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Sister's Pimp Author: rolf palsy
(Added on Sep 21, 2005) (This month 131582 readers) (Total 271834 readers)
Coming of age in a "loving" family environment that features incest, slavery and corporal punishment yields a tough minded teenager who unwillingly becomes the ruler of the roost when his philandering father dies suddenly. The challenges he meets and ultimately overcomes make up the heart of the story.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 6
4 Votes
4 Votes
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4 Votes
4 Votes
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2 Votes 4 Votes
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Weighed Average (?): (6.5/10)
Average Rating: (7/10)
Highest Rating: (7/10)
Lowest Rating: (6/10)

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Reviewer: JonMaddux (Edit) Rating: Jan 1, 2008
I was'nt sure how to vote on this one. The writing was pretty good so i voted on it soley by how well written it was. As for the plot, i thought a more detailed description of the sisters deflowering and sexual trysts detailing how he trained her to become a prostitute and be prepared to take cock in various ways would have grabbed my attention more. Maybe the son would have been more detailed remembering his first time when mom deflowered him, especially his first time at getting her in the ass. Not bad over all. (7/10)
Replied by: rolf palsy (Edit) (Jan 2, 2008)
Your comprehensive review is much appreciated, along with your generous rating. My argument about describing his first time with his mother and the training of his sister is as follows. He's trying to recall something that happened many years ago when he was an inarticulate teenager. I don't expect much beyond what he remembers. As for his sister's training, most was done by his father while he was off at school and being a gigolo. Personally I think the most stressing thing about this story is the number of characters, way too many. However, everyone, especially a fellow author, is entitled to their perspective and opinion, and I accept that.

Reviewer: mkemse (Edit) Rating: Aug 18, 2006
waiting to see more, the biggest concern is the text size part 1 was greatthe rest the text size really went down hard to read (6/10)
Replied by: rolf palsy (Edit) (Aug 19, 2006)
Your review is much appreciated, but there is nothing I can do about what happens mechanically after my story is submitted for posting. I am not well versed in computer speak, so the best I can do is keep trying to change my format until something clicks. To date, this hasn't happened, so you'll just have to be more patient while I work through this problem. If you're waiting for more, you will have something within two weeks.

Reviewer: Polecat (Edit) Rating: Aug 12, 2006
Promising. We'll have to see where it goes (7/10)
Replied by: rolf palsy (Edit) (Aug 13, 2006)
Your interest in this story is much appreciated. Be advised that after a lengthy hiatus this one is finally moving once more and you should be seeing quite a bit in the next month.

Reviewer: jip (Edit) Rating: Feb 28, 2006
The first part I found better as the second. (7/10)
Replied by: rolf palsy (Edit) (Mar 1, 2006)
I agree with your observation, but it's necessary to slow it down in order to set the stage for the good parts that will happen beginning with chapter 3, when our hero hits the jackpot or perhaps it's more like the trifecta considering it involves a family of three made to order for his specific skills.

Reviewer: legman00 (Edit) Rating: Sep 24, 2005
love mom forcing her own daughter to eat her out. can't wait for more (7/10)
Replied by: rolf palsy (Edit) (Sep 24, 2005)
Thanks for the encouraging review. Like I said, this is a "loving" family, and it just gets better from here on. Little Megan has got a lot of "learning" experiences in front of her.

Reviewer: La Toya (Edit) Rating: Sep 22, 2005
Lets see were this story goes, before I rate it any higher (6/10)
Replied by: rolf palsy (Edit) (Sep 22, 2005)
Thanks for the bookmark. Wish more reviewers would adopt your approach, that is, provided they follow through on their promise to look at the story later when it's been fleshed out a bit. The next few chapters ought to make or break things.

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