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The Knife Author: Tavy
(Added on Oct 9, 2011) (This month 16606 readers) (Total 25488 readers)
A girl's lifetime erotic obsession...

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Reviewer: Michael247 (Edit) Rating: Oct 18, 2011
I'm kind of torn on how to rate this story.
First of all, let me say that generally I enjoy a good snuff story. It's not that I like killing people or anything, but there is usually a lot of emotion and great loss of control in the set up and I can really sink my teeth into that sort of thing. That said, I was kind of at a loss with this particular snuff story because it was not only self-inflicted, but not in the usual vein. I'll explain.
But before we get into the oddity that is "The Knife", let me take a moment to state that except for the first sentence being a run on, the author does a pretty good job writing. I didn't really notice any major grammatical errors and I admit that I was drawn into the story rather quickly, which says a lot for the author's ability to craft a tale elegantly and suck the reader in.
I do think this particular tale however is NOT erotica... unless you think stabbing yourself (or watching someone ELSE stab themselves) is a turn on. Granted, I'm aware that there are people like that out there, but they are, in general, not the predominant reader out there. To me, "The Knife" was more of a horror story, especially as I kept thinking "Damn! What a waste!"
What I did like however was how the author avoided the typical "origin" story. Usually in a story like this, the author tends to try and explain WHY the main character has this fetish. In "The Knife" we never find out. The girl is just DRAWN to it, weirdly. Even the possibility of having to marry her cousin isn't really a motivation in her constellation of weirdness. She just gets turned on by imagining that knife stuck in her belly. It's a psychosis. A damning one. I've met people sort of like her, with the fantasy, but never the moxie to actually do it.
As far as recommendations for the author, the first thing I would say is don't change. Obviously the author LIKES writing stuff like this, and probably finds sheathing a knife in one's abdomen to be sexually stimulating. Don't change that. But I would suggest expanding one's horizons. Imagine if this story really built up our like about this girl. What if the reader came to identify with her, except for the weird knife passion? What if the author had drawn us to want to make love to her, to take her ourselves, maybe even tease us with fulfilling HER fantasy after ours is met? That's where stories like this can really explode, crossing genres and bringing in a broader readership. Make them love the girl. How? More sexuality. Don't just say, "She masturbated." Bring the same sort of life to that as was put into the sheathing of the knife in her heart, and you'll have it.
Technically, had this been more erotic (for me) it would have rated an 8 at least, which is an excellent showing for a first time author on the BDSM Library. Well done.
Yours Faithfully, Michael Alexander
( (7/10)

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