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Falling into Temptation Author: Michelle Byssom
(Added on Nov 23, 2004) (This month 8305 readers) (Total 14662 readers)
Sally finally meets her online Master; and afterwards, her conscience struggles with her sense of completeness.

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Reviewer: MaitreDamien (Edit) Rating: Aug 15, 2005
Everything in the untold scene is letting the reader let his/her imagination. I do like this kind of writing. Nicely done. (8/10)

Reviewer: 2licks4u3 (Edit) Rating: Mar 25, 2005
interesting method of portraying the encounter smooth read and well done (9/10)

Reviewer: longrover (Edit) Rating: Mar 25, 2005
The women in your stories are much more real than usually found in stories with such themes. Here, a single evening reveals a great deal about a woman's past and present, and her hopes for the future while leaving interesting questions unanswered. (9/10)

Reviewer: spike (Edit) Rating: Nov 26, 2004
Very good. The writer knows the scene doesn't need to be explicitly described to tell the story, or to arouse the reader. A real believable character who is affected by the experience is all it takes. A little more attention to the craft of writing would have earned this a 9.
Yes, some more codes would be good, but the bare M/f code is intriguing. (8/10)
Replied by: Michelle Byssom (Edit) (Nov 26, 2004)
Thank you for your comments, although as a writer who has practiced and commented on the craft for many years the 'more attention' did sting a little -smiles- still the reviewer is always right. I would however beg to ask the reviewer to consider that perhaps deviations from their notion of 'craft' may be due not so much to ignorance as design. See for instance the last chapter of Joyce's Ulisses of which the concluding paragraphs of the current offerring were a very pale imitation but none the less a model to emulate.

Reviewer: chksng19 (Edit) Rating: Nov 25, 2004
Nicely done. The story moves you through the adventure in her mind, and leaves you in doubt about the morality (in HER mind) of what she did. A few hints about content, such as D/S would be nice to help readers find you in the library.
Personally, I'd like her take on what happened when she was with him as well, but I'm just a peeping tom, I guess. (9/10)

Reviewer: Breannefun (Edit) Rating: Nov 23, 2004
I liked the symbology of the cross, and how it reflected Sally's mind. I'm nost sure I agree with her personal decision to betray her husband, but who am I to second guess her, much less judge her for it? The writing was well done, though it didn't bring to me the same spark that Divine Entertainment did. (9/10)

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