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Forty Four Hours Author: Kay
(Added on Nov 24, 2002) (This month 72436 readers) (Total 189262 readers)
A woman is forced into a deeper exploration of her desires to experience slavery and bdsm by her domme and her domme's friends.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 18
12 Votes
12 Votes
12 Votes
12 Votes
12 Votes
12 Votes
5 Votes 12 Votes
5 Votes 12 Votes
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5 Votes 12 Votes
1 Vote 5 Votes 12 Votes
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0% 0% 0% 0% 6% 0% 0% 0% 28% 67%
Weighed Average (?): (9.5/10)
Average Rating: (9.5/10)
Highest Rating: (10/10)
Lowest Rating: (5/10)

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Reviewer: Kira (Edit) Rating: Feb 15, 2010
Great story, interesting writing style!
Please continue, would be happy to read more. (10/10)

Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Jan 19, 2009
Delicious tale. Once again a story where the profile of the participants is so well painted while their psyche is explored with insight and knowledge. Top shelf material!
JJ (10/10)

Reviewer: mkemse (Edit) Rating: Jan 1, 2008
how i never saw this great work before i have no clue, greatway to start a new year excellent job (10/10)

Reviewer: sunburststrat (Edit) Rating: Apr 3, 2005
There is so much that is good about this piece: the writing style, the characters, scenes, devious humiliation strategies ... all of it exceptional. What a talent this writer has!
When a piece is this good I tend to ration out the chapters to prolong the pleasure.
Can I give it a 12?
Whew, I finally finished and hardly know what to say. My heart was pounding the last four chapters which I read voraciously. I feel weak after this experience, and am filled with wonder at this author's skill and imagination.

Reviewer: Wmnwholves (Edit) Rating: Jul 27, 2004
I was a little late findig this story, but I must say it was worth the wait... This was a great story... Very, Very believable... I hope the next chapter will be forthcoming.... PLEASE!!!
Having finished the last chapter. I must say I like the way the story is wrapped up. I do how that you consider writing a series with the organization. I would like to see more of Maya. A background story for Jessica might be something you consider. I continue with my like of the fact the story has a very realistic feel. Hope to read more of your work as well. (10/10)

Reviewer: jbowler65 (Edit) Rating: May 29, 2004
Exceptional story. You could feel Kara's inner turmoil after her session and it left you wanting more, wondering what was going to happen. (Through Ch 9)
Edit (post Ch 11): The story continues to evolve very nicely. Very well written and enjoyable as the story continues into her new phase of slavery. Keep up the great writing! (10/10)
Replied by: kay (Edit) (Nov 2, 2003)
thank you very much! i genuinely appreciate your comments as well as taking a moment to share your thoughts. right now i'm putting the final touches on the next chapter. hope you enjoy!

Reviewer: gojack10 (Edit) Rating: Apr 9, 2004
OK and had some promise. (5/10)

Reviewer: Shellyfemme (Edit) Rating: Nov 22, 2003
*yum* the anticipation of Kara and the wickedness of her mistress is great. Very reaListic i will be having good dreams tonight. i so Look forward to reading the rest. (9/10)

Reviewer: wabbit (Edit) Rating: Oct 29, 2003
This story keeps getting better and better, and chapter 9 is a masterpiece that has left me onthe edge of my seat and begging for more more more!!! (10/10)
Replied by: kay (Edit) (Oct 29, 2003)
thank you. i genuinely appreciate your comments. the next chapter is written, thats almost the easy part; its the constant tinkering i seem to do until i'm blue in the face...but reviews like this tend to energize me.
again, that you and i hope you enjoy chapter 10 as well.

Reviewer: Sui Lerua (Edit) Rating: Aug 6, 2003
An exceptional tale, full of luscious details. It's easy to understand Kara's attraction toward her submission, particularly when in the hands of the formidable Sophia and her entourage. (9/10)

Reviewer: kittenfemme (Edit) Rating: Apr 25, 2003
*purrrrrr* What a deliciously wicked tale. I agree wholeheartedly with merlin in that the characters and situations are all believable. More! More! Please? (10/10)
Replied by: kay (Edit) (Apr 30, 2003)
kitten, thank you. a chapter seven is underway but it'll probably be a couple of weeks before it's finished. kara will have to make a choice...
my best and thanks again!
Replied by: kittenfemme (Edit) (May 3, 2003)
Thank you kay. I look forward to it! *squirm in my chair*

Reviewer: MistressCandi (Edit) Rating: Feb 21, 2003
What I have read so far is very intriguing. The author starts kinda slowly drawing us in. I can't wait to read following pieces of this tale. (10/10)
Replied by: kay (Edit) (Feb 22, 2003)
Thank you! Sophia will become far more personally involved in the domination of kara with the addition of chapter six ... after that? (sly grin)...stay tuned.
Again, thanks for your comments!

Reviewer: errol42 (Edit) Rating: Jan 28, 2003
Beautifully written, credible charcters with imaginative real scenarios (10/10)

Reviewer: merlin (Edit) Rating: Jan 16, 2003
I love to read this great F/F story! Great soryline, great characters, great stile. I hope Mistress Sophia will be cruel, and Kara will suffer more and more. And one more thing. I hope Kara will not enjoy her faith too much, because if this happens the story will loose the great atmosphere. Great work! Congratulation!
(Sorry because my poor English, but I'm a Hungarian and I know my writing skill is not the best in this language:-) ) (10/10)
Replied by: kay (Edit) (Jan 18, 2003)
Merlin, thank you. Sophia does dream up some more demanding situations for kara in chapters 4 and 5. I hope you enjoy the direction!

Reviewer: pdxrug (Edit) Rating: Dec 8, 2002
I love to read and write a little along Ds line. When I read this starting saga, I found myself right there with kara and her adventure. Hearing the door open, the heels clicking on the floor, her tongue crossing the toes, of who? Very good, I really would encourage you to keep this story alive. Great job. (9/10)
Replied by: kay (Edit) (Dec 9, 2002)
Dearest rug,
Thank you! You are a dear! Kara had never fully experienced the sensual humiliation of being under another womans feet. Sophia is unrelenting in what she has planned for the hapless woman when she finally is brought to the ranch.
my best,

Reviewer: Grey Slayer (Edit) Rating: Dec 6, 2002
Very enjoyable and well written, and believable. I enjoyed the humiliation of Kara. Please continue the story. It needs some fetish garb and some B/D treatment for Kara. What awaits her at the ranch? I cannot wait for it to continue... (9/10)
Replied by: kay (Edit) (Dec 9, 2002)
Grey Slayer
My sincerest thanks for you review and the encouragement to continue the story. In chapter three, Kara gets lulled briefly into Lori's charms, believing her to be the "good witch" and thinking the worst is behind her, but oh how wrong she is in that supposition.

Reviewer: mskneeler (Edit) Rating: Nov 26, 2002
Being that I myself am very much a submissive lesbian, I thrilled, and related to this story immensely! Of course, I had hoped it would have continued for a great deal amount of time more, what was presented held SO much promise that I will be waiting with bated breathe for continuing chapters! Oh, if only there could be many more writers of the F/F domination scenario; most especially where the submissive is kept in a constant state of arousal by tormentive teasing, always being brought to the very brink of completion but never being able to reach it!
PLEASE keep up the wonderful work???
neenee (Janeen Marie O'Brien) (10/10)
Replied by: kay (Edit) (Nov 26, 2002)
Thank you for your kind words! I'm almost stunned. Now the pressure's really on! I have chapter two completed but will postpone submitting until the Thanksgiving holidays are past. Chapter three is still a bit rough and needs work.
My sincerest.

Reviewer: rainee (Edit) Rating: Nov 25, 2002
Just the beginning but I found it completely enjoyable, highly erotic and most of all, very believable!!! The writing was above average save for one or two small typing mistakes which in no way distracted from the story....I hope the author does not keep us waiting too long for more, more, more, and if the following chapters maintain this pace and intensity, then the 9 goes to a 10 for sure !!!! (9/10)
Replied by: mskneeler (Edit) (Nov 26, 2002)
Hi there Paula,
I enjoyed your review of "44 hours" which I found to be breathetaking myself! As I am myself a submissive lesbian of 7 1/2 years recent experience, I related to the story immensely!
Perhaps, if you are agreeable, we could E-mail one another and exchange thoughts and mutual desires of this type???
neenee (Janeen Marie O'Brien)
P.S. I am age 30!
Replied by: kay (Edit) (Nov 26, 2002)
Thank you so much for your review. Chapter two will be submitted after Thanksgiving. Chapter three, though, does need some serious massaging which I'll attend to once I get the house back to myself.
My best and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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