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Review This Story || Author: Neal Chisholm aka oldpervert1

A Public Spectacle

Part 9 Chapter 17

Disclaimer and Copyright

The following story, A Public Spectacle was written in 2008 and is an original work of fiction and is intended for adult readers only.  It contains descriptions of acts of violence, forced nudity, public humiliation and non-consensual sexual activities not suitable for many readers.

If these things offend you, the reader, do not read any further.

Elements of this story; its plot, setting and character names, are not necessarily unique to this story, and any resemblance with actual events, places and persons is unintentional.  I wish to thank all the past writers and storytellers in the English language for the inspirations used to write A Public Spectacle, with a special thanks to the authors, reviewers and readers of this web site for their encouragement and support.  I assert a copyright on the text of this story and no printing, distribution, re-posting or commercial use what so ever is allowed without prior authorization by myself or my future assignees. 

However, since the basic ideas in this story (public punishment, small-town politics, adultery, pain, repression of the middleclass, sex, betrayal, morality, prostitution, etc.) are not entirely my own, feel free to incorporate them into any of your own works.  I look forward to reading them.

Neal  [aka oldpervert1 on, aka]

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 17 Sluts on a Leash

The 2 courthouse guards escort Cindy Cums, the common whore, from the back of the stage, along the eastern edge of the Village Square, past the jail and to the back of courthouse.  One guard holds the chain locked to the front hasp of her transport collar and one holds the chain welded to the back of the collar.  Fortunately, neither guard is from the crew who were tinkled on by Cindys urine fountain the night before, otherwise who knows what sort reprisals would have occurred, once they had rounded the corner of courthouse.   Cindys collar fits her neck with plenty of extra room, unlike Yvettes. Also, her hands are shackled to a waist chain and not the back of the transport collar.  While this is a far more comfortable arrangement, there is still no way she can escape and must follow her guards wherever they lead.

Cindy is still buck-naked, but the few passersby dont seem to care.  The sight of a naked prisoner being taken to the courthouse is fairly common.  Due to the many small-time pimps and whores, who often use the public toilets at the back of courthouse as a temporary bordello, the sight of any naked or topless girl at this location is quite typical.  As any pimp will tell you, the only advertisement better than a topless whore on a leash is a completely naked one, tied up in the public square. 

The back of the courthouse building has only 3 noteworthy features ; a loading dock area on the left, a public toilet in the middle and the official entrance for prisoner transfers on the right.  All 3 are on a raised platform about 1 meter higher than the adjacent pavement.  The platform is accessed by stairs on the far right and far left.  The courthouse guards lead their prisoner up the stairs on the left and head toward their goal ; the prisoner transfer entrance covered by the heavy plate-steel door at the far end of the platform.  But first they must pass the shipping and receiving area, and then the public toilets.  Today, the roll-up door for shipping is open and a middle-aged clerk methodically counts boxes of paper stacked on wooden pallets on the dock.  He stops to stare at the naked girl paraded through his work area and playfully waves his clipboard at her butt as she passes. 

“Hey, Jack,” greets the lead guard to the clerk.  “This is the common whore, Cindy Cums.  She works at the Chick-n-Raunch whorehouse and for a few credits Im sure you can spank her all you want, but not today.  Today the Judge gets her ass.”

The 3 men chuckle.

The public toilet is next to the loading area and has no solid door at all ; only a barred metal framework hinged to a screening wall.  Today, the framework is in the open position. The sounds of water dripping, toilets flushing and oral sex can be plainly heard as Cindy and her 2 guards walk past.  Suddenly, from behind the screening wall leading to the ladys room, a thin man in a worn suit darts out, pausing only to zip up his trousers.  But as he hurries away, he runs squarely into the muscular chest of the lead guard.  The thin fellow stumbles a little, then hurries off, completely embarrassed.  Right behind him Mr. A.M. Jones comes out of the ladys room, leading one of his whores on a thin studded leash attached to a rhinestone-studded collar around the girls neck.  In addition to the collar, the girl is wearing a sequined mini-shirt and the fresh cum from her previous trick, who probably was the little guy that just ricocheted off the chest of the lead guard.  The fresh semen lays in gobs on the topless bimbos breasts and the girl shows no inclination of removing the jizz.

Jones says to his whore, “Tiffany, you remember Cindy Cums, the worst whore I ever owned ?  Seems she pissed off Judge Fairvert and has been whipped all night for it.”  Then he playfully says to Cindy, “Oh, hi Cindy, I didnt see you there.  God, you look like shit !”

Then Tiffany adds, “Oh, hi, Cindy.  Do you like my new jewelry ?”

“Nice collar, Tiff.  It really brings out the color of your tits.  And that skirt makes you look like you just stepped out of the fresh-meat display window at Jones bordello.  But tell me A.M. Jones, where did you get the money to buy new things for your whores ?”

“I bought them with the cash I got from selling your broken-ass, whoring contract.  Thats where.  And Tiffany has your old room, back at the Chick-n-Raunch.  We were just in the Village turning a few tricks with the lunch crowd.  Between 11:00 and 1:00, weve been running a business mans special.”

“I heard about this special.  How does it go; If you are a man, then we want your business ?” returns Cindy.

“Thats the one.  But tell me, Cindy, were the guards beating you all night, or did they stop and fuck you for a while ?” chides the pimp.  “You gots that freshly-fucked look about you.”

“Yah, so does your whore.  Tiff, dear, you have cum on your tits.  Doesnt Jones let you clean-up between blow-jobs ?”

Tiffany looks down at her breasts and wipes the jizz all over her tits with her hands.  “A.M. says the sperm will act like fertilizer and help my breasts grow,” giggles Tiffany.

“Thats right baby,” says the pimp to the topless whore.  Then he turns to the completely naked on, “So Cindy, you ready to get back in the whoring business again ?  You ready to get paid for being fucking, instead of giving it away ?  Ya know I might want to take you back, if the price were right.”

“Cut the crap, Jones.  You dont own me anymore,” says Cindy Cums.  “You know damn well they beat me most of the night.  And I know you set me up for it, you pin-dicked faggot.  As soon as I get my license again, Ill be back on the street and stealing all your best customers; the ones that pay in cold hard cash !”

Then one of the guards intervenes.  “I hate to breakup this little love fest the 2 of you are having, but Cindy Cums cant be late for the resumption of her trial,” says the guards, as he yanks the chain locked to Cindys collar and leads her past the toilet and on to the prisoners entrance.

A.M. Jones leads his whore back into the public toilet, as another fellow shows up for the business mans special.  Tiffany is still massaging in the semen from the previous customer and it looks like she will soon be on her knees sucking-off another one.

The lead guard tugs at Cindy Cums chain again, then rings the bell beside the armored door.  Soon a face appears in the small window and it says, “What the hell took you so long, Tom ?”

The heavy door is pushed open and the inside guard lets in his 2 fellow guards and the naked prisoner.  “Hurry up and get that bitch into a holding cell.  I hacked into the raw feed from channel 3 and have it on one of our security monitors.  The brandings should be starting, as soon as they parade that slut, Miss Easy, across the Village Square.  You dont want to miss th show, do ya ?”

Meanwhile, back at the western dais, Yvette breathes a sigh and walks the few steps across the small stage and down the side stairs.  The 2 TV cameras set-up by the small stage are capturing the moment, as are several guys with still cameras.  Smoky, the head jailer, is leading her by the chain on her tight metal transport collar.  Walking down the stairs proves to be a little more challenging then she would have guessed.  The tight chain running from the back of her collar, through her crotch, then up to the front of her collar forces her to hold her back perfectly straight.  But no matter how straight she walks, with each step down the stairs, the chain slides a little deeper between her pussy-pink cunt lips.  Its only 4 steps to the ground, but by the time Yvettes bare feet are on the grass, the chain is pushing directly on her swollen clit.

“Smoky, this chain through my pussy is really bothering me.  Can you take it off ?”

“Nope, but I see your point.  You being the orgasmic slut that you are, I bet that chain will make things a little exciting for your walk over to the other stage.  Maybe a little too exciting.  I suggest you try not to cum during our little stroll over to the other stage.  You dont want the TV cameras picking up on just how much you love to have your pussy tortured, do you ?  Something like that could ruin a girls reputation, even more than yours is already ruined.”

Smoky leads her a few more step then stops at the perimeter street that runs around the Village Square.  The chain between her cunt lips is already making her pussy drip a trickle of juice down her inner thighs.  A car slowly drives up and stops directly in front of the pair waiting to cross the street.  A young man leans out the window and snaps a picture of Yvettes naked and fully displayed breasts, then the car drives off.  The few citizens who were at the small stage start following Yvette across the street and into the central part of the square.  Also, the people milling about on the square, flock to see the best tits on the planet and join with the entourage.  However, to call this a procession would be a misnomer.  Most of the crowd is about 2 meters in front of Yvette or along side of her.  Very few spectators are behind her.

“Its a shame to brand such a fine ass,” says one of the men in the group, as he lightly pats Yvette on her rear-end.  A great many women, not just men, pat her softly on her butt as she walks by.  And if they cant pat her butt, they seem to be content just to gently stroke or touch her ; on her arms or shoulder.  And no one is pinching her, like they did yesterday. 

Several people offer Yvette bottles of water or fruit juice or valium laced tea, which she gratefully accepts, especially the tea.  Even though she does not have the use of her hands, the thoughtful citizens have provided drinking straws, so she can sip the refreshment.  Two women, possibly from a TV station, actually plant themselves right in front of her and apply lip rouge and face powder to the prisoner.  Another woman smoothes and brushes her hair, after which someone places a hand plaited garland of white flowers on her head.  Smoky puts up with the delays, but only for a few minutes.  Several young women and girls, who cant force their way next to Yvette, throw baskets of flower blossoms in front of her.  The whole scene looks somewhat like a bridal procession, with the flower girls and photographers and all; except that the bride is naked and in bondage.

The other 4 prisoners are already on the stage and nervously await the execution of their punishments.  There is no word about the condition of Judge Fairvert, since his collapse at the top of the courthouse stairs.  Presumable he is OK, since the branding ceremony is going as planned, and the TV news commentators are making a big deal of his fainting.

Smoky takes it all in stride and is actually smiling, as he very slowly leads his charge on a chain through the growing crowd.  But with each playful tug on the chain, a small but effective vibration is telegraphed to her clit and Yvette is getting closer and closer to orgasm.  Smoky knows the effect of each little tug and secretly enjoys teasing his prisoner.  A news reporter points a microphone in Smokys face and tries to interview him, but all he says is “no comment”, as he playfully tugs on Yvettes chain.

Seeing that she will get nowhere with the Jailer, the reporter ask Yvette, “for the record, are you an adulteress ?” 

To which she replies “No, absolutely not.  Im a rape victim, not a criminal.  And that bastard Judge Fairvert has made my punishment for being a rape victim far worse than my actual rape.” 

Noticing the sex-juice on Yvettes inner thighs, the reporter asks, “The way your male guards have made you parade naked through the square, especially with the chain running through your pussy, seems to have made you very aroused.  Are you going to cum for the cameras ?”

As if on cue, Smoky starts impatiently tugging on Yvettes lead chain, which drives her clit crazy.  The cameraman kneels down in front of the naked adulteress, to get a better view of her dripping pussy, and focuses on the chrome plated chain erotically splitting her cunt.  Smoky keeps on tugging at the chain and Yvettes leg starts to quiver. 

“Oh god !” is all Yvette says as she closes her eyes.  She can stand it no more, and cums with a shuddering orgasm and the TV camera crew has caught it all on tape.

“Thats one for the highlight reel,” says the reporter.

Then smoky interrupts, “We got to be going now.  I think Miss Yvette has answered your questions, young lady.  But if you want more, talk to her after its over,” he says, being careful not to use the word branding, but everyone knows what he means.

Then, as if by magic, the whole square sprouts a forest of homemade signs, placards and banners showing support for Yvette.  One reads We are with you, Yvette and another reads Stop the branding or This is NOT justice ?, but a great many read Punish the criminals, not the victims.  Even one sign says punish the men, not the women.  It seems that a great many people have come out hoping to stop the branding ; not watch it.  Finally, the shear number of people in the square will not allow Smoky and Yvette to advance any further.

In the mean time, Judge Fairvert, with the help of his clerks, has exited the courthouse, walked across the Village Square and mounted the eastern stage.  The aged magistrate stands, leaning on the clerk, in front of a microphone.  The brander is there and so is his smoke belching furnace.  The 4-jailhouse guards and the 4 common prisoners are there, too.  But the most noteworthy addition is the 6 armed men from the sheriffs office.  They form a perimeter around the front of the stage and are all carrying machine pistols and wearing bulletproof vests.

“Disperse !” orders Judge Fairvert, but the people do not move.  “Everyone out of the way!  Jailer, bring the prisoner here for her burning.  Bring her here so everyone will know her as the adulteress slut that she is,” screams the Judge, who is turning red-faced with anger.  The people still dont move, until . . . ratttt attt attt attt.

The sound of a machine gun causes the crowd to scream and dive for cover.  The sheriffs deputies only fired into the air, but they got the desired reaction. The crowd splits, giving Smoky a clear path all the way to the stage.  He leads Yvette by the chain on her collar, right down the aisle way formed by the parted crowd ; just as father would escort his daughter to her wedding ; sort-of.  But this time, the old Jailer uses a firm steady pressure on the chain, which doesnt tease Miss Easys pussy as much as the vibrations from the sharp tugs.

Back at the courthouse, Cindy Cums sits in holding room #1.  The room contains a stainless steel toilet/sink combination, 2 metal chairs and a small metal table, all of which are bolted to the floor.  Her wrist shackles and transport collar has been removed, but she is still naked, except for the chain around her waist, which is locked to a longer chain bolted to the back wall.  Even when the door is opened, the chain will prevent her from going into the corridor outside the holding room.  She uses the toilet and washes her hands and face in the sink built into the top of the toilet.  No toilet paper, soap, hot water or towels.  She wipes her hands on her bare thighs and sits down in the metal chair facing the door.  Caged animals always orientate themselves towards the door.  The cold metal on her bare ass is startling, but its either sit on a cold chair or stand in the corner.

A guard looks through the small window, then opens the door a crack.  “Cindy Cums, your pimp manager has come to visit you before your hearing.  Do you want to see him ?”

“Doctor John ?  Hell yes !,” she exclaims, then thinks it might be better to show a little less enthusiasm.  “I mean, yes please, sir.”

Doctor John Moore has shed his white lab coat and enters the holding cell wearing a dark gray suit, white shirt, red power-tie and carrying a thin briefcase.

“Are you going to be my new attorney ?  Did you bring me clothes ?  Or do I have to go before the Judge nude ?  How about some food ?  Do you have a sandwich in there ?”

“You sure have a lot of questions for a girl who works for me.  No, to being your attorney and going nude.  Yes, to the clothes and the sandwich.  And did I mention soap, toilet paper, a towel, hairbrush, lip stick and eyeliner ?” says Doc as he snaps open the briefcase.  “Which do you want first the soap or the sandwich ?”

Cindy jumps up and wraps her arms around Doctor John and starts kissing him.  “Oh thank god youre here to save me,” she cries.  Then she takes the soap and towel over to the sink to wash.  “I dont suppose you have any hot water in there ?”

“No hot water, but if you let the water run for a minute it seems to get a little warmer.”

Doc stands as discretely as possible, on the other side of the table as Cindy lathers up a small sponge with the liquid soap and proceeds to give her self a sponge bath.  “Whew, this soap stinks.  Where did you get it ?”

“Its the medical soap doctors use to disinfect their hands before operations.  The smell will go away after a while ; or at least your noise will get used to it.”

Cindy Cums doesnt wait for the water to get warn and washes her battered body.  “Dont scrub those dark areas on you breasts too hard.  A lot of them are bruises, not dirt,” say Doc.  “Here, let me get your back.”

Cindy cant see the worst of the bruising, since it is on her buttocks.  Her back is another story.  It is crisscrossed with so many stripes; they all seem to blend into a single massive welt.  Using lots of water and vertical strokes, Doc gently cleans the wounds on Cindys back.

“Ouch !  That hurts !”

“Well, I didnt think it would tickle, but the wounds have to be cleaned while they are still open.  Otherwise, the bacteria will go sub-dermal and the infection will be twice as bad.  Now try to hold still.”

A small puddle of soapy water tinted with blood forms on the holding cell floor.  Cindy grabs the edge of the tiny sink with both hands and grits her teeth.  Doc shifts his attention from her back to her buttocks.

“They really laid some on you, didnt they ?  O.K. that will do for your backside.  You can finish the rest yourself.  Use lots of water and dont worry about making a mess.  But dont wash your hair.  I didnt bring a hairdryer, and besides we havent got enough time.”

Cindy goes back to scrubbing her legs and thighs.  When she gets to her pussy, Cindy sits up on the sink, turns to face John and spreads her legs wide.  Doc just sits back and watches.  A photographic flash goes off and from behind the door one of the guards says, “Hey, Tom you wont believe what they are doing in there.  And I got a picture of it !”

The whore ignores the guard and turns to Doc.  “So, how do you like the free show ?  I once had a guy pay 6 credits just to watch me shower back at the Chick n Raunch.  I guess that was all her could afford, but it got him off.”

“Well, to be honest, since I bought your whoring rights, the show is not free.  And you are going to have to do better than that to get me hard.”

Doc tosses her the towel.  “Just pat yourself dry no rubbing.  Otherwise those little cuts will start bleeding again.”

Cindy carefully steps down off the sink and does as instructed.  “Will you dry my back ?”

Doc takes the towel and opens it completely.  After finding a clean and dry section, he gently pats her back.  Soon, the towel is covered with dozens of tiny red blood spots.

“I got something for your wounds.  Just hold still.  The anesthetic takes a second to go to work, but until then, it will burn a little.”  Doc sprays the medicine on Cindys back and butt.

“Ouuuch !”

“There, that wasnt so bad.  Now let it dry and eat your sandwich but dont sit down, otherwise youll be glued to the chair,” he says as he hands Miss Cums the ham and cheese sandwich.  “This stuff also forms a clear bandage of sorts and will inhibit your wounds from bleeding through your clothes during your hearing.  Now turn around so I can spray your front.”

Cindy turns as instructed as Doc applies the anesthetic to her tits, belly and thighs. 

“Pooh, its making me all tingly,” she says, as she devours the food as if she hadnt eaten in a week.  In her haste, a drop of mustard lands on her left breast next to her nipple.  Cindy is oblivious to her dribble and just goes on eating until the sandwich is gone.

“Hold still and close your eyes.  I have one more thing to cleanup, then you can get dressed,” say Doc.

Cindy looks at him suspiciously.  She wonders can I trust this man ?  Is he going to hurt me ?

“Its OK.  It wont hurt a bit.  I promise.”  As Cindy stands with her eyes closed, Doc leans his head down and licks the mustard off her breast.  With the anesthetic spray, Cindy doesnt feel a thing.

“There, now you can get dressed.  The clothes may not be as stylish as you would prefer, but it beats going around naked.  Anyway I hope it fits.” 

Cindy starts plucking the clothes from the briefcase ; white polyester blouse (one size fits most), black wrap-around skirt, grey jacket (size M/L), white drawstring cotton panties and thigh-high tan hose.  “What, no bra ?”

“No.  The guards wouldnt let me bring in the bra.  They said you might use it as a weapon.  Besides, it probably wouldnt have fit.  And, if everything goes according to schedule, Yvette should be joining us in the courtroom.”

Just then, the guard barges in.  “Sorry to disturb you and you whore, Mr. Moore, but you are going to have to leave.  Ms. Cums attorney is here and the rules only allow one person in the holding cell with the prisoner,” says Tom the guard.

“Thats O.K.  Im done here anyway and I dont want to miss the brandings.”

The guard offers his opinion on the up-coming public punishments.  “The first 4 brandings are nothing special.  Its Yvette Easy that Im waiting to see.  Shes really hot and I hope ol Judge Fairvert has something special for her.”

In walks Ms. N. Epps, Cindys court appointed attorney.  “Doctor Moore, what are you doing here ?”

“I am the owner of record of Cindy Cums whoring contract ; her pimp, as it were.  Its all perfectly legal.”

“Well, we will let the Judge decide that issue.  But if you are her pimp-manager, you can sit at defense table and ask a few questions during cross examination of the prosecutions witnesses, but, as you are not licensed to practice law, you can not represent Ms. Cums before the court.”

“I understand.  I am, I mean, we are looking to you for legal representation.  I am just looking after my business interests.  What do you have in mind for a legal strategy ?”

“Thats enough.  Go strategize in the courtroom.  I can have only one of you here in the holding cell.  Mr. Moore, get out,” says Tom the guard.  And Dr. Moore leaves.

“OK, so now its just you and me,” says Cindy.  “What are you going to do to get me off ?”

Ms. N. Epps looks at the whore questioningly.

“Of the charges, I mean, not sex.  What are you going to do for me legally ?  I already told you I wasnt going to plead guilty and that I want a jury trial.”

“Well, the idea of a jury trial is the only thing you have said that makes any sense.  Having old judge pervert decide you innocence or guilt would be foolish,” says Ms N. Epps.  “But since the judge will be the one selecting the jury and since it will likely be 6 men, just as perverted as he is, we need a plan to gain sympathy with the jury of perverts.”

Cindy looks at her attorney as if she was from another galaxy.

“I have one idea.  We need to put on a show for them.  These perverts wont give a rats ass about your deprived childhood or disadvantaged economic status.  All they care about is getting a rock-hard erection and fucking their wife or some whore, like you.  If they get hard, then you get off ; and they do, also, but in a sexual way.  No, you get off in a legal sense.”

“And how do we do this, Ms. Epps ?  Do I do a striptease in the courtroom and given em all blow-jobs in the jury box ?”

“No.  We have to be more subtle than that.  We can do the striptease if we offer your body as evidence concerning one of the charges, but we can only imply that you will give them free oral sex, if acquitted.  We can not say it outright.  One of the prosecutions witnesses is a whore and co-worker of yours.  A Tiffany …. something-or-other.  The prosecution will have to call her to testify against you to prove the charge of lesbian activities.  I want you and her to act-out a nude scene that is completely non-lesbian, but very titillating.  Tell me what happened between the two of you that night, so I can formulate some questions and a strategy to present the two of you to the court naked of course.”

Cindy Cums and her attorney go on to talk about the up coming trial.  Meanwhile, the branding is about to start, and all the guards are watching the TV feeds on Toms security monitors.

To be continued …

Review This Story || Author: Neal Chisholm aka oldpervert1
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