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Collected by zzee

To Read (15 stories listed)

  • Surprise Assembly: by katie lynch
    (Synopsis: A good girl breaks a school rule and ends up with a humiliating punishment...six weeks of total nudity. Can she survivie? Could anyone?)
  • Two for Torment: by pamela
    (Synopsis: Female reporter is captured and punished for exposing a corrupt city council, and a brother enslaves his sister with the help of a friend.)
  • Major Slut: by conwic
    (Synopsis: The female officer commanding a small installation becomes the sex slave of her NCO.)
  • Getting Her Gloves Back: by Ellie
    (Synopsis: This story is a sequel to "Too Tight and Caught" written by the same author. It will contain several backward references to the other story. It is assumed that the reader has already read "Too Tight and Caught" to understand the setup for this story.)
  • Vanishing Act: by Richard Alexander
    (Synopsis: First there were the emails, then there was the package left in the park where Jan Sherwood did her early morning exercises - the package with Jan's name on it, with the handcuffs inside. That was when Jan reached the certain conclusion that she was being watched. When it came, the abduction was brutal and clinical in its efficiency. But what was the most scary feature was the timing and the lengths Jan's captor had gone to account for her disappearance. Subjected to torture while kept bound in the man's basement, Jan gave in to his demands for access to bank accounts, and saw her entire life destroyed in front of her eyes. Only her desire for revenge kept her focussed as she slowly grew to realise what the man had in store for her for the rest of her life - or until he grew tired of her...)
  • Night Prowler: by Paddymellon
    (Synopsis: Having inherited money, he enjoyed his early retirement and planned and executed a perfect abduction.)
  • Bound in Leather: by J. Cross
    (Synopsis: This lucky guy was introduced to this amazing family: every female members of this family were addicted into leather and extremely strict bondage. Although there is almost no sex scene in this story, you can still enjoy the creative ideas and detailed description of all kinds of bondage.)
  • The Scholarship Student: by James Lacy
    (Synopsis: Due to the lack of family support for his college education, the young student was seduced into the trap that his mistresses carefully planned. He was so willing to jump in to it.)
  • Slavery Conscription Story: by Phemral
    (Synopsis: In a not too distant future in England. Fed up with the attitudes of young men. The English government forms a mandatory conscription service for all young men for a period of two years. After a period of training the young men are sent off to various duty's. The time can be very harsh or just hard, never easy though. Will this catch on?)
  • Goddess Phyllis: by Michael
    (Synopsis: Goddess Phyllis, her mother, and sister turn a submissive "man" into their personal shit eating whore.)
  • Fantasy or Reality: by poenkitten
    (Synopsis: She went to meet her online master and mistress in person. The treatments she got were not quite what she expected. Was that an fantasy-comes-true experience or just a living hell reality?)
  • After the Pestilence: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: After the Pestilence)
  • Timothy: by Jane Marwood
    (Synopsis: Timothy's mother is ill and nineteen year old Hazel is sent to look after him. After a humiliating school medical Hazel is in charge of supervising the boy to his total chagrin.)
  • The Future: by C.
    (Synopsis: This story is in two parts. Part I takes place 200 years in the future where the world is controlled entirely by women and males are being slain for food. In addition, many male bodies are stuffed and put on display as well being used to make numerous items. Part II explains how this future world comes into existence. )
  • The Prisoner: by Will Cane
    (Synopsis: A businessman is found guilty under a new law of harassing his female emplyees. As an experiment he is sentenced to a period in a Female Correctional facility. The staff are uniformed females of various ranks. The aim is to teach the inmates total obedience to females in authority. The methods by the staff include parades, rigorous inspections, corporal punishment and humiliating training.)

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