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Collected by Benfan

Stories I'm following (3 stories listed)

  • Zippers: by Anita Parker
    (Synopsis: A dowdy, depressed young secretary, in desperation, seeks help with her non\'existant love-life. She is transformed beyond her dreams and for a while nothing could be better but this is not to last as she finds herself being steered in more degrading, \'commercial\' directions.)
  • The Wish: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: A love affair leads Kaitlin on a strange and terrible life of imprisonment.)
    Comment: Inspired my own tales.
  • Kathy the Mod: by MajorDomo
    (Synopsis: Extreme and detailed modification of my ex-fiance. Starting mild then morphing into nullification and other freakyness over a two year period. Starts a bit slow, but picks up after Chapter Two.)


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