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An Indecent Execution Author: Tavy
(Added on Nov 1, 2011) (This month 69335 readers) (Total 102586 readers)
A medieval girl criminal terrified of fire after seeing her mother burnt alive unwittingly submits herself to a far more terrible fate.

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Reviewer: Regis (Edit) Rating: Nov 25, 2014
Well constructed and written. I love the contrast between the extreme treatment by heartless men who control her and the pain and agony she must endure to the death. (8/10)

Reviewer: Michael247 (Edit) Rating: Nov 7, 2011
Can anyone say "blood fest?"
This is the second "Tavy" story I've read and it was a dramatic improvement over "The Knife", which in and of itself wasn't a bad little story either. One of my chief complaints about "The Knife" was lack of eroticism... or at least eroticism that didn't involve stabbing one's self in the heart. In "An Indecent Execution", the author does a much better job generalizing the sexual tension and delivering a product that I could enjoy, as well as something he obviously wanted to write.
Once again, the author handles grammar and writing skillfully. My only suggestion is to try to avoid repeating adjectives and verbs in the same or subsequent sentence. For example, in one sentence, the author explains that a few items are being "fetched" from the castle, while stating that someone is sent to fetch Edith (the main character). The thesaurus is an awesome author's tool and you will dramatically expand your abilities if you follow this simple rule.
As in "The Knife" the action of this story is well described, and due to the author's appreciation of gore, rather explicit. But unlike "The Knife", I did feel that this story was erotica, and not horror. While the final execution scene was more graphic and centered on the horror of the abuses being inflicted upon her, the sexual tension was at least present. I didn't loose my hard on until her ankle broke.
That said, I sort of feel like the multiple rapes (especially the Sheriff's blood soaked finale) rather off-putting. I suppose it's because the author focused on what was happening to Edith, and how it felt, rather than the emotions behind the rapists. The sex was fast, little described, and rather sterile. In fact, now that I think about it, the sex was actually just more torture.
But while I'm sitting here bitching about the fact that this story wasn't good wanking material, the truth is that it was still a good story. It would be a great horror tale with some decent erotica in it. The author, Tavy, clearly has the ability to spin a decent plot and while his story arcs generally move along torture lines, I can appreciate the talent of his writing while not enjoying the same arousal that the blood lust of his antagonists do.
In summary, this tale is definitely worth reading if you like blood and gore, and it's worth reading if you like well crafted tales. It may not "get you off", but it sure won't hurt your libido. Enjoy!
Yours Faithfully, Michael Alexander
( (9/10)

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