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Battleship Prien, the living hell for nazis' prisoners Author: Noemi Salvadge & Aurelie Catena
(Added on Oct 21, 2011) (This month 65771 readers) (Total 100901 readers)
Germany won the Second World War with the aid of Japan. 56 years later the rest of the Solar System is colonized, full with Battleships of the two superpower Empires. In 2001 Battleship Gunther Prien headed towards Neptune's fifth moon, Larissa. Aboard the ship condemned Aryan women were waiting for facing their not too bright future. Almost all of them committed the simple crime of being lesbians, performing a behaviour like that wasn't not tolerated by the Third Reich. Five of them imprisoned on Earth but only one or two was to arrive to Larissa's moonbase. Resources were limited and the unworthy were to be selected and perished by the crew. A Japanese agent and a Japanese prisoner also travelled on the ship, their roles and future were depending on the interplanetary conspiracy what was forming in deep space amongst Aryan and Japanese warlords. Which prisoner will survive the trip, which will die under inhuman agony? What are the Japanese guests' real goals and h!ow far does the conspiracy reach? And finally, what is happening on a ship filled with sexually repressed, sadistic nazis?

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Reviewer: Minimargo (Edit) Rating: Nov 6, 2011
Great! (9/10)

Reviewer: hoodedandmasked (Edit) Rating: Nov 1, 2011
This is a good story - it leaves you wanting more; always a good sign. As the authors freely acknowledge there are some grammatical twists due to English not being the first language. Nonetheless very enjoyable. Thankyou. (8/10)

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