the suits opening and then the other. She stared at him with fire in her eyes. Her brow furrowed in anger.

"Because" He let the word hang in the air, like a door about to be slammed shut. All the while his hands fondled and pressed each of her petite breasts into twin pouches at the front of the suit. Powerless to stop him, she was forced to silently endure his molesting touch. The material embraced her sensitive flesh. Her cold hardened nipples were already rubbing against their confines, as he finished pulling the suit into place around her neck.  

His face suddenly filled her view. His nose almost touching her own. No gloom shrouded his face now as his cold grey eyes stared deep into her own.

"Because little one, you want this." There was no malice in his voice, the words spoken as if they were fact.

His words had unsettled her. Suddenly her anger seemed to ebb. Her defiance cracking as his piercing gaze seemed to stare through her. As if he could read her very thoughts.

"I…. I…. don't" her words were whispered, a quite stammering murmur.

Even as she spoke the words her eyes were forced to break his fierce gaze. Defeated her face turned back toward the wall, returning to her original position.

He seemed to pause for a moment, his steady breathing filling her ears, those cold grey eyes still staring. Even with the surprisingly warm suit now covering her once naked body, she could feel a fresh cold sweat running down her pale skin.

His wrath was unstable. Sometimes even the smallest offense would bring his full anger crashing down upon her. Other times he would just laugh it off, give her a pat on the head tell her not to do it again. This was the truly scary part never knowing what he would do.

"Look at me" the words chilled her to the bone. She hesitated, as fear welled up inside her.

"I said look at me little one" his voice louder now. Slowly the girl turned her face once more to look into those emotionless eyes.

When she turned though it was not his face that she was captivated by, it was what was in his hands. The tail was gorgeous. Nearly a metre long, the deep tawny brown fur covered all but the yellow white tip. It would be hard to distinguish between the tail before her and that of a real canine. Except of course for what had caused her eyes to fly open in shock.

"Thats too big! You can't expect that to fit!" Her face was a mask of concern.

"Oh I think that with the proper amount of lubrication, it will slide right in." A wide grin now spreading across his face, which was once more shrouded by the shadows of the dark room.

"No, thats bigger th…." The girl was cut off mid-sentence. The words she had been attempting to speak being choked out of her as the man pressed the plug between her open lips.

"The better you lick" his hands easily forcing the rubber plug past her petty resistance "the easier it will go in." She had little choice in the matter though as the massive rubber shaped phallus now filled her small mouth. Without the use of her hands or arms she could do little to prevent what was happening. The foul tasting rubber pressed against her tongue, while her cheeks bulged outward. She began to lick and suck at the plug if nothing else but to hopefully have it removed sooner. Her tongue darting around its shaft as she fought to keep from gagging.

He was very thorough, ensuring no part remained untouched. Slowly he turned the plug, like a master chef spit roasting a pig. Her nostrils flaring as breathing began to become more and more difficult.

"Good girl." He said as the rubber phallus was finally pulled from between her lips. Saliva strands running from the rubber as it left her still suckling mouth.

With a pat on the top of her head he moved out of her vision. The girl could do nothing, as she sucked down air, her lungs greedy after being deprived for so long. It was only when she felt the cold wet press of rubber that her mind focused on what was about to happen.

"Remember if you fight, it will only be worse. But I dont mind. I like it when you struggle." Without any more ceremony then that, the hard phallus began to press between her exposed cheeks. The suit offering no protection for her delicate puckered rosebud.

"Uhgg, please, no" Her protests were forced out from behind clenched teeth. The girl couldn't help herself, it was her bodies only defence. Powerful muscles began to clench and contract around the hard rubber object that was being forced inside her. The foreign invader's progress was halted.

"Stupid bitch, what did I fucking say?" The man grunted in frustration as he redoubled his efforts. Try as she may, the lubrication she had provided, and his sheer strength was just enough for the plug to slide past her contracting walls. The plugs flared base coming to rest against the soft skin of her bottom.

"Give us a wag girl." She was sniffling again, her cheeks the colour of crimson. The plug now buried deep within her. Filling her, an ever constant reminder of what he had turned her into.

All dogs need their tails, and she was his doggy bitch. With a reluctant movement of her hips, she had the springy tail wagging back and forth, much to his delight.

A rustling sound from behind her signalled the next part of her transformation. The final piece, the one that would take the last freedom she enjoyed away from her. He knelt before her. The muzzle and gag harness in his hands. The straps that would hold it in place dangling from the large metal O-ring at its centre.

"Any last words little one? Remember all you have to do is say so and all of this will end." For the first time in a long time there was kindness in his voice. One of his surprisingly gentle hands moved her long golden bangs from in front of her eyes.

She hesitated, her eyes looking up into his. The girl found that they were full of compassion where for so long only coldness had been. In that moment there was a part of her that wanted to scream out, to finally be heard, to say those magic words and to end it all.

"No" and with that single word, her fate was sealed. 

With that his hands moved forward the metal O-ring sliding between her teeth. The gag stretching her mouth open, until the muscles in her face felt like they were on fire. She could feel her jaw already beginning to stiffen and lock up as he finished tightening the leather straps through the buckles at the back of her neck. More straps ran over her forehead and under her chin ensuring that the tawny coloured dogs muzzle would stay firmly in place.

He gently gathered her hair back behind her head before sliding the suits hood that had been lying bunched up around her neck. Made of the same material as the rest of her suit it covered her ears and hair, as well as the straps that held her muzzle in place. Two floppy doggy ears hung down from each side of her head, framing her now masked face.

With the muzzle and hood in place, now only her beautiful green eyes remained. Anyone would be hard pressed to see that beneath the fur was a young helpless girl.

"There now isn't that better girl." The man was once more before her.

"Mmph…mhm." Talking with the gag in her mouth was impossible, the hard metal permanently holding her voice hostage.

"Now, now remember big girls speak properly. I dont want to hear any mumbling." The man reached out, his hands wrapping a bright red collar around her neck. With a snap its buckle was cinched tightly closed.        

"Arf, ar roff, Arf." A loud click sounded as the metal hook of her leash was snapped into its place.

"Thats a good girl, thats a very good girl. You're such a smart little puppygirl." He happily said the words to her as he stood up, her lead in his hand. With the muzzle in place she seemed to be smiling up at him, even her tail seemed to wag back and forth ever so slightly.

"Heel girl, follow." His commands were swift and sudden, the harsh pull of her leash emphasizing his orders. She had to scramble on her bound limbs as he began to walk out of the room.

It was all she could do to keep from being strangled by her collar as he walked her out of the dim room and into a much brighter and larger space. It was not far before he came to a stop, the girl running into his leg as the bright light had caused her to squint her eyes nearly shut. It was only when she heard another's voice speak to her owner that she realized they were no longer alone.

"So this is the bitch." The voice was female. But it was not a submissive's voice this was a powerful woman, one that was used to getting what she wanted even if it meant fighting for it. This was the voice of a Dom.

"Yes this is my beautiful girl, Lady." Her owner's voice was reassuring to the frightened girl. She moved closer to him until her body was pressing right up against his leg.

"Lady, hmm, she doesnt look like much of a Lady to me. She looks more like a needy bitch." The girl's eyes were finally adjusting to the light, and she was able to open them just enough to get her first good look at the woman before her.

"Oh I think her name fits her quite well actually." From beneath her master the girl was able to stare up at the woman who was talking about her so meanly. She was young no more than her own age. The woman wore a fashionable pair of jeans and a stylish jacket to keep out the cold. If it wasn't for the way she spoke she would be just another innocent stranger.  

"She's kind of a skinny little bitch." The woman had begun to pace around the cowering puppygirl.

"I don't know if she can handle my boy. Rex is a big one he might just break her in two." The woman seemed to be looking past what little protection the girl's suit offered. Her eyes examined the girl's body, as if trying to decide what part of a slab of meat to buy from the butcher.

"Oh I think she is quite capable, she is a very strong willed bitch. I think she will not only surprise you, but also herself." The girl barely heard her owner come to her defense. She was still focused on what the woman had said. What did she mean break her, what the hell was going on.

"Hmm I guess we will have to wait and see." The woman still did not sound convinced.

The girl lost sight of the woman as she walked out of her line of sight. Suddenly cold fingers were pressing against the girls tender vaginal lips. The poor puppygirl gave out a frightened yelp. She tried desperately to move away from the woman's prying fingers as they pressed and pulled at her most tender area.

"Stay!" The man checked her movement with a quick jerk of her leash. Her head pulled swiftly upward. Trying to fight now would mean choking herself at the end of her taunt lead. She could only whimper pitifully as the woman performed a most thorough inspection. Slender fingers sliding past her red sensitive lips caused the girl to whine.

"Well she certainly appears to be ready, how long did you say she's been in heat for?" The girl was having a hard time following their conversation. It had been so long since she had felt any form of stimulation. Even these strange fingers felt wonderful. Her mind was slowly clouding over as all thought turned to the fingers now buried deep within her.

"Since last Thursday, and like you asked I have made sure she has had no relief since then." The sticky juices now running down the girls thighs were evidence enough of her lack of release in over a week.  

"Excellent" The woman's fingers were now soaked in the girls warm juices as they slowly withdrew from the puppygirls now very stimulated vagina. The girl gave one last plaintive whine as the woman finally finished her inspection.

"Give me a minute and I will be back with this bitches, mate." With that the woman turned and walked out of the room disappearing through another door.

What was going on? The girl's breathing was coming in short gasps now. Too much was happening all at once. Did she just say mate? The tug of her leash brought her attention back to the man beside her.

"Turn around little one" the man carefully guiding her with the lead until she was now facing him. He knelt down in front of her.

"You know that I will always keep you safe?" His hand began to pet her head.

"Arf, Arf" The feeling was wonderful. Like the careful and caring embrace of a lover.

"That I would never let anyone hurt you?" Too preoccupied was she with his attention, she didnt even notice him begin to wrap her leash tighter and tighter around his other hand.

"Arf, A…mhmm" Her response had turned to a moan as he began to scratch behind her ear.

"Do you trust me?" The girls leash was now tightly wrapped around his fist, leaving her very little slack to move. A fact she still did not realize.

"Arf, arf" Her head was now cocked to the side, her eyes shut as his fingers rubbed and massaged. 

"Then you must remember only one thing." Disappointingly his fingers stopped.

"Arf?" The girl looked up into his cold grey eyes.

The girl was confused. What did she have to remember? Why would he…

A loud excited whine broke her thoughts. Instinctively the puppygirl tried to turn her head to see what was behind her, but the man simply pulled her leash tight. Her collar keeping her head forward and her butt outstretched behind her.

The loud cursing of the same female voice from earlier rang out as the woman struggled to keep a firm grip on the leash in her hands. She was fighting desperately to be kept from being pulled straight across the room, by what was at the end of the leash.

His puppy was looking up at him now, her eyes quickly filling with terror.

The deep laboured panting was coming closer now.

The puppygirl began to whine, a deep pitiful cry for mercy.

Her ears strained as she heard the loud sound of leather mittens scrambling across the slick tile.

Her body was trembling, covered in a sheen of sweat.

Suddenly a low deep menacing growl filled her ears.

She gulped her mouth bone dry.

Suddenly the girl's eyes flew open in surprise at the cold wet unexpected touch.    

"Remember girl, you cannot escape your fate, but you can raise your butt to meet it, if you so choose."   




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