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Erica deconstructed Author: Erica Bennet
(Added on Nov 28, 2015) (This month 106562 readers) (Total 106562 readers)
Domme Erica\'s curiosity about how the submissive feels leads her to confide in a Domme friend. The friend decides to show her decisively and permanently. Erica\'s curiosity is fully satisfied . . . but we know what curiosity did to the cat, don\'t we?

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Reviewer: graymangazer (Edit) Rating: Apr 26, 2016
A little too extreme for my tastes but I enjoyed it all the same. I would have preferred to have left the limbs intact as there are so many cruel things can be done with arms and legs, also her sight so she would have to watch what was being done to her. But that's only my preference and not what the story was all about I suppose. I commend the author on having such a evil and devious imagination. (8/10)

Reviewer: JeffreyEP (Edit) Rating: Dec 6, 2015
Enjoyed it, but would have liked a bit more description of the modifications as they occurred. Also, the picture didn't come out for me. I guess that lessened the impact of the story a bit in my case. (8/10)

Reviewer: Tadpam (Edit) Rating: Dec 5, 2015
Great ideas, chastity via bodymod is a big fetish of mine that I see rarely. I wish that there had been more detailed descriptions of her body and how she felt though. (7/10)

Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Dec 1, 2015
Best Bennett story so far, or at least the one I like the most. Which is kinda odd as the content isn't really up my alley.
But everything is laid out exactly as it should, with just enough detail to keep things interesting and enough vagueness to keep the reader guessing for a while.
Must be disturbingly fun to spend a couple of hours in the dark, deep recesses of the Bennett mind, say, on a sunny afternoon.
JJ (9/10)
Replied by: JimmyJump (Edit) (Dec 3, 2015)
Crappers. Just now noticed Bennet has only one 'T'...
Apologies for misspelling yer nom-de-plume.

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