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The Sadistic Ways of Ms. Langenkamp

Chapter 6


Unable to stand her captor's cruelty anymore, Jenny almost passed out. One moment she was being whipped with the belt, the next she was hooded, stuffed in the duffelbag and back at Paige's cramped trailer. Paige dropped Jen on the floor. She left Jen sweating inside the duffelbag while she connected to the internet to chat with Rose. The smell of the pillowcase made her feel sick. But as minutes past by Jen finally fell asleep.

Jen didn't know how long she had been sleeping on the floor like that when she woke up to find Paige removing the filthy pillowcase hood. Next her gag was removed. Jen's jaw ached as she drooled uncontrollably.

The moonlight bathed the trailer. There was a bad smell inside. And soon Jen found out the source of that smell as Paige brought her a plate of omlette.

Paige fed Jen with a spoon. The food tasted bad but Jen was so hungry that she didn't complain about it. After she gulped down the last spoonful of omelette, she looked at Paige and finally spoke in a begging voice.

"Listen... I promise I won't tell anyone the things you've done... to me... Just... Just, please let me go"

Paige smiled at her. She put her finger on Jen's lips.

"Shh... little one. We both know that I'm not going to let you go. Besides we'll be leaving this place in two days"

"W...Why?" she asked with fear.

"We're going going to be guests at Rose's mansion. I'm sure you'll love her dungeon"

"Do you really think you can get away with this? You want me to live the rest of my life like a cheap porno film in which I'll be your sex toy?"

Paige laughed hard at this remark.

"Exactly my gullible, pet. Our sex toy and much more"

Paige put the empty plate on the table.

"It's sleepy time, my pet. And under the bed, you go"

Jen saw the brown bottle and the piece of cloth in Paige's hand.

"Please don't stuff me back in there... Please... I'll suffocate in that place..."

Jenny began to cry.

Paige sat next to Jen and stroked her hair.

"Be a nice girl, you know you won't suffocate"

Jen looked at Paige with a runny nose.

"Please I don't want to sleep there... I'll do anything... Just... please..."

A smile formed across Paige's face as she cleaned Jen's nose with the cloth.

"Anything?" she asked her helpless victim.

Jen noded enthusiastically.

"Anything... Okay then. From now on you'll call me mistress and do whatever I say, do you understand... Slut!"


Paige slapped her across the cheek.


"Ye.. yes, mistress"


Jen's bare bottom was cold, sitting on the floor like that. Paige untied Jenny's feet.

"Spread your legs, pet"

Jen spread open her legs. Paige sat on the bed, facing Jenny. Paige peeled one of her back seamed stockings to reveal her black painted toenails.

"I want you to fuck my big toe, slut"


Paige smacked, Jen on the cheek with her foot.

"Sit on my big toe and fuck it"

Jen knew that she had to do whatever this maniac asked her to do. Or else, she would be back under the bed. And she sure didn't want to go back there. She closed her eyes, feeling humiliated. Jenny sat on Paige's big toe. Paige had one hand slipped under her panties. She held a riding crop with her free hand.

"Now I want to you to think of my foot as a dildo and fuck it real hard"

Jen hesitated for a second. She was quickly rewarded with a brush on her breasts.


Next, Paige brushed Jen's tummy with the crop.

"Please..." she sobbed.

Jen began to make movements as if she were on top of a man. Paige was busy fingering herself as Jenny rode on her foot. Jen's body was responding to the insertation of her captor's big toe.

"Yeah... just like that... fuck my toe, you slut"

After a couple of minutes, Jen had her orgasm, leaving Paige's foot covered with her juices. This was followed by Paige's orgasm.

"Now, slut, I want you to suck my toes, and clean my feet"

Jen looked at Paige angrily. The crop landed on her tender breasts. Jenny's nipples were still sensitive after her orgasm.

"Yes... mistress..."

Paige forced her foot deep inside Jen's mouth. Jen almost gagged.

"Suck my toes you, slut" she demanded.

Jenny sucked on Paige's big toe, tasting her own cum. She felt sick.

"Now clean my foot with your tongue"

Jen licked Paige's wrinkly soles clean. It felt degrading, licking this older woman's foot.

"Lick it!" Paige, pulled at her hair.

Jen kept licking between Paige's toes and she cleaned all the juices covering her foot.

"Nice now, hop on the bed"

Jen obliged. Paige took of her creamed panties

and stuffed them inside Jen's mouth.

"MMMMPFRRRR??!!!" Jen moaned, disgusted.

"You better get used to my flavor slut"

Then without a warning, Paige slipped her back seamed stocking over Jen's head. She wound black electician tape around Jen's head, blindfolding and gagging her. Jen breathed heavily. Next she tied Jen's wrists infront of her with nylon cord. Paige produced an iron ball with a chain attached to it. She cuffed Jen's slender ankle to the heavy weight.

"Now, we can go to sleep" she said turning of the lights.

Paige removed Jen's shoes and fondled Jen's breasts, toyed with her helpless body, before falling asleep. Paige's snoring made Jen feel relaxed. She kept rubbing her wrists together in an attempt to get the bindings loose. She reached at the tape sealing her lips. Jenny pulled hard and managed to rip it. She spat out the foul tasting panties stuffed inside her mouth.

Jen's heart was beating fast. She was free... well... almost. She kept rubbing her wrists together. Finally she was able to loosen the cords and she reached for the blindfold and quietly ripped the tape covering her eyes. Next she took off the, now ruined, stocking from her head. She took a deep breath.

Jen was so excited. Finally she had hope... She looked at her captor...She was in dreamland. First she thought of hitting her on the head but then decided against it.

She looked at the iron ball cuffed to her feet, she tried to pick it up... But it was so heavy that she felt her back hurt. Jen's eyes adjusted to the darkness and she looked around the room. She noticed the window. Only if she could reach it, it would be the end of this nightmare.

Holding her breath, she got off the bed and took a step on her toes. She felt adrenaline rush through her whole body and a smile formed across her face. She took another step... She was getting closer. She pulled at the weight... no luck. She tried to pull at it but the chain knocked an empty vodka bottle on the floor. Before she knew it, Paige was wide awake.

"What are you doing you worhtless slut" she screamed

Jen was terrified... She pulled at the iron ball. Then she screamed at the direction of the window.

"HELP ME!!! I'M KIDNAPPED!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.


Jen didn't pay attention to Paige who was soaking the back seamed stocking with chloroform.


Paige clamped the chloroform doused nylon over Jenny's nose and mouth. She held her tightly in her arms and wrestled Jen to the ground.


Jen could feel the anesthetic filling her lungs. She clawed and kicked to no avail. Her arms and legs got heavier with each breath.

"You're going to pay for this" Paige hissed in Jenny's ear.

Jenny felt like crying. But she didn't have any tears left...

Paige grabbed Jenny's nipple and twisted it real hard. Jen gasped in pain, sucking in a good amount of chloroform. And within seconds her body slumped in her captor's arms...

Review This Story || Author: THE Traveller
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