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The Hypno-Seduction of Lana

Part 1

The Hypno-Seduction of Lana

by LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: M/f, F/m, MC, Bondage

Author’s Foreword: The following was my first story that I wrote before I wrote Accidental Inheritance, and hposted it on another site. I have decided to submit it here for my BDSM Library Friends. ~Loras Pa6

I was walking back to my desk with my lunch and I saw her in the courtyard eating lunch at one of the picnic tables, uncharacteristically alone. She is a petite girl in her twenties who had immigrated to the US from one of the countries reborn from the former Soviet Union. She has a warm personality and a beautiful body, especially her ass and legs. Well I couldn't pass up this chance.

I went into the courtyard and approached her table "Mind if I sit with you Lana?"

She looked up from her meal with one of her ever-present smiles and said "Sure, I could use the company since Maria is away," Maria is the South American immigrant that Lana normally sat and ate lunch with.

So I sat and started eating while we chitchatted about work and things, then my opening came. She asked how my stepson and I were handling my wife's death the past year.

"I keep her favorite Crystal Necklace on me so I feel closer to her" I said "would you like to see it?"

"I'd be honored" she replied

So I pulled it out of my pocket and dangled the necklace an inch from the bridge of her nose and slowly twisted it. In this position she was forced to cross her eyes to look at it. The twisting of the gem created a strobe effect in her eyes and in a calm level tone I said "I find if you stare into it long enough you almost feel like you are floating in a deep deep sleep."  Her eyes glazed over, and her head stated to bob as I repeated the line a second and then third time and she was out.

I pocketed the necklace and glanced around at the overlooking office windows and nobody seemed to have seen what transpired, so I returned to my target. "Lana can you hear me"

She quietly replied, "Yes"

Not wanting to draw undo attention I instructed her to resume eating as normal and she complied. "Lana I am going to give you a series of command words, whenever I, and I alone, say them you will respond in the way I tell you, is that understood?"


"The first command is 'margorp' say it yourself" which she did, "whenever I say this word you will return to the state you are currently in. Your second command is 'deecorp' when you here me say this you will wake up with no conscious memory of what is said or done while you are active in 'margorp' but you will carry out any instructions at the appropriate time without a second thought."

I looked at my watch and saw it was getting close to the end of our lunch time, fortunately no one else decided to eat outside yet and I could complete my plan at my own pace another time. "Lana, later this afternoon come to my office and ask to borrow the book we discussed at lunch, and say you will pick it up tonight at my home, when you come to my home, wear you're highest heels and shortest skirt. The rest of your outfit is up to you, do you understand?"


"Fine, then when you awaken you will remember having a pleasant discussion about several things including the book you want to borrow"

Satisfied with her replies I gave her the command, "Deecorp" She blinked a couple of times and was back to normal. "Well we better get back to work before they send out search parties for us" I said chuckling. She laughed and we packed up our now empty lunch containers and went back in and upstairs to our offices.

The rest of my afternoon was routine until about 3:15, Lana entered my cubicle and, as I had instructed her at lunch, asked to borrow the book we had "talked" about. "Sure" I replied, "I'll bring it in tomorrow"

"Can I come to your house and get it tonight I would like to start reading it tonight"

"I have nothing else tonight so that's not a problem, you live near Wallington right?" She shook her head in the affirmative and I proceeded to give her directions from the major intersection in Wallington to my house.

"Great" she said, "I'll be there after dinner, see you then." and she went back over to her office.

I looked over and my cubicle mate’s jaw was on top of his desk, "I think I'm going to come over to your place tonight"

"Do, and they will be looking for your body when you don't show up at work for a week." We laughed and finished up our day. Needless to say I couldn't wait to get home.

-That Evening

I rushed home after work grabbing fast food on the way, ate, and had everything prepared for the night by 6:00. Just over an hour later she pulled into my driveway. She took my breath away as she came up the front steps, wearing a pair of red calf boots with 4" heels over black pantyhose, a tight red sleeveless dress that barely went below her ass and showed off her beautiful B-cup breast.

I invited her in and motioned for her to sit, "Would you like something to drink? I only have canned soda, milk or water"

"Do you have any diet soda?"

"Diet Coke" I replied

"That will be perfect, isn’t your son home? I saw two cars in the driveway"

I set the Diet Cokes and two ice filled glasses on the coffee table in front of her "No he is at his college this week, even when he is home he is usually out with some of his friends until late. You look good tonight, do you always dress like this when borrowing books?"

She blushed "I'm not sure why I dressed this way, I just felt like it I guess."

At that I dropped the command "Margorp" Her whole body relaxed and she closed her eyes. "Lana look at me, She complied, "I am going to ask you some questions, and you will answer them truthfully. Are you dating or romantically involved with anyone at this time?"


"Have you been in the last six months?"


"Explain this relationship"

"I had dated a man from my neighborhood four months ago, we only went out three times alone and decided there was no need to pursue it farther."

"Have you seen him since?"

"I've seen him at the Market a few times and we have gone out for drinks with other neighbors twice, but not as a couple."

Good for me, too bad for him. The next question was one I felt was most important. "If I asked you out, would you be inclined to accept?"

She seemed a little hesitant but then said, "Yes I would, I enjoy your company"

"You seemed a little unsure of this, why?"

"Our age difference" (she was around 10 years younger then me, and just slightly older then my Stepson)

"My late wife was 14 years my elder Lana, do not worry about that." She nodded in response, "Lana I've noticed you seem to always where pantyhose to work, even when you wear slacks and jeans, do you like to wear pantyhose?"


"Why is that?"

"I love the way they make my legs feel"

"How often do you where pantyhose?"

"Almost all the time when I am out of the house, and most of the time I'm in also."

"That's something that's not going to change much,” I thought out loud.

"When you get home tomorrow from work I want you to do some online shopping for shoes. You will buy at least three pairs of 5" heels and three pairs of 6" heels that you like. No platforms or plain mules and at least one pair of each must have some form of ankle strap. The others can be anything you want; pumps, boots of any top height, or strappy shoes."

"Do you masturbate?"

"Sometimes, not often"

"From now on you will think about me when you masturbate, you will not orgasm unless I tell you to or I am in contact with you."

"Enough of that for now, time for some more command words. Your next Command is 'Lamron' when you hear that command from any state except Margorp you will return to your normal personality, you will have free will except for the instructions given in margorp. Do you understand this?"


"Next command is ‘Elavs’ when you hear that command from any state except Margorp, you will follow every order I give you without question and you will enjoy it. You will refer to yourself only as 'This Slave' and you will refer to me as 'Sir' or 'Master.'"

"Next command is ‘Timbus’ when you hear that command from any state except Margorp, you may resist orders I give you that you are not fond of, you will get a thrill from your rebellion. I will be threatening you with punishment and only when you deem the threat of punishment to dangerous, or you have suffered enough of the punishment if it gets to that point will you concede and do as instructed"

“Last command for tonight will be ‘Tulsym’ when you hear that command from any state except Margorp you will become extremely aroused, insatiable even, and will do anything to be able to have sex with me as often as you can.”

"Do you understand the instructions and commands I have given you?"


"When I awaken you, you will think we have been discussing some of the trivia from the book. You will allow me to do anything I want with you until the next time I invoke the Margorp command, and as long as I am not causing you pain you will find it arousing. Deecorp"

Lana snapped to full awareness and reached for her glass of soda. As she set it down I got up and walked over to her and swept her up in my arms and carried her to my bedroom.

"Ohh Pete what are you doing?"

"You'll see soon enough,” I said as we went through the door, "Now just hush my sweet."

I laid her on the Bed and attached hospital restraints to her wrists and ankles forcing her into a spread eagle position.

She examined the restraints with awe. I started rubbing her pantyhose covered legs and she started moaning in pleasure. I moved to her groin and cupped her pussy in my hand. At this she started thrusting her pelvis to get me to do more.

"Let's see how good you look without this dress covering you up." I grabbed the bottom hem and pulled it up above her breasts. "As good as I expected" I thought out loud as I leaned in and started sucking her left nipple. " I think that I'll move this tongue down to that little clit, would you like that?"


"Margorp" Lana's head dropped to the pillow. I released her from the cuffs checked her crotch, a wet spot was forming in her 'hose, perfect. I pulled her dress back down, as much as I just wanted to ravish her, I had a plan for her conditioning and I was going to follow through. "Lana go back downstairs and sit as you were before I brought you up here"

She got up and went downstairs and I followed, we both assumed the position we were in prior to out trip to the bedroom. "Lana, you will not wake up until you here me say 'Yes what". You will remember what happened in the bedroom, but you will think you daydreamed the whole thing and vocalized the Yes you said in your daydream. When you go home tonight I want you to think about your experience tonight, decide if you want to fulfill your little daydream or not. If you have not come to a decision by Monday night, you will drive here to see me. Deecorp."

I picked up my soda, looked over to her and put on my best confused look and said "Yes What?"

She looked at me giving me the same confused look I was trying to play up for her. She blushed and said, "I'm so sorry, I got distracted." I think at that point the dampness between her legs caught her attention. "May I use your bathroom please?"

"Sure there's a powder room between here and the Kitchen" pointing over my shoulder to indicate the way.

She stood up and straightened out the back of her skirt, to check if the wetness came through I'm sure, and started moving in that direction. She came out a few moments later. "I should get home now. I'll see you tomorrow?" she asked

I stood "Of course, here don't forget your book" at that she gave me a big hug and a kiss then took the book, which I didn't expect, maybe this will work better then I thought. I escorted her to the door and saw her off.

The next day was Thursday and I went about my business as usual. I had seen Lana that morning with some of the other people in her department. I said hello to everyone and just kept going. I could have sworn I saw a little disappointment on Lana's face when I didn't stop.

Just before lunch she stopped in my cubicle. "Pete do you have any plans for tomorrow night?"

"Just sitting at home alone, unless my son comes home from college,” I replied.

She gave that some consideration and said "Can you come over to my house for supper around six?"

"I'd love too."

"Here's directions to my house,” she wrote them on a tablet on my desk, tore it off, and handed me the piece of paper, seemingly delighted with herself.

My plan of using hypnosis to seduce Lana was going much easier then I had expected. I had figured at best three weeks to get to the point where she would be approaching me for dates, not one day. So as I was driving up to her house I was mentally reviewing the new instructions I intended to give her tonight, but I was being distracted by what her intentions could be.

I rung her doorbell when I arrived at her house and was greeted by a most wonderful sight, Lana was wearing a leather halter dress with a scooped neck that showed most of her chest, and hugged her body all the way to just above her knees, below that was a pair of knee length leather boots with three inch heels. "Oh good, you are here. Please come in," She motioned to the couch "make yourself at home. Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes."

"Anything I can do to help"

"No, I have everything ready, it just needs a few more minutes to finish cooking" she said as she walked off.

I watched as she walked away and realized her steps were not as full as normal, I looked down to realize her dress had a button down back slit that made it a hobble dress on demand! Not only did she like to wear hosiery and high heels, but evidently liked kinky clothing also.

We ate dinner, a traditional meal from her homeland that I found surprisingly pleasant. We had typical small talk with her seeming to be slightly nervous. When we were both finished I dropped the command to open her up to suggestion. "New command for you, it is ‘eslafon’ when you hear that command from any state except Margorp, you will answer all questions from me truthfully. When you are switched to another command you will forget you were asked or answered any of the questions. Deecorp. Eslafon."

"Lana, what was your intent for me tonight?" I asked suspecting the answer I would receive.

"I want to make love to you."

"Why me?"

"I've been imagining you taking me since Wednesday, Sometimes it is passionate love, some times you are taking advantage of me, and others I am taking advantage of you. I was hoping it would come true."

Her taking advantage of me? She really was moving ahead faster then I planned. Maybe I'll take advantage of this fantasy of hers tonight rather then waiting.

"Lana you obviously have some sexy clothes, do you have any fetish clothing or equipment?"

"I do not understand."

"Like Pantyhose that cover your whole body or stuff to tie and gag people with."


Now this was a problem, how to tie her up or let her tie me with no rope or bondage devices. I was about ready to kick myself for not bringing any of my supplies along when an idea struck me. "Lana, how many pairs of pantyhose do you have?

"Five or Six new pairs I just bought"

"Any old pairs?"

"I just threw away five old pairs and have two dirty pair to be laundered, and the pair I am wearing right now"

"Perfect, margorp" as she settled into margorp I came up with a plan. We'll see how willing she is. 'Lana, when you wake up we will take the dishes to the kitchen, and then you will offer to give me a tour of your house. When we get to your bedroom come up with an excuse to have me sit on your bed. You will take a Bottle of perfume and spray me with it; you will think it is an activator for the knockout drug you had 'added' to my drink at dinner. You will then gather up the discarded and used pantyhose and return to me. You will strip me and tie me to your bed using the discarded pantyhose. Use the dirty pantyhose to gag me, take one pair turn the panty inside out, stuff the legs into it and put it in my mouth crotch first, use the other pair to secure the first pair in place. The lipstick you are wearing contains the fast-acting antidote to the drug, you will kiss me on the lips to wake me when you are satisfied that I am secured.

I decided I should preset some stipulations "You will do as you like with me for up to two hours, no injuring me or making any permanent marks. If I cross the index and middle fingers on both hands you will immediately stop and release me. When your two hours are up you will untie me and tell me it’s my turn to use you and I can do anything I want. Do you have any questions on these instructions?"


"Good, Deecorp. Dinner was very good Lana, Let me help you with the dishes."

"We just need to take them to the kitchen, I have a dishwasher that I will put them in later."

As we finished carrying out the dirty dishes and putting away the leftovers Lana turned to me and said "I must show you the rest of my home, come with me." She reached down and grabbed my hand leading me off on the nickel tour.

She indeed had a very nice home, very well decorated. We were coming up on what had to be the master bedroom. She opened the door and revealed a beautiful four-poster bed, matching vanity and armoire. "Sit on the bed" she said as she pulled over the vanity's chair. I could see a glimpse of a small perfume bottle palmed in her left hand as she sat down, she revealed the bottle "This is a new perfume I purchased" she said as she sprayed some on her wrist, "what do you think of it?" She turned the bottle on me and sprayed.

"It smells verrryy..." I trailed off, slowly closing my eyes. She reached over gently pushing me to the bed.

"That was almost too easy" She thought out loud. I heard her go across the room to the master bath and come right back. I felt her grab my shirt at the bottom and begin pulling it up over my head. She unbuckled my belt and undid my pants and worked them off of me. I wanted so much to help her but didn't want to throw her off her programming. She finally got me undressed to just my socks and lifted my legs onto the bed. She then tied my knees and ankles together with the pantyhose, ensuring my cock and balls were not pinched between my legs. She tied a leg of a pair of pantyhose to each arm and tied the other ends out to the post on that side. I then felt a tug on my ankle tie and my whole body was tightened up as she connected my ankles to the bed frame. I was then given the taste of her crotch and felt it secured in place so I couldn't dislodge it (as if I would want to!). While still in her dress, she snuggled up to me and wrapped her pantyhose covered legs around my left leg (she evidently took off the boots in the meantime. She cradled my head in her right arm and turned my head too her with her other hand. "Time to wake 'Sleeping Beauty' with a kiss so he can enjoy the show"

She leaned in and gave me a very passionate kiss despite my gag. I shook my head back and forth a little and fluttered my eyes open,  "Mmmm, maay, muttsmoingon" I managed to get out.

She put her finger to my mouth, "Just sit back and enjoy what is going to happen" She repositioned herself so she was kneeling next to me, reached back and undid the halter strap and zipper to her dress and seductively slid it down her body, revealing her pert breasts beneath, she then worked her legs out from out from under herself and let the dress fall to the floor. "I've been sooo looking forward to this, but let's start out slow."

She climbed over me and straddled my legs, resting her pantyhose clad ass just below my knees. She reached up and took a couple of playful strokes of my cock, "This will be good enough to start." She proceeded to grab my shoulders and dragged herself up so the crotch of her 'hose was riding my member and started to grind herself against me. In a few minutes I could feel the wetness seeping through the pantyhose. She stopped and gripped my chin forcing me to look up into her beautiful eyes. "I've seen you staring at my legs at work, watching my ass as I walk away, well how about a closer look." She got up walked up the bed and dropped herself onto my chest. Forcing the air out of my lungs. As I recovered she pulled my head up into her legs forcing me to inhale the scent of her excitement. "Do you like this view better?"

"hm mmm"

"Well maybe I'll allow you to get reacquainted with this view later, Maybe when my 'toy' down there needs time to recharge" At that she stood and pulled her pantyhose off and left them sitting on my chest. Lana then walked back down and mounted herself on me with a sigh. She grabbed the pantyhose and pulled them up her arms. As she rode me she massaged my arms, chest, and face with her encased arms. She had her first orgasm quickly, and managed to get going again within moments for a slower buildup. While she was in the throws of her second orgasm I was on the verge of what should have been my first. When her orgasm passed she fell limp to my chest denying my release. She arranged herself so she was resting her chin on her still encased hands, and her elbows on my chest. "Ohhh, I REALLY needed that," she cooed.

She got off my member and sat on my stomach, "mey, mot amout me?" with that she reached up and started untying my gag. Was the two hours up already? It hadn't seemed that long.

Tossing the hose that gagged me and the ones she had on her arms aside, she reached behind her and grabbed a hold of my cock and squeezed, " If your mouth does a good job, maybe I'll let him get finished down there." Without waiting for any comment from me she sat on my face and pulled up on the top of my head. I of course started eating her, and managed to bring her to two quick and delicious orgasms. Breathlessly she said, "Now that toy of mine deserves some attention" Turning around she began sucking on my cock. I had just blown a load into her mouth, when I felt my feet being released, "I think it’s your turn for some fun,” She said as she released the rest of my bonds. "Do with me as you like, you deserve it."

"Just remember you asked for it." I tied her wrist and elbows together behind her back with the pantyhose. I want to really make her feel she's at my mercy what can I use? "Do you have any Scarves?"

"Yes in the top dresser drawer," She blushed a deep shade of red, “but you can't go in it"

"Let's see you stop me" Opening the drawer I found more then enough Scarves for my need, plus her panties and a vibrator. "Well what do we have here?” I said as I held it out in front of her.

She turned an even deeper shade of red but said nothing. I gave her a passionate kiss, which made her forget her embarrassment. "Open up" I told her and stuffed a scarf in her mouth and used another to secure it in place. Finally I took a third scarf and blindfolded her. I guided her to the bed "Now let's do something about those wonderful legs of yours shall we."  I pulled up her near ankle and tied it to her thigh, and then repeated it with the other leg securing her into a frog tie. I lifted her to the middle of the bed and place her so her feet and arms are under her. I pick the vibrator back up and turn it on for a moment. She twists her head in my direction, likely wondering what I'm going to do with her toy; she won't have to wait long. I slide it under the pantyhose that are binding her left leg and positioned it so the head of the vibrator rests on her clit and turn it on and she immediately starts squirming.

I was then struck with a truly viscous idea. I leaned over her and kissed her on the forehead and said "You were great, we'll have to do this again sometime" Then I walked to the bedroom door and closed it.

She started screaming as loud as her gag let her, which wasn't very loud, and started to try to free herself. I stood there for five minutes watching her struggle. Her efforts managed to dislodge the vibrator and move herself about three inches closer to the side of the bed. Wordlessly I climbed on the bed, slid between her legs and entered her. She came two more times before I was spent, her second orgasm pushing me over the edge. I was half leaning over her, half resting on her as she began to struggle anew, I whispered in her ear "Did you really think I could leave such a beautiful creature as you like that?" She visibly calmed, I rolled her on her side and untied her arms, then started on her legs. In the meantime she used her now free hands to ungag herself and remove the blindfold.

"That was amazing!" She exclaimed as she stretched her legs out on the bed, "You (a Russian explanative I truly didn't catch but I assume was along the lines of bastard)" reaching out she slaps me across the face, "if you ever do that to me again I'll kill you"

"What; tie you up or make mad passionate love to you?" I say with a devilish grin.

"Nyet, making me think you left, and me helpless, when you came back I didn't even know if it was you who was on top of me!"

"So you're saying I can tie you up and fuck you whenever I want but not leave you?"

"That's not what I mea..." She never finished that thought as I had grabbed her and had my tongue deep in her mouth, with her replying in kind.

We stayed in each other’s arms the rest of the night.

The next week we were together every night, on Tuesday I made a near disastrous mistake. I felt especially horny and cruel so I had her tied to my bed, spread eagle for a little role play. “Are you ready to be driven to a sexual frenzy my little prisoner?”

She played into the part, but could not resist smiling “Do your worst you evil man, you will not excite me!”

“We will see about that little one. ‘Tulsym’.” I began fondling her exposed breasts and pussy. She tried to act the part as if she was not excited, but her body was betraying her. “It looks like you are excited to me my little prisoner, maybe you are a little slut like you have been accused of. I bet you want to cum desperately.”

“Please no, I want to save myself for the right man.”

“So you only want the ‘right man’ maybe I am that man.” I begin kissing and licking around her nether region.

The urges of the command and my ministrations won out over the role play at this point. “Peter fuck me please, I need your cock bad.” I continue licking her for quite a while, but denying her orgasm she so needed. When I released her, she was shaking from her needs and babbling.

“I think that is enough for tonight don’t you my little Lana, time for some sleep?”

She groans and looks at me with a greedy hunger. She caught me completely off guard as her foot connected with my stomach. When I had enough sense around me I realized I was now on my back with my wrists in the cuffs that I had just taken Lana out of. I saw the ball gag come down a little too late and was rendered speechless as I tried to tell her no. Shit I couldn’t give her any commands to get her under control.

“You got me all hot and horny, then you want to leave me simmering! I do not think so! I need that fleshy rod and I will take it until I am satisfied now.” She kissed me over the gag. I heard her rummage in the bedside drawer. She sat on my chest with her back to me so I could not see what she was doing. I felt her play with my cock getting me a little harder. I felt her slide a condom down my cock, then another, and another, and finally a fourth that felt very tight around the base of my cock.

Taking the ‘safe sex’ thing a bit far I thought to myself. She played with my balls and wiggled her ass in my face.  I was fully hard in an instant. “Now you pay for frustrating me!” She turned around and slid her dripping pussy on my cock. I could barely feel it! She used so many condoms it blocked the sensations of being in her pussy from my penis. “I will be using you all night sweetie. That cock ring will keep you nice and swollen for me with little to no stimulation.”

Cock Ring! One of those condoms was really one of my cock rings. She began riding me, and with activity I could feel more sensation within the condoms, but definitely not enough to allow me to orgasm, that is if she chose the cock ring big enough to even allow me to cum, which by the feel of it was extremely not likely.

I lost all track of time and count of her orgasms. She was tiring physically but did not want to stop.

Then in a moment of clarity in my own sexual fog, as she was also catching her breath after another orgasm, I realized the trouble I was in, I had turned on her slut mode before teasing her. The only thing she was concerned about was to have sex with me! I could not stop her in my current condition; she might just fuck herself to death, and leave me a bound drooling idiot from sexual frustration.

She soon was too tired to keep going the way she was. “You have lain there long enough,” she breathlessly said, now you need to work to keep pleasing my pussy and just maybe you will be allowed to finally let some sperm loose.”

She unbuckled the gag, and started to move her pussy to my mouth. It took me two attempts before I found my voice and managed to say “Lamron.”

She lowered herself to the bed. “Oh I wanted so much more, but I must stop, I don’t know what came over me Peter, I just could not get enough.” She released my hands and fell back, her arm brushing my still fully engorged cock. “Oh wow, look at this poor cock, soooo hard. You have worn me out little man,” she said with a tapping to my cock, “I will repay that another time, just not now. I want to make you happy too Petey, but I am just too…  tired. She got herself flat out on the bed and fell quickly to sleep.

I tried to slide the cock ring off but in my current state that was not happening. I had to wait for over ninety minutes for enough blood to leave my cock to get off the ring, and the condoms under it. By then I wanted so bad to sleep myself, I just crawled into bed next to Lana and fell asleep myself.

I experimented with her commands the next day and decided to add some safety considerations to her programming, including not gagging me while under a command unless there is a time limit set for the command. Our adventures that Friday night at her house and the previous night inspired my first new command: Emlortnoc, giving her 2 hours to dominate me on command. The command allowed me to set some "Hints" of what I may want or change the time length for that session before giving her the "deecorp" command to start. The second was "Tiyrt" and she would follow through on anything we were discussing if she refused or was reluctant to do prior. Afterward she would reevaluate her feeling on it and tell me if she was still uncomfortable with the topic/action only after I asked for her opinion.

Thursday when I arrived at her house there was a box at the door. I picked it up and brought it in with me. "Lana, I'm here and I brought a present"

She came out of the kitchen dressed as she was at work; a knee length black skirt, tight red sweater, and these Red "Cowboy" Boots with 3" silver stiletto heels. "What did you get me?" She asked

"I don't know, it was on the porch when I got here, and it's got your name and address." I handed her my pocketknife and said "Open it up and we'll find out together."

"I think I know what it is now," she said "I bought some new shoes online last week" She extracted six boxes, four were average size shoeboxes, and two were larger ones. "I don't even know why I choose these shoes, they have higher heels then I wear normally"

Taking the one of the smaller boxes, assuming these were the shoes I instructed her to buy. I opened it to see a pair of white five-inch pumps with a thin ankle strap. Getting down on my knees I reached out and pulled off the boots she was wearing and placed the new shoes on her feet. "I like how they look on your feet, stand up and walk a little in them."

She took a few steps in them, the first two were a little unsteady but she adjusted quickly. "Not bad, I think I can get use to this height"

"I like the view from down here" I said with a naughty grin. She threw a pillow at me and I pretended to be knocked over by it. "Maybe we should go finish dinner and check out the rest after we eat"

She was absent mindedly checking out how the new shoes made her legs look when the reality of what I said sunk in. "Oh I almost forgot about supper" she ran out to the kitchen. Yes indeed they had a marvelous effect on her legs.

After eating we opened the other boxes. The first of the larger boxes had a pair of black patent boots that had a six-inch heel and went to about mid thigh and a wide adjustable strap at the ankle that would make them harder to remove. The next was a pair of silver knee boots, they were the one of the five-inch heels she was instructed to buy. They were made from a strecth material and had a concealed zipper up the back. The third unopened box contained a pair of black five-inch T-strap shoes with Purple trim, and the next was a pair of six inch red ankle boots with a steel stiletto heel that laced up the front. The last pair was black six-inch heels with several interchangeable ankle straps. It contained a set of standard straps, a locking straps (Locks and keys included), gold chains (which I assumed used the locks also), three-tiered set of straps, and extra long straps you would wrap around and up the legs. I wondered if she had bought these with bondage in mind.

I activated her programming state and instructed her to wear her normal shoes for her daily routine (chores, cooking, cleaning, etc.), then she was to change into one of the pairs of five inch heels for the rest of the night until I instruct her otherwise or if I specifically told her to wear them for an "event".

A month later, she would come home from work and change into one of the five-inch heels at home regularly and changing into the six-inch heels after the routine was done. We had also expanded her supplies of both heel heights in the meantime. I decided it was time to go double or nothing. It was Friday night, the plan was she was going to stay at my house all weekend, after supper I asked her to come and sit next to me I wanted to have a serious talk with her.

She sat down with a concerned look on her face, "What is wrong 'Piotr'?" (She tells me Piotr is the Russian equivalent of Peter)

"Margorp, Lana when I awaken you, you will remember everything I have instructed you do to from the first night at your house until now, you will not panic, we will discuss your feelings on this and decide our future from there. When I tell you it is 'decision time' you will reply with Alpha or Omega when you are sure of what you want." At this point I'm hoping I can forgive myself if this backfires, "Lana if you say Alpha you are deciding to stay with me in your current condition with me controlling you at will and you will forget everything you were told to remember in this command. If you say Omega it means you are deciding to end our relationship, all commands I have programmed you with you will be free of, and you will forget everything you were told to remember in this command." Saying a silent prayer I have done my best I gave her what might be my final command to her: "Deecorp"

She seemed dazed while her mind filled with repressed memories for a moment, then she suddenly drew back and slapped me across the face, and started crying her eyes out, "How could you do this to me?" She started beating the bottom of her fist against my chest "I thought I was in love with you, and here it was all you brainwashing me"

Taking her small hands in mine I said, "Lana, think back, outside of instructions to enjoy or evaluate certain situations have I ordered you to feel a certain way towards me?"


"Have I seriously hurt you or done anything you absolutely hate now?" Sobbing she shook her head in the negative, "Do you regret anything we have done together?"

She looked me dead in the eyes with determination she had not displayed before, "Nyet, I believe I might have been willing to do it all for you, but you didn't give me the chance to make that decision!"

"Well now I'm giving you that chance Lana, our future is your decision. If you decide to go forward with 'us' I intend to keep things similar to they are now, it may get a bit kinkier at times, but I do want you to be your own woman, a woman who has decided she wants to be with me the way I am."

"And if I don't want things this way?"

"We will be done, no more 'us'." I take her hand in mine again and with my free hand wipe away her tears. "I love you and I don't want to be without you, I had one relationship where she didn't care for my more unique desires, I won't live that way again, but on the same token I'm sorry for doing this same thing to you in the first place, I can no longer force you to do them if you don't want to either, It is 'Decision Time' Lana."

"Ohh Petey," she leans into me wrapping her arms tightly around me, “I love you too, but it hurts me you didn't trust in us enough and forced me into this. But if you hadn't we likely would both still be alone as I was too shy to do this without encouragement, it has opened up a side I have kept bottled up and afraid of for too long. I... I... ALPHA" she screamed

As she re-emerged from the after effects of her decision she looked at me and said "Pietro why are you crying, what is wrong?"

Wiping my eyes I took her in my arms and kissed her, "Nothing is wrong my little Princess, everything is so right, Thank you for that.” She gave me a warm loving smile and rested her head on my shoulder.

A few weeks later Lana met my stepson and he was made aware of our relationship. He was initially surprised by the fact she was just a little older then he was and joked; "What did you do, brainwash her?"

"Something like that."  Was all I said.

*Readers if you are trying to understand the Command Words…

Read them backwards.*

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