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Shayla and Robert

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Synopsis: Shayla and Robert have avoided the worts aspects of being owned up intil now

Shayla felt physically ill when Robert came back to the shack after work. He told her that he had been last in the field today and the overseers had ordered him and her to the barn tonight. She had been working hard why hadnt he done his part how could he have done this to her, to them. They had been doing so well. They had not been singled out before and she hadnt burdened him with the few times she had been used in the field by the overseers. It had been bad but when you were used in the field at least it was quick and you had some sense of being a person. Besides their hard work had moved them up out of the slave barracks to their own shack. They had been able to pretend that they were people and have a life. Now whatever he had done in the fields had attracted the attentions of the bosses and they were to be taken down. They had never been to the barn at night before but they had heard the tales of those who had. It was about bringing uppity slaves back to earth and showing them their place, only total and abject obedience and acceptance of the punishment would allow them to survive this. Slaves that left the bosses with any doubt about whether or not they knew their place were crippled in the barn. then life really would go downhill, crippled didnt get them any slack in the fields it just made it almost impossibly hard to meet the quotas and then they would be in line for more beatings and then move even further down the list.  All these thoughts rushed through her brain as she fought the urge to throw up with fear.

       Robert said

“Im sorry shay I didnt really do anything its like they were lookin for me.” He looked so beaten already as the terrible knowledge of what the night held for them came to him. Also the hopelessness of their situation they had nowhere to run to. They even had to walk down and submit themselves, for if they didnt then it would go even worse for them. Robert had a friend that had stood up to the bosses in the fields last week. When ordered to the barn he had refused, they came for him.  He had screamed for three days in a room in the back of the barn then they let him out. His legs and feet had been burned and broken. Walking was a nightmare and yet they ordered him to work in the fields. He was always in line for a beating at lunch when the slowest workers of the morning were chastised. He was so broken by his disfigurement and the steady torture in the field at lunch that the guards treated him as a dog now and he willingly sought them out after his beating to beg for the opportunity to clean their boots with his tongue. The guards sometimes allowed this but usually they just made him play fetch so they could laugh at how awkward it was for him to run with his crippled feet. Also it made him even more tired so that the afternoon struggle to meet the quota and avoid another whipping was even more torture. She looked at him her anger and fear slowly giving way to understanding it could happen that the guards just needed a few more to round out the night and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wednesday was the day that the young master had said that the overseers could use the barn and he had left no doubt since   taking over from his dad that he wanted the people who worked the farm to know for sure that they were property. So tonight they were about to have what little humanity they had managed to carve out for themselves stripped from them, literally. They had to strip naked and walk to the barn now. Robert was tall and well muscled for forty and Shayla was still an attractive woman at forty two. It was all the more degrading that the young master was younger than their grown children and almost all of the guards were younger than them too.

When they got to the barn they saw the others that had been selected to entertain tonight they were already there kneeling naked in the dust. Four other couples. Well thank god they werent alone.

Robert and Shayla knelt in the dust beside four other black couples all scared but resigned. There was nothing that they could do. They waited humiliated at their own powerless ness. They heard the young guards laughing in the barn. It sounded like they were having a cold beer after a hard day in the field. Two of them came out and approached the group. They made them each stand up in turn and present their backs to the young guards with their hand behind them. One would do the man and another would do the woman. They were snickering and talking to one another as they bound the wrists of each. The guard that did Shayla reached around and held one of her breasts in his hand after he was done.

“I like the feel of a nice heavy tit” he said to his companion as he checked the heft of it.

“Good big heavy tits make good boot rests. Dont they?” he walked around her to stand in front of her and with his back to Robert he squeezed down on the thick nipple with his thumb nail.  Shayla screamed. The guard hit her hard across the mouth and pulled with the hand that held the nipple so that she fell into the dust. He turned to Robert and said

“You boy get down on your knees and apologize for this worthless piece of bitch meat not having the sense to answer me.

Robert was too stunned to obey immediately and the guard behind him pulled him over backwards and with his hands bound he fell hard. The guard in front of him stepped in quickly. He moved between Roberts legs and stepped down hard on his genitals Robert screamed. The guard near his head reached down and taking a handful of sand poured it into Roberts screaming mouth. The sound died and Robert gasped and choked around the sand.  The guard between his legs took his foot of Roberts cock and stomped down hard on Roberts stomach and sand and puke flew out of his mouth. The two then moved on to the next couple. Robert and Shayla had been the last to be bound and the others waited on their knees horrified and cowed by the sudden violence. The bigger of the two guards called Boss Smith motioned to three other couples to get up and walk into the barn. The couple left was the youngest. The woman was particularly young and very pretty. She was sobbing quietly as Smith approached he stood over her for a second enjoying the view. She had shoulder length black hair and fine firm tits of a medium largish size. She looked as if she might be tall if allowed off her knees. Smith turned to her man.

Her man had never felt so alone and frightened he had seen the cavalier way in which they had almost killed his friend Robert and was terrified of that and also terrified of the degradation and humiliation which was obviously going to be a part of tonight. He knelt in the dust as the sun set, hands bound behind his back wondering how he would bear up under this horrible night. He prayed that the guards wouldnt hurt him or his woman in a permanent way and worried about the mental scars they were sure to carry from this He was so terrified that the words were out of his mouth without thinking

“Please boss smith please I beg you dont dont  ...” He couldn think of what to beg them not to do because they were so obviosly going to rape and abuse him and his wife.

       Dont what boy? Dont what? If I show you a little bit of kindness, will you show me that you know your place, that you are a good boy.

“O yes please please I know my place I dont need to be shown please Ill be so good and my woman too we will oh god o please oh god”. Boss  smith looked back to the woman  and she nodded her head still sobbing. He  smiled at the two of them in turn

“Okay okay if you two think that  you can amuse me then well play a little game.”. Its called kick ball and you have to show me how grateful you are to be allowed to play”

“Stand up boy” and he motioned to the man. With difficulty because of his bound hands the man stood. Come over here he motioned to the woman she stood and came over. He looked her in the eye for a second she was tall, then he  grabbed a handful of her hair and with the other hand hit her hard in the stomach. She collapsed on the sand.

I didnt tell you to stand did I?”

       She lay in a ball on the ground and he left for a second to go back to his friend

       Boss miller his friend was having his own fun. He had left Robert gasping and lying in his own puke and had got Shayla back onto her knees. He stood over her with his pants open. When smith arrived He had both his hands on the back of her head and her nose pressed against his belly

“She doesnt suck too bad.  He said to smith as he let her draw her face back a bit . With just the head of his cock in her mouth he tilted her head up to see her eyes and so she could see his.

“If I really like this blow job Im only going to give you a small whipping   say maybe ten strokes five on the tits and five on the ass. And your man over there he gets twenty. If the blowjob is only fair then you get twenty and he gets forty and a bad blow job means that  you get fifty on the cunt and he gets all the toes burned off one foot.”

Smith said ”I think that they all suck just a little bit better when they have had a taste of what a poor blow job brings. Take a break and give her a taste of the switch and shell suck like a crazy woman when you let her back at ya”

Miller pulled her face off his cock foe a second and tilted her face up towards him, “is that right are you holding back on me now cause I havent given you a taste first?”

“No sir master sir I am sucking as hard as I can now sir!”

“ See its like I said she makes it sound like shes doing it for you. If you give her a few strokes on the tits and warm  the balls of the boy there in front of her shell realize that she is one lucky cunt to be allowed to suck you. Then your dickll feel pretty darn good  they always need a little something to bring out the best in them.”

“ Are you saying that boss smith is lying to me bitch? He pulled her hair hard to the side and she lost her balance and fell. He turned to Robert lying on the ground mostly recovered from his stomping.

“Get over to the barn door and bring back a couple of switches for you and the cunt, boy”

Robert struggled to his feet and staggered to the barn door. In a barrel of brine beside the door were a couple of dozen rattan switches. He paused for a second before he realized that he would have to grasp them in his mouth and carry them that way. He bent low and took three into his mouth biting down hard on them and dragging them up out of the brine. He waddled back with them hanging from his lips and teeth. He stopped in front of boss smith

Smith took them all out of his mouth and put two down leaning against the fence.

He held one by the end and swished it through the air a couple of times to check it for wippiness.

This one will do for now come here boy he crooked his finger at Robert and pointed to the dirt if front of him  Robert thought for just a second to see if he really had any option he was frightened and humiliated that he had to willingly submit but it would only be worse if he didnt. He knew that he had to but was humiliated enough to think of making a show of resistance to show that he was a man but he was in the end too frightened of what they might do if they were angry. Right now they just wanted to amuse themselves with him and his woman but if they got angry it would probably be much worse bad as this what ever happened was going to be it would be better for him to submit that resist. He came over to the master and knelt  before him

       “Head down in the dirt and ass up boy”

Robert fear fully bent forward and put his face to the side and in the dirt

Spread your legs boy I want to be able to get at your sack with the switch  Robert cringed in the knowledge that his cock and balls might be hit he had hoped that just his ass would be brutalized but that was obviously not to be. He spread his legs and couldnt hold back a whimper of fear in anticipation of the pain to come he wondered if a whipping on his sex organs might render them useless.

The boss positioned himself to the left of the cowering whimpering Robert and swung with all his might the switch caught Robert on the ass solidly.  The pain was like a brand it burned so deep Robert screamed and fell over

The boss yelled at him to get back into position but he couldnt The switch came down again on his thighs  and the boss ordered him again to get back on his knees Robert struggled to do it and then was back face in the dirt sobbing The boss laughed at him and said if you move again Then youll have to be punished  hahahahah So take this little whipping or I will get really serious

He put his boot under Roberts face and said “lick it clean boy  and as Robert started to wet the boot top with his tongue the switch crashed down between the cheeks of his ass the end whipping hard onto the sensitive skin between his hole and his balls  all of the breath exploded out of him in an  animal shriek he rolled over trying to get his bound hands down to hold his tortured balls. Boss smith looked at him on the ground and laughed  he motioned for Shayla to crawl to him  She knelt before him again

“Head down butt up bitch” he said

She  wailed and begged but it did no good he took her hair in his hand and pulled her down face into the dirt. Then he put his boot on the back of her neck she thought that her neck would break but he only held her steady she had her knees tightly clamped together hoping to shield her sex from his lash.

;Robert get over her boy

Robert lay on the ground moaning  “Boy you get over here or Ill have you tied to the fence and put that whip between your cheeks till they split now get over here. Robert struggled to his knees and crawled next to his woman and his master. 

“You do what your told or Ill have you on the fence for an hour and all of the bosses will wear their arms out trying to see who can make you scream the loudest . Understand?”

Robert had enough control to nod yes.

“Ok well see. Put your face in there and lick her ass  and when she relaxes just a bit you pull her knees apart.”  Robert positioned himself with his face in his wifes ass cleft and put his hands on her legs at the knee.

“Youve got 30 seconds boy and then your tied open on the fence”

  Robert forced his tongue out and licked and for an instant shayla's cheeks un- clenched her forced her knees apart 

“Hold her there boy and keep your head down  he heard the whistle and felt the wind and then the sickening sound of the switch biting into her cunt lips.  she shrieked again and again and he could feel her trying to close her legs for relief and protection but he held them open  He sobbed to himself as he heard the switch go by his ears again and again but he was glad deep inside that it was not slicing down his as cleft  Shayla could not collapse or roll over as the boss and Robert held her steady for six strokes

Finally the boss took hid boot off her neck and walked back to Robert He kicked him in the ribs and said
“get into the position for two of your own  boy It want to compare  screams you sounded a little like a girl on the last one But I guess too many like that and youd be one hahahah”

Shayla rolled over as soon as released and curled up trying to comfort her burning sex organs all  else in the world, modesty, concern for Robert, anything at all faded in her mind behind the pain of her wounded cunt she tried to look and see if there was blood from the strokes but couldnt be sure She lay on her side cuffed and knees drawn up,  breathing hard

       “You heard me boy” Robert had been slow to move the boss was becoming angry. Robert  was disbelieving he had done as he had been told, helped in the torture of his woman and now he was going to suffer anyway

“Move!” And the switch cut him on the side of the head he fell over but quickly scurried into the vulnerable kneeling position  and waited.

ONE NOW AND ONE AFTER “ THE BITCH SERVES me  The boss straddled him and tapped his up turned ass with the switch, Spread for me boy I want to see your ring as a target. Robert had no choice but to spread his knees and feel the cool night air on his sphincter he started to whimper  the boss laughed

“Yeah I bet it hurts  but maybe youll get lucky and Ill think of some other way that you can be  entertaining besides screaming.”

       “Wider boy” and Robert strained to open his private parts even more he whimpered again in pain and fear. The boss touched the switch lightly to the exposed sphincter and watched it pucker in anticipation of pain. Robert shook and begged” please boss I will be good please you dont need to hurt me more Ill do anything boss please”

“I know youll do anything boy but right now what I want you to do is scream and beg” and with that he brought the switch down and the tip curled under Roberts sack and tore into his cock. Robert felt as if his genitals had been burned. He shrieked and tried to roll away  but the boss held his head on the ground with his boot

“Youve got till the count of five to open up again or your over the fence boy.”    Robert heard the boss through a fog of pain and knew he wouldnt survive a whipping on his crotch, tied upside down on the fence. He summoned all his will and got back up on his knees and lifted his naked ass up to the whip and slowly spread his legs wide fearing the fence more than the pain he knew was coming. He waited like that humiliated and fearful

Boss smith loved the power the man knelt in front of him head down on his boots, ass up in the air, legs spread wide totally vulnerable and his to use and abuse he touched the switch to the open asshole again to watch the skin around his cleft clench and crawl, he laughed. This one was well on the way to being a broken man but the best part was coming up while the man still had enough  free will to be humiliated. He whipped his slave again and watched him flatten again in shock and pain he listened to the animal cry and  said”{back up here boy and loved the look on the mans face as he got back into position for another stroke


He lifted his boot off the neck of the man and called out to Shayla

On your knees cunt and Shayla  crawled over to his feet as fast as she could  She looked up to the boss eagerly. Despite herself she was going to prove the boss right she would give this man her mouth  eagerly now she had felt the alternative and seen Robert and heard him suffer under the lash she looked up at the young boss waiting for him to offer his cock for her worship she abandoned all thoughts from her mind except the desire to make this man happy with her service.

The boss looked down at the woman on her knees. Her face upturned to him looking in his eyes for his signal that she could suck him he liked this time when you could see in the eyes that they had come around. Having tasted the switch and feeling the powerlessness of the station in life she  was ready to serve and it wouldnt matter anymore what he wanted she would do it and eagerly.   He unzipped his pants and took out his growing cock

“What do you say bitch?”

:Please master”

Please what bitch  a little annoyance in his voice accompanied by a tap on his boots of the switch

“please may I be allowed to suck your cock master” Shayla begged and she had never meant anything more in her whole life she wanted that cock in her mouth  and wanted to know that the young master was happy with her service she wanted him to orgasm in her mouth and feel his cum on her tongue she wanted to feel his seed sliding down her throat. She wanted to please this man ,her owner she felt like property now and knew  she was.

The master nodded his head to her plea and she opened wide and took his cock into her mouth she went down as far as she could fighting the gag reflex to give him the pleasure of her throat. She pressed her nose into his belly and felt the zipper  against her chin. She felt a moments panic and thought she would gag and  maybe even throw up but fought that back and held his cock deep in her mouth.   She moved her tongue forward underneath his rod and licked slowly without moving her head. She fought to get her tongue to stick out of her stretched lips and reach towards his sack. She sucked her cheeks in to add to his pleasure and slowly pulled her head back off his cock. She paused at the tip to swirl her tongue under the head of her owners cock. Then took it all the way back down and paused there again and played with her tongue. She felt his hands on her head as he crushed her nose into his belly and enjoyed the tightness of her throat. He held her head tight she thought she might faint unable to breath with her face trapped in his groin.

       “You were right  buddy she is much better now thats really incredible. She is giving a great blowjob now.

Hearing this Shayla felt humiliated all over again to be giving this man pleasure with her lips and in a way that she had never pleased her man but his being pleased with her attentions was so important to her after having felt the pain of the switch. And it was for Robert too. She must put such thoughts out of her mind and concentrate on the pleasing the young man who was now lodged deep in her throat.

He held her head impaled on his cock for several seconds and then allowed he to move she started her rhythm slowly at first with all the suction that she could give so that his pleasure would be great and all the while she kept her eyes rolled back so that she could check his face foe signs of pleasure or displeasure she wanted this to be good. She felt his cock swell even more with the effort she gave and the he held her head hard  and pulled her so that she was crushed against his groin. Then his cock spasmed into her throat by passing her mouth completely her held her so deep. She swallowed reflexively to avoid gagging and choking. He continued to hold her face until she thought she would faint, unable to breath and she feared struggling against him for because that might anger him she was about to panic completely when he finally allowed he face to move back a little on his cock and she could breathe through her nose again.

       As his cock softened in her mouth she watched his face like the well trained retrievers that followed the bosses she had become like a trained dog in her desire to serve and please. She saw and heard him say” what are the first words out of a slave cunts mouth after she has had the honor to serve a man He pulled her head off his cock and she had the wit to say “ thank you master sir thank you


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