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Abduction and rape of June

Part 1


June's only daughter Megan, while walking to school had been abducted and was probably by now being raped and tortured. It brought back memories of when June was a little girl of 12 years of age and she had also been abducted, raped and tortured.

June was thinking about that awful day. How she had been lured into a van by a "nice man and his wife". She had then been tied up and driven to a quiet place and there she had been stripped naked, raped and tortured.

Before dumping her, they had tied her hands above her head and left her suspended from a tree by her wrists, her sexy toes about six inches from the ground. Later an elderly man had found her and let her down only to rape her before letting her go. Naked, hands bound behind her back and trying to find her way home through the woods, she had been found by three men. They took it in turns to rape her before letting her go.

June lay awake in bed, remembering the day she had been raped and tortured. She thought of all the things that had been done to her and shuddered in terror.


The day she was raped and tortured she'd gone shopping with her mom. She had gone off to look at some dolls, when a young woman had approached her.

"Hi she said, my husband and I are kind of lost and we were wondering if maybe you could help us out, our van is right over there".

Taking hold of her hand she began pulling June to a black van parked out on the edge of the parking lot.

June tried to hold back saying, "My mom as told me never to go with strangers".

The woman held onto June's hand tighter and pulled her along.

"You'll be alright little girl, you won't be gone long and anyway I'm a woman so you can trust me".

June saw an older man standing by the van, he was waving and smiling at her so she felt safe.

"So where do you want to go", June asked.

"Some where quiet where I can rape you and torture you", the man said with a smile.

"I don't understand", June replied.

"You will soon find out bitch what I am going to do to you".

The man produced a gun, "Get in the fucking van bitch, if you scream or try to run away I will fucking shoot you".

June stood there terrified, not believing what she was seeing and hearing.

The woman still having hold of June's hand twisted her arm up behind her back hurting her.

"Bob as given you a fucking order bitch, so get in the van now or I will kill you myself".

June got in the van shaking with fear, the man and the woman got in either side of her.

"Where are you taking me", June asked terrified.

"We are going to take you for a ride and find a quiet place".

"What are you going to do to me", June asked fearfully.

"I am going to enjoy myself by raping you and hurting you", the man said smiling.

"I don't know what that means" June replied trembling.

"I am going to put my cock into your pretty little mouth. You are going to suck my cock and then swallow my spunk when I cum. I will also shove my cock inside your lovely little cunt and shoot my spunk into you. I am also going to hurt your tits by sticking needles in them".

"But why, I am just a young girl".

"I want to have a lot of fun torturing your tits and you are going to experience a lot of pain".

The man then unzipped his trousers and pulled out his long hard throbbing cock.

"This is what you are going to suck bitch and have shoved up your cunt. You are young and pretty so I am going to enjoy raping you".

June looked at his thick cock in fear as she had never seen one before.

The man then grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed them hard.

June let out a scream and struggled to get out of the van but the woman grabbed hold of her hair and slapped her hard across her face.

"Don't scream bitch, or Bob will hurt you more than he is going to".

June stopped struggling when the man put his gun inside her mouth and grabbed hold of her tits squeezing them really hard hurting her and making her cry.

"You had better fucking behave yourself cunt or I will fucking blow your pretty head off".

June could only sit there crying and trembling with fear while the man mauled her tits.

"You are young and pretty and I am going to rape you and torture you, but if you scream again bitch I will fucking kill you".

By then they'd started driving.

About 10 minutes later they'd pulled onto a deserted piece of ground and parked round the back of an old farmhouse so as not to be seen.

June was so terrified she could not stop shaking and crying.

"Right cunt I am now going to tie you up, so don't scream or try to run away or I will fucking shoot you".

The woman was holding a razor sharp knife to June's throat as she was pulled out of the van and made to stand still.

The man with his cock still hard, picked up some rope and walked over to June smiling.


June stood very still as the man smiling approached her with the rope in his hand. Grabbing hold of her wrists he pulled them behind her back and tied them together so tight it hurt her and she gave a gasp of pain.

Standing in front of June he ripped her shirt off her and exposed her soft firm young tits. He squeezed them hard and pinched her nipples.

"How old are you cunt".

June cried out in pain, "I am 12 years old", she said fearfully.

"I bet your lovely little cunt as never been fucked, but it soon will be when I shove my cock in you" he laughed.

"I'm just a young girl, I don't know what you mean. Please don't hurt me. Please let me go home to my mom".

"Well cunt, I am going to hurt you and you are going to find out what sort of things men like to do to young girls".

I lifted up her skirt pulled down her panties and shoved my hard throbbing cock against her small cunt.

"Please don't hurt me, I'm only 12 years old, please let me go home to my mom".

The man again put his gun inside June's mouth.

"Shut your fucking mouth bitch, you are only to open it when you suck my cock, do you understand".

June nodded her head to terrified to speak.

A ball gag was then shoved into her mouth and she could feel the man knotting it behind her head.

The man after tying her ankles together then grabbed her naked tits and twisted her nipples making her cry. Then to her horror the man put a noose around her neck and tied it to her ankles.

"Lets take this fucking bitch to where I can rape her and torture her", the man said.

The woman lifted June easily and put her in the front seat of the black van. The man got in the passengers seat and the woman in the driver's seat.

"Bob is going to have a lot of fun with you, the woman said. He loves having his cock sucked and his spunk swallowed. Just make sure that he enjoys it or he will punish you".

The man now holding his gun pressed against her head, kept mauling June's naked tits, pinching and twisting her nipples.

"You chose this bitch well Susan, she as got me so excited that I can't wait to rape her and torture her".

"I hope she makes you happy Bob".

"Well if the cunt doesn't then I will hang the bitch".

June crying and in pain looked at the man and his cock and shivered in terror on hearing these words. She did not like being bound and gagged, or the man mauling her naked tits. She looked down at her bare legs pressed together with the ropes around her ankles and at her high heels showing her toes. She thought about what the man had said. That he was going to rape her and torture her tits and that she was going to have to suck his cock and swallow his spunk. What did it all mean, she had no idea what he was on about. Why had the man put a noose around her neck. Did he really mean to hang her when he was finished with her or would he just shoot her.

She wondered what her mom was doing now. She was most probably searching the entire store for her, worried out of her mind. She wondered if she would ever see her mom again.

They stopped in front of a cabin encircled by trees.

June was still crying and trembling with fear when the woman shut off the engine.

Turning to the little girl she grabbed her hair, yanking it so hard June cried out in pain through her ball gag.

"Stop fucking crying she snapped, you can cry later when you have been raped and tortured, because Bob is really going to hurt you".

June could not stop crying, not with the man hurting her naked tits.


Bob opened the door and lifted little June out of the van. Flinging her over his shoulder like a sack of grain he carried her inside.

From her upside down position, blurred by tears, June saw the place where she was going to be raped and tortured.

The man dropped June down on the sofa and stepped back smiling. With his cock hard he stood looking at her tear stained terrified face with the rope around her neck as she sat bound and gagged.

The woman produced a camera and began taking photos of the crying, bound and gagged frightened little girl.

"Now cunt, you are going to suck my cock and swallow my spunk and I had better enjoy it", the man told June.

The woman bent down and untied June's ankles.

June wondered what he mean't by sucking his cock. She had stopped crying but she was terrified.

The woman grabbed the rope around her neck and pulled her across the room to stand before the man.

With her hands tied behind her back and the rope cutting into her neck the man reached out and pried her ball gag out of her mouth and then loosened her noose.

"You have got great tits bitch, I am going to have a lot of fun torturing them".

He slapped June's tits and nipples hard, making her cry out in pain.

"But before I torture you or make you suck my cock, lets have a look at your cunt".

Then he cut off June's skirt and her panties. Her small naked cunt was making the man excited.

June could not help staring at his cock, it was long and thick with a light sheen of sweat on it and she could see something glistening at the top of it.

"Get down on your knees bitch and suck my cock" Bob said as he sat down in an armchair smiling.

The woman pulled June forward by her noose and onto her knees in front of the man.

"Please don't make me do this I'm frightened, I want to go home to my mom, I'm only 12 years old".

"Listen cunt, we don't give a fuck if you are frightened or how old you are. You are going to suck my cock and swallow my spunk and if you bite my cock I will cut your fucking tits off. So cunt open your sexy little mouth wide and suck my cock, or you will never see your mom again".

June choked as he shoved his cock in her mouth and it hit the back of her throat. His cock filled her whole mouth, stretching her lips to the limit. She wanted to bite it but was afraid to, because of what he said he would do to her if she did.

The man now had hold of the rope around her neck and was tugging it making June choke. He reached out and grabbed her tits twisting her nipples.

June with his cock filling her mouth could only make grunts of pain. She was also having trouble sucking his cock, it was too long and too thick and it was making her choke. 

The man pushed her away and slapped her tits hard making June cry.

"You are only sucking the end of my cock bitch, now fucking suck all of it or I will really fucking hurt you".

June did as she was told, she knew she had to do it or he said he would hang her. She sucked all of his cock even though she hated doing it. She wanted this nightmare to be over with quickly. She wanted to make the man happy so that he would not hurt her anymore.

June felt his cock swell inside her mouth, she knew something was about to happen but did not know what.

Holding her head the man shoved his cock down her throat and she felt something thick and warm come out and fill her mouth choking her. She gagged and choked as she swallowed it. Finally it stopped and the man pushed her away.

"Well cunt, I enjoyed fucking your hot little mouth and shooting my spunk in it".

"The cunt knew she had to do it Bob, or we would have hanged the bitch".

June, on hearing these words rocked back on her knees terrified and shaking with fear. Through her tears she could see the woman taking more photos of her.

Then the man grabbed the rope around her neck and pulled her back to his cock.

"Suck my cock again bitch, work your hot little tongue and lips up and down my cock the way I like it" he demanded.

Sobbing and shaking with fear, June took his cock in her mouth and sucked it.

His hands were pulling, pinching and twisting her nipples viciously.

June pulled her head back from his cock and screamed out in pain.

"What have I fucking told you cunt about screaming out like that", the man said.

So he shoved the ball gag back in her mouth muffling her.

June could only nod her head, it was all so hard to understand for a 12 year old girl. Why was this happening to her, why did this man and woman want to hurt her so much. She just wanted to go home and be hugged by her mommy.


Angry with her for screaming, the man pulled June by the rope around her neck into a nearby bedroom and threw her down onto the bed.

He slapped her tits hard and June gave out a muffled scream and began to sob.

The man got some rope and tied June's ankles together.

"When I come back bitch I am going to rape you and torture your tits. You are going to suffer a lot of pain for screaming out like that".

June nodded in fear, she had never felt so scared and sick and lonely, she wanted to go home to her mommy. She wanted all of this nightmare to stop.

The man hit her tits again and then went out of the room slamming the door behind him.

June lay there with her hands bound behind her back and her ankles tied together and sobbed great wracking sobs that shook her whole body. What tortures was she going to have done to her tits. Why was he doing these things to her, she was only 12 years old. She'd always been a good girl, she didn't deserve this. What did the man mean when he said he was going to rape her. She wished she could understand what was going on. She wished she could go home to her mom.

June knew her nightmare was about to continue when the man came back in and she saw that his cock was hard again.

He tied the rope that was around her neck to the headboard, warning her not to struggle to much or she would strangle herself.

"You are now going to be raped bitch and your tits are going to be tortured ".

Taking some plastic cable ties he bound June's tits up very tight making them swell and go red. The man then began by hitting her tits and biting her nipples.

June although in a lot of pain was to frightened to move but she did give muffled shrieks.

Taking four large fishing hooks the man smiling showed them to June.

"I am going to push these hooks very slowly into your nipples bitch, and it is going to hurt you alot".

June shook her head from side to side, the fear in her eyes pleading with him not to do it to her.

Very slowly, Bob pushed the first hook into her left nipple and June's body contorted in agony while the rope around her neck pulled tight. Then he pushed the second hook slowly into her right nipple.

June, trying to escape this tit torture struggled with the ropes that bound her while the rope around her neck choked her.

Smiling, he then pushed a third hook into her left nipple.

June again struggled and yanked at her restraints trying to escape this torture of her tits.

But the man got his last fishing hook and very slowly pushed it into right nipple.

June's face was screwed up in agony, the ropes cutting into her wrists and ankles from her struggles. The rope around her neck was choking her, but the man just smiled at her.


Bob after untying June's ankles told her, "He was now going to rape her".

Getting between June's spread legs he began to push his cock into her small young cunt.

June although in alot of pain knew that he really was going to put it in her and panicked. It would never fit, it was too big.

She felt him push the head of his cock hard against her cunt. At first the pain was not to bad, but then as he pushed his cock further in her it started to hurt. The more he pushed his cock in her the more it hurt. June tried to pull away but he was to far in her now.

She felt something inside her stretch and the pain got worse. Then with tears streaming down her cheeks, June felt something inside her give way and the man pushed harder still until his cock was all the way inside her cunt.

June's entire body shook with pain but being as she was ball gagged she could not cry out.

The man continued to bury his cock in her, pull it out and then bury it in her again. He was grinning and loving it.

June was too exhausted and in too much pain to move so she could only lie there and cry.

"Fucking hell bitch your cunt is so small and tight I will soon be shooting my load inside you".

The man pounded harder and faster making it burn and hurt even more. All of a sudden he stopped, reared up and then slammed down on her, and deep inside her young body June could feel him shooting his warm sticky white spunk.

Crying and in pain, she looked over at the woman and saw that she was smiling and taking more photos of her.

When the man had finished shooting his load inside her, he pulled his cock out of her and removed her ball gag.

"On your knees bitch and suck my cock clean" he demanded.

June struggled to get on her knees and obey his command. She was gagging as she sucked his cock.


"Your cunt is so small and tight bitch that I'm going to rape you again, but first I am going to have some more fun and torture your tits".

June looked at him in terror as he took hold of the rope around her neck and pulled her outside and stood her under a tree. He untied her hands then tied them above her head and threw the rope over a low branch. He then pulled June up in the air and secured the rope leaving June hanging there suspended by her wrists, her sexy toes about six inches from the floor.

"What are you going to do to me" June asked fearfully.

"I'm going to whip your tits, stick more needles in them and then I am going to burn them" he laughed.

"And I will continue to take photos of Bob having his pleasure".

June looked at them in horror as she hung there. There was terror in her eyes, and her tears were falling freely down her face.

"Please don't hurt me anymore, I'm just a young girl I'm only 12, Please don't do this to me, Please let me go home, haven't you hurt me enough already".

"But I want to hurt you, I want to see you cry and in pain".

"But why are you doing this to me, I am only 12 years old, I'm just a young girl".

"Because I'm a rapist and I love to hurt young girls. I love raping and torturing young girls. So I don't give a fuck how old you are cunt, you are still going to be raped and tortured".

Taking off his belt the man lashed out at June's tits and nipples, making her dance about as she tried to avoid the blows. Her bound tits were in agony from the whipping and June screamed with the pain. Then the man lit a cigarette and put the hot tip against her tits and June screamed again. He did this several times to her tits and June thought she would pass out with the pain.

Laughing, the man then put the hot tip against her tender nipples and June's body thrashed about trying to escape this torture of her tits.

The woman kept taking photos of her hanging there in agony.

More needles were pushed into her tits and nipples and June continued to scream with the pain.

Finally the man stopped the torture of her tits and let her down.

June lay there a tortured sobbing wreck, hoping that her nightmare was now over. But she knew he would keep hurting her.


With his cock once again hard he showed it June.

"I'm now going to fuck your tiny cunt again bitch so I hope it still hurts you when I shove my cock in you" he laughed.

Getting between June's legs the man pushed his cock into her sore and tender young cunt. She screamed with the pain as he shoved his cock all the way in her.

June, not understanding why he was doing these things to her, looked at the man and moaned with the pain as was forced to lie there terrified crying and sobbing as he raped her brutally.

"I'm about to shoot my spunk in you bitch so I hope you are ready to receive it " he laughed.

June felt him shooting his spunk into her again and she wondered when this nightmare would end. She wanted to go home to her mommy.

"On your knees bitch and suck me clean", the man told her.

June lay there in terrible pain unable to move.

The woman kicked her in the stomach. "Get on your knees cunt and suck Bob's cock before I hang you myself".


June struggled to get on her knees. With tears in her eyes she looked at the man and then took his cock in her mouth and sucked it clean, gagging and retching as she did it.

Satisfied the man then pulled her to her feet by the rope around her neck and made her stand under a tree again.

She thought that this time they really were going to hang her.

"Please don't kill me, I'm only 12 years old, Please let me live and go home to my mom, I did everything you told me to" she cried.

"We are not going to kill you cunt, we are just going to tie you up and leave you here".

June could only look on terrified, as the man tied her up. Her wrists were again tied above her head to a low branch and she was pulled up in the air and left suspended by her wrists. Her sexy toes were a few inches off the floor.

The man then bound her ankles together.

"Please don't leave me like this she pleaded I'm in agony".

The man slapped her tits while the woman took photos of her hanging there. Then they got in their van and drove off.

June was found later that day by an elderly man who stood looking at her hanging there naked.

June looked at him and wondered why he did not let her down.

"Please let me down mister, I have been raped and tortured, and I am in a lot of pain. I want to go home to my mommy".

Then to June's amazement the man unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. It was hard and he was grinning.

"Your sexy toes bitch have made my cock go hard".

June shook her head in terror.

"NO not again, no more, please no more, I want to go home to my mommy".

The man reached up and tugged on the hooks that were in her nipples.

June screamed out in agony.

"Please don't hurt me mister, please don't do anything to me, please let me go".

"I can see that your tits have been tortured little girl but you say you were raped as well".

"Yes the man hurt me when he put his thing inside me".

"Let me have a look at your little cunt and see if he as done any damage to you". He shoved two fingers none to gently up her sore cunt.

June gave a gasp of pain.

"Your little cunt looks alright to me, it just needs more spunk in it".

"I'm only 12 mister and I have been hurt really bad so please don't hurt me anymore, please let me go home to my mom".

"You must have been a very naughty girl to have been left like this bitch. Your cunt needs to be raped again and your tits need more punishment".

He let her down and tied her hands behind her back and made her kneel in front of him with her ankles still bound together.

"You are going to suck my cock bitch and then swallow my spunk. Then I am going to rape your lovely little cunt".

"Please don't make me do it, the other man made me do it and I don't like it. I'm only 12 and I am frightened. I haven't done anything wrong, so why am I being punished".

"I don't give a fuck what you like cunt or that you are only 12 and are frightened. You will either suck my cock bitch, or I will hang you by the rope that is around your pretty little neck".

Despite all that had happened to her, June wanted to live. So she opened her mouth and took his cock in and sucked it very slow knowing that this would please him. She used her lips and tongue to give him pleasure and soon she felt his cock begin to swell. She knew he was about to shoot his load into her mouth.

The man moaned with pleasure as his hot spunk flooded her mouth and she swallowed it.

But to her horror the man then slapped her face and tits and pushed her away from him, calling her a "Dirty fucking bitch".

June did not know what she had done wrong and knelt there crying but not for long.

The man slapped her bound and tender tits and June screamed out in pain. She was then pushed onto her back and after he had untied her ankles the man viciously raped her very red and very sore young cunt, before shooting his spunk deep inside her.

June lay beneath him crying, wanting all this to end and to go home to her mom.

But when he had finished shooting his load in her, he slapped her tits hard and pulled her by the rope around her neck to his car.

"Where are you taking me", June cried in terror.

"I have not finished with you yet cunt, I want to hurt you some more, so we are going to go for a ride until my cock is hard again".

"Please don't hurt me anymore mister, please let me go, I'm only 12 years old and I want to go home to my mom".

"Just get in the fucking boot cunt and lie down on your stomach".

June with her hands tied behind her back struggled to get in the boot and then to lie down on her stomach. She was helped in by the man slapping her tits. Lying on her tortured tits hurt her.

The man then bent June's legs back and tied her ankles to the rope around her neck.

"Keep your fucking legs bent cunt or you will strangle yourself".

June lay there in the dark when he slammed the boot lid down. She was naked, her tits in agony from the needles, the whipping and the cigarette burns.

Why had all these things been done to her she was only 12 years old. Was he going to hang her when he was finished with her.

The car stopped and the man opened the boot.

"So bitch you are still alive but for how much longer I wonder".

June looked at him terrified and cried, wondering what else he was going to do to her, if he was going to hang her.

Untying her ankles he pulled June out of the boot by the rope around her neck and pushed her to her knees and June began to choke.

"For a girl of 12 you sucked my cock beautifully, and if you want to live suck my cock again".

Terrified that he did mean to kill her, June took his cock in her mouth and sucked it slowly. She desparately wanted to please this man so that he would let her go.

The man was moaning in pleasure as he shot his load into her mouth and she swallowed his spunk.

June then pleaded with him again to please let her go.

But the man pulled her to her feet and just dragged her by the rope around her neck and into the woods.

"Where are you taking me she cried, Please don't kill me, Please let me go home to my mom I'm only 12 years old".

"Shut your fucking mouth bitch, I need to think about what I am going to do with you. I could take you home as my sex slave and then I could rape you and torture you whenever I felt like it.  Or I could hang you right here, or I could just cut your nipples off".

"NO, June cried, I don't want to die or be your sex slave or have my nipples cut off, I just want to go home".

"Because bitch you are young and pretty and because you have given me a lot of pleasure I am going to let you go, but I hope that you are raped by other men".

The man after slapping June's tits hard, then told her to fuck off.

June naked and crying, with her hands tied behind her back, her tits tortured and tightly bound with rope collapsed exhausted. The next day she was found by three men.

"Please will you help me and take me home, I am only 12 years old and I have been raped and tortured by two men".

"After we have had some fun with you we will let you go" the men laughed.

June could only stare at the men in horror as all three of them took their trousers off. Their cocks were hard and standing proud and June knew that all three of them were going to fuck her tender young cunt and that she would have to suck all three cocks.

June screamed out in terror, but a slap across her face soon shut her up.

"Don't fucking scream bitch, just do as you are fucking told or we will hang you".

While one man fucked her cunt, she was made to suck another man's cock, while the third man slapped her tits making June cry out in pain.

All three men took it in turns to rape her cunt, her ass and her mouth. One man shot his spunk inside her cunt, but the other two men made June swallow their spunk.

The men were laughing and enjoying themselves, as June was then made to take two cocks in her mouth at the same time, while the third man shoved his cock up her ass and mauled her tits.                        

They pulled, pinched, twisted and slapped her bound and tortured tits and took great delight in pulling the needles out of her nipples and then slowly shoving them back in her nipples.

She wept and cried with the pain but the men just laughed at her as June screamed out in agony.

Finally, their cocks no longer hard they were finished with her, and she was told she could now fuck off home. But each man slapped her tits several times before they let her go.

June lay in bed thinking, Why do men do these things to young girls. What makes them rape and torture young girls. What pleasure do they get from tying up young girls and then raping and torturing them and seeing them crying and in agony.

A nightmare June croaked. A terrible nightmare, then she began to cry for herself and her daughter Megan. Hoping and praying that the man who had abducted her was only raping her. That she was not being tortured as well like she had been.

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