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Peter\'s Family Fuck Author: dale10
(Added on Mar 2, 2007) (This month 223106 readers) (Total 295075 readers)
My young sex toy Peter is introduced to sex with his dad and mom, and the family dog.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 4
2 Votes
2 Votes
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Weighed Average (?): (8/10)
Average Rating: (8.5/10)
Highest Rating: (10/10)
Lowest Rating: (5/10)

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Reviewer: Rikki13 (Edit) Rating: Nov 19, 2008
One of Dale10s best stories!!! More of this please! (10/10)

Reviewer: ponytailed slut (Edit) Rating: Sep 4, 2007
I love humiliation, bestiality, and incest stories, especially, M/m, however, this read like a wank story. In other words, there's sex activity after activity, without ANY character info or back story, etc. Don't mean to be so harsh, but this story can be so much better if you go back and fill in the blanks.
I know it's not your first story, and I will go look at the others with higher ratings.
If you should re-submit it again, I'll be happy to come back and change my score and review. (5/10)

Reviewer: cbtboyuk (Edit) Rating: Jul 21, 2007
Stunning. The amazing thing being that scat and bestiality aren't really my thing, but the way you present them is so hot, Sir, that i look forward to each installment eagerly.
Would love you to tell us more about Peter's chastity/tease n denial situations! (10/10)

Reviewer: sissychar (Edit) Rating: Mar 2, 2007
GREAT story! SO very of course i was drippy the whole time!
Aside from the formatting issue (tab stop problem, i think?) i loved reading it and look forward to more! (8/10)

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