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Review This Story || Author: Neal Chisholm aka oldpervert1

A Public Spectacle

Part 4 Chapter 13

Disclaimer and Copyright

The following story, A Public Spectacle was written in 2008 and is an original work of fiction and is intended for adult readers only.  It contains descriptions of acts of violence, forced nudity, public humiliation and non-consensual sexual activities not suitable for many readers.

If these things offend you, the reader, do not read any further.

Elements of this story; its plot, setting and character names, are not necessarily unique to this story, and any resemblance with actual events, places and persons is unintentional.  I wish to thank all the past writers and storytellers in the English language for the inspirations used to write A Public Spectacle, with a special thanks to the authors, reviewers and readers of this web site for their encouragement and support.  I assert a copyright on the text of this story and no printing, distribution, re-posting or commercial use what so ever is allowed without prior authorization by myself or my future assignees. 

However, since the basic ideas in this story (public punishment, small-town politics, adultery, pain, repression of the middleclass, sex, betrayal, morality, prostitution, etc.) are not entirely my own, feel free to incorporate them into any of your own works.  I look forward to reading them.

Neal  [aka oldpervert1 on, aka]

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 13- Dawn, Donuts, Degradation

The guards around the large stage are sitting around, eating donuts and sipping hot coffee.  Their breakfast is a gift from Doctor John, who is enjoying the coffee as much as they are.  Cindy is sound asleep and even the smell of the fresh coffee, steaming from the styrofoam cup beside her isnt enough to wake her, at least not at first.

“Mmm, is that coffee ?”

“Ah, my sweet whore is awake,” says Doctor John.  “And donuts too.  Good morning.  I see you made it through the night.”

“Ya, I guess I did, but I had a lot of help.  So, what time is it anyway ?”

“Nearly, 7AM and as soon as you finish your breakfast, the lead guard has a new game for you to play.  As you have learned, follow his orders and everything will be OK.”

“Yes, I know.  But I have to pee.”

“Sorry, but I cant take you to the ladies room, but here is a pail and I wont even watch.”

Doc discretely turns his head as Cindy empties her bladder, however the morning traffic going through the Village Square gets an eye-full.

“I have to go over and check on Yvette.  Do you know, she has a few ideas that may help you in your court case ?”

“Really ?  But shes not an attorney, is she ?”

“No, shes not, but if I can get the 2 of you together for a while, maybe she can tell you and you can use them yourself.  But I got to go.”

With that, Doctor John goes across the square to check on Yvette, just as her guards are taking down the plastic sheeting that served as he tent for the night.  After giving the jail guards a dozen donuts and 6-cups of coffee, he sits down on the edge of the stage, puts his hand on Yvettes ass and gently strokes it.  “Hey sleepy butt, its time to rise and shine.”

It takes a while for her to become aware of her situation, but the blare of a car horn as it slowly passes by, shocks her back to the reality of her naked condition.

“Your fans want to see another show,” says Doc B as he munches on his donut.

“Sir, Im hungry, too.  Can I have one ?”

“Yes you may.  And there is coffee, too,” says Doc J.  “I just love bringing breakfast to a naked woman.  So what were you dreaming about ?”

“I was dreaming about mens cocks, Sir.”

“You have become a real slut, and after just one night of forced public sex.”

“No, it was not like that.  In my dream I was looking for one cock in particular.  It was like I was watching a police line-up.  All these men would walk by, take down their pants and I would try to identify them by their penis.  I was trying to find the cock of the man who raped me.  After my attack, the police showed me a photo-lineup, but all I got to see were faces, not dicks.”

“Interesting idea.  You should look through Smokys photo collection.  He has been unofficially taking photos of prisoners private parts for years.  We all thought he was queer for a while.”

Doc B says to Doc J, “You are off duty until noon day after tomorrow.  What brings you to the courthouse square so early ?”

“I got some business to take care of, as soon as the courthouse opens, and I thought Id bring you some donuts while I was here.”

“Thats nice of you, but since you are going to the courthouse anyway, take this defibrillator unit back to were ever you stole it from; I mean borrowed it from.  The batteries are dead and they need recharging.”

“Oh ? they were 75% when I left it with you.  Did you rundown the batteries while zapping Miss Easys pussy all night ?”

“No, we were using it as a heater under the stage, but electro-stimulation of Miss Easys pussy sounds like a good idea.  Maybe Ill do that when she gets her 2nd A brand.”

“Hey, no fair !  Im going to be a good girl, after this.  No second brand for me,” says the naked girl.

The 2 doctors ignore her.  “It came from Judge Fairverts courtroom and Ill take it back before I register my bill-of-sale with the Village Clerk.”

“Bill-of-sale ?  Did you buy a new car ?”

“No.  Better than that.  I bought a whore, and I got a bargain price for her, too.”

“But Doctor John, I thought I was your girl !” protests Yvette.

“Maybe you are, and maybe youre not.  We certainly did get intimate last night, and I do like to see you naked.  But Id rather it was in my bedroom ; not on a public stage, and not performing sex demonstrations in front of a crowd of horny men.  If you have to perform like that, then do it for a crowd of one ; me.”

“Oh, that reminds me, says Doc B. “We have another demonstration to do this morning, but this time its for the girls high school health class.”

“You are going to have me naked in front of a class of girls ?  And what are you going to have me do with them ?  You know lesbianism is a crime, dont you ?  Are you trying to make them lesbians ?”

“Its not like that.  Its more of an anatomy lesson; a female anatomy lesson and you are the visual aid.  You just follow my lead and I wont have to spank that nice ass of yours,” says Doc B.

“I better get going,” says Doctor John as he packs up the defibrillator.  “With all the excitement going on today, someone may actually need it.  Sorry, my little slut, I have to return your little pleasure machine and see my new whore, but Ill be back before noon.”

With the defibrillator case in one hand and a half full cup of coffee in the other, Doctor John walks off in the direction of the courthouse.  Cars are driving around the square and some stop to take pictures of the naked women.  The TV news trucks have started to arrive and it looks like Yvette will be on Good Morning, DeltaI wonder what sort of questions they ask a naked girl, he thinks. 

Doctor John decides to delay his errand at the courthouse and pay some attention to his whore, Cindy Cums, who is getting some TV attention of her own.  An exercise instructress, wicked Wanda Wilkes, from channel 17 (the fitness channel) starts doing show prep for the upcoming live broadcast.

The show producer says “2-minutes to air time.  Take your places.  Switch on the lighting and the cameras and warm-up the bimbo.”

“Are the muscle relaxers working, my little slut ?” asks the instructress of Cindy.  “Are you ready to do some stretches ?  Lets see you touch your toes.”

Cindy stands, and with her legs spread, she easily touches her toes.

“OK, not put your feet together and do it again.”

Cindy complies.

“OK, now place your hands flat on the stage.”

Cindy strains herself and lowers her body until, at last, to her own amazement, her hands are flat on the stage.

The instructress is delighted.  “Good. Shes ready.”

“Lets start the show,” says the producer as she counts down to air time. “4, 3, 2, ….”

The 3 camera crews all point at their predetermined angles, but only the center one ; the one with the red indicator lamp aglow, is being broadcast.  The producer selects the camera view from behind her set of monitors.  The instructress, wicked Wanda, does the usual introductions.  Cindy is described as the latest whore to have pissed off Judge Fairvert.  The instructress and the whore do some warm-up stretches and exercises together.  The instructress is wearing a black leotard that shows off her apple-sized breasts as best as can be expected, which is quite a contrast to Cindys buff nakedness and very full breasts.  Surprisingly, the off-world whore keeps up with the local aerobics professional through the entire workout.  Usually the exercise channel has famous guest participants and shows how out of shape they really are.  By comparison the TV viewers do not feel so bad about there own state of un-fitness.

“Well, now lets see how flexible you really are.  Cindy, lay on the stage with you feet pointed at the center camera.  Franz and Fritz, move her closer to the front edge of the stage and put her in the rocker position.”

Two very burly men come up on the stage and kneel on each side of her.  Together, they bend her knees back until each joint is opposite one of her E-sized tits.

“Come on Cindy arch your back more.  Stretch those glutes,” coaxes wicked Wanda.  “Thats good, now Miss Cums, put you arms over your thigh ; behind the knees.  Try to get each arm pit right over your leg.”

Cindy tries, but can not bring her arms over her legs.  This is a very advanced yoga position, and it require many months of preparation, not a few muscle relaxant pills, thinks the Doctor.

“Franz and Fritz, help out our little slut.”

The 2 assistants grab each of Cindys arms at the elbow and forcefully place them over her thighs, then they slowly pull her wrists down to the stage until her palms are flat on the wood planks.  Cindy is moaning in pain the whole time.

“Very good, my little slut.  Now that wasnt so bad.”

Cindy is in too much agony to answer.  She only wants to get this exercise over with and to have the F & F guys release her, before she tears a muscle.  She knows her position leaves her cunt and ass-hole obscenely exposed.  I bet I know where the camera is focused for this exercise, Doc muses. 

“You are such a slut; showing your cunt and asshole like a filthy whore.  Oh, thats right.  You are a filthy whore.  Well then, this position should be completely natural for you,” jokes the instructress.

“Now Franz and Fritz, raise her head and rock her forward while I fasten the pressure rods to the stage,” says wicked Wanda.  A crewman hands her a screw-gun and a pair of wooden dowels, about a meter long and 1.5 cm in diameter.  They are held apart by spacers at the end of the dowels.  She slides the dowels under Cindys back so that the spacers are on each side of her body.  The instructress runs her fingers along Cindys spine to position the dowels in exactly the right spot.  Then she screws the dowels to the wooden stage at the spacer bracket.  “Now, Franz and Fritz, you can rock her back to the center.”

Cindys back rolls up on the dowels, which fall exactly between 2 of her vertebra.

The crewman hands the instructress a riding crop and a bamboo pole with a dildo on its end.  The TV shows producer is careful not to get the crewman in the shot.

The instructress stands straddling Cindys head with her black spandex-clad legs on each side of the helpless woman.  While holding the 2 instruments of torment so Cindy can not clearly see them, the instructress looking straight into the camera lens and she explains “I have a crop and a dildo in my hands. Which do you want me to use on your exposed cunt first, Miss Cums ?”

Realizing her vulnerable position, Cindy says, “I dont care.  Just, please, let me go.  This position really hurts.”

“Well, to help you with your decision, let me explain your choices.  The riding crop is very long and easily reaches your pussy.”  To demonstrate this point she slides the shaft-end of the crop up and down Cindys open slit.

“Also, this crop has a very small leather loop at the end, which makes it just right for beating your extremely sensitive clit,” she says and slaps the leather between Cindys cunt-lips. 

“Ouch !” Cindy winces from the sudden pain.

“Oh, I see your sexy little love-muscle likes to be beaten.  Look how much it is straining to be exposed and whipped.”

The producer says, “Camera 1, zoom in on her pussy. We need a close up of this.”

A camera wheels closer to the edge of the stage, as the instructress teases Cindys clit with the end of the crop.  From a side monitor, Doc sees the enlarged view of Cindys engorged clit.  It really is true.  This extreme position has stretched her pussy lips to each side of her slit and her clitoris is pointed straight up ; as if inviting the next stroke of  the crop. 

“But I also have this nice long, hard rubber dildo to fuck you with,” says the woman as she slides it up and down Cindys juicy pussy.  “Its on a long pole, so I can easily shove it up you cunt, all the way to the very end.”

The instructress lowers both the dildo and the riding crop down to Cindys face.  “So, which shall I use on that poor helpless pussy of yours ?  Kiss the one you want most.”

With tears in her eyes, Cindy looks to her left at the dildo, which is coated with her fresh pussy juices.  Then she looks at the crop on her right ; thin and obviously well used.  She has already felt how painful the crop can be, so she turns to her left and kisses the dildo.

“Ah, you are such a whore.  Always going for the cock.  But you shall get it last, you filthy cunt,” says Wanda, with a glint of pure evil in her eye, as she tosses the dildo aside and brings the crop down on the defenseless girls un-protected clit.

Cindy screams and screams as the crowd cheers and the woman on top lands stroke after stroke on Cindys pussy.  Soon, her maidens mounds and pussy lips are bright red and swollen, but her clit is standing even taller !  It has tripled in size since the beginning of the cropping and is nearly as long as Cindys finger.  Her clit seems to have a mind of its own ; a truly masochistic mind.  For as Cindy screams from the pain of the whipping, her clit seems to revel in it, twitching and bouncing with each vicious lash ; until finally the cunt whipped whore cums in a long shrieking wail of pleasure and pain.  The crowd applauds wildly.  Even Doc J finds himself clapping his approval of the performance.

Damn, Cindy, I never knew you were such a pain-slut, thinks Doc J as he watches his whore being tortured at the hands of the channel 17 exercise instructress.

Then wicked Wanda is handed the pole dildo again and she offers it to Cindys mouth.  “Suck on this for a while,” she says.  “Get it good and lubricated, because you know where it goes next.”

The crowd chuckles at the joke.

As the prisoner sucks on the silicone rubber, the Instructress asks, “Do you know why we call this position the rocker ?  Its because that is exactly the way a whores body moves when being fucked in this position ; just like a rocking chair.  And those pressure rods poking her back make the rocking motion even more interesting.  Lets show those in our TV audience how much you like being fucked, while being held as a captive sex-toy.”

The instructress jumps off of the stage and walks to the front; next to camera #1.  She slides the business end of the pole-dildo into Cindys waiting cunt.  After it hits bottom, Cindys cervix, she pushes a little further.  This push causes her whole body to rock back.  When she withdraws the dildo, the body bounces forward to equilibrium and then a bit more.  Then the instructress repeats this movement.  Soon she has developed a rhythm and Cindys whole body is rocking back and forth on the pressure rods bolted to the stage. 

Wanda explains to her TV audience.  “The rods are positioned between the 11th thorax and 2nd lumbar vertebrae, and the pressure eventually deadens all the nerves in her waist and hips, including her cunt.  Do you feel that numbing sensation in your cunt, cunt ?”

Cindy nods her head yes.

“That is because, the combination of this rocking motion, and the pressure rods are blocking the same sets of spinal nerves that a doctor would chemically block during child birth.  In another minute or two, the sensations from your pussy and clit to your brain will be reduced to only 18% of normal.  Therefore, I can fuck you all day and all night for weeks at a time like this and you will never cum.  Isnt that wonderful !”

“Not cum ?  But I want to cum !”

“Yes, all little slutty whores like you want to cum.  Your brains are wired that way.  You see the dildo sliding in and out of your pussy and you think you will get a nice, fun orgasm soon; but not this time, my little pretty. Dont worry.  This is only a 1 hour show and I have better things to do than fuck your pussy all day.  However, I hope all the pimp-managers watching are taking notes.  They should realize the profit potential of this sex position.  At your bordello, a whore in the rocker position could be fucked by every man and boy in the whole village, one right after the other.  The men would climax, but the whore would not, despite her brains desperate pleas for orgasmic release.”

“However, most of the whores I have in my sex-aerobics classes are not as flexible as Miss Cums, so do not attempt this position without first mastering the 6 basic flexibility positions I describe in my book ; How to have better sex through exercise.  It is available at most book stores, or you can call the number at the bottom of your TV screen.  Its only 32.95, but you will recover your investment the very first day your whore has sex in the rocker position.”

With the book-plug out of the way, the program host explains the other benefits of the rocker position for better sex at home.  Doctor John has heard enough and enters the courthouse by a side door.

Up 3 flights of stairs to the Judges floor, then into his courtroom with his trusty old pass key.  Ah, there is the place the unit should be hanging.  Right next to the do not remove sign, thinks Doctor John.  He hangs the unit on the wall bracket and plugs in the charging transformer.  Good as new.  No one will ever know we borrowed it, he thinks.

However, just as he leaves the courtroom, the chargers thermal overload circuitry shuts off the recharge cycle and the batteries stay stone cold dead.

Down to the second floor, do a little paperwork at the Village clerks office and I am out of here, he thinks.  I sure dont want to waste my day-off in the courthouse recording the bill of sale for my new whore.  Gee, Im even thinking like a pimp-manager.

On the second floor, the line of people waiting in front of the clerks counter is longer than he expects, and the clerks office will not open for another 30 minutes.  The people in line all seem to be young couples. Some are holding hands but all of them look scared.  The doctor passively waits, like everybody else, except he has to hold his own hand.  He knows he must register the sale of the whoring rights to Cindy Cums before the transaction becomes officially official. 

The guy standing next to him looks at the receipt and asks, “So what did you buy ?”   The young man is holding hands with an equally young woman.  “A new house or a turbo-charged sports car ?”

“Oh no.  Not me.  I bought the exclusive rights to a whore.”

“Good choice, man.  That should be more fun than a sports car.  So where is the bimbo ?”

“She is out on the Village Square, naked, and tied to the bondage frame.”  The girl with the guy looks shocked.  “Its a mass marketing thing,” adds Doc.

“Oh yah.  That Yvette chick is really hot.  I was watching her on the news this morning.  Last night she got nailed by the mechanical fucking machine and set some kind of record.   I bet shell screw anyone at the drop of a hat, and shell have her panties off before the hat hits the ground.”

Then the young woman chimes in.  “Harry Cellars !  Were here to register our marriage and all you want to talk about is screwing whores.  What kind of a husband are you going to be ?  Maybe daddy was right.  Maybe you are no good for me.”

“Oh, come off it sugar-plum.  Ever since the wedding, 5 days ago, you havent even wanted to be in the same bed with me, let alone have sex.  It wasnt until last night, after I got you good and drunk, that I was able to consummate the marriage.”

“Is that what you call it.  All I remember was waking up with this sticky goo oozing out between my thighs.  I thought there was supposed to be romance and love.  Not just stinky semen and stained sheets.”

“Ah, sorry I brought up such a sensitive subject to a couple of newly weds.  Ill just come back later,” says Doctor John as he retreats to the stairway and back up to the third floor.

He thinks, isnt that so typical for a couple on this planet.  The man wants to fuck because he is 110% horny, but the woman doesnt because shes not used to being sexual and not ready for children, or she doesnt because she knows she isnt fertile enough to bear offspring.  This planet is all fucked up about fucking.

On the third floor, a courthouse guard is unlocking the doors and all the village services counters have opened, and there is no one in line.  Doc steps up to a bored looking clerk at the motor vehicles counter and says, “Id like to register a bill of sale, but its not for a car.”

“See the Village clerks office on the 2nd floor, mister.”

“Ah, but there are more than a dozen couples already in line and they are all bickering about sex, wedding pictures, sex, honeymoon hotels, in-laws and more sex.  One couple is arguing about the name of their first child, even though the female does not look a bit pregnant.”

“Oh, yah, its Thursday.  This is pretty normal for a Thursday.  This is the last day the Saturday night newly weds can register their marriage.  If they dont register today, the whole thing gets annulled.  These are the couples that never should have been.  The ones that married for money or because the bride faked a blue test and daddy has a shotgun,” says the clerk, who has an elaborate set of tattoos extending from her wrists to some where above the sleeves of her plain white blouse.

“Oh, the ones that fooled their boyfriends into becoming their husbands, because they said they were pregnant.  But they arent really pregnant,” says Doc.  “And, by the way, thats some cool needle work, so pardon me if I stare at your arms.  Did you get it done off-world ?”

“Thanks.  My boyfriend did it, here on Delta, and Im used to the stares.  The really spectacular scenes are on my tits but I cant show you here in public.  As far as registering your sale, I think I can help you out.  All the courthouse computers are linked together and since I work down there on Saturdays, I have access privileges.  What do you have to register ?  Ive already guess its not a new, turbo-charged sports car, and its not a marriage.”

“True, on both counts.  I need to register the sale of a whore, or that is, the sale of a whores exclusive whoring services ; to me.”

“Humm,” she says while leaning on a tattooed elbow.  “You dont look like the pimp-manager type.  Let me see your bill of sale and some ID.”  The clerk reads through the papers, then accesses the Villages computer data base.  “Well, according to our records, the ownership of whore #45658 , who goes by the professional name of Cindy Cums, does indeed belong to a Mr. A.M. Jones, and there are no registered liens against her, so he is entitled to sell her contract, if he wants to.”

“Great.  What is the cost to record the sale ?”

“30 credits and a little more time and paperwork.  First I have to verify the sale with Mr. Jones, since the sale was not witnessed.  Then, you have to get registered as a pimp-manager.  I can wave the licensing exam, since you are a practicing physician, and know more about the female body then a pimp could ever learn.”

“Wonderful.  What forms do I have to fill out ?  And I really got to meet your boyfriend.  I have a friend who will very shortly want to get her small A tattoo covered over.”

“Well, just complete this one form for your pimp-managers license and pay the 20 credits fee, but I still have to verify the sale.  Could you bring Mr. Jones into the courthouse ?”

“Cant do that in the time frame required.  How about you call him and verify it over the comm. link.  Im sure his whore house is listed in the Village Directory or in your records.  Its called the chick and raunch and is somewhere on the outskirts of the Village.  And Id really like to see more of your boyfriends work.  Is he good at covering brandings ?”

The clerk is quickly typing away at her keyboard.  “OK, lets see.  Ah, here it is, the chick-n-raunch, its hyphenated, so its hard for the computer to find it.  In their display ad, it lists Cindy Cums as one of the whores.  Ill call him right now and ask him to verify the sale,” says the clerk.  Then, as the computer is accessing the number, in a lower tone she adds, “And yes, he is a really really good tattoo artist, not just some ink slinger.  He covered my 3rd offense adultery brands, too.  You know the ones Judge fucking Fairvert had burned on my tits.  You know the Judge is a real dick-head, pardon my french.  They caught him with a whore under his deck in his courtroom.  She was giving him blowjobs while court was in session.  They also say he spends every Saturday night getting some whore to swallow his dick; what he calls rod of justice.”

“Really ?  I didnt know.  But back to the tattoos.”

“Come closer, mister, and Ill let you sneak a peak at my boy friends work.  He doesnt mind me flashing my tits, as long as Im advertizing his studio.”

The clerk unbuttons her white blouse and leans over the counter so Doc can see.  She is braless under the cotton fabric of her blouse and gives Doc a close-up view of her breasts.  They are small, pointy and have very large nipples, which sport silver rings and a connecting chain.  But the striking feature is the tattooed pink flowers connected with a blue-green leafy vine on the underside of each breast.  “Incredible !  I dont see any sign of a branding scar at all,” says Doc.

A courthouse guard walks by behind Doc and the clerk goes into a back-to-business mode.  “Just fill out the managers application form, mister Moore, and Ill call Mr. Jones,” she says as she re-buttons her blouse.

The guard walks past and down to the 2nd floor where the newly weds are getting unruly.

“Just one more thing about your art work.  Can I feel the scars ?  Are they really there ?”

“Oh, yah.  They are still there.”  The clerk looks both ways down the corridor to be sure the guard is gone.  “Come closer and Ill give you a free feel,” says the clerk as she leans forward even more and holds her blouse open.

Doc slides his fingers around her nipple chain and over the bottom of her tits.  Sure enough, he can feel the old branding scars; he just can not see them.  “Your boyfriend IS really good,” says Doc as he fills out the form and as the tattooed clerk re-buttoning her blouse.

“Is this the chick and raunch?  Can I speak with a Mr. A.M. Jones ?”,  says the clerk over the

There is a short pause, then she says, “I dont really care who he is fucking right now.  Get him on the phone.  This is the courthouse records department.  This concerns his whoring license.”

“I bet that gets their attention,” says Doc.

“Yup.  Getsem every time,” says the clerk with the tattooed tits.  “Mr. Jones ?  This is the Village courthouse records dept.  I have before me a Mr. John Moore, who claims you sold the whoring contract of a Miss Cindy Cums, #45658, to him for the sum of 150 credits.  Is this true ?”  another pause.

“Mr. Jones, he is standing right here.  Why dont you talk to him.”

“My sources tell me you are a medical doctor, Mr. Moore, not just someone who calls himself doc .  I need some health certificates for my girls.  You promise to get them to me by Monday and Ill tell that clerk bitch the sale is cool.”

“I can do that, but I need some information, too.  What do your sources tell you about Judge Fairvert ?”

Why that old pervert.  He comes out here a couple of times a month.  Cindy has sucked him a few times, and he has ass-fucked all my other girls.  He likes to play games with them ; makes them act like farm animals.  Thats what gets him hard.  Then he can fuck em.”

“Interesting.  Got any video ?”

“Yah, some.  You into that animal shit ?  You want to buy it ?”

“Ill buy it.  Ill pay 5 signed and sealed heath certificates, all you have to do is fill in the names and numbers, but you have to send that video of Fairvert to this internet account.  Then Ill send the certificates.  Deal ?”

“Deal.  What account ?”

“Hang on a second,” says Doc cupping his hand over the phone and talking to the clerk.  “Can I use your computer ?”

“Sure, go hog wild,” she says as she turns the monitor and keyboard around for Doc to use.  “I sure as hell havent got anything else to do.”

Its true.  Doc is the only person on the whole corridor conducting Village Business.  He quickly finds the chick-n-raunch email address and sends 5 blank health certificates with his electronic signature.  And true to his word, A.M. Jones sends about 17 megs of video (approx. 30 minute of real time footage.) in a reply.  Doc previews it and sees that it is real juicy.  The scene shows Judge Fairvert sodomizing a whore.  She is wearing a donkey costume, and 2 other whores are dressed as sheep.  They are being held captive in a head gate, while awaiting their turn at being buggered.

Back on the phone, doc says, “you got what you need, now how about telling this cute tattooed clerk about the sale.”  He passes the phone back to the clerk. 

There is a pause as she listens, then says to Doc, “OK.  He has verified the sale.  Just pay the 10 credits to register the sale and 20 credits for you pimp-managers license, and you are done.”

Doc pays the money and thinks it was a good thing he stopped at the automated bank before coming to the courthouse.

“You understand that the whore you now officially own, can not sell her body for sex until she gets her license reinstated.  Here is your temporary Pimp-Managers card with your license number.  Youll get the laminated plastic one in the mail within 2 weeks.  In the mean time, you are responsible for the upkeep of your whore.  This includes food, clothing, shelter and payment of any debts or fines she may have.  Owning a whore is expensive.  Those slutty clothes they all wear are not cheap.”

“It almost sounds like I was married to her,” remarks Doc.

“Yes, it is sort of like that, except she can not use your name as her own and can not claim inheritance rights.  Oh, and here is my boyfriends card.  The design on the back is the same one as on my tits.  Isnt it cool ?”

“I like it, but I like your tits better,”  Doc says, as he pinches her nipple through the fabric of her blouse.  “Call your boyfriend for me and reserve an appointment for 9PM tonight.  Hell have a brand new A branding to cover-up with a butterfly tattoo or something like that,” says Doc as he slips a 10 credit note into the open front of the clerks blouse, and leaves.

To be continued….

Review This Story || Author: Neal Chisholm aka oldpervert1
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