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The Challenge Author: sfmaster
(Added on Jun 30, 2000) (This month 80982 readers) (Total 160254 readers)
The great sequel of "Janet in Training". You can always expect the best from sfmaster.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 17
12 Votes
12 Votes
12 Votes
12 Votes
12 Votes
12 Votes
12 Votes
12 Votes
3 Votes 12 Votes
3 Votes 12 Votes
1 Vote 3 Votes 1 Vote 12 Votes
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0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 6% 0% 18% 6% 71%
Weighed Average (?): (9.5/10)
Average Rating: (9.5/10)
Highest Rating: (10/10)
Lowest Rating: (6/10)

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Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Feb 5, 2009
Read this quite some time ago on another site.
Exquisite adventure.
JJ (10/10)

Reviewer: Mist (Edit) Rating: Oct 19, 2008
hoping you'll write another sequel :) (10/10)

Reviewer: net22 (Edit) Rating: Mar 11, 2007
In Janet in training there was interesting person. Mistress Lauren very sadistic Mistress. Now she is turneg into a slave. I don't like this idea , but it is author's right to build the story.
Nevertheless I think that it is a little bit unfair to the readers signing the story as F/f and F/fm, while puting in the story some "masters" etc. (6/10)

Reviewer: Axlbear2002 (Edit) Rating: Jan 28, 2005
Was afraid the sequel would be a poor imitation of the fear...excellent writing and a wonderful twist. I can't remember the last time characters in a storyline were so well developed to get me to the point of tears. Thanks for a wonderful experience. (10/10)

Reviewer: Dürrer (Edit) Rating: Dec 17, 2004

Reviewer: LoversDelight82 (Edit) Rating: Sep 23, 2004
This is not the first D/s story I have ever read, but it is by far the best. The author has left me satisfied at the completion of this epic tale, yet I crave more of his work. I am always in a diligent search for longer stories, with more intricate plots, and sfmaster has certainly provided it. I never knew the absolut pleasure that one could acheive in reading a manuscript, untill now. I look forward to reading the prequel to The Challenge. (10/10)

Reviewer: Abe Froman (Edit) Rating: Aug 30, 2004
I thing this story is very well written and it's an excellent second part with a great mystery/twist but, for me, the basic assumption that there is a natural progression from sub to Domme sort of un-does a bit of it for me. A really good epic though, if you like corporal punishment stories. (8/10)

Reviewer: littleslut (Edit) Rating: Jun 18, 2004
wonderful in everyway i only wish i'd written a review for this before (10/10)

Reviewer: bisubmissive (Edit) Rating: Jun 13, 2004
At first I felt bad about giving "Janet in Training" a 9, but I'm glad now, because this one merits the 10 - if you liked the first one, you will love the second one. The characters are developed much more fully, and a lot of questions that you might have been left with after the first one are answered by this one. Also, major props to sfmaster for the emphasis throughout on safe BDSM play and Master/Domme respect for submissives - very important, and frequently forgotten by other authors on this site. (10/10)

Reviewer: CloveRoye (Edit) Rating: May 3, 2004
Excelent work, I thoroughly enjoyed. Good character development thus far, I look forward to reading the next segment. (10/10)

Reviewer: mkemse (Edit) Rating: Mar 10, 2004
great story, great author, somethings are a given (10/10)

Reviewer: Wmnwholves (Edit) Rating: Feb 24, 2004
I have laughed and cried throughout both of the Janet stories... Very well written... I would recommend a reading to anyone (10/10)

Reviewer: tormented (Edit) Rating: Jan 3, 2004
Sequel to one of the greatest story ever written, if u liked Janet in Training, then this is a must read

Reviewer: john964 (Edit) Rating: Sep 5, 2003
an excellent sequel to janet in traning i wish the author would right another (10/10)

Reviewer: larry33 (Edit) Rating: Aug 11, 2003
This is an excellent story. Janet in Training was also excellent and this is a solid successor. I hope sfmaster does write more! (10/10)

Reviewer: MistressT (Edit) Rating: Apr 8, 2003
wonderful from start to finish.

Reviewer: m w Rating: Aug 2, 2000
Great Story facinating till the end. (8/10)

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