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Let's Go Play with Mrs. Day Author: Willailla
(Added on Oct 19, 2004) (This month 11763 readers) (Total 39648 readers)
A beautiful soldier's wife becomes an object of sadistic lust.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 7
3 Votes
3 Votes
3 Votes
3 Votes
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Weighed Average (?): (7/10)
Average Rating: (7.5/10)
Highest Rating: (9/10)
Lowest Rating: (4/10)

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Reviewer: mkemse (Edit) Rating: Nov 7, 2004
I enjoyed reading the story, felt it was well written and layed out (7/10)

Reviewer: Curtis (Edit) Rating: Oct 25, 2004
More of a tease than anything else. Whether or not the author realizes it, this story borrows heavily from a twenty-five year old book, "Let's Go Play At The Adams'". And the past tense of 'cum' is 'orgasmed', though 'cummed' has a certain charm. (8/10)

Reviewer: bdsmbill (Edit) Rating: Oct 22, 2004
Well, I guess I'm in the minority here. I thought this was well written and interesting. I didn't find it hard to follow, either. I always knew what was happening and when. To me, it had a kind of "Pulp Fiction" feel to it -- a story told as sections seemingly out of sequence, but making a kind of sense of their own. The fact is, I didn't think about the number of characters or the sequence issue until I read the other reviews. Snuff is not my cup of tea, but this one was good. (9/10)

Reviewer: kemosabe (Edit) Rating: Oct 22, 2004
I'm mystified by the previous reviews, decrying the number of characters and the flash-back episodes. I found the story to be extremely well done, keeping me involved from start to finish. The only thing I regret was a lack of detail in what "The Pack" did to Mrs. Day while she was in their captivity. What was her reaction? Was it similar to her response to Turpin? This author has real promise and I look forward to more of his work. (9/10)

Reviewer: Alex Bragi (Edit) Rating: Oct 21, 2004
I have to agree with what’s already been said - there were just too many characters doing too much, too fast. I felt, also, that the number of paragraphs beginning with a pronoun or proper noun just seemed to magnify the problem – at times they just seemed to be coming from everywhere. I guess, to me, particularly in the beginning, it felt a little like a draft of a story - like the author had noted down the characters’ descriptions, and what he wanted to write about, but then not bothered to intersperse them or quite expanded on the story enough.
On the up side, the descriptions are good. The dialog is realistic and believable, and it certainly brought the characters to living breathing 3D live for me. Although I’m not a huge fan of ‘snuff’, in my opinion, this one has a certain class about it that rather lifts it above the usual shock, horror, fuck ‘em and snuff ‘em that many stories in this genre seem to suffer from.
Overall, I didn’t find it an easy read, but it was still rather enjoyable.

Reviewer: chksng19 (Edit) Rating: Oct 20, 2004
Somewhere in the official style book for writing porn, there has to be a guide as to how the past tense of "cum" is to be spelled. Cummed? Came? Orgasmed? Gotta find out.
The story has some great descriptive character revealationstoo much happens too fast. This story should have four or five chapters, with a more-easily-followed timeline. Episodes such as these (with the old man, with the ruffian, with the kids, etc.) should be a little more clearly defined: what happened when? What was first?
All else considered, I liked the story. While there is room for growth, this was entertaining and sexy. (7/10)

Reviewer: bisarah (Edit) Rating: Oct 20, 2004
I had no clue what the hell was going on in this story because of how it kept jumping all over the place!! (4/10)

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