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Collected by LeashDom

Slave (87 stories listed)

S&M (62 stories listed)

  • A Master is Born: by Ticaloc
    (Synopsis: The year was 1968. I had just celebrated my 20th birthday. As a reward for scholastic excellence, my father arranged for me to accompany him to the West Coast on business. It began an adventure that would change my life forever)
  • A New Path: by Chris Fowler
    (Synopsis: A young college student finds herself under the tutilage of an older, experienced student, and embarks on a new lifestyle.)
  • Walking on the Wild Side: by Nikita
    (Synopsis: When two beautiful roommates explore the wild side of life, they meet with unexpected consequences. The arrogant Cindy, a human Barbie doll, meets her match in Patrick. He makes Cindy debase herself in a place where she is the queen, turning her into a slut. Kymber gets swept away by Michael, an older man who sees her as a challenge to control. She turns into his sex slave and the training is brutal.)
  • Learning the Dance: by Archetype
    (Synopsis: A young man is chosen to take over his father\'s business. The deal includes some interesting property)
  • Neighbor Girl: by Wiley Hunter
    (Synopsis: A young girl discovers what she really likes, and it isn't unicorns and soft music in front of the fireplace.)
  • Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club 2: by CyberSleuth
    (Synopsis: Great sequel to "Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club". Now the club is expanded. Come and find some more willing slave girls!)
  • Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club: by CyberSleuth
    (Synopsis: Watching these girls get the pain and the pleasure at the same time. They enjoy it, and so will you.)
  • The Ultimate Submission (Jacqueline's Story): by Gato Medio
    (Synopsis: Hi! I'm Jacqueline, and in this story I share with you what happened to me since I first felt this inexplicable urge to touch myself and decided to ask my friend Charlotte for advice. The story ends a few years later, when I'm getting ready for the ultimate submission.)
  • The Beginning: by Piacere
    (Synopsis: Piacere is a masochist. She did not just wake up one morning and decide to brand an M on her forehead, but she questions why she is the way she is? Part One of her true story, "The Beginning" looks at her early teen experiences that became the catalyst for her cravings, needs, and urges today.)
  • What Sara Needs: by MasterBlue
    (Synopsis: Sara can't stop dreaming about sadistic masters. When her daughter convinces her to start dating again, she starts her search for what she needs. )
  • Riding the Devils Horse: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: A woman is inspired by an exhibit in a torture museum to experience a particular kind of suffering.)
  • The Chronicles of the S^3 Society: by The Chairman
    (Synopsis: Ralph has an interest in extreme porn. One day, he gets invited to join a secret society where he can live out his wildest and darkest fantasies, The S^3 Society.)
  • Wimp Family's Training: by rolf palsy
    (Synopsis: Can a dominant widower with twin teenaged daughters meet the challenges associated with incorporating a submissive widow and her two teenaged, weak willed off-spring into his family? He quickly discovers that his new charges are concealing more than he could have imagined.)
  • Jake's Slaves: by Xodus
    (Synopsis: A story of slavery and love.)
    Comment: Story Codes: M/f F/f MF/f enema exhibition size spanking teen toys voyeurism BDSM slavery bondage slow romantic consensual reluctant humiliation torture Heavy violent Synopsis: A story of slavery and love.
  • The Ad: by Dino Dave
    (Synopsis: Jim Bradson answers a personals type ad, meets the lovely and submissive Samantha. Together, they explore each other's sexuality through bondage and S&M. Their love for each other grows during two camping trips, the second, a canoe trip through the wilderness with Samantha chained hand and foot. A wedding, meeting some interesting people, the story concludes with the birth of their first child.)
  • Our First Female President: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: Candace Williams, beautiful and highly intelligent but also shy, self effacing, devoutly religious, and sexually inhibited is seduced by the devil. This novel length story blends themes of religion, political corruption, and sexual debauchery as Candace progresses up the ladder of American politics. Side-bar stories that rely on great historical events add to the texture of human debauchery and lust that always accompany the acquisition of power and wealth.)
  • Vanessa's Journal: by Vanessa
    (Synopsis: This is my Journal of how my life improved 1000% when I went to work for a man in the East Midlands of England. Now I am an exhibitionist who loves pain.)
  • Sending Her To The Edge: by Sybriate D'anguisette
    (Synopsis: A doctor meets an incredibly beautiful female pharmaceutical sales representative at a medical meeting. She turns out to be more interested in establishing a relationship than detailing her company's drugs. The doctor takes an interest, goes out to dinner with her, finds out she is into BDSM, they develop an intense relationship. This culminates in her request to have her top bring her to the edge and go beyond her limits in a beautiful setting, deep in an isolated forest, tied to a pair of trees. What happens to her is the ultimate destiny of any submissive, to be dosed with pain and pleasure of such intensity that she literally leaves this world for the great beyond that lies beyond her physical and psychological limits, hoping that her top has enough skill to bring her back.)
  • The Choice: by Templer2187
    (Synopsis: ......If I can accurately gauge your sex life and describe your wishes, I want you to choose to leave the party and come with me.)
  • Ivy League Sluts: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: The story begins with the forced seduction of Stacy Todd, a scholastic overachiever enrolled at Harvard. Stacy falls under the control of Mike Cabreeze, a corrupt Cambridge cop. With the help of her dormmate, Portia, she is slowly transformed from a na´ve young girl to a sophisticated woman with an unbounded sexual appetite. Forced by Mike to participate in a dizzying variety of perversions, she morphs from prey to predator. Rescued by a British billionaire who has dedicated his life to punishing the wicked, Stacy becomes a world class assassin. In the finale, she destroys Mike and his cohorts. )
  • L&L Book 2: by White Knight
    (Synopsis: More adventures of the Lovely Sharon (baby) with her Master / love Greg as they delve into the lucrative world of S&M Bondage Sites.)
  • Leather & Lace, Co.: by White Knight
    (Synopsis: A young womans life is changed after she begin work at Leather & Lace as a temporary assistant. The proliferation of bondage equipment and sexy lingerie lead her to question her own values as she falls into a new and exciting world.)
  • Small Mercies: by Katherine English
    (Synopsis: This a story of a couple's erotic and sane sex play, written in their own point of views, alternatively.)
  • A Master's and slave's Journey: by Verisimilitude
    (Synopsis: A many chaptered story of the darkness that lies within my soul, and how I've expressed it.)
  • Greed!: by Sir Thomas
    (Synopsis: Casey is a girl in search of a future in modeling. But by a strange series of events she is offered the role of bondage / sex slave for a strange group of people in Nevada. There she is trained for a new career, The training is harsh but tolerable. She is pushed to her limits in every regard. Her day starts with exercise in pony-girl bondage. It only gets more extreme from there. Why does she do this? Greed!)
  • The Ordeals of Kazumi and Chiyoko: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: In 17th century Japan, a noblewoman and her maidservant are abducted by a rival lord and suffer hellish violations.)
  • Shamed Japanese Slaves: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: Three couples fall victim to a master.)
  • Bangkok Dog Show Slave: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: An Australian girl is duped into becoming a sex slave on vacation in Thailand.)
  • Beth: by pamela
    (Synopsis: Beth tells the story of how her uncontrollable craving for pain, bondage and degradation has dominated and finally destroyed her life.)
  • Chicago Scheherazade: by pamela
    (Synopsis: I wish to acknowledge and pay tribute to all those hard-working, obscure (and mostly pseudonymous) sex writers of years past whose work is quoted in this story, and is, in fact, its inspiration and reason for being: Geoffrey Bocca, F.E. Campbell, Chaucer Cartwright, John Cleve, P.N. Dedeaux, Herbert del Toro, Frank Earnest, George Feller, Don Holiday, Monica Jordan, Paul Lawerence, Alan Marshall, Arthur Melville, Marcus Miller, H.B. Randolph, Andrew Shaw, Blake Tremaine, Marcus van Heller, Henry Whittaker, J.X. Williams, Turk Winter, and "Anonymous".)
  • In the News: by pamela
    (Synopsis: Newpaper editor encounters various aspects of female submission.)
  • The Long Slow One: by pamela
    (Synopsis: Ellen has secret needs which her husband can\'t or won\'t satisfy. Lilah is a different story, but she can\'t help the fact that her husband can make her climax on command.)
  • Over the Top: by pamela
    (Synopsis: A story in which both the author and her characters go way too far.)
  • Susan's Secret: by pamela
    (Synopsis: Married woman goes to great lengths to keep her need for domination from her husband, who leads a secret life of his own at his office.)
  • Geek's Toy: by Asha
    (Synopsis: A geek releases his stress on his toy. )
  • A Weekend With Bili: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: Megan and Bili, two long time friends, get together for the weekend. Despite her fears of his sadistic nature, curiosity gets the best of her and she asks Bili for a taste of his sadistic interests. This is their weekend.)
  • Spring Break On A Texas Estate: by Shackleford Bond
    (Synopsis: A gracious Texas widow entertains her sons' college guests over spring break.)
  • The Leather Twins: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: Identical twin sisters "aquire" and train two bondage playmates.)
  • Tales From A Far Country: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: )
  • Thesis: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: Freddie Clegg & Phil Lane tell the tale of Jenny and her journey in search of her BDSM self... )
  • Becoming Her True Self: by Kellyn Kerrigan
    (Synopsis: A submissive finds the strict and cruel Master of her dreams)
  • A Special Relationship: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: A (long, single-part) story of an Anglo-American relationship, involving a submissive British woman whose boundaries are pushed to their very limit by her younger dominant boyfriend during one turbulent weekend.)
  • Jenny: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: Nobody likes been spanked more than these girls do. They love spanking with no boundary. Come and get some swollen asses!)
  • The Pavilion: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: The husband gave her wife about the surprising vacation trip to Jamaica. There he lead her into a totally wild fantasy world she never thought about.)
  • Librarian in Bondage: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: The adventures of a sexy librarian forced by a prevert.)
  • Sunder: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: This is a very long, dark tale that bounces around between many characters. There are 3 heirs to a major privately held corporation, for which their father split into 3 divisions, one for each child, but allowing for 1 of them to end up in control of the entire company. All three are very dominant and have many sexual perversions. You don't want to get on the bad side, as death would be preferable to what they will do to you. They act as if they are above the law as well as above anyone questioning their actions. All three are very dominant both in their public & private lives. All engage in sex with their employees as well as those unfortunate to be captured by this hauty trio. Very erotic and sadistic.)
  • House on Second Street: by J.
    (Synopsis: A young woman seeks the One. The One that will take her to the depths of depravity and degradation. She willingly submits herself to him, with the expected results. An extreme story, so go no further if you're queasy.)
  • Cristina: by Italian Sadist
    (Synopsis: This is a story about Cristina's discovery of herself as a true masochist and her life as a slave to various mistresses.)
  • Fantasia: Collection Of Viddler's Stories: by V.P. Viddler
    (Synopsis: The stories by V.P. Viddler. As a master of the story-by- dialogue, the author presents readers with a series of women who enjoy the terrible pain inflicted by men. Stories are very well written, technically speaking.)
  • Karen and the Torture Club: by Richard
    (Synopsis: Karen and her husband find that they enjoy S&M and that it has rejuvinated their relationship. They reply to an advertisement for couples to join a club in which one of the ladies is randomly slected at each meeting to "put on a show" meaning that she will be the one to be tortured that night. Karen's experiences in the club and other events outside the club give her all the experiences that she and her husband desire.)
  • Laura's Torture: by bulldog
    (Synopsis: Laura has long had fantasies about being tortured. She finds a club where sadistic fantasies are acted out, and is tortured by Martha, who loves to inflict pain.)
  • The Answer Is: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: The Wicked Ladies Adventure Club spend a weekend punishing one of their own members. )
  • DEVASTATION: by drkfetyshnyghts
    (Synopsis: A story of abject subjugation and extreme fetishism chillingly described through the eyes of the sadistic lesbian Dr Sabirah Najwa, a clinical and behavioral psychologist. Also, in part told through the eyes of the victim.... the attractive, statuesque City high-flyer Petra. A single mother with a 'perfect' life, plucked from her normal, privileged world. Her sexuality exploited, twisted, enhanced and used to ensure her trip down into the Vortex is one-way only.)
  • Denise: by Miss Irene Clearmont
    (Synopsis: Featuring a great deal of BDSM. Mostly F/f FF/f. Body modification. Pretty serious 'Ds' situations and plenty of sex. Has a plot, some charater development and a nasty twist at the end.)
  • Warrior of The Chevaan: by DarthSaad
    (Synopsis: Her celtic people defeated by the Roman's, a young warrior woman trying to help a priestess escape is instead captured herself. now this proud, strong, and beautiful barbarian defiantly faces unspeakable torment at the hands of the Roman invaders.)
  • Discipline Maintained: by pamela
    (Synopsis: "Would you like to watch me chastise her, John?" said the English ambassador...speaking of his wife.)
  • The Mansion: by Mad Dog
    (Synopsis: Master built the mansion where males had the total control and the only the females needed to do was obey their master's every order.)
  • Trained slut: by Mike thomson
    (Synopsis: Bob\'s family life changes dramatically when his buddy offers to train his unsuspecting daughter to be a slut)
  • Irene\'s new Life: by Mike thomson
    (Synopsis: An Asian slut\'s life get\'s turned upside down after she sumbits to a female mistress)
  • The Tale of Two Women: by Lewis Chappelle
    (Synopsis: This is a multi-part tale of two women who experience increasing levels of submission, pain and humiliation.)
  • Pursuit of Misery: by CRUDEDUDE
    (Synopsis: A submissive woman embraces and pursues her masochism to its fullest extent, in all it forms including physically, emotionally and socially.)
  • Torture The Widow: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: Newly widowed Army Captain Rossalind Donaldson returns home for her husband's funeral. The Donaldson's are incensed at the Captain bacause right before their son was killed, he found out she was behaving like a slut at her posting. The Donaldson's are a rich and twisted family of super patriotic practioners of S&M. They've decided to make Rossalind's wife utter hell beginning at her husband's wake.)

Les (18 stories listed)

D/S (7 stories listed)

Humiliation (44 stories listed)

On Being Blackmailed (4 stories listed)

Les (1 stories listed)

Captv8td (6 stories listed)

Veronica Marquette (1 stories listed)

Velvetglove (3 stories listed)

Anne (1 stories listed)

Lewis Chappelle (4 stories listed)

Temple of Torture (3 stories listed)

Jade Pavilion (3 stories listed)


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