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A Public Spectacle

Part 1 Chapters 1-6

Disclaimer and Copyright

The following story, A Public Spectacle was written in 2008 and is an original work of fiction and is intended for adult readers only.  It contains descriptions of acts of violence, forced nudity, public humiliation and non-consensual sexual activities not suitable for many readers.

If these things offend you, the reader, do not read any further.

Elements of this story; its plot, setting and character names, are not necessarily unique to this story, and any resemblance with actual events, places and persons is unintentional.  I wish to thank all the past writers and storytellers in the English language for the inspirations used to write         A Public Spectacle, with a special thanks to the authors, reviewers and readers of this web site for their encouragement and support.  I assert a copyright on the text of this story and no printing, distribution, re-posting or commercial use what so ever is allowed without prior authorization by myself or my future assignees. 

However, since the basic ideas in this story (public punishment, small-town politics, adultery, pain, repression of the middleclass, sex, betrayal, morality, prostitution, etc.) are not entirely my own, feel free to incorporate them into any of your own works.  I look forward to reading them.

Neal  [aka oldpervert1 on, aka]

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 1- The Trail and Sentencing

There is not an empty seat in the whole courtroom, except for those in the jury box, which are rarely used in Judge Fairverts courtroom.  Even the defendants mother, who arrived late, could not be given a seat.

Yvette stands silently in front of the defendants table.  Its not a rebellious silence, or even a stubborn silence, but a silent from disbelief.  How could this be happening to her.

“Ahem” Judge Fairvert cleared his throat.  “Counselor, perhaps your client did not hear the question.  How does she plead; guilty or not guilty ?”

Ms. N. Epps, the dumpy looking woman in the traditional black robes of the court standing next to the girl says, “Your honor, my client wishes to plead guilty to the charge of adultery, but begs the indulgence of the court and wishes to have the following statement made part of her cases court record.”  The dumpy woman picks up a sheath of papers from the table in front of her and starts to read.

“I, Yvette Sutter, a citizen of colony xz345 delta, the only child or Gladis Canter and John Canter (diseased) and married to Jack Sutter for the past 14 weeks, whos where-abouts are presently unknown, do hereby swear the following statement concerning the facts in my case are true.  On April 12, 2119, at approximately 1 hour past sunset, at my place of residence, I was forcibly raped by … ”

BANG, BANG, BANG, the magistrate pounds his gavel.  “Council for the defense, I think the court has heard enough of this statement.  I have another case to hear today, and a 2 oclock tee time with Planetary Councilman Dominica Coxx.  As a public defender, Im sure you know how important it is to not waste the courts time.  Since you have this statement is in a prepared written form, the court will consider it in chambers.  Please give that wad of paper you call a statement to the bailiff.  The court will take a 10 minute recess and all parties are advised not to leave the building.” BANG, sounds the Judges gavel.

The Judge leaves the courtroom and the heavyset female bailiff quickly retrieves the documents from the defense council and takes them out of the courtroom and to the Judges chamber.

“Do you think it will work ?  Do you think the judge will allow my statement into the record without me actually being forced to testify,” asks Yvette of her publically appointed attorney, Ms. N. Epps.  “I dont want to go to jail for being raped !  Im the victim here.  Why should I be punished ?”

“You are not being punished, at least not yet,” says the public defender to her client.  “But you know, for a married woman to have sex with someone, anyone, other than her husband is adultery and on this planet it is crime.  For Christ sakes, Yvette, you were nearly caught in the act”

“But I was being forced, forced to have sex with that weasel-faced bastard.  Isnt that rape ? or has Judge Fairvert ruled that rape is no longer a crime ?.  Why wont the police find him and arrest my rapist ?”

“We went over this before,” says the dumpy public defender.  “You can not prove you were raped.  Your husband discovered you, naked, on his bed, with a dozen fresh roses in a vase on the nightstand.  There were no finger prints on the vase; only smudges.  You were not tied up.  There were no signs of a struggle.  You had no cuts or bruises.  You had not been inseminated, although your vaginal opening was wet, red and extremely stretched, according to the medical examiner report.  He also writes he is completely certain you had been fucking and that the mans cock had to be at least 6 cm in diameter.  We both know that your hubby, Jack, is only a 3 cm guy.  Plus, your neighbor reported seeing a man jumping from your bedroom window and running away, just as your husband came home.”

“But its a lie.  Just as I got home, a deliveryman came to the door with flowers.  I let him in and he placed the vase on the table.  He wore beige colored gloves; sort of like medical gloves, but not white.  You could barely see them and I didnt notice them until later; when he was raping me.  He had scars on the back of both his hands, but I could not see them too good, due to the gloves.  Anyway, I love flowers and my husband Jack used to send them to me all the time.  I bent over to smell the roses.  Then he pulls out the biggest knife Ive ever seen in my life and holds it to my neck.”

“A knife that didnt cut you ?” chides Ms. N. Epps.

“Yes, I did not struggle for fear of cutting my own throat.  What am I supposed to do, let him slice open my neck so I have a wound to show the medical examiner as evidence ?  Then he ordered me to strip, which I do, thinking that my husband would be home soon to save me.”

“And you neatly hang your clothing on a chair in the bedroom, while this alleged rapist whacks-off in the corner ?”

“No.  He was in the bedroom doorway, so I could not escape.  And by slowly removing my clothes and folding them neatly, I thought I was buying a little more time for my husband to get home.”

“And by doing a slow striptease for this guy, you add to the alleged rapists state of excitement.  Thats not so smart.”

“I hadnt counted on that.  I kept praying for Jack to come home.  Councilor, that bastard fucked me for 30 or 40 minutes, in every position imaginable.  His cock was enormous and it really hurt !  When he shoved it in, it felt like a telephone pole, and every time he pulled it out, I felt like I was giving birth !  I got a good look at his dick.  Ill never forget it.  I could not fit it in my mouth, it was that big.  It was at least 6 cm in diameter.  How was I to know the flowers were not from Jack ?  How was I to know that Jack was at the local tavern for happy-hour ?  He held that big knife on my breasts. He was going to cut off my breasts, if I didnt cooperate !”

“And so the same knife that wasnt sharp enough to leave a scratch on your neck, also didnt scratch those tender breasts ?  No jury will believe that.  And how come this guy fucks you, for the better part of an hour, and never shoots a drop of semen into your cooperatively wet pussy,” hisses the attorney.

“Because he wore a condom; or rather 3 condoms.  The sheriff found 3 condom wrappers on the bedroom floor.  Jack and I never used condoms.”

“Oh yes, the condoms.  An off-world brand called 4 Her Pleasure.  According to the wrapper, they have ribbed shafts and are infused with oil of lilac for her sexual and sensual delight.  You know all forms of birth prevention devices are illegal on xz345 delta.  But did you know this brand of condom is a favorite of adulterous men and women all over the colony ?  The police can charge you with possession of a contraband birth control device.”

“I know that fertilization prevention measures are illegal.  Everyone knows that.  Until that day, I had never even seen a condom.  I thought the lilac smell was from the bouquet, not his dick.  I swear my experience with condoms is limited to the 3 wrappers that were found in my bedroom the day I was raped.”

“Your husbands bedroom,” corrects the attorney.  “All the mutual property in a marriage is considered to be the husbands.  But your husband has filed divorce papers with this court.  He clearly believes you were having an affair and he is seeking alimony from you.”

Yvettes jaw drops.  “Why that no-good, pencil-dicked, lying son-of-a-bitch.  Where does he think I am going to get money to pay him alimony?  And why should I.  He was the one getting drunk while I was being raped.  Jack may come from one of the richest, families in NuGreenleaf, but Ill be god-damned if Im going to pay him a single god-damn credit !”

“Keep your voice down.  Even though the Judge is not in the room, this is still a court of law and you can still be cited for contempt,” warns the public defender.  “Be that as it may.  The important thing is that the prosecutor believes you were having an affair and both he and Jacks family are prepared to prove it open court.  They have a long list of character witnesses ready to say you are a loose-woman, a cock-tease and an over-sexed cum-sucker.  Ive read their statements.  But most damning of them all is the statement made by your neighbor.”

“That nosey bitty,” Says Yvette.

“Look Yvette, you are a young woman with perfect breasts.  As you know, the women on this planet with well-shaped, symmetrical breasts, such as yours, are capable of becoming pregnant and bearing children.  Women with poorly developed, lopsided or lumpy breasts are not.” 

“Yes I know.  Women with breasts like yours cant have kids,” says Yvette angrily.

“Ill let that little insult pass,” says Ms. N. Epps.  “However, I have no doubt the prosecutor will have you striped, here in open court, and have your perfect breasts examined by the judge himself.  Why else do you think there are so many people here ?  They want a free strip show. Yvette, you have been married 14 weeks, and copulating nightly, according to the nosey bitty neighbor. But according to the medical examiner, you are not pregnant.  A jury will think that you have to be using some sort of illegal contraception.  The court will not look favorable on you and could charge you with half a dozen other violations of the procreation codes, should testimony surface in your trial.”

“Sure Jack and I fucked a lot.  We are newly weds.  Jack wasnt about size; he was about quality.   But he likes to shoot his cum in my mouth or on my tits.  Do you know my breasts were voted best in NuGreenleaf the year I graduated from High School ?”

“Another factor not in your favor, Im afraid,” says the attorney.

“But if my husband wants me to suck his cum or wear his jizz in my tits, what can I say ?   I have to honor the wishes of my husband.  Besides, I thought I would have 2 or 3 years before my ovaries are shriveled by this wicked planet.”

“Its not a womans ovaries that are the problem.  Its the whole damn planet.  Do you know we have 18 times the breast cancer rate of old earth ?  The scientists dont know why xz234 delta is so hostile to the female reproduction system.  There is something in the air and water peculiar to this world that messes with any womans biological clock.  As soon as a girl goes through puberty, her female fertility spikes then rapidly declines and the most apparent sign of this decline is her mammary glands become irregular and contorted.  Yes, just like mine.”

“Im sorry.  I didnt mean to hurt you.  Its just that Im so angry and frustrated,” sobs Yvette.

“The judge will be back soon, so fix your makeup.  Ive cut a deal with the prosecutor.  He owns me a favor.  You plead guilty to adultery, a relatively minor offense.  You get a small A brand on your left buttocks for the adultery.  You get an immediate uncontested divorce from Jack, but with no restitution payment or alimony and with the right to re-marry.  You get a suspended sentence with the chance of a complete pardon, if you get married again and have a baby.  There are no fines and NO jail time.  The worst thing that could happen is that the judge orders you to do some sort of community service.”

Just then the matronly bailiff cries “All rise. The honorable Judge Fairverts court is now in session.”

Yvette leans over to her attorney and whispers “And no jail time; right ?”

“Ahem.” The judge clears his throat.  “Will the defendant and her counsel remain standing while I pronounce sentence.”

Yvette stands there and remembers what her late father would say about the villages Judge Hardy Fairvert hes always hard, hardly ever fair and always a pervert

“The court accepts your plea of guilty to the charge of adultery and has chosen to show mercy, since this is your first offense and since the planet needs good fertile breeding stock, like yourself.  The court believes that in your case, the time spent in prison could be used more productively.”

“He means re-productively,” whispers the defenses attorney.

The Judge leers at the defenses council.  “I shall continue.  The court disallows your statement and will not include it in the written transcript of these proceedings, as it is contrary to the facts of the case, as determined by this court.”

“Oh, crap,” whispers Ms. N. Epps to Yvette.  “That statement was our only hope for an appeal and our last chance to clear your name.”

BANG goes the Judges gavel.  “Councilor, control your clients comments, or she will be cite for contempt.  This is you final warning.”

“Ahem, for the defendants sentence, the court orders the following ;

“I told you it would be community service,” smiles Yvettes attorney, as she joyfully nudges her client in the ribs.

“No jail time !  WooHoo ! ” says Yvette, unable to contain her relief.

BANG.  The Judge pounds his gavel.  “30 credit fine for contempt of court, on the council for the defense.  I shall continue with reading the courts sentence.”

The courtroom applauds as Yvettes jaw drops in disbelief.  This is a classic Judge Fairvert verdict.  This is what the crowd is the courthouse was waiting for.  They all knew it was coming, but the verdict hits Yvette like a sucker punch.  She is stunned.

“Since it is a beautifully warm spring day, since there is no forecast of rain or frost tonight, since it is only 10AM, I hereby order the sentence be carried out today, starting at 1PM.”  BANG.  “Bailiff, strip the adulteress, place her in irons and chain her in the hallway outside my courtroom until the Jailer can come fetch her.  Next case.”  BANG goes the gavel.

3 uniformed courthouse guards immediately grab Yvette and take her to the front on the courtroom by the Bailiffs desk.  2 men hold her arms while the other pulls down her skirt and panties in one quick motion.  Her clothes are deposited into a clear plastic trash bag being held open by the Bailiff.  Then off come the shoes, which also tossed in the bag on top of the skirt.

“Quickly, gentlemen, I have another case to hear,” says the judge, as he leers from his judiciary podium at the sight of Yvette being stripped.  He has the perfect front row seat to the prisoners court ordered humiliation and strip show.

To save time, the guard rips off the buttons on Yvettes blouse and cuts open her bra between the C-size cups.  The tatters of her once fashionable blouse are also put into the plastic garbage sack.

“Jewelry sweetie; watch, rings, earrings and all your body jewelry,” says the Bailiff.  “Ill just have to take them off for you, since those nice young men are holding your hands behind your back.”

With the skill of a pickpocket, the Bailiff quickly removes Yvettes watch, earrings and her wedding ring.  “Oh and I need the prisoners handbag,” the Bailiff says to Ms. N. Epps, the incompetent defense attorney.  N. Epps hands over her clients handbag and tosses it in the plastic bag, along with everything else Yvette was wearing.

“No eyebrow studs, nipple rings, bellybutton ring or labia jewelry,” announces the Bailiff.  “Judge, shes clean and ready to go.”

“Sweetie, you gets your clothes and jewelry back tomorrow,” says the matronly bailiff as she closes the tamperproof seal on the clear bag.  “Now dont you struggle or put up a fuss, or da judge will have that lily-white ass of yours whipped good and proper right here in the courtroom.”

The Bailiff produces a box of ancient metal prisoner restraints from her desk and Yvettes hands are shackled behind her back and a heavy iron collar is bolted around her neck.  A short chain is locked to the collar and 2 courthouse guards, one on each side of the sobbing and naked girl, lead Yvette down the center isle of the packed courtroom.  They walk very slowly, so everyone can get a good look at the best breasts in NuGreenleaf for the year 2115.  Many in the crowd take pictures.  Even though cameras are normally forbidden, Judge Fairvert allows photography at the end of a trial. 

As Yvette and her guards are just about to exit the courtroom as the Bailiff announces the next case.  “The court of the honorable Judge Fairvert hears the case of Cindy Cums, a common whore, vs. the Village of NuGreenleaf.”

“Wait a second,” says the Judge, just as Yvettes guards are about to push the heavy door open.  “Guards, before you put the prisoner, Yvette Easy, in the hallway, have her face the bench.  There are 2 facts that need further examination.”

The guards turn her around to face the Judge.  Everyone in the courtroom turn their heads to see her perfect pair of breasts, one more time.  More pictures are taken.

“Now Billy, squeeze the prisoners breasts and tell me if they are real or silicone ?” 

“Sure thing Uncle Hardy,” say the young man.  The guard reaches out and grabs a handful of Yvettes soft tit-meat and roughly mauls her breast in his hand.  She cries out in pain.  Then the guard does the same to the other breast, as Yvettes tears are streaming down her face, turning her mascara into streaks of black under each eye.

“No, Uncle, I mean Your Honor, they feel real to me,” announces the guard. 

“Oh, you wouldnt know a silicone job if her tit smacked you across your face,” says the other, more experienced guard.  “Let me have a look.”  The senior man then proceeds to give Yvettes breasts a close-up inspection.  He slaps them from side to side to watch the way they bounce.  Everyone knows that silicone enhanced breasts bounce more than natural ones.  He then pulls up on the nipple, and looks for the telltale surgical scars on the underside of the breast and around the areola.  More pictures are taken as he does the same to the other breast.  “No, your honor, they are definitely real.  No surgical implants, no injections sites, no silicone, and very soft, I might add.”

The audience in the courtroom erupts in laughter.

“Just as I suspected; a fertile, married young woman at her breeding prime.  Strange she has no children and is not even expecting one.  Very suspicious indeed,” comments the Judge.  “Guards, take her away. Chain her to the floor in the hallway and Bailiff send for the Jailer.”

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 2 The Courthouse

Yvette is pulled through the doorway and into the courthouses public hallway.  Like many small communities, the NuGreenleaf Village Courthouse also houses several municipal departments and their offices, which line each side of the main corridor.  Each department has a public information counter for such things as paying taxes or water bills, address changes, identity card registration, motor vehicle licenses, etc.  Since the municipal clerks who work at these counters are notoriously slow, most departments have several townsfolk waiting in line for assistance.  These citizens are startled by the sudden activity at the entrance to the courtroom and by the clank of metal chains on the stone floor.  They turn and stare at the nude girl for a moment and then most of them politely look away.  The young man at the identity card counter, which is closest to the courtroom door, swings his ID camera and snaps an impromptu picture of the naked woman being chained to the floor by her guards.   An elderly woman points at the naked girl and says to the younger woman with her, “See, see what happens when you behave like a slut.  You will end up like her, and you never will get a husband.”

To one side of the courtroom door, the guards padlock the short chain on Yvettes iron neck collar to a thick iron ring set in the floor.  The floor is cold and stained by sweat and tears from decades of prisoners chained in this same spot.

“The Jailer will be here soon,” says one of the guards as he pats her on her ass.  “Now you dont go any where.”

Due to the shortness of the chain between the collar and the floor, Yvette is forced to lay flat on her stomach; her silicone-free breasts are pinned underneath her chest.  In a futile attempt at modestly, she tries to covers her naked butt with her hands. 

She is helpless, but not entirely immobile.  Even though her hands are cuffed behind her back, her feet and legs are not chained at all.  She can turn her head to the left and see under the courtroom door, or to the right and look down the long hallway at the legs of the people conducting their business, and staring at her.  Also, she can shift her weight alternately from side to side, thus relieving the pressure on one of her tits, or the other. 

If I can just slide my neck around in this collar, I might be able to lie on her back, thinks Yvette.  Oh, but this would expose my breasts and pussy to the gawker in the hallway and to that dweeb with the camera at the ID counter.  This does not sound like a good choice.  Ill try that position only as a last resort; only if the pain in my breasts becomes unbearable. 

She notices another ring set in the floor on the other side of the doorway.  She guesses that this ring will remain vacant until the next case is decided, which may take a while.  From what she is hearing from under the courtroom door, the next defendant is pleading not guilty, thereby forcing the judge to have a real trial, unlike hers.  Not having anything else to do, other than lie on the floor and be a public spectacle, Yvette listens to the other womans trial. 

The Bailiff announces the case, “Cindy Cums vs. the Village of NuGreenleaf.”

Yvette says to herself.  It sounds like the judge re-named you, too.  Nobody in their right mind would be named so lewdly. 

Judge Fairvert asks, “Defendant, has your attorney explained the charges against you?”

A womans voice replies, “Yes, she has, I guess, but theyre all a bunch of bullshit.”

“Councilor, please advise your client that I do not allow profanity in my courtroom.”

There is an exchange of words in female voices that Yvette can only imagine belong to the defendant and her attorney.

“Shall we continue ?” asks the Judge.

“Your honor, defense council moves for a continence, since I was assigned this case just yesterday and have not had adequate time to prepare, due to the preceding hearing.”

I thought I recognized that voice, thinks Yvette.  Its my attorney, Ms. N. Epps,

“Motion denied.”  BANG, goes the Judges gavel.  “Defendant, how do you plead ?”

“NOT GUILTY,” shouts the other voice, clearly wishing everyone to hear.

Yvette thinks, You might be a common whore, but you got rights, I think.  Thats it; dont cop a plea, just because it sounds like an easy way out.

How funny; Easy thats my name now, she muses.

From the sound of things, Cindy is charged with solicitation of a minor, lesbian sexual activity, along with drunk and disorderly conduct. Hell, everyone is drunk and disorderly a couple of days a month, thinks Yvette.  I wish I were drunk right now !

BANG, BANG, BANG  “Will the prosecution deliver the opening statement,” says Judge Fairvert.

The prosecutor explains the charges to the jury ; “On xz345 delta, it is perfectly illegal to be a prostitute, as long as you only ply your trade through a pimp-manager, who handles all payments for services rendered.  And so long as you submit to monthly sexual health inspections.  And so long as you only have sex with adult men.  Even if the man is married, the whore is protected from the adultery laws by her contract with her manager.  However the defendant, a Miss Cindy Cums, has been observed, on several occasions, offering the sexual services of her mouth, her pussy and her asshole, for money, in the town taverns, and that she never asks the males if they are over 21 years of age.  For violation of section 3.1 of the Corruption of Minors Act, you should be punished.”

What the fuck ? thinks Yvette.  If the guy is in a bar he has to be over 21.  Minors are not allowed into such places.  Cindy baby, you got this one beat, thinks Yvette.

The prosecutor continues his opening statement.  “Also, on several occasions, Miss Cums did not have her manager present in the tavern and was working the room for her own profit.  In addition, many of the men she was soliciting are married/family men and without her manager, acting as her intermediary, she is conspiring to commit adultery.”

Thats a new one, thinks Yvette.  I thought you actually had to fuck or suck the guy to be an adulteress; not just talk about it.  Besides everyone knows the guys are never charged.  The Sheriff sure does have a double standard when it comes to sex crimes.

The prosecutor continues.  “If the male is under the age of 21, the courts have ruled that the whore will be decreasing the potency of the young mans semen and thereby reducing his ability to breed in the future.  This sort of activity is a clear violation of the planetary procreation laws and can not be tolerated, given the population shortage.  Cindy Cums, by giving head to Johnny Smith, a minor male, in the mens toilet at the Cock & Bull Tavern on March 29th 2119, you have broken the laws of this colony, as described in section 5.9 of the Procreation Act, you should be punished.”

Yah, right.  Does anyone really think that sucking a few million spermizoa out of little Johnnys cock is going to change the planets population ?  Scientists has shown that the reproductive problems we are facing are the girls fault; not the boys.  It doesnt matter how many bullets are in little Johnnys gun, if the girl does not present a viable egg for him to shoot at, there will be no babies.  We learned this in high school sex-ed.

The prosecutor continues. “Also, and by accepting money for servicing Johnny Smith, and not reporting this income to you manager or the government, you are in violation of section 3.2a of the Whoring Taxation Act and should be punished.”

So thats what its really all about, thinks Yvette.  Follow the money.  It all comes down to money and how the government can squeeze every last credit out of a poor whores cum filled pussy and not getting semen on their fingers.  Its not about morality, or family values, or social well being, its only about money.

The prosecutor continues.  “Under the laws of this colony, lesbian sexuality is forbidden, since it reduces the breeding potential of the population by removing potentially fertile women from the gene-pool.  As defined by statute, lesbian sexuality includes kissing, licking, tonguing or sucking on another womans lips, breasts, nipples, earlobes, anal region or any part of her genitalia.  Also, lesbian sexuality includes any mechanical or manual stimulation of a womans clitoris or vagina, by another woman, for the purpose of achieving orgasm.  Due to the mandatory sentencing provision in this statute, convicted violators of the lesbian sex laws are sent to prison, but not to the all-female jails, since this would just encourage their lesbian tendencies.  As for Cindy Cums deviant, lesbian sexual activities, security cameras in several of our fine inns, hotels and boarding houses have recorded 8 of her perverted lesbian escapades, most of which are too obscene to be shown in public.  For violations of sections 3.5, 3.7, 3.8, and 4.2 of the sexual deviancy act, you should be punished.”

Damn, girl; they are throwing the book at you.  But this charge is nothing but a 2-bit hatchet job.  The DAs office can not ask for a conviction based on evidence they can not show anyone.  Cindy, you are being railroaded right into the mens prison, where you will be gang-raped daily until your 3rd trimester, thinks Yvette, who turns her head and tries not to listen to the miscarriage of justice happening in Judge Fairverts court.

Yvette sighs and gently rocks her body from side to side to comfort her aching tits. 

You know, when I think about it, planet xz234 delta, is as close to an ideal setting as a person could as for.  The summers were not too hot and winters not too cold.  Only once have I seen it snow and it rains mostly at night, making the days full of sunshine.  The people are generally cordial, and sometimes downright friendly, but they do like to gossip.  The Village of NuGreenleaf is actually a small city, with a population of slightly over 10,000 people, but not growing as fast as the colonys planners had originally forecast.  NuGreenleaf does not have a lot of crime, which may be a result of old Judge Fairverts strict sentences, or it may be the result of the innate goodness of mankind, thinks Yvette.  Up until this day, she was convinced it was because of the latter condition, but now shes not so sure.

No negative thoughts, only pleasant thoughts, she tells her self. 

She thinks about how lovely the village square looked this spring morning.  How the air was scented with cherry blossoms and how happy all the townsfolk were as the strolled along the brick paved sidewalks.  But the village square was normally a peaceful place, not just today.  It has nice public open-spaces on the east and west sides with the cherry trees on the west and the tall stately elms on the east.  The towns main road enters the square from the south side and splits into 2 roads, with traffic being forced to either the east or west side, depending on the direction of travel, before exiting the square on the northern edge.  The edges of the square are lined with benches, small tables and flower planters and the townsfolk congregate during the day to enjoy lunch, conversation and games of chess or malli (a game of chance and skill similar to dominos and usually played for money.  Gambling for small sums is allowed under the law.)   The square is so beautiful.  It really is NuGreenleafs magnet.  Sometimes people will just slowly drive around and around the square, making 4 or 5 circuits before leaving.  She and Jack had often cruised the square, when they were dating.  Those were happier times, before she knew much about the sadistic Judge Fairvert.

Yvette muses, I guess because of the low crime rate, the judge has very little to do.  True, he does have few occasions to exercise his form of skewed justice and creative punishment, she thinks, as her personal condition sinks in.  He is an old-school judge; very old-school; middle ages old-school.  He seems to order public punishment as a rule, not an exception, reserved for only the worst offenders.  He probably believes that the humiliation value is an effective deterrent to future crime.  Now that I think about it, he especially liked to have young women publicly punished in the Village Square.  And he is the guy responsible for the purchase, at great public expense, of a number of cages, whipping posts and pillory built for this purpose.  The Village Square is normally such a peaceful place.  But not when there is a public punishment being carried out at the Judges orders.

The imposing 3-story courthouse occupies the northern ¼ of the square, and although he didnt build it, Judge Fairvert has made it his domain; his castle.  It has a commanding view of the main road, in both directions, as well as the square itself.  On punishment days, the Judge usually watches from his private chambers on the 3rd floor and nothing escapes his notice.

Suddenly, Yvette is bounced out of her daydream by the sounds from inside the courtroom.  There is a lot of yelling and screaming as Cindy Cums strenuously objects to having her breast examined by the prosecutor.

BANG, BANG, BANG.  “Contempt of court !” yells the judge.  “Councilor for the defense, if you can not control your client, then I will cite you as well !  Bailiff, send for more guards.  For her contempt, the court hereby orders the defendant gagged, stripped and shackled.  She is to be chained to the punishment frame on the eastern dais and taught a lesson in self control by the Courthouse Guards before this hearing can continue.  Court is adjourned until 2PM tomorrow, when we shall see what Miss Cums has learned and determine if she needs more lessons !”

BANG, sounds the judges gavel, just as 2 more pairs of jackboots go running past Yvettes face and into the courtroom. 

That makes 7 guards and a Bailiff, counts Yvette.  And all to subdue poor Cindy Cums, a common whore, who apparently can fight as well as a whole company of planetary regulars, Yvette chuckles to herself.  Wish I could watch.

But her only enjoyment is taken away by the sole of a combat boot pressing firmly on her neck and forcing her face onto the stone floor.

“Now, little girly, you have a date with your new lover.  One this one wont jump through the window and run away, like your last one did, you adulteress slut,” says the Village Jailer, as he unlocks the chain holding her to the floor.  “Your new boyfriend is named Rob Bot, and while he has never heard of you and you have never met him, the 2 of you are going to fuck like minx tonight.”

Yvette did not understand what the Jailer meant by her new lover, but it sounded nasty.

“Come on little girly, on your feet.  I have to get you ready for your 1 oclock date,” says the potbellied jailer.  “But first we have some Village business to take care of.”  He stops Yvette in front of the ID counter.  “Now toe the marks on the floor and smile for the camera.  You need a new ID card to go with your new name; Easy Yvette.”

“Boy; you behind the counter.  Get over here and do your job.  Take this young womans picture for her new Identification Card and make an ID Badge, too,” orders the jailer.  “Make the badge the larger size, like for salespeople, and make sure you show her tits in the pictures.”

The Jailer pushes Yvette up to the marks on the floor and holds her chin up by twisting the iron collar from behind her neck.  The strobe flashes and in 60 seconds, Yvette Easy has a new ID card.  The strobe flashes again, and in another embarrassing long 60 seconds she has a new, large ID badge, which is clipped to the front of her collar.

“Good job, son,” says the Jailer, as he looks at the card.  “Now there is some prime meat, son.  You wont see any better tatas than that.  Oh, and send another picture; a 30 x 30cm glossy print, to the jail.  Charge it to my prisoner documentation account.  We have quite a collection of naked girly pictures in the mens locker room, but none as choice as this.”

The Jailer leads Yvette by her chained collar, past the wide-eyed citizens in the public hallway, then down the 3 flights of stairs to the ground floor.  As she proceeds further and further from the courtroom, the more and more she is photographed.  It was as if they knew she was coming.  Going down the narrow stairways were the worst.  It seems that every man and half of the women they passed pinch her on the ass.  By the time she reached the ground floor she was developing bruises from all the pinching.  Thankfully, on the ground floor, the jailer rotated the iron collar on her neck and switched positions with her.  In this way she would go first, and the jailer could protect her now sore butt from the vicious pinching.  Of course, this left her nakedness completely unobstructed and the cameras from the newspapers took full advantage of this, as she walked down the last hallway towards the main exit doors.

Getting through the doors was another matter.  With the jailer behind her, unable or unwilling to help, and with her arms cuffed behind her back, Yvette is unable to turn the door knob to get out of the courthouse.

“Mr. Jailer, Sir,” she said.  “I cant open the door with my hands behind my back.  Could you please open the door for me ?”

“No way girly,” replies the jailer.  “I dont open doors for adulteresses.  You are going to have to ask someone else.  And besides, my name is Smoky.  We are going to be together for a long time today and an even longer time tonight, so we might as well get to know each other on a first name basis, Yvette, or would you rather I call you girly all night”

“Ah, OK, SSmmoky,” said Yvette, finding it hard to be personal with a man who was leading her around by a chain.

For several minutes she stood there in front of the glass entry door; her nakedness in full view of the gathering crowd lining the courthouses grand stairway.  But no one approached the doors, and therefore there was no one to ask for help.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the old lady from the 3rd floor hallway came to the doors and was apparently ready to leave the building.

“Pardon me, mam, could you please open the door for me ?  Please,” begs Yvette.

The old woman looks at her, then she looks at Yvettes breasts, then looks at her butt, then softly smiles and whispers, “I once had nice breast; just like yours; before coming to this poisoned planet.  I dont have any breasts now.  The cancer got them.  I gave this planet 4 healthy children and 2 healthy breasts and now I got skin cancer, again.  I have more scars under this black dress than any 2-bit whore in the cheapest cathouse in town.  I know I look like Im 80, but Im just 58, hoping to make it to 59.  Oh, by the wat, my name is Rose.”

“Pleased to meet you, Rose.  Sorry about your cancer.  Ill remember you in my prayers.”

“Thank you kindy, young lady,” says Rose.  “I see that they have not branded you; not yet anyway.  Its a crime to scar such nice skin.  But dont worry, most adult women in NuGreenleaf have at least one A brand.  My daughter, Jessie, has 2 As, you know.  One on each side of her butt.  She hasnt had her tits branded yet, but shes working on it.”

“Oh, mah,” complains Jessie. “I am not.  I cant help it if the guys all lie about not being married.  Yvette Canter, I know you. We were in high school together.  I was in the class before you.  Sorry I didnt recognize you, dressed the way you are.  You have really developed . . . into a spectacular woman.  I am so jealous of your breasts.  Mine are already getting lumpy.  If I dont get a husband soon, Ill never be able to have kids.”

“I wish I could help, but what can I do ?  Im sure there will be a lot of single men on the Village Square tonight, watching me giving naked sex demonstrations.  Why dont you come down and try to hook-up with a cute one ?” says Yvette to Jessie.

Then Rose, the elderly matron chimes in, “Yvette, if they brand you tomorrow, they will be marking on their own souls.  And that is a mark that burns deeper than any brand they can lay on your flesh.  Besides, youll just be catching up with the rest of the sinful townsfolk.  Thats all, just catching up.” Rose says, as she leaves the building.  The old lady opens and walks through the door, with Jessie following close behind.  But the mother and her daughter go through the in door and Yvette can not follow her, due to the metal hand rail separating the in doors from the out doors.

“Such a sweet old lady,” sighs Yvette.  “I hope shell be alright.”

But then, after going down the first few steps, Rose, the old lady turns around, walks back to the out door, and much to the embarrassment of Jessie, she opened the door for Yvette and holds it open like the door man at the Ritz Hotel.

“It looks like you found a friend,” says Smoky the jailer.

“Come on Sweetie.  Come meet your public,” says the elderly Rose, still holding the door, and bowing like a servant.

The jailer nudges Yvette through the open door and onto upper landing of the grand stairway, which is now lined 2-deep with men trying to get a closer look at the best breasts in NuGreenleaf.  And also trying to conceal the bulge in the front of their pants.  The air is cooler outside and Yvettes nipples start to harden.  The isle between the throng is less then a meter wide, but Smoky pushes her forward anyway.

Before Yvette can reach the first step, the pinching begins again; but this time the men are pinching her nipples too, not just her ass.

“Ouch !  Pardon me, Sir. Ouch!  Please let me pass. OOOuch !  Damn that hurts.  Smoky, make them stop, please.  They are pinching my butt AND my nipples,” complains Yvette.

“Sorry.  Not my job,” says Smoky, the jailer.  “You best be going a little quicker, child, or these motherfuckers will pinch you to death, and youll be late for your date, with your new bow, Rob Bot.”

Yvette doesnt need any more encouragement.  Headlong down the stairs she goes.  She twists her upper body to avoid the nipple-snapping fingers of the men on the stairs.  The guys she can not dodge, she head butts or rams with her shoulders, until the guys move out of her way.  Its like a gauntlet. No more miss nice girl, she thinks.  She knees a guy in the crotch and side steps his grasp to gain another meter down the stairway.  Being a step higher than the guys she confronts gives her a small advantage, which she uses to its fullest.    Step by step she battles the men and practically drags Smoky the jailer down 15 meters of stairway in the process.  Once at ground level and on to the Village Square the guys give up and retreat to the far sides of the staircase.  Yvette is winded, but proud of her victory.

“WhooHoo !” hoots Jessie and Rose, from the top of the stairs.  “You got a lot of spunk sweetie.  Give em hell !”

“OK, girly, I mean Yvette.  We are going to walk, nice and slow-like, to the small stage on your right,” says Smoky.  “Do you see it ?  Good.  You are on the point, and I am going to cover your ass, I mean bring up the rear.  Lets do it now, before they can re-group.”

At a leisurely pace, the unlikely pair traverses the square, to the relative safety of the western dais.  This is the stage where Yvette will be performing her community service.

“OK, we made it.  See that nice young men with the machine pistol slung over his neck ?  His name is Jara and he is going to keep you safe for the duration of your community service.  No mob of sex-crazed, horny bastards is going to bother you now,” says Smoky.  “Just step up on to the stage and stand under the framework, like a good girl.  The next part, is my job.  Ill take good care of you, and youll take good care of ol Smoky.  Remember ?”

Yvette hops up on the platform and startles the potbellied jailer. The stage is only ½ a meter above ground level, so the jump is a breeze to Yvette, even though her hands are chuffed behind her back.  The bondage frame looks like a wide doorway, but without the doors.  It is made of stout timbers, securely bolted and braced to the wooden stage floor.  Yvette stands under the framework and turns to face the jailer.  “Like this ?,” she asks.

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 3 Sex-Ed 101

“Perfect.  OK boys, bring out the stuff.  Its noon30 and we got a lot to do in half an hour,” says Smoky into his personal communicator.

Three men emerge for the 2 vans parked near the dais.  Each is carrying a box of some sort and they hustle over to the stage.  Like a precision machine, the men get Yvette ready for her court-ordered sex-education demonstration.  The hand cuffs on her wrists are replaced with fleece-lined leather cuffs.  A short chain is clipped to a metal ring on each cuff and these chains are connected to eyebolts in the side of the frame slightly above her shoulders.  Her ankles are also manacled with similar cuffs, which are secured to the base of the frame with short lengths of chain.  Yvette stands with her legs spread and her arms straight out from her shoulders.

“OK, Doc.  The prisoner is secured and ready for inspection,” says Smoky into his communicator.

A fifth man emerges from one of the vans and walks over to the dais.  He is wearing a white lab-coat and carries a clip board.  He steps up on the stage and walks around the tethered girl.

“Humm, nice legs, nice ass, and nice tits.  Very nice tits,” says Doctor John Moore, one of the Doctors assigned to the Village Jail.

“Ah, thank you, Doctor, but this is very embarrassing,” complains Yvette.

“Speak only when you are asked a question, otherwise you will be punished.  This is my show; my demonstration.  I am the professor; you are just a visual aid.  If you cooperate and be a nice sex-model, I will make this easy on you.  If not, I can make it very rough.  Got that ?” warns the Doctor.

“Yes, Doctor, I mean Sir,” answers the frightened girl.

“Good.  Smoky, shave her !” orders the Doctor as he turns and walks back to the van.

Out of one of the boxes a cordless electric hair cutter is retrieved and one of the jail guards turns it on to test the charge.  The clippers buzz for a second or two then die.

“Damn.  I guess we will have to do it with a razor,” says Smoky.  “Prep-her, while I strop my old straight razor.”

One of the guards finds a bottle of water and squirts it all over Yvettes pubic region.  Another man applies a thick layer of mens shaving cream to her crotch.  The menthol tinkles her pussy lips.

“Mind your fingers there, young man.  This is an adulteress, not a whore.  You dont get any free feels today.”

The man steps back and allows the gathering crowd of on-lookers a better view.

“Now, Yvette, this here pearl handled razor may be old, but its very very sharp.  I dont want to cut you, so dont move a muscle.  Just relax.  Ive done this hundreds of times with my wifes pussy.”

“But, but, my hair isnt that long.  I keep it neatly trimmed,” objects Yvette as she struggles in her bindings.

“Makes no difference.  The Doc wants you shaved,” says Smoky.  “So which of us do you want to shave you ?  One of those youngsters ?” he says pointing at the guards, “or me ?”

She surveys the 5 men, and decides that the old Jailer is probably the most experienced.  “Smoky, I want you to shave me.  Please, Sir, will you shave my pubic hair ?” she begs.

“Thats more like it.  You catch on quickly.  Remember, I take care of you, and you take care of me.  Now dont move, while I trim your bush.”

Yvette stands like a statue for fear of being cut, while the old jailer draws his ancient straight razor over her pussy.  With each stroke, the white lather is scraped away and the pinkish flesh of her cunt is exposed.  After 3 very tense minutes, Yvettes pussy is as naked as it was when she was in grade school.  And not a nick or a cut anywhere.

“Whew, Im glad thats over,” says Yvette.  “You take care of me, and I take care of you,” she says to Smoky.

“OK Doc.  Shes as bare are a virgin,” says Smoky into his communicator.


The man in the lab-coat emerges from a van, walks on to the stage and feels Yvettes pussy.  “Not bad.  Now finish tying her up and unpack the machine.  I have a little speech to deliver and its almost 1 oclock.”

The jail guards and old Smoky shorten her ankle chains, thus spreading her legs even more.  They run rubber bungee cords between her legs and around her hip and secure them to the top of the frame.  A heavy rope is then wrapped several times around each leg at her knee and tied off to the side of the frame.  The iron collar is remover, much to Yvettes relief, and her name badge clipped to the side of the frame.  A very long length of soft nylon rope is then run around the back of her neck, over the front of her shoulders, under her arms, then crossed in the back and run over her shoulders again, then crossed just above her breast and run under each breast and around her rib cage several time, just below her tits.  This same rope is them wrapped around her upper rib cage above her breasts and finally knotted off behind her back and secured to the very top of the frame.

Her breasts are allowed to hang freely since short lashings are not used to squeeze the upper and lower ribcage ropes together.

The clock on the courthouse chimes the hour; 1PM, and precisely at that moment the other girl, poor Cindy Cums - the common whore, is cuffed to one of the twin whipping posts mounted on the stage at the other end of the square.  The 7 guards, who subdued her in the Judges courtroom, are taking turns paddling her bare ass with a long thick leather strap.  With each stoke she cries out in agony.  Her ass is already bright red, making the large A branded on her left buttocks and the whore brand on the right buttocks an even more prominent displace.  Yvette watches in fascination as her guards continue tying her to the framework on the dais.  Yvette knows that with a large A branded on the other womans ass, that she is also an adulteress and that she has been convicted of the cheating crime at least twice, even though she is too far away to see the small A brand on her other butt cheek.  Yvette wonders if she has As on her breasts, too.  While Cindy is naked, Yvette can not see the other womans breasts, which are up against the post.  She certainly is getting spanked hard.  Yvette wonders what other tortures her guards will give her ?  Cindy may not even know herself.  The Judge was not specific about the exact methods, only that her punishment had to end before her next hearing at 2PM tomorrow.  That is about the same time they have to release me, but at least I know what is in store for me.  I get to be a sex-model for a bunch of horny men and High School boys. 

As the guards finish binding Yvette, a school bus stops in the square and the entire Boys Health and Human Sexuality class of NuGreenleaf High piles out and runs over to the demonstration area.  “Students; please take notes and do not wander over to the other side of the square.  That woman is being punished for . . . for I dont know what, but your field trip is at this end of the square.  Remember, this is an assignment; not an entertainment, so take notes” announces the teacher.

“Young men of NuGreenleaf,” announces the jails Doctor as he begins his speech.  “The woman, the beautiful naked woman, here on the stage is Yvette Easy and she will be our sex demonstration model.  She is 23, a graduate of NuGreenleaf High and was, up until an hour ago, married.  But shes single now, and on the market again, ah, starting tomorrow.  Im sure she will be off the market by the time you reach the legal marriage age of 21.”

The boys laugh.

“First, she is been punished for her recent adultery, and this demonstration is part of her punishment.  She is a first time offender and there arent any brands for any past criminal activities.  Believe me.  I have thoroughly inspected every inch of her body.”

The boys chuckle again.

“All joking aside, before us stands one of the most fertile young women you will ever see.  Her fertility is evident by her perfectly shaped breasts.  If you ever meet a girl with tits like these, immediate propose matrimony to her.  However, chances are, you will not meet such a lovely female specimen, outside of one of your wet-dreams.”

The crowd of young men laughs again.  Several of them take pictures of the naked and bound Yvette, as part of their homework assignment, no doubt.

“Young men, when you get married, the colony needs you and your chosen future wife, to bear children.  And quickly.  The planets population is way behind expectations, so it is up to you to make babies, lots of babies.”

A cheer erupts from a middle-aged man at the edge of the audience.  He knows from his own experience how much fun it is to make babies, while these high school kids do not.

“This demonstration will teach you the proper techniques for sexual relationships with your future bride; or more coarsely stated, how to fucking your wife.  Now our sex-model will remain vertical for the purposes of this demonstration only.  In this way you can get a better view of the process.  You, on the other hand, will be doing the sex-act in the horizontal position ; as in your marriage bed.  Also, Miss Easy has had her pubic hair shaved, so as to not obstruct your view.  It is unlikely that your bride will be so denuded, however, as the husband, you can have your womans pubic region trimmed, shaved or hairy, whichever suits your tastes.”

“For your information ; this female subject has never born a child.  Note the absence of a baby pouch on her stomach.  As I said previously, she was briefly married, so she is not a virgin any more, as many of your future brides will be.  While the techniques for de-flowering a girl, hopefully your bride, are important, we can not demonstrate them today.  This sex-ed demonstration will not harm our sex-model in any way, although she may cry out during the demonstration, it will be in pleasure, not in pain.” 

God I hope not, thinks Yvette.

“The ropes that bind her are for her own protection.  Now that I have all legal disclaimers out of the way we can begin.  First we have to make the woman receptive to our male intensions.  The best way to do this is with gifts.”  A jail guard comes on stage with a heart shaped box of chocolates and shoves a bon-bon into Yvettes mouth.

“Chocolate is a mild aphrodisiac and can make a woman horny, or at least a little horny, but dont over do it, otherwise she will get fat and blame you for it.  But there are other gifts.”

Another jail guard comes on stage with a bottle of Champaign.  He uncorks the bottle, and in the process sprays the wine all over Yvette.  Then he shoves the neck of the bottle in her mouth and tilts it up until the bottle is empty. Yvette gulps down as much as she can but some of the bubbly dribbles from the corners of her mouth leaving a trail of froth running down her neck on to her breasts.

“As the old saying goes, candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.  But the best gift of all is new, fashionable shoes !”

Two guards bring out a pair of the worst knee high boots Yvette could ever imagine.  They lift her feet, one by one, and put the new boots on her.  The boots are a one-size-fits-all design.  They are laced up tightly so as to completely restrict her side to side ankle movement.  They have special steel rods running up each side and the back of the boot.  At the sole, these rods extend outward and end in a closed eye, much like the extra long skew-eye bolts you see at the hardware stores.  The eye is at a 90 degree angle to the boot, thereby making it flat to the stage.  The guards, with the aid of an electric screwdriver, bolt the boots to the wooden stage.

Smoky, who has standing at the back of the stage supervising the guards, whispers to Yvette after they finish bolting her to the stage, “I know they arent pretty, but they are practical.  They prevent you from raising your body by going on tiptoes.  Youll see why this is important later.”

“So, now that we have wooed our subject with chocolates, wine and shoes, without further ado, lets bring out Mr. Rob Bot, the male star of this demonstration.”

The crowd of young men applauds, as a jail guard sets a small suite case on the stage in front of Yvette.  On the box is stenciled Rob Bot ; robot; the box contains a mechanical fucking machine.  The box is opened and a long jointed rod is attached to a heavy metal flywheel on the machine.  The rod passes through 2 bushing, which keep the outer end from moving in any direction other than back and forth.  The scary part is that the rod is pointing like a spear at Yvettes pussy.

“Now young men, it is important that you have the correct angle of thrust when fucking your bride.  Medical studies have shown, that for 97% of all women, the optimum angle is precisely 55 degrees from the horizontal.  For our demonstration, since our sex-model is rotated 90 degrees, the angle becomes . . .  anyone ?”

A squeaky voice calls out from the crowd of high school students “55 degrees from the vertical.”

“Correct !  Give that young man a chocolate bar,” chides the Doctor.  “Guards, position the machine so that the thrusting armature is at exactly 55 degrees from the vertical.”

The guards move the box, measure the angle and distance to Yvettes vagina and bolt the machine to the stage, so it is completely stationary.

“OK, boys, this part gets a little personal.  How large is the average male penis ?  By this, I mean how fat is it; not how long is it.  You there, young man, what is the diameter of your cock right now.  It has to be pretty big, judging by the size of the bulge in your trousers.”

The boy is embarrassed, but feels his hard-on through his pants and says, “ah, 4.5 cm, sir.”

“Good; very good.  Thats a nice size cock you have, young man.  It will make your future wife very happy.  Guard, attach a 4.5 cm diameter rubber dildo to the thrusting armature.”  The guard retrieves a metal tube from the box of parts, locates a 4.5 cm diameter, flesh-colored, rubber dildo and screws it onto the end of the tube.  He then slides the pipe over the rod on the fucking machine and awaits further instructions.  The tip of the rubber phallic is only a few centimeters from Yvettes pussy, and she tries to back away from it as much as the ropes will allow.

Now that we have the correct angle and a nice size dildo, who can tell me the proper penis thrust dimension ?”

“10 cm ?”, guess one boy.  “No; care to guess again ?” says the doctor.

“6 cm ?” ; “Heavens no, maybe for a pin-dick, but we can do better. Does anyone care to guess again ?.

“14 cm ?” ;  “No, but youre getting closer.  Any other guesses ?.

“32 cm ?” ; “Oh, god, NO.  Youd fuck her so deep that youd rupture her uterus!

“Its a trick question.  The correct answer is 85% of the distance from the womans inner labia to the back of her cervix.  For you slower students, thats 0.85 x the distance for her cunt lips to the end of her cunt hole.  Will one of the guards please measure the depth of our sex-models vagina ?”

A guard produces a long slender rod with a soft rubber tip and measuring gradations along its entire length.  He lubes it with glycerin then slowly sticks it up Yvettes pussy until it will go no farther and she yelps with pain.  “21 cm,” announces the guard.  “She has a deep pussy.”

“OK, can anyone tell me what 85% of 21 cm is ?”

“17.85 cm,” yells a voice from the crowd of students.

“Correct.  There must be a few math students in this class, too.  Guard, set the thrust distance to 17.85 cm.”

The guard fiddles with the connection between the flywheel and the thrusting arm.  He is very careful, and double checks his measurements.  He then extends the dildo tipped tube so that it is 3.15 cm inside of Yvettes pussy.  This dimension is the difference between 21 and 17.85 cm.  He tightens a set screw and announces, “Mr. Rob Bot is ready for action, Doc.”

“Excellent.  Attach the battery cables and well give it a whirl.”

One of the guards sets a large truck battery on the stage and connects it to Rob Bot, the fucking machine, with a set of jumper cables.  It appears that the mechanical man is operated by a 12 volt DC motor. “Battery attached, Doc,” says the guard.

“Excellent.  Now which of you young men wants to demonstrate the proper, initial fuck-stroke ?”

A pimply faced boy in the front row jumps up waving his arm and shouting, “I do.  I do.  Let me do it.”

Yvette starts to worry.  She thinks, This kid is probably still a virgin.  Hell, everything he knows about sex he learned from his daddys porno magazines, or from his from his own masturbation fantasies.  This is going to hurt.

The man in the white lab-coat hands the boy a remote controller.  He explains that the fucking machine can be run at any speed the boy wants and shows him how to select the speed.  He also shows him how to use the joystick on the controller to manually varying speed.  The kid doesnt look too bright, and Yvette suspects the worst.  She tries desperately to wiggle her hips or stretch her legs to dislodge the dildo for her pussy before the boy does some serious damage to her cunt; but to no avail; the ropes and the fashionable boots are too tight and prevent her from moving enough.  She is just too well tied.

Zap, the boy pushes the start button and immediately the fucking machine starts hammering Yvettes pussy at a rate of 5 or 6 strokes per second.  Yvette screams, then screams some more.  She continues to scream as the doctor explanations the boys mistake to the students

“Do you see how fast she is being fucked and how little Miss Easy is not enjoying it ?” says the doctor.  “While there may be an athlete or two in your school who can fuck this rapidly, your future wife will not be able to take it.”

Yvette screams, “Please, PLEASE, turn it off !  Turn it off !”

The doctor takes the controller from the boy and switches off the machine.  Yvette, breaths a sigh of relief, as the Doctor bends down to make an inspection.

“No damage.  The machine is OK, and I think our subject is also, at least for now.  Let me show you how to properly fuck a woman.  You have to start slowly and give her vagina a chance to welcome your cock by relaxing and lubricating.  Now unless there has been a lot of foreplay, such as kissing, breast fondling or pussy stroking, a womans vagina will not be sufficiently lubricated to accept your manhood.  As my demonstration has shown, just because she is naked, doesnt mean shes wet.  Now foreplay doesnt have to be all the mans job.  Most young women will get very wet after sucking a mans cock, especially if she loves him. Unfortunately, the court order reserves the cock sucking demonstration for the evening classes and only allows our sex-model to be fucked by a mechanical lover this afternoon.  Now since Miss Easy is not presently in the mood for sex, lets see if we can change her mind before turning on the machine.”

The doctor sets down the controller and start stroking Yvettes breasts.  He moves behind her and with both hands he cups them and gentle squeezes her tits, letting her hardening nipples slip through his fingers to be lightly squeezed between them.  He then starts nibbling on the nape of her neck; first one side, then the other.  Yvette can smell a faint trace of whiskey on the doctors breath.  He continues to fondle her breasts until she finally has and involuntary reaction and shutters.  The doctor has found her secret erotic zone at the base of her neck.  She moans, and the doctor ceases his foreplay and steps to the from of the small stage.

“There.  Did you young men see that ?  Our subject is starting to enjoy herself as evident by that slight shake you just saw.  Its commonly called a lovers shutter.  Now lets see what her cunt has been up to.  Jailer, feel her pussy and tell our boys what you find.”

Smoky steps up on the stage and places his hand over Yvettes freshly shave pubic mound.  He strokes her naked pussy lips, before gently spreading them and inserting a single finger past the dildo already in her pussy. 

“Remember, I take care of you, and youll take care of me,” he whispers as he pets her clit.  “Doc, shes getting wet.  Its not flowing a gusher, but her cunt is becoming receptive to some more attention from her new boyfriend, Mr. Rob Bot.”

“Excellent.  Now I want every young man in the NuGreenleaf High Boys Health and Human Sexuality Class, who has not felt or smelled a womans pussy to come up and get a free feel, as the whores call it.”

No one volunteers.

“Come on now.  Lack of experience is nothing to be ashamed of at your age.”

The pimply faced boy, who first tried his hand at operating the fucking machine, steps up on the stage.  Smoky spreads Yvettes labia and says, “just one finger, and not too deep, son.”

The boy sticks his finger into the top of Yvettes pussy, rubbing past her clit, then shyly withdraws it.  “Yes sir, she is a little wet,” he says, before the next boy steps up on the dais to cop his first feel.  In all, 14 boys finger Yvettes pussy, which gets wetter and wetter as they inadvertently drag their fingers over her now swollen clit.  She shutters again and is struck by each young mans innocence.  They really dont know anything about a girls pussy, she muses.

“I think our subject is ready,” says the jail Doctor, as picks up the remote controller.  “Here is how you should start.”

Doc adjusts the settings and the dildo starts a slow, very slow advance into Yvettes love-hole.  It takes a full minutes before it reaches the maximum penetration.

“You see how receptive she is.  Not only is she wet, but her cunt is opening up for the rubber penis.  Notice she is not screaming.  Thats always a good sign.  Once you have completely stretched her vagina, at least as much as your own pecker can, you can start fucking her.  But do it slowly, at least at first.  When you get real experienced at love-making, you can actually thrust into her very very slowly, thereby teasing her and making her even more aroused.”

Yes, thats the way Jack used to fuck her.  Back when they were still in love and  married.  He made me so horny, she says to herself.

The doctor increases the speed of her new mechanical boyfriend.  Its still rather slow, at least slower than Yvette wants.  She starts rocking her hips and thrusting her pelvis.  She is not even aware she is doing it, at first.  The ropes will allow her a few cm of movement forward and backward and after a few minutes she is straining at them to increase the depth of the dildos thrust.

“There, do you see how she is responding.  She is actually, actively fucking herself with the dildo.  When a woman wants it, really wants it, she just wont lay there in bed and be fucked.  She wants to fuck.  Shell match your every stroke with one of her own.  At this point you are a team; a love-making team, and a steady rhythm is very important.  Now lets see what else our sex-model can do for us.  Guards, loosen some of her ropes, so she has a few more centimeters of room.  Let see if she will impale her cunt on the dildo.”

Two guards un-tie then re-tie some of the ropes.  The boots still prevent Yvette from raising her pussy off of the dildo, but that is the furthest thing from her mind right now.  The Doctor slightly increases the speed and Yvette matches it.  When the mechanical man has thrust his rubber cock as far forward as it will go, Yvette also thrusts her now dripping cunt as far forward as it will go.

“Oh, God, that feels sooo good !” she coos.

“Notice how far our sex-model is taking the dildo.  It is hitting the back of your pussy and you are forcing the cock into your uterus, arent you girl ?” ask the Doctor.

“Yes.  Its so good.  Yes, oh God !”

“You are such a slut, Yvette.  Easy is a perfectly fitting name for a slut like you,” says the Doctor.  “Adulteresses make the best sex-models, dont you think ?”

Yvette is so close to an orgasm, that she doesnt mind being publicly nude, humiliated and insulted.  Her need to climax is the only thing she cares about right now.

“Oh God, Im going to come.  Oh, God !”

“Not yet, my little oversexed slut,” says Doc as he turns off the mechanical fucking machine.

“NO !  You cant do this to me !  I want to come.  I need it,” she begs.

The boys are completely wide-eyed.  They have never seen anything like this.  Purely by chance, the fucking machine has stopped with the dildo nearly at its maximum thrust.  Needing to come so badly, Yvette continues to thrust her hips and pussy on to the now stationary dildo.

“See how she continues to hump the cock, like a bitch in heat, which she is,” says the Doctor.  “When a girl is as fertile as this one, she has to have sex, and lots of it.  If your future wife is like this, you better take your vitamins and be ready for some long nights in the bedroom; and days, too.”

“Ohh, Ohhhh, Ohhhhh, Godddd !!!”

Yvettes eyes roll to the back of her head, her breathing comes in short little gasps and with one last violent thrust she comes.  She has thrust the dildo so far into her pussy that her cunt lips are near onto the metal tube.  Her ass and thighs involuntarily quiver as her orgasm finishes.  The crowd applauds.  The Doctor takes a bow, even though is was the girls performance they are clapping for.

On the far side of the square, Cindy Cums has been tied like a giant spread eagle between the whipping posts and facing Yvette.  One guard is on her right side and one on her left.  They take turns whipping her tits and stomach with horsehair stingers.  A third guard is behind the posts and he has a long handled buggy whip in one hand and a traditional leather flogger in the other.  From Yvettes vantage, this 3rd guard appears to be flogging her back and globular buttock and using the whip to strike her pussy by wrapping it under and around her crotch.  The other guards are on break or something and the 3 doing all the work are clearly arm weary.  Cindys chin is hung down to her chest, and she may be unconscious.  In any case, she is not screaming, due to the red rubber ball gag the guards inserted a couple of hours ago.  They may have gotten tired of all her wailing. 

“Pay attention,” barks the Doctor, as he slaps Yvette across one of her tits and then the other.  “I have 1 more subject to cover with you, Miss Easy, and we will be done with the demonstrations for the high school students.  Then I can go see if the bitch on the other dais has been whipped enough, or if she still needs more.”

The Jails Doctor turns to his crowd of young men and says, “Now a normal woman will need at least 40 minute of recovery time between orgasms.  I think our sex-model can get by on far less.  Its been about 5 minute since she climaxed, lets get her to do an encore performance, shall we ?” 

The boys hoot and whistle and chant more , more , more.  Doc smiles and switches on the fucking machine.  He quickly brings it up to speed, with little or no warm-up time given to Yvettes still contracted vagina.  Instinctively, she shifts her pussy as far backward as she can, to avoid the thrusting dildo; at least at first.  But within 3 minutes shes back to matching the mechanical mans thrusts with those of her own.  Within 10 she is having her second screaming orgasm of the afternoon.

Doc turns off the motor and the crowd applauds her performance as her body sags in her rope bindings.  Doc bows again and again as the boys clap.  Even Yvette becomes lucid enough to nod her head in acknowledgement of the ovation.

The teacher announces, “OK, its 4:30 and our field trip is now over.  Get back on the bus and remember your homework assignment.  Write a 3 page essay about what you learned here today and have it on my desk by Friday.”

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 4 Making Friends

“Doctor John, you better go attend to that other girl.  She dont look so good,” says Smoky pointing to the far side of the Village Square.  “Well put away Rob Bot and get Miss Easy ready for her evening shows.”

Yvette is aware of herself again and is standing on her own.

“Smoky, did I pass-out or faint or something ?”

“No.  Well maybe.  Id say you were overcome by passion.  You sure are a hot babe, Yvette.  Ive never seen a woman who could fuck like that, and with such a large dildo on Mr. Rob,” says the jailer as he slowly removes the 4.5 cm diameter rubber dildo from Yvettes swollen pussy.  He cleans the dildo and puts it in the case with all the other Rob Bot paraphernalia.  He then swabs the sex-models inner and outer labia with a warm anesthetic laced glycerin solution.

“Do you really think that kid has a 4.5 cm dick ?” she asks.

“Not likely.  Size matters, but it can be a bad indicator, too.  Did you know most hardened criminal at the big government prisons have thick cocks ?  Its true.  They did a study.  The average size was 5.4 cm in diameter, with none smaller than 4.0 and one as big as 7.3 cm.”

“Smoky, whatever you down there, it feels very soothing.  You really are taking good care of me.”

“Told ya.”

“So when I take care of you, are you going to be too big for me ?” she asks coyly.

“Nope.  Not me.  I guess Im a 3 cm guy.  After you fucked that 4.5 cm dildo, Ill be rattling around inside you like a strand of spaghetti.”

“Oh, Smoky.   A 3 is just fine; in fact I like 3s.  They taste better.  My husband has a 3.  Ah, x-husband, I mean.  Im just all stretched out from being raped a week ago by some bastard with a really fat cock; a 6 or 7 cm one.  He really destroyed my pussy.  So, in all your years of experience with criminals, what is the widest penis youve ever seen ?”

“I think it was a 6, maybe 6.5, and long, too.  We had some drunk in the jail for a couple of days about a month ago.  He was what we call a habitual adulterer; had been branded for this crime 5 times.  Small A on the right butt cheek, big A on the left, 2 small As on the bottom of his chest and 2 big ones on the top.  His 5th branding did not come-out too good.  The branding scars on the backs of his hands were done poorly.  They were not too distinct and unless you knew what to look for, you would hardly recognize them as As at all.  The police caught him whacking-off in the bushes just behind this very stage.  What a pervert.  He did 3 nights in cell #4, had to cleaned up the shrubbery and that was that.  Id never seen anyone with a cock wider than that.  I still see him around the Village some nights.  Maybe hell be here to watch one of your shows.  But dont you worry, Ill take care of you.”

“And Ill take care of you, too, Smoky.  But right now, Im a little tied up.”

“I know. I was the one who did most of the tying.”

They laugh at their impromptu joke.  “Stand up and let me see you, Smoky.  Come closer.  I have something for you.  Its just a kiss.  I want to kiss the guy who has been taking such good care of me.”

“I dont kiss adulteresses,” he says as he stands and moves close to the bound girl.

“You dont have to.  Ill do all the kissing,” says Yvette, who leans forward, as far as the ropes will allow, and softly kisses the potbellied Jailer on the top of his bald head.  For good measure, she wiggles her perfect, court decreed, silicone-free breasts in his face.

“Now dont telling Mrs. Smoky about this, OK ?”

“I wont have to.  Shes standin right over there.  Ellie, come over here and meet Miss Yvette Easy, the girl weve been reading about in the newspapers.”

“Ah, Smoky, is this a good idea ?  Am I going to be charged with a second count of adultery before being branded for my first ?”

Ellie, the middle aged, jailers wife walks up to the edge of the stage.  Her hair is streaked with grey and she has one breast sagging much farther then the other; probably due to breast cancer.

“Smoky, I brought you supper.  Roast beef sandwiches, cream corn and lemon aid.  Theres even extra for the young lady.  My doesnt she look splendid !  Now, dont you get me worry, young lady, I dont see anything wrong with my Ol Smoky being friendly with a nice girl like you.  He is a man and still has those manly urges, but as long as hes just looking at the pretty girls, and brings those manly-urges home to me at night, Its OK”

“Oh, Ellie, youre taking away all my fun and telling all my secrets,” says the Jailer to his wife.  The old couple pull a pair of folding chairs up on to the stage in front of the naked girl, bound to the frame.  “How bout passing me one of those sandwiches.”

Ellie continues, “Besides, I was once raped when I was about your age.  Smoky, who was then my fiancé, caught the guy and slit his gullet with that same pearl-handled straight razor he used to shave you with.  The bastard deserved it.  We got married the next day, so Smoky could not be charged.”

“This planet is too preoccupied with sex crimes, but its no wonder.  The first starship load of colonists was half perverts and half hookers and all criminals, except for the few guards, but even they fit into the first category.  Branding was unnecessary because everyone knew everyone else and every woman was a whore, in one way or another and every man had too much sex-drive and big cocks.  The first colonists were sent here to build the Villages, the connecting roads network and work on the wheat farms.”

“Ive heard that we grow the best wheat in the universe and that we feed 6 galaxies.  They taught us in school that our wheat is 13% protein and wont grows any place else.  My dad and mom were farmers, at least he was until he died 8 years ago.  Mom rented out the farm and we moved into NuGreenleaf when I was 15 and still not had my first female cycle.  But I was born here and so were my parents; were not off-worlders,” says Yvette.

“I see.  That explains why youre an only child.  It seems women born here have very few fertile years and that they go through puberty late.  This is why the vast majority of the female population is either not yet ready to breed, or barren.  But for the colonists in those early years, they were all fertile and for the first 3 or 4 years, it seems like every woman on the planet was knocked up.  Most had 3 or 4 children, if they were married or not.  Then wham, they quit ovulating and the cancers started.  They had a house full of healthy rug-rats, but the women were all going through menopause.”

“Ellie, why dont you feed some roast beef sandwich to Miss Yvette.  Its suppertime and she hasnt eaten all day.  Her next show is at 6PM, and who knows when shell get another chance to eat.”

“How about untying me and I can eat my own sandwich ?” asks Yvette.

“Sorry, but I cant do that.  You got 19 ½ more hours of community service left to do.  And when Doc gets back for your 6PM show, he can decide if you need to be tied or not.  I suspect youll have to stay this way until midnight.  Just bend your knees and let the bungee cords support you.”

Ellie breaks off a piece of sandwich and feeds the tied-up girl while Smoky continues with Yvettes history lesson.  “So immigration from off-world increased and normal people started arriving.  They were white-collar entrepreneurs and blue-collar tradesmen, but they were not criminals.  They made a lot of money and they soon brought their families.  However, the government continued to send petty criminals and women with low moral standards, what we now call whores.  For 2 decades the population was a 50/50 ratio between the honest people on one hand and the crooks and whores on the other.  Most of the criminals sent here stayed here after their sentences was over.  But then the thievery really got out of hand.  The planetary council passed all sorts of laws with unusual punishments to deter the robbing and enforce moral values.  They couldnt send the convicted criminals to another planet; they didnt have enough prison space and besides they needed the labors of these men to grow the economy.  Even though they might be caught stealing, most of them held full time jobs.  So, the solution was the shameful identification of public brandings.  This marked the bad guys, so the good people could avoid them, especially in their business dealings.”

“And marked the bad girls, too, so you wont accidentally bring her to an ice cream social or, heaven forbid marry her,” added Ellie.  “Here, eat some of this creamed corn before it gets cold.  Its made fresh, not canned.  Smoky, be a gentleman and feed our guest.”

Smoky stands up and starts spoon feeding Yvette the creamed corn and dabbing at the corners of her mouth after each spoonful. 

Then Ellie comments, “By now the first generation of kids born here were getting married and starting a family.  Except, a lot of the girls werent getting pregnant.  No one knew why.  Experts from off-world were secretly called in to study the problem.  Well it wasnt a year before the secret got out.  Folks on this planet like to gossip too much and cant keep a secret to save their soul.  Then people stopped moving here and the population started it long, slow decline.  Now in, 2119, the planet actually has 40,000 fewer people that at the peak in 2060.  The colonys ban on contraception has help slow the fall.  And so has its extra efforts in sex-education, which you have been a part of this afternoon.  But its not enough,” said Ellie.

“This is all news to me.  We were never told this in High School,” says Yvette.  “How did you get your information, and could I have some of that lemon aid ?”

Ellie pours a cup of lemon aid from the vacuum bottle and gives to her a sip at a time.

Smoky says, “Easy.  I lived through it.  Ive been the head jailer in the Village of NuGreenleaf since the year you were born.  I should have retired last year, but they kept me on.  Seems that my young assistants are still too wet behind the ears.  Besides, I come from a long line of jailers.  My Daddy was the head Jailer over in Springtown, and his father was a professional prison guard brought in from off-world on the 3rd starship.  I actually have a masters degrees in criminal identification and criminal psychology.  My good-ol-boy country dialect is just for show.  It helps me get along with my prisoners better.  Youd be surprised what a jail-bird will tell you if he thinks you are a hayseed.”

“Yes Im very proud of my Ol Smoky,” says Ellie.  “I guess his dialect has rubbed off on me, too.  Im a maternity ward nurse at the Village Hospital.  Given the low birthrate, its a part time position these days.  This gives me a lot of time to look through old medical records and health statistics.  That hospital was built during the baby boom; when all the fertile women from other planets were having kids.  Originally, it was called the NuGreenleaf Womans Hospital.  It was one giant maternity ward.  There were 8 delivery rooms, and during a full moon they used em all.  But now we use only 2.  The others are just storage rooms.  Now we mostly perform hysterectomies, mastectomies and lumpectomies; Ive had 2 of them.  All us nurses say this planet will be the wreck of me its sort of a nurses pun.”

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 5 Evening News & The Night Begins

A TV news camera crew is set up in front of the courthouse.  A man in a red frockcoat and ringing a bell, is standing halfway up the courthouse steps and is yelling out, a hear ye.  The Village of NuGreenleaf, has adopted the ancient tradition of a town crier to deliver messages to the public concerning important news or decrees.  Usually, you just see him on TV.  This is the first time Yvette had seen him live.

“Hear ye, hear ye.  Due to the impending ionic storm, the Village TV station will cease broadcasting at 8PM tonight in order to protect their delicate broadcasting equipment.  The late night entertainment shows will be re-aired at a later date.  The 11PM local news broadcast will be moved up to 7:30PM, to keep the public informed of current events.  Regular broadcasting will resume at 11AM the next day.  This storm will not harm or injure people, and it is not necessary to remain indoors or under protective shelter.  Hear ye, hear ye.”

Strange, thinks Yvette.  I hadnt heard anything about a coming storm.  These things are usually predicted weeks in advance.

The people in the square, who had been listening intently to the announcement, go back to doing what they had been doing before the announcement.  Which is mostly gossiping and staring at the 2 naked women in the square.  All except the TV crew.  They hold their position.

“Hear ye, hear ye,” calls a different cryer from the steps.

Are they doing a re-take ?, thinks Yvette.

“By order of the honorable Judge Fairvert, the following changes are made to the curfew laws ; 1. that the curfew time for unaccompanied minors has been changed from 10PM to midnight.  2. that the curfew time for adults, which is normally from 3AM has been lifted entirely  3. that these curfew changes will go into effect this very evening  4. that the normal curfew times will resume the following day.  Hear ye, hear ye.”

That was no re-take of the ionic storm announcement.  It looks like the young boys will be watching me doing more sex-ed demonstrations or watching Cindy Cums being paddled, thinks Yvette.

“Hear ye, hear ye,” calls the first crier from the steps.  “By order of the Villages alcohol commission; first, the tax on beer, wine and distilled spirits is hereby lifted for tonight.”

A small cheer goes up from some of the townsfolk.

“Second, that the taverns, saloons, restaurants and bars must cease sale of beer, wine and distilled spirits at midnight, rather than at 2AM, for this night only.”

The same townsfolk that cheered earlier start grumbling.

“Third that the taverns, saloons, restaurants and bars are allowed to continue carryout sales of beer, wine and distilled spirits until 4AM, for this night only.”

An even louder cheer erupts from the people in the square.

Aw, fuck.  I guess everyone will be down here, drinking un-taxed booze and watching us 2 naked women being punished and shamed.  With the TV being off, we are the only show in town, thinks Yvette.

“Hear ye, hear ye,” calls the second crier again. 

“Oh god, this is getting ridicules,” says Yvette.

“By order of the honorable Judge Fairvert, all 4 prisoners in the Village jail who have been convicted of offenses, who are awaiting their public branding, are hereby ordered to be branded tomorrow at 1PM and that all appeals of their original convictions are hereby suspended.  Furthermore, all unpaid fines are considered canceled by this court.”

There is a long silence, but the TV crew starts taking their camera down, so the hear ye announcements must be over.  At least the guys dont have to pay their fines, thinks Yvette.  Them, from across the square some drunken asshole yells burning party tomorrow, and a hot time tonight ! Whoa Rah !.

Its 2 hours before sundown and its starting to get a little cooler.  The sunlight is at a low angle and shines a golden hue under the elm trees and on to the limp figure of Miss Cums, as she hangs from her ropes.  At the far end of the square, the Jails Doctor sprays Cindy with water from a sports bottle and she comes-to, sputtering.  Doc givers her a long drink form the bottle and starts asking her questions, although its too noisy for Yvette to hear, judging by her head nods, Cindy is saying yes to something.  Cindy looks like she is in a theatrical spotlight, still tied, spread eagle, between the twin whipping posts.  Yvette can see the full length of her nude body now. She has nice tits for a woman her age, which Yvette estimates at 30ish.  She must be from off-world, or she has had a lot of silicone treatments.   Yvette can just barely see the 2 small A brands on her lower breasts, but there are no large As on her upper breasts.  She is a 3-time loser adulteress, which means she has 4 A scars.  I wonder how many scars she carries from the whippings ? thinks Yvette.

The Doc is handed another bottle, but this one is a pint of beer.  He lets Cindy drink all of it.  The clock strikes the hour; 6PM.  On the far stage, Doc is handed yet another bottle of beer, which Cindy drinks more slowly.  When the 3rd bottle is offered, she refuses to have any of it.  Her head is pulled back by another guard, a funnel gag is produced and inserted in her mouth and she is forced to drink her 3rd beer, but Yvette can not tell how much she actually drinks and how much runs down her breasts.

“Ellie, I got to get back to work,” says Smoky the Jailer, as he gives Yvette the last bite of roast beef sandwich.

“I know, but dont expect me to stay very long,” replies his wife.  “You know I dont like to watch the evening demonstrations.  When they get too intense, Ill just go on home.  You behave yourself, Smoky.  I want to see you at home a little after midnight.  And bring those male-urges home with you.  I may not be fertile any more, but I still love sex with my husband.”

Yvette, waits until Ellie has moved away from the stage, then she whispers, as loudly as she dare, “Smoky whats this thing about you leaving me at midnight ?  Whos going to take care of me then ?”

“Me and Doctor John work in shifts; noon to midnight.  Some other Jailer and Doctor does the other shift.  I dont recall who is scheduled for tonight.  Anyway, nothing happens during the late night shift.  You can get some sleep if your position is comfortable enough.  And the second shift man will adjust your ropes, if you ask him nicely.”

On the other side of the square a tilting table is being lifted up on to the stage.  Cindy is still tied between the posts, as the table is placed in front of her.  Tilting tables are just as the name implies; a table, mounted on a fulcrum so that the top of the table can be tipped in either direction.  The angle of the tip depends on the height of the pivot and the length of the tabletop.  This one looks like it can go to 45 degrees.  The table is bolted to the stage so that it tips either to the left or right of the audience, but cant tip over.  Cindy Cums is untied from the twin whipping posts by 2 guards.  All her resistance is gone and she does not struggle with them as she is laid, face up, on top of the table.  She is tied and strapped down with her arms over her head and the legs spread a little less than meter.  All in all, she looks rather comfortable.  The crowd in the square shifts to her side and practically no one is watching Yvette, which is just fine to her.  A guard forces Cindy to drink another bottle of beer.  It looks like she is getting drunk.

Yvette whispers to herself, gee it must be nice to lie down, and a beer wont be a bad idea either.  Maybe it wont be so bad for you, now, Miss Cums, the common whore.”

“And may be not,” says the Jail Doctor who stands behind Yvette.

“That common whore on the other stage is a real fighter.  I hear she groin kicked a guard up in the courtroom and he went to the hospital.  His buddies want revenge.  Ill have to spend most of my time over there to keep them from killing her.  Getting her a little drunk will make her easier for the guards to control.  If she doesnt provoke them, she may survive the night.  Besides I have a little trick to play on her that wont hurt her a bit.”

“But what about me ?  Am I done ?  I did good for the high school kids, didnt I?”

“You did pretty good, but I have to continue using you as a sex-model.  Its in the Judges orders,” says the Doc in Yvettes ear as he stands behind her and begins fondling and kneading her breasts.  “But we have to get you ready for night school.  The night demonstrations cover harder techniques, and these guys are in the advanced placement classes.  We have to come up with something that holds their interest, or that nice young guard with the machine gun just might have to use it.  The court has ordered community service, not community rape.  Say, you did pretty good with that 4.5 cm wide dildo.  Lets see how far we can stretch that pussy of yours,” he continues to whisper in her ear between love bites to the back of her neck.  “Follow my lead and answer yes to all my questions.  After I get you started on your evening demonstration, Im going to leave you with Smoky and his crew.  Hell take care of you.”

“Oh, yes, I know.  But I like the way you take care of me, too,” says Yvette as the Docs soft hands gentle massage her breasts making them feel very good.  “You know, the charges against that other girl are as flimsy as cellophane.  I heard everything under the courtroom door.  Im not her lawyer, but I know how she can beat them, except for the drunk and disorderly.”

“Oh really,” says Doc.  “Her lawyer, Ms. N. Epps, is one of the worst public defenders in this whole region.  I dont think she has ever won a case.  Cindy Cums might as well be fighting the charges all by herself.  Too bad you are not a lawyer, or her pimp-manager or a relative.  If you were, then you could act as her council and present your ideas as part of her defense.”

“She really should not have to go to jail over other peoples mistakes.”

“I agree,” says Doc.  “Maybe you can tell me more later.  Right now, my little slut, its show time.”  Doc steps out from behind Yvette and loudly swats her on each ass-cheek to get the crowds attention. 

He steps to the front of the stage and says in a loud voice, “Gentlemen, tied to the bondage frame before us is the BEST pair of tits I have ever mauled, or you will ever see.  These breasts could be in the Miss Nude Universe contest, if it werent for the fact they are here on xz345 delta.”  This catches the TV crews attention and they quickly swing their camera and lights to the western dais to get some footage of this other babe.  The one who could have been in such a prestigious beauty contest as Miss Nude Universe.

“I see we now have TV6 filming the show.  Are we going to be on the nighttime news ?  Are we live ?”

A crewman nods his head, yes.

“Excellent.  Im sure that showing the best tits on the planet will raise your ratings, and raise a few cocks as well.  For those of you who havent met tonights sex-model yet, this is Miss Easy, and she loves sex, isnt this true ?”

“Oh, yes ! I am Easy and I LOVE sex,” says Yvette, giggling a little at the corny lines she just delivered.  But, Doc wants me to following his lead.

The crowd whistles and howls their approval.  This is going to be good.

“Guys, this afternoon, this sweet, innocent looking girl took a 4.5 cm diameter dildo and didnt flinch a bit, didnt you ?”

“Yes Sir.  And I did it twice !” says Yvette.

More whistles and howls as more men drift over to her end of the square.

“Now guys, I know that a lot of you are as wide as 4.5 cm and several of you may even be bigger.  Tonight, we are going to have a challenge competition, to see just how fat a cock this innocent slut can take.  Take it easy men.  Put away those pythons and zip-up your fly.  You cant fuck her, at least not tonight.  We are going to fuck her constantly wet pussy, with a robot; a mechanical fucking machine we affectionately call Mr. Rob Bot.  We will start where Miss Easy left-off; at 4.5 cm, then increase the diameter at ½ cm intervals each time she orgasms.  Remember, Mr. Rob Bot, can thrust any size rubber cock, all the way up to the really big one we call Goliath, the 9 cm giant.”

Oooh, goes the crowd.  Doctor John is sounding more like a sideshow barker than a medical doctor.

Smoky retrieves the monster dildo from its storage box and show it to the crowd.  It is not like a real mans cock.  It looks more like an artillery shell with ridges.  Not the normal ridges you might see on a latex condom, should you ever see a condom on xz345.  No, these ridges are half a cm tall and are spaced every 2 cm along the shaft.  It would be like being fucked with a tubular washboard.  The tip is bright pink and the base pure black.  The tops of the ridges transition from pink at the tip to dark red near the base.  The valleys between the ridges are black.  But the ridges are not the worst of it.  The shaft itself is the most diabolical.  It is not a uniform diameter, like the other dildos.  Goliath has a taper.  At the head-end, the largest diameter is only 7.5 cm at its widest.  But at its base, Goliath is a cunt stretching, pussy ripping, 11 cm wide !  The 9 cm diameter is only an average.

Neither Doc nor Smoky recite the description of Goliath to the audience, and the monster phallus is only shown to the crowd from behind the bondage frame ; where Yvette can not see it.

“Miss Easy, no fake Os; only real orgasms.  Once you cum with a dildo, only then can you go to the next size bigger cock.  Do you understand ?  Are you wet ?  Are you horny ?  Are you ready to be fucked ?”

“Yes, YES and YES !” Yvette answers showing all of her enthusiasm.

“Guard, bring out Mr. Rob Bot and let him fuck this pussy !!!!”

The crowd cheers.

Doc really gets the crowd worked up and maybe 75% of the guys in the Square have now migrated over to Yvettes dais.  He walks over to Yvette and grabs her by the tits with both hands and squeezes them together.  He then embraces her and whispers to her, “Youre doing great.  Let the Bot do all the work.  Shake your tits a lot and vocalize.  The guys like it when you moan and scream when you cum.  But pace yourself; its 4 hours until midnight, but if cum every 15 minutes youll end up with the big one shoved up your sweet little cunt, and no one has ever ridden Goliath.  I got to go to the other stage and save Cindy.”

The guard sets up the mechanical fucking machine 55 degrees angle and 17.85 cm thrust, just like he did with the high school class.  He re-lubricates the 4.5 cm diameter phallus, then inserts the dildo into her pussy. 

But Smoky comes over and takes the remote control.  “Its my turn to play.  You can do her next.”

The old Jailer starts the motor and works the dildo into the girls pussy very slowly using a back and forth motion.  1 cm in and ½ cm back, then another 1 cm in and ½ cm back, etc.  It takes a long time, but it gets the job done.  Smoky very slowly stretches her vagina until the machine is at its maximum thrust, then he stops.  Yvette really wants it and she grinds her pussy on to the rubber dildo filling her pussy even more.

A guy in the crowd yells, “She waits it.  She waits it.  Enough with the warm-ups, shes ready now.  Come on, fuck that bitch !”

Smoky starts a slow-fucking rhythm and very gradually increases the speed until he reaches a rate of 1.4 seconds per stroke, then he holds it there.  He watches the girls reaction.  Yes, the guy was right.  She really does want it.  Yvette is thrusting back at the machine, just like she did that afternoon.  The guys start clapping in rhythm, “cum baby, cum baby, cum baby,” as a way of urging her on.  Both the crowd and the sex-model are really enjoying the show.

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 6 Toilet Fun for All (mostly all)

Meanwhile at the other side of the square, Cindy is finishing her 5th beer.  But she wants something else, and its not pizza.  She wants to piss. 

The Doctor steps up on the stage and says to the crowd, “You know what beer drinkers say when you drink beer, you never buy it, you only rent it.  Cindy, do you want to use the toilet ?  Do you need to pee ?”

“Oh, god yes. I need to peepee.”

She is really drunk.  “So, what will you give me, if I let you use the toilet ?”

“Ill give you 5 credits.”

But you have no purse, no wallet and no money.  What do you have that I might want, that you can give me, if I let you use the toilet ?”

“I have my mouth.  I can suck your cock.  Please, just let me use the ladiesroom.”

“Missy Cums, you are a whore.  Youll suck any ones cock.  Thats not good enough.  What will you give me, if I let you use the toilet ?”

The crowd laughs.  They see the irony of the situation, since many of them are beer drinkers and also need to take a piss.

Cindy is finding it hard to barter when she is so drunk and in such distress.  “Ill suck your cock and let you fuck me.  Please, sir, just let me use the toilet.”

“Miss Cums, you are a whore and a slut.  Youll suck and fuck any one.  Thats not good enough.  What will you give me, if I let you pee ?”

“Anything you want, god damn it.  Please, Let Me Pee !”

“Thats much better,” he says as he puts on a pair of white latex medical gloves.  He then releases the locking mechanism and tilts the table so Cindys head is down and her feet up.  He spreads her outer labia with one hand and points her dripping urethra at her head with the other.  “OK, go ahead and pee.”

“I cant, she cries.  There are too many people watching me.”

The crowd on this side of the square laughs at Cindys drunken behavior.  True, a lot of people are watching, and most of them are enjoying the shit our of the Doctors show, because they have to pee, too.

“Guard, bring the hot water.”  A guard comes on stage with 2 - 2 liter bottles full of lukewarm water.  He hands one bottle to Doc and starts slowly pouring the warm water from the other on Cindys hands.  Doc pours a continuous small trickle on Cindys open pussy and waits.  In just a few moments the pressure on her bladder and the compulsion to urinate is too much and she pisses a great stream.  The crowd cackles and cheers at seeing her piss in public.  By applying the right amount of pressure in just the proper place, Doc directs the stream of urine along the length of her body, although not too accurately.  With the force of gravity in his favor, Cindys pee hits her just under her neck, on her stomach, her tits, back to her neck, etc..  She realizes the trick they have played on her, but once the floodgate is open, she can not stop pissing on herself.  The crowd wildly applauds her humiliation.  As the stream subsides, Doc places one finger over her pee-hole blocking the flow.  He then firmly presses down on her abdomen with the other hand.  He then quickly releases his finger and one arching pulse of piss splashes Cindy Cums squarely in her face.  Doc then releases her pussy and abdomen and lets Cindy finish using herself as her toilet. 

When she is done, (at least temporarily) Cindy cries and meekly says, “Thank you Sir, for letting me pee.”  She knows she has to be respectful to her punisher; otherwise it will be a very long night and she knows the next time she has to piss, she better do it before anyone starts aiming her pee-hole at her face.

The Jails Doctor asks her, “now that I let you pee, you have to do something for me.”

“OK, yes I do.  Do you me to suck your cock first or do you want to fuck me first ?  Which ever you want, its fine with me.”

“But Miss Cums, that was not what we agree to.  Quite frankly, I dont want you any where near my cock.  You smell like an unclean toilet.  But there is something you can do for my friends, here in the Village Square. They have also been drinking large amounts of beer.  Since the public toilet is a long way away, and since you smell like one already, you must be the most convenient toilet around.  Gentlemen, come up here and use your new public urinal !”

“Oh god; oh god no.  Please no !” Cindy cries as the first guy steps up on the stage, unzips and lets it fly; all over Cindys tits. And he is but the first fellow in a long line of guys waiting to relieve their bladders.  For the next 30 minute a steady line of men come up on stage, and urinate on Cindy.  They piss on her tits, on her pussy, on her face, and in her mouth, especially as she is screaming.  Some guys practice their aim, some shoot for maximum distance and some just plain take a leak on her.  In the end, every square centimeter of her is drenched in piss.

“Oh Cindy, you are so very wet”, chides the Doctor after he raises the table to the horizontal position.  She is sobbing pitifully, having been so publically humiliated. Guards, get some rubber gloves for your selves and some rags, soapy water and disinfectant for her.  Scrub her down real good.  Then tilt the table the other way, with her feet down, and hose her off with warm water, not cold.  I have to work with this bitch until midnight, and I dont want to be smelling piss all night.  If one of you wants to take a free feel, go ahead.  And give her another couple of beers.  Ive only begun with her,” says the Jail Doctor as he steps down from the stage and works his way through the crowd, across the square and to the other stage.

On the other side of the square, another TV news crew has arrived, this one from a neighboring town.  It seems word spreads quickly when it comes to filming a perfect pair of tits.  Doc can just see Yvette only from the waist up due to the mass of men pushed right up to the edge of the stage.  A jailer with a machine pistol stands behind the stage to keep order.  Smoky is at the side of the stage letting the crowd and TV crew get the best views of the girl being fucked by the mechanical man.  The sex-model appears to de close to orgasm, or maybe close to orgasm again, or maybe faking an orgasm, which would not be good.  “I wonder what size dildo she is riding ?  Is she humping the 5.0 or is she up to a 5.5 cm wide dildo ?” says Doc to himself as he wanders over in her direction.

It is now past sunset and Village workers are scampering around setting up temporary floodlights for both stages and setting out large trash barrels.  Street traffic has been detoured past the square so no one accidently runs over a spectator.  Another crew of Village workers is picking up the empty cans and bottles carelessly discarded by the crowd.  Someone will hurt them self on a broken beer bottle before the night is over, unless they start using the trash barrels.  A couple of savvy street venders are selling the men bottled beer from a giant ice chest.   Another one has a portable charcoal grill setup by the courthouse steps and is selling roasted sausages.  The Village square has taken on a carnival-like atmosphere, with the public humiliation of the 2 women, Cindy and Yvette, the main attraction at the freak show.

8:30PM time for a break, thinks Doc.  He stops to buy a beer from a vender kid, on his way to check on Yvette.  “This is thirsty work,” says Doc.  “Sell me a cold-one.”

The kid reaches into the nearly empty ice chest and pulls out a brown bottle.  “1.6 credits, sir,” says the young man selling the beer.  “I got 2 more.  You want those, too.”

“Its hard to pass em up when they are this cheap, but not this time.  Im supposed to be working.  That is a pretty good deal at a show like this.  Why so cheap ?”

“Oh, dad sets the price.  I just sell em, but I heard the Village lifted the tax for tonight, and were just passing the savings along to our customers, sort of as a public service.”

Doc sits on a bench and drinks his beer.  The middle of the square is still largely vacant, since the action is at the stages near the edges of the square.  There must be 400 to 450 people in the square, mostly men.  There are a few guys with their wives, watching the court sponsored, public spectacle.  Those women cling tightly to their husbands arm.  Theres just something threatening about watching another woman, naked and being publicly punished, that drives a wife to seek her husbands protection.  A third TV crew is setting up a camera and satellite uplink at the top of the courthouse steps.  From there, they dont have to deal with the mass of bodies in front of the stages.  From this higher position, they just shoot over most of them.  Doc finishes his beer and walks around the back of the courthouse to the public restrooms.  Its time for him to take a piss, too. 

Under the mercury vapor lights, by the loading dock behind the courthouse, he sees 3 topless girls giving blow jobs to a gang of young men.  The girls have small, pointed breasts and cant be much past puberty.  But on this planet, with its hormone delays, they could be as old as 20.  Doc surveys the scene.  It looks like some innocent sport sucking for the 3 future whores.  There is nothing illegal about that, as long as they are all under age.  One girl has pink hair and nipple rings.  Shell be getting her whore label branded on her sweet ass in her 21st birthday, thinks Doc. Another girl has half her head shaved and wears a studded dog collar.  The guy she is sucking on has just shot a stream of hot cum on her tits.  She rubs it around; in the cleavage and on her thick stud-pierced nipples, before returning to the boys still hard cock to get every last drop.  The guy grabs the back of her head and pushes his long thin cock all the way down her throat, and holds in there for 7 or 8 seconds before releasing her.  Shes good, thinks Doc, and will make someones bordello a lot of money.  The third girl is doing 3 guys at the same time; one in her mouth and 2 by hand.  That could be an interesting out cum, if all 3 shot their wad at once, thinks Doc.

Ah, youth, he muses and quietly walks past the kids on the loading dock and into the well-lit public toilet.  Sure he could have relieved his bladder on Cindy Cums naked body, like so many other men did, but he likes to piss in private. 

But the restroom, on this particular night, is hardly private.  Two more girls are giving blowjobs in the mens room, with 4 or 5 guys waiting for their turn.  One look at the 2 girls and Doc sees they are not sucking cock for sport.  These are real whores, not whores-in-training, like the 3 girls outside.  Their pimp-manager is sitting on a sink smoking a cigarette and collecting money.  “10 credits, mister,” he says to Doc. 

“Ah, no thanks.  Im here to drain the old pipe,” replies Doc. 

“Oh, so you like it kinky.  If you want her to drink your piss too, that will cost you another 10.”

“No, no, no, Im really just here to use the toilet, as a toilet, not as a new annex to the Village whorehouse.  Besides Im on the clock and got to get back to work.”  Doc opens the door to the first toilet stall, only find some guy fucking a whore in her ass with her head in the commode.

“Hey, mister, leave my girls and customers alone.  The last stall is for pissing,” says the pimp.  Doc walks past 3 more occupied stalls, each with 2 sets of feet showing under the door, before reaching the last one.  This really is a whorehouse, he thinks to himself as he gratefully drains his bladder, and without an audience watching.

To be continued.

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