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Caught in the Act

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Synopsis: Angela is caught with a minor\'s hands down her pants by a teenager\'s furious mother. She is relieved of her clothing and punished and humiliated accordingly.

Caught in the Act

By Daze_Earth


This story contains strong elements of forced lesbianism, blackmail and extensive humiliation. It also includes sexual activities like enema administration, spanking and anal sex.


"I don't really want another one," yelled Angela over the loud house beats that seemed to reverberate around the packed dance floor. Decked out in her favorite skin tight jeans and brand new blue blouse, she could barely stop from moving her body to the tunes that the DJ unfurled upon them.

Her friend didn't appear to hear her over the deafening music, or simply chose to ignore her as she handed Angela a sixth cocktail. Angela didn't really go to clubs all that often but her friends had dragged her along with them this time. Despite herself, Angela found herself having a good time. It wasn't often that she had the chance to dance.

The cocktail tasted sweet but she knew it had quite a kick. It was a bit awkward holding the drink in her hand as she tried to sway to the music. Soon 

Angela wanted to put her glass down and get on with the dancing. However, Angela's friends hadn't bothered to get a table and as a result she had no place to set her drink down. With a sigh, she lifted the glass to her lips and drained the cocktail before weaving her way through the crowd and placing her glass on the bar. As she walked, she felt of the burn of the drink as it moved down her throat and her eyes started tearing as her system struggled to adapt to the alcohol. Angela didn't drink very often at all and she generally had trouble holding her liquor.

Shrugging off the effects of the cocktail, Angela danced her way to the center of the dance floor and shook her body with as much gusto as she could manage. Her vision was a bit blurry and Angela knew she was drunk. The maze of people momentarily parted and a young girl shimmied and shook her way into Angela's vision. Her cheeks were chubby and rosy and her thick eyeliner made her look pretty as she batted her long eyelashes at Angela and flipped her hair back. She shook her ample bosom at Angela and winked flirtatiously. Her tight red dress seemed to be painted onto her curvaceous figure and she beckoned to Angela and winked again. In years to come, Angela would blame the alcohol for her decision making, but at that moment her feet seemed to move of their own accord as she stepped up to the girl.

Grinding, swaying and dancing wildly, the two girls flipped their hair off their faces and got close, dirty dancing when they could and rubbing their bodies against each other. The people around hooted and cheered a bit but soon shifted their focus back to their own dance partners.

Angela couldn't believe she was dancing like this with another girl but rational thought wasn't really playing a role in her decision making anymore. When the girl leaned forward and kissed her deeply, Angela inhaled the sweet perfume of her temptress and returned the kiss. The girl broke off and grabbed 

Angela's hand, tugging her through the crowd. Angela followed her without even realizing she was doing so, and minutes later they were outside the club and kissing again.

After a bit of stumbling around, Angela found herself in the back of a taxi and blinked to take in her situation. However, the young minx with her wasn't giving her much time to think things through. The girl resumed kissing Angela and rubbed her breasts against her. Angela tried to push her back, but her head was reeling from all the alcohol she had been drinking. The taxi drive didn't appear to be a long one and soon they were on the curb in front of a reasonably large house. The girl grabbed Angela's hand and started dragging her towards the large mahogany door before slipping a key out from under a flower pot and sliding it into the keyhole. Angela looked around the neighborhood nervously but the girl was tugging her hand.

"Wait, what's your name?" asked Angela, struggling to slow things down.

I'm Teresa," whispered the girl cheekily and dragged Angela up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs, she kissed Angela once again before pulling away and moving towards a door on the left, dragging Angela along behind her.

"Wait," said Angela, trying to be as quiet as possible and slow things down but she was inside the room now and the dratted girl was kissing her again. Angela broke away from the kiss as she felt quick little fingers start undoing the buttons on her blouse.

"Wait, stop,' cried Angela a bit louder than what she intended. It was time to put a stop to this. The girl seemed to sense her reluctance but didn't stop. Instead she plunged her hands down the front of Angela's tight jeans.

Suddenly the light came on blinding them both and a loud voice nearly made Angela jump out of her skin. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

A furious looking woman in her early forties glared at them in anger and Angela tried to step away from Teresa as quickly as possible. She realized that 

Teresa's hands were still stuck inside her jeans and she tried to pull them out. Teresa giggled and Angela stared at her in surprise. The girl didn't seem to be perturbed by the situation at all. Instead of freaking out, she rubbed Angela's clit and winked at her mischievously again.

"You terrible, terrible girls, what is the meaning of this! Is this how you behave?" asked the woman at the doorway. She was fully dressed and her glasses only served to highlight the look of rage in her eyes.

Angela finally managed to pull Teresa's hands out of her pants and stare at the woman fearfully. "It's not what it looks like," stuttered Angela in a voice which was higher pitched than usual. Even as she said it, Angela realized how ridiculous her statement sounded. She had been caught red handed with a girl's hands in her pants.

"Oh, is it? You dirty girl! How dare you lay your hands on my daughter! She's only 17 and you are obviously much older. I'm calling the police," yelled the enraged woman.

Angela raised her hands in shock, attempting to pacify the furious older woman. "Wait, please don't call the police. This is all a mistake!" she exclaimed.

"So it's a mistake that my daughter's lipstick is smeared on your lips and her hands were inside your pants is it? I'm calling the police you dirty girl," accused the woman and stepped towards the phone which was on a small table next to the door.

"No. Please don't call the police. I'm so sorry, Ma'am. Please let me go home. I'll do anything, just please don't call the police," pleaded Angela. She realized the seriousness of the situation as she was caught with a minor. At 28, she was 11 years older than this girl and her parents were going to be furious when they found out. Also, Angela realized that jail time was a distinct possibility for her here.

"No, I'm calling the police. That should teach you a lesson. You need to be punished for what you have done," said the girl's mother, picking up the phone.

"Wait, why don't you punish me instead," said Angela, desperately as she clutched at straws to save herself.

Teresa's mother paused and glared at Angela, but Angela could see that she was considering it. "Punish me in any way you see fit, but please don't call the police," said Angela emphatically, doing her best to convince the woman.

The older woman pursed her lips and after a bit of thought, she finally placed the receiver of the phone back on its cradle and Angela breathed a sigh of relief.

"Very well. I'll consider it," said Teresa's mother. She glared at her daughter before addressing her.

"Young lady, go and clean up and join me later, while I deal with this... person... you brought home with you," she said pausing to look disdainfully at Angela as she indicated her.

"Ok, mum," said Teresa before cheekily winking at Angela, who glared back in response. As far as Angela was concerned, it was all this young girl's fault.

Once Teresa went into, what Angela perceived to be a bathroom, the lady of the house focused her attention back on Angela.

"Follow me," she ordered before turning and striding out of her daughter's pink-walled bedroom.

They walked along the landing to a room at the far end of the house. Angela presumed this to be the main bedroom and followed the woman inside. The bedroom was tastefully furnished, with dark green curtains and a beige bedspread.

Teresa's mother turned to face Angela and placed her hands on her hips. "You are a poor example to my daughter and to women all around the world, you know that. You are irresponsible and you need to be taught a lesson," she scolded. "What is your name?"

"Angela," replied Angela and stared at the floor as though hoping it would open up and swallow her so that she wouldn't have to face this berating.

"Right. Angela, take off your pants," said the woman imperiously as she glared at her.

"I'm sorry, what?" asked Angela in surprise.

"You heard me young lady, GET THEM OFF," yelled Teresa's mother angrily.

Angela jumped a bit at the sudden scolding. "I.. I..," she stuttered, but she couldn't think of anything to say. Angela remembered that she had offered to receive punishment instead of being hauled off by the police. She stepped out of her shoes and tentatively glanced at the older woman's face, but there was no sign of her relenting. Angela sighed in defeat and slowly unbuttoned her jeans, pulled down the zipper and tugged the tight garment down her legs. It was only when she stepped down to pick it up that she realized that her blouse was still partially unbuttoned after her encounter with Teresa and her black bra was on display. She blushed and placed both her hands in front of her crotch to cover her exposed pink panties.

Teresa's mother extended her hand and Angela placed her jeans in them. Teresa's mother walked over to her closet and placed them inside neatly. She came back and sat on the bed. "Come here," she ordered. Angela walked over meekly.  "From now on, you will refer to me as Mrs. Fernandez or Ma'am when you're addressed. Is that clear?"

Angela nodded. "Yes Ma'am," she replied.

The older woman grabbed her hand firmly and pulled Angela firmly over her lap.

"Wait. What are you doing?" asked Angela in surprise. "Oww!" Angela shrieked as a sharp slap landed on her panty-covered bottom.

Angela was shocked, not just by the swift forcefulness Mrs. Fernandez displayed in taking her over her knee but by the painfulness of the spanks.

"Oww!" Angela grimaced and yelled as a second potent blow landed on her well-padded behind, followed quickly by a third and a fourth.

"Owww! Ouch! I'm sorry! Oww" yelled Angela loudly. A fifth and a sixth slap landed squarely on her ass before Teresa's mother paused. When she felt the tug on her panties, Angela started struggling. Another resounding smack made her yell again.

"Oww!" Angela yelled as she tried to wiggle around and face her tormentor.

"Sit still, young lady," ordered Mrs. Fernandez before tugging on Angela's panties again. This time Angela controlled herself and did her best not to struggle. She blushed as she felt her panties slide off her bottom and get pulled down her legs, and pulled off her completely.

"Ouch, oooh!" yelled Angela as the next smack landed on her bare bottom. Angela was always a bit self conscious of her ass. For a slim girl with a five foot frame, her ass was big, round and unusually large. As a result, it also presented a large target.

"Smack!" came the unrelenting sound of the hand landing on her large backside.

"Yeow! Fuck!" yelled Angela in response, starting to struggle a bit now.

"I won't have language like that in my house young lady! We'll have to fix that," said Mrs. Fernandez sternly before resuming the spanking.

Angela gasped and yelped with every blow to her tender, quivering buns. Her round, swelling buttocks burned as if she were sitting in a bowl of hot water. Her face burned as well with the humiliation of her situation. Here she was, a grown woman, taking a sound spanking like a child would. The humiliation was overwhelming and spanks smarted terribly.

"Slap!" came the sharp sound and Angela yelped.

"Owww! Yeoww!" yelled Angela as Mrs. Fernandez gave her what for.

Teresa's mother spanked her fiercely, and as the pain splattered into Angela's buttocks she began to writhe and groan. The pain was unbelievable and the indignity worse still. Her tanned buttocks quickly turned rosy red and stung terribly. Her squeals and yelps became yells and she struggled to contain tears that welled in her eyes. Thankfully, Mrs. Fernandez stopped before she could shed any tears and embarrass herself more.

The lady of the house stood her up and started unbuttoning Angela's blouse while she struggled to keep her tears in check. Teresa's mother pulled off her blouse and placed it on the bed next to her, leaving Angela wearing only her black bra.

"I suspected as much. A proper lady would have hair down there," said Mrs. Fernandez pointing at Angela's bare pubes.

Angela blushed some more and placed her hands over her crotch. She had just shaved a few times and hair simply didn't grow down there for her easily. In fact, there was no visible stubble and Angela looked as though she never had any hair down there at all.

"Turn around!" ordered Teresa's mother and Angela complied meekly. She gasped when she felt her bra being unstrapped. Mrs. Fernandez tugged it off her and Angela was standing before her naked as the day she was born.

"Come on, we need to continue your punishment," said the older woman and pulled Angela over her lap again. Angela was wide eyed with surprise. She was hoping that the spanking was over.

"Oww!" Angela yelped as a sharp slap landed on her big tender bottom.

"Owww! Please... Yeoww!" yelled Angela as her pink buttocks slowly turned crimson.

While the spanking continued and Angela yelped, the door opened and Teresa walked in. She was pursing her lips together as though trying not to laugh, and her eyes twinkled mischievously. She had a good look at Angela's naked body as she lay over her mother's lap.

Angela was surprised to see that Teresa didn't look all that pretty without her heavy makeup, and her face had a plain quality about it. She was still chubby, and she still looked older than 17, but there was nothing remarkable about her. Angela would have kicked herself if she could as this girl just wasn't worth the trouble she was in.

"Yeow!" yelled Angela as a particularly sharp spank caught her. She started to struggle a bit more now as the pain and humiliation became harder to bear.

"See, this is what I'll do if you bring girls over here," said Mrs. Fernandez as she scolded her daughter. Teresa was sitting in a chair and watching proceedings with a fair amount of interest. She didn't reply to her mother but grinned cheekily at Angela.

Teresa, for her part, loved this. She knew Angela had been pulling away from her earlier in the night but that had just made her even more curious to see her naked. Now the older girl's cute perky 32C breasts were swinging free as she struggled and her unusually large round ass was bare and red from all the attention it was receiving. For a girl as short and slim as Angela, these were interestingly prominent charms. Despite their conspicuousness, 

Angela's exposed delights were sexy and alluring when exposed the way they were. Teresa covered her mouth to stiffle a giggle as she looked at the amusing expression on Angela's face.

Angela glared at Teresa angrily and wished this girl couldn't watch her punishment. It was terrible to be seen naked by this mischievous little fiend. 

Additionally lying over someone's lap made it hard for Angela to cover up much as she needed her hands to keep her face from slamming into the ground. She knew she needed to think of a way out. However, the girl's mother didn't give her much time to contemplate.

"Take that you bad girl!" exclaimed Mrs. Fernandez as she unleashed a series of spanks on Angela's bright red buns.

Angela yelled and hollered, kicking her legs up in the air as she struggled. She completely forgot about the view she was presenting to Teresa now.

"Stay still or you'll get worse," threatened Mrs. Fernandez and hit the inviting round cheeks even harder. Angela immediately tried to calm herself down and stopped kicking, although she still yelped as she took the spanking.

Finally the humiliating spanking stopped and Teresa's mother pulled Angela to her feet. "Stay here, I'm going to set something up," said Mrs. Fernandez before getting to her feet and walking into the adjoining bathroom.

As soon as her mother was out of sight, Teresa stepped up to Angela with a mischievous look in her eyes.

"Oh, I've been dying to see you out of those clothes, sweetie. What's your name?" asked Teresa with a wide grin on her face.

"Angela," she replied curtly.

"I'll call you Angie for short. That big ass of yours looks so nice and round baby doll," cooed Teresa, still grinning widely.

"Oh shut up. I wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for you," replied Angela, rolling her eyes. She hated being called 'Angie'. This silly girl had got her into more trouble than she had ever bargained for. Angela was always self conscious of her big round bottom, which was constantly being made fun of by her friends, siblings, and even her own mother. She did every exercise she could possibly find to try and shrink it, which included a daily cardio routine consisting of running for an hour, give or take. While this kept her body trim and slim, it seemed to do nothing for her ass and only served to highlight it and make it more prominent.

Angela was used to being bullied in a lot of ways due to her large but extremely sexy bottom, which even had its own Facebook group dedicated to it created by those who did not like her.

“Oh my God, this is soooooo hilarious! I can’t believe you're all naked like this and getting spanked like a little brat. You look like such a loser,” said Teresa with a giggle. "You're so funny and cute when you're naked and embarrassed; it took all my will power to not burst out laughing at you.”

“What do you mean?” asked Angela. She tried to keep calm despite her steadily rising anger.

"Well, even though you're much older than me, you're still shorter and smaller-made than me. Your boobs and butt look so much bigger because of that. And, your ass is simply enormous, girlfriend," explained Teresa with a sassy little wink. "Also did you know that your face is almost as red as your butt?" asked the little minx, highlighting Angela's embarrassment.

"Shut up!" snarled Angela in annoyance.

"Make me, dumbo," retorted Teresa with a smirk and suddenly tugged on Angela's ears making her gasp in surprise. Angela's ears stuck out a bit and she couldn't believe this impossible young girl was teasing her about them. She slapped Teresa's hands away again, turning a brighter shade of red due to the embarrassment and anger she felt. None of this deterred Teresa at all however, and she quickly reached for Angela's exposed nipples and pinched them, causing Angela to yelp lightly.

"Oh your nipples are so hard, baby. Is it the cold, or are you just happy to see me?" teased Teresa.

Angela pushed the girl's hands away again and slapped her. Teresa gasped and pulled her head back sharply.

"If you do that again, I'll tell my mother that you attempted to seduce me. You will pay dearly for it," stated Teresa with a cold purposeful glint in her eyes. Angela swallowed nervously knowing she was serious, and this time when Teresa touched her breasts she just glared at the youngster and did nothing. Teresa moved away quickly as soon as she heard sounds from the bathroom indicating that her mother was returning. Mrs. Fernandez came back into the room. By then Teresa had returned to her chair and was watching her calmly.

Mrs. Fernandez strode towards Angela and grabbed her by the ear, pulling her towards the bathroom. Teresa followed eagerly, grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

The bathroom was spacious and neat, with white marble tiles and a large mirror in front of the sink. Angela wasn't really given the opportunity to admire this as she was placed in front of the mirror. Her naked reflection looked back at her with a dumbfounded and apprehensive look on her face. The older woman grabbed a bar of soap which appeared to be resting in a bowl of water. She lathered up the soap quickly and efficiently before placing it forcefully against Angela's lips.

"Open up," ordered Teresa's mother as Angela pursed her lips closed and stared at the woman in surprise.

Angela certainly didn't want to open up but the pressure on her lips was steady and the taste of the soap somehow made her want to open her mouth in an attempt to get rid of it. As soon as her lips parted, the soap was pushed in firmly until Angela opened her mouth more as a result of the constant pressure.

The taste made Angela gag and she would have spit the soap out if it wasn't held firmly by Mrs. Fernandez. Tears came to her eyes as she struggled with the sharp taste. However, when she raised her hands to push away the hand holding the soap, Mrs. Fernandez slapped her wrists firmly.

"You will not use swear words or curses under my roof, young lady. You will keep the soap in your mouth for at least five minutes. May this be a lesson to you," she said as she pushed the soap in and out of Angela's mouth, effectively coating her tongue with lathered soap.

Angela felt as though she was being fucked in the mouth with the soap, but she tried not to bite down on the soap as she knew it would enrage the angry mother. Behind her Teresa watched and grinned at her predicament.

Finally, after five long minutes of gagging and sniffling, Mrs. Fernandez pulled the soap out of her mouth and instructed her to wash up. Angela quickly rinsed out her mouth at the sink but it was difficult to get rid of that awful taste.

Finally after she couldn't wash out her mouth anymore, Angela noticed that Mrs. Fernandez appeared to be setting something else up near the bathtub. She didn't have to wait long to find out what was going on. The older woman came over to her and grabbed her by the ear once again.

"It's time to clean you up from the inside, you filthy tramp," she said and placed Angela on all fours inside the bathtub.

Mrs. Fernandez spread a bit of the KY jelly on an attachment that was dangling at the end of a rubber tube that hung from a suspended bag. She picked up the tube and approached Angela, who looked fearfully over her shoulder at the girl's angry mother. She finally realized what was on the woman's mind. She was going to get an enema.

"No, wait!" protested Angela but she was ignored. Mrs. Fernandez placed the attachment against Angela's anus. Angela whined like a homeless puppy, but it was no use. Her complaints were immediately toned down by the stern no-nonsense glare that Teresa's mother bestowed upon her. The woman slowly pushed the tip of the tube's attachment past her sphincter and into her ass while Angela squeaked and squealed helplessly.

When the first cramp in her tummy hit, she was shocked at how painful it was. Crying quietly, she tried lowering her head to accommodate the flow better and moved around a bit, hoping to discover a way of minimizing her discomfort. Nothing worked, but the cramp gradually went away for a short while before presenting itself again. Angela was desperately trying to hold the liquid in as the bag emptied inside her. She knew she would not be able to hold back the pressure inside her for much longer. She tried to keep her legs together to maintain some form of modesty in front of her audience, but even that was proving to be difficult. Tears started streaming down her cheeks. Angela turned to look toward Teresa, and saw only amusement on her face. The little bitch was enjoying her predicament.

Finally the contents of the bag were completely inside her and she was allowed to stand up. Mrs. Fernandez took the attachment out of her ass and nodded to her before indicating the toilet.. Her tummy was distended and she waddled over to the toilet with a bright blush on her face, trying her best not to spill a single drop. When she sat on the toilet, the release was almost immediate although she managed to hold it in for a bit in a vain attempt to preserve her modesty.

To be so callously abused by being filled up like a water balloon made her feel completely helpless. She couldn't get all of the liquid to come out of her easily. Each time she thought she was through, she would feel another urge coming and expel even more. Having Teresa grin and watch her while she went through this just made it seem worse. It was the most humiliating experience she had ever had the misfortune of enduring.

When she was done, Mrs. Fernandez handed her toilet paper to wipe herself clean before she was allowed to get up unsteadily.

"Now, it’s time for a bath. Get in the tub, Angie," ordered the older woman as she pointed at the pristine bathtub on the far side of the bathroom.

Angela sighed but complied, gingerly stepping into the half filled tub. She yelped as soon as she felt the water. It was freezing cold. Goosebumps started appearing on her as she eased herself slowly into the tub.

"Sit in there and soak till I get back," commanded Mrs. Fernandez and strode out of the bathroom imperiously.

As soon as the bathroom closed behind the older woman, Teresa came over to Angela. With a mischievous smile she reached into the tub and squeezed the older girl's breasts.

Angela glared at her angrily but didn't do anything to stop her. Teresa's threat was still fresh in her memory and she had no doubt in her mind that 

Teresa would get her into more trouble if she didn't cooperate. However, she didn't want to let this girl fool around with her. She was determined to teach her a lesson. Angela wanted to rage and rant at the girl and she wanted to stand up and shake this kid violently. Instead, she did the worst possible thing. Angela burst into tears.

Teresa laughed at the sudden appearance of tears on the angry little face and squeezed the older girl's boobs victoriously. She knew then and there that even though she was years younger than Angela, she was much stronger mentally. She was already a bully and her strong will gave her an aura of dominance. At that moment she knew that she would never tire of dominating and humiliating Angela. She squeezed the perky 32Cs of her opponent and giggled as Angela cried like a baby deprived of her favorite toys.

After a bit of tugging and maneuvering, Teresa held Angela's legs and lifted them up in the air to expose her bottom like a baby about to be diapered. 

Her eager finger moved through the water in the tub, seeking out Angela's asshole. Still slightly stretched out after her enema, Angela's anus was tender and sensitive. When Teresa's finger touched it, Angela flinched and carried on bawling her eyes out.

Hearing her mother come back, Teresa quickly moved away and put a fake angelic look on her face. Mrs. Fernandez was holding a large sponge which had liquid soap applied on it. She pulled her sniffling guest so that she stood upright in the tub and started to soap the embarrassed 28-year-old. Naked as the day she was born, and blushing furiously, Angela's body was scrubbed and soaped from head to toe. Mrs. Fernandez didn't miss anything and targeted every little nook and cranny. From the back of her ears to the spaces between her toes, the sponge touched it all. From the back of the elbows to the space between her butt cheeks, the soap covered all. From under her arms to the space between her breasts, she was lathered completely. 

Angela yelped and shrieked as the sponge rubbed her in sensitive spots while Teresa tried her best to not burst into gales excited laughter.

Finally Angela was made to lie down in the tub and she was doused under the water by Teresa's mum. Spluttering and gasping, Angela struggled to hold her breath as she was thoroughly doused and rinsed in the water. Next, the water was drained and the tub was refilled with cold water. She was doused and rinsed in the fresh water as well before she was finally taken out of the tub.

Looking wet and miserable, Angela stood in the middle of the bathroom as both mother and daughter looked her over. Teresa looked thoroughly amused while Mrs. Fernandez looked to be appraising her. The older woman picked up a rough white towel and started toweling off the water from Angela's naked body. Once again, she wasn't at all gentle and Angela was soon gasping as her pussy, breasts and ass received a good firm rub.

After being stripped, spanked, having her mouth soaped, receiving an enema and finally getting bathed, Angela was humiliated beyond belief. She felt broken and defeated as though there was no more resistance left in her. Both Teresa and Mrs. Fernandez sensed this immediately.

"Can I go home now?" asked Angela as she stood in front of the two strangers who had now seen her naked for two hours straight.

"Not just yet. I'm not about to send you home at this time of night in those vile clothes. You'll spend the night here and I won't hear another word on the matter," said Mrs. Fernandez sternly. She held Angela's hand and led her out of the bathroom as though she was an infant. Teresa stayed behind to clear up the bathroom. Angela was led back to Teresa's bedroom by the older woman.

"You'll sleep here tonight. Wear the outfit on the bed. If I hear any noise from you, I'll come back here and give you a spanking so bad that you won't be able to sit down for a week. Is that clear?"

"Yes Ma'am," replied Angela and picked up what looked like a nightshirt. She pulled it over her head mindlessly before realizing that it was nothing more than a very thin sleeveless t-shirt with a neckline that almost left her breasts completely naked.

"Good night, and remember, no sounds or I'll come back here and give you a good firm spanking," said Mrs. Fernandez and closed the door to the bedroom leaving Angela alone.

Angela wondered how she was ever going to get any sleep that night after the humiliation she had endured but got under the sheets anyway. Sighing, her fingers found their way to her wet little pussy.


Mrs. Fernandez went back to her bedroom and opened the door to see Teresa wearing a black corset and a strap on dildo with leather boots with a cat-o-nine-tails whip in her hand. Unperturbed, she strode towards the younger girl and kissed her deeply on her lips. Teresa returned the kiss to her lover passionately before breaking away.

"Mary, can you believe that twit actually bought the story that I was 17," said Teresa with a laugh. She was actually 23 and with her makeup on again, she even looked older. Mary laughed and agreed with her friend and BDSM lover.

"Yeah, she's a real dolt this one. She let me do just about everything I wanted to do with her tonight and didn't suspect a thing".

"After that enema, do you reckon her asshole will be too sore to take on this bad boy?" asked Teresa, indicating the big black strap on dildo attached to her torso.

"Oh, she'll probably cry and make a fuss, but she'll take it just fine. Just remember to use the KY jelly".

"I will," said Teresa with a laugh before heading out of the bedroom.

Mary smiled and went over to a small dressing cabinet on the side of the room. She opened it and turned on the TV inside it. The security cameras were already transmitting a feed from the other bedroom. She got undressed as she watched Teresa and Angela talk. Her young lover was persistent and determined while Angela was trying her best to talk her way out of what was coming. Mary was naked now. She had a good body for her age and she needed to keep fit when she had a young lover like Teresa. They both had the same tastes and had met some years back through a BDSM internet site. 

She slipped into bed as she continued to watch the black and white feed on the screen. Her vibrator was under her pillow but she didn't use it. She was already wet and excited, yet she wanted to savor this. She would time her climax with her lover.

On the screen, Teresa pulled back the bed covers and tugged Angela's top up and off her. Angela didn't seem to know what to do, and Mary couldn't blame her. They had planned this evening too well. Together they had systematically broken this girl and humiliated her. Now Teresa controlled her with threats and used her fear to manipulate her. It was something they had talked about in great detail so it was now time to reap the benefits of all that planning. Even though the camera feed didn't transmit audio, she knew that Angela was still trying to reason with the younger girl and fearful of making any noise. 

Teresa was far too determined to get what she wanted and Mary felt a surge of pride and lust as she watched her lover flip over the older girl on her tummy. Teresa apparently wasn't wasting any time and was going for that ass. Mary liked that about her lover. The youngster always knew what she wanted and made sure she got it.

The black and white video feed made Angela's ass look like two big round full moons and Mary started licking her lips and allowed her fingers to slip down between her legs. For such a slender girl, Angela certainly had an unusually large bottom. She lightly touched herself and rolled her clit around with her fingers as Teresa spread open Angela's butt cheeks. She had forgotten the KY jelly and Mary snorted in amusement. Her young lover was obviously eager to get on with it.

The tip of the dildo pressed against Angela's anus and it looked like it was going to be a tight fit. Angela was looking over her shoulder and muttering what looked like swear words while Teresa looked focused in her task as she tried to push past the older girl's sphincter. Suddenly Teresa's persistence seemed to pay off and the dildo slid into Angela's ass. Mary actually heard the high pitched shriek before Angela grabbed a pillow and bit it hard. Teresa started to rock her hips back and forth and Mary moved her fingers in rhythm with her lover's movements.

Angela was starting to struggle now but Teresa pushed down on the small of her back, putting her weight into the older girl so that she couldn't move much. 'I taught her that one,' thought Mary to herself as she sighed with pleasure. She was starting to breathe deeply now. Mary took her fingers away and modulated her breathing. It was too early to cum now. Instead she started to play with her breasts as her young protégé fucked their house guest in the ass.

Finally Angela's struggles paid off and she managed to somehow wiggle away. Teresa appeared to be ready for this eventuality and with a quick swipe of her arm the cat-o-nine-tails whip struck Angela cleanly on the buttocks. Mary heard the resulting howl from her bedroom. That appeared to keep Angela in check as she submitted to the will of the younger girl. Teresa cemented her dominance over Angela but immediately placing the tip of the strap on dildo to her lips. Angela's reluctance to open her mouth appeared to melt away when Teresa raised the whip again threateningly. From what Mary could see, Angela looked as though she was struggling with the big dildo in her mouth and gagging often but Teresa made her lick and suck the dildo clean for ten long minutes.

The vibrator was out now and Mary inserted it into herself, moaning loudly as it started working it's magic. On screen, her lover had gotten rid of the strap on and was on her back. Angela's head was clamped between her legs with her big buttocks mooning the camera. The vibrator was moving in and out of her sopping wet pussy as she tried to keep up with Teresa. The timing was perfect. In minutes they were both writhing in throes of ecstasy as a thundering orgasm hit them both simultaneously.

Mary sighed deliciously and lay back on her bed spent. She wondered what tomorrow would bring.

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