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Collected by zzee

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  • The Weekend: by Sardonicus
    (Synopsis: A young attorney stumbles across his boss' daughter and some friends playing S&M games in the woods. He is caught watching them and blackmailed into submitting to thier torments. He soon finds he can't resist the games played by the lovely Maggie Whistler.)
  • A Daymare on Kelly Street: by Rob
    (Synopsis: Harold is just a nice, clean cut, quiet, 19 year old gay boy. He goes for a walk in downtown Toronto and comes across a street he has never seen before, Kelly Street. He investigates Kelly Street and ends up in a small bar. Some problems arise in the bar and although he doesn't know it, Harold is on his way to a life of slavery and including time as a virtual dog. But where did Kelly Street come from? Read all the exciting parts to discover the surprise ending. At least Harold was surprised.)
  • Paul's Slavery: by dale10
    (Synopsis: )
  • Adam: by dale10
    (Synopsis: A kid is slowly broken and trained to be a fuck slut .)
  • Danny's Dilemma: by dale10
    (Synopsis: This story starts out mild but will get quite extreme by the end. It involves the blackmailing and totally abuse of a fifteen year old boy.)
  • My Dutch pet: by willowblonde
    (Synopsis: A Dutch sailor starts off on a six month trip to the Caribbean as a free man looking for no strings sex whenever possible along the way and ends his trip in England the slave of a former lover.)
  • Ivy League Sluts: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: The story begins with the forced seduction of Stacy Todd, a scholastic overachiever enrolled at Harvard. Stacy falls under the control of Mike Cabreeze, a corrupt Cambridge cop. With the help of her dormmate, Portia, she is slowly transformed from a naÔve young girl to a sophisticated woman with an unbounded sexual appetite. Forced by Mike to participate in a dizzying variety of perversions, she morphs from prey to predator. Rescued by a British billionaire who has dedicated his life to punishing the wicked, Stacy becomes a world class assassin. In the finale, she destroys Mike and his cohorts. )
  • Karen and Michelleís Sad Story: by redlegtiger
    (Synopsis: This is the story of a Mother, Karen and her daughter, Michelle, who each have a sad and sordid past and how they become the slaves of a spoiled little rich girl, Sarah, many years later. )


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