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Finnegan's whore

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Synopsis: Shara goes to the bar with her friends to celebrate her promotion at work, only to be exposed as the whore she is by the bar owner.

Shara giggled with her friends at Finnegans Bar after they clinked glasses and toasted to the promotion she received at work earlier that day.  They made plans to go out dancing and drinking  to celebrate her good fortune. Truth be told she had worked long hours and most weekends for the past 6 months to proove her worth to the company.  She was happy they finally noticed her!!  Once they arrived at the bar, Shara spent most of her time on the dance floor, while the girls opted to sit at their table drinking with some of the local men.  Shara was dressed in a red mini skirt, red tank top and her favorite red high heel shoes.  As the dj played her favorite song she ran back out to the dance floor and let it all go.  She loved to dance and barely paid attention to those around her. When the song finished she walked off toward the ladies room, she hadn't gone pee before leaving home and her bladder was quickly filling.   The ladies room was full, as she waited her turn she noticed in the mirror a few strands of hair which popped out of the clip holding them in place.  She looked down over her 36 DD's, smoothed out her shirt and skirt and turned to take her turn in the stall on the end.

After she finished in the ladies room she walked through the hallway back to the bar room.  At the end someone grabbed her arm and pulled her into a darkend corner of the bar.  He whirled her around so quickly it took her a second to gather her thoughts.  As she openend her mouth to speak...he held up his hand and and told her to keep quiet and listen.  She strained to look at his face but was unable to make out much due to the poor lighting.  He was standing in her close, too close.  She tried to wiggle away and he grabbed her shoulders and held her against the wall.   She felt his breath against her face as he spoke....  "What the hell do you think you're doing whore?"  She again opened her mouth to speak, but he continued on as if he didn't want to hear her answer.  "Do you always come to the bar dressed in next to nothing?  Dancing like a whore, shaking your ass and tits and teasing the boys?  Do you know how many of them are thinking of ways to violate your every hole?" 

This angered her....she knew that she should've worn a bra, but felt she looked better in the tank top without it.  Still, what right did he have to question her attire and dancing, and he sighed as she told him as much.  He did nothing to move him away from her, if anything it felt as though he moved even closer.  It seemed like eternity before he spoke and said

"If you're going to act like a whore then you shall be treated like one"  She felt his fingers run down the straps of her top and move over her bulging breasts.  She didn't know why but his touch felt like fire on her skin. Every skin cell came to life.The attraction was instantaneous and she didnt move, or breathe for that matter, as he pushed his fingers inside of her shirt and tugged and twirled her nipples to a fully hardened state.  He gave them a good hard pinch and a moan escaped her mouth.  "You really are a whore, aren't you?"  She nodded. 

"Say it whore, tell me what you are". She looked down at her shoes and said "Yes Sir, it's true I am a whore".  "Say it again!" He commanded.   "I'm a whore" she mouthed.  "Thats right, just look at you, standing with a complete stranger, in the corner of a bar with your tits in his hands.  Now whore, I can feel your attractiont to me and I want you to do what I say."  He removed his hands from her shirt and said, "pull your shirt tight and tuck the hem inside of your skirt. Make those hard nipples protrude through that shirt with the edge of the material just covering your nipples".  She did as she was told.  "Good girl, now take off your panties and place them in my left front pants pocket". 

She hesitated...wondering where he was going with this...surely he wasnt going to doing anything to her right here in the bar, not with all of the people still here,or was he?  He interrupted her thoughts, "perhaps I was wrong about you"  as he started to turn away, she said, "No no please dont go, you're not wrong" she stooped down to remove her panties.   Once her panties were secured in his pocket.  He spoke again, "Whore, listen closely, you are to go back out on the dance floor and dance to the very next song.  I want to see those slutty tits bouncing and that whore ass grinding, is that clear?"  "Yes sir", she breathed. He continued, "by the end of the song you will have exposed your tits to the boys you've teased so mercilessly tonight and shown them that ass and cunt at least 3 times.  When the song is over you will have 60 seconds to walk over to your friends, tell them you're not feeling well, grab your purse and meet me outside in front of the bar.  I will be driving the black escalade.  You will open the rear passenger door and get in the back seat and await further instructions,  is this clear whore?"  "Yes Sir", she replied.  "Good, now if you do not do everything I told you to do, I will know you are not a true whore and not for me.  You will not see me again.  Do you understand these instructions Whore?"  "Yes Sir", she replied.   He took a step back, turned around and walked away.   She stood there only for a second and knew she must

decided very quickly whether or not to follow his instructions....the thought of not seeing him again was what made her take the first step towards the dance floor. As she walked she looked

down to ensure her top was low and barely covering her nipples.  Here nipples were clearly visible through the material.  she had never seen her nipples so erect and longated.  It's as if he knew her body and what

it was capable of, moreso than herself but she couldnt think about that now, as the song began to play.

She moved around the floor with her tits bouncing and ass grinding.  She could feel the cool air against her ass and cunt, as the material swayed up and down.  A couple of guys close

to the floor began whispering and pointing at her.  Soon they were hooping and hollering at her.... "Hey baby, come over here and dance for me",   and "Bring that cunt here slut, I'll take care of you", and she even heard one of them say "I bet her whore mouth needs a good fucking too".  Her face was crimson red at this point, and she had gone this far, she remembered that she

was to also show them her tits.  She raised her arms over her head.  With the material tucked firmly in the waist of her skirt, her tits popped right out and were exposed to all in the bar.  The boys yelled...."slut let us fuck those tits"  and "whore you need to come home with us".  

Finally, the song ended.  She pulled the tank top up to cover herself.  She was sweaty and the material clung to her fully erect nipples.  She walked to the table told her friends good night and walked toward the exit.  As she walked she noticed all of the guys standing between her and the exit.  The catcalls continued...."oh yeah baby, you coming over to take care of all these cocks?"  She put her head down and didnt reply, she kept walking and as she got close, they began to grab at her tits and ass.  She pushed hands away, only to be replaced by another pair of hands.  They laughed at her and asked..."what's wrong, dont you know this is how a whore gets grabbed, bitch".  She walked faster, knowing that the seconds were ticking by quickly...she had to get to the black escalade to see him again. 

See him again? she thought...that's funny, she didn't even really see him the first time.  If he were to walk by her right now, she likely wouldn't recognize him at all.  She wasn't sure he'd really be waiting in the parking lot for her either, but she hoped!  She took a deep breath as she walked through the exit door and saw the black escalade.  She grinned like a school girl as she walked to the rear passenger door, opened it and climbed into the seat.

"Good girl, you gave the boys their show and let them have their fun humiliating you. You have pleased me. Now, I'd like you to come with me to my home.  I promise you will not be harmed whore, and likewise you will not be fucked there tonight.  Answer yes or no now whore."  She didn't know what to think...what does he want with me if not to fuck.  "I'm waiting whore, I won't wait on your answer all night", he said as he interupted her thoughts.  "ummm okay, i mean yes Sir", she squeeked out.  "Good girl, now for the ride to my home you must present yourself appropriately and be secured in my vehicle.  Remove your shirt whore."   She removed it baring her breasts, her nipples almost immediately becoming aroused and erect.  "Now, the skirt whore, I want you naked.  Move to the middle seat so I can enjoy the view in my rearview mirror."  She did as he instructed, as she slid over to the middle of the seat he handed her two sets of handcuffs.  "Now my whore, I want you to fasten one side of the cuff to your left wrist and the other end to the hole in the arm rest on the door"   She did as asked.  "Now the right wrist to the opposite door, cunt".   This was a little tougher but she managed to close it on her wrist after attaching to the door.

"Make sure they are snug on your wrists"  She did so and made them click once more on each wrist so she couldn't move them.  Her arms were stretched out with her tits protruding forward.  "Good girl" she heard him say as he put the vehicle in drive and the car sped off.   They drove in silence for awhile, she could see him watching her tits bounce as the car stopped and moved forward again.  "How is that cunt doing whore?  I bet it's sloppy wet by now". 

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