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Collected by sammypoo

neighbours (3 stories listed)

Forced Family (13 stories listed)

college (13 stories listed)

job (3 stories listed)

nudity (1 stories listed)

SMIncest (4 stories listed)

s&m (31 stories listed)

F+/f Young/old (10 stories listed)

Mall (2 stories listed)

subboss (3 stories listed)

Sexchange (3 stories listed)

gay (1 stories listed)

oldslave (3 stories listed)

m/c (1 stories listed)

Scat (10 stories listed)

  • Victoria's Secrets: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: Dr. Victoria Denning is a consulting psychiatrist for the CA parole board. She uses her position to obtain a torturer and victims for experiments at her secluded ranch. Then she gives herself over for a vacation "massage" at the ranch, and gets a little more than she bargained for.)
  • Sheik Rashid's Vengeance: by Llabmik
    (Synopsis: This story was written and is set in a time before people began worrying about Arabs flying planes over the USA. Briefly, 3 coeds at a political rally abuse Shiek Rashid and he pays them back, with interest.)
  • Holiday In the Sun: by rapelover
    (Synopsis: Three girls from Germany go to Italy and get into trouble when they get into a men only bar.)
  • Lesbian Enslavement of a Frustrated Young Wife: by Brenda
    (Synopsis: A sexually frustrated young housewife is seduced by an older woman and becomes a willing and eager love-slave.)
  • Little Girl Ass Wipes: by Mia Sharona
    (Synopsis: When a young girl has no friends, she finds new joys in a mysterious group of classmates called the AWs. A tale of perversity of the innocent with an all young girl theme.)
  • A Toilet Slave Despite Herself: by Brenda
    (Synopsis: Brenda hated and feared Thelma but that hatred made her want the cruel woman more than she ever wanted anyone.)
  • Toilette and Cuntlicker: by samuel
    (Synopsis: This was their wedding ceremony, and it's also their two nights and days of initiation to become the club slaves.)
  • Toilet Trained: by Ted E. Bear
    (Synopsis: Poor college girl looking to make big money on the weekends, answers an ad that leads to her abuse and ultimate slavery. After giving her a mickey, which knocks her out cold, she is stripped, bound placed inbetween 2 walls in a self-contained room with monitors. 2 large dildos are forced into her ass and cunt, a clital stimulator is attached to her clit, a waste pipe from a toilet, on the other side of the wall is forced deep into her mouth and she is tied up in such a way that she can't get it out. Her nipples are clipped to a board that moves away from her whenever someone on the other side flushes the toilet, thus making the clips bite into her nipples harder and yank them away from her body. Later she is auctioned off to the highest bidder.)
  • Writhing to The Top: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: Nick and Deb felt boring with their current routine sex life. They decided to "explore and learn" about BDSM with another dominant couple. Deb soon fell in love with the new life style. Although Nick couldn't get used to the idea of being dominated, he finally found where his desire was.)
  • The Heiress: by R.B. Thibo
    (Synopsis: At a fundraiser Barbara Browning, daughter of a wealthy computer company owner acts snobbishly towards a man who asked her to dance with him. She soon learns that it does not pay to be so rude to other people. Especially to a corporate raider named Frank Tisdale.)

Mad Dog (3 stories listed)

Forced Couples (1 stories listed)

Viddler (1 stories listed)


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