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Review This Story || Author: Neal Chisholm aka oldpervert1

A Public Spectacle

Part 3 Chapters 10-12

Disclaimer and Copyright

The following story, A Public Spectacle was written in 2008 and is an original work of fiction and is intended for adult readers only.  It contains descriptions of acts of violence, forced nudity, public humiliation and non-consensual sexual activities not suitable for many readers.

If these things offend you, the reader, do not read any further.

Elements of this story; its plot, setting and character names, are not necessarily unique to this story, and any resemblance with actual events, places and persons is unintentional.  I wish to thank all the past writers and storytellers in the English language for the inspirations used to write A Public Spectacle, with a special thanks to the authors, reviewers and readers of this web site for their encouragement and support.  I assert a copyright on the text of this story and no printing, distribution, re-posting or commercial use what so ever is allowed without prior authorization by myself or my future assignees. 

However, since the basic ideas in this story (public punishment, small-town politics, adultery, pain, repression of the middleclass, sex, betrayal, morality, prostitution, etc.) are not entirely my own, feel free to incorporate them into any of your own works.  I look forward to reading them.

Neal  [aka oldpervert1 on, aka]

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 10- Shift Change

Amidst all the hoopla of Yvettes orgasm, a second man in a white lab coat comes up to the stage.  “Nice performance, John.  And it was caught on tape, too.  Im sure that will make the highlights reel.  So fill me in on the situation, here,” says the second shift Doctor.

“Oh hi there Doctor Brown.  This is Miss Yvette Easy, formerly Yvette Sutter, and she is to be branded with her first adulteress A at 1PM.  I dont know who the brander will be, but I sure hope its her last A and she learns her lesson before those beautiful tits of hers get branded. 

“They are a very nice pair.  Yes I know.  Adulterers are so often repeat offenders,” says the new guy.  “Ive read the court order.  I am to keep the prisoner nude and use her for sexual education demonstrations, until her branding.  But it seems you and Mr. Rob Bot have covered most of the fun sex topics.  It looks like Ill have to be creative.  Since another person can not fuck her, either vaginally or anally, Ill have to use dildos.  It looks like her pussy is shot for the rest of the night, week and maybe even for the month.  I think well have to demonstrate foreplay techniques; maybe oral.  She can still physically interact with the crowd; her fans, right ?”

“Thats right.  Just as long as the guys keep their pants on.  The way I read the order, you can do just about anything, so by all means be creative.  A word of warning, there is this sleaze ball of a pimp around here, AM Jones is his name, he is trying to get Miss Easy to sign up as one of his whores.  She can interact with the crowd, but dont let her sign anything; not even an autograph.”

“John, if she wants to go pro, then thats her business.  You know a lot of A branded girls do become hookers.”

“Yah, but let her do it tomorrow, after she gets over the shock and trauma of her night of punishment followed by the branding.  If she is going to make such a life altering decision, then it should be with a clear head.  Dont you think so ?”

“I guess, but usually, the girls are already sign anyway.  I never had a pimp try to sign-up a girl while she was being punished.”

“Thats because you never had a girl with tits like these,” says John as he fondles Yvettes breasts.  “She is off in LaLa land right now, as she probably should be after having 12 orgasms.   Oh, and by the way, your prisoner has been in this position for several hours and probably needs to take a leak, assuming her urinary tract was not damaged by all those huge dildos.  Its your shift now, and your decision, but you might consider untying her for a while.”

“I want to examine her first, and her present state of suspension slightly reclined, legs widely spread is nearly the same as a gynecological table.  So for now Miss Easy stays where she is.  But whats the story with the girl on the other stage ?  I just skimmed through her court order.  She is being punished for contempt of court ?  Is that right ?”

“The other girl/bitch is Miss Cindy Cums, a whore from off-world.  She pleaded not guilty to some charges, Im not sure what.  Anyway, during the trial, there is this fight between her and the courthouse guards.  She sends one of them to the hospital and gets a contempt citation for her effort.  Her punishment tonight is for the contempt charge, not the original charge.  That will be decided when her trial resumes at 2PM.  I wasnt there, but Yvette was chained to the floor just outside the courtroom.  She heard it all.  You should check with the other guards and see how they interpret the order.  Its pretty vague.  She is here to learn some self-control, however the first shift guys were only beating her, not teaching her anything, except how to scream and she already knew how to do that.”

“But John, technically, she is their responsibility.”

“But as the only physician on duty, I felt compelled to check-up on her.  Its a contempt of court citation, not an order for her execution.  When I saw how badly she was being treated, and realize she had 5 or 6 more hours of the same, or worse, I did a little intervention.  I set her up as a human toilet and after that, as a urine fountain.  It kept the guards entertained enough so they stopped whipping her.”

“It looks like the second shift guards are arriving on the other side of the Square, too.”

“Oh good.  Those first shift guards are pretty bad.  Im going to write em up.  They hadnt even read their orders.  I had them sit down before they did some real damage to their prisoner.”

“Good luck with that.  One of the guards in that group is Judge Fairverts nephew.”

“Really ?  But that is no excuse.  That whore wont be able to work for a couple of weeks with all those cuts and bruises.  There is nothing in the court order that takes away her livelihood.”

“Ill look in on her from time to time.  And make sure the new crew is obeying the order issued for Miss Cums.  Its hard to tell from here, but it looks like she has a nice rack, also.”

“They are pretty good, but they are silicone enhanced.  It isnt very often that both stages have women with great breasts.  Did you know that Miss Easy was in the best breasts on the planet beauty contest ?”

“Wow, Miss Easy sure does have a nice pair of tits, and they are natural, too.  Id like to do a breast bondage demonstration on those jugs, but I dont see how that would be part of a sex-ed demo.  Maybe Ill get my chance when she does her 2nd offence,” says Doctor Brown.

“We got a lot of sex toys here.  Do you want Mr. RobBot or the defibrillator or any of this other stuff?”

“I dont know yet.  Leave it all, but take the robot over to the other stage.  I might have the other girl practice her orgasm control while being fucked at 3-cycles per second.”

“OK, its all yours.  Ive got to go home and get some sleep.  You have fun with the most perfect tits on the planet.  And keep your eye on Cindy Cums.  I have a little personal investment in her.”

“I think I can handle it,” says Doctor Brown.  “Its after midnight, so the kids have to go home, unless they want to get ticketed for breaking curfew.  But that is the sheriffs job.  It looks like a lot of the adults have gone home, too. The bars are closing, but the package liquor stores and the street venders are still selling booze, so the crowd, even though it is smaller, will only be getting drunker.  Its my shift now.  Will you be my relief at noon ?”

“Not me.  I got the day off,” says Doctor John.  “I guess one of the standby doctors will take over at noon.  Im out of here,” says the tired Doctor as he leaves the stage.

The new Doc examines Miss Easys pussy.  It is very distended and stretched as if she had just given birth, however there were no rips, no tears, no bleeding; therefore no reason to call off the rest of the nights demonstrations.  With his gloved fingers he gently probes her pussy and actually slides his whole hand inside and makes a fist.  The fist, being much wider than the wrist, is too big to pull out of her cunt without a lot more stretching.  Her cunt is impaled on his arm and he uses his handhold to swing her back and forth.  The TV camera crew shoots the whole thing as Yvettes entire body is made into a pendulum; being pushed and pulled by her pussy.  This gets Yvettes attention.  “Oww !  Hey, not so rough. Where is my nice Doctor John and who are you ?  Are you going to fuck me with that giants cock again ?”

“No.  No more goliath dildos for you tonight. I am Doctor Brown and Im just making sure you are not too damaged to continue.  But I have always wanted to fist-fuck a girl and besides you are on TV.”  The additional stretching caused by the doctors wrist pulls the outer labia away from the clitoral hood.   With a little pushing, Doc B persuaded the hood back and off of her clit entirely.  Yvettes clitoris stands up straight and begs for attention.  Doc B, obligingly strokes and pulls at it with his other hand, causing it to double is length and thickness.  It extends even farther away from her pussy.  “Can you feel this ?” 

“Oh yes !  It hurts a little but feels good at the same time,” says Yvette.  “But havent I cum enough for one night,” she says weekly, as she shudders and feels the pleasure welling up in her whole pubic area.  She closes her eyes and tilts her head back letting her inevitable orgasm take control of her body.

Doc B continues to massage her clit, masturbating it like a miniature penis, as he gently rocks her back and forth with the hand embedded in her pussy.  Doc starts to feel the rhythmic contractions of her vagina as her pussy clamps down in his wrist.  Then, in one spasmodic convulsion, she cums.  The accompanying contractions of her vaginal muscles hold Docs wrist like a vise.

“OH YES !”

Doc B stops stroking her clit and waits for her pussy to relax before unfolding his fingers and withdrawing his hand from her cunt.  When he does there is a noticeable pop, followed by Yvette draining her bladder on stage in front of Doctor B.

“Sorry about that,” says Yvette.  “I had to piss.  You know how it is.  They wont let me down to use the toilet.”

“Your pussy is not damaged, at least not damaged enough to stop the demonstrations, however my wrist may never be the same.  I can see that you are a total slut and therefore a perfect subject for sex-education performances.  However, we will give your over stretched cunt a temporary rest, for now, and concentrate on using and abusing your other body orifices.  Guards, untie her, including her arms and hands.  Leave her in a waist tether, tied off to each of the uprights and also attach a single ankle shackle and bolt it to the stage.  Leave all 2 bindings with 60 or 70 cm of free-play.  Miss Easy will need a degree of mobility for this next demonstration.”

Sam, the lead night jailer and his crew of guards set about repositioning the sex-model for her next performance.

Doc B. removes his latex examination glove and addresses the crowd.  “Good evening, to those diehard souls who have remained here on the Village Square.  While this next demonstration does not involve copulation, it does involve matrimonial relationship issues and as all of us married men know; a good relationship makes for good sex.  Like on most planets, the nights on xz345 delta are a little cool.  Ive notice that its getting a little chilly out here tonight, as evident by the size of Yvettes nipples.  So guys, on a cool night, if your wife, or promiscuous fiancé, does not have sufficient clothing to keep her warm, which is exactly the case for our Miss Easy, what should a gentleman do ?  anybody ?”

Have her get dressed.  Of course shes cold, shes naked.  The crowd laughs.

“Excellent answer.  In our case, however, we can not dress Miss Easy, by order of the court.  Anybody else.”

Build a fire.

“Ah, the classic caveman approach, which is a good idea, especially if you were a long way from home and being stalked by a saber toothed cat.  But I really had something else in mind.  Any others ?”

Shared body warmth.

“That is the answer I was looking for.  Young man, come up on the stage and show us how you would warm your woman by demonstrating on our sex-model.”

A youngish fellow, about Yvettes age, steps up on the stage and says, “Hello, Yvette Canter, is that you ?  Its me Doug Stone, do you remember me ?  We went to high school together.”

“Oh yes, Doug Stone, from English class.  Nice to see you.”

“And nice to see you, too.  And finally see all of you.  You have no idea how many woodies you have given me.  You know I voted for you in the best breasts on the planet contest; twice !  I see my votes were not wasted.”

Yvette is a little embarrassed by Dougs comments and explicit praise. 

“Now Miss Easy, you know that from now on, lots of men will feel like they have known you, in the biblical sense, even though they havent.  Those TV cameras are recording every titillating moment of your demonstrations and every sumptuous square centimeter of your naked body.  In the future, it will not be unusual for a complete stranger to pass you on the street and comment about the size of your cunt and your mastery of the Goliath dildo.  Or to comment on the size and curve of your titties.  By tomorrow, your elastic vagina and perfect breasts will be overnight celebrities !  Your will be barraged by dating requests and xxx movie deals.  Would-be artistic pornographers from all over the galaxy will come here to woo you into signing a contract with them.”

“Will men really want me after all this ?”

“Lets ask them.  Guys do you want Miss Easy ?”

HELL YES !  roared the crowd.

Doc B smiles, “See what I mean.  But lets have Doug share some of that pent-up sexual heat he has had for you ever since high school.  Doug you get 2 minutes to share your bodily warmth with your freezing friend, Yvette Easy.  This is what you do.  Open up your jacket and give Yvette a big warm hug.”

Doug does as the doctor instructs.

“Now, wrap your arms around her back, and then gradually move them down to her ass.  Get two big handful of ass and gently press her into you.  Feel how cold her buttocks had become and how appreciative she is of your warmth.”

Yvette has wrapped her arms around Doug under his coat.  She is basking in his warmth, even to the point of curling one of her naked thighs around his leg.

“Gentlemen of NuGreenleaf, see the results.  Yvette is in true physical need, and by satisfying that need you will greatly increase your chances at a blowjob, or even better, unbridled sex, later in the evening.  Heck, she just might fall in love and propose a marriage with you.  OK Doug, times up.  Thats enough, Doug.  Let go of Yvette, NOW.”

Doug finally stops hugging Yvette and backs away.

“You have to share your friend and let some of the other guys practice on the sex-model.”

Another guy steps up on the stage.  He is a long haired, stinky, bearded wino and Yvette recoils at the idea of having to hug him.  But Doc B insists, and that this fellow probably needs the practice more than most guys.  The wino wraps his arms around the bare girl in a bear hug.  Yvette has her arms pinned against her sides with her hands desperately trying to shield her pussy from whatever lice or fleas may be lurking in this guys clothing.  If she feels any warmer from the experience, it is probably out of fright.

The next fellow to practice the shared body warmth technique is quite short.  Yvette is a full head taller than he, which puts his mouth sinfully close to her nipples.  His hands easily grasp the bottom of her butt cheeks and massage them while warming them.  Despite the close proximity of Yvettes nipples, the man behaves himself and does not try sucking on them.  He does, however, leave a trail of warm drool down the cleavage between her breasts.

The next fellow has been paying attention to the setup and has removed his shirt and then put his windbreaker over his bare chest.  When he hugs Yvette it is bare skin against bare skin.  He has a strong chest and abdomen and Yvette feels her tits melting into his embrace.  The sensation is much more erotic than the others and warmer, too.  Yvette wraps her arms around him and it is she who has to be pried away when the time has expired

After a dozen men are allowed to embrace Yvette from the front Doc B has the next dozen do it from the back.  Needless to say, every mans hands go immediately to her breasts.  And, needless to say Yvette can feel every mans hard-on as he presses his cock against her ass.  She is sure that several of the men have unzipped their pants and were pressing their cocks against her ass, but she did not want to complain.  When fully erect, the male cock is the warmest part of the body.  They are like little tubular furnaces, thinks Yvette.  If only I could get 50 or 60 of them woven into a blanket, I would never be cold again.

“Gentlemen, those of you that got to participate in our demonstration tonight, I can not ask you for money for the experience you have just enjoyed.  Face it guys, it is not often that you get to maul the best breasts on the planet.  If you liked what you felt and have the means to do so, please be so kind as to contribute to one of the many local charities who have placed donation boxes on both sides of the southern façade of the courthouse.  Yvette, do you have a favorite charity ?”

Yvette is a little surprised at the question.  It is not worded for a yes answer, like Doctor Johns questions. 

“Ah, well, I have always tried to help the Fertility Research Fund and their womens clinics,” says Yvette.

Then some drunk from the crowd yells.  “You should donate your whole body to a fertility clinic, but I dont think you could fit those big tits in that little offering box.”


Some other guy shouts, “Ill be a sperm donor, if I can put my donation in your offering box.”

The crowd laughs at the jokes, but on the other stage, the scene is far different.

On the larger stage, the 4 new guards have removed Cindys catheter, taken her off of the tilting table and have removed the table from the stage altogether.  Miss Cums is tied in a similar manor as Miss Easy, but she is getting warm hugs.  She has the freedom to move her hands, arms, legs and feet, but is bound at the waist between the posts.

“OK, whore,” says the guard leader.  “You are not allowed to talk, unless asked a direct question.  If you do talk, you will be spanked by one of the guards standing behind you. If you do not answer a question you will be spanked.  Is that clear ?”

Cindy nods her head.

“That is not an answer.  Guard, give her a lick.”

Smack.  “Are my instructions about your talking clear to you ?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Thats better.”

“Thank, you Sir.”

“Guard, give her another lick.  That was not a question.  Guards, take turns paddling her ass back there.  We dont want one ass cheek redder than the other.”

Smack.  “Cindy, the way you are bound, you can move your ass to try to avoid the paddles, but my guards are very good at paddling little butts like yours.  You will find that a moving target is not a great defense.  However, if you place you hands over your buttocks to block the paddle, you will get 10 strokes while wearing handcuffs.  This will teach you some self control.”

The lead guard takes out his copy of the court order.  “It says here I am to teach you to obey orders.  So we are going to play a little game.  You do like games, dont you ?”

“Yes Sir.  Some games.”

“It will require you to concentrate and to obey orders.  If you do not obey, well, we still have those 2 nice young men with those big nasty paddles.  This is an old game and you may have played it before.  Our version is called Fairvert Says, after Judge Fairvert.  You may have known a similar game called Simon Says, however I doubt you ever played that game while publicly naked.”

“Shall we begin ?”

Cindy doesnt answer.  “Guard,” is all the leader has to say and a paddle smacks her ass.

“Just because we are playing Fairvert Says, doesnt mean you can ignore my questions.”

“Fairvert says, put your hand on your head.”  Cindy puts her hand on her head.

“Fairvert says, stand on one leg.”  Cindy stands on one leg.

“Fairvert says, pinch your nipple.”  Cindy pinches her nipple.

“Pinch your other nipple.”  Cindy takes her hand off her head and pinches her other nipple.

“Guard, give her 2.”  Smack goes the paddle on he left ass cheek followed closely by the other paddle on her right ass cheek.

“What was that for ?  I did what you said.”

Some guy in the crowd yells, “He didnt say Fairvert Says, you stupid whore.”

“Thats right.  I didnt say Fairvert says.  You are only to obey Fairverts orders, besides Fairvert did not say to take your hand off your head.  So you made 2 mistakes, not counting speaking without being asked a question.  Guard.”

Smack. Another stroke of the paddle is applied to Cindys butt.

“Lets start over.”

Cindy stands on both legs and puts her hands at her side.

“Guard.”  Smack.  Fairvert did not tell you to start over.  Now get back to your proper position.  Hand on head, one leg up and pinching one nipple.

“Fairvert says, take your handoff your head and lustfully stroke your clit.”

Cindy is embarrassed, but she obeys and does so without asking a question.

The heckler in the crowd yells, “Whores always like playing with their own pussy.”

“Does that feel good ?” asks the lead guard.

“Ah, yes, sort of.  I would feel better if my butt wasnt so sore.” 

“Not a great answer, but an answer none the less.  Is your pussy wet ?”

“No, Sir,” answers Cindy.

“Too bad. If it were wet we could go to the next phase of the game, so continue playing with your clit until it is sopping wet.”

Cindy stops masturbating, since Fairvert did not tell her to continue.

“Very good, whore, you are getting better at this game.  Fairvert says, lick the fingers that were just inside your pussy.”

Cindy licks her fingers.  She can taste a little of her own musky scent, but not a lot.  She has not felt very romantic tonight.  But she continues to lick her fingers anyway, since Fairvert has not ordered her to stop.

“Are they tasty ?”

“Yes Sir,” says Cindy, not stopping her licking when answering.

“Fairvert says, put both feet on the ground.  Spread your legs.”

Cindy put her raised leg down and spreads her legs.  Since the order started with the words Fairvert says she concluded that she should also spread her legs.  Wrong.

“Guard.”  Smack.  “Ouch”, she cries, while still licking her fingers.  Cindys whore brand is quite visible against the background of her pink ass.

“Now, Fairvert says, spread your legs very wide.  I want to see your cunt, whore.”

Cindy spreads her legs as far as she can; so far that her labia have parted and her pink inner pussy lips are exposed.

“Do you like showing off your cunt, whore ?”

“Yes I do, Sir.”

“All those men can see what a horny slut you are.”

“Sir, even thought that was not a question, and at the price of being spanked, I like it when men see me as a horny slut, because thats what I am.  A horny whore slut.”

“Guard, give her 2 more.”  Smack, smack. “Not only is she a slut but a smart-assed masochist, too.”

“Lets see how much a slut you really are.  Fairvert says, take your hand out of your mouth and masturbate for the audience.”

Cindy takes her wet fingers and starts playing with her spread pussy.

“Fairvert says, pinch the other nipple.”

Cindy continues to masturbate and pinches the other nipple.

“Fairvert says, with your sharp finger nails on your thumb and fore finger, pull your nipple straight up and lick it, slut.”

Its a little painful, grasping her nipple with her finger nails, but Cindy pulls her nipple up as far as she can and lowers her head and licks her sore nipple.

“Very good.  Fairvert says, cum for us, whore.”

Cindy continues to play with her clit and lick her nipple, but she is not in the mood.  While the men in the audience may find this game an erotic turn-on, Cindy does not.  Her ass is sore and now she is being made to torture her own nipple.  But as long as she follows Fairverts orders this game is not so bad, especially compared to being beaten.

The lead guard says, “The longer it takes, the longer that poor nipple will be trapped between your sharp finger nails.  However, if you drop your nipple, I will have the guards give you 20 strokes.”

Cindy tries hard to think of something erotic so she can cum, as instructed.

“You are at the point where your nipple is very desensitized.  You really dont know how sharply your are pinching it.  For some girls, if they dont cum in the first 20 minutes, they actually pinch their own nipple completely off.   Would you like to be a whore with only one nipple ?”

“No, Sir,” says Yvette as she licks her sore nipple.  She can not feel the lapping of her tongue on her nipple.  Am I going to pinch it off ? she wonders.  OK Cindy, its time to get serious.  You have to cum.  Your nipple depends on it.

Orgasm on demand is not one of Cindys talents, but she reasons she better not fake an orgasm, because she will be punished for her deception.  So she closes her eyes and fantasizes about being in bed with her lover and him eating her pussy.  Long, wet tongue strokes up and down her clit.  It takes about 3 minutes and her juices start flowing and another 5 for her to climax.  She shutters and moans as she cums, and she is sure everyone knows she had reached her peak.  However, she dare not stop, twiddling with her pussy, since Fairvert has not given her any order to stop.

“OK, Fairvert says, stop playing with yourself, you dirty whore.  Fairvert says, game over.”

Cindy opens her eyes, takes her hand from her pussy and licks the juices from it.  She always did like the way she tasted.  She notices that there are very few men watching her performance.  Most of the crowd is on the other side of the Village Square watching that Easy girl.

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 11- Sucking Cock

On the small stage across the square, Doctor Brown announces, “For our next demonstration you will need to use your imagination, but not a lot of imagination, so I think you can do it.  Guys, lets consider a hypothetical situation ;  in this situation its 2AM, in reality its 2:15AM so this should not be difficult.  You have had a long night of hard drinking in the town taverns.  Again this is not too different from reality.” 

The crowd hoots in response.  They really identify to the long night of hard drinking. 

“And youve had some pretty little waitress in a miniskirt and see through halter-top inciting your libido all night.  Maybe not exactly to the extent Miss Easy has been exciting you, but you are horny.  Just like many of you are tonight.”

Again more cheers from the crowd.

“So you get home and your wife is ready for you.  For those bachelors in the crowd, this may take a lot more imagination, so I shall describe what ready for you means ;  She has the candles lit, soft music on the stereo, a glass of good wine waiting for you and she is wearing that shear teddy you like so much, because it comes off her so easily.  She is at the peak of her fertility cycle so her breasts and clit are a more sensitive than normal.  She has been pinching her nipples and massaging her pussy for an hour or so, and she is very very wet.”

More frenzied cheers.

“This is what ready for you means.  Your wife needs to be fucked; she really needs it badly.  But, in this imaginary situation, you have one problem.  You cant get it up.  Your cock is too limp to fuck.” 

Boooo, calls the crowd. 

“Now lets face it guys.  There are times when the head says yes but the body says no.  Age, drinking, lack of sleep, drinking, stress and, did I say drinking, can all contribute to a mans non-performance in the bedroom.  There are several chemical products that can help, but these have side effects.  However, there is one natural cure to your dilemma.  If your wife teases and sucks on your cock in just the right way, this will get you excited and hard, and then you can fuck her like she needs to be fucked.”

More cheers. 

“A little bit of sucking can be foreplay for both the man and the woman.  However, unless you are married to a professional whore, chances are your wife is not very good at it.  Even though she is not a sex worker, Yvette is an accomplished cock-sucker.  She says her former husband preferred she suck him to climax, rather than he fuck her pussy.  So how long and how often did you orally satisfy Jack ?”

“About 3 to 5 times a day, when we were married.  Maybe only twice during our engagement.  Jack always said he wanted to try before he would buy.  I guess Ive had over 1,000 fellatio experiences, counting those in High School when I was just sport-sucking.  Jack was a good teacher.  He would always tell me when it felt good, and he wasnt so big I was in fear of choking to death.  You see guys, there are advantages to having a less than massive penis.”

“See, she has the credentials.  If jack were here, Im sure he would confirm Yvettes abilities.   In any case, Yvette has had a lot of experience sucking cock.  She is a natural, just like her tits.  For your pleasure, she will demonstrate on any man willing to admit he occasionally has an erectile dysfunction.  She will let you feel 5 or 6 basic moves and then describe what she does with her mouth and tongue so you can teach them to your little woman back home.  Heck, some of your wives may be ready for you right now.  You could tryout your new found knowledge tonight.”

“While you guys think about it, Ill have the guards re-tie Miss Easy into an appropriately submissive position; on her knees with her legs spread, head bowed and begging to suck cock.

“Guards, that your cue.  Drop your cocks and give the Doctor some help.” says Sam, the lead jailer.  “And do we have a padded kneeler ?  Or some sort of thick foam rubber ?”

Two of the guards untie Yvettes waist tether from the vertical posts and re tie then to a single post ½ a meter above the stage floor, but with enough slack to allow her to stand on her knees or sit on her lower legs.  The post is between her feet, thus keeping her legs and pussy spread, as if the giant dildo hadnt spread it enough.   This position puts Yvette in profile to the audience and will allow them to see her oral techniques much better.  The boom camera comes in for a better view of the up coming action.

A guard returns from the van with 2 padded seats from one of the folding side benchs.

“Perfect ! slide those under Miss Easys knees.”

A group of older men sheepishly stand near the steps up to the stage.  Some of them look like they are in their 70s.  Many have weathered faces from years of farming.  And there is not a bulge in the front of any of their pants.

“OK men.  You will have to remove your pants and underwear.  Anyone getting a woody before their turn in the demonstration will be cycled to the back of the line.  This demonstration is to show how a woman can bring her man to arousal.  This demonstration gets very close to violating the adultery law, if you are married.  Miss Easy is newly single, but she is not a registered sex worker and therefore not protected by a pimp-manager.  Here is the way we have to do this.  Yvette can not suck you to orgasm, if you are married.  Your have to pull out before cumming.  We will place a pail on the stage between her legs.  You are to cum in the pail.  If some semen dribbles on the stage or if her tits get in the way as you ejaculate, thats OK as long as you shoot most of your spunk in the pail.  If you are single, and can prove it with your ID card, then she can, if she wants, let you shoot your load down her throat, or on her face or anywhere else.  Do you understand ?”  All the men nod their heads in agreement.  What they understand is that if that can control their Johnson they get a free blow job for the babe with the best tits on the planet.

“Will our first fellow step forward !”  The crowd cheers, as this skinny old ranch hand, naked from the waist down, stands before the kneeling Yvette.  “Sir, how old are you, are you married or single and when the last time you had a hard-on ?”

“Im only 58, married and hope Francine is watching on TV so she can get some pointers.  Last time I had an erection was a couple of days ago, but it werent in public like this.”  The crowd laughs.

“Yvette, what is the first thing you would do when presented with such a limp noodle ?”

“Well first Id tease him for a minute by licking the entire length of the shaft with my tongue.” And she demonstrates for the crowd.

“And how does that feel sir ?”

“Real good.  I like it when she licks and underside near my balls.”

Yvette says, “Then, after I get a little positive response, I put just the head in my mouth and circle my tongue around and around the head, like this.”

“Oh, that feels nice, young miss.  Im starting to get hard.”

Yvette says, “Now that he is halfway hard, Ill slide his cock in all the way and look up at him with my nose buried in his pubic hair.”

Yvette performs this technique several times for the benefit of the TV cameraman who tries to do a point-of-view shot looking over the mans shoulder.

“Now that you have gotten a nice erection, I see youre longer than I would have guessed,” says Doc B.

“Actually, the slide it all the way in technique is easier before the cock gets completely hard,” says Yvette.

“Good point,” says Doc B.  “You men in the audience, make your lover do the sword-swallow first, not last.  She will be proud of the fact she can take all of you, which will give her the confidence to do it when you are completely hard.”

“Now that my guy is hard, now I do the serious sucking; the old in and out; but I like to use my hand too, holding the shaft by the base while I suck him.  In this way I squeeze the top vein of the penis closed to help keep him rock-hard.   I also like to vary the pressure of the suction like this.”

Yvette shows the crowd, but most of them can not see very well, since there are no bleachers in front of the stage.  Besides, the boom camera has the best view.  Suddenly, the old man cant take it anymore and pulls his cock from her mouth and shoots into the pail.  Its not a sex-Olympic worlds record, but the old guy is very satisfied with himself. 

“Damn, you have a hot mouth little girl.  I wish my Francine was half as good as you,” he says as he pulls his pants on.

“Next man.  Please introduce your self ; first name only.” 

“Im Sam from over near Goodwater, I am 63 and a widower.  My late wife, Susan, and I used to do the wild thing once a week, until she got sick.  I know I dont have a woman to teach Miss Yvettes methods to, but I got a few prospects, mostly widows in town.  Besides, I havent had a good blowjob since Susan left me and I think Im due, dag-nabit.”

“Thats so sweet.  Come down here and left me hug your neck,” says Yvette, to the man older than her grandfather.  “Let me give you some pleasure.”

The mans cock is half erect after just one lick along the bottom of it.  “I can see you are ready.  This next move is similar to the one that sent the first fellow or the edge.  I put the cock full in my mouth than as I withdraw, I push against the bottom as hard as I can with my tongue.  But I only do it on the withdraw stroke,” says Yvette as she goes back to sucking his cock.

Doc asks, “Describe how it feels, Sir.” 

“Oh, my lord !  I feels like she is pumping the cum right out of my balls.  Oh God !”

Yvette stops and lets the mans cock stand at a jaunty angle.

“And how does this feel ?” asks Doc.

“Like I have been cheated.  Get back down there and suck my dick,” says the old man.

Doc responds, “Exactly !  What Yvette has just demonstrated is the classic prick-tease maneuver.  That is why all of you in the audience must train your females to never stop sucking on you until you say so.  After all, this is a foreplay technique.  The object is not for you to waste your seed by cumming in her mouth.  The object is for her to make you good and hard so you can fuck her pussy, shoot your load inside of her and make babies.”

Yvette goes back to sucking the old mans cock.  It takes him a while to regain the moment, but ultimately he thrusts his hip forward and ejaculates in her mouth.  The audience did not see him cum, but Yvette sure could taste it. 

After the man steps off the stage, Yvette spits into the pail and says to Doc, “Yuck he tastes awful.  Can I have some water ?  I sure do pity the widows of Goodwater.”

Doc gives her a water bottle and calls “Next man.”

He is a middle aged, bald guy with a fat round belly and a short stubby cock.  It is so short it practically is hidden between his paunch and his pubic hair.  Yvette Licks and sucks what little there is of him before he shoots his wad into the pail.  Before he leaves she says to him, “Sir, unless your wife is very short, when you have her give you oral stimulation, it would be better if you were laying on the bed, or if she was on the bad with her head over the edge.  Both conditions will allow her to suck you without making her bend her back and neck so much.”

“Next man,” calls out Doc B.  “Now this guy has a more common configuration between his body and his tool.  Hes is completely average;  height 175 to 180  and cock length, after Yvette gets him fully aroused, 14 to 16 cm.”

“Ah, good.  Now I have something to work with.  Are you married, sir ?”

“Yes I am and I hope to teach my wife a few new tricks.”

Yvette does the initial licking to get him a little stiff, then she explains, “Sometimes, my ex-husband would slide his semi-limp cock into my mouth as far as it would go and then just hold the back of my head to keep his cock in my mouth.  As his erection grew, his cock would go further and further down my throat.  Eventually, he would release my head so I could come-up for air.  Let me demonstrate.”

Yvette takes the average guys average cock into her mouth until her nose is in his pubic hair and holds it there.  The fellow holds the back of her head to prevent her withdrawal.  While she has his cock in her mouth, she flicks the tip of her tongue across the base of it to get him more excited.  After his shaft has grow to the back of her throat, she looks up at him as if to say please sir, dont gag me with you cock.  After a second or two of her pleading with her eyes, the average guy lets go of the back of her head and Yvette slides her lips slowly up the length of his cock, which is now 5 cm longer than when it went it.

“There did you feel what I did with my tongue ?  When you do this with your wife, tell her to move her tongue from side to side over the bottom of your cock.”

And Doc B adds, “If she does it correctly, youll get a wonderful hard-on, if she doesnt, shell have a mouth full of cock for a long time.”

The crowd chuckles at the irony.  As long as it takes the woman to learn, I reckon.

“Here is another technique you should teach your wife,” says Yvette.  “Its a combination hand-job & blow-job.  First I suck the penis for a few strokes, then I bring my hand up to grasp the base of the penis, after a few more strokes, I start moving my hand up and down the base of penis.  My mouth is still doing most of the work, since it is moving along 10 cm of shaft, but my hand moves along 2 to 3 cm, too.  For guys with really long cocks, my mouth never even gets to the base of the cock.  Let me show you, and if you like the feel, sir, withdraw your cock just before you come and show the audience how good it was by shooting a nice long, thick stream of semen into the bucket.”

Yvette goes to work on the average guys dick, while Doc B reminds the crowd, “Our little sex-model can not always tell when you are going to cum, so all you married men need to shoot for the bucket.”

It takes a while, but the average guy finally orgasms into the pail, the TV camera gets a great shot of his shot.

“Can I please have the next single man in line ?” asks Yvette.  “I like to suck and swallow, so right now Im feeling a little bit cheated.”

The next single guy is Doug, her old high school classmate.  “Well, Doug, nice to see you; more of you,” says Yvette, as she stares at his half-hard cock.  In just 2 licks, Dougs cock becomes completely hard.  Yvette says, “Mmm, nice cock, Doug.  It looks like I should have paid more attention to you, than to the teacher.  Why didnt you tell me you had such a lovely dick ?”

“Well, I just thought you were too pretty to want a guy of limited possibilities like me.  I mean, I dont come from a rich family, Im not smart enough to pass a university entrance exam, and I wont be inheriting the family wheat farm.  I would have liked to ask you to a school dance or something, but the Jack guy you were hanging around with seemed to have the inside track.  I guess I would have been more persistent had I knew you had such a great body AND could suck like a 2-credit whore.”

Yvette blushed.  “You know I havent always been Easy.  There is something about being naked, on display, as a public fuck-toy and being filmed for Christ sakes that makes me so easy.  Not the judge changing my name.  Anyway, I have a special technique for you.  I hope you like it enough to shoot your sweet cum on to my face when you are done.”

“Gentlemen in the audience, this is a very advanced technique and may not be suitable for the more senior men here tonight.  I am going to do a prick tease on my friend, Doug.  I will first take in just his cockhead, but suck very very hard.  This will make it grow much bigger than with a normal erection.  I will then do 4 things at irregular intervals to further his excitement and frustration; 1) I will bite his cock with my teeth just behind his glans while sucking as hard as I can. 2) I will release suction and eat the full length of his penis in 2 or 3 quick strokes 3) I will stroke the shaft of his cock with my hand especially after I have made it all slippery with my saliva, and 4) while holding his cockhead, either by suction or by teeth, I will roughly flick it with my tongue.  I know I have taken all the mystery out of this technique by describing it first, but believe me, you will be surprised how much I can very these 4 techniques so you will never know what comes next.”

I hope he cums next says one of the other men in line for his turn at Yvette;s mouth.  “Its getting cold out here standing around with no pants.

Yvette starts in on Dougs cock.  First she licks it again, for luck and for lubrication, then starts the glens sucking followed by biting, followed by had strokes, followed by biting with hand strokes, followed by hard sucking with an occasional flourish of hand strokes, then followed by a tongue massage while being sucked unmercifully, etc. etc. etc.

Doc B. points out that several of these maneuvers are to counter purposes and therefore delay his ejaculation.  To some men it is pure torture, to others it is pure heaven.  Yvette is giving Doug a lot of both.  For when he was finally ready, really ready to cum Yvette held his cock straight up in the air with both hands and made dozens of tiny love bites all along the sensitive underside of the shaft of this cock and several others bites were made on the skin of this scrotum.  This prolonged his state of excitement, right at the edge of an orgasm, but without actually delivering one,  This part is both heaven and hell to all guys, once they have been given a blow-job like this,” says Yvette to the crowd.

Yvette goes back to teasing Doug some more.  Finally after being on the edge of an orgasm for 20 minute, she lets him cum on to face.  The final arousal was created by her slowly slicing the soft skin of his cock with the razor sharp fingernail on her left hand.  It was very erotic, watching the thin red line of blood trickle down the scratch and eventually on to his

scrotum, while watching his cock erupt, like Vesuvius, delivering 4 or 5 shots of viscous cum on to Yvettes face.

The TV film producers will have a lot of great footage to work with here, thinks DocB.

Easy Yvette pushes the wads of cum to her eager mouth and licks up every drop from her face before sucking the dregs from Dougs now limp dick.

“Oh that was great.  Thank you,” she says meekly to her old friend.

“Hey Yvette.  When this is all over, we should go out to dinner or something.  I know that your life has been turned upside down by your recent trial and divorce and everything.  So you need a friend, right ?  Im going home now, but will be back at 1PM to see your branding, and after that, maybe we can get some lunch.  Oh, I mean after you get dressed.”

Before Yvette could answer, Doc B interjects, “Time is up young Mr. Stone.  This is a sex-ed demonstration, not your own personal singles bar.  If you want to put some moves on a girl, why dont you try the whore on the other stage?  Next fellow in line.  Who are you, are you single or married and when was the last time you had sex ?”

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 12- Cindys Training

Yvettes fellatio demonstrations continue and Doug wanders over to the other side of the Village Square to see the other girl, the whore, before heading home to get a few hours of sleep before dawn.  After all it was nearly 4:30AM and he knew he could not stay awake until the branding.  There were only a few dozen people in the square, possible because beer sales had closed or may be they were as tired as he was.

The common whore, Cindy Cums, was actually being trained and not just beaten, by the second shift of courthouse guards.  Although, they were training her to be a dog.  They would take turns having her bark and beg, sit up and roll over.  She was on all fours and her breasts hung and swayed as she moved about on stage.  She wore a dogs choke collar attached to a long leash.  To add to her doggie costume, the guards had given her a tail, which she was to wag for them on command.  It was more like a horses tail than a dogs, but you got the idea. It was made form 20 to 30 cm lengths of the improvised catheter tubing Doc J had used to make her into a urine fountain.  Each plastic tube had been poked into the base of an anal plug which was planted deep in her ass.  When she walks, her tail sways back and forth and side to side.  If Cindy bitch doesnt do the dog-trick properly, or exhibits any human behavior, like talking or standing on 2 legs, her ass is beaten with a tightly rolled up newspaper.  From the bright red color, it appears she has not always been a good doggie.  The guards had taught her to greet strangers the same way dogs do; by smelling their crotch until the trainer tells her no, bad dog and whacks her but with newspaper.  And even then she had to yelp like a dog, and not cry out like a human. 

“Lets try some more dog tricks.  Lets teach Cindy bitch to play fetch.  The guard takes Cindy down the stage steps and over to a grassy area strewn with food wrappers, empty cans and discarded beer bottles.  At one end of the grass is a half full trash barrel.  “What a mess,” says the guard.  “Cindy did you make this mess ?”  As a dog Cindy can not answer him without getting swatted with the newspaper, so she whines and tries to gain some sympathy from the guard.  “Thats OK, Cindy, I know you didnt make this mess, but you can help clean it up,” says the guard, who reaches for an empty soft drink can.  He picks it up and throws it to the other end of the lawn.  “Go fetch, Cindy !”  The leash is long enough and she goes off on all fours to fetch the can, however it is too big for her to put in her mouth, so she brings it back in her hand.  Smack goes the newspaper on her red ass.  “That is not the way a dog would do it.  Try again.”  The guard deposits the first can in a trash bag and throws another.  Cindy, being a smart dog, doesnt repeat the same mistake.  In stead she dents and partially crushes the can with her elbow and carries in her mouth back to her owner/guard.  “Good Cindy bitch,” says the guard, who throws another can.  “Fetch !”  This goes on for over an hour.  The cans are the hardest, but the bottles are pretty easy; she just picks them up as if she were drinking from them.  However, some of the bottles contained piss and they were very disgusting to carry in her mouth.  The food wrappers were easy, too, because they are so light, the guard could not throw them very far.  And occasionally Cindy would get a treat, a pizza crust or uneaten French fry that had been lying on the ground.  When you are a dog, you do not question where the food comes from.

The crowd watching the dog training has dwindled to just 3 or 4, plus her 4 guards.  By 5:30AM Cindy bitch has the small patch of lawn clean of refuse.  She is dogged tired.  Her knees are grass stained and bruised and her ass is still red from being swatted with the newspaper.  She lays in a ball at the feet of the guard holding her leash and whimpers.  “OK Cindy, there is just one more thing for you to fetch,” says the guard who reaches down then pulls the anal plug from her ass.  He cuts off the plastic tubing strand at the base of the plug and explains, “That is to make sure you dont cheat, bitch.  Go fetch !”  And for emphasis he swats her red ass with the newspaper.  Cindy crawls over to where the anal plug lies in the grass.  Without hesitation she picks it up in her mouth and crawls back to the guard.  She thinks it does feel good to have that thing out of my ass.  Yes, it tastes like shit, but it is my shit, not a beer bottle full of someone elses piss.  She drops the anal plug at the feet of the guard when he doesnt take it from her mouth.  “I dont want that stinky thing.  Pick it up and put it in the trash barrel.  Oh, and you are not a dog anymore, so you can use your hands.”  Miss Cindy Cums, the human, picks up the anal plug and gratefully stands then walks to the trash barrel and drops it in.  Still wearing the dog leash and collar she comes back to the guard and sits.  Apparently not all of her dog training has been forgotten.

“Itll be sunrise is an hour.  Lets just call it a night.  Im going to shackle one of your ankles and chain it to a post on the stage.  Youll have enough slack to move around a little bit, but not enough to get off the stage.  You can curl up in a ball, try to stay warm and get a little sleep before the early birds come out to see how bad you look,” says the guard.  “Ill be in the van catching up on my paperwork.  Be a good little doggie and dont try to escape.  Ill try to rig-up some heat for you.”

The lead guard chains her ankle to the post and heads off to the van.  Soon another one comes out with an extension cord and floodlights.  He puts the lights under the wooden stage and the 100-watt halogen bulbs heat up the wood floor. 

“Those lights should help you get a little bit warmer.  We cant give you clothing or a blanket, but the court order doesnt say anything about a heater.  As long as you are naked, thats all that counts.  You will find that if she shifts your position often enough youll stay warm.”

“Thank you,” says Cindy to the guard who brought the lights.

From the edge of the stage, he says, “I heard about you and the first crew.  I dont know what got into you in the Judges courtroom, but those guards on the first shift are as green as grass. An experienced crew could have handled the situation much better ; without anyone getting hurt.”

“We I wasnt about to let them cut my breasts so the judge could watch me bleed.”

“Who told you that ?” asks the surprised guard.  “No body gets cut in our courtrooms.  What planet are you from ?”

“My manager said that the Judge will want to examine my breasts for silicone, and that he can tell by the color of the blood.  I already told the prosecution I had silicone treatments off-world.  Why should the judge, that old fart, want to see my breasts anyway.”

“Your manager ?  Your mean your pimp-manager.  Here on xz345 a whore has a pimp-manager.  Only movie stars and boxers have managers.  As far as the Judge wanting to see a nice pair of breasts, thats just the way things are done in his courtroom.  He has the right to examine all the evidence, and a whores tits, ass and pussy are part of the evidence.  You should have seen what he did to the little girl before your trial.  I hear he had her stripped and inspected for all to see, and she is not a whore.  Two guards got to maul her breasts to check for silicone.  But no one got cut.”

“So that little weasel, my protector, my pimp, set me up.  God Im sure glad I pissed on him last night.  You know he sold my contract last night.  My whoring ass belongs to some guy named John Moore.  Ever heard of him ?”

“The name sounds familiar.  Humm, John Moore, I just cant place it.”

“Any way, wake me when its over.  Im going to sleep.”

On the other side of the Village Square, Yvette is showing the deep throat technique to the last 2 or 3 men hanging around.  And hanging is the perfect way to describe them.  Their zippers are down and their cocks are out.  All 3 are up on the stage and Yvette takes turns swallowing their manhood.  Yvette is on her knees with her head tilted all the way back.  The man straddles Yvette with one foot on each side of her closely spaced knees.  The guy bends his knees slightly and drives his cock straight down Yvettes throat   After doing a couple dozen quick, shallow knee bends, the guy stands to the side and masturbates while the next man fucks the sex models throat.  Eventually, the excitement gets the better of each fellow and he shoots his cum all over Yvettes face.  May be she has lost count or may be she is in LaLa land again, but after the last guy comes on her face, she just continues to kneel there with her head back, eyes closed and mouth open.  In a perverted sort of way, her face looks like a glazed donut.

Doc B comes on the stage.  “OK, you can stop posing for the cameras and your fans.  They have all gone home.”

Yvette looks around at the empty stage.  “Dont I get to suck you, too ? or the guards ?”

“Sorry, my little slut, but we are on duty.  Besides you dont want to be getting 2 A brands at 1PM, do you ?”

“I guess not.  But I need some more cocks to suck on.”

“How about doing me, Miss Easy ?” says a voice from the shrubbery behind the stage.  The man comes forward, his pants and underwear already removed.  His penis is about 16 cm long but it limply hangs below his shirt-tail. “My cock can really get a lot bigger, especially if your sex model is as good with her mouth as she is with her cunt,” he explains as he steps on to the stage.

The man pulls his shirt tails aside and holds each of them at his hip with his deeply scared hands.  Its like a stage curtain opening to reveal the main character his cock - dangling between his legs.  Yvette starts sucking on him but can not get the whole length of his dick in her mouth.  As it stiffens it gets truly massive and she can not even get the shaft in her mouth.

“Mister, you are just too big for me to suck, so let me just lick it with my tongue and stroke it with my hands until you are satisfied.  OK ?”  asks Yvette, as she looks up at the guy.

He nods and Yvette gives him a hand-job.  As she masturbates him, she smells flowers, of some sort, coming from the guys crotch area.  The smell gets all over her hands and she thinks, that its a strange fragrance for a guy to be using.  With one hands on his cock she reaches the other behind his butt to play with his ass and feels the unmistakable A brands on each side of his butt. 

Yvette says to herself, so you are an adulterer, too.  Caught cheating on your wife at least twice.  She continues to stroke the mans cock and brings him to a nice orgasm all over her cum spattered tits.  She releases him and tilts her head back.  With her mouth open, she says, “got any more for me, sir ?” she begs.

The man takes one hand off his hip and starts milking the last few drops of cum into her open mouth.  Yvette places one of her hands on top of his to assist him.  She feels the branded A scar on the back of his hand and thinks to her self, so youve been caught fucking around on your wife 5 times.  You just cant keep that dick in your pants.

As the stranger steps away, Doc B. asks “Well, my little slut.  Are you satisfied now ?”

“I guess so, but that last guy only let me taste a few drops of his cum, and he left me with this flowery smell on my hands.  Id rather have some more cock to suck on, Doc.”

“You dont know what youre saying.  Sleep deprivation will do that to a person.  You are so tired, you think this is a dream.  Im going to loosen those ropes a little and let you lay down for a while.  Its a little after 6AM and the townsfolk will be coming by on their way to work in an hour, and they usually like to drive by and see the naked girls tied to the bondage frames.  And after that the high school kids come by to hoot and whistle.”

“Oh, no.  Dont tie me again.”

“Not for an hour.  You just curl up in a ball and get some rest.  Ill find something to keep you warm.”

Doc B. says to the guards.  “Throw that clear plastic wrap over the frame and build a tent over her.  Ill see if I can get some heat below her.”

Doc B. takes the defibrillator and ties the 2 paddles together.  He then slides the whole unit under the stage as the guards are building the tent.  He sets the defibrillator unit to pulse mode, continuous run and lets the unit sent a jolt of current thru the paddles every 0.5 second.  This generates some heat between the paddles since they are in a dead short; or at least until the battery runs out of juice.

The Village Square is deserted, except for the 2 naked girls and their guards.  Several blocks from the square, Village road crews are removing the temporary barricades which prevented vehicular travel around the courthouse.  Now the morning rush hour, which lasts only 10 minutes, will not have to diverted to the detour.

Cindy Cums fell asleep nearly instantly, as her dog training sapped every gram of strength from her.  Yvette Easy lay on the wood stage and looked at the distorted image of the street lights through the plastic sheeting, but eventually, she fell into a fitful sleep, filled with visions of mens cocks.  It was if they were on parade just for her.  She didnt see the guys faces, just their penises as they walked by.  She was looking for something in particular, amongst the line of pant-less men, but not sure what.  Dreams are sort of like that; filled of lots of images with no apparent purpose.

After 30 minutes, the batteries on the defibrillator unit wear out and the little bit of heat the unit generated goes away.  But the tent did help hold it in and Yvette stays warm enough to stay asleep for an hour.

To be continued.

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