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Guide Dog

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Synopsis: A puppy is put to work during the evening of an opulent play party. Doing his best to please his Mistress she has the right reward for his efforts.

Guide Dog

Their time at fare was had come to an end, as it was for many of the other patrons and stall holders.  In all directions there were people closing up stalls and attractions, putting their wares away for another day.  On and around the stage was another matter, long gone were the lectures and competitions, making way for a DJ and dancers warming up for a long night of entertainment.  The grass field once filled with relaxed people enjoying a sunny afternoon, now filling quickly with an array of fetished dressed party goers.  The bass rumbled the crowd, as the strobe lights cut through the fresh night, celebration bombarding even the most resistant into a body-moving good feeling.

Mistress Gray was enjoying the atmosphere but knew it was time to pack up and leave.  She had been invited to a private party, one that she would not want to be late for.  She had her submissive pup Bitch, load the bags of gear into her rental van and pack up the last of their pony ride attraction.  He complied with as much vigour as he had shown her all day before sitting confidently at her feet, proud in the completion of his work.  She had already teased him with a special night depending on his performance and now he sat perfectly to attention at her feet, his work completed.

“We might need to make a few adjustments to your outfit before we leave,” she said looking over his stocky body, still partially wrapped in black leather and pup gear.  She took his hands, balling his fingers to a fist and returned them to his locking leather mitts he had become accustomed to throughout the day.  He loved wearing the mitts, it made him more of a pet for her than just another submissive.  She could use him as she liked but he was limited to being little more than loving animal by her feet.

His excitement getting the better of him he 'stood',on his bound fists and knees in front of her, posing his body as seductively as he could.  Mistress took a step back from him, “Stay.  Good boy.”  She took her time as she circled her pup, admiring his masculine body taught within the confines of the leather harness and chastity shorts she had dressed him in.  His cock bulging against the locked front panel to his black leather shorts, the thigh straps cutting a definitive line into his muscular thighs, and his rubber tail still happily wagging through the shorts from its plugged position beneath. 

She put her boot between his knees and gently pushed his knees further apart, forcing him into a more submissive stance.  She enjoyed seeing the bulge of his shorts tighten up and his tail give a little wiggle.  Continuing around him she reached down and tugged on his bulldog body harness encouraging him to arch is back further, showing off his masculine form better despite his discomfort.  Running her fingers along his back she slid them up onto his head, giving him a caressing touch behind his ear, instinctively he leant into her touch.

Smiling she turned in front of him and crouched, spreading her jodhpurs covered thighs only inches in front of his muzzle bound face.  His gaze torn between the soft two-toned imagery before him and his commanding Mistress's eyes beckoning him.  Slowly he lifted his stare to meet hers only to find love and admiration firing straight back at him.  He smiled to her with his eyes, the rest of his face still firmly locked away behind his tightly fitted muzzle.

“How about we take that off for a little while?” she asked, not expecting a response.  Gesturing him to move closer he tentatively moved closer putting his head between her welcoming thighs.  She pushed his head down a little to get at the padlock and buckles at the back.  Taking the key hanging from her necklace she unlocked his muzzle and removed the padlock.  She deliberately took her time with the buckles, pushing his head around and bumping it into her legs as she played with her putty puppy.

As the buckles released their hold, Mistress Gray slid her hands down and around his head taking the large rubber gag and leather muzzle from his face.  Dropping the leather head restraint between her feet she massaged his cheeks, rubbing away the sweat and sensations of tight leather against his face all day.  Relaxing entirely to her touch she could feel the full weight of his head in her tender touch.  As she worked her magic she could hear him grunt in contentment under his breath, a sign of complete submission.  Lifting his head to meet her gaze, she could see his eyes were glazed over in lust for her domination.  Smiling to him she stroked at his cheek once more before allowing him to take the weight of his own head back again. 

Mistress stood from her pup, not needing to give him a command, she walked the short distance to the van and opened the side sliding door.  Inside was a large dog crate fixed to the floor.  She turned to her pup right behind her, his eyes full of lust for her attention.  She opened the crate door and without her giving a word he climbed up into the van on all fours and straight into the cage.  As he made himself comfortable she took his bowl from a storage box along with a can of human safe food.  She opened the can of food and filled his bowl, the mix of vegetables and meat slopping into the metal bowl.  Placing the bowl of cold 'dog' food into his cage he moved forward to sniff it, stopped only by her raising a finger to him.  She then took a water bottle from the box and fixed it into the holder on the side of the cage, feeding the drinking tube through the mesh for him.  She then closed the door of the cage, making sure to secure the latch with a heavy padlock. 

“You can eat now, good boy.”  Without any hesitation he dived head first into his dinner, safety secured in his own little world.  Mistress slid the door of the van closed, leaving him in the dark as the interior light went out.  Looking at her watch she was running late for the party.  Getting behind the wheel she drove out of the fare leaving behind a wonderful day with her pets she will never forget, and into a special night reserved for only a select few.

As she drove across town she could hear Bitch in his cage trying desperately to stay upright while eating from his bowl.  She had made things a little harder for him, having removed the rubber mat in the cage leaving him to try and find grip on the metal base, and being a little behind time, she was driving with little concern for his comfort.

It was a bit of a drive they had to cover as their destination was a secluded manor house well outside of the town, in the end it took about 50 minutes to make the trip.  Mistress Gray drove up the driveway, but instead of pulling up to the main house she followed the drive around to the old servants quarters where she was greeted by the head butler of the Manor.

“Good evening Miss Gray, welcome to the Quinn Estate.  My name is Gerard, if there is anything you want or need during you stay please do not hesitate to call me” Gerard announced with a welcoming smile.

“Thank you Gerard, I will do just that,” she replied in kind.

“If you would like to follow me to the carriage, I shall take you up to the main house where you can see your room and freshen up for first drinks followed by dinner at 9.” he offered.  “And I shall also have your possessions tended to.”

Mistress gave him an acknowledging nod and followed the butler to a waiting horse and carriage, where he gave her a helping hand in.  As he climbed on after her, the driver flicked the reins and they were off to the mansion.

Bitch was waiting patiently inside his cage as he heard the horse and cart make its short trip into the distance.  Trapped in the darkness, he had no idea what was expected of him, all he did know was  he was where his Mistress wanted him. 

He did not have to wait long, at first he heard a creaky door open and close, followed by footsteps on the gravel drive outside.  The person walked to the driver's door and took the keys from the ignition before closing it.  Listening to the steps as they came around the van to finally stop outside the sliding door to the van, he began realise how vulnerable he actually was.  The interior light turned on, momentarily blinding him as the side door slid open to the cool fresh air outside.  Locked within his cage the dark figure in front of him took a moment to look over his prey.

Once Bitch had acclimatised to the light he looked up to the shadowy figure.  He was tall and well built, his solid frame exposed for all to see.  He wore a tailored suit, cut fine, and tight to his trim physique, the fabric unlike anything the pup had ever seen.  Made from a fine mesh material it covered him with the style of custom made waiter's suit, but still allowed anyone to see through to the submissive beneath.  The only other item he wore was a polished steel chastity belt keeping his modesty until his owner desired it.

Without a word the blonde haired servant reached out unlocking Bitch's cage and opened the wire door wide.  He then pointed to the water bottle and gave a nod.  Bitch followed his lead and drank his fill, knowing that it may be his last chance for a while.  As he finished up, he felt the familiar feeling of a leash being clasped to his collar.  With a gentle tug he climbed out of his safety cage and out into the open.  He stole a look around to take in his surrounding as the servant wiped the excess dinner from the pups face.

It felt strange to Bitch, he was in a unfamiliar place with a stranger he had never met still serving as a pup, yet it also felt so very right, and he knew it was as his Mistress wished.  Turning his gaze to his new Handler, he waited for a command.  To Bitch's surprise the Handler used his Mistress's hand signal to sit and stay, immediately he complied.  The Handler reached back into the van and retrieved Bitches leather muzzle and gag.  In a flash the pup had his head back in restraint and his mouth filled with a familiar large rubber gag, his misgivings melting away at this new turn of events.  The Handler then searched through the set of keys he was given, finding and old iron style key.  Using another of Mistress Gray's commands he ordered Bitch to roll over onto his back.  His arms and legs spread  exposing himself as his Mistress had taught him.  The Handler then unlocked the large padlock securing the zipped front pouch to Bitch's leather chastity shorts.  His cock and balls released from their own captivity, the pup felt the loving cool air brushing up to the most teased part of his body.  A smile to himself snuck across his face hidden and smothered by his muzzle.  Enjoying the sensation he closed his eyes focusing his senses on the touch to his handler removing the leather pouch entirely.

Bitch didn't get to enjoy his lay down for long, even though the Handler knew the Mistress's hand signals, he was not as gentle on the leash.  With a prompt yank of the leash he half dragged the pup back onto his hands and knees, before dragging him off the driveway and into a small grassed area behind the servants quarters.  Together they moved into the centre of the yard where the Handler stopped and stood looking at the pup.  Bitch waited for a command but it didn't come.  He knew this person on the other end of his lead wanted something but with his gag filling his mouth he could not ask for guidance. 

The stand off continued, both just staring at each other.  The Handler in his steel chastity belt and covered with an elegant mesh suit, and the pup, leather muzzle and chest harness, puppy mitts, rubber tail plug, and his semi hard cock and balls hanging through his leather chastity shorts.  They eyed each other off, one unable to ask, the other unwilling to speak.

Changing his tactics, the Handler yanked the leash and walked the pup over to the nearest tree.  Bitch had a sniff of it then realised what the Handler wanted.  Feeling out of place he did as expected and cocked his leg on the tree, trying to relieve himself on the old oak.  With a moment of realisation that he was in a foreign place, locked into his puppy gear and with a person that he had never met, he had not felt so much want for whatever his Mistress had planned.  And with his new found excitement he broke the seal and left his mark on the tree for the next pup to sniff.

Once down to only a few drops the Handler pulled the leash and started to lead Bitch back to the servants quarters.  Excitement getting the better of the pup he rushed ahead pulling on the leash, but not really knowing where they were going.  Stopped by a closed door the pup nudged at the door as the handler turned the doorknob. 

Inside the room he discovered it was sparsely furnished.  There were a few chairs, a very low table and two full length mirrors and not much more.  Closing the door the Handler lead bitch to the table and motioned him to climb up on it.  Doing as instructed his leash was then swapped for a chain fixed to the end of the table.  With the pup's freedom restricted the Handler left him on all fours and retreated to the next room. 

Bitch tried to take in his surroundings as he had little else to occupy himself.  It was a very old building that he was in, but not knowing anything of architecture that was as far as his thoughts would go.  He did believe that room he was in was for submissive to fine tune their attire before their services were required.  As he looked around the room soaking in the details, three people walked in on him, leaving him feeling extremely exposed in the centre of the room.  The male wore the same steel belt and mesh three piece suit that the Handler had, although he was a bit shorter and had black hair, his body though, was just as taught as the first servant.  The other two were women, and were obviously chosen for their matching looks.  Both beauties of the highest standards, they were curvy and voluptuous.  With a distinctive Mediterranean heritage they somehow looked at home in their stereotypical maid outfits, made from the same see-through mesh material as the male servants.  It was obvious to the pup, these were the servants of the manor and they lived the life as their Masters and Mistresses desired.

All three of them looked him over as they circled the pup, pointing at times and smiling at his predicament.  Bitch did his best to shake any nervousness and tried hard to wiggle his hips to wag his rubber tail for them.  As they circled he lost sight of them behind him, and felt one of the servants grab his exposed balls and massage them in the palm of their hand.  Instinctively his head dropped and he murred at the squeeze of his balls, pre-cum dripping to the table from his hard cock hanging beneath him.  As quickly as they grabbed him, they let go, knowing not to push what is not theirs.  All three walked back into his view as they left the room, never saying a word or giving away who had touched him.

After a few minutes the Handler came back into the room, finding the pup right where he left him.  He carried with him a bowl of water, one of Mistress's travel bags, and a facecloth slung over his shoulder.  Dropping the bag on the ground behind the table he then put the bowl of warm soapy water on the table between the pup's front paws.  Standing to one side the Handler unbuckled the pups chest harness and dropped that to one side.  He then set about cleaning as much of the day's sweet and dirt from the pup as he could without removing any more of his attire.  The Handler even made sure to clean up the pup's cock and balls as best he could, although there was no tender touch for Bitch to enjoy, it really was just another job that had to be done. 

Once satisfied the pup was clean to the correct standard, he took the bowl of murky water away and positioned himself behind the pup with Mistress's travel bag.  Bitch could hear him and strained to look behind to see what was happening, but to no success.  Bitch felt the cold of the adhesive patches at they were fixed to each side of his scrotum, a third being attached to the base of his cock.  Then the Handler roughly took the pup's cock in one hand and pointed it back towards himself.  It was with precision and a steady hand that the Handler inserted a metal plug down into the pup's urethra.  Bitch whimpered at the foreign invader being forcibly pushed inside his now throbbing cock.  He felt every bit of its length and then some, before feeling it reach its limit with a stopper against the head of his cock.  The Handler then finished it off with some medical tape to make sure it could not slip out over the evening.  Bitch with his new sensations attacking his cock was both shocked and confused by his Mistress's wishes.  He did not even notice as the Handler attached wires to each of the pads and the plug now embedded into the head of his cock.   With the pup's cock and balls prepared, the Handler locked the leather pouch back into position making sure to feed the wires out and around to a control box and battery fixed to the belt of Bitch's shorts. 

Walking around to look Bitch in the eye, he was met with a mix of confusion and betrayal in the pup's stare.  Tilting his head he smiled at the pup waiting patiently on the table.  In his hand he held up a small remote control, he showed the pup the two buttons on it, a red and a green.  Looking down at the little remote he then pressed his thumb onto the green button.

Bitch felt it immediately, his cock and balls started to tingle with gentle pulses from the electrodes attached to him.  He arched his back and took a deep breath at the stimulation, his body craving a release.  The sensation flipped on him instantly as the Handler changed to the red button.  The gentle pulses gave way to a straight shock, forcing him to wince into his gag, and tense his whole body.  The handler held the button for only a few seconds, but Bitch knew it was not something he wanted to happen again.  Looking at the Handler with a new found respect, the pup knew his place and his full attention was on that remote.

The stand off was short and broke when the other male servant returned to the room.  He carried with him a special harness for Bitch.  He walked straight up to the pup, running his fingers along Bitch's back before opening the full torso harness and placing it around the pup's body.  As he tightened up the straps, the Handler came over to help steady him as they pulled the buckles as tightly as possible.  It was a snug fit, but the special vest was made to suit his body, allowing him comfort to breath but still keeping the harness steady.  As they finished, Bitch was unhooked from the chain on the table and his leash returned.  With a simple tug he was off the table and on the floor, still concerned with where the remote was.

They walked him in circles and made adjustments to the harness, making sure it was snug.  As they circle him around the room, Bitch caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.  The harness was basicly a modified vest, black in colour with a leather outer and a fur lined inner.  It also had a tall wide handle that was mounted on posts that came up from just behind his armpits.  Content with the fitments, the black haired servant took Bitch's leash and lead him into the next room.

Moving to the next room, Bitch was taken back by what he saw.  The room was lined on all walls with racks of costumes, rubber outfits and just about every kind of fetish outfit he had ever seen.  This was a dressing room like no other.  In the centre of the room facing away from him were two submissives being tended to by the two maid servants. 

On the left was a petite female, she stood nearly 6 foot with the aid of some red thigh high boots.  Her short red PVC dress did nothing to cover the fact she work nothing underneath it, and was cinched at her waist by an impossibly tight corset.  Down her back flowed her long red locks, only just falling short of covering her perfectly rounded checks, and yet still hanging lower than her dress. 

The male submissive on the right could not have been any different.  He was built solid, his body chiselled into a perfect model of the male form.  He wore black military boots and shiny black latex shorts that covered his thighs down to just above the knees.  Bitch could not help but notice in the mirror the inability of his tight rubber shorts to hide his member.

Each of them had heavy rubber cuffs locked to their wrists, matching the colours of their individual attires.  One of the maids turned to see the pup brought in, and encouraged him to walk in between the two submissives.  As he approached Bitch got his first look at their faces in the mirrors.  Both of them had very blank faces and were not really looking at anything, it took a moment but Bitch realised that they were each wearing black opaque contact lenses.  Both as blind as can be, their eyes searching for anything to fix on but not finding anything in the darkness.  It was also apparent that they each had earplug in place too, as they seemed to ignore all but the loudest of sounds.

With a little pushing and shoving they had bitch where they wanted him, taking a hand from each submissive encouraging them to hold the handle fixed to Bitch, followed by a padlock for each of them so they could nott let go.  They were each then given a serving tray in their free hand and had a restraint from the cuff and back to a new cuff on their upper arm helping them hold the tray level.

Once the three of them were locked together and ready to serve, the four servants stood back to look over them one last time.  Content that everything was to the standards they were expecting, the time had come to move up to the main house.  The Handler that had been looking after Bitch now moved in and removed the leash from his collar.  This was strange for Bitch even though he was now bound in pup gear, with two submissive he had never met locked to him, he felt a sense that some of the control over him was gone.

With a simple gesture Bitch got the message and started to lead his two sensory deprived waiters towards the door.  The pup moved slowly as they were all new to the situation, and not only did he have to workout the best way to move around, but he had to problem solve on the fly so they did not hit anything.  Back into the first room they passed straight by the mirrors, giving him a glance of the ensemble and he could not feel anything but impressed.  They made it through the last door and outside to the path, with a short walk following the Handler they were inside the Manor via the kitchen back entrance.

With a lack of mirrors in the kitchen, Bitch now found his world limited to seeing only knee high, his collar and harness restricting his ability to look up much higher, he now just followed the Handler's footsteps.  They came to a stop and Bitch felt the wonderful pulsations through his cock and balls, it only lasted a moment but it was enough for him to try and crane his neck to look up.

“Good boy, there will be lots more of that to come tonight, if you do well.” proclaimed Gerard, a face that Bitch did not recognise.  “Your Mistress has spoken highly of you, but its the masses that will decide how much you get.”

Gerard then reached out and placed the remote on the female's silver serving tray.  He signalled to the kitchen staff, whom promptly filled the two trays with fresh champagne glasses.  They then held back both of the swinging doors inviting the trio out into ballroom.

“Go on, go earn your keep.” Gerard encouraged.

Tentatively, Bitch lead his two blind servants out into the rowdy crowd.  Not really knowing how to approach his task, Bitch headed to the first group of stylish feet he could find.  As he came to a stop just short of their circle of socialism, he could not help but hear the kind comments for their trio of helpers.  He felt a hand touch the back of his head, only for it to leave immediately. 

“No, don't pet him.  He's a working dog,” warned a gruff male voice.

“Oh, but he looks like such a good boy,” the female voice responded.

“Try the remote, I can only guess what that's for.”

Unable to look up to his admirer, Bitch just had to hope she would push the green button.  He did not have to wait long as the warm gentle pulses tingled his trapped genitals.  Dipping his head to the sensation he also did his best to wag his rubber tail for them.

“Oh he likes that,” she said, “I wonder what the red one does?”

“I think you should give it a try,” the gruff voice replied.

Bitch let out a little whimper around his gag in anticipation, and tried to look up to them to plead with his eyes.

“Oh you have to do it now, that got a reaction.” the gruff male encouraged.

It hit him with no remorse, a sharp burning sensation down his compressed yet hard shaft.  His body tensed at the pain, and involuntarily flinched, squatting down.  This got a laugh from the group, but also made his attached waiters take a step back.  In a moment one of the glasses fell from the male's tray and hit the floor next to Bitch.  He looked at it in fear, he had only just started and had already made a mistake.  He readied himself for another jolt from the red button but it did not come.  Instead the patrons had a good laugh and Gerard dispatched one of his house servants out to clean the mess, as he himself came out to deal with the matter. 

“My apologise for the mess everyone, the pup is still in training,” Gerard politely intervened. 

“Oh, its all ok, well, until we need the next drink, that is.” replied the gruff voice.

“We will be sure to fix that.”

Gerard reached down and tapped Bitch on the nose, making it obvious that he was to follow Gerard.  Hoping that he now had a guide to direct him, Gerard then turned and went straight back to the kitchen.  Stopping them just inside the door, Gerard crouched down to talk directly to Bitch.  Opening his mouth to speak he stopped there, no sound coming out, instead he pulled out the remote and gave the red button a good few seconds.  Bitch closed his eyes and took the pain as best he could his cock even more confused than he was.

“You are going to get quite a few of those tonight, you best learn to handle it.  Some people will enjoy testing you further, but remember that you have a job and the better you do it the more you get of this.”  Gerard finished his sentence with a poke of the green button.  The message was clear and Bitch knew what he had to do to please Gerard, everyone in the room and most importantly his Mistress, who was out there somewhere.

They restocked the trays and turned bitch around, once again the double doors were opened for them and out into the ballroom the trio went.  With renewed determination Bitch focused hard on his job and made sure to work the room as best he could.  His vantage point limiting him but also motivating him with the challenge.  He almost found a synergy with the two blind and deaf waiters he was guiding, they had no choice but to trust in his judgement. 

Unable to see what was on the trays he quickly learnt that he would get the red button should the trays be empty or if he outstayed his welcome.  He began to find a route around the room and learnt to keep enough space for his waiters.  The crowd slowly came around and he was soon receiving more green buttons than red. 

Still he struggled to find his Mistress.  At first he had been looking for her boots, but he worked out she would have changed her outfit for the evening.  Bitch then focused on listening for her, but she  had not made it easy for him, enjoying the game of watching him work without him knowing where she was.  Each time he came close to her, she would deliberately go quiet so not to give the game away.  Eventually he managed to locate her, recognising her feet and calves elegantly dressed in the finest of attire, and sprayed for him in her own distinctive perfume.  Content that she was enjoying the night, Bitch put everything into his job, enjoying her little game of cat and mouse as she moved around the room when he went back to the kitchen to refill.

The evening carried on until during one round of the ballroom, he heard one of the house servants ringing a old brass bell.  The signal for dinner drew the crowd away in parts disappearing across the entry hall and into the Grand Dining room.  Taking the opportunity, he lead the trio near the door allowing them to collect all the empty glasses as people left the room.  Bitch earned himself several green buttons for his efforts.

Once all the patrons had departed Bitch took the trio back to the kitchen to unload.  As they entered they were greeted by the Handler and one of the maids from earlier.  The kitchen staff cleared their trays of the remaining glasses and took the trays.  The Handler then clipped Bitch's leash back onto his collar and lead them across the kitchen and into another room.

This time Bitch found himself in the manor library, on a table by the one wall not covered in bookshelves were refreshments waiting.  Lead over to the table he was then commanded to sit by hand signal and his two waiters were unlocked from his harness.  Each of them were then given a glass of water and were permitted to sit on some chairs to relax.  The Handler crouched down to Bitch and looked him straight in the eye, before lifting a finger to his lips making it clear to be quiet.  He then set about removing Bitch's muzzle and gag, and set a bowl of chilled fresh water in front of him.  Stretching his stiff jaw from the confinement of the muzzle and gag, it was refreshing in itself to regain some movement, regardless of the thought it would not be for long.  He was just grateful for the break.  Lapping up the water, his Handler detached the solid handle from to his harness.

Working the bowl Bitch managed to finish most of it, he did not realise how much effort he had be exerting.  Once he had his fill he sat back on his haunches, his rubber tail sticking out between his feet.  Seeing Bitch was finished, the Handler returned with the muzzle and gag in hand.  Opening his mouth Bitch took the gag as if it were his Mistress offering it to him.  His muzzle strapped back into position, the Handler once more attached Bitch's leash and gave him a little tug.  Not sure of what was next he willingly followed this person charged with his care. 

To Bitch's surprise he was lead into the dining room where the entrees were already served.  The dining room was almost as long as the ballroom, except not as wide.  Inside was only one long antique table that would easily suit a visit from royalty.  The host sat prominently at the head of the table and his guests were scattered down each side of the table, every seat taken by a Master or Mistress.  As they made their way down and around the table no one showed the pup and handler any attention.  Eventually they reached there destination and the Handler tapped Mistress Gray on the shoulder.

She thanked him and looked down to her pup with a loving smile.  Unlike anyone else at the table, she had a space under the table next to her with a small rug marking out the area.  She took his leash from the Handler and motioned Bitch to sit.  Bitch sat on the rug next to her and placed his head carefully on her lap.  She stroked at his head as her attention turned back to the conversation around them.  Her touch was all he wanted and he did all he could not to distract her from her evening.

As the main meals were served, she motioned him to lay down on the rug, it did not take much encouragement as the day had been exhausting.  Curled at her feet he loved just being close to her.  She even found time to treat her pup with the occasional push of the green button that the Handler had left for her.  Although he did let out a whimper of content when she did, and she didn't want to excite him too much.

Bitch found himself drifting into light nap at the feet of his Mistress, his predicament making him safe and comfortable.  He could hear the sounds of conversations and movement above the table, but he only heard it as white noise, filtered of any interest to understand.  The main meal had passed and all the guests were picking at their desserts when he felt his Mistress's hand stroke his head.  Sleepy eyes looked up to her happy face watching his every move.  Smiling around his gag and under his muzzle she could see it in his awakening eyes.

“Time to work, come on, up.”  She motioned him out from the table, handing his leash and remote back to the Handler.  As he was lead away from his Mistress, she playfully spanked his arse sending his rubber tail into a frenzy as he crawled away.  Taken back to the library, they returned the handle to his harness and  reattached the blind female waitress.  The Handler then bent down in front of him, unlocked his leash and motioned Bitch to guide his one waitress to the kitchen.

In the kitchen the manor staff were all working hard to the point no one was paying him any attention.  Unsure of what to do he lead his blind passenger away from the bustle of the room and up against the wall to wait for instructions.  Sitting on his haunches, his tail resting between his feet, he patiently watched as people cooked, prepared, served, washed and cleaned around the kitchen.  Bitch mesmerised by all the activity, his submissive next to him could only stand and wait, her world a wash of black, sounds dulled and her ability to change her predicament locked to the pup by her side.

Together they waited until Gerard spotted them waiting patiently.  “What are you doing just sitting there?”  he spat at them, while grabbing glasses of refreshments.  Once the silver platter was loaded,  he pushed Bitch's muzzle to the door.

“Go and make yourself useful.”

Back to work Bitch took his singular waitress out into the ballroom, but all that was before had now changed.  During the diner and his quiet time under the table, the manor staff had been busy refurnishing the ballroom.  Gone were the inviting antique chairs and tables, as was most of the floor decorations.  In their place was a wide array of bondage and torture orientated furniture, from stocks, crosses, cages and workbenches, most scenarios seemed to be covered. 

The majority of guests had sauntered back to the ballroom, delighted by the toys to play with.  Bitch circled the groups, the guests showing them very little interest, their appetites filled from dinner and their interests drawn to the new attractions.  Each of the guests had brought a submissive, or a few, to help with the evening's entertainment.  As Bitch circled the room several of the submissives were either already undergoing a session or were being prepared next to their owner's furniture of choice.

Helping give the room its unique atmosphere, they had constructed a special centre piece for the Ballroom.  Suspended from the ceiling in the exact centre of the room was a large steel frame, finished in a style reminiscent of early Gothic picture frames.  It hung only a few feet above the ground, tethered with two small chains keeping it stable.  The 'painting' itself was an example of the perfect male form, vacuum sealed in semi-transparent black latex. The victim suspended in the middle of the 'painting' had his every attempt to move controlled and denied by the unforgiving taught latex canvas.   Bitch looked on to the trapped male physic with some wonder to lucky sole encased within.  After several circuits of the room he came to the realisation that it was his other blind waiter that was now the centre ornament of the ballroom.

Bitch continued his rounds, receiving the occasional green button for his services, and a red to send him back to the kitchen for more supplies.  The guests slowly made their way around the room in packs, watching display after display of the training and torment of a wide array of slaves and submissives.  As one was used up or finished off, the group moved on to the next session developing.

Gerard and the Handler appeared before Bitch stopping him in his tracks, the Handler motioning him to sit.  Unlocking the waitress from his harness, Gerard took her by the arm and lead her away for her own conclusion to the evening.  The Handler left alone with Bitch returned the leash to his collar and lead him over to short coffee table at far end of the massive room.  Looping the leash around one of the table legs he then went about arranging several comfortable chairs in a semi-circle around the table.  It was only a few moments when Mistress Gray made her presence felt, with some gentle petting between Bitch's puppy ears.

Leaving her touch to linger she sat back into one of the large leather chairs, just out of reach from the pup.  Bitch could have pulled the table but instead just found his provided range and sat as beautifully as he could for her.  Slowly her friends and admirers came over to Mistress Gray and her pup.  Some enjoying the comfortable chairs, others mingling behind, but all chatting away of the evening's shows.  Nodding to the handler standing patiently by the wall, he stepped forward through the crowd and knelt beside the pup.

With no heed to the surrounding onlookers he set to work and unclasped the pup's guide dog harness, removing it for the remainder of the evening.  Manhandling the pup to roll over onto his back, the Handler then took some keys from his pocket and unceremoniously unlocked Bitch's modesty pouch.  Bitch could feel the cool of the evening air on his uncovered cock and balls, clearly placed on display for all those around.  Mistress Gray took control of his remote and gave a stab of the green button.  Bitch felt the tingles down the length of his shaft as he had all evening, but Mistress Gray held the button for much long than anyone had before.  He moaned into his gag as his limbs went limp as the pleasure consumed him.  As he drifted away, Mistress Gray brought him back with an almost as long push of the red button.  Having the reverse effect the burning brought him almost to a fetal position as he bit at the gag still invading his mouth.

To a round of laughter she let go of her pup's displeasure.  His cock still hard with a day of torment and teasing reaching its peak.  The handler rolled him back onto all four and used his leash to encourage him up onto the coffee table, putting him at eye level for those seated and giving everyone else a clear view of his body from any angle.  The pup's head directed to the open end of the semi-circle it left the surrounding audience an uninterrupted angle of the pup's rubber tail and everything hanging below.

Yanking on the pup's leash, the Handler pulled his head down to the surface of the table so his muzzle hung over the edge.  He then took a double clasp and attached Bitch's collar to a hook on the edge of the table, giving him no choice but have his head restrained to the same hight as his knees.  The Handler fetched a bag from the corner and returned to the 'head' of the table.  Bitch felt the handler grab his wrist and hold it in place next to his collar so his arm was naturally compressed under his own shoulder.  Placing a strap over Bitch's wrist he then used a cordless drill to screw the strap into the tabletop.  Making sure to screw the straps close to each side of his wrist the pup soon found his mitted paws dangling uselessly over the edge of the table, his arms trapped by his own body mass.

Turning his attention to the pup's back end he shuffled Bitch's knees and ankles apart, making sure to keep his butt high in the air and the centre of attention for the crowd.   Screwing straps over his legs and ankles to the table, the Handler left the pup's feet dangling over the edge of the table.  With the subject secure he reached up between the pup's legs grabbing his cock and pulling it back for all see.  Carefully he removed the medical tape holding the probe in place, before pulling the probe itself from the head of his cock.  Bitch involuntarily shivered as the metal plug was drawn slowly from his shaft for the benefit of the crowd, his pre-cum lubricating its way out.  With little concern  of the pup's comfort, the Handler ripped the electrical adhesive strip from the base of his cock, leaving a patch of red to show where it had been.  He stood from behind the trapped pup, leaving the electrodes framing his scrotum and the power pack to run them.

With an appreciative nod from Mistress Gray, the Handler left the bag on the ground by Bitch's feet and took his leave behind the crowd.  She sat with the group admiring her property promptly on display for all those around.  Without a chance to know what was going on behind him, Bitch wiggled about to try and find some comfort in his forced position, but it was not designed for his comfort, it was for everyone else's benefit.  For all his effort there was no moving from his fixed raised pedestal dictated by his Mistress's wish for his cock and balls to be on display.

Trapped into a praying position he felt his Mistress's hand rest on his lower back as she addressed the modest group of friends.  “I'm sure you have all seen my pup this evening, he has been working hard for me.  For those of you who were at the fare today would have also seen him assisting me there too.  He has had a long and busy day with only the reward of seeing me happy, which for him is enough.  Now however, it's his turn for a little pleasure, and I thought we could have a bit of fun of it,” she added, running her hand over his cheek and down the back of his thigh. 

Letting go of him she reached into the bag and pulled the receptacle of a milking machine from the bag.  Inside the bag was a small yet modest pump not up to the job of milking a real cow but it would more than be up to the task of a small puppy.  With a smile she showed the group what she had before putting it on the floor between the pup's feet.  Unable to see what she had, Bitch pulled at his restraints again. 

Mistress Gray stroked at his calf as she spoke to the group, “Now this little guy has been working hard all day, I'm sure he's ready for us to have a little wager, I would like for you all to take a guess at how long he will last.  Feel free to come up and have a feel and pet him if you like, then take your best guess and place a bet.  Just write it on a dollar note and leave it on the table, winner takes all.”

It took little encouragement and almost immediately Bitch could feel an assortment of hands finding their way around his body.  He struggled to keep track of all the touching, but one thing he did take note of was each and all of them took the opportunity to feel his shaft and squeeze his balls.  Loving the sensation of so much touching he wriggled against his restraints trying to get as much as possible.  Sadly it came to an end, the hands leaving his body and his pre-cum dribbling onto a wad of money placed between his knees on the table.

Mistress Gray came around and squatted down at his bound head.  She made sure to put a knee to each side of his muzzle, unfairly trapped, and pointed straight down at the floor.  Although he could not look up to see her beautiful face, he could smell his Mistress.  He knew that scent, and it made him feel fulfilled that his Mistress was wet for him in this predicament. 

Stroking the back of his head she move in closer to give him words of encouragement.  “Good boy, now is your reward.  I'm proud of your efforts, and all I ask is you make this take as long as you possibly can,” she whispered, ending with a tender kiss to his head.

“Ok everyone, lets begin,” she announced jovially.  She moved to his side and took the milking tube in one hand.  Sliding it over his dripping cock, Bitch pulled back at the foreign apparatus unsure of what was to come, but he had no defence to her wishes.  She flipped the switch and the pump came to life.  Bitch felt the tube constrict to his hard cock as it pulsated around him.  The vacuum of the machine pulling the tube further onto his shaft and no longer needed to be held by his Mistress.  She returned to her seat behind him where she could enjoy the pup's little show.

The sensation was amazing after the long day he had had, and if it were up to him he would have let his load go then and there, but it was his Mistress's words that made him fight the joy.  He moved as much as his bonds would allow, trying to find a limited position that could help delay the inevitable.  The gathering enjoyed his squirming against the machine tugging violently at his cock, each time he flinched they smiled and commented on his predicament.

The tube was transparent and failed to hide the torment of his cock being pulsated and tugged on, to the enjoyment of the group his hard cock grew slightly in size under the vacuum.  His rubber tail plug still in place shook with the tremors of his body as he tried with all his might to control the wash of pleasure assaulting him.

Bitch tried to find a happy spot in his predicament, wriggling had proven futile, now he tried to shut out the sensory overload he had no control over.  He closed his eyes, and focused all his attentions elsewhere but it was an uphill battle.  Whatever he tried, he kept thinking back to his Mistress, from what she had requested throughout the day, to the ponies he had helped with and to the special task she had given him for this private event.  It just wouldn't leave him, keeping at him and reminding him of who he really wanted to be.

He had held out for a few minutes, and some of the guests were disappointed to have lost the wager but were still enjoying the show.  He shuffled and shivered, but held in place firmly for them all to enjoy.  Mistress Gray looked at the timer and seeing that it was close to her guessed time, she felt the remote in her other hand.  It was probably cheating but no one here would complain should she tip the bet in her own favour.

Keeping the remote hidden in her hand she felt about for the button she was looking for.  It would not be as effective as before, but she felt his balls needed to join in the fun.  Pressing and holding the button she watched his form as the electric pads did their work.

Bitch had found his endurance and was resisting the pump tugging and massaging his cock.  Then it all went wrong for his plan as his balls began to tingle.  He knew it was the remote, he knew it was his Mistress that was using it.  He knew it was her, and that it must be close for her to win the bet, but that was not what she had told him.  He was torn, let go and let her win, or follow her orders and hold as long as possible.  He chose the later and braced himself for the unfair fight to get harder.

Guests watching could see the reaction in his body that something had changed, his muscles began to fight an unseen battle against his desires.  He twitched and flinched against the restraints and the machine, his cock throbbing to unleash its contents.  With a glance to Mistress Gray, anyone could see the sneaky smile she was trying to hide.  One thing that was unanimous was the belief that it would come to and end very soon.

Breathing deeply through his nose as much as the muzzle would allow, Bitch found himself falling into a rhythm.  A rhythm that matched the machine trying to take his load from him.  Mistress Gray started to lean on and off the button, using his body movements to try and push him over the edge.  It was an unintended slip, one that a Master or Mistress would never admit to after, but it happen none the less.  Her finger moved and she hit the red button.

Unlike before, it wasn't a punishment of pain that hit him, whether it was only half the electrodes or the level of sensory overload he was experiencing, it was jolt of pleasure like he had never felt.  To him his balls lit up with pleasure and the shock wave consumed his entire body, ending the game once and for all.

They group watched as his edge came closer and then like the flip of a switch his entire body tensed on the table as he let go into the tormenting pumping machine.  They all enjoyed watching his muscles tense and relax as he succumbed to the treatment.  The pup's chest pumped air into his relived body, trying to calm the most tense of situations he had be subjected to.  He slumped on the table as much as his restraints would allow, the milking pump continuing to extract what it could from him.  Content with the outcome they all celebrated the show with a round of applause and set about finding the winner.  In the dying moments Bitch had held long enough that his Mistress did not win the wager, the money going to one excited Master who had bet without expect to see the pup last.

Mistress Gray elegantly lifted herself from her comfortable chair and petted Bitch's rump just letting him know that she was there for him.  He still struggled to find his breath and lay slouched from his own limbs, but the touch brought life back to him.  His cock ached with each pulse of the pump, it victorious with its battle against him.  Mistress checked to make sure it had taken all of his juices before turning off the pump and pulling the tube from his warn out shaft.

With no fight left in him Bitch just waited for his Mistress to finish her display, he was spent and there was little for him to hide now.  Mistress Gray signalled to the Handler to remove the pup's restraints.  He promptly rushed over and removed the last of the electrode pads, then with the drill unscrewed the pup from the table.  Putting Bitch back onto his leash he lead him down onto the floor and ready for Mistress Gray to take his leash.

Mistress finished her conversations and congratulated the winner of their little wager before returning her attention to her puppy.  He sat slumped, it was obvious that he was trying to sit correctly but his body was spent, it truly was the best he could do.  She took his leash and thanked the Handler before giving her pup a little tug on his lead.  The night was over for Bitch, there was lots more fun to be had in the ballroom as the night was still young, but Mistress Gray could tell that he had nothing more to give her for tonight.

She took him out of the ballroom and lead him upstairs to the room she had been given.  He follow at the length of his leash trying to keep up, but enjoying the guiding feeling of the leash pulling him.  Their journey ended in the centre of the bedroom, he sat for her and she put a hand under his muzzle.  Lifting his face so his eyes could meet hers, she gave him the moss beautiful of smiles as thanks for a job well done.  “Good boy”

She took his mitted paws one at a time and released his hands for the first time that evening.  It was an effort but he stretched the aches and pains from his fingers as she removed his head gear for the night.  Stroking his cheek she snuck a tender kiss to his forehead as he recovered from the gag being removed. 

“Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up for bed.”  She ordered, unlocking the leash from his collar.  Bitch shakeably stood up on both legs from the floor, the first time in hours, and made his way to the en-suite.  It only took a few minutes before he returned having cleaned what he could and reliving himself.  As he came back into the room he was back on all fours for her.  He crawled straight past her and climbed into his open cage.  She closed the door as he turned on the spot in the tight confines finding a comfortable spot amongst the cushions he had been given.  As he dropped in place she draped a blanket over the cage for him.

She stood there thinking over his day, proud of his efforts for her.  It had been a good day, and one that would be hard for her to top for him.  Smiling to herself she tidied herself in the mirror before heading back downstairs to the party.  As she turned off the light and was about to close the door, she stopped for a moment hearing him start to snore in his cage.  To herself she wished him a good nights sleep, he had earned it, before heading back to the party.

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