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The Prisoner Author: Will Cane
(Added on Aug 20, 2001) (This month 659451 readers) (Total 988317 readers)
A businessman is found guilty under a new law of harassing his female emplyees. As an experiment he is sentenced to a period in a Female Correctional facility. The staff are uniformed females of various ranks. The aim is to teach the inmates total obedience to females in authority. The methods by the staff include parades, rigorous inspections, corporal punishment and humiliating training.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 15
9 Votes
9 Votes
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Weighed Average (?): (9.5/10)
Average Rating: (9.5/10)
Highest Rating: (10/10)
Lowest Rating: (6/10)

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Reviewer: marnix (Edit) Rating: Apr 26, 2012
Brilliant imagination and understanding of dom/sub dynamics. I have been following this story for a number of years. I really like the F/M parts of the story in particular, and was frustrated when Stewart was appointed a guard; I hope he will be returned to prison soon, and soundly whipped, preferably by some of the older women he mistreated! Keep up the good work. (9/10)
Replied by: Will Cane (Edit) (Apr 26, 2012)
Thank you marnix. I am trying to think of a way of returning my characters to the Correctional Centre. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Reviewer: Ingwit (Edit) Rating: Apr 23, 2012
great (10/10)

Reviewer: sam83 (Edit) Rating: Jan 2, 2011
one of the best stories i have read not only in this site but on net itself...i have been following this story from the time it started....especially chapters where young guards take advantage of prisoners as old as their mom and this prisoners has to surrender meekly, where prisoners are not allowed to shower,or wear sweaty dirty undergarments of their mistresses, where they are given less food and denied orgasms...where they are made to do menial work in public...where women in power are subjected to humility by lower an younger women and men...these topics has been covered excellent and i would request Will to write on more on this...and maybe a bit faster...please write a chapter where a mistress is send as a servant to one of her previous servants and she treats her really badly...more on humiliation aspect....thank you very much.... (10/10)
Replied by: Will Cane (Edit) (Apr 28, 2011)
Thank you Sam. Take a look at my latest chapter.

Reviewer: jamw369 (Edit) Rating: Aug 24, 2008
it was ok. not wat i was looking for (6/10)

Reviewer: mkemse (Edit) Rating: Aug 3, 2006
i am also one who has ssen this secerl times and never took the time to read it, sorryi wait so long (10/10)

Reviewer: Millie (Edit) Rating: Jul 27, 2006
I have only just discovered this story and so far am on chapter 13. I have enjoyed every word so far and am looking forward to reading more of very soon. (9/10)

Reviewer: DungeonMaster6 (Edit) Rating: Dec 10, 2005
Quite possibly the best story I've read anywhere. (10/10)
Replied by: Will Cane (Edit) (Dec 12, 2005)
Many thanks for your comment. I will be writing again shortly.

Reviewer: newwmember (Edit) Rating: Nov 18, 2004
Yes, from the start to the end one of the best stories in this site, I will certainly miss Stewart! Though this episode comes to an end, I think I'm not the only who like to "be informed" about his future life in the facility. Thank you for your fine story. (10/10)
Replied by: Will Cane (Edit) (Nov 26, 2004)
Many thanks for your comments. I still have some ideas for his new life but don't want to finish up writing a boring or repetitive story. I guess I will have to wait and see what plots come to mind. Will Cane

Reviewer: jbowler65 (Edit) Rating: May 8, 2004
Well written and immersive story. (9/10)

Reviewer: smiley010 (Edit) Rating: Oct 16, 2003
A very good read. Many Thanks (9/10)

Reviewer: pet10 (Edit) Rating: Sep 28, 2003
It is an excellent story. Congratulations!
Pet-10 (9/10)

Reviewer: alphie712fr (Edit) Rating: Aug 19, 2002
Great story! Convincing plot and very well written : my favorite on this site with Jane Marwood 's work.A MUST READ (10/10)
Replied by: Will Cane (Edit) (Nov 26, 2004)
Interesting comment about Jane Marwood as I find her writing excellent. A compliment indeed!

Reviewer: drawings (Edit) Rating: Aug 23, 2001
This is one of the best pieces of erotica on the web. Over all the writing is excellent with some chapters better than others. I look forward to further chapters and the return of Finch, Walker and Spencer. I highly recommend this to anyone. (10/10)

Reviewer: sarah (Edit) Rating: Aug 23, 2001
Excellent story all through...innovotive and especially well written...maintains a high level of interest throughout...looking forward to the next chapter. (10/10)
Replied by: Will Cane (Edit) (Nov 26, 2004)

Thank you Sarah!

Reviewer: robbyw (Edit) Rating: Aug 22, 2001
Totally excellent story.Great scenario and good, clear writng skills. Write some more soon ! (10/10)

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