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Book Project


Collected by roquelauresub

Favourites (8 stories listed)

  • She Who Is His: by Subher
    (Synopsis: She takes a job and gets more than she bargained for.)
  • Airport Search: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: Natalie is searched at an airport in Cuba. She is humiliated by the guards and masturbated until she cums. Her body is abused by different electrical devices and is again forced to cum from the pain and the pleasure.)
  • Training: by Miss M
    (Synopsis: A husband turns his wife into his slave and she devotes herself to him.... wanting to learn all he desires of her.)
  • Devils Island: by Balor
    (Synopsis: This is a long story. The story follows several women from their abduction to their new lives as slaves and beyond.)
  • Rose Takes a Day Off: by BDSM_Tourguide
    (Synopsis: Rose was the high school bitch. She came from a wealthy family and thought she could have anything she wanted. Now, she is in college, but her attitude has not changed. One of the people Rose used to pick on constantly in high school, Richard, now looks to adjust Rose's attitude. Richard blackmails and kidnaps her, leading her into a life of slavery. Will she be able to maintain her snobbish attitude or will her new life teach her something about respect?)
  • Wetcunt's Training: by Humil Slut
    (Synopsis: The step by step account of the degradation and humiliation as wetcunt is molded into a total fuckpig. (somewhat autobiographical))
  • Captured!: by soleil
    (Synopsis: Sarah and three friends are captured by a gang of thugs. Ruthless humiliation and degradation ensues, coupled with Sarah's desperate slide into submission.)
  • Jennifer: by Jennifer Nylon
    (Synopsis: Jennifer's submissive nature is aroused by her cruel boyfriend. This story will have many parts.)


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