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Echoes of Barking Author: Rubberwolf
(Added on Dec 17, 2009) (This month 18171 readers) (Total 20575 readers)

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Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Oct 7, 2010
One I reviewed before the december 2009 breakdown and of which I didn't see it being reposted.
Rubberwolf didn't seem to be quite happy with the repost, so he chose to de a re-repost, this time with an error in the title... Probably because the server doesn't accept two exactly the same uploads.
Anyway, I remember there being some severe critique by a few readers, on the way "Echoes Of Barking" was presented.
I myself was wondering a tad too, at the time. But now that one is able to read the lot in one go, there's no longer that sense of "where's this gonna lead?".
To be honest, it leads nowhere, except to an open end. Open in the sense that there's no real explanations.
No need for those either. "echoes Of Barking" is just a representation of the mental state --and the ensuing musings-- of a woman, as we pick-in somewhere along the line of her life, and leave her a while later.
The writing is good, the descriptions are as well and the characterization of Tracy is three dimensional. What goes on in her --feeble or not-- mind doesn't have to make sense, as our own minds are all a bit crazy anyway... Well, maybe I should speak for myself.
JJ (9/10)
Replied by: Rubberwolf (Edit) (Oct 14, 2010)
Thanks the the review Jimmy. NIce to see you like my later work.

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